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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 30, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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when hillary wears white it's a symbol appeared about one melania trump where is it, it's a scary symbol of white supremacy. hollywood celebrities don't like trump either. >> do want to give weapons to a
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man whose signature signature move aspiring things? they want you to get out and vote as long as you vote correctly. >> think that if they made it clear we must vote for hillary player. john: today's ruling class and its bias, that's our show tonight. and now, john stossel. john: i don't like donald trump. i used to. i found and spontaneous real and entertaining but now i realize he is a mean bully. i know this partly because i saw the video of trump mocking a disabled reporter. >> you have got to see this guy. i don't know what i said. i don't remember. john: trumps opponents quickly made this at based on the video. >> when i saw donald trump mock a disabled person i was shocked.
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>> when i saw donald trump mock someone with a disability showed me his soul. showed me his heart. i didn't know what he thought. john: a reporter has a disease in trump mocks him but wait a second, trump waives his arms around. the reporters disability means he can't move his arms. also chung did something similar when mocking a general who said something he didn't like. >> what you think about isis? john: trump uses a motion to mock ted cruz. >> senator cruz would he think of waterboarding? i do want to talk about it. he did want to talk about waterboarding. john: it turns out this state truck performance gimmick. not very nice but it doesn't appear directed at a disabled person. i didn't know this until i started researching the show. i never saw the other side of the story. the media didn't cover it.
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another reason i don't like trump is that he supported the iraq war and lied about that. they said trump voiced his support for the iraq war and the howard stern show but here's how trump actually answered stern's question. >> i guess so. hardly pushing for war. later as he builds bush to go into war trumps of this tune the oak of udall. that perhaps we should be waiting for the united nations. >> i wouldn't call that gung ho support like so many commentators have said. researching the show i was surprised. the ruling class totally distorted the story and by ruling class i mean hollywood, the political press in the media so-called american elites. they said trump was a big supporter of the war and he
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mocked a disabled reporter. i never heard the other side of the story. i feel. makes me wonder what else i don't know. joe cacciatore person media for the hill. what else am i know? trump lied i really believe about his support for iraq. >> i would argue that was the first time he was present at that question. he was a businessman at the time. howard's interviews, howard stern went for 90 minutes without a commercial. he didn't bring up anything. john: why doesn't the media pick it up? >> there's a visceral hate for trump. the center for integrity look at donations from journalists, 96% went to hillary. >> 96%? i thought it would be higher. john: your own newspaper analyzed abc, cbs come nbc
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coverage. they spent 23 minutes on the trump sex allegations have and then there were the wiki week e-mail dumps which included derogatory comments about looks in latinos and blatant example of the media collusion got just one minute and seven seconds. >> ratio was 23-1. in "the new york times" the same day there were 11 stories on donald trump including one in the sports section all being negative. i get the trump is going to get more coverage. give me 2-1 or i will complain about at the 23-1, 11-0. john: i will push back. groping, sex, just going to bring in more eyeballs. >> sex always beats substance. >> you do the show. you have six blocks and you want
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to give me a and b. for and cnb for hillary klatt? donna brazile giving clinton debate questions ahead of time that were covered but brazil barely got covered relatively in my opinion. remember in an e-mail subject headers from time to time i get the questions meaning it's happened more than once. john mackey wrote to podesta because i become a hack i will send you the whole section that pertains to you. don't share our telling one i did this. he's sending his story for approval? >> yes. in other words if i'm a reporter and you have reported before you can fact check and send john podesta question saying at the term -- question. that happens all the time. he sent the tax that pertains to podesta. the publication never offered an
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apology. john: they mean well. >> a meanwhile but that's why it gets worse by the clinton campaign told "the new york times" which quotes they wanted printed. it's called quote approval and in 2012 marker sullivan the watchdog for the paper said this practice is banned so what happened to the reporter? nothing. the editor, there wasn't even an apology about it. it's not being acknowledged and there is no contrition. john: of course "the new york times" leans left. >> do you think it leans left? the last time they endorsed the republican candidate? 1956. john: at the selection i'm amazed at how totally and they are for hillary clinton. they do several anti-trump
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stories. this week i had to laugh to see this big two-page spread listing all the people places and things donald trump has insulted. for example joe biden, elizabeth warren, pocahontas. jeb bush is week had to bring in mommy. trump likes to people but has the times ever run at two two-page spread of the hillary scandal? just before she became first lady of arkansas she strading i. she turned 1000 bucks into 6000 overnight. after 10 months she had 100,000 and she said i never received preferential treatment. travel, white water dodging sniper fire. there was no sniper fire in a
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fact sheet posed for photographs. just lied. he could easily fill two pages but they dealt don't. instead they zero in on trump running stories like this one. during the second debate trump was stalking mrs. clinton like prey. not trump loomed over clinton trying to invade her space to that hillary went on tv to complain about that. >> he was really trying to dominate and literarily stalked me around the stage. i could feel this presence behind me. and i thought whoa this is really. john: i believe that. watch the video. clinton walked over to trump side of the stage. she stands in front of trump. the media could portray him as looming over hillary.
