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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  November 1, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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be live this weekend. we're staying here, camping out, because it is countdown time. final days of this election. we are live. starting at 6:00 a.m. eastern, i'll be here as normal on "the intelligence report." at 2:00 p.m. eastern, and right now we're heading into the last hour of trading, down 152. liz is taking it from here. liz: i'll bring the cheese and crackers, you bring the cookies. we're moments away from closing arguments day two. hillary clinton in the crucial swing state of florida set to make her case as to why no woman should cast her vote for donald trump. clinton is expected to go heavy in just a few moments on that stage, on the woman issue. our cameras are trained on the crowd at pascoe hernandez state college. she will be joined by alicia machado, the beauty queen trump
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attacked after clinton made her an issue in the first debate. trump spoke in pennsylvania alongside vice presidential candidate mike pence, trump blasting obamacare on the first day of annual enrollment for health care. if elected, he will ask congress to convene a special session to repeal the president's signature health care law and replace it. we've got our reporters at all key locations, joined by trump foreign policy adviser pete hoekstra of michigan. he was with trump yesterday. whether the ad buy will help him land the wolverine state? former ubs america chairman robert wolf whether hillary can survive the server skant scandal. all the drama freezing up wall street. the dow down 150 points plus the s&p 500 is about to clock its longest losing streak in 15 months.
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the dow hanging just below 18,000 at 17,990. we're on it. less than an hour to the closing bell. let's start the "countdown." breaking news, after being down 201 points at the lows of the session, the dow trying to claw its way back. stocks kicking off the brand-new month of november by slashing the yellow caution light, all three major indices in the red. the nasdaq down 55 points but the s&p 500 can't grab the green, lower by 20 points. anxiety is ruling wall street with seven days until the presidential election and the fed two-day meeting. we've got the vix or the so-called volatility index considered to be the best gauge of fear in the market, right now, as you see it jumping by more than 14%. i need to tell you three hours ago, it was up, only 8%.
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remember that we told you the companies are rushing in record numbers to strike deals before the election in the m&a frenzy is bypassing a particular sector, the newspaper industry. look at shares of tronk, tumbling 16%. after gannett said we are out, gannett is down just under 2%. fertilizer is doing great. archer daniels midland is surging significantly after reporting much better-than-expected earnings, better by 7.5%. why? thanks to higher corn and soybean exports. good for archer daniels midland, adm. team fox business on the story forus. adam shapiro ready to lead with the controversial miss universe as the show opener, and blake burman tracking donald trump's
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every move through pennsylvania and wisconsin, and charlie gasparino looking at today's market freakout, including we're going to talk about gold too, it's suddenly spiking and the relation all of this has to donald trump's rising poll numbers. donald trump is on his way to wisconsin for a rally in eau claire. the republican nominee and running mate shredding obamacare and 3,000 page long misive verbally, all tied to open enrollment. you know the e-mails you have been getting from your employer. donald trump telling pennsylvania voters, premiums would increase upwards of 50%. let me get on blake burman. i noticed a calm tone. i tweeted that out as it happened. this reducts the new, new donald trump, maybe he grabs more independent voters this way? >> reporter: we saw him with a
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similar tone here in d.c. earlier this week. also of note, his running mate mike pence standing by. maybe that had something to do with it. this was a prepared speech. donald trump describing the affordable care act as one of the great political lies of the century, he did not stop there either. trump called president obama's signature health care law a catastrophe, if it remains, it could destroy health care forever. he described the system as it stands right now as one with skyrocketing premiums and deductibles. he said it is extremely unfair to millennials. trump started with the obamacare open enrollment period, and trump further laid out how he would go about overturning the health care law. if you want to overturn it, how are you going to do so? trump said he would call for a special session of congress to take up the matter. listen here. >> i will ask congress to
