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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 1, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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>> let's hope isis gets what's coming to them and that would and big step in the right direction. colonel peters, always a pleasure to have you won. thank you very much. now here is lou dobbs. lou: good evening. a week until election day and federal agents are combing through emails linked to hillary clinton that may have classified information and be well stroonlt that artunes. multi-agency task force is working 16 hours a day to read the content from anthony weiner's computer. the estranged husband of hillary's you aide huma abedin.
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it turns out an assistant attorney general is a close personal friend of clinton campaign chairman john podesta. in fact according to wikileaks d.o.j. official peter kasik is the one who kept john podesta out of jail when he was accused of getting monica lewinsky a job in 1998 and lying about it in court. mark rich, who bill clinton pardoned on his last day in office. we take up this sordid remember with one of the men who has been instrumental in exposing the clintons, judicial watch president tom if tom tom fitto.
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former reagan white house political director ed rollins and obviously a lot to go over including incredible momentum for donald trump as we near election day. trump hold a 1-point lead. 46-45 in an abc/"washington post" poll. the last time he led in the poll was when he clinched the republican nomination. trump is set to hold a rally this very hour. we'll bring that to you when trump takes the stage and our top story tonight, the damaging new wikileaks documents that expose more clinton cartel corruption.
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one explosive email shows the former president lining up an eye popping $6 million for his foundation from sheikh mohammed of ethiopia with a mere phone call. long-time clinton aid police if the call is made, it will help us get the $6 million. i think he should call. the clinton campaign says if hillary clinton is elected the foundation will swear off foreign money. a newly leaked email from march 2, the night the "new york times" revealed clinton used that private email as secretary of state, it shows jop * writing cheryl mills this, not to sounds like lanny, but we are going to
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have to dump all those emails so better do so sooner than later. a reference to damage control expert lanny davis known for urging the clintons to err on the side of transparency. two days later the benghazi congressional committee ordered hillary clinton to turn over all her emails related to libya. and we know what happened. 33,000 emails were never seen again, erased with bleachbit. joining us ed rollins and lee carter. good to have you with us. this is extraordinary. the justice department puts in a man arguably one of john podesta's closest friends into the investigation into the emails that have just been reopened. is this just in your face on the
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part of president obama and the public and all standards and ethics be damned? >> i don't know what it is, but it's not smart on behalf of president obama. this isn't going to help hillary clinton, it's going to hurt her. lou: you have been in the white house, you know how things work. he is by letting -- ordering attorney general loretta lynch to put kasik in this thing center stage he's sending a loud, strong message of rejection to both standard and congress. >> he was the assistant secretary of legislative affairs. so he knows the congress. my sense is he's a clinton loyalist and he will be able to
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find what they need to find to make sure it doesn't get to the forefront. they need to look to cleaner than ceasar's wife. lou: we'll be talk with the former assistant director of the f.b.i. about what this is doing. this is a very lousy signal to the f.b.i., its deputy director and all of the field agents involved to do this. this puts a political tone to this from the outset in the second phase, if you will. let's talk about the phase we are in terms of these polls. what we witnessed is remarkable. the abc-"washington post" poll, this is overwhelming to see donald trump now in the lead by 1 point. >> i think it's interesting. if you are looking at the whole arm of the polls. it has been narrowed to a 2-point race. it's and i amazing phenomenon.
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on all the average. so what we are seeing here -- >> i don't think that average. i don't think that average means much right now. so much of it is legacy from there had been no friday take place. this is the reopening of the f.b.i. changed everything. >> we have said if this becomes a 2 or 3-point race it will help donald trump. i don't think the polls reflect the new voters he has brought in. we have record numbers of republicans registering to vote. there is a bradley effect. when people are interviewed over the telephone they are not as likely to say they are voting for donald trump as they are online. donald trump has outperformed polls all the way through the primary and i imagine he will do so today. >> there is an intensity on the
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republican side. he really has an intense voter turnout. my sense is that in polls you have got to watch, state polls, they are closing. he basically i think is right within a point or two of putting this thing over. anybody that doesn't think he has a shot is crazy. >> let's give it some shape and form. what intensity we know is good. but how good is it and how bad is it for her? >> enthusiasm will dictate whether usual going to go to the polls. donald trump picked up 10 points in some polls of enthusiasm. since last friday. now hillary clinton -- lou: it's hard to believe it was just a few days ago. >> hillary clinton has lost 5-7 points in enthusiasm. what that's likely to do is drive people to the polls in the favor of donald trump.