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aren't they ashamed? it's video evidence that you just laid out they could be dispelled but the headline rules the day and no one is going to go back and watch that part of the video. what happens if you wear white? "the new york times" when hillary wears white it says it's an emblem of hope. "the philadelphia inquirer", clinton was soft and strong dream come true and melania wears white and the republican convention and she says another reminder that white is always right, a scary statement. that was written by the same writer and the same publication. that is what the dress said to me as an african-american. >> i was about to say it's two
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words with a hyphen, self-awareness. that was covered and she is now a mockery. john mcnamee accused trump of threatening hillary when he said clinton was anti-2nd amendment. >> it's not the first time he'd been accused of inciting violence. john: inciting violence. here is what trump said about hillary being anti-sentiment. >> she goes around with armed bodyguards like you have never seen before. i think that her bodyguards should drop all weapons. they should disarm. take their guns away. she doesn't want guns. let's see what happens. take their guns away. it would be very dangerous. john: he is just saying that she's a hypocrite for wanting others to disarm while she is surrounded by body guards with guns.
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they take his words literally and turning into yes, he's calling on the assassination of his opponent and that's reckless and irresponsible. they are not trying to cheat. they so convinced themselves that trump is evil and hillary is good that they see it this way. >> they see it as their mission to keep donald trump out of office. john mackey or something the mainstream media has ignored. the undercover team reports that the dnc funded goons will try to promote violence the trump rallies. >> nobody is supposed to know about me. it was more ham than may but none of that is supposed to come back to us. we don't want it to come from the party. john: "cnn" did run it once as far as i know.
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it's not being covered because it's an inconvenient narrative. the trump campaign did this. >> remember the apocalypse i mentioned earlier? the week magazine has a cover story this week about what happens if trump loses them on the cover is about 100 white people brandishing a ar-15 sent pitchforks and fire torches and they are going to burn down the country if trump loses. remember where that narrative came from, trump people are violent because we saw violence over the summer at these rallies. turns out they were incited by the democratic campaign but we don't hear about that. john: thank you joe. coming up the hollywood ruling class. it's going all out to stop the evil republicans. >> to want to give weapons to a man whose signature plan is firing things? john: the college ruling class can't tolerate a donald trump display.
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john: are you a college student? time for your world literature exam. question 21 fill the blank donald trump's a fool, already
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in hell, a clown, an evil man, the antichrist's? you get the drift. there was a exam question asked by another professor at creighton university. the university defended the professor. they said it was a joke and the answer would not affect of the student's grade. so they say but the university is as much as part of america's ruling class as the mainstream media. you all know college professors lean left but you would be surprised how totally left. federal election commission data shows the last election 96% of donations from ivy league oppressors went to the democrats 96%. are they embarrassed? >> they would be embarrassed if there were conservative professors there. it's super archaic and yet to be liberal and progressive but the fact is there are conservatives
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in the real world that think the university is so important. john: those are people. >> let's say everything conservative is wrong. regardless the students need to be exposed to this on the campus because like it or not it's in the world and they will be exposed to it in the world. john: it doesn't serve the students very well. >> absolutely not and you will be immature in your argument to never defend them. john: college professors are your rulers. the schools honor the free speech the way they pretend to you could disagree with your professor and it wouldn't affect your grade or your reputation. a "cnn" reporter went to republican club meeting home with the free speech movement and she asked us. >> , and if you are reluctant to share your political belief on-campus?
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it's not just i disagree with you. it's you are racist, you are sexist, you are an idiot which is so ironic coming from the side that supposed to be about inclusivity and open dialogue and share views that are different from mine and you should accept me for who i am. they are going further than not except thing that view. they are not accepting the human being for having a few different from their own. john: a professor of gettysburg college for an op-ed entitled ballots presentations that dishonest exercise in the presidential race. she wrote i know balance is an offense to the truth. she feels trump is evil so we shouldn't be balance. he is an outlier. >> the truth is there are a lot of trump support -- trump supporters. even if you don't like it would have no professor taught anything that they don't like? john: with professors staring a
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job students feel they should do the same. a conservative group and colorado state buildup free speech wall ensued had pro chop and pro clinton signs that the anti-trump students couldn't stand that. they covered up the trump science. >> guys, keep it civil. that's against the free speech law. what are you doing? it's free speech. >> eventually they not the whole wall down. >> they wanted cultural sensitivity training because someone wrote trump 2016 on the wall. they called the police. we have an example unc wilmington at professor shared on facebook.
