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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  October 26, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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obamacare what it's done to the nation. it's not just rising premiums, it started from the website screwed up from day one. maria: now people have one option. bob nardelli, a pleasure. thank you for being with us. "varney & company" starts now. stuart take it away. stuart: thank you very much indeed. collapsing obamacare, a political gift for donald trump. he says it's a disastrous law and attacking hard. good morning, everyone. it was the center piece of a disciplined yet sharp-edged speech to a packed house in florida. obamacare is in crisis and trump says it's killing our businesses, killing small businesses and killing individuals. he's got a plan, replete it, repeal it, replace it. trump and the republicans see the collapse of obamacare as a springboard for a comeback. hillary clinton held one public appearance and did not mention obamacare's downward spiral. her campaign offered a
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government solution, the public option and medicare buy-in. rather vague. 13 days till the vote. that's politics and how about money? stocks are going down and another decline in iphone sales, a slight drop in profit margin. still the most valuable company in the world. is it now a glorified utility, milking steve jobs iphone legacy? politics and money, that's what we do. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> well, where are we going in approximately 28 minutes' time? we've headed south for the big board and the dow jones industrials are off 75 points. the price of oil has dropped below $50 a barrel. 49.06 to be precise. we'll get the latest reading how much we got from oil in the stock piles coming up at 10:30. now look at this.
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this is apple. it is the stock of the day, probably. shares set to open lower. and i'm going to call it a lackluster earnings report late yesterday to be down to 114. e-mack, numbers liz: yeah, the third straight quarter of iphones down versus sold in the prior quarter. that's trending toward 2013, 2014 levels when the stock was between 70 and $100. it's coming in solid down versus the last year. the cash on hand, 231.2 billion, the gdp of ireland. they could buy netflix, and twitter. it's a cash pile on hand. stuart: i was contentious at the top of the shower. ashley: you were, leave it at that. stuart: do you think that it's
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milking steve jobs? >> no, where is the growth coming from? that's the concern. they're making a billion a day in the last quarter. it's impressive, but headed in the wrong direction. they need something fresh liz: they need sizzle. stuart: we've got three hours to discuss this and you're wrong and i'm right. case closed. ashley: i've got it. stuart: 13 days until the election and the bloomberg poll shows donald trump leading there, a must-win state 45-43. now look at the difference in turnout at their events. in florida the enthusiasm definitely on trump's side. throughout the show today, we're talking about the apparent enthusiasm gap between trump and hillary clinton. meanwhile, the latest real clear politics reading, an average of national polls shows hillary leading by 4.8 points, that margin has narrowed a little over the past few days.
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early last week, she was up 7.1. real clear politics co-founder publisher tom bev vin is with us. confirm, please, trump is narrowing the gap. is that accurate? >> that is accurate. i mean, certainly in our national average, that was-- as you mentioned it was over 5, 6 points and now under 5, as of today. and so, you know, he's definitely narrowed it and had good news in swing states. you mentioned the florida poll that just came out this morning, the bloomberg poll has him up two points there. and clinton's lead is 1.6% in florida. definitely we've seen tightening in swing states with trump here with a couple of weeks left. stuart: rudy guiliani was on the show yesterday and talking about the polls, the accuracy and counting thereof. you're a pollster, listen to rudy on polls yesterday. roll tape. >> i don't trust the polls. >> to say that she's winning
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when you have four or five that have 10% oversampling of democrats, when you look at the business daily poll that has him 2 points ahead the only one accurate in the last three elections and then they decide to ignore that, when they ignore just the obvious enthusiasm of the people. i think he's winning. stuart: well, tom, you're in the middle of this. overcounting-- come on, pass judgment, are the polls slightly inaccurate as rudy says they undercount republicans? >> well, there's no way of knowing, we'll know on november 9th. that's all we can do. that's why we look at the average. you have "the washington post" poll which showed a 12 point-- the tracker initially came out and showed a 12 point lead for hillary clinton. that was at the upper range of anything that we've seen and then on the other end of the spectrum the ibd tip poll a well-respected poll, it wasn't the best, but performed i think respectably the last couple of elections and got that
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basically a tied race. so, where is the truth? it's somewhere in between, i think. and that's why-- >> fast, tom, can the polls-- can polling style measure the enthusiasm gap? >> well, sure. they do ask estions whose supporters are more excited to go out and vote and more strongly support their candidate. trump led in that metric in most of the race. in the last week or two we've seen it dissipate a little on trump's said. if you look at the rallies, tons of people there, that doesn't always translate into votes and i think that's where some people get misled by what they see on tv. much bigger, broader electorate than that, so, again, you've got to stick with the data in the aggregate and it shows that trump narrowing the gap, but still behind. stuart: okay, tom, we'll stick with rcp, and we'll stick with you. >> thank you. stuart: and donald trump
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mounting a strong attack, using the failure of obamacare, i guess you could call it political fodder. watch this. >> even bill clinton admitted obamacare is the craziest thing in the world, where people wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half and then he was forced to take it back the following day because that night he suffered greatly. he suffered. because hillary clinton wants to double up and triple up on obamacare, the numbers will go through the roof, your taxes will double and triple, and in the end, it's not affordable. you can't do it. stuart: affordable, affordable, and fiscal columnist liz peek is with us. a speech, nothing about women, attack obamacare and go to are growth. >> it's effective and we already sein some of the tossup states like north carolina and pennsylvania, those are states obamacare rates are going up 40% or more.
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it's impactful and the oldest story in politics, when it hits the pocket book of the voter then they begin to pay attention and this is going to hit a lot of people very hard. stuart: i want to see the polls out of arizona because fees are going up 100% in arizona. >> doubling. stuart: it's a dodgy state, very much in play and maybe obamacare makes a difference there. hold on a second, i've got hillary clinton obviously playing defense here. she was playing about obamacare and a fix during the radio interview. i'm going to call it a vague response. watch this. >> we are going to really tackle that. we're going to get co-pays and premiums and deductibles down, we're going to tackle prescription drug costs and we can do that without representing away the insurance that people now have. >> well, how about that for a response? what do you think? >> look, i think the problem for her she came out earlier basically talking about the single payer system and that's really what she's been after all along, but i think that voters are now saying, wait a minute, we've given the
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government control over a healthy slug of our health care business, it's not working, in fact, it's becoming a burden for a lot of americans. why would we do even more of that? voters, look, this has been an unpopular bill since it was passed despite literally tens of millions of dollars spent by the federal government trying to convince people it was a good thing. people think it's a bad thing. why would they want more of a bad thing. like a geico ad, do you want more of obamacare, no. stuart: a geico ad, very good stuff there. all right, sports time. game one of the world series opened last night the indian behind ace pitcher dominated the cubs 6-0, he struck out eight cubs in three innings, never been done before. game two, 7:00 eastern time tonight in cleveland. the game time moved up an hour because of problems with-- probably with the weather. ashley: rain, yes. stuart: to the markets, please.
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the dow industrials are going down at the opening bell off 80 points. look at individual stocks which really will move. chipotle really struggling to recover from the e. coli outbreak a long time ago. fewer people going to the stores, profit down 95%. it will open way down. different story at panera. sales up. it's looking to the future and it sees bright, rosie skies. it will be up today about, what, 10 bucks. politics, donald trump ending fund raising events for the republican party. his campaign says it wants trump to focus being out and about with voters instead. who can blame him with big rallies like that he's been seeing. look at this, wrapper jayzee, a former drug dealer and rapping about women holding a conce for hillary clinton.
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>> now, where is coke going to open today? up a little bit. they got better sales of soda and stronger demand for water and sports drinks, especially in north america. that stock, coca-cola goes up this morning. same story at garmin. they've got the fitness tracker like the vivo smart and selling a lot of them. the stock will be up 2, 3, 4%. comcast up 12%, a nice jolt from the olympics and from signing up video is subscribers. rapper jay-z will headline a concert for hillary clinton before the election. the tickets are free expected to be the campaign's largest event yet. how about that. national diversity ceo and
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trump surrogate pastor scott not thrilled about it. i'm not surprised pastor. why on earth would you be thrilled about a misogynist lining up behind hillary clinton. >> this is her pander to the black community and a crowd bigger than 50 or 200 and that's generous at best. you know what, this points to the obvious hypocrisy of hillary rodham clinton and to a lesser extent the first lady of the united states, michelle obama. they've feigned this outrage over donald trump's comments and acted their ears are so tender they can't hear this. if you look at the lyrical content of jay-z, i wouldn't allow my grandchildren to listen to, i wouldn't allow my daughter to listen to it growing up. stuart: you mentioned pandering, is it seen as pandering to the black community? >> yes, it is. the black community is a very intelligent community of people and she's doing everything she
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can to get the black vote. to be honest what's she going to do pass out free hot sauce bottles at the door and a comedian telling your mama jokes. at you're going to get a black rapper to attract a crowd and a free concert, it's an obvious pander and i think it's going to fall flat on its face, especially in cleveland. cleveland is not a racially divided city like that. i'm from cleveland, born and raised here and cleveland right now is having-- is on a high. we've got the cleveland cavaliers, we've got the cleveland indians, and we're all getting along just fine. [laughter] >> can't we all just get along? who said that? i can't remember. and pastor, i want to talk about black lives matter, an organization that hillary clinton very strongly supports and done so publicly recently. gallup says the polling organization, they say three out of four americans have a
9:17 am
great deal of respect for the police. that's up 12 points in the last year. what's your comment on that, pastor? >> i'm in agreement with that. i mean, once again, black people are not going to allow ourselves to be manipulated, especially by a political campaign, to cause us to think other than the way we genuinely think. once again, using cleveland as an example, we have great cooperation between the police and citizens of the city. every now and then you have a blip on the radar screen, you have an incident or an abberation, things happen that shouldn't happen, but things happen to the police that shouldn't happen as well. but we have an african-american police chief and we have a great cooperation, you know, we have a great mayor here as well. even though he's a democrat, he's a great mayor. [laughter] >> you're a trump surrogate after all. even though he's democrat he's a great mayor. >> they're trying to foster this climate of hate and mistrust and division between the citizens and united states and police and we see where
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it's coming from, from hillary clinton's camp to divide it and blame it on trump. stuart: the last thing we want is division, just don't want it. i'm sorry, i'm out of time. you know how it is. >> thank you for having me, god bless you. stuart: you can come back. god bless you, too. an explanation for the failure of obamacare, young people are preferring gaps and beer liz: the out of pocket costs. gas for the car and beer on friday and open secret in d.c. stuart: an honest answer, ashley, if you were that age what would you have gone for, health insurance or cigarettes and beer. ashley: what about you, mr. varney? >> stop it, stop it. how about individual stocks
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moving, financial one, profit down 10%, that thing will be down a couple of bucks at the open. pandora, on-line music, they stream stuff at you. got it? lost money last quarter. it's going to be down big in percentage terms, that is. the latest case of liberal lunacy on colleges. tufts university warn student if you wear an offensive halloween costume, you're going to have answer to the police. we'll be right back. this man creates software, used by this bank, to protect this customer, who lives here and flies to hong kong, to visit this company that makes smart phones, used by this vice president, this little kid, oops, and this obstetrician, who works across the street from this man, who creates software. they all have insurance crafted personally for them.
