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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 19, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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this say very secure location, i give great credit to local law enforcement and secret service. they kind of make sure. maria: gentleman, good to see you both. >> thank you. maria: we appreciate it very much. we'll see you soon, keep it right here fox business level,v. good evening. we're live tonight from university of nevada las vegas . just two hours from now, donald trump and hillary clinton will face-off for their final debate, before the election. for trump this is a chance to boost his standing in polls of
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hit home with his message he is the candidate of change. clinton will have to confront the scandals this engulf her campaign, from bribery scandal now involving one of her top lieutenants at state de moderating the 90 minute events. we have a-list lineup for i, senator jeff sessions is here, and las vegas, steve wynn. and man who lead britain's exit from the eu, nigel farage
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talking about what that is happening to this campaign, and parallels to the campaign for uk to leave the eu. third debate tonight at university of mark basseley youssef lamove -- university of nevada, las vegas. there are 6, 15-minute time limit. here are topics, entitlement, immigration, border security, the economy, supreme court, foreign hot spots and fitness of each to be president. we could see a lot of fireworks here over topic of illegal immigration. and boarder security, trump continues to hammer hillary clinton on the potentially devastating effects of her open border policies issue he
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delivered this bleak assessment at a rally in colorado last night. >> national security begins at the border. speaking in secret to a foreign bank, crooked hillary clinton said, her dream is for open trade, there go your jobs, and open borders, there goes your country, that is what it is, your jobs, your country. letting foreign countriesal immw seeking asylum in united states, has risen by 900%. in less than a decade. and ever expanding population of illegal immigrants movingundd
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services, according to u.s. citizenship and immigration services. wikileaks today, releasing two more batches of e-mail from podesta, total is 21,000. among most shocking are e-mails between podesta and advisor tandem who wondered why clinton would describe her as a moderate democrat, podesta responds, i pushed her on this. she claims she didn't remember saying it, not sure i believe her. and responding it worries me more she does not seem to know what planet we're living on in the moment.
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and pod period saying podesta saying that illegal immigrants.on picture idea, one thing i thought of, if you show up on election day with a here is interesting twist. liberal lillio lil -- billionaire george soros is mentioned many times in t marco rubio. >> joining me now, senator jeff sessions. he is a member of several key
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important committees, some victorian royalty. >> well, you know, these things, 1 it information is out there. all of us should have to deal with it. suppose pentagon papers were not read by anyone
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prosecutor, for you to hear a u.s. senator, saying he does >> people have a right to have private e-mails, i don't condemn marco for saying that. except that i just disagree that once it is out there and we see it, target on, in what is revealed by wikileaks. >> i don't think there is a doubt about what you say is
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correct, there seem to be, unbelievable effort to build a wall and protect her from whoever comes out. we now have a smoking gun, lou, on an issue, you have known a lot about over the years immigration, i used to say many times, they will pass
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or democratic national committee, according to tape, were directly involved in paying for, riot causers. to go to eye crowd to pick a fight, knowing that liberal media would say that is radical trump people, and demean them and disrespect them, when was caused deliberately by their own people. that is a we need a full investigation on this. we need to know who knew about it one of the tapes, as i understand said this hillary clinton knew about it they,
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being with us. nervous. >> hillary clinton is very smooth, she is a good talker.
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trump is a doer, a builder, au:. among other things setting term limits for congress. >> when it comes to washington, d.c., it is time to drain the damn the most powerful men in las vegas, in fact in business in the world, join us, we're live from las vegas awaiting third and final presidential debate. i can tell you, the excitement is pervasive, and building and warranted.
