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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 28, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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voting numbers by less than a quarter, so, she really does not have a chance to win here unless she does anything besides attack the messenger. charles: i think, this week in florida might be decided. 3 hours of lou dobbs starts right now. lou: good evening there has never been a day like this in fro presidential history, 11 days until the election, we have an october surprise that tops all. fbi told congress that director james comey has decided to reopen its criminal investigation of hillary clinton's illegal use of her private e-mail server for official government business, and perhaps, other issues as well. we have also just learned that hillary clinton will hole a news con-- hold a news conference, from des moines,
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iowa, earlier she gave a speech at a rally issue we'll bring you that. it will be first time that today she has reacted to the news of the reopening of the fbi's investigation. today, fbi director james comey informed congressional leaders his agency is now reviewing new discovery of e-mails that appear to be pertinent to the previous investigation, these e-mails were not related to any of the 50,000 so-called podesta e-mails, revealed by wikileaks, these e-mails reportedly discovered on a computer size during a separate investigation into the activity of estranged husband of clinton aide humma abedin, former congressman anthony weiner accused of sexting a minor female that resulted in the investigation
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of separate the husband and his activities, husband of clinton aide abbean. abedin. today's development have rocked this campaign, and the country. it all began with this tweet by house oversight committee chairman jason at 9: 57. dtostor fea oise of e-mail that appear to be pert net to investigation case reopened. donald trump was campaigning in new hampshire, he did not restain his glee. >> i have great respect for the fact that the fbi and the department of justice are now willing to have the courage to right the horrible mistake that they made.
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this was a grave miscarriage of justice that american people fully understood. and it is everybody's hope that it about to be corrected. >> we have special coverage for you, among our guests first senator to endorse donald trump for president. advisor to donald trump, senior member of a number of key committees. senator jeff sessions. also, deputy campaign manager for donald trump. david bossey, two men who have been at forefront of exposing the clinton cartel scandals, judicial watch president tom fitten. and peter schweizer. joining me now, senator jeff
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sessions. several key committees, but most particular tonight the judiciary. good to have you with us. >> thank you. lou: i have to interrupt, hillary clinton stepping to the podium like you the rest of country we want to hear what she says in reaction to this. >> i have seen director comey's letter to congress. we are 11 days out from perhaps the most important national election of our lifetime. voting is already underway in our country. so the american people deserve to get the full and complete facts immediately. the director himself, has said he does not know whether the e-mails referenced in his letter are significant or not. i am confident whatever they are, will not change the conclusion reached in july. therefore it is imperative
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that the bureau explain this issue in question whatever it is, without delay. i look forward to moving forward to focus on the important challenges facing the american people. winning on november 8. and working with all americans to build a better future for our country, thank you. >> have you or any of your advisors heard from comey or anyone else at fbi today? are you concerned at all these new e-mails they say they found will anyway reveal classified information you sent or received? >> no. we have not been contacted by anyone. first we knew about it, i assume when you due about it when the letter sent to republican members of the house was released. so we don't know the facts, which is why we're calling on the fbi to release all of the information that it has.
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even director comey noted that this new information may not be significant. so let's get it out. >> secretary clinton. >> have you 11 days to go, what would you say to a voter who right now will see you, hear what you are saying, saying i didn't trust her before, i don't trust her any more right now, and they are headed the ballot box tomorrow. >> people a long time ago made up their minds about the e-mails, that is factored in to what people think, now they are choosing a president, i would urge everyone to get out and vote early, and all states that have early voting. because i think that americans' a president who can lead our country, who can get the economy working for everyone. not just those at the top. and who can bring our countrying it, i offer that, i can do that and i am confident that the american people know that. and we're going to continue to
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discuss what is at stake in this election, i believe that it is one of most consequencal elections ever. >> thank you very much. >> are some respects that this e-mails were found on devices that belonged to our aide humma abbean and he abedin and her husband anthony weiner, have you spoken to her about that. >> we heard these rumors, we don't know what to believe, i am sure there are more rumors, that is why it is incumbent on the fbi to tell us. we have played it clear -- made it clear if they are sending this letter, that is only going originally to republican members of the house, that they need to share whatever facts they claim to have. with the american people. that is when i expect to
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happen. >> thank you everybody. >> thank you, all. lou: hillary clinton, as she said, let's get it out. denying she knows anything about what the fbi director is talking about. and expressing her confidence that the conclusion of any investigation, will be the same, as that reached on and announced july 5 of this year. by director comey, which is, not to prosecute and we'll find out more, as she says rumors will continue. and demanding that the fbi release whatever information she has, we're talking with senator jeff sessions, just as i was introducing you, secretary stepping out to make her brief statement, your reaction first to her statement.