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not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured.
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>> and here is your daily dose of leaked e-mails from the clinton campaign. they admit they have no good explanation for her using a private server. details. ashley: it's interesting talking about how do we spin this. this was just three days before hillary clinton was due to speak to the u.n. the flap is out there. this is between aides and this was an e-mail sent to cheryl mills. there is just no good answer. we need to gut through the process phase and get them out there and let the content do the talking. in other words, what can we do. stuart: there's just no good answer. that's true, that's true. [laughter] sorry had to admit it. >> they tried several and none of them worked. stuart: you're terrible, liz. >> it's true.
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stuart: and look at boeing, please, their profits went up nicely, up 33%. they raised the forecast for their delivery series for next year. doesn't do any good. looks like they're going to open a little lower this morning. higher profits at northrop grumman, they got a boost of better sales from the aerospace business. that makes the center section of those new f-35 fighter gets and that stock will be up. oh, be careful, celebrating halloween, especially if you're at tufts university in massachusetts. there's a crackdown on offensive costumes there, you could be investigated by the police if the wear the wrong thing. >> the campus police, no less. if anyone feels they are offended, not safe. this is a letter sent out by the letters of four greek-like councils, if you feel offended the campus police will come in and investigate.
9:25 am
who is the judge on this, and. go dressed as campus police. stuart: you read the policy. can i wear a cowboy hat. >> no. stuart: can i dress like a bum? >> no. stuart: can i wear a sombrero. >> no. stuart: can i wear a beret. >> don't you love-- >> university of wisconsin has an incident team and they claim someone who went dressed as three blind mice that was mocking the disabled. >> oh, please. ashley: very inappropriate. >> this is so ridiculous. >> i love our skyrocketing college tuition costs are going to these deeds of darkness. >> it's the fun police in action, it's ridiculous, right? >> we're having too much fun on this show, liz: by the way, only eight more mondays until christmas. >> probably can't go as santa claus. stuart: and news from amazon, from deloit, for the first time
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ever people say they plan to spend as much on-line as bricks and mortar. amazon is going to be down a bit. and iphone sales are down. first annual decline in revenues and profit since 2001. have they become a utility, milking steve jobs legacy? would you buy it? the opening bell is next. anything worth pursuing hard work and a plan. at baird, we approach your wealth management strategy the same way to create a financial plan built to last from generation to generation. we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird. once i left the hospital after a dvt blood clot. what about my wife... ...what we're building together... ...and could this happen again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? i spoke to my doctor and she told me about eliquis.
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ichlts. stuart: all right. wednesday morning, 7 or 8 seconds to go and we will start the trading session. we're going to be down almost 100 points we're off and running and now started. you're going to see a lot of red on the left-hand side of your screen. the overall market is looking down at least in the very early going today. we'll check up on this, of course. how about oil? we are below $50 a barrel. maybe that's dragging down stock prices, i'm not sure. we get a read on supply, and that might alter the price per barrel of crude. stock, no question, it's apple. the first annual revenue drop in 15 years. they don't seem to be innovating these days. they're basically an iphone manufacturer and delve into apple's numbers. right now down 4 bucks. let's introduce everybody who is with us this wednesday.
9:31 am
ash is here, liz is here, dan and liz peek. we've got a liz and liz. apple, i'm saying that it's not an innovator, that it's milking steve job's legacy, that's it. shah galani, what do you say? >> i say don't count them out yet. the iphone 7 i think is going to do well and the stock has had a 20% run. if you own it probably a good time to take profits. i don't like the way it's acting today and yesterday, but i think if you actually own it and stick with it, a decent idea. i wouldn't buy it in here. >> you wouldn't buy it at 114. >> it's not worth it to buy it here and try to get to 120 and see what happens. stuart: dan, would you buy it at 114 because you think it might grow some more and it's still an innovator? what do you say? >> no, i absolutely wouldn't buy it right now. they're not showing any sign that they are an innovator, but they need to come back and come with something, at least to show that they have value left in them. some growth left in them.
9:32 am
it's not there. if the stock were to back up i might consider buying it, but i'd like to closer to the 100 level before i touch it. >> 114 a share, would you buy it? >> i think the only good news is that samsung has enormous problems and that's enough for a winning strategy. >> and it's not apple as the new great innovator, which company is? shah, any guesses? >> for me a tie between apple and amazon. in terms of advertising, product, reaching into the marketplace on line and those two are the go-to. stuart: liz peek? >> i think google, i wouldn't count google out. the only one of those three stocks, google, amazon, facebook, the only one that hasn't had a gigantic run is facebook, it's had a good run, but not compared to apple in its heyday and apple in the
9:33 am
heyday? >> preaching to the choir. stuart: chipot, sales is down and hitting the stock hard this morning. details on how bad it is. >> the turn around not happening soon. chipotle four straight quarters of declining revenue. the stock has lost about a third of market value over the past year. so, four straight quarters going down. same-store sales going down and trying to do things, offering spicy chirizo and not sure if it's going to turn it around. >> nothing worked rewards program and giving away burritos, that hasn't worked and i said if this stock hits 400 it's going to get halved from there. we're below 400 and look at this, a little pop, i'm going to short this. stuart: you're going to-- >> there's no upside to it. and it's way overpriced at this level still on a price per
9:34 am
earnings basis and the management is not doing anything, it's down 22% this quarter. same-store sales, that's a huge drop. >> look at the big board, we've dropped by 100 points. 11 1-- 103, 106 and we're down triple digits at this moment. some individual stocks moving nicely, panera. good profits there. 202 per share, a 4% gain. and pandora, fewer active listeners at this moment and higher costs so that adds up to a 7%. >> and how about twitter, modest jump on speculation that disney is not out of the game in terms of buying it. i think they are, but what do you think. ashley: you know what? it's one report from betaville claiming that twitter and
9:35 am
disney hashed out a deal. everybody else says it hasn't been speculated about a month from now and a lot of people saying they don't see it happening. >> why would a company like disney, and you talked about this, why would a company like disney want to buy a company like twitter, which is all about abuse? >> you feel like you have to take a shame-cation. >> it makes no sense to me, no reason for disney to buy this. >> it does have a big on-line presence though, folks. don't write twitter-- don't write twitter off. an enormous number of people on that site. stuart: would you put your money where your mouth is and buy it. thank you very much. and the coke has earnings out and lower sales and profits. nicole, straighten me out, where is the stock. nicole: they had a solid showing in north america, the stock is up almost 1% today. stabilizing in china and the
9:36 am
profit and revenue fell, but fell less than expected. carbonated drinks, they were relatively flat. they did see fanta and overall does well for them, when we talk about coffee, teas, dasani, minute maid, simply orange, smart water. those are brands that do well. stuart: fanta, that brings back memories. i never drink soda now, but i liked it. i digress. health insurers, what happens to the stocks as obamacare unraffles? >> all right, shah galani, would you buy a health insurer on the collapse of obamacare? >> no, absolutely not. stuart: down on everything. >> and this goes to got to sign
9:37 am
to see what's in it. obamacare, it was a mess from the beginning and it's going to get worse before it's better. it has to be scrapped. stuart: you are channelling speaker pelosi. we have to pass this bill to find out what's in it. >> to see what's in it. >> nobody read it, right. >> apparently not. stuart: thousands of pages? passed in short notice, how could you possibly liz: with the economy, never read it. >> and those said it's not going to work. stuart: amazon, what a company. new survey from deloit, the accounting firm they say shoppers are dividing their budgets, holiday budgets equally between on-line shopping and bricks and mortar stores. ash. ashley: yes. stuart: and i'm sorry. is there another story about amazon which ashley does have. and okay? amazon executives are pleased with the results of retail book stores. bricks and mortar book stores. >> liz peek and i were talking
9:38 am
about this, it's a flip-flop where everyone is going, amazon having a physical bookstore as an experiment to see whether it's successful. they're happy with it. not only books, but people can go in and make real-time recommendations what they could be reading. it's a p hardware and that kind of stuff. >> wait a minute. ashley: the smarter assistance hardware. stuart: what's this about a reversal of the trend. a survey where the consumers are going to split their money half and half on-line and mortar. ashley: on-line is bigger and bigger. and what do they do? they open a physical store, that's the counter. stuart: would you buy amazon at 827. >> probably i would, but here is the more important message, the more important message, this is really good for the united states. if we had a reversal in this, if amazon decides they really want a major retail presence, think of the thousands of jobs that are recouped. they've put thousands of people
9:39 am
and lots of story owners out of business. and this is positive. not just amazon, parker did the same thing, major on-line vendors opening stores and turns out people do like to look at things, and be in a store. it's a social activity. so, i mean. stuart: so there. >> it seems to me if the on-line selling thing stopped at 50% that would be a great outcome. stuart: an extraordinary thing. >> may not happen. stuart: look at bricks and mortars guys, all doing well. how about this? five states are going to allow whether to allow recreational cannibus, weed. those states are california, massachusetts, maine, arizona and nevada and polls suggest they may get recreational marijuana. >> california, massachusetts and maine looks likely. if california actually votes for it, that could be a tippingpoint in this argument. it is a huge economy by itself.