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convene a special session so we can repeal and replace, and it will be such an honor for me, for you and for everybody in this country because obamacare has to be replaced. >> reporter: as for trump's day, liz, on the whole here, that speech was in pennsylvania. he will hold a rally couple hours from now, later tonight in wisconsin. those are two states here as we head down the stretch, normally the swing states that you think are in play. trump appears to expand the map with wisconsin because those two are states, according to the polling that shows that if trump wants to win them, he's got big work to do in both of states, liz? liz: blake burman on the trump trail. i need you to look at the lower band of all of the market numbers. if not at session lows, close to session lows, that is frightening people looking at our news and saying wait a minute kwhae happening to my money. hillary clinton is no doubt
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asking what's happened to her campaign taking a hit following the news about the bombshell fbi reopened e-mail investigation. the trump tamp is certainly looking at better numbers in states like florida. brand-new data shows he's climbing a bit higher to the top. charlie gasparino with the reaction. i mentioned gold, up 18 bucks, the peso is falling in weight and value. you tell me, is this trump fear? hillary fear? you tell me. >> i'll layoit the facts and discuss it in a minute. this is very interesting, and track various markets since the minute that the james comey announced he's reopening the hillary e-mail investigation. as you know, the minute that happened, stocks tanked right there and there. the dow jones industrial average since the minute that thing was announced friday is down over 1.3%. that's pretty interesting. should point out that includes
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today's 160-point decline. the vix index, the index of market volatility, when people are getting scared and trading in and out of stocks, guess what that fell? 34% as of now. that's a big jump. gold, since that time, that's up 7%. that's a fear index. people are putting money into gold. when the fear is up, vix is up too, people are scared. both of those things the markets are scared since the likelihood of donald trump being elected has gone up dramatically. and here's the interesting thing, the peso fell about 2.6% against the dollar. donald trump has basically threatened a trade war with mexico repealing nafta and forcing mexico to somehow, i don't know how he's going to do this, build the wall between the two countries to prevent illegal immigration. i will say, this lots of reasons markets go down. i know for a fact more than
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anecdotally, money managers are basically looking to protect themselves and trade through a greater likelihood of a donald trump becoming president, and, you know, people are scared, they like the stability in the markets. they like the stability of a hillary clinton. they don't like some of the stuff donald trump said about trade and the fact that there's a lot of money managers think donald trump is downright crazy. look at his economic policies and this is where i think if you're looking to roll the dice and play on the markets, buy on the dip here. if you listen to him, he's going to reduce regulations particularly dodd-frank, take an aim at that dodd-frank hurts bank stocks, donald trump is going to reduce taxes on corporations and businesses and individuals, and, you know, net net, if there's a republican congress, he's not going to repeal nafta. i'm giving you the other side of the coin and the side they
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personally, this is my opinion, could this be a market opportunity. but the markets between now and whenever are scared bay donald trump presidency. liz: i noticed he talked about economic prosperity and looped in possibly undecided members who could be part of his base saying he plans to revitalize the inner cities in the poorest communities. melting the high-end with the lower end, we shall see. charlie gasparino. thank you very much. dow jones industrial average down 150 points. breaking news, live to pictures of dade city, florida where former miss universe alicia machado is about to speak right there. no stranger to the 2016 presidential campaign. democrat hillary clinton floated her name at the end of the first debate and hearing clinton is ready to use the former miss universe again. remember first time around, the mere mention of the beauty
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queen baited donald trump. he made derogatory comments about the former beauty pageant winner's weight after she won miss universe saying you got to be thinner if you're going to be part of this beautypageant. in the meantime, apparently, though that's disputed, called her miss piggy. clinton expected to outline a case why the republican nominee would be a, quote, danger to women if he were president. this as clinton's lead continues to narrow amid the fbi's renewed investigation into the clinton campaign, it's shake the markets. adam shapiro is at the clinton rally in dade city, florida. the turnout, how is it looking? >> reporter: turnout about 1500 people. we have senator bill nelson talking. he's probably going to introduce miss machado who will introduce secretary clinton. i want to show you the numbers on the ground in florida. the bottom line, no matter how
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you look at this as far as the machine to turn out voters. republicans are winning this battle. in numbers of voters who registered with a political party, those who have voted to date, republicans are winning by 17,000. democrats 793,105. as far as going to a polling station, democrats are winning that race by 56,000. republicans 783,416. democrats who have voted early, gone to the polls, 839,572. when you add it all up, liz, republicans have a slight lead over democrats as far as who's turned out to vote. and reason republicans say that's good for them is that the clinton campaign and the democrats have a far larger turnout the vote machine in florida than trump or the republicans and there was the article in the "washington post" which talked about what we've been talking about that