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>> well, she had a director say he didn't think there was enough evidence to charge her previously, now he received new evidence. he had a duty in my opinion, learn days or not -- -- 11 dayer or not to come forward with the new information and let the american people know that. she is on the criminal investigation. fbi director comey said some months ago, does not do security reviews, it does criminal investigations. that is what is at stake here. and i hate it, but, we also i am sure, have to realize that significance of the secret e-mails perhaps, being sent to multiple insecure computer systems throughout the country, that is very bad. lou: going to that july 5 statement by director comey, he acknowledged there was in -- there was use of a
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insecured system, and also acknowledged there could have been hacking by as he terpe termed it, hoft hostel foreign power. this you as a former federal prosecutor, the idea of releasing the information now could interfere with that investigation, but it seems to at least mean, i would guess millions of other folks in this country, that it is a higher person purpose to be sure all of the facts are in front of american people before accuses of president for next 4 year -- before choosing the president for next 4 years. >> it is a difficult thing, he does not do background check on presidential candidates, that is not his job, his job might be to investigate what might be a criminal offense.
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and make a determination whether or not too bring an dime. indictment. lou: that is an acknowledge am is it not that comey has already mucked it up? the fact is those devices, all were in existence during the course of the investigation he said he concluded to july 5, why done we know -- didn't we know then what we are learning now? >> well, that is a good question, it does appear that was learned from a defense avenue, and a different investigation, they determined so far, i don't know. i don't think it is a little bity matter, i don't think he would announce this, unless he thought there was something pretty darn serious here, he had to tell the american people about rather than keep it secret. because, if it is different from what he told the congress, in his testimony and american people, then he had to correct it.
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lou: correcting it right now with 11 days forward, what is your council here? you know to treat the fbi as if it is an institution that has not been wracked by its own agency's decent from the course taken by its leadership. the meeting of attorney general, leader of the justice departmen department. with president bill clinton. husband of the woman who is running for president and who is the subject of the fbi investigation. this is just, this seems calamity, piled on calamity. as far as an investigation, and independent objective investigation goes. >> i don't think there is any doubt about that. i'm uncomfortable with the way that investigation was conducted. i think it should have use a grand jury, and people who give an immunity should have
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been taken before the grand jury, you tell us everything under oath, you grill them. people will surprise you, how sometimes they will just spill the beans, when they are under ocean lik oath like that. this is not kind of investigation that was likely to get to bottom, it does appear now that new evidence has been uncovered. this investigation is back on track again. lou: donald trump has said, he basically hopes that we're now righting a wrong. in his judgment, that july 5 decision not to prosecutor recommend prosecution. was wrong. the system rigged if you will. your thoughts on about what where we are, and where we're headed. >> it did appear to me there was sufficient evidence to bring a change.