9:40 am
washington and oregon already have legalized it and so have colorado. you go to the west coast, baby, you can buy pot legally. the problem is, a lot of this is butting up against federal laws who doesn't recognize it. something that will have to push this discussion up. stuart: shah, is there such a thing as a pot stock? >> there are small stocks nothing with enough liquidity for me to get volved. this trend if it continued it would be a huge state. can a couple of companies would command this. ashley: the latest survey of the nation, 57% say it should be legalized. stuart: dan has the last word, not whether or not it should be legalized, but whether or not dan would invest in the pot industry. would you? >> you know, the way it's going to grow once it does become legalized, and it will become legalized, it's going to be an unlimited potential for growth there. yeah, i would invest in it.
9:41 am
you're going to have to look carefully, it's one of those industries you'll have hundreds and hundreds of companies looking at it and only a few will capitalize on it properly. stuart: you're right. i am alooking for a company that produces a marijuana breathalyzer test. >> they're working on it two. stuart: hound labs, which is a private company and the stock symbol is blozf. and we're out of town, regr regrettab regrettably. thank you for joining us for a lively session on the morning. we were down over 100 and now down over 82. donald trump stops fund raising for fellow republicans. the divide in the g.o.p. still there and we're 13 days from the election. meanwhile, obamacare death spiral, collapsing before our very eyes. premiums skyrocketing and hillary clinton dodges the issue on the campaign trail in florida. ♪ you can run an errand.
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(announcer vo) you can sit in traffic. or you can crack up. (man on radio) but if it isn't refreshing... (announcer vo) sorry traffic, we laugh 'til it hurts. siriusxm. road happy. >> oh, look at this. live pictures from caracas, they want to get rid of the president nicholas moduras. >> they're calling him a dictator, he'll not allow them to vote him out. that's what the constitution allows. they're expecting a million people flooding into the streets. it's a really dangerous situation. two years ago similar protests like this led to nearly four dozen people being killed at protests like this. so, what they're trying to do in venezuela is stop, put up a roadblock to keep protesters from coming in. they're saying we're in the last final stages for the fight for democrat.
9:46 am
the failed experiment of socialism has got to stop. stuart: i'm with them on that liz: they're in a fight for their life down there in caracas. stuart: anheuser-busch delivers beer in a self-driving truck. ashley: called auto. from fort collins colorado to colorado springs, 120 miles drove through denver, no one behind the wheel, delivered 2000 cases of beer. no incident at all. by the way, auto -- otto behind the autonomous software is owned by uber, 700 million in august, instead of hailing a cab, you can hail a beer truck. stuart: how many beer trucks. ashley: three and a half million, those jobs could be jeopardized. stuart: down the road. ashley: on the screen. stuart: down the road i think they are. thanks, ash. donald trump's campaign ended its fund raising event in support of the republican party
9:47 am
and the senior advisor is with us now. split, a further split, trump versus the establishment?>> a it's frankly not true. donald trump and the campaign are doing fun raisers, and he didn't headlining it, but mike pence has. stuart: he's ended joint fundraisers. >> the campaign hasn't. he's not headlining. neither is hillary clinton she's not heading the fund raisers for the democrats. stuart: this is not a split? >> no, less than two weeks ago and he's out there hard campaigning for events. look at his schedule, rally avrilly, round table after round table, the rest of our team governor pence two this week and his son don, jr., and we're focusing on small fund raising and broken record after record for any republican focusing on that as well and
9:48 am
work on turning out the vote and again, beating hillary in november. stuart: you've got it in. >> got it in, that's the key. stuart: usa today, the trump-pence ticket is generating what's described as a record amount of traffic on facebook and 60% of that traffic comes from women. now, how do you interpret that? trump's not doing well with the women's vote and ooh they're the ones going on facebook about trump. >> i think he's doing a lot better than women than the polls would reflect. clearly, i'm a woman, i'm a working mom and things that keep me up at night are not the personal attacks between the two candidates, but it's whether or not we're going to have a strong economy, whether or not my kids are going to grow up in a safe world, get a good education and find a job when they get out of school. donald trump is infinitely better than thin this worry me was a woman than hillary clinton has. she has had 30 years, and she can't point to anything as a
9:49 am
record of success. donald trump has empowered people his entire working lives. stuart: yes, yes, yes, you flo what i'm going to say. i hear this from everybody. if donald trump had not gone out of his way to threaten to sue his accuser, if he hadn't done anything like that and been quiet about it, he would have been 10, 20 points ahead. >> it's hard for him to keep quiet, 90% of the media against him. stuart: he raised it all the time. >> nobody else is going to-- >> look at the speech yesterday, in florida, massive crowd, didn't go off tangent on women and a wild success. >> if i can't tag you in to help out. stuart: thank you very much for being here. >> thank you for having me. stuart: check that big board. we've come back a bit, we were down 103 and now 74.
9:50 am
the new video, image of donald trump carved in a field and said ciao, and the artist says it's his farewell to his run. mainstream media for hillary clinton, saying you can't trust those polls. >> when you have 4 or 5% over sampling of democrats. when you look at the business daily poll that has him two points ahead the only one acts in the last three elections and they decide to ignore that, when they ignore just the obvious enthusiasm of the people. i think--
9:51 am a combination of see products.. and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service... our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises.
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9:54 am
>> general motors is going to bring watson, that's ibm's watson into its cars. it's the on star go system and it's designed to learn from users behavior so that it can deliver personalized offers from partners like exxonmobil. it's a marketing tool as opposed to a navigational device. gm at 31. and here is the latest real clear politics reading, this is an average of national polls. hillary leads by just 4.8 points, that's the margin and that margin has narrowed over the last few days.
9:55 am
remember, about 10 days ago it was over a seven point margin. florida, key state. donald trump leads 45-43, that's just in florida. doug schoen is here. the gap is narrowing, that's a fact, with real clear politics, you're telling me it's far too late. you cannot narrow the gap to zero. >> it's enough to go from 4.8 down to zero. largely because the clinton base is well narrows, a secure one, more money on tv, stronger field operation, than donald trump. the only thing he leads her in is buying hats. stuart: are you discounting two things, number one, the intensity level, the enthusiasm level which i don't think it really measured in the polls, and number two, the shaming trump point, where if you're asked who are you going to vote for, people are unwilling to
9:56 am
vote for trump because he's frowned upon, those two factors are you disappointing those? >> i don't discount them. unlike a lot of pundits, i think it will be a closer election, 2 to 4 points because of the electoral college and demographic and organizational value she will win, but i think it will be a close election. stuart: 2 to 4 points? >> i think maybe closer to 2 to 3. stuart: so your argument that trump will lose, your argument is based primarily on electoral college votes and how they are contributed. >> and how the demographics of the polls break down. donald doesn't have enough whites without college education to win without expanding his constituency with minorities. stuart: at risk of this, you're telling trump supporters
9:57 am
they're grasping at straws. >> no, they're a part of democratic process and hopefully after the election they'll join with those who those who supported the secretary, because we do agree there are challenges overseas and they see us as americans not democrats or republicans. stuart: wouldn't you give your right arm or the other appendages if on november the 9th you'd see a trump presidency. >> having written a book, and yes, i would. stuart: thank you, we'll appreciate you, see you soon. president obama says he did not know hillary clinton was using a private e-mail server, but at the top of the next hour, we'll show you leaked e-mails that show, shall we say, otherwise? the obamacare is in a death
9:58 am
spiral and the new york times is largely ignoring what i think is an important story. hour two is next.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> you know, it really is pathetic obamacare is collapsing. the cost of health insurance is going through the roof. millions of poem and barely gets a mention in the blishment media this morning. it is committed to the obama clinton line. nothing can be allowed to interfere with hillary ice coordination but this is duty. the media is hiding. suppressing one of the most important money stories of this generation. and that is the dreadful impact obamacare has had on middle america. the affordable care act is one of the main reason why is middle-class is shrinking and that is central fact of political life today. generations, middle america did well. made progress. obamacare has helped reverse that progress.