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hillary clinton has not energized her base. i want you to see the crowd right here. they about 20 minutes ago, how many have voted? people raised their hands, and asked how many of you have not voted? about a third have not yet voted. and hillary clinton, if she's going to turn this race around father polls, she's losing to trump. she's got to get that turned around. liz: nevada had been leaning democrat and shifting to toss-up at the moment. doesn't mean it can't be shifted back. that third is crucial right now. adam. thank you. watch fox business' special election coverage, weekend programming saturday and sunday. the whole gang will be here. all day, team coverage of every movement the candidates live from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. eastern. okay, you want to blame something other than the
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election on the dow's red losses with the closing bell ringing in 47 minutes, pfizer is hanging on the dow's neck after missing quarterly estimates. lowering earnings forecast and canned development of a cholesterol drug. pfizer is the worst performer, down 89 cents. if you think hillary clinton and donald trump are battling it out. imagine what's happening at the federal reserve right now. our market experts whether it's a live meeting as the uber hawks circle janet yellen. the floor show is next. the dow down 151. a combination of see products.. and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship
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. liz: we are awaiting not just hillary clinton but the opener at dade city florida. alicia machado, the former miss universe, a controversial figure with a bit of a beef of comments he made to her. she's being put up there by hillary clinton to talk about nabbing the women vote. let me get to this, the dow is coming up off the floor, still down 135 points to. raise or not to raise, the doors have been sealed at the
3:19 pm
federal reserve with janet yellen fighting off the hawks hungry for yet another interest rate hike. could the fed shock the markets and drop a november surprise into investors' laps or wait until december? let's get right to the floor show. teddy, when you look at the red on the screen, not so much what happens tomorrow, but we see the expectation of a rate hike of somewhere between 70 and 78% for december. how much does that have to do with all the red on the screen right now? >> i don't think it has too much. i think it's baked into the market and normally we see green in the financial sector whether it's the big banks or the insurance stocks, we are red cross the board today. i don't know if it's trump doing better in the polls, that has the market unnerved. we talked about the market internals last week, liz, they continue to deteriorate yet the average was levitating at or
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near all-time highs. i think there's been a lot of tactical damage. some of the earnings today were less than fabulous. liz: let me get to earnings and i'll have larry weigh in on this one. earnings for the third quarter are looking better than originally thought. the expectation is they would be down about 1.6% for the quarter in the aggregate for the s&p 500. look at this. it's a moving target. >> right. liz: that should be reversed. now up 2.2%, is that correct? yeah. get rid of that board. go ahead, teddy. >> i'm sorry. liz: it's okay. >> the companies and the analysts have done a good job in guiding expectations with the earnings, i don't want to go as far as to say they are gaming a little bit. but there is a tendency to
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lower the expectations so the earnings look better. i think on balance especially today we saw high-profile companies that came in with decent earnings but nothing it write home about. liz: pfizer didn't do so well on the markets, larry, have you names that did so well in earnings, they helped sectors enhance the markets and conversely the other way around. if you look at goldman sachs or nike or google. they were surprises and helped their world, and then you've got alcoa, apple, pfizer. those have been the negatives? >> yeah, you know, we have to remember there's been beneath the surface, this rotation, it started when rates start to rise, and that's out of these value stocks, the dividend payers people have gone the so used to trading at such high multiples into the growth
3:22 pm
stories. almost a conservative play on the market. but beneath that, still, there is a threat of a central bank repricing that everybody is worried about. people are looking and jumping stocks beneath the surface, people recognizing i want to get out of quality value names into growth because on a relative basis, they're much cheaper than a long, long time. liz: let me tell you a big news story out of alabama. oil, we are down, let me check here, a fraction of a percent, still at $46.70. gasoline is the big issue with the fire in alabama? >> liz, it's impossible to say what percentage of that move is related to that incident. liz: why? wait a minute. come on, really? because the second this pipeline exploded, u.s.
