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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  October 26, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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that they're going to vote for donald trump. we will find out on election day. left hand side was our cameras showing the bigger picture. out of time neil it's yours. we are looking at the same events. including this one you may have heard a couple times. a number that is surprising some. making a battle of it there in the sunshine state. the average polls tend to show that this is anyone's race here. we will get another pole in an hour. and then the facts polls tonight.
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i've been working hard since coming back. but i could actually start reading these puppies any second. my producer is screaming in my ear right now i'm missing it could happen. and no one would come hard down on me they all feel sorry for me jan brewer. governor, your state was interesting when it was noticing the high number of undecideds at about 20% the last we chatted. i think your argument then might be the same now they can't all be undecided. that would fly in the face of simple logic this late in the game. how many of those are secret trumpet supporters do you think. i think there's probably a good majority of them.
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they will all come home on election day. i think we will keep arizona read and we will hold the battleground. it is a tight race. currently donald is doing great. i think we will have a great victory. i found it hard to believe. gosh if you weren't right. when they were questioning he said no quite the opposite. they were about 65 percent. but 30% that's about 30% more than they thought they would get in the community. they want the same thing. they want to have a security and jobs and the economy.
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and they don't want to pay high taxes. and they want the same thing. they love america too. they are citizens. they have the right to vote and they will cast it just like each and every one of us. are you troubled by this move and i'm going to get into it more throughout the show where donald trump is saying these fundraisers enough already. we had two weeks to go to close the deal here. that's kind of the last thing i can be occupied my time with. what do you think of that something was a snob snub for us now. however the selection goes it will be at shell between donald trump and the republicans in their power establishment. what are your thoughts.
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i believe the most important thing that any candidate can do is get in on speaking to the people. talking to them and talking talk about the things they're concerned about. and reach out to them. fundraising is a little bit bygones by now. i know hillary is still out there. but donald is a candidate for the people and i think that's why he is resonating so much. he has a schedule that's there. and how he still has the pep in his step. in the public appreciates that. he's not hiding is not running he's out there talking day in and day out to the people telling him what the policies will be and how it will change america and make it great again. i'm very encouraged and i think election i again america will be much better for it. we don't know. thirteen days we well. always a pleasure.
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typically i guess it is supposed to help the party as a whole in this case try to hang onto the senate. sometimes it can get in the way of a nominee who is in the fight of his life just to do well. it is depending on this. it's a very big story especially for the down ballot races. or it's no big deal if you believe the trump campaign. they have the joint fundraisers and trumpet will be headlining them anymore. the key players in all of this the trump finance share. he talked about trump victory. he said they held their last big fundraiser a week ago today the day of the debate
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and there won't be any more. anymore. the other big player would be rants previous. if you don't have a trump his trump --dash make himself doing it. it turns off one of the made spigots. they were able to collect about $40 million is a lot of money. and it speaks to the senate. something we talked about on the show yesterday. in the senate the democrats they would need to pick up four seats. he could still take control about taking those in the senate. a lot of them need to raise money. currently about 47 and then you have the six tossup states. there is money needed no doubt about it.
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i just heard from the trump campaign on this story. were getting a little bit of pushback on the washington post story. they say it's not slowing down. all of fundraising large and small including our victory efforts will continue. >> great stuff. when the party nominee isn't going to the party? >> the other side is doing the same thing they will be focused on the last 15 days of this thing analytical events
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on political events and getting out there and campaigning. tonight doing a fundraiser tomorrow night they never did that much. i'm wondering if he doesn't like him. is this a reflection of what has been a hands-off between the party itself and donald trump. now they're not as out in the open about it. neither one want to wants to do much for another. and i don't think mister trump likes these fundraisers. he doesn't like being in the position he likes thinking people but he doesn't like asking them for the money and so that was a bone of contention for all of us working with them. and i have the he have the same kind of conundrum. governor romney was like that also.
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he is a formidable guy because he comes across with the personality but he digs his hand right into the pocket viciously. he makes it easier for us on the fund raising site does he literally sound more like ronald reagan every day. one time you taught me this. it is to listen and to do less talking. governor penn's is great at that on television. i thought he was great on megan kelly's show also. >> let me just get your sense of things. you don't need any media training i got that on my
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italian dinner table on sunday. here's the thing. you guys talk about it. it wouldn't hurt you to just challenge the conventional wisdom. it's not that simple. i always think you have a ways to go here. some of those are tightening. it's not a huge lead. what do you think of that and the consensus that seems to build in this case with 13 days to go. >> the data we had is there's millions upon millions of people registered to vote that did not vote in 2012 or 2008. there is one and a half million for example uneducated
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in pennsylvania. polls are expecting them not to turn out again. that may be the case. when i drive around those areas there is a placard in every lawn. maybe their neck and a turnout at our our last fundraiser in vegas mister trump said they were waiting in line eight hours in the pouring rain to see one of our rallies it's kind of hard to believe that their neck and show up on election day. you play to the last second whatever metaphor you want to use. we will all know the answer on november 9. i hope the country can come together because we have a lot of problems that we have to fix whatever side you sit on if to fix these problems for the american people. >> on the signs that you're looking at.
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are they hard to see from the back of the limo. i have this elevation thing. i'm able to see over the window. i know you are surprised by that. >> it's pretty good investment. whatever everyone is telling you. the consensus is wrong. but it doesn't mean anything. most of the time it is wrong. apple right now and the consensus is that it is disappointed but the consensus got it wrong saying that it would be off to the races about six months ago. apple tips its hand on something about the holiday season. did anyone hear that. they're coming back later this hour to let us know about it after this.
