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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  October 31, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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fox will be here all weekend. along with the power house of guests line up as we count down to the presidential election. in the meantime you know the conversation doesn't end here. let me know what you thought of today's show or my twitter account. over to liz. liz: maybe our kids can get play together for play date while we are working. trish: yeah. liz: call it the home stretch hysteria, holding campaign events in this hour just a week and a day before election day. two remarkably different meafnlgs as the clinton campaign scandal dominates the headlines. now, we need to tell you that in ohio, hillary clinton just wrapped up moments ago. this on the campus of kent state university. she went on the offensive and even though her speech began about an hour and a half ago,
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here is what she did, she trained it on director james comey bombshell fbi letter revealed at this time on friday. here is what she said seconds ago, she demanded that he discloses all ties to the kremlin. she's walking to the crowds right now. we will bring you any news that comes out. in the meantime donald trump is scheduled to take the stage of community college in warren, michigan during this hour. still attacking hillary clinton campaign, also pitched the economic message, choice of returning to michigan in the same hour is extremely significant. we are going to tell you why. fox business all-stars have all the angles covered. plus former governor of new york patterson and former republican senator of florida in the theory
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, the last day of october, not really a trick or a treat right now. friday is october job's report. let start the countdown. ♪ ♪ ♪ liz: okay, so i said we were monitoring the movements of both hillary clinton and donald trump at this hour. the pieces of the puzzle are continuing to shift and move. scary end for the month in stocks as we quick into gear in the final, let's make it 58 minutes of trade all three major indices are on track to end the month of october in the red. here on your screen you can see it's the nasdaq that got hit the hardest during the month. down 2.3%.
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although nasdaq at this moment is up just 3 quarters of a point. even this staggering statistic could not pull the markets out of its low, october, the biggest month for corporate deal-making ever. not just this year, but the biggest ever. general electric adding fuel to the fire blasting out of the gate this morning by announcing deal to merge with oil services baker hughes. this new relationship if approved would create an energy power house with more than 32 billion in revenues. so why are both of these stocks down? well, it doesn't necessarily have to do much with the deal. it's a drop in crude oil prices. this is the aftermarket price right now. fourty-six dollars and 77 cents. we are giving clobbered here in the aftermarket session. down about 4%. why? we have opec throwing cold water, ice cold water on a possible deal to cut output. if you stayed with us you would
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know that the deal might not go through. now we have energy stocks from exxon mobile to chesapeake all across the board and chesapeake is getting hammered, let's make it 56 minutes before the closing bell rings. of finance and the world of politics enduring with real uncertainty, fox business all-stars to serve as super heros, jeff flock is at the hillary clinton event at kent state where clinton announced there's no case here and blake berman in trump rally and charlie with the breaking details about the fbi investigation and whether it's not clinton but long-time aid huma abedin who is in real trouble. let me get you to kent state. there in ohio, hillary clinton wrapped up speaking moments ago that donald trump is a danger to national security saying moments ago that, quote, a man you can bait with a tweet is not someone
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you can trust with the nuclear codes, but the location and the subject matter dripping with irony as it comes three days after fbi director james comey revelation that is the fbi is looking into emails and classified state department emails her confidant abedin forwarded to unsecured yahoo account. look at this poll. new abc news washington poll. here is what it shows. clinton is ahead of help nominee by 1 percentage point. that's it. narrowing the race again. jeff flock live at the clinton even in kent state, jeff, she start today talk about russia, nuclear codes, did it sell with the crowd there needless to say it's a hillary supportive crowd but there have to be some undecided voters too? >> well, there may be but they're not really in evidence here. i think a lot of people, a couple of people told me they
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were out here because of what happened on friday. i mean, the focus of this was supposed to be nuclear weapons and donald trump's lack of fitness to command nuclear weapons, but she was really forced at the beginning of the speech to address the bomb that got dropped on her campaign, the use of private server and more emails. here is how she started the speech. listen. >> i'm not making excuses, i said it was a mistake and i regret and now apparently they want to look at emails of one of my stafferrers and by all means they should look at them and i'm sure they will reach the same conclusion they did when they looked at my emails for the last year. there is no case here. jeff: that's the message in the crowd. there's no there there that they know about and a lot of people angry at secretary -- fbi director comey.