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i just erase the last of them. there were so many. a student gave me a hug. >> the fighting about the school it's diversity inclusion policy mentioned specifically oracle affiliation saying it's very devoted to the free exchange of ideas for multiple perspectives. i feel like literally erasing disparate perspectives isn't following which you suppose the following but anything except saying you are republican which i'm not even republican i think this is unfair. john: thank you. glad to keep an eye on this. coming up. the ruling class in hollywood wants you to know that they will go to great links to get you to vote for hillary. >> if you vote i will protect this country from fear and ignorance.
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john: the universities and the media the political class and now the new partners in the ruling class silicon valley. thank goodness for silicon valley. they have given us good products and they did it without washington. back they were able to do it because they were so far away from washington that the regulators didn't know they had invented great things without permission, sadly those days are over for the clinton justice department called microsoft a monopoly and sued them. silicon figured we better lawyer up and kiss the politicians ring and make it clear we are part of the ruling class too. here's a raffish as the money shown on lobbying by the biggest banks verses silicon valley and blue. you see in 2007 the bank spent twice as much but silicon valley spent twice as much. julian sanchez tech tech expert for cato institute said it's about time silicon valley got
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involved in politics. i think it's horrible. >> it's unfortunate that it's necessary but it's odd they were able to hold back for as long as they did. once you reach a certain size even if you'd rather ignore washington washington will not nor you. john: now it's all very cozy and you can see people move from google to the obama administration and back. 183 people in the administration now work at google. i'm upset to this collaboration between silicon valley and washington. regulation strangles innovation. 80 years ago they were building the world's tallest building in 16 months. >> we know more about skyscraper construction than we did in the 30s. john: but we can't point to peter teal.
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>> the empire state building was built in 15 months in the world trade center took about 13 years. john: skyscrapers take longer today. >> once you have these politician ceos take over they often have to spend far more time thinking about what their business should be doing. john: since most of silicon valley's anti-trump peter teal surprise people when he spoke before trump at the republican convention. >> when donald trump asked us to make america great again he is not suggesting a return to the past. he is running to lead us back to that bright future. >> that was confusing for the ruling class. the industry demanded the company's divorce themselves from peter teal. one venture capitalist brad without losing money because she wanted no association. my company lost half a million
4:30 am
dollars in new funding. we couldn't have teal money flowing through her company so i thought prophet was supposed to matter to people more than ideology. >> silicon valley is a place where it's a kind of idealism mashed with the pursuit of prophet. it's an unusual phenomenon certainly. it was interesting to see mark zuckerberg pushing back. it's. john: let me mention that teal is on the cover facebook and some employees were demanded that he be removed from the board. zuckerberg to his credit said no >> these are private companies. they want to say we don't want associate with someone we think doesn't represent our values that's their business. if they want to surrender money
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because they want to make a payment. that's their affair. john: isn't there something odd with the willing -- they have given 25 times more money to clinton than trump. >> part of that may be a lot of companies employed were founded by e-bay, google and one of the founders of snapchat. there's a sense and a perception of rhetoric that has made this more personal and visceral campaign than a normal year. john: there's a lot of excitement about a virtual reality game named oculus. because one ought to this founder donated money to approach on the anti-hillary group some game developers have announced they will no longer develop games for oculus.
4:32 am
because one of their people gave money to the politicians they don't like they are not going to develop the games. >> we are talking about 40% of the country that's going to vote for trump. everyone with that level of support, things are narrowing. john: thank you julian sanchez. coming up the old establishment wants to think their only two choices at the election. what would abraham lincoln think about that? >> there are's hillary using her get out of jail free card and trump who is like the nation got drunk and said that guy should have nuclear bombs. john: not great choices but next
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the hollywood ruling class. some republicans fight back against act there's telling us how to vote.
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november ate this country make one of the most important, the most important decisions in history. the only way we can prove that is by having lots of famous people. john: lots of famous people telling you to vote. that ad was produced by hollywood director who thought he could get more people to vote by enlisting lots of his favorite friends. >> lots and lots of favorite people. >> important. john: important that you vote. vote democrat. >> to want to give nuclear weapons to a man whose signature move is firing things?