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neil: the one i want to take you to washington dc right now. it's a stunning structure. it's literally right in between the white house and the u.s. capitol. why is he doing this. in the middle of this race. this is where he got his jobs. getting them done. under budget in early. and that's one of the things he's going to be pitching in there. also watching these latest of elements of the pentagon.
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after a lot of folks came and said what are you doing. the pentagon suspends that effort. a lot goes back to what the president knew and when he knew it. they would get e-mails on that stuff. to read alert politics where all of this is going. even giving the president the benefit of the doubt that he didn't know. you don't know the source of the information but he knew enough to know this has been communicated to him. and a lot of people are calling donald trump first and
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foremost to investigate this. >> here is what everyone is missing. in september. the fbi document shows that there are numerous e-mails between hillary clinton and president obama and president obama used a pseudonym to communicate with her specifically with her. they were communicating with hillary clinton. twenty-two e-mails that the white house refused to release to think that they probably had that. you think the president lied. certainly that president seem to be line. that's the whole point. they have a reason to investigate this.
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he knowingly communicated that. and that would be a huge problem for the president if they were to investigate that. there is only a couple months left of his presidency. it does illustrate to the point inside of the clinton campaign. he just said something on 60 minutes. we've got to do something. so clearly they were concerned about keeping consistent on a story the chief clinton aide asked the fbi how would these e-mails and not be classified. as a literal quote from her and her discussions for the fbi. how would these e-mails were these e-mails not classified. so clearly pretty sensitive stuff being talked about.
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it's pretty darn fishy. they do have some explaining to do. great seeing you again ron. they actually had to do a study on this as if but the study goes something like this is more hostile when it comes to donald trump.
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>> 91% of the media coverage on donald trump has been hostile since the convention. 91 percent. and who got that statistic together just watching all of the coverage collating it averaging out going to all the
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net works talk about a brave assignment to the media research center. on whether this is hurting donald trump. it's fascinating. not shocking but normally the more conservative candidate given the bias it's out there. they will get rough coverage by comparison. i think that's safe to say. but this is really off the charts. what did you make of this. this is probably the most lopsided election i remember seen seeing in terms of media coverage. and what's interesting is donald trump hillary clinton is a front runner. she gets 40% less airtime than she does. her controversies get about 50% less attention.
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there is so much less of it. you would've heard in these networks over the last 12 weeks than about her. have it all up. she is out of the line of fire. and the networks are spending all of their time going after trump. which at about this before. by all means have at it. to not even get in the same ballpark. it is a little weird. but no concern about this.
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but a rush to get out with donald trump and its tax returns. even though how that was vetted out it's a pretty clear double standard. >> it's more than clear. probably the two most important controversies in the cycle have been hillary clinton's handling of classified information in the allegations where they have a special access to the state department. and those up since july 29 you head about 62 minutes of coverage. it has been hundred and two minutes. this is a way that my colleague explained the interests. you here on tape. it's just easier to do. now when i tried to explain to this person that paid a play is also an easy concept to
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grasp and share with your readers it just goes out. what you make of that. i think the trump story is definitely a story that deserves coverage. back in the days that was a very intricate story of international money flowing all around the globe. and the networks made it work. they made sure that people were up to speed on all of the transactions that were going on there. they prefer to sort of put that in the back burner and spent time doing basically the agenda that the clinton people would have wanted to discuss during the fall campaign. not the liberal policies of hillary clinton and barack obama versus trump's policies. but about his personal qualifications. that is a clinton campaign agenda. it's also the network news agenda this fall. we neil: just trying to balance it all at.
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they are not in the same ballpark. i think you thank you very much. good to see you again. >> on the healthcare snafu. in on the obama care problems that are cropping up. the vast majority purchasing insurance benefits from tax credits that make it more affordable. what he's saying is they will all pay for the 25% average hike that they will have that offset by tax credits that you pay for and i pay for. there is no way to pay for it. they added toward deficit. if you tt's worthy enough to add toward debt. that is the argument here. are there to pay more. but the credits will offset it in the credits will drive it deeper and the red and you will pay for that privilege.
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i don't know if that is the most palatable response. in the meantime what to make of apples numbers. they came after the bell. a lot of people said disappointing. they lost sight of something in the same numbers. apple is so excited about the christmas shopping season. let's ask the former ceo. john scully is here. we ship everything you atcan imagine.n, and everything we ship has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe,'s handled by od employees who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises.
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od. helping the world keep promises.
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neil: take a look at apple stock. still sliding way. since going back to 2001 also slipped on earnings. people are concerned that maybe apple could be earning it here. even with an upbeat forecast. john, as you look through this in a sense of what's going on you see here a lot of the same kind of headlines. it just isn't coming up with flashy new products. any company that can sell 45 million phones its high expectations that are now not been realized. what now. i don't have any inside information.