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if something else more important comes up you are not going to go. >> african-americans are not intense in this race. in a state like north carolina it's a critical state. the black population is very important there. >> so many of the polls are looking what happened for voter turnout last time. lou: and early voting. we are looking at as many as 50 million voting early before november 8. how important are they? give us a sense of where that vote stands right now? >> the fact people are voting early doesn't mean they get to vote on election day. sometimes you are voters have voted early than is not quite intensity on election day. we are pretty much matching the
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republicans and democrats. lou: house leading in the early voting? >> in the states that matter, we are. they have more states. >> florida is important and donald trump is doing well in florida. >> florida, north carolina. ohio, pennsylvania. >> pennsylvania is doing better. lou: i heard better, not good. >> better is good. he has 272 delegates, electoral votes and that's the game. >> it's hard to read into early voting. lou: i'm note interpreting. i'm just curious what the number are the right now. we'll leave that fancy thing to you guys. appreciate it. we are awaiting a trump rally that will begin in wisconsin and is set to begin shortly.
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governor scat scott walker at the my crowe phone. having scott walker is a big deal. the most important political person there is, paul ryan not with standing. as soon as donald trump takes the stage we'll be going there to see what he has got to say. we are coming back with a day of immense number of developments. stay was. we'll be right back with much more. stay with us. trump says it's time for hillary to accept responsibilities for all her scandals, failures and lies. >> hillary clinton wants to blame everyone else. but she got this situation on to herself. she has nobody to blame but herself. lou: i'm talk to a james kallstrom about what's going on notice f.b.i. and the justice depth. and maybe this time the clinton
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lou: the f.b.i. released heavily redacted documents relating to bill clinton's par done mark rich going back some 15 years. he was pardoned on the last day of clinton's presidency in 20042001. and rich's ex-wife deniece had given powerfully to the qulin on campaign and the children what would become the clinton foundation. comey later said he was stunned over that pardon. and there is another extraordinary connection within this web of the clinton cartel. the justice department official who informed congress about the newly reactivated hillary clinton email probe was hired
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back in 2000 as lobbyist for marc rich. quite a world we live in, is it not? my next guest come pairs the clintons to a crime family and the clinton foundation he describes as a cesspool. james kallstrom, glad to have you with us. >> you can't make this up. lou: it would be impossible. to john podesta, clinton cam pinhead. and the reopening of this case against -- find out what happened with these emails that were in the possession apparently of a disgrailsd former congressman and his wife, senior aide to the democratic nominee.
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what did it take to reopen this, in your judgment? >> i was surprised when i heard about director comey writing a letter. i think he's on the right path. when the f.b.i. gets notified of criminality, they have to look at it. but i think something had to be said to director comby that was pretty substantial. the agents have to go through 650,000 emails. so they are doing key word searching and putting in batches, then they have to get additional orders. original investigative team in new york that was looking at that pervert was authorized to look at his stuff. but once they saw the meta data, there is something really big in here. lou: you agree with those who say it would take somethingsubss far.
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>> i don't think he knows how big the pig is or how big the poke is. top secret, s.a.p., special access program. they shot people in fire fog squads for disclosing this kinds of stuff in world war ii. you go to leavenworth for 20, 30, 40 years for this stuff. lou: it seems the only good guys in this are the agents who have been hunkering down pursuing public corruption investigation of the children tons, the clinton cartel, the folks who have been trying to figure what's going on with anthony weiner, and you just wonder what in the world is going none the minds of those agents. they are under more pressure now.
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>> the agents are not the problem. the problem is the people running the justice department. and the prior iteration the people running the f.b.i. that made choices i think they wish they hadn't made. justice shut count clinton foundation investigation. look at that outrageous sewer that that is. one example. haiti. google haiti and see what happened. they collected hundreds of millions of dollars. virtually none of it went to haiti. lou: we know there is pay-to-play across the board for the clintons. we look at wikileaks, we see that within the influence and conflicts of interest within the justice department. andrew mccabe, the deputy director. >> terrible judgment. lou: taking the money to begin with and he not recusing
7:21 pm
himself. do you see hope for this to come to a reasonably reasoned quick end? >> it depend totally on the election. lou: nothing before the election? >> the f.b.i. can't be giving bits and pieces out. they don't give anything out until they come to a conclusion. but they are not going to have any idea what the whole scope and breadth of this is in any lack of time. lou: since bill clinton left the white house is there an attempt to bring this clinton cartel to justice? this is outrageous what we witnessed. >> the people should be mad democrats caused all this. they put someone as their candidate who came with a long trail of lies and betrayals. so what do they expect?