3:23 pm
gasoline spiked the most since 2008? >> i'm not saying that's the cause. you said how much of it is caused to that. we talked about crude about it being a sea. you have the big explosion, crude still isn't rallying, there say ton of crude. i understand they will have trouble delivering gasoline to parts of the country. i can't speak to it, i'm not there. i think there is a glut in crude, and i don't understand all the stock guys because i come on the show a lot. i've been on the show every week for months and months now and all i hear them talk is gloom and doom and see a stock market holding onto the 18,000 level. i'm no equity guy, i don't understand the constant gloom and doom for a market that never tanks. liz: actually larry is bearish. >> it's about time, larry. i've been telling you that. i think crude oil stocks are higher as well. liz: at least i knew where
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larry was this time around. at the cme and not right next to me. we gotta run. the dow is down 143 points. watching extraordinarily closely with the closing bell 36 minutes away. is it possible the angels are over? victoria's secret blamed by l-brand, a slowdown at women's apparel retailer lowering guidance, sales down 2% in october. the company we profiled adore me with models in studio. the young upstart building up and take over the big guys. i think we know about that at fox business. l brands down 25% before the markets opened and what do we have for the year? now down another 8.5%. up next the world series shifts back to cleveland! the cubbies in a must-win
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liz: we're all biting our nails here at countycountdown ahead of tonight's big world series game. you know what? i converted most of my floor crew to cleveland indians fans, right, guys? >> go indians! liz: indians are leading chicago cubs 3-2. they're back on home field of cleveberg. jake airy rhett at that start
3:30 pm
for the cubbies. josh tomlin for indians. will they break the world series hex? my heart is beating. >> slow down, lizzie, slow down. liz: will the indians win it, first world series title in 71 years. don't you think it is time for a win? i don't believe in any of that. i have a weird super cities, i will not put on my cleveland indians shirt until they clinch tonight in the big win. i will hold on to it but not put it on. do you guys have any world series super decisions ahead of tonight's game? tweet me @ liz claman or i want to hear what super decisions you have. speaking of winning. team "countdown" officially reached 50,000 twitter followers. [applause] thank you. we could not have done it without our loyal viewers,
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@lizclaman, join the party. fox business had her very own big win. we crushed it into the ratings in the month of october, over cnbc in the month, beating our arch rivals in total viewers in the business day and opening bell to closing bell. "countdown," 3:00 p.m. eastern hour, highest rated month in history. >> that a girl. liz: for those of us who have been here since day one, thank you. closing bell, 29 minutes away. we're watching markets and watching dade city, florida. hillary clinton ready to take the stage at pasco hernando college. we'll take you there live. supposedly person kicking it off, former miss universe alicia machado. pete hoekstra, and ubs chairman robert wolf, democrat are here to tell us will donald trump and hillary clinton stay on appropriate scripts for the final seven days?
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"countdown" coming right back. ♪
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i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. liz: hillary clinton about to stump in the sunshine state urging voters get out and vote early. about a third of that crowd, according to our adam shapiro, have not voted early just yet. there was a show of hands. that is what adam was able to at least give us. so there are people waiting to make their decision here. this is the first of three events in the crucial swing state. she is expected to slam donald trump regarding specifically his treatment of women, leaving behind the niceties over the past couple of years, if you call it that. is she going to strike the right tone that convinces those undecideds? i'm joined by former republican congressman from michigan, pete hoekstra.