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i can't help having several decades of perspective and i know that the basic foundation that he built in itself beautiful product experiences is still there. in the apple iphone drives the company there's no indication that it's not going to continue to be a great success going forward. we get distracted by a lot of things going on any particular moment the reality is the iphone is alive and well and has a great leader at apple. it was worth a lot more. now we had reports this past week that apple is looking at time warner they could still
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look at time warner. we are at one of these important moments in similar technology. a lot of key things are going to be reinvented. other very successful companies had already made their pivoting moves. you see companies like google with youtube and they are now starting to produce their own content. in media. you see that the high-tech companies like facebook and snapchat state working to build the next generation television networks and working to make it mobile. the big question is what is
12:36 pm
apple going to do. i believe apple should focus in on the fact that the iphone is the best mobile media experience in the world and they ought to move in my opinion into owning their own media -- media producing company. whether they do that by acquisition where they had $248 billion to invest that makes total sense to me that apple needs to look at that. i think it's a much bigger play than an apple watch at that point what kind of company are they. they get there. i don't know. think about it this way. it's at a very low they traded treated multiples many times higher.
12:37 pm
i think it would be just fine if apple said look, we don't have to always be about cool technology they are coming along. and messaging is already huge. you see facebook pivoting towards messaging. following what the chat has done. do they play at the high-tech game or can they leverage this great consumer franchise for people that love it. i would bet that the media would be a very smart move from apple to move their own content. even look at building their own global television network. it doesn't have to be cable anymore. it could be television over mobile devices. it owns the iphone as great platforms for them to do that. they also have the cash available. if they wanted to buy snapshot.
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i'm optimistic they could do a lot of good things. no vested agenda there comes up. one of them is can be president of the united states. ronald reagan was about that age. every time they appear in public.
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beside just mental and functioning i look at the current medical situation. what is her past medical history. what is their family history. they both had certain medical problems. demanding jobs in this country. the degree to which they ran then menstruation afterwards. it's unknown. that is famous. years later. most people didn't even have it. that kind of stuff.
12:45 pm
that's what we know they did try to high it. if you're someone who has terminal cancer and just head that. that's very serious before we make that decision the very demanding stressful really job. you want to be in your top physical position we didn't discover that for many years.
12:46 pm
the longer man let's it's just one of those things. determining how your body will react as a diet like. is there sleep habits like. >> exactly what is the problem with junk food. i can't say you never want to have a cheeseburger. they are overweight the other one has high blood pressure taking medication for it. those are concerns for me you
12:47 pm
can't say you've a medical illness. we just need to take that into consideration. we want our president to be in tip top shape. and having an impact on people around the world. it could just be the rush of the campaign a minimum wage hike is inevitable. everyone in that fast food industry will be just fine. thank you very much. with the guy behind the restaurant. with a slightly different view
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you can even enroll right over the phone. don't wait. call unitedhealthcare or go online now. ♪ >> dublin is another. i think it's a broader challenge. and had to work as members of our community help address this overtime doing it rapidly can be very disruptive but over time i'm not sure head something we can easily ignore. >> that was the sonic ceo said he can live with a lot of the changes that are going on here. of course of the doubling of the minimum wage is more than just a little adjustment.
12:52 pm
he talked about those pay examples out west. something tells me that the guy behind him may have a different view of these things. andy, what he was saying is everybody realizes as i can be the end of the world that he may have to and some franchise in some franchise they've had to raise prices a little bit to adjust for some of this but it's not really that big of deal what do you say? >> first of all cliff is a good guy. he sincerely believed everything he said. but like our company his company is very highly franchise that he can't tell his franchisees what to pay their boys or what to charge for food. it violates the antitrust law. to remain profitable.
12:53 pm
you don't have a lot of flexibility. restaurants have taken prices up but so far this year traffic and quick service restaurants is down about 3% nationally they were under pressure but they slipped a little bit. we head about eight to ten ceos who have been replaced and that doesn't even cost -- count those guys. and we i went eight to ten bankruptcies so far this year because of the transactions are down business is down and the reason they are down is because of minimum wage because of minimum hours because of family leave an obama care restaurants had had to keep their pricing up even though food costs have come down. the grocery stores which really sell packaged goods they're not as labor-intensive their label labor is about
12:54 pm
13%. the gap between eating at home and eating out is the largest it has been since the recession is hurting everybody's business. it's exasperated by the fact that people are now pain these much higher premiums and had higher deductibles for healthcare. money that you might be saving from gasping down is actually going to cover your health insurance cost. >> you will think twice about that. i don't know how many in the fast food industry are covered by the affordable care act. i know you provide insurance ever at a level for workers here. but how is that sorting out. that was one of the wildcards here especially with some of these surprises of the have come to life.
12:55 pm
what's really happened i think people anticipated that the affordable care act would have a really bad impact on businesses because a lot of employees would sign up. but the problem with obama care is that young healthy employees are not signing up. with most companies the sign-up has kinda been a kind of been a rounding error. the young people haven't signed up so with millions of people with really significant premium increases the deductible increases their coverage has gone down. if you plan on voting for hillary clinton what the hell are you thick and about. that's the only scenario i can imagine where this will get worse for americans as if she is elected. she wants to preserve obama's legacy. and we have to concede to do that. >> that's what she's talking about. a single-payer option we wouldn't have these troubles and that is what hillary clinton administration would bring you or try to bring you.
12:56 pm
what do you think of that. i just did a piece saying that obama care should be repealed and replaced. they did a piece saying that it should be preserved one thing both of us agreed on was that a public option would be terrible. it's the way to decrease the quality of care and increase the cost of care. because they are paying for care is hard to imagine my heart goes out to these americans who are looking at these huge increases the impact that were seen in the restaurant is from last year when premiums went up 7%. next to the 25 percent.
12:57 pm
we will see that impact. donald trump on fire in florida.