7:22 pm
lou: i'll wait for just a moment. donald trump is talking in wisconsin and talking about this very thing. >> she has really no one else to blame but herself. hillary is the one who set up an illegal private email server to shield her criminal activity. you know that. she knows it. hillary is the one who engaged in a corrupt pay-for-play scheme at the state department. hillary is the one who endangered national security by sending classified information on an continue secure server. hillary is the one who lied so many times to congress and to the f.b.i. 39 times to the f.b.i. each lie, i mean, each time -- remember, she said, sorry, i
7:23 pm
don't recall, don't recall, 9 times. each time she said that, that was also a lie, and i'm not even including that. hillary is the one who made 13 phones disappear. some with a hammer. it was hillary who destroyed 33,000 emails after receiving a subpoena from the united states congress. after. and she is also the one this just came up recently, by the way, if that were reince or me or somebody, it would have been the biggest story in the world -- she also accepted debate questions given to her in advance and used them to cheat against bernie sanders.
7:24 pm
lou: donald trump going strongly after hillary clinton pay-for-play. the scandals, the public corruption case seems indisputable against the clintons. give us your judgment. >> i have no inside information. i hear from a lot of ex-agents who are speculating on this unbelievable stuff going on. from but from what i see, i see you it's a classic rico case. that's how we shut count mafia in the 80s. with just a few subpoenas and search warrants you could make a rico case against them. lou: talking about destroying the device, the hand-helds. just on the face of this, the question comes back, how in the world did comey not recommend prosecution?
7:25 pm
>> i can't get inside his head. i think he had a weak moment. you have got to be a tough guy to be the f.b.i. director. the f.b.i. is all about due process and the rule of law. it's not about the republicans or democrats. it's about justice for the lowest person on the totem poll to the highest person. lou: james kallstrom, great to see you. we are coming right back. we'll go to donald trump in just a moment. he's wowing the audience and vowing to drain the swamp in washington. but how deep is that swamp? we are coming right back.
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you can talk to through legalzoom. don't let unanswered legal questions hold you up, because we're here, we're here, and we've got your back. legalzoom. legal help is here. legal help is here. the market.redict but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. lou: donald trump addressing his supporters in eau claire with the. listen in. >> we are going to drain the swamp. [applause]
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[applause] [chanting] drain the swamp. drain the swamp. >> i have said this before but it's very interesting because when i first heard the statement i said give me a break, i hate it. i said it and the people went crazy. then i went to a rally with 18,000 people. i said it and they went totally crazy. then i said it again and again so it's been going on for about a week and a half and now i love it. i love the statement and it is very accurate. [applause] at the core of my contract is my
7:31 pm
plan to bring back our jobs. [applause] right now 70 million american women and children live in poverty and. can you believe in this country, 43% of african-americans school-aged children live in poverty. 32% of hispanic school age children live in poverty. this is our country. this is unacceptable in america. i will fix fix it. i will fix fix it. i will fix fix it. [applause] i have been saying a lot and i have been speaking very openly about the inner cities and saying to the african-american community, the hispanic community, i've been saying what do you have to lose? it's such a disaster.
7:32 pm
what do you have to lose? thank you. we are going to fix fix it. we are going to bearing back great schools. we are going to stop the crime. lou: donald trump in eau claire wisconsin talking about fixing and draining the swamp, loving that expression and so do apparently most of the american people. we are going to have a lot more ahead as we try to tie all of these extraordinary events and personalities to one another in this web that has been for the most part spun by the clinton cartel. we are coming right back with that and a lot more, straight ahead. stay with us. trump guarantees clinton will never be able to escape her endless scandals and the consequences. >> if hillary is elected, she would be under protracted criminal investigation likely followed by a trial of a sitting president. lou: more e-mails and documents
7:33 pm
surfacing showing the intricate web of corruption. the president's judicial watch who has led many of the clinton investigations joins me here next. and we will show you what happens next when this flight comes to an astonishing heart-stopping in sudden and. the incredible video coming up right after these messages. we will be right back. stay with us. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen.