3:37 pm
he advises donald trump on national security issues. robert wolf, hillary clinton supporter. welcome to you both. robert, first, give me a sense what she needs to do to get 1/3 part of the pie in audience? >> get back on message. we have been hearing about comey four days. she has to go back on message, economy, jobs. you're down to seven days. i think one good thing we have a lot of surrogates out for democratic party that will be on message from president to michelle, to biden. i think at the end of the day we'll have a good last week. liz: we're hearing the speech is not about policy and it is about the woman issue. bringing up shiny object, alicia machado. >> she will talk about women's issues. getting suburban women and women to vote, majority of the country obviously a key. that is crucial part why she is up in the swing states today. liz: congressman, as clinton works very hard to pivot the news of fbi investigation into
3:38 pm
something else, donald trump has already spoken in pennsylvania. he is moving on to another location in the state. the electoral college map is starting to show glimmers of change in his favor, specifically florida and nevada, which had been leaning republican and, sorry, leaning democratic and now as toss-up states. so that is good sign for donald trump. whats does he need to do? >> i think donald trump needs to do exactly what he has been doing the last few days. i was with him yesterday in michigan. traveled across the state with him. two massive rallies in the state. he is relaxed, he is focused. he is energized. he is talking about the future and what a trump presidency means for america. no distract shuns. he doesn't have the obamacare distraction. he doesn't have the fbi investigation distraction. he is talking about the future. liz: this is up your alley, congressman, because you're helping him on foreign policy. does he have the russia distraction?
3:39 pm
there is some concern there may be some type of wigley investigation of his former campaign chief, paul manafort. again you're helping him on foreign policy. are you telling him you don't want to be bffs with russia at this point? >> well i think, you know the allegations that have been made against mr. trump, are not even against mr. trump, about his former campaign manager and a couple of aides who are distant advisors to mr. trump, there is nothing there. there is no substance to these allegations. it's the clinton team trying to get mr. trump distracted, trying to get under his skin. i don't think he is going to go there. like i said he is focused, knows what he needs to do. this week is showing what a trump presidency will look like. you saw it talking about obamacare with members of the house of representatives with him today, recognizing that he will lead but he is ready to work with the house of representatives to get things done and to change america. liz: robert, look, everybody is
3:40 pm
vulnerable through the people around whom they, people who they are, who are near them so to speak. paul manafort for donald trump. huma abedin now for hillary clinton. that top aid is now being described by hillary clinton as just another member of h there is a little bit of distance there now, and it used to be like this. they used to be extraordinarily close. does she need to move away from huma abedin as investigation circles around her? >> listen, i think. like the congressman said. this will be about trump versus the secretary. who has the better vision for the country. it will not be about paul manafort or huma abedin. it will be about those go. i'm also glad, you know, that fox today came and put north interior secretary gale norton caroline in the blue bucket. if you look at electoral map i would rather be in the secretary's position than trump's. we see the place book, they go to wisconsin, go to michigan. romney done that.
3:41 pm
it didn't work in '12 and won't work in '16. liz: alaska was solid republican, now leaning republican. go to dade city. alicia machado is about to come on the stage. she is there is what she told by donald trump after she won, to lose weight. never supposed to tell women to lose weight unless you're the mom. >> i will let the congressman respond. liz: i'm sure. donald trump all but acknowledged that he said those things about her. he still lags with women. can he grab some of that, that is bad term -- >> glad you said this, not me. liz: the women vote with just seven 1/2 days left? >> i think so. if you look at audience we had
3:42 pm