10:01 am
the rich can afford it but it's the middle that gets squeezed. deductibles. sky roblghting rocketing you have to pay thousands before insurance kicks. what does that do to disposable income. premium straight up. drug prices up. copay add it up. this is one more reason why the economy can't get moved. one more reason why middle america is hurting and that obamacare was is, and was and always will be a disaster. what do you think, the big story in "the new york times" this whole week a 7-year-old muslim girl tells her father i had a scary dream about donald trump. the second hour of "varney & company" is about to again . >> okay, i will seelings settle down and calm down but first new
10:02 am
home sales. >> 593,000 expecting 93,000 seconds straight month of the downward trend and new home sales. also big downward revision for august numbers as well. remember in the summer, they were on pace at a nine-year high. but now we're looking at groups, biggest percentage loss in six months. watch home builders. action to the downside right now. >> no impact on overall stock market down 80 points. >> but dow right there. >> got it. thanks very much liz. check apple on bottom right-hand corner of your screen. numbers reflect they're note innovating they have problems with iphone, of course, opinion >> latest nurls starting with those iphones and most recent quarter sold 45.51 million iphones remember iphone 7 latest version was only last two weeks of this quarter that was by the way
10:03 am
better than expected. cross profit margin 38% that was top end offing expectation but look at the amount of cash they have on hand. 31.2 billion. they did announce a one billion dollar share is repurchase program supposed to, obviously, bring share price up but people like to see them use that money to provide something new this peek call new sizzle but no doubt about it. revenue is dropping, where are they going next? >> stock is down $4 that's the stock of the day. big it can names, amazon, facebook, microsoft. all of them down today although amazon is down $9 right now down 1%. olympic -- no chipotle you can call that stock of the day down $28 that's 7% lower on chipotle. where is other o one. comcast we have a nice boost for their nbc unit from the
10:04 am
olympics, comcast is down 1.5%. taking someone with them boeing will deliver more planes in the future. that hasn't helped the stock it is down today just a fraction down about a buck. i want to back to what i'm calling unraveling of obamacare. promised many things affordable ability for example. keep your plan, keep your doctor you've heard it all before. hard it so many times we're going to do it again. roll tape. [laughter] >> affordable, affordable there's a reason. affordable. affordable. affordable -- affordable, affordable. maybe we shouldn't do it. come on. liz: i'll have a scary dream about nancy pelosi. will that make the headlines in "the new york times," i don't know. 25% increases in premiums coming down the pike right at you. donald trump pounced on it. roll tape. >> even bill clinton admitted obamacare is the craziest thing
10:05 am
in the world where people wind up with premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half and then it was forced to take it back to following day because that night he suffered greatly. he suffered. because hillary clinton wants to double up and triple up in obamacare numbers will go through the roof and taxes will double and triple in the end it's not affordable. you can't do it. >> summed it up. steve moore is with us advisory. first of all do you agree with my basic premise that obamacare was a real hit on america's middle-class. do you agree with that premise? >> i sure to and can you see this? i'm holding up washington post headline today mics the point that you were making earlier stuart. lead story in the post is not about obamacare premium but problems raising money. i mean, it's unbelievable that, you know, that the --
10:06 am
by the way i looked at page a, four, five, i can't find a story about fact that the premiums are going up. let me explain exactly why this is such bad news for the middle-class. when you have premiums going up as they are web and by the way on top, double digit increases last year. so these are in some cases 40, 50% increases over two year ares in the cost of health insurance. now, the problem is when employers have to pay more for health insurance because cost are going up for employers cost of higher worker goes up. so those costs go up, those higher health care costs squeeze down wages. one of the big reasons that american people haven't seen a pay raise in five, six, seven years because higher health care costs take out money that they would get in higher wages that is important. >> trump has a plan about are
10:07 am
repeal and replace it. bottom line is that he would replace it with a national system of health insurance and reform. would you say that that plan, i know you have a part in writing it. can you tell our viewers that that would restore growth to our economy and get a handle on controlling health care costs? >> well the key of controlling health care cost is their competition right we know that competition and every other industry lowers cost, and looked a way über is cutting cost of transportation and way cell phone costs are coming down because you've got a lot of competition and evasion. now, under what's happening under obamacare is reason prices are going up, up about up is because you're havingless comp o education. a lot of states stuart there's one health insurance company. you get a lot of choice with one health insurance company. what we do under our plan if you life in a state, northeast i don't know where you live in connecticut, new jersey, new york one of those states if you live in new jersey an you want a
10:08 am
health insurance plan in iowa or utah or -- you know, virginia. you'll be able to do that so instead of one health insurance xeang you can buy one under the trump plan you could buy any one of 100 plans. you see where that will bring down costs you'll have competition. so simple, and yet what hillary is saying okay let's get rid are of the insurance companieses by the way shame on the health insurance companies for buying into obamacare in the first place they made a deal with the devil and i'm not going to throw water for them but get rid of the insurance companies with a government run system and one choice like henry are ford says to buy my model t in any colors as soon as it's black. >> got it. steve we look this on obamacare i think trump has -- >> not in the newspaper. >> incredible isn't it. stuart: steve calm down, i'm trying to. latest wikileaks bombshell
10:09 am
reveals president obama knew about hillary clinton's private server. even though he said he did not. an e-mail from clinton aid cheryl mills campaign chair john in march, 2015 here's the quote we need to clean this up. he has e-mails from her, they do not say listen to what the president said in an interview the same day that e-mail was sent. roll it. >> what did you first learn that hillary clinton used an e-mail system outside the u.s. government for official business while she was secretary of ?aipt >> at the same time everybody else learned it through news reports. >> next day clinton talks to a clinton advisor suggests he talked to white house press secretary to the problem. here's the quote they know president and hillary e-mailed. i recollect that josh was also asked if president ever noticed
10:10 am
her personal e-mail account he said something like he likely had better things to do than focus on cabinet e-mail addresses. talley bruce is here. i he has a lot to use the word lie. but it sure looks like the president lied about what he knew and when he knew it. >> yeah we've got people, obviously, an video and black and white and let me tell you one story that he may have not told the truth but there's a larger context it seems like fool cheryl mills knew what meant when to clean it up. this is a pattern of some dynamic and within two weeks of this e-mail ten days after she sents that e-mail obama administration ditched regulations that subjected large portions of the white house correspondents to public records = reversing three decades old policy. also within two weeks, is when they used bleach bit on the server. after that he mail about cleaning things up. so when we talk about he knew,
10:11 am
we know through huma abidin file that he was using pseudonym that he felts his e-mails with hillary clinton for some reason are insecure and that's a problem as well but it comes down to this larger action that oh curred between this campaign, secretary of state office, and qhows. >> trying to cover it up. had to be aware of hacking. white house hacked. state department hacked and office of personal management and noah and u.s. post office hacked so you have to be thinking they have to know in elected it office you keapght be clinton and thinking your e-mail will be protected. quite possible that the president was hacked here. he got in. >> in the new york ims too i had a scary dream about donald trump.
10:12 am
face a tense election, now they think that's news in obamacare is not? and the president doing what he did is not? >> this is the same newspaper that used a two page spread with tweets. this is clearly the death of journalism look i'm not woodward or byrne seen and i've been able to make connections about behavior of the white house and actions that were taken and here's newspaper of records important american institution? such decline it's an embarrassment. sad for the country. american people, though, fortunately understand this. and it's clearly being rejected. >> trump recognizes this too. more for you in a second russia unveiling images of a new weapon. they call it a supernuke. they've made it the state two missile. how appropriate. russia claims it is 2,000 times stronger in the bomb and can wipe out an area the size of
10:13 am
france or texas. okay. become to politics. ohio crucial state shows close race there and we are talking to a family from ohio they're voting for trump. they say he's the guy to bring back jobs. you'll hear from him after this break. ♪
10:14 am
10:15 am
10:16 am
>> coming back a little bit we're down 100 now 64 even split just about on winners and losers among dow 30. all right back to politics afterall it is 13 days till the election. ohio battle ground state, obviously.
10:17 am
real clear politics poll there, as donald trump up by one point. that's ohio. our next guests are ho residents who are voting for trump. here we have daniel edward moore and father and son from trummable county. your entire family is now solidly for trump but as i understand it let's go with danielle senior first you used to be all democrat. why the switch? tell me. >> welt, sir, i did vote for president obama in 2008 and 2012. because i'm certainly not a racist but among 75% of american who is think our country is going in the wrong direction. so at that time president obama did seem like he was going to make a difference, help change the direction of our country. i liked what a he had to say
10:18 am
about his promise and view of north america free trade agreement so i was disappointed when he did not do that. and i'm a political activist as my friends and coworkers were approaching me -- their question was when is president obama beginning to start focusing on jobs? >> let me ask daniel moore junior, young man on the right-hand there yawning. if you were sitting around in a family you're all talking politics. was there a moment when all of you suddenly said you know, maybe trump's the guy. was there a moment? >> well the moment was for me at least was basically as soon as he announced his candidacy like i saw that, and i've known about donald trump basically my whole life. you know, i think we've all seen him on apprentice and select apprentice and admired with this business sense.
10:19 am
these this sense of what -- what is required for excellence. that's what he requires from his guest on his show if he can take that to the oval office that would be great for this country. >> i have to ask you both reals fast mr. moore senior first of all. are other people around you voting for trump same question to you daniel junior. >>s yeah, we have a lot of trump supporters. i work at nlmk a steel mill in epa, quite a large number of my supervisors and coworkers are supporting trump and 1603. >> daniel junior your friends -- all for trump as well? >> it is varied i'm a college student is in youngstown state university it is mixed there. i'm in a fraternity with a lot of liberal brothers but i have
10:20 am
friends who are conservative and supporting trump. so really a mix for me. >> gentleman i'm sorry i'm out of time i have breaking news to deal with but thank you for coming on the show. we appreciate you. thank you. >> a pleasure. >> we've got breaking news story we're covering pentagon will not claw back those bonuses that were paid years ago to some of our troops. ashley: they have suspended efforts to recover if you remember there was some 10,000 california national guard members who were paid with bonuses and then said if you feel fraud and shouldn't have got it and they've been trying to claw it back. pentagon says since scandal broke it was first reported it in l.a. times pentagon is suspended efforts to claw back. >> quickly yeah my column in washington times is exactly about this but let me say congress has known about this for two years has done nothing
10:21 am
and funny what happens when you turn on the light. >> what that is. stuart: we will be back. the dow is down 70 and i promise, we will be back. you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy. theno one surface...out there. no one speed... no one way of driving on each and every road. but there is one car that can conquer them all,
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(hush my darling...) man snoring (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. >> oh, do we have an obamacare judgment for you that's doctor ezekiel obamacare ark detective. i have had a good argument. admitted it is beginning to hurt a lot of people. watch this. >> more than one more americans who are not going to have help an see increases on average 25% that's a lot of money for the average american. >> jake, totally agree with you there's a million people for whom this is going to be severe
10:25 am
or uncomfortable. >> okay. [laughter] >> hold on a second before we go further we have a big story on obamacare premiums in florida, liz. liz: state regulators proving increases that are bigger than insurers themselves requested in order to stop the obamacare exchanges from collapsing. so that's going to make people really mad that they're paying more to save the exchanges also in wing states in pennsylvania, arizona, georgia, kansas, utah, and colorado. >> florida is important state to 13 days before the election. >> look it is remindinger to everybody how government can ruin your life. can completely rip you out when it comes to your financial dynamic but in the process telling you lies through the entire process it is not like therm mistaken. we know through jonathon grouper we said we didn't know that was true but american people wanted to what hear. american people deserve better
10:26 am
and say we deserve better and through election this is outis ragous. a classic opportunity donald trump and he spoke about this in florida yesterday. absolutely. >> about deal mag and business, and individual lives this is where he wins. >> well done. thank you. stuart: now we have a town in michigan will not accept syrian migrants officials there say they can't be vetted properly. we'll teletick you there. admitted former drug dealer and perhaps about hatred of women. he's holding a concert to support hillary clinton right before the election. we have that story for you. don't go away.