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neil: all right. anyway, the poll in new hampshire shows this race narrowing and 42%. hillary clinton had been waiting here by 90% as recently as september. as well as this mean? let's ask chris collins of new york has been playing a crucial role in donald trump committee. congressman, this pull narrowing in new hampshire, indeed reversing in florida. what is going on here?
1:01 pm
>> well, you know, we always say polls don't vote that they are interesting and it tells you a bit of a story that mrs. the road to the jury. ohio, which are mass. and he will do fine there. his path to victory is either when a new hampshire, iowa and nevada or winning pennsylvania. that is a new hampshire is important. he's leading in iowa. in 269 the house of representatives selects the press event. trump would win about 3020 or even better. where hillary names 270, trump needs to 69 and nevada, iowa, new hampshire get them to 269. that's why it's so critical.
1:02 pm
neil: i really didn't understand anything you just said. it was so confusing. >> units to 69. she needs 270. neil: at present, that is an unlikely scenario. two-year plan, the poll that matters is the one on election day and some of these polls are tightening. some experts tell me that natural polls with bill clinton in 1996 with a 15-point lead cut in half. so maybe this is just standard procedure. you can't argue that this is another boat when it comes to drown. people say they are supporting trump or the polling methods don't get it out. how many points do you think on a national basis? >> welcome a national basis doesn't matter. neil: the 269 days will kill you. i'm kidding. do you think these battleground
1:03 pm
states, some of the other wants the other ones that showed him trailing by two to four points that is really one to two-point for him up one to two points. what is it? >> i think it's at two, three, four points. you have to look at the energy peace. the motivation behind the trump others as well as the normal tightening. when you put the energy behind his campaign in the mix, i believe he's leading in all these states like the brexit foe. neil: congressmen, always a pleasure. he was supporting donald trump when nobody was in a tip a lot of people at that. meanwhile, hillary clinton campaigning in florida today. you'd think some of these latest revelations regarding can earn in the state is not a lock at the bloomberg poll shows donald trump up in the sunshine state by two points. adam shapiro has been knee-deep in florida.
1:04 pm
joins us in lake worth. reporter: you not only mention the poll that shows donald trump said in hillary clinton, but there's also the turnout in early voting. i'll give you some numbers that hillary clinton just finished addressing the crowd here at palm beach state college. as far as early turnout from the florida division of elections overall republicans in early voting going to a pulley stationsre leading by a few thousand votes. mail-in votes, republicans have sent in 606,000 roughly. democrats 569,000. early voting at the police station, and 225,000 democrats 256,593. not only in play when you look at the polls but very much in play neil: get the voters out early. hillary clinton talking about all of these before. listen to what she said about
1:05 pm
the middle class. >> people work hard, provide for their families and keep moving forward. that is what i want for everyone. i want every single person here to have your chance at the american dream. neil: what she did not address is the increase we learned about in obamacare, affordable care premiums. about 20% here. about $900 how much the average payment will go up here in florida. we spoke to floridians about the affordable care act. one of them a clinton supporter says that's okay. here is what professor africa find told us. >> it's an imperfect system that definitely needs to be fixed. when i see in hillary and what she says she is a a plan to improve it. yes there is room for improvement.
1:06 pm
reporter: as i wrap up to you, that was professor fine. one woman said obamacare is a disaster but she still voting for clinton because she thinks clinton will fix it. back to you. neil: will quickly on this early voting going on, almost even between democrats and republican ballots is the assumption between democrats and republicans because they were disproportionately more democrats than there are republicans. that is built into the methodology of these polls. what do you think? >> the assumption that you bring up is correct. i think we should pay attention and not writing we will be going to a polling station. we have the numbers of people who don't affiliate with the party who have been voting early. we learn from the bloomberg poll today those independent voters are voting towards trump. so as those numbers increase, independent voters are the key.
1:07 pm
neil: thank you, my friend. adam shapiro. in the meantime we are getting new wikileaks information and just keeping up with that is a herculean task. peter barnes doing just that. but if you got, peter? >> thanks, neil. the liberal columnist john podesta penpal who keeps popng up in this wikileaks e-mails look smart once again about the 2016 presidential campaign yesterday. we reported on health insurers raising premiums at 25% under obamacare for 2017 and reported the administration's bad for most customers, higher tax credit subsidies would cover much of the extra cost. in july last year, e-mailing john podesta the clinton campaign chair after news reports about possible steep premiums calling them deadly for clinton.
1:08 pm
the subsidies were not created to subsidize huge premium increases once they were upheld by the court. this becomes a de facto taxpayer financed bailout. hrc does not want to be in the position of defending obamacare, while bernie sanders correctly in my view pushes single player and liberals in congress and national globalists that republicans charge not incorrectly that obamacare cause these premium increases. hrc should imo in my opinion, speak loudly, and quickly about this. neil: thank you, my friend. peter barnes in washington. a lot going on, campaigning going on currently. a lot of these states right now, battleground days in keeping ni and keeping us updated on cybersecurity threats, but the fact that the defense department now and the pentagon has decided in general to cease-and-desist efforts to recoup funds that
1:09 pm
were mistakenly paid out they say two national guardsmen and those who were signed up and largely went to battle. these bonuses were too generous. give them back. obviously they were humiliated by the outpouring of press en masse and they rescinded that said he essentially groups, our bad.
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1:11 pm
1:12 pm
neil: all right, you've seen this sort of reversal in the state of florida in a bloomberg poll that shows donald trump is ahead. first time in a long time. by the way, and at 6:00 p.m. eastern time tonight. wait a minute.