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may face legal exposure based on her testimony. during a 2015 sworn deposition with judicial watch, she said she turned over all devices used to send or receive e-mails from clinton's private server. abedin made no mention of the additional devices that are now under investigation by the fbi. attorneys and said she had no idea that those devices could contain those e-mails. joining me now the president of judicial watch tom penton and tom gray great to have you with us. i just want to say congratulations to you and your organization again on the wonderful investigations you are carrying out in what you are revealing to the american public. it's extraordinary and where are all very appreciative. let's start with abedin. and your judgment of the exposure that she faces based on the testimony of the depositions
7:38 pm
she gave you in judicial watch. >> unite was able to attend that deposition and our lawyers were questioning her. i obviously paid attention to that portion of the deposition. she seemed to be quite open about what she had done so it's curious this other laptop was held back by taking a step back the court asked the state department to make sure that abedin and hillary clinton turn over all the records they took with them. abedin's lawyers never confirmed that all the records have been turned over and obviously since then we have been getting abedin materials from a separate lawsuit that showed she had classified information on her system and showed she was in constant communication with hillary clinton. she said she set up this e-mail system on hillary clinton server to take care of the family business for hillary clinton. why is the fbi only getting this material now is put on belief
7:39 pm
and it shows you if abedin did something wrong and the fbi screwed up the state department screwed up and letting her take the stuff to begin with and of course mrs. clinton is in a similar boat with having classified information along with two on an unsecure server whether it be the clinton server or yahoo! or whatever. it's like leaving it on the internet. lou: amongst the questions that occurs how could we be this hard process without somebody having had asked and answered a very simple question, who at the state department authorized them to do this as you said because otherwise she has lied. we know that she has lied numerous times as a result of wikileaks. we know that the state department has acted at times as her advocate. what is going on within the state department in your judgment and the e-mails that you have produced just yesterday?
7:40 pm
>> the state department gave us documents from abedin that they had gotten by the way in november of 2015. we are just getting them now and they show more classified information on their system entered by hillary clinton and forwarded by sub two to another e-mail account. they show another pay-to-play opportunity or allegation that it looks like with doug band and abedin and taking care of another major donor. tamayo and the clinton foundation. lou: the organization this part of the clinton cartel -- well we will see how that goes. >> and what point abedin was working for the foundation and the state department. lou: antenatal. >> i appreciate the judicial watch getting credit for doing this work but why is judicial watch is deposition and the key aspect of figuring out what abedin was up to? at the justice department and
7:41 pm
the fbi were doing serious investigations they would know all of this because they would have had it before a grand jury and have other witnesses before the grand jury that would have subpoenaed her computer -- lou: that raises another question in the level of the seriousness of the investigation. the first time there was no grand jury reopened based on the information we learned about friday. is there a grand jury right now to support this investigation because if there is not would you not suspect them of being less than serious at the fbi? >> this justice department under loretta lynch is never going to call a grand jury. they are obstructing a current investigation at the fbi wants to conduct in a serious way into the clinton foundation despite all the evidence of pay-to-play that is out there in the news and the documents produced by the state department themselves. we need a special counsel. lou: i understand that tom.
7:42 pm
>> that's the only way you're going to get a grand jury. lou: what you're you are saying is the justice department is so corrupt that it will not call. are you saying the fbi and the justice department because the fbi can call for a grand jury. why would they not do so if they are absolutely serious about this investigation? >> i guess because they are not serious about the investigation. the justice department comes out and says we are going to finish this as quickly as possible. that shows you it's a political effort designed to help clinton and not to say anything else. lou: or for anything else to be found out. lou: tom fitton thanks for all you do and thanks for being with us. up next on trump is promising a return to prosperity. >> the political class in washington has betrayed you. they have uprooted your jobs, your communities and they have
7:43 pm
shipped your wealth all over the world. i will end the theft of american prosperity, believe me. lou: the theft of american prosperity and somebody stole our integrity. we are going to be talking with trump supporter and investor if you will legendary investor joins me next. we are coming back with that and much more. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more of our annual income... we could keep doing all the things we love. prudential. bring your challenges.
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lou: one week until election day in more than 25 "elle and coach" or set of cast early ballots. that's about double the number of early votes at this point in 2012. this is a huge effort on the part of ostensibly the democratic party. the numbers of early voters in key battleground states rising, more than 8 million of florida and we were told 6 million ohio and pennsylvania. joining me now billionaire investor wilbur ross chairman and ceo of wl ross ann one of the world leading private equity firms and economic adviser to the trump campaign. it's great to have you with us tonight, wilbur from beautiful palm beach. let's turn to these polls that
7:48 pm
are turning. your candidate is doing very well. what is the reaction among those big-money supporters of donald trump? we saw edelson stepping up with 25 million. is that a movement of its own? >> well it is more than that. i was at a big halloween party last night and quite a number of folks who had supported obama in both of his elections that support hillary said they are either not going to vote at all or they are going to vote for trump. they have had enough. that was by straw poll. the corruption thing and the obamacare. lou: this is extraordinary to be looking at these numbers and everybody is pointing to arizona which is critically important. 116% increase in premiums. we are going to see on average we are told, i don't know how
7:49 pm
the average gets to 25% but that so we are being told. either way obamacare has devastated and is on life-support seeking a mailout. >> it's never going to work if it's done wrong assumptions to assume that healthy young people would pay the same premium as sick and older people and just do it voluntarily. for program that allegedly was in great demand by the public it's turning out they can't even force people to sign up for it. lou: it was built on false assumptions. it had no point has shown great expertise in any part of public policy and the republicans can be grateful that not one of them voted for the thing. but let's turn to the economy. we are going to have the unemployment report coming up friday.
