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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  October 31, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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melissa: in pennsylvania you can go in person on election day, say, forget that other thing. david: there is a way to vote with your heart. lord knows there are probably a lot of people changing their mines right now. melissa: i don't know, "risk & reward" starts right now. >> it took a lot of guts, i was not his fan, what he did, he brought back his reputation, he has to hang tough there is a lot of people, want him to do the wrong thing. another 650,000 e-mails. i think that called the mother load. we never thought we would say thank you to anthony weiner. liz: donald trump capitalizing on fbi new investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail as wikileaks drops another round of brand-new clinton campaign e-mails. we have all new details, i am liz in for deirdre bolton,
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this is "risk & reward." we're looking at a live trump rally, it is set to take place in warren, michigan, just two hours ago,onald trump said if hillary clinton is elected that would trigger a constitutional crisis, we're monitoring that. when we comes out we'll go live. new polls show donald trump surging after a week ago hillary clinton lead trump in the same poll by double digits, political pundits saying her campaign is under attack on several fronts, with an fbi e-mail investigation, and the new clinton pay to play riff laying, and wikileaks with a phase 3 final push just a week away from the election, and more project veritas under cover video fallout of what the clinton campaign was doing to attack the trump campaign, and new reports that fbi has started going through roughly 650,000 e-mails on anthony weiner's laptop.
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even. we're hearing sources, may be worse than what we know about. that is a separate issue from the clinton e-mails that were discovered. clinton-related e-mails tharp that were discovered. we have intelligence sources telling fox that newly discoveries e-mails likely contain classified information. senior washington d.c. correspondent peter barnes with the latest. reporter: the department said, in a letter to congress, that it will dedicate all necessary resources to the review, and it will take appropriate steps as expeditiously as possible. and metadata o anthony weiner's computer rned up positive on clips for clinton e-mail intelligence source
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told fox, they did a metadata review it appears a virtual certainty that new clinton records are on the computer, a new search warrant will allow fbi investigator to search weiner's computer and read the content of the e-mails, fbi forensic computer experts develops a search program with key words, and process of sifting through the records to weiner's computer. we also learned that there was tension and disagreement within the fbi, between the fbi and justice deputy over investigating the clinton foundation. "wall street journal" reporting that the department was tapping the brakes on those cases this year. with career and corruption prosecutor thinks them weak, the white house gave fbi director comey a vote of confidence. >> president does not believe
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that director comey is trying to intentionally influence the outcome of the election, or secretly strategizing to benefit one candidate or a political party. >> it is strairch strange to put something like that out with such little information right before an election. reporter: unclear, if any probes into clinton foundation continue. a quick question, didn't harry reid, say that the fbi is meddling in the election. and that clinton campaign has been saying all weekend that the fbi director is meddling, but white house seems to be backing off that saying, they don't think he is meddling. reporter: yeah. compare and contrast. you know. maybe one team is thinking ahead to after the election. and other one is not. liz: i'm sorry, thank you so much for your terrific
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reports, we have donald trump coming out at this rally. in michigan, we're taking it to you live. let's watch and take a listen. ♪ god bless the usa ♪ i'm proud to be an american ♪ ♪ liz: donald trump about to takes microphone in warren, michigan, two hours earlier he was in grand rapids, we have a renewed controversy over hillary clinton and e-mails involving huma abedin and anthony weiner, trump saying that u.s. could face a constitutional crisis, that if hillary clinton is elected, bobby knight there. donald trump rallying the crowd, he -- trump said, he predicted a protracted
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criminal investigation. but we're seeing too is that donald trump saying that fbi director james comey has brought back his reputation by looking into the e-mails that were found on huma abedin and anthony weiner's laptop and other devices. we're trying to ascertain. in working our intelligence sources whether or not any of those e-mails could be duplicates or going so far as to suggest according to a former fbi directo, they could probably see a lot of e-mail that hillary clinton and her team -- rather her team had acid wash and bleach bitted out, we don't know that it may show up. they are looking to see if any of those e-mails do exist. we'll listen to what bobby knight is saying, to the rally for donald trump in warren, michigan. >> one last thing.