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
>> all right where are we now on that big board down 62 points. maybe some of this decline in the market has something to do with your screen a $489 per barrel for crude oil well below dl 50 per barrel. there may be a relationship between oil and stock as of this morning. we're about to get numbers on how much oil we've got in storage. that could askts the price of oil depending on how much oil we've got in storm warning and we've got number liz? pjt down 553,000 intierls they were looking for a build instead a draw down so see the action in oil right now possibly moving into upside comparing losses. >> so using more it have. demand is up. theoretically the price should go up a little bit. and it's not. just a drawdown of a half million -- in the scheme of things all right so bottom line is no impact, no big impact on the
10:31 am
price of oil yet from this drawdown of supply. >> surprised draw down. [laughter] not forget that. but we're down 40 o points on the dow jones industrial $49 a barrel on oil. there you have it ladies and gentlemen. check this out plews. donald trump hollywood star on walk of fame has been vandalized with a sledge ham tear not sure i can see it very clearly but i can't tell bachelor's degree or not. but anyway. dressed as construction worker this has a first for hollywood walk of fame someone damaging star like this. we're on it. and we're all over it. from above. let's go to big tech names. amazon microsoft recently at all time record highs all of them amazon down $10. i own microsoft and it is retreated to 1681 i'll still take that price.
10:32 am
w mainstream media well may seem antipolice recently, however, bear this in mind please. a new "gallup poll" shows support for the police at almost record levels. 76% have a great deal of respect for our police officers. and henna mcdonald is with this latest column with the myth of the race cyst cop and author of the war on cop, that's a book and she joins us now. you're saying in this article i've read it. you're saying if cops are bias that it is a bias in paver favor of black folk? >> four academic studies that show that blackses areless likely to have lethal force used against them than white. bottom line serving the public think it is knows about police and race from black lives matter narrative is wrong reverse it and you've got the truth.ular perception.
10:33 am
perception is police force is antiblack and uses excessive amount of force on black folks and you say absolutely not true. >> this is a media created phenomenon. the media chooses to focus on every single shooting of a black person by cop ignoring the much larger number of police shootings of qhiets. and ignoring fact that officers are second guessing themselves when is it comes to confronting black suspects because they're so worried about being next race cyst cop of the week on youtube. >> that's a direct opposite kind of a shock but such an opposite point of view. >> unfortunatelily as a result of this officer back offer crime is going up and black lives are being taken. unless we turn around this narrative we see more civil anarchy. more black lives taken and more cops murdered. >> i want your opinion on a taking place next week rapper jay-z planning concert to been the hillary clinton.
10:34 am
i want to play some of is his music, some of the bad words, derogatory words about women will be bleeped out but just roll that tape. ♪ hit me ♪ 99 if you're having girl problems ♪ ♪ 99 problems but [bleep] ain't one. >> okay bleeped out bad stuff there. raps about violence what do you think about him doing a benefit per hillary clinton about four days before the election? >> it is remarkable no trigger warning no safe spaces. the vicktorian fainting female thing turns on at will and turned off purely for political advantage. and does it work?
10:35 am
>> down with the hood -- i think probably they're not going to vote for trump. so it works anyway. but i think that real issue is this should really pull the marveg off of liberal feminism . >> pull mask liberal feminism. >> they revert at will even as they participate in grotesquely promiscuous culture she's a big fan of clinton beyoncé twerking until sun goes down, and then they pretend to be have been vai force if trump talk bs hitting on women. get over it guys. >> need a safe space. that's a fact. i say this right i'm a female because i break that you have to stay clear of, stuart. >> you're a welcomed guest we like it. thanks so much heather. >> all right donald trump
10:36 am
spending most of his week in must win battleground state of the florida trying to secure the state. he's got to. many believe he will take it. roll tape. donald trump is concentrating very much on florida. >> florida is critical for either or both of them. i believe we're going to win florida. >> are you confident will you pound table and tell us yes there's no question about it. trump wins florida? >> there's no question about it trump wins florida. >> okay. early voting has started nl. we have new polls from that state as well. how about bloomberg. he has trump up two points over hillary that's 45-43 real clear politics. the average that's an average of polls has hillary leading in florida but her lead is narrowing. she's now up less than 2 points
10:37 am
again this is in florida. republican florida delegate is with us. it looks like a dead heat actually statistically wise, this is a must win state for florida. how do you see it? >> you said it, stuart, this florida is a must-win and momentum appears to be on donald trump's side. you see independents in this bloomberg poll breaking for trump very bad news for hillary clinton. if the candidate if donald trump can stay on the issues, he will win florida. >> he did yesterday he had a huge crowds and stayed right on his attack on obamacare got rought at that. attacked also on returning to prosperity and growing the economy and no die die -- >> businesses and people in florida over 2 million people have already voted if they want less government and less tax and regulation and obamacare is utter failure.
10:38 am
we've tacked about this over a couple of year period, stuart obamacare is an utter failure, utter lie. >> how about marco rubio? >> he's doing fine. race has tightened buzz florida is most purple state. but strong support particularly coming out of miami, dade, with cuban americans and he's going to ride honesty he'll help trump a little bit throughout the rest of the state. >> we led into you with a couple of people saying potdzly trump wins florida. will ed sate same thing? absolutely, positively trump wins florida? >> it is all if turnout. one thing that donald trump are is doing is working clinton. he's been in five or six different places with a high leal of energy. if he keeps that up and focus on florida, he wins florida. >> thank you for joining us as always. we appreciate that.
10:39 am
back to stocks look at apple please that stock has been down all morning. i say apple is not it can innovator any longer nicole you have details how tim cook runs. down 3%. >> put tim cook in place and said best days ahead were for apple you see apple right now stock is at 114 a share. but tim cook came on in august of 2011 take a look eat that graphic that represent ares stream we've seen since that time for example for iphone up 24%. for the macintosh and ipad relative from the and not seeing it there. stock itself wept from over $50 now over 115 and stock continueses to soar. what is tim cook bring onboard? he brought on larger iphone and brought on new services, payment, apple music, beats, three sizes of iphone and he
10:40 am
said when you start to see iphone 7 it will bring it on going forward so equilibrium. >> nicole thank you very much indeed. stuart: quickly show the big board and oillet oil please drawn down supplies, a little bit negative. down 8 cents by the way dow came back from -- lost all the way back to virtually dead flat. now this self-driving truck makes commercial delivery first time we've seen this in über own start why auto self-driving truck they say they ship 45,000 bud wisers from colorado are to colorado springs. a human had to sit by the wheel as a precaution but wasn't -- >> behind the front seat. >> behind the front seat. >> watch out truck drivers because that's a real problem. >> million of them in this country they do not like that
10:41 am
video. >> they don't that's a well paid job with a company leak that. >> in the truck -- [laughter] >> game one of the world series cleveland indians beat them. game two tonight cleveland start up to 7:00 eastern time because of rain in the forecast. watch it on your local fox station. this man creates software, used by this bank, to protect this customer, who lives here and flies to hong kong, to visit this company that makes smart phones, used by this vice president, this little kid, oops, and this obstetrician, who works across the street from this man, who creates software. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship.
10:42 am
not just insured. chubb insured.
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♪ >> never forget the "varney & company" starts at 89 a.m. eastern, and here's what you missed last hour. >> the campaign hasn't. he's not headlining them but neither is hibt she's not headlining big fundraisers for in democrats. it is not a split we've got less than two weeks to go and he's out there hard campaigning for events. look at his schedule rally after rally rounds table after round table buts rest of our team two events this week and junior headlines big event and also focusing on small dollar fundraising broken record after record for any republican to ever run in that. so we're continuing to focus on that as well while we work on turning out the vote and again beating hillary in november.
10:44 am
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providing global access for small business. fedex. >> hillary clinton is in florida today. she's try to keep a slim lead over trump in some polls.
10:46 am
adam shapiro is there in west palm beach my question is what about the crowd? how many has she brought out? >> all right, well here it's nowhere near the size of the crowd we saw in sanford, florida, yesterday from mr. trump 15,000. that i can a look maybe 1,000 to 2,000 people here, and rally to be smaller and y can see there's empty space here. she's supposed to speak in about 15 minutes. and i can tell you as camera pans across, that if we were to trump rally this would actually be packed as we saw yesterday and 50,000 people at that airport and hangar yesterday into the shot. waiting for hillary clinton she'll be here in 15 minutes. and but a whole different experience at a clinton rally compared to a trump rally. >> we'll get become to you. >> hilton lowered their forecast
10:47 am
again and that stock is now down another 2% back to 22 on hilton. maker of cookie and cost cuts help bottom line that is pronunciation and pup 3% this morning. how about pan door ya online music streaming guys down a 6% drop. now this waterford township outside of detroit has voted the counsel there, yamsly unanimously they say will not allow any syrian refugees to come to their town. michigan highest concentration of my grants in america but this particular town says no syrian migran. sue is with us. watership downship. thanks for being with us. why do you not want the syrian migrants in the town?