4:38 am
>> how republican is the ruling class. hollywood thinks republicans and conservatives are moral. that's radio host ben shapiro. your moral. >> and interpublic and hollywood is moral. early on social issues. if you are an economic libertarian you may be able to get a away to but if you vote republican not so much and if you are social conservatives certainly not. john: i think you are right about the moral attitude. i get that when i tell people sometimes i work for fox. the celebrities do have power. the pro hillary get out the vote video has been viewed 7 million times. they made this parody video. >> it's times like these when we realize just how lucky we are.
4:39 am
>> to guide us and thank goodness they made it clear that we must vote for hillary. john: i'm glad they are fighting back. >> absolutely and the truth is nobody is looking to don cheadle for it by somehow to vote. john: the a way to influence people is with the content of the script to the writers mattered more than the stars. >> george clooney doesn't impact voters as much as a dedicated sitcom writers from modern family do our will and grace. if you generate characters that people know and love the most characters head to leftist platitudes after while you start to agree with them because after all these are nice and wonderful people. john: imagine clint eastward. he's more than an actor he's a director but their other republicans. there is arnold schwarzenegger john boyd angelina jolie's father gary sinise and others. >> you can't name a hollywood star or director who is openly
4:40 am
conservative when they began and now they are big star. if you are entering the industry you have to keep under wraps because nobody will hire you. the way that hiring and firing doses on the basis of social contact. if you come out and samer public and they may say that bill is an odd guy. if you show up in hollywood with your make america great that the chances of you being able to work on a crew is not good because they say you are. >> going back to the 1980s he was told that by bruce paltrow when he didn't addition for saint elsewhere. he was was told you are the guy loves reagan they don't get to come back or second. usually they make an excuse you aren't right for the part in that's a nice thing about hollywood. all down to subjective which means it's easy to find an
4:41 am
excuse not to call back the guy who voted for george bush a couple of times. john: apple music habit tv show hosted by a famous singer. hillary was happy to be interviewed by mary j. blige. >> is the candidate nervous about fielding tough questions on her e-mail scandal pay-to-play, her life? no, she doesn't have to worry. >> this is really happening. secretary clinton i'm so happy and so thrilled to have you. you were so beautiful and sort down to earth and so real. john: so organic. that's objective journalism for you but to be fair the lives didn't just foner for hillary. she did ask questions. >> you have been attacked him investigated. how do you get through all of this? >> my favorite part was where mary j. blige had to hang singing to hillary and even
4:42 am
hillary looked bewildered like what am i doing here? since hillary is a robot she doesn't understand music. john: one more celebrity robert de niro volunteer to make a get out the vote commercial but after saying get out and vote he can't contain himself. he had to add his thoughts about trump. >> he's an embarrassment to this country that like to punch them in the face. john: then you are a republican but you are not a trump supporter. you are a member of the never trump movement so what's wrong with him saying that? he believes in hillary. he gave her money and he speaks out. >> anyone advocating violence against a candidate is not speaking well but the idea that robert de niro has anything politically valuable essay about donald trump's ridiculous. my main criticism of trump is that the he is not conservative in any substantive way. john: probably the biggest is lena dunham created the tv show
4:43 am
girls. she got a hillary interview too. giggle, giggle. this is the culture that is much loved in hollywood. >> the fact that people like lena dunham are given a legitimate part of the debate she bragged about abusing her sister and she's considered a solid source of information on politics and she will tell you everything you need to know. lena dunham was given a startling -- the starring role. she had a fight song video cut by hollywood. john: you think of hollywood as part of america's ruling class? >> the two the mic worlds he. we grant them all sorts of privileges that we would never rent other people and the values they preach are taken seriously even though they have no real credibility given they are no better than anybody else. john: thankou ben shapiro. coming up, how they ruling class
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john: the ruling cl john: the ruling class has competition.