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one last thing. there is no bull schmid -- bull with donald trump. >> thank you. thank you, bobby. what a man. 900 victories, bobby had, three national championships. last undefeated team okay olympics, pan am games, bobby knight, thank you, bobby. you know when i wanted to win the great state of indiana, a friend of mine said, anyway you can get bobby knight to endorse you? i got bobby knight, that was the end of that, i tell you that. in 8 days we're going to win the great state of michigan and we're going to win back
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the white house. real change begins with immediately repeeling and replacing. obamacare. the disaster. it is just been announced that michigan residents are going to experience, a massive double digit premium hike. in obamacare. i will not tell you the number, i know the number, but i want everyone to leave here happy. you will be happy. because we repeal is, replace it, get you something so good. so much less epensive. so much better, you know, it's better, and less expensive, that is a good combination. in arizona, the great state of arizona, great place, just lift, premiums are going to
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sunsurge 116% next year. in minnesota, where premium increase lose to 60 -- close to 60%, democratic governor, they are not happy about this he said, the afford able care act is no longer affordable. hillary clinton, wants to double down on obamacare. make it more expensive. in fact, much more epensive, than anybody even in their wildest imagination thought possible. i want to tell you something, her biggest problem right now is not obamacare, do you agree
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with that? she has got other problems. i'm asking for your vote, so we can replace obamacare, and save health care for every family in michigan and in our country. real change, also means restoring honesty to the government. as you know, the fbi has reopened the investigation into hillary clinton. and has discovered another 650,000 e-mails. then you wonder why things don't get done in our country, how do you do? this is the biggest scandal since water gate. hillary clinton's to blame everyone else. for her mounts legal troubles,
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but she has brought this situation on to herself. she has nobody to blame but herself. hillary is the one who set up an illegal private e-mail server in a closet she'l shield her criminal activity, and the pay for play scheme. at state department, now there are 5 fbi probes and the clin cliclinton foundation and their pay for play activity, hillary sent and received classified information on a insecure server putting the safety of the important people under threat, hillary is the one lied too congress under oath, lied about turning over her work related e-mail, she lied about sends classified information and lied about using only one device. in other words, she lied. man, did she lie.
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all right, get him out of here. get him out. a paid protester. a paid protes protester. >> usa. usa. >> did you see on wikileaks, great thing look cameras are looking over there, finally. they never want to show the massive crowds that we have, look at that. did you see where on wikileaks there was announce they were paying protesters to be
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violent, $1500. i wonder if that is one of them, no doesn't look too violent to me. hillary is the one who lied to the fbi. and then pretended she could not remember 39 different times. hillary is the one who made 13 phones disappear, some with a hammer. hillary destroyed 33,000 e-mails. after getting a subpoena from the u. congress, think of that one. i have a feeling in the 650,000 you will find the 33,000. and it just came out, this is so bad. so bad. it just came out, you see donna brazile was fired from the network.