1:13 pm
maybe they are right here. i'm just telling you. big news. but if they are narrowing, what does that mean? where do we go to these things? eight straight political editor. let me get your take on the tuesdays. that's what we got. but what do you make of what is happening? >> i think obamacare would be another surprise if it were so predictable. another vindication of how policies hurt families. we found monday on average premiums would go up 25%. that is significant on a timer most families say rising premium costs are a major budgetary concern for them. i will occur beside the caveat that this was republicans elections and a state like florida maybe not the greatest.
1:14 pm
obamacare is hurting in the fact it's so competitive i think tells a lie. neil: it is what it is than where we stand right now. florida always ends up eating the most scrutinized state. does it deserve that this proportion outside out of the norm range attention? >> i think so. i may be biased, but spend all your time talking about my state. 31 million people voted for president of florida and 70,000 votes separated republicans and democrats. i think we have earned our place in the battleground states. neil: let me ask you about that. i asked adam shapiro if the early ballots would have gone now, if memory serves me right, they are about light between republican ballot. i can imagine it goes to find that all democratic ballots go to democratic candidates among republican ballots ballots go to republican candidates. we live in a country that had
1:15 pm
more democrats than republicans. so what do you glean from that? >> a couple things. we're about 32% of our vote with 9.2 million total votes. republicans and democrats with 5000 votes. republicans have a bigger lead. they tend to run and vote by mail. we catch up on early boats for two days. right now we are in election day that looks like explaining a little bit my way based on turnout. those democratic ballots are going to the democratic candidate. >> i would say two things. in florida that democrats used the republican have largely switched parties. our democratic coalition is made up much more of minorities now, people were predictable. the other thing interesting is about 20% of our electorate at this point are first-time voters. hillary clinton's operation is
1:16 pm
turning out people who don't formally vote compared to republicans about 20%. we are turning out about more new voters right now. neil: too early to say if to confirm. that is the one area where donald trump is weak here he doesn't have a great ground. both money and manpower. does that put donald trump at a disadvantage in one of the most important states? >> it absolutely does. he could be making a case of the economic news that comes out. if you look at how millennial star affected by obamacare, if you're 27 or so to be paying $422 a month for your insurance premiums. that is insurance overkill in a lot of respects. you're also looking to florida with a lot of millennial's, a lot of immigrant lineal sewer first-time voters. neil: used in the server are
1:17 pm
interested in putting that money away which led confirm charlie gasparino's worst impression. >> i will also point out that part is trump's struggle is there some very local scandals. if you look in florida about allegations the trump foundation paid pam bondi. that's a big scam. there is a fraud investigation she ended up not pursuing shortly after the nonprofit had given her campaign money. neil: steve, i will end with you on this. all of the stuff coming out might not get the same coverage as donald trump and all of the sex stuff and everything. or use the price tag that are people kind of just used to this? they expect the worst and politicians. what is it? >> i would think the last thing
1:18 pm
any of us want to us want is all of our e-mails on the internet. a lot of things frankly. if you strip aside the picking and choosing of things in there, what that isn't a fascinating read. going forward -- >> a lot of your colleagues on the campaign are worried about their nominee and worried about playing cover. >> she's a weak nominee. >> go ahead, steve. >> most people in brooklyn feel better about their nominee right now. >> fair enough. i was a mean comment and i would hope you would both rise above that. we will see how it sorts out. it is close, always is. that has been the case since 2000. meanwhile, josh earnest on this e-mails, but now not only dismissing charges that the president lied, but going back
1:19 pm
to this conspiracy theory that this was all a plot. after this. recently, a 1954 mercedes-benz grand prix race car made history when it sold for a record price of just under $30 million. and now, another mercedes-benz makes history selling at just over $30,000. and to think this one actually has a surround-sound stereo. the 2016 cla.
1:20 pm
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1:22 pm
neil: all right. what does the president know and when did he know it? back and forth as to whether he misrepresented comments that he didn't know anything about hillary and her server until it was out in the media. josh earnest has been commenting on that. the truth is this is critics of hillary clinton and barack obama recycling conspiracy theory has already been debunked. the president shouldn't be but whitney says that he should be. not online here, right now, the white house is present in this. there is no cabal, no defeat. but again, there is a different time period here.
1:23 pm
the president was obviously been made aware of this at an earlier date. now, he says he didn't know the source of these e-mails, but it's not going to make a difference? what do you think? >> it's much ado about nothing. at this point we know he probably did e-mail hillary clinton at her and security mail address but nobody seems to care. the fbi doesn't care and the president doesn't care at this point. he has more concerns about his 2:00 p.m. tee time than he does time than it is about enough controversy that involves him knowing about an unsecured server that he may or may not have e-mailed secured or classified information to. no evidence presented that shows he did not in fact he was an insecure information to an unsecured server. neil: okay. we are doing a segment on it. the one thing i would be curious to ron's point is what difference would it make.
1:24 pm
he's got a couple months ago. it's in the eye of the beholder. you can get them sorted some latitude here to say he's the president. he just gets the e-mail. what do you think? >> i'm not giving him that latitude. he's the president of the united states of america. i have a problem here that he's not subject to criminal liability, but i certainly would like to think my president as an american but even more so as a criminal defense attorney would have something better to say than having them come out and respond by saying well, he was counting on hillary to make sure that this was all done legally and this wasn't classified information. what if she's that classified information. this is a national security threat. there's a reason they cared about this. i agree with ron that this may not be something that is subject to to the scrutiny of what could've been done better.