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a lot happening, among leading business -- steve wynn. to have him join us is an honor. great to have you with us, i know you and donald trump are friends, i know you are one of most, pressient and successful analysts of geo politics and presidential, your thoughts to night, and i was listening to you. >> you and senator sessions getting into the deep and significant discussion about wikileaks, implications, and for the country. and for the campaign, i have been reserved about presidential campaign because
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i have not thought that the discussions have been on point. the reason, national security, immigration is the reason why myself and so many people here in nevada have been working so hard on campaign of senator issue hopefully congressman joe heck will take the seat that harry reid has held, he is general, and a doctor. and national security. and immigration, reason why so many members. lou: steve, i have to be honest with you, i am a little bit disappointed to go to rail to a senatorial race he behind right now. second, not supporting donald trump. and thirdly, is not relevant to question i asked. >> i am sorry, lou. if i did not understand your question, probably would youry perepeat it. lou: what do you, from your perspective think is at stake in this presidential race, tonight, how significant to
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you think that stakes are. and who do you think the best serve the national interest in. >> okay, what i think is at stake, is the future of the economy of the united states of america. we are taking i in 3-1 trillion, spending 3- 7 trillion, we're destroying paychecks of every american and reducing the living standard of every american, if we do not understand that we have failed to recognize the issue of our time, we cannot continue this way, as everyone else this the world, we're seeing today, when things go wrong they are going wrong fast. and shockingly, fast. the way we lost the way the soviet union dissolved, amaze
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ly fast. lou: which candidate do you think, gives the country the best odds of meeting challenges that you describe? >> i think that is the right question for all of us to ask. what do we have to go on? wwe have a campaign that has been vicious, that degraded level of conversation, that i think should be associated with the presidency of the unite states, i don't think that the campaigns have addressed these issues, very well. national security -- lou: steve, can i give you a counter view to that. >> sure. lou: that conven conventional thought of the campaign. i have never heard, one candidate, dominate an agenda as irrespective of all other criticisms that can be made of donald trump, the fact is he
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has raised issue after issue after issue that has been the agenda for the debate in this presidential contest, i have not heard a more substantive discussion about issues that matter to middle class, and working americans. than has been case in 2016, i think he deserves credit for that, if he were not in this race, it would not have happened, what do you think? >> i think, that between the normal warp and woof, the back and forth of democrats and the republicans, that the very issue you are describing has been touched u upon in sound bites and headlines, with n nobody copy, i have to take issue with that position, i think that subject has been touched but never explored. and i think it would be -- lou: you have no judgment about who? would be the better? >> i know both candidates, i
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know hillary and bill clinton, and i know donald trump, they are all very intelligence people. but process we're engaged in now has been degraded. you know it and i know it. it all about propaganda. it is short on substance. i think it would be wonderful, if this third debate, that we get to that. we deal -- lou: steve, i think -- >> but we don't deal with it nationally to my satisfaction. lou: steve i appreciate your view, and i appreciate your caution in sharing your views on which candidate. there will be 135 million americans. we'll make it a decision. i know that you will make yours. >> i'm not so much -- lou: based on your reasoning and value. >> i'm not so much cautious. as i am frustrated by the fact
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that this conversation, should be much deeper. more substantive. god lives in the details. and i am hoping we'll see more. lou: let me get real deep. do you or do you not support donald trump? or do you or do you not support hillary clinton? >> i am going to vote in this election. after a watch this debate tonight. on perception that i am left with, in this campaign, when he get to day of voting, based upon what will happen in this country. lou: are you looking at wikileaks information as well. >> you bet. lou: the video. o'keefe reveals. >> yes. i am looking at everything. lou: we're getting deep expe deeper. i apologize we have very little time, i am well overtime, always good to talk with you, my friend, i hope that you will give my a call
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when you do decide who it is, that you want to support. we would love to share that with our audience. steve wynn. lou: on wall street stocks rhodes rose a clinton in a sexual assault. how will hillary clinton handle the ever unfolding scandals? monica crowley, daniel houser will join me next, we're live from las vegas. site of third presidential debate, our timing could not be better, it is tonight. less than two hours away. stay with us, we're coming right back with much more.
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lou: we are coming to you live listened.niversity of nevada another headache for the clinton campaign. breitbart news releasing an interview with a former local television reporter from arkansas who claims she was sexually assaulted by bill clinton in 1980. she says the then governor of arkansas groped her on three occasions without her permission. >> he followed me into an editing room the first time i remember that it was very small,
7:29 pm
there was a chair -- i was sitting in a chair. he came up behind me and started rubbing my shoulders and running his hand down toward my breasts. i was stunned. i froze, i asked him to stop. he laughed. that happened on three occasions, and each time it escalated where the aggressive in trump's audience at the debate tonight. joining me now bureau chief for the "washington times," danie
7:30 pm
foreign government is involved. your reaction. >> well, we are in the heat of a presidential campaign. wikileaks is releasing these things. lou: the entire country has them. >> the entire country has them. whose side is he on. want to us read, hear or see truth, but the fact is it's there for all of us. >> everybody in the world can access these documents and
7:31 pm
people aren't reporting on them. it seems crazy not to acknowledge them. even the clinton campaign hasn't pushed back on a lot of this stuff. the campaign. >> we have seen the depths of the sordidness and corruption of mrs. clinton and the clinton foundation. we have learned about the media collusion to protect her candidates i. we have learned that the clinton camp was tipped off to the details of the f.b.i. investigation. we learned that she knew saudi arabia and qatar were funding isis on the clinton foundation.
7:32 pm
t these terms? >> which of course is insane. thanks to the f.b.i.
7:33 pm
documents -- i will defend rubio to a certain degree. create national security risks going forward.relegalled by wik.
7:34 pm
that was a fallback position and a hell of a one it was. lou: monica crowley, daniel halper.
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thank you both for being here. we'll be talking with the president of the family research council. one of the country's leading evangelical advocates. tony perkins says a hillary clinton presidency would be the most dangerous threat to religious freedom this country has ever seen. we are awaiting the final presidential debate. we know you will too. we'll share our anxiety together as we approach the time of this debate just about an hour and a half away. we are coming right back. i love getting more for less.