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for giving crooked hillary the answers and the questions to a debate. but the media which is one of the most dishonest groups of people, ever, ever, ever, you are "going the distance" to meet. -- you are ever going to meet, they don't say, who cares about donna brazile, who cares? i care about circumstance hillary clinton -- is hillary clinton gets the questions to a debate, that is a big deal, then what happens, is the media they never say why didn't you turn it in? why did you use these questions? she used the questions now this came out today, this is in addition to the other thing. nobody is saying, why did hillary clinton not turn it
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in? you know, i have a son name name baron, i want to held you she is a terrible example for my son and the children in this country. that i can tell you. hillary is one who broke the law, over and over and over again. and by the way we do want the answer to that media, ask her, why didn't she say she had the questions to the debate. i hope you will be able to gives that you answer. they are worse than she is. by the way did you see another one, another one came in today, this weeky leaks like -- wikileaks like, came in, where various networks, a lot of them were sending stories
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and sending what do you want us to say hire, wha here, what do you want us to say their? what should we did here, what should we to do there, do you believe. this is a rigged system, a big part of the rigging is the media, i will tell you right now, a big part of the rigging . the big part of the rigging, among the most dishonest people you will meet, hillary is not the victim, the american people are the victims of this corrupt, and rigged system, and on november 8, that is your chance, we're going to change it. hillary clinton is a dishonest 57, it show -- person, it shows in so many things, i am serious about this somebody said maybe it is not that big
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a deal, to me it is. getting the questions to the debate, that is a big deal. this is a big deal. not turning yourself in. and if they fired donna brazile, why are they not firing hillary clinton? why is she is a lowed to run? >> why is she allowed to run? hillary clinton is unfit and unqualified to be the president of the united states . and she is likely to be under investigation for criminality for a very, very long time to come. one of her long time supporters, a top democratic polster, a very respected man, doug schoan is now withdrawing his support from hillary clinton. he wrote an article, he said,
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i'm a democrat. i work for bill clinton. but i cannot vote for hillary. he went on, i am now convinced, so important, so important, because our country has enough problems. he said, i'm now convinced that we'll be facing the very possibility of a constitutional crisis, with many dimensions and you know this is so true, consequences, should secretary clinton win this election. in other words, we're going to be tied up in court for the rest of our lives with this deal. she is not going to win the election, but i'm just saying. if hillary is elected, she would be under protracted criminal investigation, likely followed by the trial of a sitting president, this is --
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this is just what we need. just what we need much let me tell you. the way life circumstance they just -- life is. one e-mail. being classified or confidenc confidential, i guarantee therare many, thank you huma . do you think right now that hillary clinton is happy with the services of huma? i don't think so. i don't think she likes huma. and i never thought we would say thank you to anthony weiner. never. i never liked you, but thank
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you very much. i don't think, they don't give me much credit, it is called good judgment. do you notice i have been calling anthony weiner for the last year, i have been saying you cannot allow well be so close to the seat of power to be in anyway associated with this guy. you know what press said, how dare you say that, give me a break. now they are all saying, he was right. but most of them don't want to write it. the investigation will last for years. nothing will get done. government will grind to a halt our country will continue to suffer, hillary's corruption is a threat to democracy. and only way to stop it, is for you on november 8, to show up in the polls, and vote. we'll stop it then.
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and you know what, we have a movement, the likes of which they have never seen in this country, all of these dishonest people back there they say it. it is the greatest such even, they say, they say, bill o'reilly said, they all say, it is the single great ofis greatest political phenomenon, it is single greatest political phenomena in his life even people that hate me have said it. just a little bit of news, so, you know you have been seeing polls, we're winning almost everywhere. and reason i'm here, you know republicans has not won like in 35 years or something in the state of michigan,
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remember this. i have been with you for two years, i have been making speeches in michigan for two years, outside, we have more people, this place is packed, right? look at the door issue outside, thank you to fire marshall by the way he is great. outside, we have more people than we vin side. -- than we have inside, there are thousands of people outside. but, i have been talking to the people of michigan. for two years. i have been saying it for 5 or 6 years, but i've been making speeches here for two years about your automobile industry, and others but in paicular automobile. liz: donald trump in a rally in warren, michigan, hitting all news points of what has been going on with latest in fbi investigation into anthony weiner and huma abedin's device, appears that e-mail, related to clinton investigation by fbi have
5:23 pm
shown unb un-- up by the thousand, potentially holding classified information we need to apologize on behalf of bobby knight, in his exuberance, he said donald trump does not put up with any b-blank, right at the top, also donald trump went after donna brazile, she is caught up again in leaking we found this out, giving information to hillary clinton before a town hall debate. we have scott brown. and judge andrew napolitano, and congressman joining me now. >> we don't know what is going on with the investigation. but we understand that the fbi is building platforms that would allow them to examine 650,000 e-mails, looking for select terms.