1:25 pm
he's the president. he should be concerned about this. you should be concerned about how he's e-mailing and in what manner and with whom. neil: what the president knew and when he knew it. obviously quick and confident in his e-mail exchanges concerned about what he said in a 60 minutes interview because it flew in the face of what would have been the consensus that it had built up in terms of sally mas. then what? what does that mean? >> where to campaign operatives that we have to clean out. what the heck that means, nobody knows. what we do know is the president, there's no information anything was classified and those who say the president can't send a personal message to somebody and that would be somehow illegal or not are incorrect. the president has the right to send e-mail. neil: i wasn't maybe clear. that's my fault. it does show a frantic covering
1:26 pm
on the part of clinton campaign and clinton operatives. what does that tell you? >> which is a consciousness of guilt. >> what we've seen already that we didn't know before today. we seem to have been conscious about how they're presenting that image and about what the people are going to perc from various statements of various things hillary has done. there's nothing new here. i'm saying with got to do with the issue way may have been how it reflects on the president and hillary. >> if the president off the hook on this, to ron's point, should the hillary clinton people be off the hook on this? >> well, if it turns out the specific e-mails did not contain classified information albeit they were sent over an unsecured server, i'm not sure she should be subject it to any scrutiny or
1:27 pm
liability as a result today. however again, i disagree with ron that as it goes to let the president was doing or not doing, whether or not he sat classified information is not the dispositive point here. it's whether or not she engages in a series of conduct. i think there were 18 different e-mails. what if hillary clinton had sent him classified information. i think his response to that should not in turn be well, i was counting on her to make sure it was legal and we weren't doing anything wrong. he wouldn't know. is he really checking the source of the e-mail? >> you should be aware of whether or not. does that make you have less consciousness of what's going on around you? neil: do you get where they're from.
1:28 pm
the president of the united states i assume has got bigger things to do. maybe not. but do you think -- >> teatime. if i was the president of the united states of america with the level of technology that our federal government has been used as frequently as it deals with e-mails, they guess i would be very aware of where the e-mails are coming from. i would want to know that come especially if i talk about is potentially classified information. >> your e-mail and the secretary of state and you're worried she's doing it from an unsecured server? >> up on the president of the united states. i'm the president of the united states. neil: i don't think this is going to advance but i could be wrong. it is worth a little more scrutiny but i don't think it will happen. we will see. thank you both very much. meanwhile, some news on apple with revenues below here.
1:29 pm
it did say it's looking forward to a jolly holiday season. i'm thinking that on top of all of these retailers are talking about hiring thousands of folks are a busy, happy holiday season. something is up. what is that? (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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1:33 pm
the richter scale about, in and around the area of peru ask. a, italy. this is north of rome. outside of reports that even in rome there feeling tremors from this. again if we get anymore information on a 5.6 measured earthquake in central italy, we'll keep you posted. keeping you posted on this as well. some financial news. apple's stock is down after a report, earnings, revenue report that disappointed. that despite the high-tech company indicating that it has high hopes for the holiday shopping period. that was kind of lost in the sauce here. but it follows other big retailers staffing up and ramping up for what they think will be a busy holiday shopping season. amazon first and foremost with better than 100,000 planne holiday hires. charles payne, scott martin on that. charles, what do you make of
1:34 pm
that portion of what apple was saying? rear view mirror stuff, not so great. forward-looking, much better? >> sort of dovetails with a lot of anecdotal things with the federal reserve told us. from what, data would suggest in terms of people's wages going up. we saw retail inventories $607 billion worth of inventory, up 4%. so far in the earnings period, consumer discretionary absolutely killing everyone else. top-line growth up almost 9%. you have target on the screen there, target will run a eight-minute special on abc, musical, if you will to kick this off. if it is not going to be a good one, i tell you retailers are going for broke. neil: retailers doing, eight-minute commercial? >> eight-minute musical commercial and john legend and his wife. it is, again, they're thinking this might be the holiday season, the christmas season that gets them over the top. neil: interesting. scott, what do you think of all this? people in the know, you don't
1:35 pm
hire this number of people or commit this amount of attention in cash unless you're very confident you're going to get it back and then some? >> that's true. the musical sounds great. so count me in. i will tell you though, if you look at -- neil: you know they couldn't make an extravaganza big enough to make me want to shop, you know what i'm saying? >> john legend and his wife chrissy teigen may make me show up for the thing. if you look at a lot of research as well as what charles cited there, our own research, looks like neil, retail sales over the holiday season which by the way starts before halloween or just on halloween, looking for those to rise in high single digits that is a good number. last three years we've seen low single-digit growth. not only making good comments about the outlook and hiring workers to supply some of the staff to fulfill those orders. neil: i don't know what make this is holiday season this, christmas, different than prior
1:36 pm
ones, there was a great deal of skiddishness going into them. what is it, charles? >> i again think if you look at amount of jobs out there, the wage pressure that has been on this country, you're right, neil. i think people are finally seeing some wage growth. obviously if you compare it to where we were seven, 10, 20 years ago but we're finally seeing the needle move. there is one little secret we don't talk about a lot. consumer discretionary cash as percentage of what they bring home is near an all-time high. it is consequence of people paying off credit cards, losing their homes, all because of negative things but people have more money after they cash their checks than they have in the long time. they are reluctant to spend it. experts keep guessing this, is the time. neil: scott, would any of this be affected by the presidential race or how it turns out, or is that not really an issue? >> i think it's one of those things where there could be a shock. if donald trump pulls this off,
1:37 pm
think for a couple weeks you may see the consumer hunker down you but as we've seen when there are weather events or exogenous events, consumer pulls back but makes demand stronger in the future. if there is a surprise in the election, that won't last very long. if you're looking for a job out there, they're not out there. they're not traditionally in the big box retailer stores. they're in the warehouse distribution centers, logistics centers. those are where the online shopping going crazy over the holidays, that is where you find the jobs, not in big box retailer stores. neil: target, eight-minute commercial will it involve dancing processed meats and cheeses? >> i think all of the above. garth brooks 10-cd box set that might get you over the top, neil. that garth brooks thing. neil: really? maybe processed meats an cheeses. relax america. i'm eating healthy. thank you very much, i appreciate it.