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everything from harry reid obviously saying he may have violated the law in the hatch act to former attorney general holder who said while he likes mr. comey and feels he's a man of integrity, good man make mistakes. it's what eric holder said today. poll incomes the crowd although saying that they would like to have more information about this before they go to the polls. liz: jeff, thank you very much. again, hillary clinton is saying the fbi has no case but there's something going on here but it has come to this. donald trump publicly thanking disgraced congressman anthony weiner. trump expect today -- expected to take the stage any moment now. he might be landing. we are going to take the shot and hear what he says. this would be the second stop. earlier today in grand rapids trump cited good i think stinks
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for the tweet sent warning that the former new york representative could be a danger having perhaps known state secrets. trump also blasting dc insiders for bad trade deals that, quote, help beijing build skyscrapers. trump is down 7 points particularly in michigan, how significant is it that he decided to go back to a state where he is lagging, may believe he thinks this could give him a shot? blake: campaign manager says they really believe that they can expand the map going down the home stretch here. it appears that michigan could be one of those states. the polls, though, suggests that it might be a very tough task. let me runhrough a few numbers. trump has not led a single poll in michigan this calendar year. the closest he has been all the
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way back in july 3 points. he's only led in one general election poll in michigan out of all 33 taken in entire election cycle. however, one thing to keep in mind, liz, you remember dating back to primary, the michigan polls missed badly. very badly follow the democratic primary. some sunlighted that hillary clinton could win the polls did by 20 points and as you know she ended up losing michigan to bernie sanders. trump making two stops in that state today at his first this afternoon he acknowledged the very last minute campaign decision to head there. listen. >> we set this up about 24 hours ago because i hear we are doing great in michigan, we are going to win michigan. you know it better than anybody else in the country. the long nightmare of jobs leaving michigan will be coming to a very rapid end.
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last democrat to lose there you have to go back all the way to caucus. liz: i know it. blake berman in dc. we are in the home stretch of this wild and rather unprecedented election. could it come down to a disgraced congressman who everybody thought was out of sight and out of mind, anthony weiner, former new york congressman could be a pivotal witness in clinton e-mail investigation and that alone can be a huge problem for hillary clinton come election day. charlie has been working the phones on this story. charlie, look, let's explain something. he was married and now separated to top clinton aide huma abedin and it's his computer that she was using for convenience sake, dump a lot of or secret stuff on and i say secret because anything with is not supposed to be put on unsecured device. >> those emails could have came from anyone including hillary clinton.
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we don't know the full extent of what's going on hire. we do know that anthony weiner took the computer that he shared with his wife to various places including pr where he worked, mww group. it was exposed in some general sense to the public. here is what we know right now. there is no deal, official deal between anthony weiner and the feds over the sements -- sexting scandal. there are no charges right now. from what i understand, it's very serious investigation by the fbi and child protection squad. this is a very serious investigation. here is what we hear from law enforcement officials. they see anthony weiner as a potential, potential, now we should point out cooperating witness if they need him to explain the sort of nuances of
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how he was able or how his wife was dealing, soon to be ex-wife was dealing with confidencial -- confidential possibility. distinct possibility. we should point out that there is no deal right now. is anthony weiner cop rated, he voluntarily handed over some electronic devices to nypd which essentially brought in the fbi as part because -- the woman -- the young girl that was involved in the sexting was overseas, i believe in great britain. you have to bring the fbi at that point and becomes joint investigation. that's how it led to anthony weiner, fbi people looking at it knowing there's an investigation into clinton emails and happened to see huma abedin's correspondence on anthony weiner's devices. that's where we are right now. no deal from what i understand.