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the prosecutor, really the fbi director, which is odd that decision should be made whether to prosecutor not by the attorney general. not the investigating officer. like fbi director. lou: we should remind everyone, that loretta lynch said she would follow recommendation of the fbi. >> that was a total abandon a abandonment much her responsibility, she is the one who should decide whether to bring a case before the grand jury. i did not like that i did not like that meeting that you mentioned on the plane, that put comey in a position he had to make this announcement, he gave some facts he made it. you could tell he probably was not happy with it. and now, other thins have come forward. and he stepped up, and told -- done what his duties is, i think, evidence to go forward
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with further criminal investigation, he has no other responsibilities than to follow that. and then tell the american people what he is doing. lou: i take it, infer from what you say to us, you don't believe that we would have had this development, that director comey would have made this decision to open the investigation if he did not have blockbuster evidence priming ising it is momentum. >> well, it certainly significant. and i don't believe, a minor matter would have lead to him making this announcement. i certainly don't, i think it is something si significant. lou: thank you senator jeff sessions. >> thank you. lou: hillary clinton's campaign has been rocked bighted's announcement that the fbi is opening reopening,
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the investigation and her e-mail scandal. for donald trump, th the the emap wide open. >> i have great respect for the fbi for righting this wrong, the american people fully understand her corruption, we hope all, all justice will finally be served. >> joining us next from trump tower. deputy campaign manager for donald trump, david bossey, who is also president of citizens united, he has been tireless in its effort to unearth truth in the obama administration and clinton cartel. later, kimberly guilfoyle on how this case again clinton guess from here, a great deal more still ahead on a busy friday night. but one that will very likely
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be an furnpart of our country's history. stay with us.
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lou: joining me now, deputy
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campaign manager for donald trump, david bossey. ly me start with, all of these development we know very little about substance of the e-mails. we do know that the four devices, one belongs to uma abedin and her husband they are now separated. former congressman anthony weiner. what is your sense of how large an issue this is. for hillary clinton. and the scope of the investigation the reopened investigation by fbi? >> first of all, lou, i think this is credibly surprising that fbi taking this action 11 days before the election. this is serious in every sense of the word. i think whether it is we don't know as you said what is on those devices, but tho
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those personal dices cleay, g thebi a the senior management wents . fbi. maybe it was director comey or not, it came to him through his leadership team he had take action. lou: pullback a bit. fbi director, himself, is under political pressure emanating from both houses. senate and the house of representatives, about where we are today. candidate. because he has brought it to the forefront of this campaign. with great effect. here we are watching this director of fbi, respond, some democrats are already saying, that is only reason that he did this. this is the guy they were backing on july 5, but he said
7:23 pm
don't prosecute, now they see issues. >> you know. director comey has clearly been embarrassed since his summer press conference, in a sense he laid out his case against hillary clinton, then chose to take no action. subsequent to that there has been evidence, e-mails coming through. that has been very troubling to the fbi. i think now they have evidence coming off of these new devices, the fbi only took action because there must be clear evidence, of wrong doing. lou: yeah. citizens united. instrumental to getting as much truth as you can. this looks like it may be based you know on just something that is sarin dipty
7:24 pm
-- ser e serendipity, they were investigating her husband, and they came up with these devices. you would think they would already be in the pervue of the fbi investigation, given this abedin is a high placed advisor. >> in clinton organization. >> yes. the fbi clearly has you know an investigation that was ongoing to weiner could they have come up with evidence that really had to bother somebody. within the fbi . to tak to -- fbi to take this acted to what we consider one ofs most krupp dacorrupt candidates for president, we know that evidence is coming out, documents coming out, all the way through 2016, 17 and 18. lou: only 11 days, you know
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better than mija does matter. >> i have been up pressed that don' donald trump has been constrained in responding to this. david bossey thank you for being with us. >> thank you, lou. >> up next, donald trump has been critic. the fbi fib after comey initially did not recommend the prosecution, but he is now willing to give them a second chance. >> it might not be as rigged as i thought. but what? what? the fbi i think they are going to right the ship, folks, i think they are going to right the ship. and they are going to save their great reputation by doing so.