1:38 pm
we've been telling you these polls where donald trump is gaining a little bit of traction here now. we don't want to overstress them or, say they're anymore representative of other polls that have been out, but it does represent a tightening going on. candidates focus on some big issues are really rattling people doing it for them. appears that way in florida. we'll see. this woman owns this house, with new cabinets from this shop, with handles designed here, made here, shipped from here, on this plane flown by this pilot, who owns stock in this company, that builds big things and provides benefits to this woman, with new cabinets. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured.
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1:40 pm
>> good afternoon pro the live from the floor of the new york stock exchange. apple reporting earnings last night. another quarter of declining sales for apple and first big drop in revenue since 2001. shares hurting regular session, down 3/4 of 1%, putting pressure on the dow which is managing to hold on to gains right now. it has been five years since tim cook took the helm of apple. look at performance of major products. look at that the iphone, biggest revenue driver up 24% since the time cook has been in charge. macbook, just 1%. ipad, 1 1/2%. revenue from the iphone 2/3. that is a double-edged sword for mr. cook. shares however under cook, oversight up 98, up almost 100% that says something absolutely. get you back to "cavuto: coast to coast."
1:41 pm
1:42 pm
one nation in all of human history was built on that bedrock, ours. freedom has made america exceptional, but it can only last if you and i choose to act as people of character. forging character has been the pursuit of hillsdale college sinc1844. ♪ neil: we're getting more details on the earthquake in central italy, 100 miles north of rome. 5.4 magnitude they're saying now. the u.s. geological society initially put it at 5.6 but the strength was revised down to 5.4. no immediate reports of any damage or injuries but they did feel tremors in rome, as i say,
1:43 pm
about 100 miles south other so of the epicenter of all of this. in the meantime, keeping track of twin developments in our nation's capitol, including this little tidbit, mitt romney and donald trump separated by little more than what, a few hundred yards? donald trump opening up a hotel, a grand hotel at the old "washington post" office locale. just down the street, mitt romney speaking at the chamber of commerce. blake burman with the latest on all of the above. blake? reporter: hi, there, neil, big city, small town i guess. both of those two not too far away from each other. mitt romney and donald trump. romney didn't take any shots at donald trump this afternoon here, speaking at the u.s. chamber of commerce. instead focused more on business and talked about his experiences on the trail, some four years ago. as for trump though, he is here and still is so, at the old post office in washington, d.c.
1:44 pm
a ribbon-cutting to basically open up the grand opening of his hotel here. but from here trump heads to north carolina and we are told by the campaign will give a speech about economic he renewal for america's inner cities. they say basically tru will go to charlotte, a city they fe hillary clinton and democrats have been taking advantage of, inner-cities for too long of a time but we noticed this morning quite possibly's trump speech here at his property, potentially a launching point for his speech later this afternoon. take a difference here, a look, rather to the difference of tone from trump this morning. >> i want to go into the inner cities, the poor rural communities and the failing schools, and i want to work on a national plan of revitalization. i'm tired of the excuses from our politicians. i'm tired of being told what can not be done. reporter: neil, donald trump
1:45 pm
said here that he dreams of the amazing possibilities we have. he talked about the amazing potential of the american people. also said that the u.s. is great. as we know, his slogan is make america great again. today though talking about the great potential the country. neil, back to you. neil: thank you very much. the great blake burman. in the meantime, you know, a lot of people are saying, they just can't wait for this election to be over in less than two weeks it will be. sheryl crow, singer of some note already urged parties to shorten the election cycle. in fact she is going one step further. let's make this a law like they do in britain. 60 days, 90 days tops it is over. kennedy on that after this. ♪
1:46 pm
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1:49 pm
neil: all right. is this campaign season a little long? didn't it seem that a lot of these guys first hit new hampshire like three years ago, something like that? it goes on and on and on, right? well musician sheryl crow has an idea. she is urging both parties to shorten the election cycle. i think people are really tired of it. they have had it, but doesn't spell out exactly what she would like to see but she already launched a on line position, petition i should say, generated more than 43,000 signatures. a lot of people of all stripes are in agreement with her. i will defer to my friend kennedy is world traveler. 60 days, right? >> exactly right, neil? neil: why can't we do that? >> think i it would be great. it would force candidates focus on issues and know what they're talking about. it would be much shorter window. the laboratory wouldn't be as long.