5:24 pm
they are looking for two things, go huma lie to the fbi expurcand under oath in a deposition. when she said she surrendered all of her e-mails to the government. and are there classified e-mails in there, if there are classified material did they come from mrs. clinton. is this search going to be resolved by election day, no. a portion, it could be. but i doubt that fbi wants to run into the headwinds that it ran into friday by giving a progress report. they are not supposed to give progress reports, they are to complete their investigation, and pass material on justice department. if you ask if we'll learn anything new before election day, i doubt it. liz: an intelligence. >> highest caliber, law enforcement. liz: he said there is a prob bill tie -- prob bill tie that
5:25 pm
some of the e-mails from come out from weiner or abedin's devices could be some of the e-mails that hillary clinton's team asse acid watch. >> everything she got went to her yahoo! account. it is likely that whatever mrs. clinton sent her, is available on that yahoo! account. whether clinton people thought they surrendered or not. liz: yahoo!, half a billion users were hacked. final thing, point, do you think that white house is basely say, you know, make a statement or somebody could make a statement saying huma abedin is separate from hillary clinton campaign. >> it would not surprise he if justice department did
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something like that. deirdre: judge napolitano thank you. don't go away. a combination of see products.. and customers.
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liz: hillary's campaign message marine? going full bore after the f.b.i. director announced a reopening of the email probe. >> we are asking the f.b.i. director. you violated these two protocols be you owe the public pull information. find it strange 11 days out i's putting this letter out there. >> it's not just strange it's unprecedented and deeply troubling. elizabeth: back in the summer they talked about jim comey as a sober judicious upstanding director. that's when they were for him.
5:30 pm
>> the f.b.i. did a tropical prehencive and deep investigation into this. at the conclusion of that f.b.i. director comey said to the world there was no case here. that they did not have evidence of wrongdoing on hillary's part. >> the director explained things in a way that completely matches up with what hillary clinton has been saying for many months. >> i greatly appreciate the work the f.b.i. and the department of justice did and they handled it professionally just to set it up for the viewers. what happened in the summer is jim comey gave the clinton cam paint benefit of the doubt, give hillary clinton the benefit of the doubt, advising that he overstepped -- he was accused of overstepping his role in suggesting that there should not
5:31 pm
be a prosecution. now the clinton campaign is calling it two-faced. >> what's strange is unprecedented is this is all hillary clinton's fault. she did what she did with the private server to circumvent the rules of congress and the media be to make sure the american citizens couldn't get their emails and private correspondence as well. i didn't agree with director comey's decision. i thought he made out a great prima facia case as a misdemeanor to be leveled against hillary clinton. i have great confidence in the f.b.i. and still it do. the fact that he's out there doing his job, i don't ware if it's five seconds before the winner is announced. whether you like this decisions or not, he's still doing his job. >> the question is should he make any public comments. the white house saying they are
5:32 pm
not going to criticize him. that seems to be at odds with the clinton campaign. senator reid says he's violating federal law. >> senator reid is one of the most seen-spirited person in the senate. the simple fact that he would rely on the hatch act when he has been in the well of the senate talking about mitt romney using his bully pulpit on an almost daily basis i think in violation of the hatch act is still ironic. of course he's not violating the hatch act. he's not using his position to influence the election. he's using his position to do his job. i didn't agree with the first one. he will do his job and let the chips fuel where they may. liz: we have congressman dennis
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liz: there is a lot of talk that vice president joe biden may have been the only demiate an honest reaction. take a listen to how he took the news of the f.b.i.'s new investigation involving anthony weiner. >> i don't know where this -- these emails came from. >> anthony weiner. >> oh, god, anthony weiner.