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revelations that are nauseating, revolting and alarming. >> but americans are not hearing much about it. you are not getting it from most of the media. you are hearing it on fox and fox business. but north hearing it elsewhere that you have a campaign as we saw in one of the initial dumps of wikileaks documents. this is a campaign that's hostile towards catholics and evangelicals by creating fake catholic organizations. then as you made reference to
7:41 pm
but the subject matter should not be lost in what we are talking about here from someone who has acted in contra stroangs the law -- contravention of the law.cs make a
7:42 pm
difference? >> they disproportionately be voting for trump. but will their number be high enough to make a significant
7:43 pm
trump says mayor case on the verge of its own brexit. >> i hav >> the man who led the anti-establishment revolution in the united kingdom. none other than nigel farage joins me to assess, is this potentially another brexit in the countdown is on to the final presidential debate live from las vegas, nevada. looking for a medicare prescription drug plan
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find the medicare part d plan that fits your needs and budget. that's why we offer three plans. like our new aarp medicarerx walgreens plan with one of our lowest monthly premiums and $0 copays for tier 1 prescription drugs when filling at any of the more than 8,000 walgreens nationwide. call unitedhealthcare today to learn more about your prescription drug options and find the plan that's right for you. ♪ presidential debate. nigel farage is joining us tonight. we couldn't get sthim credentials to get him inside
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this perimeter. i guess some of the folks in government heard you were anti-establishment and got nervous about you. >> you better believe it. i'm anti-establishment all right. we just had a genuine counter revolution in the u.k. in the brexit battle. what else so interesting as an englishman watching these debates. the battle lines are almost identical. hillary clinton's look like the remain campaign. big government. and basically saying we don't want things to change. our lives are fantastic. on the other side what the trump campaign is trying to do is reach out and speak up for ordinary people who want things to change. so the situation is remarkable. i can also see parallels with much of the media. some of this stuff with hillary and wikileaks should frankly get a lot more dmoncht u.s.a. than it has had.
7:49 pm
also in the polling industry. we were told only day of the brexit vote that the remain side were 10 points in the lead and we won. what trump has to do tonight, he has to speak to the camera and say i'm on your side. ordinary their cans, mums and dad d ordinary americans, mums and dads, i'm on your side against the establishment who are doug down. lou: you had an opportunity -- that are doing you down. you had the opportunity to compare mood, spirit, energy and pure frustration. there is a sense in this country that there is so much on weed and such a malaise beaten down by big government and corporations that aren't creating jobs and wealth.
7:50 pm
the middle class is declining instead of growing. we won't see the turnout necessary to push donald trump over the finish line. the odds against him in las vegas in nevada 4-1 against winning. >> on the date brexit vote the market went 12-1 against brexit. we were at best give and 25% of winning. take some inspiration from that. most hillary supporters are pretty lukewarm in their support of her. many trump supporters are fanatical. the way that trump wins, and i not won't be easy. but the way trump wins, he has to convince people that haven't voted for years, he thoos convince people who never voted in their lives, and they are the ones that's won brexit for us. he has a massive stage.
7:51 pm
even if you never voted before. you want change you have got to get out november 8 and vote for it. lou: we are just over an hour away from the beginning of a third presidential debate. up next, charlie hurt and lee carter will be with me. the countdown from las vegas is officially under way. thanks for putting up with the airplanes flying over all the national media. we are coming right back. stay with us.
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james o'keefe's video. washington times staff writer and fox news contributor charlie hurt joins and lee c
7:56 pm
>> marco rubio is a huge disappointment in what he said. to say he shouldn't be talking about this because they might
7:57 pm
justice department to the white house. >> even as they decry donald trump talking about the election being rigged and the system being rigged, we are seeing evidence that gee it is rigged. >> but the media had no problem reporting it.
7:58 pm
for not controlling his supporters and they are clinton protesters. >> i think this is one of the most unbelievable events i have seen in the last few weeks. they are saying the trump support,are so violent. let now we know there were plans to m
7:59 pm
are you serious? >> i don't know how anybody is undecided in this race at this point, especially with the lou: does it give credence to the shy trump voter? >> it does. there are a lot of people having trouble saying i'm supporting donald trump. i'm going to vote on the supreme court. we have a lot of of establishment republicans andnu
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>> announcer: fox business network's coverage of the final presidential debate hosted by the fox business channel at the university of las vegas. here is neil cavuto. neil: if you bite argument donald trump and hillary clinton have split the first two debates, this one will be crucial. the trend in recent american history is whoever loses the first debate goes on to win the last two. barack obama was beaten badly by mitt romney in the first debate. donald trump hopes to do the


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