1:50 pm
they wouldn't have as much spaghetti to throw against the wall to see what sticks. they have to take the message directly to the voters. reince priebus, democrat and republican parties are private entities. this doesn't have to be imposed by government. certainly would be a lot better for the system that people like bernie sanders and elizabeth warren are always railing against, with all the big money infused into the political system over years and years and years. it really seems to be you could make argument a big waste of resources. neil: but you could argue too, most financed or connected candidate has sort of a one up. it would be difficult for an unknown or someone outside of the mainstream to break through. under that scenario you would have no jimmy carter or bill clinton. might not even have ronald reagan, right? >> i still think you would have a barack obama. neil: okay. >> i still think you could have what he called that new car smell, be most intoxicating of all. otherwise after the long process we're left with two candidates with plenty of money and
1:51 pm
connections to even more money, especially hillary clinton. >> how did they get to be so long? when you go back in history, realize john kennedy announced for the presidency here in 1960, winter of 1960. weeks later he was in new hampshire. >> yeah. neil: today like a year before new hampshire, at a minimum. >> no, that is absolutely right. and i think paul ryan has taken up the deanship at st. an sell many college in new hampshire. inhillary clinton has been running for president since 1993. i don't say that jokingly. neil: if it is 60 or 90-day, all predrama stuff would be doing and we like fools follow being them. >> what would you do. train for marathon for eight months or put a couple months into it. neil: marathon requires a lot of exercise. >> it does. neil: i wonder, people bemoan this every time we wrap up an election cycle. already, as you and i are
1:52 pm
speaking, there are candidates hopping up to new hampshire and iowa to sort of sample things out. will we ever get over that. >> i hope so, i really do. because it's, for us it's great, because gives use lot of fodder for couple years. we can rest on our laurels and be super lazy and pick out headlines. neil: would we have donald trump in 60-day scenario. >> yes. neil: we would? >> i think his message was so incendiary and caught on and people believed it so quickly, a lot of people wrote off the candidacy from the moment he announced. because he inserted so much personality and some different variables into the race in such a short amount of time, i don't think you needed a year half or two years of that in order to know exactly what you were getting. neil: you just truncated all down. >> i would trump the trunk. neil: polls tightening in some states. donald trump up a little bit in new hampshire.
1:53 pm
tightening up a little bit. other similar stories playing out. what is going on? is this standard operating procedure? trump folks making too big of a deal of it, what? >> i think this is race like we've never seen. all of the templates and all of the past wisdom doesn't seem to apply. and i think voters feel that. and because they're not, you know, a lot of them, 40 to 60% are not emotionally invested in one candidate or another, i say. but i don't think they have made their decision known, especially with some of the trump supporters. neil: you know i think you and i were chatting about this idea the undercounted trump supporters who say publicly they can't say they're supporting donald trump but you could argue there are a number of people who can't say they're supporting hillary clinton. how does it cut? >> i think it is actually safer to say you're a hillary supporter. neil: yeah. >> she even has ads on people with people essentially going, i don't really like her, i can't stand her, i guess i will vote
1:54 pm
for her because she is kind of responsible. if that is the best you say. neil: that is one of the ads, literally that. >> literally that. you're kind of in trouble it is best to say. if you want to start a fight at cocktail party, especially one populated by leftists, walk in with red make america great again hat on. donald trump's star on the hollywood walk of fame -- neil: what do you think of that. >> completely defaced. there wasn't a little bit of goofy spray paint. it was hit with hammer and chisel. neil: these incidents, fire bombing after republican office in that state. incited violence we know cooked up by a lost clinton operatives at donald trump events. this star event, weird. >> it is weird. that just, that speaks to the point where, it is interesting because michael moore made the best case for donald trump that i have heard. you know he came out and said, there is a large group of decent people who had their lives
1:55 pm
stolen from them. here comes a human molotov cocktail and throws himself into the race ready to blow up the establishment. that is really appealing to these people. don't write them off. you have a lot of people who perhaps feel that way but you know, and the other, a lot of elites who, people would never vote for donald trump. blah. and you know, they may be surprised. we don't know how it is going to go. we really, truly don't. the race, you know, hillary clinton, when she spoke to the union said i should be 50 points ahead. that is how she feels because she wants to discount the people who are in kind of pain michael moore illustrated. neil: can you imagine if she lost? >> yes. neil: yeah. >> i don't know that it is going to happen. at this point she seems to have pretty clear electoral path. neil: everyone says it can't be done, can't be done. you and i know looking at stocks, contrarian argument is usually compelling one. >> isn't that when you bile, neil? neil: i never got the rest of that. i heard that.
1:56 pm
>> it's a nice big word though. neil: that is hoi roll. kennedy, so smart. so smart. all right, the latest on apple. the latest on the polls. latest on this earthquake in italy. so much going on. more after this.
1:57 pm
1:58 pm
1:59 pm
. neil: all right. earthquake just happening about 40 minutes ago in central italy around the area 100 miles north of rome. it was big enough to have tremors in rome. we don't know how much damage in terms of injuries. things more shaken up than any
2:00 pm
bigger problems than that. sky italia is going to keep track of that and in trish's hour get updates on that. the dow just turning negative. looking at apple, still negative to put it mildly, i think, trish has a very busy hour ahead. trish: i do, hey, neil, we're going to continue watching perugia, italy and apple and the dow and we've got 13 days to go. can you believe it? until this election. donald trump on top in florida leading mrs. clinton by two points in a brand-new poll out of the critical state. this, as the candidate takes a break from politics, this morning, to open his new hotel in washington, and the media, surprise, surprise, they ain't so happy about covering a hotel debut. i'm trish regan, welcome everyone, to "the intelligence report." donald trump taking heat from the media for promoting his brand. donald trump pushing back, saying a little bit of business sensibility is what washington needs right now.


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