5:37 pm
i should not comment on anthony weiner, i'm not a big fan, and i wasn't before he got in trouble. i shouldn't comment on anthony weiner. liz: normer congressman dennis kucinich. how come we didn't hear more democrats say it's not a good idea that anthony weiner is so close to this campaign? >> i don't think anybody had any idea how close oh was to the campaign now that 650,000 emails came from a computer he had access to. the clinton campaign is caught in a perfect storm with the f.b.i. investigation, wikileaks weren't questions about the clinton foundation, i saw donald trump's with the rest of the viewers. liz: so basically huma abedin is
5:38 pm
work out of the new york city apartment when she was in the state department. she until it process of getting divorced. but you say the democrats had no idea how close anthony weiner was to the situation? >> i don't think anthony weiner had any real contact with the clinton campaign. i don't know that for a fact. i also think that he is not the issue here. the issue is a larger issue of trust of whether the american people feel that government is hopelessly corrupt, they are going to go for change. that's the bigger issue here. anthony weiner is a bit player in this. the major player, secretary clinton has but a few days try to change the momentum which has shift considerably. i think it's a conversation she has to have with the american people. liz: your point is well taken.
5:39 pm
people out there are stick of the status gof question. -- the status question. the other news that came out, four f.b.i. offices were investigating the clinton foundation for the clinton foundation. new york, l.a., washington, d.c. and little rock. that's a story, too, right? >> the activities within the clinton foundation become a story if it can be demonstrated government decisions were made byecretary clinton that benefited if major donors top the clinton foundation. that's up in the air right now. but the very fact it's being discussed is part of a change in the context of the election. the contexts of the election change with the f.b.i. inserting itself in the last 10 days
5:40 pm
together with the announcement of 650,000 emails, together with wikileaks and the clinton foundation. this is a crushing burden being placed on the clinton election and hillary clinton will have to come forward directly to the american people and appeal to them. i would say it would be best for her campaign so she could caulk directly to the american people about what is going on. liz: your points are well taken and well thought out. it's about turning out the voter, turning out the base, and getting that dine sided voter in your camp. democrats now coming up with creative responses to hillary's new f.b.i. investigation. maryland governor martin o'malley saying it's not hillary clinton that's under investigation the it's her server.
5:41 pm
we have information on whether a new wikileaks email about planting decoy stories to mississippi lead the public and the press.
5:42 pm
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5:44 pm
liz already maryland governor martin o'malley appears on fox and friends an said it isn't hillary under investigation. it's her server. >> your position appears to be. >> no, she is not.
5:45 pm
i don't believe when director comey says he's going back to look at this other server that anthony weiner had, i don't believe 23459 that amount to the fact that hillary clinton is under criminal investigation. he said he's going back to look at the server. >> we are going to charge the server? you think the server would do hard time? programs death penalty? >> he admitted he don't know if there are any emails connected to this or not. that's what he has admitted and that's what you, my friend, gloss over. liz: joining sneep judicial watch tom fitten. the f.b.i. is looking at emails look you have on anthony weiner and huma abedin's come fewer
5:46 pm
devices. >> you don't attack the f.b.i. director because a computer is under investigation. it's the criminal liability attendants with that server that mrs. clinton is upset and nervous. the democrats thought this was behind them and mr.comby pointed out -- in comey said it isn't there is debate about what comey did and whether it was appropriate. did they screw up initially, and i think he did. mrs. clinton violated the law in using a separate server for classified email. and why wasn't this picked up on initially by the department of justice which is spending a lot
5:47 pm
of energy attacking in comey as opposed to explaining itself for allowing huma abedin to maintain this information for over a year. liz: comey put in an extra standard that's not in the law about intent. to be grossly negligent you couldn't have to have -- i don't have to have intent. he did give him a mulligan. we talk about conveyance. but it's what could that classified information be. we were fighting isis an and al qaeda. if huma is send it to her yahoo account, half a billion users hacked. i want you to respond to the next issue sat play. judicial watch is suing the fiep