in michigan, two massive rallies as i said, great mixture of individuals there. we had a cross-section of michigan blue-collar workers, white-collar workers, men, women, young women, all enthusiastically there because they are looking at who presents the vision of change and progress for america and they're clearly responding to the message of donald trump. some people waited ours to get into the rally yesterday. >> to respond. i think rallies are great. no question rallies are great. yesterday i spent four hours at one of the clinton offices calling north carolina early voting. liz: so it was all you, north carolina. >> my eight people. but i will tell you this, reminds me of the oh 08 organization of obama. ground game is ready d grassroots is out and ready of the at end of the day you have two figures right now who are very much, involved in their, in their voters mainly and they're
3:43 pm
all fighting for that independent vote. organization matters. i think the secretary's organization really blows away trump's. no disrespect to congressman, but he is not winning michigan. she will win michigan. so i'm glad they're spending their time in michigan. >> we'll look forward to being with you next week, wednesday to have that discussion. >> me too. liz: fair enough. stand by for just a minute. both of you, because what we're going to do. we'll take a quick break. because it is really important we monitor to what hillary clinton says once she gets back up on stage. we have done the exact same for donald trump. please to our viewers, stand by. this is major market story. the markets have suddenly turned south again. this will be the sixth loss in a row for the s&p. that is the worst losing streak in past 15 months. don't count out the election coloring some of this market red. stay tuned. we'll be right back. ♪
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liz: folks, breaking news. we have a powerful head-snapping move right now for valeant, the canadian pharmaceutical. it is skyrocketing 27.5%. exactly at this time yesterday it was plummeting 12% on the news that valeant's former ceo and cfo were at center of a criminal probe for fraudulent accounting practices and could possibly face charges within the next couple weeks. well the stock of course tumbled yesterday. now the news that is pushing it higher that the farm that giant is in advanced talks to sell assets, at least one of its assets the salix unit. this would be possibly sold to takeda, for $10 billion. the stock is surging on news, the embattled company with a criminal probe around it, figuring out it must sell assets. the top shareholder, billionaire
3:49 pm
bill ackman said they would not be doing, yet charlie gasparino of fox business had said, yes they will, because they have to. indeed that is coming to pass. at least reports at the moment are saying that valeant is in talks to sell the stomach drug business for $10 billion. this according to the "dow jones newswires." of course back to dade city, florida, we're still awaiting hillary clinton. she will take the stage after alicia machado. she has just been introduced. she is about to come out. alicia machado, miss universe, i am still here with former congressman of michigan, pete hoekstra, advising donald trump and clinton supporter, robert wolf, former chairman of ubs america. as hillary clinton walks up, robert, what does hillary clinton need to do here? >> she needs to get enthusiasm to get people out to vote. a third of people who didn't vote to go to machines. liz: congressman hoekstra, according to our fox brainiacs
3:50 pm
is a toss-up where it had leaned democrat. >> you got to keep running through the tape. we have got seven days to go. need to work hard every day have our candidate be on message and we'll be just fine. liz: one of his biggest messages, repealing and replacing obamacare. robert wolf, hillary clinton by extension of supporting barack obama has tie to obamacare. of course her husband, bill clinton, had said this is just craziest thing how it's had some unintended consequences. would you say she has to alter it if she wins? >> i think, listen, obamacare was foundation that was supposed to have iterative approach. the republicans tried to repeal 67 different times. you have to have an answer, instead of saying repeal something not an answer. liz: listen in to hillary clinton in dade city florida. she is speaking to a pretty significant crowd here, a third of them undecided voters. >> i want to thank representative amanda hickman
3:51 pm
from the florida state house, michael cox, chairman of the greater pasco chamber of commerce. michael laid better -- led better, pasco county committee executive chair and his wife beverly. thanks to retired wilson blount for hess pledge of allegiance and thanks to all the elected officials here. i especially want to thank all of you not just joining us, but helping us to get-out-the-vote in this last week. [applause] it is almost hard to believe, isn't it? there are only seven days left in this election. [cheering] so are you ready to vote? [cheering] are you ready to volunteer these last seven days? [cheering] i hope too, that you are ready to elect patrick murphy to the united states senate!