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there's a degree of cooperation. federal law enforcement sources say that the possibility that weiner might be somebody who is willing to cooperate and help them with the other case is a distinct possibility. not saying it's going to happen but that's what the law enforcement sources are telling fox business. liz: it broke to congressman weiner's computer, people need to understand, this is a business network, the best place if you care about your money, and i don't know who doesn't, to watch where we see the melting of politics and business. >> markets are pricing in a trump victory when they trade off on the headline that he has a theoretical possibility of winning. before it looked like in the
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battleground states it was a bridge too far. now, those have tightened up. liz: before it was the markets and i put quotes, they want hillary. >> i think they still do. by trading off they're saying there's a greater possibility that donald trump will be president and they don't like him for a lot of reasons including his trade policy. let's face it rhetoric on the campaign -- markets hate volatility and volatile leaders and so i think that's the issue. i think they are wrong about this because some of his tax policies are pretty good but that's what the markets are saying and we will just have to see what happens as we get closer. it could be a volatile next week in the markets given what's going on right now with this e-mail issue. liz: you know, you are smart enough to get up to anthony weiner during the convention. i want to show this. he had no problem talking to you. i find it so strange because he
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did the hbo documentary, he doesn't shy away from the cameras, now we hear these deals that he made, he may actually be a witness that might hurt hillary and might -- >> i will say this, i don't know what's going on behind the scenes with anthony weiner and his lawyer. there's no deal right now. i will tell you this, all the speculation coming out, this is before the latest sexting scandal with the underage girl. not having him anywhere near the campaign, so there was animosity to begin with. it's not just animosity, if this sexting thing leads to federal charge involving underanal girl which is possible, i'm not saying it's going to happen, they're investigating still, that could land him in jail for a long time. you do what you have to do to stay out of jail, right? liz: come to this. thank you very much. he mentioned volatility. we have the volatility index again about 7 and a half percent.
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we just want to point out that to you. take a look at the dow with closing bell ringing about 45 minutes away. just about every energy related name is down today but look at chevron, the leader of the dow 30. how is it bucking that trend? bangladesh says it might buy two natural gas field from chevron for $2 billion. gain of 93 cents. do you think halloween is spooky, wait for tomorrow, the federal reserve starts two-day meeting, then you the october job's number out friday, more corporate earnings and a presidential election in eight days. our experts on what's really spooking wall street, the floor show is next and let's just get back to warren, ohio -- michigan, rather, we are going to take you there live to hear what he says as soon as he comes out of the stage. count down on the closing bell coming right back. the dow is down 1 points
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lizly at exactly this time friday the dow was recovering from the shock that hit stocks right after 1:00 p.m. eastern, that was when news of reopening
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e-mail investigation. today in the spirit of halloween we decide today get you a laundry list of a few gremlins that could be spooking investors this week. federal reserve policy meeting that begins tomorrow. a two-day meeting, announcement will be wednesday, it should shed light on the fed's plan for december rate hike and earnings this week including heavy weights like facebook, time warner, starbucks, a bunch of other names too and the october job's report out on friday. this following a 156,000 jobs added in september, expectation is 170,000 plus jobs to be added and how about crude oil, just settling significantly lower today as hopes for an opec deal fade away. a deal to cut output not going to happen at least when it comes to nonopec members, russia, brazil, didn't happen here. then, of course, all political
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uncertainty. eight days to go until the election. let's get to the floor show at the new york stock exchange, cme group, john, am i missing anything? the fed always rules, doesn't it? >> they do. if i have to lock at my list you pretty much hit on all the points i was going to say. you put all those things in front of an investor and they are forced into doing nothing at this point. there's no reason, there's no con vices to get into this market or if you're looking to take profits off of the table, any one of the factors could move the market either way so investors are forced into doing nothing. exciting that we have all of this going on in such a robust calendar with this week that's going to lead to the end of the year. at this point now it's clearly these things that are going to continue to fluctuate and headlines continue to change that are going to give investors the idea of let's just wait 2017 to make a decision. liz: who needs to wait when you have opec, jeff?
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opec ended talk with nonopec members about trying to come to this deal we talked so much about. it's not entirely over. i think they are going to meet in november as well. look at the fall in crude in aftermarket session. down nearly 4%. is this looking like a buying opportunity at 46.82? >> well, let's put it this way, it was a bad day in black rock today. nothing went right. this nonagreement really put in this market. we are working sideways through the last six or seven sessions and the truth be told, there maybe a place to buy this market maybe in 46 and a half level but the market has officially broken down under about 47 and a half, the market really breaks down here and they have to work a couple of dollars lower here. it's not looking good near term but as we know in the past when the market looks weakest, it may be buying opportunity you're talking about.