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lou: joining me now kimberly guilfoyle. co-host of the 5, comey letter seemed to go in different direction. what do you make of this new evidence based on four devices, one of which belong add huma abedin. and anthony weiner. >> they have 4 devices, one to huma one to anthony, i think this is significant, as a former prosecutor, you have evidence they bring something forward to me even if a case of decided previously, when
7:31 pm
you receive new evidence, you review it, you get a sense of how significant it is, any whether the case should be reopened. high woulreopened, he would not be putting that letter out if he did not have something of serious consequences. lou: there is a lot of bureaucratic ease in this but to assess importance of evidence, you would think these assessed that importance before intervening in a presidential election 11 days hence? >> it is significant to go forward and make this statement, which telling me he has been able to assess at least a portion of it there are thousands of e-mails, and multiple devices you had katherin catherine herridge reporting they had not determined as so whether or not any issue classified. lou: z you surprised they were not already part what of fbi had gone through, given the
7:32 pm
relationship? she is number two in clinton organization. >> it is common september 11 it. donald trump raise -- come sense, isn't it, and donald trump raised that issue in august. with issue of judgment, then families and couples have cloud sharing, with multiple devices, there is probably something they stumbled upon but something of significant, there could be obstruct of ju tion of justice, it could have been perjury. they deleted, and destroyed and bleach, and took hammers to the devices, oops the hammer missed 4. lou: donald trump hammering away at issue of clinton devices being hammered as
7:33 pm
produced some fruit. some recommendation that she not receive any more intelligence briefings, that director of national intelligence suspend the briefings for her until this is resolved. >> speaker paul ryan was speaking to that as well, shows such a careless and lack of regard. lou: this is the woman he wanted to make president by opposing donald trump, correct? sunnily. >> he is make a strong statement, he is probably aware of some information, and chaffetzas well. >> a few others returns to trump camp, timely. >> i think so. lou: great to have you here. >> thank you, lou. lou: up next. fred barnes will join me, ed rollins as well, we try to figure out, what this means in race for the white house. stay with us, we have a lot to
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lou: there are times that many people, may think that donald trump is clair vo clairvoyant. fbi reopening investigation of
7:38 pm
hillary clinton e-mails. here is what trump had to say about the small cap -- scandal eand about anthony weiner and huma abedin in june. >> she has got people like huma. whose weiner, anthony weiner, she is wife of anthony weiner, how would you like anthony weiner to be having all these secrets? guess what? she tells anthony weiner everything there is. i -- i know anthony weiner, i don't' him knowing anything, folks okay. lou: nothing, nada. joining us now. executive editor of weekly standard ed barnes. and great america pack strategist ed rollins, they are both fox news contributors. start with you fred. this blown the town wide open, i would expect today. >> it has.
7:39 pm
lou: campaigns, never trumpers have to be thinking, uh-oh . >> i am not one of them. it hazrat-- rattled hillary clinton and her people, saying nonsense call things like we need to know the facts issue they know the facts, if they don't know them issue they have somebody that does, that is is hillary clinton, she knows this is about e-mails between her and huma abedin, and the reporters who got in 4 questions with her should have asked this question, were there any -- was there any classified information sent or received by you in these e-mails with huma abedin? but they asked -- those were not questions they asked, but clear, the hillary clinton and her advisors are trying to pretend they don't know what this is about, they do. lou: is her campaign done?
7:40 pm
>> no, would not go that far, but it has been damaged. and as we have said before, lou, this race is not over, it is really not over now. lou: ed, what do you think? are we -- how big a inflection point is this because it is clearly, an inflection point? >> the remaining 12 days of this campaign will be nothing but this story, i don't care what she does, advertising wise or organization or anything like that this is the story of the closing part of this campaign. first of all fbi director would not have reopened this, if it was not very significant, my sense. i am not disclosing anything i have not already read in paper, i read for teneo for 4 years issue they have been exposed, with clow close ties. huma worked for them when she was still deputy secretary of state, my sense, is that is when this vehicle took place.