10:48 am
>> you haven't gotten it exactly right we have a resolution that before refugees that vetsing be improved. we were told by homeland security they're not satisfied with vetting and taking them as experts. we adopted a resolution asking that vetting be approved before refugees would be allowed to come in water ford but anywhere in america. >> a good deal of scept sesm about whether or not they can be vetted properly. do you share that and what that vote is all about? >> it is difficult in a country that's in such disarray to come up with information. our u.s. congressman said that in a situation where we have boots on the ground. we have firsthand information if not documented information, and we're i believe lacking even that in syria. but there must be a way. there must be a way. >> now, of almost all of the
10:49 am
migrants coming to america from syria have been muslims. we happen to believe that the principle victims in the middle east are christians. if it were christians coming to your town, would you feel differently? >> no i would not. as you said earlier a middle eastern community not far from waterford not reading about upheaval all of the time it is really not a question of religious nor really a question of syrians. it is just a question of immigrants and they should be vetted is word used. >> i have to put up on the screen a picture of a little boy in aleppo that kawtzed a great deal of concern around world because it's a terrible picture. this is the humanitarian side of the migrant crisis. would you address that? >> i've heard of that picture i haven't seen it myself but
10:50 am
speaking in humanitarian terms one of our board members at the meeting where we adopted this resolution pointed out that we could probably find a similar picture in america of a little american boy or girl. humanitarian crisis are to be found everywhere, and one of their comments was why don't we take care of our own first. >> okay. fair point. so look thank you very much indeed for joining us. difficult subject we understand that and appreciate you being here. thank you very much indeed. thanks for the invitation. sure thing go back there if there's a change in circumstances. we will be back in one minute. there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go lg™ ♪ >> terrifying home invasion in fort worth, texas, surveillance video shows man breaking into a woman's home as she slept on her couch. now the come said she woke up with her mouth covered as she is being strangled by the intruder. man took off when she managed thankfully to scream for help. woman said she's shaken. but not physically harmed. the suspect, though, frighteningly on the loose. stocks two-thirds of them in the green. financial the leading the way but market itself just about
10:55 am
flat. the market, though, the dow certainly dragged down by apple which is a lag on the dow today. e meantime you'ring loo at live pictures from washington, d.c. a grand opening of donald trump new trump international hotel. trump will be at the opening. we will bring you back there when he arrives. also municipal in the next hour california republican lawry is back. tack to him about rapper jay-z planning to hold a benefit concert for hillary clinton. but first listen to what former clinton posted said it be trump narrowing the gap less than two weeks before the election. >> look, the gap is narrowing. that is a fact. >> real clear politics. but you're going to tell me you cannot narrow gap to zeroly election. >> it is very tough to go from 4.8 down to zero. largely because clinton base is well narrow, secure one, more
10:56 am
money on tv. stronger field operation than donald trump. only thing he leads her in is buying hats. >> are you discounting two things, number one the intensity level, enthusiasm level which i don't think is measured in the polls. and number two, the shaming trump point where if you asked who are you going to vote for people unwilling to say trump because he's frowned upon those two factors discounting that? >> not discounting unlike pundits much closer election 2-4 points. but i think because of the elect dlpt oral college she will win but a close election. >> 2-4 points? >> maybe closer to 2-3. >> your argument that trump will lose. your argument is based primarily on elect rile college votes and how they're districting. >> and demographic of polls
10:57 am
break down and another way donald not enough white without education for donald trump to win without expanding his constituency particularly with minorities. or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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11:00 am
(man on radio) ...40! no flags on the play! (cheering) (announcer vo) or you can chest bump. yo commute, we got serious game. siriusxm. road happy. tree into stuart: here's a sampling of hillary clinton on policy and issues. tuesday i feel by mccain is break silence no mention of a massive premium site. her campaign rolled out the public option and medicare buy-in solution. go to the website for details please. our jobs come or says she will create good jobs that pay good wages with equal pay for women. how exactly? what's the policy? if we haven't managed to do this with figures of about how will hillary do a bit part upon the term? same story with the national
11:01 am
debt. i want at a penny to which she says. precisely how do you pay for free college, child care and infrastructures ending without adding to the debt. hillary stays vague on that, too. she is specific on immigration. open borders and a big jump in muslim migrants. if you disagree, you're a bigot. that's her campaign. attack your opponent's character, stay vague on policy, avoid talking about your vision for america. never, ever answer questions come especially bad e-mails, links in t fouation slush fund and just hang on hoping trump will beat himself. it's worked so far. the third hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. stuart: hillary clinton, donald
11:02 am
trump is holding events this hour. trump will be in d.c. is in washington for a ribbon cutting ceremony of this new hotel in d.c. this is not a campaign event. it is a corporate event. hillary on the other hand will be holding a rally in lake worth, florida where trump has been campaigning for the past few days. charles heard is that the spirit "washington times" political editor. i want to get this off my chest for a second. trump is holding a corporate event opening up his new hotel in washington d.c. do you think that's appropriate 13 days to a presidential election? >> i don't know if it is appropriate. i don't think it's the best use of his time right now. i kind of wish you were in florida or ohio oregon pennsylvania doing campaign events. you know, this guy doesn't do anything the way the rulebook says.
11:03 am
stuart: that is the statement of absolute truth and fact. he doesn't do anything the way everybody else does it. charles, i went to get back to my editorial at the top of the hour. hillary gives out a lot of platitudes on policy. relentlessly attacks trump and essentially is very vague when it comes to saying exactly how she's going to do what she wants to do. you know what, it is working, isn't it? >> it is working because she is the entire political establishment and part of the republican establishment behind her. if you ever want to blow the mind of the never trump or his companies simply point out the fact that if you look at donald trump's campaign for all of the unusual aspects of it, it's all about policies. it's actually about issues. people are attracted to him because of his stance on fighting iss, has stance on the economy, his stance on illegal immigration. these are issues attracting people to donald trump. there are no issues lifting
11:04 am
hillary clinton into this position. they were voting for her because she's so great at fighting iss because obama carries working out so well. nobody is coming to her side. all she has behind her is the political apparatus. apparentlapparentl y who knows how it's going to work out next week, but it looks like maybe that might be enough. that's a sad thing for america. stuart: donald trump draws thousands to his rallies. many more than racing to hillary's rallies. here are the latest polls from florida. real clear politics or the average of major polls as the race in a statistical tie. senior bloomberg poll from florida has trump leading hillary clinton by two points within the statistical margin of error 45-43. even in politics a long time. is the csm cap to live affect did and measured in the polls?
11:05 am
>> well, i'm not sure just because like i said hillary clinton does have this huge democratic apparatus and half of the republican apparatus working behind her. it's sort of hard to say. honestly, have you ever talk to a single hillary clinton voter who's actually enthusiastic about voting for her? they are all negative reasons. she's not donald trump or whatever. one thing i would keep in mind is this day in 1988 gallup had jimmy carter up by eight points. donald trump is behind the new scout work to do. the big difference between 1980 and today is early voting. trump has a lot of work to do. but it's not over. these polls are going in a positive direction for him. whether he can pull it out i don't know, but it's not over.
11:06 am
stuart: we been accused at grasping at straws until you came up with that gallup poll from the same time two weeks before the election in 1980. that is not grasping at straws. well done, young man. i'm glad you're on the show. thanks very much. i've got to go. thank you indeed. >> the near-term cbs poll had break and disapproval ratings basically 38% of the country. stuart: right before the election. liz: only 38% approval. stuart: nice touch there. let's go back to the big board because we turn things around. oil is right now at $50 per barrel. i will take that. 50 bucks a barrel in the dow industrial is now up 50 points being without the lock-in between oil and stocks. the ashley webster ratio. apple first annual decline in revenue and profit since 2001. the stock is down 2% $115 per
11:07 am
share. chaplain investment, wouldn't touch it with a 10-foot pole. earnings, always about earnings. earnings growth comes from outside the u.s. not a lot of nominal growth in the u.s. pre-bubble market plan is how can we expand outside this country and you have basically earnings moving towards much, much slower at this point. in the united states sales focus internationally. >> is there a greater problem with apple that is not innovating anymore? the iphone is a brilliant product. but what else have they got for the future? >> apple's iphone is the gateway to their apps. they make 30% of revenue made from 30% of the revenue come back to apple. if you have an app, apple will take 30% if they buy on their
11:08 am
apps store. that is what they want. they want to push everybody through that apple phone. it has worked but there's nothing new. they might have a longer battery but that's not going to change people. >> you are not buying apple at that price. >> at what your opinion on the election as a release to the stock market. let's suppose trump wins. trump's people say look at a nice stock market. would you say to that? >> what happens in the short-term nobody knows. hillary clinton's policies if implemented we will have again more of the same for the next four years and we will see things go negative. some people think we've negative gdp right now. trump's policies will take it for a year and a half. deficit will grow but the policies implemented for the progrowth and we will see the stock market inevitably rise. stuart: best outcome as far as the market is concerned is a split decision.
11:09 am
the republicans keep congress. that's what those people think would be a good result for the market. >> i can't stomach seeing hillary clinton as president. i just can't do it. stuart: that's your opinion. welcome back to thanks to being with us. two more big names that we are watching for you. chipotle a big name these is still not recovered from the e. time ago now down 8%. that is $32 down. the other hand to merit another restaurant operation of 1% today. two dollars higher, 196 is the price. some good news to bring you on a story we brought you about defense secretary ash carter. he announced the pentagon will suspend all efforts to collect those bonuses that from the troops they gave out about 10 years ago. as many as two dozen california national guard soldiers were asked to give back those bonuses.