3:24 pm
but, again abatement in enthusiasm because the market is under pressure and until that november meeting there maybe nothing positive coming out that can really bolls -- bolster. liz: short squeeze of proportions. gdp last week for the first print for third quarter came 2.9% and today we have consumer spending rising solidly looking pretty decently. how important is the friday's job report to this piece of the puzzle? >> i think if you look at the bond action in the past three weeks, four weeks, this is pretty much baked in, you know, we've got bond yields at 5-month highs. we came off a little bit today. the key thing i would watch, watch the bonds, the bonds are
3:25 pm
telling you that sometime in the next 36 months we are going to get the rate hike and i think that'll be the surprise. that'll be the spooky thing. if you're looking at a move in bonds and you're wrong, that could be interesting start to 2017. i would watch that. i think all eyes are on the fed. you have seen how ineffectual opec has been. [laughter] liz: yeah, again infectual and right now chance of september hike. thank you very much. we appreciate it on the busy final hour of trade. as we've got about 35 minutes before the closing bell rings, the dow is just really hovering slightly below the flat line down 16 points at the moment. you can almost call that unchanged. elon musk always changing, counting on the sun to provide energy for the latest project. a lot of people were surprised, they were taken by surprise as
3:26 pm
he rolls out the super cool solar roof late friday night. the roofing materials are actually glass solar tiles that look like normal roofing material. part of his plan to show how the marriage of tesla and solar city will work in the future despite nay sayers. so far investors not really seeing the vision. tesla down. the cubbies stay alive winning gave five with excellent defense but now the series goes back to cleveland. my take on the indians winning it all at home, the chances of that, will joe look kindly on the tribe, more countdown coming the tribe, more countdown coming our way. anything worth pursuing hard work and a plan.
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>> here's a pop-up right side, foul ball. will it stay in play? ross is, there! and he -- liz: check out that incredible play.
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this from an indians fan. the chicago cubs anthony rizzo was in the right place at right time. we super slow moed, dropped by david ross. got it being blocked by a television camera topping over it, what a moment in world series history, right? i could not believe that. props the cubbies. fourth inning in game 5 the two players collided again. cubs defense helped force a game 6 beating beating my cleveland indians. nfl has to be concerned, beat cowboys-eagles game by 32%. that is the first time world series ratings beat the national football league. heart beating. indians are one win away from the first world series title in 72 years.
3:32 pm
i was fortunate enough to attend the game in chicago. that is my little guy, julian. we walked up to wrigley field, the iconic sign, then here is us again. i don't know how they didn't collar me. i walked on the field during batting practice. such a special experience to share with my son. that is the indians in batting practice. we got buzz from viewers all over social media on twitter, where we drum roll please, almost 50,000 followers! join me @lizclaman to reach our goal. more of my fabulous experience at the world series. watch tomorrow night, only on fox. closing bell 28 minutes away. the dow turned positive up about three points. coming up we are still waiting for donald trump's second event in michigan. live picture at warren, michigan. set to speak at make con
3:33 pm
community college. we'll hear what he has to say. former new york democratic governor and former florida senator george lemieux on the final stretch of the 2016 race. how will the final chapter be written. "countdown" coming right back. i love getting more for less.
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sources. fbi and senior law enforcement officials are telling jake that with 650,000 emails, that they go back quote, years. so they are not going to actually go through them one by one. in essence though what they're doing, they're developing a system to quote, exploit them. this is probably a technical term that means they can put in key words, things like or hillary or hrc and then they can, quickly, through 650,000 emails for these key words. but again, they are reiterating and reinforcing that they are not going to go through each and everyone of them. they got the search warrant on sunday. so they own that computer of former representative anthony weiner. that is where these emails are. they believe there are some emails on there that may relate back to the original hillary clinton email scandal. as soon as we get more i will get it to you. former republican senator from
3:39 pm
florida, george lemieux, and former democrat governor from new york, david paterson. the pile on continues, or is it? is it worse for huma abedin? can hillary's camp divert it away from her. >> i have some bad news here, liz. i think the cubs will win last two games of the world series. liz: you know what? get off the set. [laughter]. >> you know, this is situation where the one thing -- liz: by the way, that is called diverting, what you just did. >> yeah. the diversion in this campaign would be, that each time the two candidates debated, it appeared hillary got the edge in the polls afterward. it doesn't matter who won the debate, it is who became more popular. i think the advice for diversion might be right here, for a candidate to say, listen, there have been two candidates in very short period of time before the election have been accused of a lot of things.