7:41 pm
they had all former e-mails, any e-mail a-year-old erased from their company computer, my sense is she probably thought what she had on her computer is gone, this may have been outside computer at home. but i am -- everything that she was supposed to get from hillary went to that computer, and he had access to it. lou: and there -- the likelihood is great that there are a lot ofic mail e-mails that prop perhaps hillary clinton and hers so yeah, id in clinton cartel -- hers s associate in clinton cartel thought had been eliminated. doug band, revealed, by wikileaks, talk about 500 conflicts of interest, fred. for william jefferson clinton. and his various roles within what i call the cartel.
7:42 pm
of a campaign, a charity, a foundation. yes, and state department. >> well, clinton foundation has to be investigated too, by irs, if nobody else. that does not look like that is going to happen. lou: but think about what you say to us, and wal ark agre agree, this administration is also culpable in what we're discussing because of its relationship through the state department and to this very woman, who has beenannounced by -- anointed by president and first lady to be south carolina or. success or. >> we're fortunate that fbi is a independent agency. if comey had to get approval, they would not have issued it. but he could. this is what wrong with hillary clinton's short press
7:43 pm
conference, everyone knows she can't be trusted. lou: only 70%. >> but here is impression she gives, she has never come clean on this whole e-mail investigation, the whole e-mail process. she haze people have made up their mines on this i don't think so. -- she says that people have made up their minds on this i don't think so, some have some have not. she needs to come clean. lou: ed rollins talking about tenneo . this is going to play a larger role in this scandal thin than i think anyone. >> i think so, there are a lot of good people there, they do good work but at end of day the top of this organization was very much in bed in doing thing, equally justin cooper, he broke up the devices with hammer was very much a parts of that set that set original server up as a body person for
7:44 pm
tomorroweforminger president clinton, his legal fees have been paid by the clintons for last several month months. there is a lot to unravel. lou: i have it say, i sense, fred, no matter how long have you been covering washington d.c. or playing important political governmental roles in that city as you have through you know for, half century, ed, i think there is a sense of surprise, and some dismay, that city has reached these depth. and i have to tell you, personally, i have a sense that happy we'll have an opportunity -- maybe we'll have an opportunity to rise from the edge of this abyss we seem to be resting on right now. and move to brighter and better times, thank you both for being with us. >> thank you. lou: be sure to vote in our
7:45 pm
poll, question is. are you hopeful that clinton cartel will finally issu, finally be brought to justice? cast your vote on twitter, up next donald trump said that fbi's reopening of investigation of clinton e-mail server scandal proves this country can't afford to have the clintons back in the white house. >> hillary clinton a corruption, is on a scale we've never seen before. we must not let her take her criminal scheme into the oval office. lou: up next, we'll talk with president of judicial watch, tom fitton and donald trump sent to address a crowd, a rally in cedar rapids, iowa later, today hillary clinton and donald trump in the great state of iowa.
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stay with us, we'll be right back, much more ahead, you don't want too miss any of it.
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tier 1 and tier 2 drugs, with home delivery. don't wait, call unitedhealthcare or go online to enroll in aarp medicarecomplete. lou: scandal continues to overwhelm hillary clinton, former secretary of state likely thought she was given a get out of jail free card on
7:50 pm
july 5 of this year, that is when director james comey of fbi announced result of the investigation into use of private server for official government business and his recommendation not to prosecute her. despite comey's findings that clinton was careless, she had questionable judgment, that she lied ut righ out right about her e-mail use, a possible hostile foreign government gained access to that private car account. she could have faced disciplinary charges were she still at the state department. tom fitton is here with me now . great to have you with us. thank you for all of the great work your organization does.