3:52 pm
[cheering] patrick, who has been in congress, will be an independent voice for florida families and i am so excited to think about what he could do because unlike his opponent he's never been afraid to stand up to donald trump. [cheering] somebody asked me the other day, why do you keep coming back to florida? just look around, folks. i mean -- [cheering] it is, it's a beautiful place and i have lots of friends but it is also really important in this election. florida can decide who our next president is, which will affect the nation and the world! [cheering] i want to make sure that every
3:53 pm
voter in florida spends these next seven days thinking about what's at stake in this election because honestly, i believe this may be the most important election of our lifetime. [cheering] one week from today we will be choosing our next president and commander-in-chief of the united states. [cheering] i don't, i don't think the choice could be any clearer. you know, i have spent my career fighting for children and families. i have served in the united states senate. served on the senate armed services committee. i was in the situation room when we brought usama bin laden to justice. [cheering] i represented you as your secretary of state going to 112 countries, negotiating with friend and foe alike! i am ready to serve if you give
3:54 pm
me the great honor of being your president! [cheering] >> hillary! hillary! >> now, i, i do have to say that i think that stands in contrast to my opponent, and you know, maybe for you, if you think about all of the issues that separate donald trump from me it could be his dangerous statements about nuclear weapons. [shouting] when a journalist told donald trump that people were worried about how casually he talks about nuclear weapons he said, well, then why are we making them? and i have to tell you,
3:55 pm
yesterday, i was in ohio and i was introduced by a gentleman who was one of our officers in charge of launching nuclear weapons if the order ever came from our president, and what he told the crowd, it was a big crowd, at kent state university, i think every voter should hear. basically, his name was bruce blair, he said that having had the responsibility of sitting in a bunker, being responsible for the codes and the keys to our nuclear weapons, he knows that when a president makes the order to launch a nuclear attack, there is no appeal. there is no veto. and that is why he has joined with dozens of former air force officers to send a letter to say, we need a president with
3:56 pm
the temperment, the steadiness, the calmness, to be in charge of nuclear weapons and therefore, they can not support donald trump because he does not have the temperment to be our commander-in-chief, and handle those responsibilities. [cheering] so when you think about voting, early voting this week, voting next tuesday, responsibility for our nuclear weapons is on the ballot. so is immigration. to we want round up millions of people who are hear working, raising their families as he has suggested he will do? i don't think so. i think what we want is to bring them out of the shadows so that they can't be exploited by employers -- [cheering]
3:57 pm
-- by employers like donald trump who refused to hire americans and hired undocumented workers so he could pay them less. i don't think that's right! [booing]. now maybe for some of you, what donald trump said about prisoners of war will be enough reason to vote against him. somebody who questioned the patriotism and the service of john mccain because he was a prisoner of war. we need a commander-in-chief who respects the service and sacrifice of the men and women who wear our uniform. [cheering] for maybe some of you, what he said about a judge born in indiana, happened to be assigned the case brought by people who were defrauded by the phony
3:58 pm
trump university. so trump, said, well we can't trust him because his parents were born in mexico. now, paul ryan, the republican speaker of the house, called, but wait a minute. he called what trump said about that distinguished federal judge, the definition of a racist comment. and then trump went on to attack a gold star family whose son, captain khan, died defending our country simply because that family was muslim. [booing]. then let's not forget, trump spent years, years, insisting that president obama was not born in the united states, even
3:59 pm
after the birth certificate was produced. [booing] honestly, if this were something new i think we would all be asking ourselves, what does he have against president obama? what does he have against me? this is not new. i know, i'm reaching out to republicans and independents as well as democrats because i want to be the president for all of the americans. [cheering] and here's what i -- liz: hillary clinton sending a direct message to undecided voters in florida, hittingdonald trump on his temperment, his comments on mexicans, his tussle with gold star families, as the s&p crossed its sixth loss in a row. that is the longest losing streak in the last 15 months. as for nasdaq, the nasdaq also losing here. that is the longest losing streak, sixth session in a row, worst since ape. dow industrials falling 102
4:00 pm
points. hillary clinton taking the stage. donald trump is expected to speak later from the state of pennsylvania. [closing bell rings] here comes the closing bells. thanks for joining us here on "countdown to the closing bell." david and melissa pick it up here for "after the bell." david: stocks selling off a little bit in the close. the dow set to end the day down more than 100 points. we vent seen a move like this in about three weeks. hi, everybody, i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." we have all the big market movers. here what else we have coming up for you this hour. this is it, america. you vote in one week and it is full steam ahead for both campaigns. hillary clinton taking the stage in florida as the fbi is currently working to identify new classified material on anthony weiner's laptop. intelligence officials are working around the clock and looking unlikely this will be wrapped up by election day. donald trump is continuing his path through blue states today,


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