5:48 pm
over the meeting bill clinton had with lower lett d with lorea lynch -- with loretta lynch on the tarmac in arizona. >> there have been -- i'm sure there were documents about what happened in the aftermath and what was said and the impact it had on the f.b.i. investigation. that's just one request we have pending. ed the f.b.i. ignored our request. we also asked the justice department directly. they said they have been reviewing our requests. we have also asked the faa for materials. so we want to know exactly what went on and if we can't get what happened at the meeting exactly. you can bet there are contemporaneous accounts right after the meeting. when you have the attorney general say this casts a cloud on this investigation, you can bet there was internal discussions about what cloud it
5:49 pm
was and what she should say and what happened there. liz: we only found out about that meeting by a local reporter. fall fitton from judicial watch. thank you. we have the "chicago tribune" calling for hillary clinton to step down. we have a congressman who agrees. don't go away. i know you're my financial advisor, but are you gonna bring up that stock again? well you need to think about selling some of it. my dad gave me those shares, you know. he ran that company. i get it. but you know i think you own too much. gotta manage your risk. and you've gotta switch to decaf. an honest opinion, even if you disagree. with 13,000 financial advisors, it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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liz: should we be concerned about blackmail in the latest development that the f.b.i. uncovered emails related to the hillary clinton server. basically heems on anthony weiner's laptop. if hillary clinton wind the election, a foreign government could threaten the president with information that has been hacked. i'm joined by republican congressman, the former district judge, louie gohmert. no one is talking about this angle. >> it's very serious. anthony weiner, with all the sexting he was doing and the trouble he has gone the into in the past, it seems it would be easy to lure him into a situation where you can
5:54 pm
blackmail him and he has all these emails according to catherine herridge that includes classified emails. so he's going through a divorce. this is dangerous stuff. he's a potential victim for blackmail because of his private life and she is as potential victim of blackmail. i'm not saying it's happening. there are no indications that happened. but that is where we need better people serving in offices, especially the highest office in the land. it makes a lot of continues who is their closest confidante. i still keep asking. i hope to i get an answer. who first put huma abedin next to hillary clinton as an intern?
5:55 pm
liz: what are you hearing? >> i don't know. i know a guy who was helping find muslims to be chaplains in the military and chaplains in prisons, and was helping them find got fits for the clinton administration. he's now in federal prison for supporting terrorism. elizabeth: you know all this for a fact? >> yes. it wasn't even our own f.b.i. that it was told made the case, that basically they had it handed to them by mi6 that muhdi was helping the bush administration find muslim chaplains. elizabeth: as a nation we embrace other faiths. but your point is well taken. isn't there precedence here. you and i talked about what
5:56 pm
happened with bill clinton and monica lewinsky. bill clinton told monica lewinsky, i'm worried about foreign embassies tapping my phone. >> if a foreign government learned he had this relationship with man today u.s. would be compromised. the good news in our situation is hillary clinton so fastly compromised our security that there wasn't much else anybody could do. that's a little sarcastic. but it's true. >> every time i see you, you look alarmed. this is -- this is the most important election of our lifetime. this one really is. liz: thank you so many for your time. just a week agoment in media thought this was going to be basically landslide that hillary clinton was going to win by a
5:57 pm
landslide. the election is looking tighter. we have the latest next.
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liz: we are at fox business are bringing you all the latest developments. "making money" with charles payne is next. charles: good evening. i'm charles payne. 8 days until election day. a decision by the f.b.i. director james comey to reopen the investigation tied to hillary clinton's use of a private email server sending shock waves through the campaign. peter barnes in washington with the latest. reporter: the justice department is saying they will work closely with the f.b.i. to try to get this second review of clinton emails done quickly. in the letter to congress the department said it will dedicate all necessy


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