7:51 pm
turning to weiner and abedin. do you think that fbi now has a solid direction on which to proceed and is open to full prosecution of hillary clinton? >> well, who knows. the fbi had an open road ahead of them, or available to them, and justice deputy did as well. they refused to take it. despite all of comey's strong statement, key statement was misstatement law, suggesting that she did not do anything wrong to require prosecution. you have to wonder with the fbi why they did not get this material sooner, abedin is only other government official that we're aware of who had an e-mail account on hillary clinton's server. there was classified information to that was well-known. why done they rush to her apartment or wherever she lived and get all of those devices, early on. to protect the american
7:52 pm
people's national security rhetts -- secret, the fact they got it through a backdoor you know -- back into it through weiner investigation. shows fbi is a mess with protecting our nation's security. at least as it relates to hillary clinton and her people. lou: it is extraordinary. and you filed a foyea lawsuit today going to parts of issue that is. that meeting between attorney general and bill clinton. what are prospects, what do you specifically you think you can find there? >> well, we would more answers authorize than attorney general rally statement, saying boy, iish that done -- boy, than i wish that didn't happen, that goes to heart of this controversy. there -- there would not be as much of an issue with fbi and
7:53 pm
justice department refusal po prostitutes hillary clinton if meetings like that were not taking place, that was the icing on the cake, since then we have learned there are all sorts of favor and fbi and justice department gave to the clinton gang. and more come mr. comey, have to wonder if he would not have even done this with that report in "wall street journal" that number two in fbi, his wife received a half million in political donation from the clinton a closest -- >> how can fbi. in every direct you turn with clinton cartel, there is scandal, there are investigations, accusations, it goes on and on. where do you think that is going to lead? >> i think it will lead to mr. comey, no longer being fbi director, and a special council who is -- will take
7:54 pm
prefresh eyes on these issues, that council, which is available under regulation of department of the justice will bbe appointed under either a clinton or trump administration or a jill steyn administration, who knows. lou: i think we do know that answer. right now, it appears, that mrs. clinton has a struggle to enter that office. we have one other issue here. >> my point is lou, there may okay. >> to my point. get me your point then i'll give you mine. >> my point that might be an inspec independent investigation even if mrs. clinton wins. lou: the number of people given immunity, whether chief of staffs, or former director of state department, management resources management.
7:55 pm
all of these people, have been given immunity for crying out loud that resulted in no prosecution, where does that leave the fbi to go. >> they had to give answer questions, and i wonder if hillary clinton got ir immunity this is not going to end. lou: tom thank you for being with us. wild be talk soon it appears now. >> thank you, lou. lou: thank you. stale ahead. clinton campaign, spiralling as fbi, has reopened its investigation of hillary clinton. up next the man who wrote the book on corrupt clinton cartel, peter schweizer, author of clinton cash, he is joining me here next, stay with us, we're coming right back. or building an awesome website, there is no other candidate that's more affordable, or worthy of your hard earned trust.
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. lou: in an online poll we asked you last night, are you outraged that the national liberal media refuses to report on the systemic corruption of the clinton cartel? 97% of you said yes. my next guest is peter schweizer, the president of the government accountability institute. he's made it his business to look into the corruption of the clinton cartel. executive producer of the "clinton cash" film based on his best-selling book. peter, great to have you with us. these developments, comey today making it clear he's reopened the investigation and they're
8:00 pm
going to charge straight ahead. do you expect a different result this time than in july? >> well, you know, my sense of this, lou, is that if they're going to reopen the investigation, there's something pretty explosive that's changed. look, if they discovered more e-mails that are of the same caliber of the e-mails they had before, why reopen the investigation. this is me speculating right now. so the question becomes what do they find? do they find all sorts of classified material? remember, comey argued that the reason he wasn't going to prosecute is he couldn't show intentionality though the law didn't require that. maybe there's an e-mail that shows intentionality. who knows? they had to find something. if it's just more of the same, i don't see them reopening the investigation just for that. lou: primarily republicans on capitol hill have said that one of their great frustrations is there was no apparent reach by


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