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republicans and democrats don't want competition and then they can't they try to ban it. want to run as a third-party candidate in oklahoma? republicans and democrats get a ballot by paying a few hundred bucks and filling out a form but a third-party, let's ask someone who knows from painful experience labor terry and party chair nicholas are aware. you try to get registered in oklahoma. >> it took us $105,000 and countless hours of volunteer signature gathering together over 42,000 signatures to get the same privileges republicans and democrats had. john: why is it not the same standard? >> the two-party system is built to keep the two-party system going. they set the rules to say you win and you lose in that's out things are fair. john: it's been challenged in court and the courses this is reasonable because of avoiding confusion deception and even frustration at the democratic
4:49 am
process. >> it's funny somehow you can have 16 people on the stage trying to get a party's nomination but the idea you would have three on stage iv a presidential debate all of a sudden a super confusing and we couldn't handle it. john: oklahoma is the worst day that way but other states have standards to matt? >> it's like football. the nfl commissioner doesn't care if you like the giants of the cowboys as long as either the giants are the cowboys are what you watch. the star watching soccer they freak out. john: you also say the media ruling class has been biased against gary johnson's libertarian. >> the media has this problem. they want to be right so they been predicting gary johnson wouldn't do well and over the course of the election they keep throwing these stories out there with headline to go to "cnn" saying why hasn't gary johnson dropped out yet and it's upsetting because the brakes the predictable nature of elections. john: it's easier to handicap a two-person race but gary gary
4:50 am
johnson hasn't done that well. it's not just discrimination. >> that's what they are saying. the media creates his narrative where they give someone a hug to hang their hat on for why it is i don't like johnson. is it because of aleppo? is it because of this or that but most listened on the border of syria and iraq. it's only when they are trying to make someone look foolish and give people an excuse for why not to consider the only candidate to his antiwar who is pro peace who wants to do with our 22 in dollar debt and most americans say they want gary johnson in the debate. ross perot had roughly the same polling numbers as gary did. the only reason he got in was because george h.w. bush wanted to men because he thought it would help. the republicans and democrats
4:51 am
designed this for republicans and democrats. vast majority of democrats wanted johnson on the debate stage. 76% of americans in a poll said they want to debate stage but they rigged the system by saying 15% of americans have to have decided they will support him before they hear from him. i was raised to believe that debates were to educate them for the american people to tell them who their options would be and that is what the media was supposed to do, tell people what their options are. but the cpd does not work that way. john: the cpd is the corporation arantxa debate. >> it set up by republicans and democrats to see that only republicans and dumber rats -- get to participate. >> it to good parties give you zero choices. trump who is like if you are
4:52 am
racist uncle got drunk for president the nation got drunk and said that i should have nuclear bombs. john: a lot of people say they can't vote libertarian. they have to vote remember the ruling class. not doing so is a vote for the other guy. a web site offers a solution that will help you trade your vote for someone else who does want to vote for the other guy. >> if you decide to vote for johnson we will match it was someone from the opposite party to balance your vote so go to balance and take back your country from the two parties that think they own you. >> anything can that gets people to break out of the two-party system is an good thing it's the best thing you can do. if you are worried about which bad person might get elected on november 8 voting for gary johnson is the only thing you can do that sends a clear signal john: anything else just encourages the bad guy. thank you nicholas.
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john: the ruling class makes
4:57 am
rules about what ideas are acceptable and what scientific theories to believe in what speech is permitted. people that deviate from what the ruling class wants get punished. the church used to be the ruling class. priests thought that the earth was the center of the universe and everyone knew it was truth. the today they would say 97% of the church and scientists agree. when galileo disagreed he was arrested, rested for being right today the ruling class can't arrest you but they will try to humiliate you. for example if you want more examination of climate change are raising the price of energy you have a mental disorder. climate change denial disorder. >> climate change denial disorder is a rapidly spreading disease that makes it impossible to comprehend basic work cycle world, not good, science and factual. john: at the church were the
4:58 am
ruling class they would say guilty of heresy against green orthodoxy. the ruling class won't disagree. students at this elite university at yale decided only certain halloween costumes are acceptable. then i got mad when someone disagreed. this. john: that person did to download the university for the ruling class, college lefties in the mainstream media hollywood silicon valley the washington establishment, they all believe they know best and it's their job to impose their wisdom on the rest of us who are less enlightened. how nice of them. the ruling elites are often wrong. it leads think tobacco could cure colds and husbands own
4:59 am
wives and have a right to beat them. if women compcure colds and husn wives and have a right to beat them. if women complain they have hysteria. despite the long history of the ruling class being proven wrong today even young kids think they are the authority and they must protect others from bad ideas like donald trump. that's why the students y the students destroyed this free speech. they are just as bad as the close -- close minded dogmatists of the medieval church. >> we are like today we have the internet. much more permission at our fingertips. there's more transparency and more sources of information. we don't have to wait for the lead to tell us what to believe. we can make up our own minds. that's our show. keep your brains open. ignore the ruling class. who knows what new cool ideas just around the bend? od n
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when hillary wears white it's a symbol appeared about one melania trump where is it, it's a scary symbol of white supremacy. hollywood celebrities don't like trump either. >> do want to give weapons to a


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