3:40 pm
one of the candidates has said the process is rigged, the investigators are rigged and even the election is rigged. the other candidate is saying, i want more answers, i want more information, and i want to know why this came up now. so i think that is her best argument. liz: senator lemieux, do you agree? what does donald trump do to capitalize on this beyond what he has done? he is speaking twice in michigan. he left grand rapids, heading to warren. as soon as he gets in front of the podium we'll take it. he sounded same tone as he has before. hillary is quote, crooked, et cetera. is there a better way, for lack ze on this new development? >> well, liz, really what donald trump does now is not as important as what will happen with the hillary clinton and emails. what you mentioned the justice department will use data analytics to review 650,000 emails. if we find out there was one
3:41 pm
classified or top secret information like there was with the 113 emails previously produced, that could mean she committed a crime or raisedded gross negligence standard she didn't go to where comey says she was extremely careless. or two, there were emails she did not produce to the government and obstructed justice. american people are in difficult position looking at candidate might be indicted after she was elected or could be under a wave of scandal and cloud of scandal for four years and all sorts of committee hearings in congress, maybe impeachment proceeding. american people don't want four years of scandal. this is really bad news for hillary clinton. liz: we could add more, as i expected we would get more on the heels of jake gibson, fox news producer report, this from "the new york times," governor, they're now saying what they do have is a special computer program that will enable them to very quickly sift
3:42 pm
through these 650,000 emails, specifically to determine, quote, whether they contain classified information. they're saying not a manpower issue. this could be done in the blink of an eye, watson and ibm and how quickly that computer -- >> watson can read 300 documents written about cancer in a matter of seconds. same way here you look up someone's name on google, more sophisticated way, go through hundreds of thousands of emails, that would actually be good. what we really need to know what the truth is. i think that would put everyone in much better place right now. we're 10 days before an election. nobody really knows anything about what is going on here. that makes it difficult to everyone. liz: talk about october surprises. we're one day away from november, senator. maybe the november surprise for donald trump is such that he is, he has been handed, this may sound crass, but may be a gift because it diverts people's attention from some. issues that he certainly has had. i an we even had peter thiel,
3:43 pm
the big silicon valley genius speaking today, he is huge donald trump supporter, but he specifically said he found it extremely inappropriate, "access hollywood" tape that was revealed by donald trump, but you know, that is now kicked to maybe the second, third or back page of the papers and hillary clinton is at front page. >> absolutely. donald trump has had you know, a really bad string of weeks during his campaign with the "access hollywood" tape and other self-inflicted wounds but that is on the third page now and not on the front page. what will be on the front page is whether or not these emails have classified information, whether or not they were not produced to the government. what's in those emails, and are we going to have some kind of pronouncement from the government that she committed a crime. that is what everyone hanging on until election day. liz: thanks to both of you. "new york times" is reporting that the search through the
3:44 pm
650,000 emails discovered on anthony weiner's laptop has begun. so perhaps we will know sooner rather than later. form senator george lemieux and former governor david paterson, thanks so. , both of you. watch fox business special election weekend programing. we are in business. we are all, all of us, neil cavuto, stuart varney, liz, trish, the whole shooting match, david, melissa, we're all going to be working for all-day coverage saturday and sunday. so we're going to be watching every step by each candidate, every news development, 6:00 a.m. eastern time to 9:00 p.m. pacific eastern time. don't miss best election night coverage in the business. live continuous coverage until the opening polls and until a president is elected and beyond. fox business, fastest growing network on cable. the dow is down six points. ♪
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liz: embattled pharmaceutical company valeant is plummeting this hour. it is down 8 and 2/3%. there is new criminal probe. focusing on former ceo, and cfo while building a fraud case against the company could yield charges within just weeks. valeant is the canadian pharmaceutical company that became very much in the cross-hairs of regulators because it was simply hiking prices to fix their numbers to make it look, allegedly look like they were doing better than they really were. valeant replaced. the ceo with michael papa a few months ago. there is criminal probe
3:50 pm
specifically into the cfo and ceo. any news we'll get back to you. clinton campaign releasing a letter, the letter signed by nearly 100 former federal prosecutors and very high-ranking department of justice firms and in this letter, the officials slam james comey, writing his unprecedented decision to publicly comment on evidence in what may be an on going inquiry just 11 days before a presidential election leaves us all both astonished and per flexed. -- perplexed. peter seidenberg is one of the people that signed the letter. he joins me here live. former assistant u.s. attorney from the district of columbia and currently a white-collar crime lawyer. thanks for joining us. why did you sign the letter? >> i signed the letter because i thought that the conduct of, the decision by director comey to release the letter when he did