11:10 am
ash carter says hold on, we anchor to do that. ashley: i would like to say finish suspended. stuart: i wonder if they'll post it again after the election. that's just being silly and i won't go there even though he did. rapper jay z and admitted former drug dealer who raps about violence and misogyny, hatred of women will they concert to support hillary. we will deal up at this hour. first, here's hillary blasting donald trump for inciting violence. go. >> and now his casual inciting of violence sometimes when now we see as the ugliness of these protests come at the mean-spiritedness, when we see people running to be president of the united states who are bitterly inciting a good tree and violent.
11:11 am
11:12 am
11:13 am
11:14 am
stuart: happy birthday to batman, the host i watch every night. do you know how old he is? he is 70 years old today. stuart: you stay up until 7:30? stuart: moving swiftly along. it's good for the brain. the declining number of clues. wait a minute. on a completely unrelated now. five states are going to vote on whether or not to legalize recreational read on november the eighth. there is eighth. there's the states on your screen. california is the big one. the coup is here to address this issue. the man from california himself, larry elder gives him radio nationally syndicated host. looks to me like california says yes to recreational marijuana
11:15 am
and that is a game changer. >> i think so. california is the largest state. the economy for a separate country would be sixth-largest in the world. it is a game changer and you are right. all these aging hippies are in positions of power in the state legislature or state assembly and the voters are as well. this is probably going to pass. stuart: aging hippies. take it or not that you do not want the legalization of recreational weed. is that your position, larry elder? >> now come it isn't. i'm a libertarian. he bought the right to abuse their bodies if they want to as long as they don't hurt anybody else. there's also is a downside to the war on drugs. my first book with the 10 things you can't say in america in one chapter had to do with the war on drugs and i think we are losing it.
11:16 am
stuart: at risk of alienating supporters in your audience, which you extend legalization of weed to all drugs as many libertarians want? >> i would. obviously i would prohibit the sale to minors and it would be concerned about using drugs while you're driving vehicles in the inability of some tests to determine whether you are high on some sort of drug. but yes i would. when you look at the crime associated with drug abuse that people robbing and maiming and stealing to support a drug habit which should be a lot cheaper for it to be done by philip morris as opposed to the cartel, all things considered corruption in our judicial system, use of informants, distress of blacks because of a disproportionate number are busted. all those things that took all of the war on drugs and treated as a health problem as opposed to a criminal justice problem. a guy from california. >> stuart, after the sins of my
11:17 am
youth, either the lord has forgiven me or the statute of limitations has run out. stuart: good one. i'm going to ask you about jc. days before the election held in cleveland. free cards there. hillary being supported by a former drug dealer and misogynist. >> #hypocrisy. you heard hillary rally against donald trump for the billy bush acts as hollywood tape. you heard michelle talk about the tape, obama talk about the tape. have you heard or read any of jc's lyrics? i'm not sure it's on your playlist but the b. word for women, each word for women, t. word for. as many things as you want to say about donald trump, i don't think anyone has accused him of being a crack dealer as was the case with jc. a lot of hypocrisy here. stuart: let me assure you and all of your viewers whatever you did in your youth did not delete
11:18 am
your brain. larry elder, you are all right. we'll see you soon. >> my pleasure. two big names talking stocks here. pandora, if you're active listeners down 7%. the radio streaming service. garman doing well, selling a lot of their fitness trackers. they are doing well with that and the stock is up 4%. 13 days to the election. trump and hillary are both campaigned heavily bare as the early voting has started. hillary still in florida. we will take you to west palm beach next. but first, here is trump and orlando. >> in 14 days we are going to win the state of florida. we are going to win back the white house. we are going to win florida.
11:19 am
and by the way, the lines at the voting booths are record.
11:20 am
11:21 am
i served under president bush and obama. i fought the taliban. i was asked to form a global coalition to counter isil. when someone makes the comment that they know more about the islamic state or isil than do the generals, it implies a complete ignorance of the reality. but i believe secretary clinton really understands the threat that the islamic state poses to the united states and to the american people. and i believe she understands how to wield american power to ultimately defeat this threat and to keep us safe. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
11:22 am
>> there is no question trump wins florida and here is why.
11:23 am
we are seeing people coming out and voting in droves. and counties like collier county which is a republican stronghold from the 7600 people came out yesterday on the first day of early voting a record. stuart: spelled it out. that was clear. chair of the republican party in florida on the program yesterday. flat out trump wins florida. adam shapiro is with us now. he is in west palm florida. hillary is about to hold a rally right where he is. other people they're talking about about obama carried today? >> only if you challenge them. waiting to hear from hillary clinton has not yet arrived at th rally. when i've asked different people at different rallies and other trump supporters are clinton supporters about obama carried from the usually get an answer. i challenge to people at the clayton riley about obamacare. one is a student voting for john but he told me he wants to hear from hillary clinton in a second. the other is a woman who vehemently supports hillary
11:24 am
clinton despite the fact she doesn't think obamacare works. listen to what she told me. >> i feel something needs to be done only going to go back to having people in the waiting room dying. something needs to be done. to do that we have to work together. republicans and immigrants have to work together and somehow that's not happening. i don't agree with most of it. there's no lots of opinion. i want to show you again the crowd. when you compare this crowd to what we saw at the trump rally, especially stanford yesterday. 15,000 people in this gymnasium say maybe top 2000. there's a different level of excitement as well. the trump supporters absolutely believe that they are part of an historic movement. when i speak to the clinton supporters they don't use that movement. they might make history if we elect the first female president but the trump supporters feel
11:25 am
they are part of something historic and they use them. track your i see if hillary does the obamacare story and not today. thank you good we will be back to you later. two big-name trump economic advisers defending trump's growth plan. they say the so-called independent critics are in the tank for hillary. one of those trump advisors is here next. you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good...
11:26 am
(announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy. the chief of police say here is (announcer vo) you can sit in traffic.
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or you can crack up. (man on radio) but if it isn't refreshing... (announcer vo) sorry traffic, we laugh 'til it hurts. siriusxm. road happy. stuart: there's an article in the "washington post" all about those washington think tank. apparently those think tanks believe that trump gets the presidency our national debt will go through the roof. one of the people quoted in the article is peter navarro, a trump guy and he is here to dismiss the whole notion i'm sure that a trump plan would add to the deficit, dismiss it. >> think tanks only look at tax
11:30 am
cuts. you get reductions. what they should be looking at is the positive revenues to get firm growth, from cutting regulation and making our energy go. >> to get growth in the road and more revenue into the treasury. >> it's like going to get a physical to a podiatrist. only look at one thing. stuart: whether these think tanks doing staffing accounting. that's all they say. >> i've got one called the darth vader of globalism. every study they have done on trade deals is said to trade deals would be good for america and create millions of jobs. every time they been wrong but they keep getting more studies done and say we've got to do the tpp. what is going on here? big money that ships their jobs overseas pays these think tanks
11:31 am
to do discovery research. it goes out and newspaper journalist has to put the headline. trump then it's going to do this. it's a shame you >> you don't believe trump's plan will add significantly to the deficit over the long haul? >> i know for a fact you will not. will not. vote for ross and i did the definitive study. tax cuts take revenue down the growth will go up based on energy reform, tax reform, trade reform and we will see $2.4 trillion for an upgrade that balances out revenue natural. 25 million jobs, 4% growth. in 25,000 on the dow. the 21st century of reboot over again. stuart: what you make of the report that donald trump is no longer going to do a fundraiser with the rnc. is that accurate and is there really that kind of split?
11:32 am
>> i got this right from the mouth of student achievers morning. he said we were doing a bunch of fund raisers at big donors. they were really excited because they see victory in sight and enough clinton get in there it is going to be no growth, that stock market. that is nonsense. what we have is the candidate out on the stump getting out and seeing as many people with the big crowds but when there's time, what's hillary doing? she's going to these fundraisers , collecting money from the people in our jobs overseas. >> it is interpreted as a split. >> don't believe a word you say. you heard it here first. stuart: there's a report from a reporter on yahoo! who says that we should all brace ourselves for extra taxes on the rich if hillary clinton is the president
11:33 am
of the united states. but who's the rich? >> love, it is taxes on businesses because she's going to raise taxes by 270 billion on businesses to find the failed infrastructure. stuart: which taxes on business go up? >> .the point. she will come in and say we'll put additional taxes. could be arrested the corporate tax rate that she has promised 250 -- 275 billion more in taxes if that's not going to stimulate growth. and she's going to raise taxes on individuals as well. >> she did promise that nobody who wants last than 250,000 a year will pay an extra dime in taxes. >> everybody am not end of the income distribution will not have a job in their wages will go up like they have not happened 15 years because clinton obama equals slow growth, no growth. trump equals growth.
11:34 am
stuart: you are really fired up. >> to show fires me up. >> good luck. donald trump held a roundtable with the cuban-american leadership yesterday. look carefully right next to donald trump is the next guest aj doug otto. she was there. i think you are connected. >> i helped organize it. stuart: can you say the cuban-american people in florida are firmly, universally in favor of donald trump. >> not universally. by a majority absolutely and they have been since months ago. ever since mr. trump has been having event, the numbers are going up even higher. yesterday was a great example. these landowners. ordinary cuban americans like me, activists. one couple who lost their son when the brothers of the rescue plane was shot down by the castro regime and they spoke about their ex areas.