3:51 pm
on friday before having looked at the emails in question was inappropriate. liz: well the letter you signed, and i read through it, it does not accuse james comey specifically of partisan politics but it does excoriate him for releasing this, just a few days before the election and then not giving more detail. would you feel better about it if we start to see some email detail released in next couple hours? because the breaking news out of both fox news and "new york times" the search and sifting electronically of all these emails has now begun? >> no. i wouldn't, because, first of all, the letter specifically says that you know, as former prosecutors we have a great deal of respect for jim comey. so this is not an attack on his integrity in any way, shape or form. it's a question about this particular decision to release that letter when he did. releasing emails piecemeal is not going to, in my view, fix
3:52 pm
this problem. criminal investigations are done in secret, under wraps for a reason. that's how proper investigation is conducted. it is not conducted piecemeal in the public, and then discussed on cable news. liz: well, you know and it broke exactly during the hour before this, or couple of hours before our hour. then all of the details about anthony weiner came drip, dripping out. what now do you think happens? you have defended white collar criminals and i'm sure there are email trails in cases you fought, how does this proceed? >> it's a fairly tedious process, because even if you're using computer search terms to cull these emails, analysis still has to be conducted to determine whether or not any of these emails contain classified
3:53 pm
information and then that requires often times interviews because some of these emails may or may not be marked. they may or may not have been marked properly. then an investigation further has to determine whether they were sent intentionally with an intent to break the law, and that is not going to get done in a week. liz: there is a lot of speculation that director comey did this to try and preserve what is left of his reputation because some people have attacked him for having not recommended prosecution in this case. do you see anything to that? why would he do this now and, is it simply because he feels like he was so embattled for not having been more aggressive the first time around? >> you know, it would be speculation on my part. to ascribe motives to why he did it, i certainly don't think he is fighting for his reputation. he has a reputation for integrity. i think he was put on the defensive when he testified
3:54 pm
before congress and he may have felt constrained as he says in his letter, to keep them apprises. i just think that it was premature. liz: okay. >> once you know what is in the e-mails, he can make determination, should have made a determination at that point, if it was appropriate to make a public announcement, but doing so before you even know whether these emails have, are unique and haven't already been reviewed certainly strikes me as premature. liz: i appreciate you coming on, sir. you signed the letter. we'll see what happens. peter seidenberg, former u.s. district attorney for district of columbia and a lawyer for erant fox. >> thank you. liz: down five points that is it for the dow jones industrials. you talk about uncertainty, hugging the flat line right now. team countdown going trick-or-treating but instead of candy, michael binger will be
3:55 pm
handing out stock picks that will sweeten up your holdings. we trick you not. ♪
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liz: valeant is down 12 1/3%, charges in a criminal probe against the ceo and cfo and the whole company may be forthcoming in just a matter of weeks. we are watching the story very closely. valeant is of course canadian pharmaceutical was real momentum bucks andttled now. change.
3:59 pm
word of fbi reopening email vision and market plummeting 150 points at low of the session, we're not surprised this surprise happened. markets are extremely undecisive at this hour. larry shover at cme is standing by. larry, what did you see shortly after one p.m. eastern time after this news broke? larry, is right next to me. that is how grades sy this day has been. liz: i was so -- not realize he was next to me. i know where michael binger is right next to me. gradient investments. what do you think is happening with the fed and markets in the wake of this? >> i think fed raises interest rates in december. that is no big deal, one small raise, really nothing after that, for quite a while. market will consolidate until this election is over. i think if hillary wins it's a yawn.
4:00 pm
if trump wins there is uncertainty and short term, i mean short-term correction, comes right back. what everyone is missing in all of this, okay. earnings are turning around. we have a powerful move this year, earnings will be up year-over-year basis. liz: michael binger, gradient investments. [closing bell rings] there is the closing bell. david and melissa, after the bell. david: stocks anxiously awaiting results of fbi investigation and nearing flat line, and down for the month. i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis. we have you coverage on big market movers, drop in shares of valeant. here is what else we have for you this hour. fbi is now searching through hundreds of thousands of new emails, belonging to hillary clinton's top aide. we have latest settlements on this. reported feud between the justice department and the fbi


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