11:35 am
transient acute than community used to be monolithic republican. the opening. >> that's incorrect. no one else who are not in favor. they are looking for a more robust policy if you will when it comes to dealing with the castro regime. that's not true. we are in favor of mr. trump's policy which is quite sensible. we can talk but it has to be the right kind of talk under the right circumstances with a grant from basic freedoms that they have to give us something in return. stuart: now what about the other report that george soros is organizing are trained to stimulate the registration of porter weekends who are moving in large numbers to central florida, orlando in particular and puerto rico has a history of voting heavily democratic. what he said about? >> right, but they also have a
11:36 am
history of corruption. we are seeing puerto rico's current implosion happening through the corruption that left the policies in place. donald trump's message of less regulation, less corruption, more transparency can appeal to the afro court order. >> you think you can break them out? >> not sure how much are talking about. they do tend to vote heavily democratic. i'm not sure how much we can say that i think they really pay attention to the message and think about the island they will see some movement there. stuart: risk of the bloomberg poll out this morning. it shows donald trump with a two-point lead. 45-43. that is in florida. a statistical dead heat. several caribbean republicans on the show saying there is no question about it. trump wins florida. he went 10 down. >> the third, fourth, fifth, pomade .. can't. he's going to take the cuban
11:37 am
vote. i'm certainly voting for him and rooting for him. stuart: florida has always been on the edge, very evenly divided state. >> in terms of supporting trump as prices rise so i think trump's message of immigration and curbing illegal immigration has held drive numbers in florida. stuart: trump speech in north carolina this afternoon will be about urban renewal. would you say to that? >> in addition to his excellent speech on trade deals and how they've cost north carolina half of their manufacturing jobs. his message is really resonating. stuart: you are gung ho. >> always have been. he's a great man to stand behind. stuart: good stuff. we were running the video yesterday. we saw you there.
11:38 am
there she is organizing. stuart: people will do anything to get on television. >> what an honor and everybody president. stuart: does he have precedence? >> very linked to mask. there's a discerning presidential aura. stuart: aj doug otto on how fortran. we are not up about 50 points as oil recovered, so too did stocks. just a fraction at 49. it's going to deliver more planes next year. 3% up on boeing. donald trump star on the hollywood walk of fame destroyed early this morning. a construction worker used a sledgehammer and a pickax, smashed it to pieces. it's gone.
11:39 am
we have to get back to the health insurance. obamacare continues to unravel. the state of arizona will experience the greatest of over 100%. next-line here's what trump had to say about it all. stuart: even bill clinton admitted obama carries the craziest thing in the world where people wind up with their premiums double it and their coverage cut in half and he was forced to take it back following day because that night he suffered greatly. like sue suggested. thanks for doing this, dad. so i thought it might be time to talk about a financial strategy. (laughing) you mean pay him back? knowing your future is about more than just you. so let's start talking about your long-term goals... multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors. it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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>> i'm nicole petallides with their fox business brief. the dow is down over 100 points and right now it is up 48 points at 18,000 to 17. the s&p 500 gaining slightly. we did have stocks down overall. bowling, nike, ibm without arrows boosting the delivery of workouts. seen apple lower. many analysts as the iphone demand for the holidays will be quite good. airlines have fallen on earnings in particular from southwest airlines and the technical outage for their flight. 11% to the downside. you can see the whole group is lower. oil 3950. had to trim its profit forecast. air bmv competition.
11:42 am
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>> even bill clinton admitted obama carries the craziest thing in the world, where people wind up with their premiums double and their coverage cut in half. and then he was forced to take it back the following day because that night he suffered greatly. he suffers because hillary
11:44 am
clinton wants to double up and triple up in obamacare. the numbers will go through the roof. your taxes will double and triple and in the end it's not affordable. you can't do it. stuart: and florida, he really hammered obamacare. premiums way out. limited choice. he was hammering obamacare. meanwhile, hillary clinton asked about a fix for the imploding obamacare on a radio interview she gave a very vigorous bonds. watch this. >> we are going to really tackle that. we are going to get co-pays and premiums .-center-dot bulls down. we are going to tackle prescription drug costs and we can do that without ripping away the insurance people now have. stuart: -- ashley: really? i'd like to know how you do that. this is arizona ,-com,-com ma a state in play in this election. the premiums will go up 116%.
11:45 am
that is a more than doubling of monthly payments are people on exchanges in arizona. fred barnes from the weekly standard is that the now. isn't this the issue that trump has been dying for, longing for, that opens up this election campaign? >> no, you're absolutely right. it has been sitting out there. whenever republicans used it and they used it sparingly, to use it in 2010 after obamacare was passed. in 2012, romney had his own romney care plan and map meant obamacare couldn't be used by republicans. it's always been out there. the price hikes have given an entrée she republicans for what people hate most about obamacare is it's coercing. have had somet includes all these things they don't want stuart: i have to believe the demise of obamacare and these
11:46 am
premium hikes is a factor in this election. we had news and florida premiums will go up more than insurance companies requested. as nietzsche showed everybody, arizona premiums go up 100%. that's a doubling. it has to be an issue in this election. >> it has to be in a not to be the finishing kick of the trump campaign. stuart, you may know why trump is going to speak about urban renewal this afternoon, but i don't. why in the world as they talk about obamacare today, tomorrow, this afternoon because it's an issupeople care about. they don't like it, they don't want to be forced to buy insurance you don't need. why shouldn't trump say if i'm elected i will allow you to buy the insurance you bought, that you need and that will mean the young people now who pay these huge premiums with gigantic deductible is basically uninsured. the insurance doesn't help at
11:47 am
all. they have to pay for it. stuart:.true. i wonder if there's time to catch up given this obamacare issue presented. one more quick question here. you say the nevada senate race is the most crucial. explain it. >> that's why my republicans would pick up a seat. that is terry reid c., democratic seats and republicans have a very good candidate. if you take away democratic seat, democrats would have to pick up what i see in order to take over the senate. it's possible, but i think what joe haiku is a dog or, very likable guy, if he wins that see, he's the republican candidate, republicans have a better than 50/50 chance of holding the senate. stuart: if i said this to you, that the presidential election
11:48 am
is not over, and the grasping at straws? >> well, you are. i agree with you. obama -- rather trump has a 15% chance, 20% chance and he is when you look at things like the real clear politics average used in chennai. i think he is below 5% and he was up at seven. stuart: i'm grasping at straws and i'm quite happy to do it. fred barnes, we will see you soon, okay? >> good to talk to you. aetna ceo as an explanation for the failure of obamacare. wait for it. he says young people choose gas and era over health insurance. ashley: as rates rise, healthier people call up because the out-of-pocket costs are not worth it. he said young people can do the math. gas for the car, then health
11:49 am
insurance. the unusual refreshing candor acknowledging the market forces the obama administration in word. stuart: what choice would you have made? liz: i would've chose beer and gas for sure. ashley: was there any doubt? stuart: novice, the wikileaks bombshell keep on coming. the latest reveals president obama knew about the private server even though he said he didn't. we will deal with it all. tonight 6:00 eastern time, fox news will release new national polls. very important. more "varney" in a moment. looking for a medicare prescription drug plan
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call unitedhealthcare today to learn more about your prescription drug options and find the plan that's right for you. ♪ stuart: here is how rough it gets inside campaigns. i guess this is political gossip interesting nonetheless. stuart: it is gone for. this is all about the clinton campaign debating how can we get built of lazio, the mayor of new york center is for hillary over bernie. here's a little excerpt here. wow, what a terrorist. why can't we get them on board? jennifer the communications director said told you. whom i began weighs in, can we talk about calling him perhaps and i talked to him earlier today.
11:54 am
really he wants to terrorize. terrorist was the key word for holding out on endorsing hillary clinton. stuart: wait until he sees that. the latest bombshell releases from wikileaks show president obama did know about hillary clinton's private server, even though he said he did not know about it. e-mail from clinton and cheryl mills to john podesta. we need to clean us out. he has e-mails from her. they do not pay okay, got it. listen to what the president said in an interview that same day the e-mail was sent. roll it. >> when did you first learn hillary clinton used an e-mail system outside the u.s. government for official business while she was secretary of state? >> at the same time everybody else learned through news
11:55 am
reports. stuart: that was not true. further e-mail breaks revealed that the president did indeed e-mail hillary's private server. ladies and gentlemen, does that not such a good president of the united states to have his e-mail hackery of the private server. ashley: absolutely. what is interesting is the moment he offer that on television we can tell the e-mails going back and forth thing has just made this statement. we know he's been going back and forth with hillary clinton on an e-mail that did not have, and other words was not secured and palpable as well. ashley: you can have just about everything. liz: her e-mail is clinton but at that time, watch this. this is 2014. state department been hacked, white house been hacked.
11:56 am
the office of personnel management was hacked. even the post office getting hacked. for the president to be sitting in the white house seen these going on and can tune into e-mail the clinton ashley: boldface line on television. >> is quite possible the russians were reading and real-time communications between the aids, podesta and hillary clinton and the president of the united states. stuart: the democratic national committee was hacked through the clinton foundation attack. put it altogether. stuart: we are assuming that could have possibly been hacked. that's a direct possibility in this election. liz: so dangerous. stuart: we will have more "varney" for you after this. we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
11:57 am
11:58 am
(announcer vo) you can go straight home. (howard stern on radio) welcome to show business. (announcer vo) or you can hear the rest of howard. bababooey! (announcer vo) sorry, confused neighbors, howard's on. siriusxm. road happy.
11:59 am
measure in the polls he has been at 60%. hillary has been less than that. it's about to turn out at the polls. that's what matters here in order to get the base going. there are some people in this election year will not admit
12:00 pm
that they're going to vote for donald trump. we will find out on election day. left hand side was our cameras showing the bigger picture. out of time neil it's yours. we are looking at the same events. including this one you may have heard a couple times. a number that is surprising some. making a battle of it there in the sunshine state. the average polls tend to show that this is anyone's race here. we will get another pole in an hour. and then the facts polls tonight.


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