7:50 pm
is that important do you believe to the outcome of the election tuesday or that the developments around the reopening of the e-mail scandal with hillary clinton determining? >> i assume that the employment report will be a fairly decent one on friday given the way that the gdp figures turned out it will probably be okay. if you look into the gross domestic product figures that were released, about a third of that increase came from an improvement in our balance of trade. that ought to be a real wake-up call to the people who are saying balance of trade doesn't matter. that was one third of the whole economic gain and a good bit of that came from soybeans. lou: as it should for our great industrial superpower like ourselves. it should be from soybeans.
7:51 pm
wilbur wilbur, it's great to be with us. wilbur ross, thanks so much. good to see you. roll the video please and talk about a crash landing. this is one you are not going to believe then you are going to see it as he saw it. whisking through -- oh man a little too low. i told you. too low. the 30-year-old thrillseeker eric dossantos in his wingsuit jumping in france. he was traveling at about 90 miles an hour when he took a tree as he saw and felt to the ground. the santos broke a number of bonus but is now using a survival story after being rehabilitated to educate other jumpers but it seems to me the point of that education should be, maybe not. up next donald trump says he wants to fix what he sees as a rigged election system. beware, but vote. >> hillary is not the victim.
7:52 pm
the american people are the victims of this corrupt and rigged system and on november 8 that's your chance. we are going to change. lou: we will be talking about corruption and electoral fraud with former justice department attorney christian adams and what the likely impact is on the outcome of the election next tuesday. stay with us, we are coming right back with that. my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line.
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lou: on your online poll last night we asked should we end early voting so citizens have as much knowledge of the candidates and events as possible, 79% said yes. it's extraordinary about the number of people who have already voted with this news of hillary clinton and her email scandal. joining me, the u.s. department justice attorney. great to have you with us. christian, today, tonight in you ineuclaire, wisconsin. he has been able to put together 1,700 poll watchers. how many are needed? will they have effect?
7:57 pm
and how much fraud do you think we'll experience, do you fear? >> the left has been trying to alter the atmosphere. new lawsuits filed, north carolina to try to stop voter roll cleanup. pennsylvania. the rnc was subject to a wicked court ruling just today on this 34-year-old consent decree the federal judge is going to probe into trump campaign plans to stop election fraud and the dnc gets all the emails. lou: that's just on its face side and makes no sense. so who are the lawyers representing the rnc? >> the rnc has their lawyers. lou: they better get some new ones.
7:58 pm
>> the federal judge is going to allow the dnc to probe into the trump campaign on election day. this is what the left does, they litigate to death. lou: this is a statement of fact. first of all think would have to make some judgment there is such a plan. >> the court ordered the rnc has 48 hours to produce all of these documents. lou: or what? >> the dnc believes jim crow is riding the country to try to intimidate minorities. lou: let m let me slow down fora minute. the dnc just had to re-place their top three officials because they were crooked. they found out the interim director was crooked. she just fed questions to their candidate who is crooked because she took the questions in the
7:59 pm
debate beforehand. and somehow the rnc is explaining itself in what kind of lawyers, what kinds of judge are we talking about? >> you are talking about an obama appointee, i can tell you that much. lou: what happens next? >> this is part of a nationwide strategy to alter the system. in virginia with provisional ballots. everywhere they play games rules to get votes. lou: what are the republicans doing by the. what are the prospects for having a clean, straight election next tuesday. >> we need to do more. he i'll find out next time we talk, what? have you talked to the rnc? are they doing more? >> they are doing their best. lou: go kick snob the tail. thank you very much, christian. that's it for us. ambassador john bolton, katrina
8:00 pm
pierson amoaning our guests tomorrow. thanks for being with us. good night from new york. kennedy: exactly one week to go until the nation chooses between hillary clinton and donald trump. bret baier and the party panel are here. open enrollment for obamacare under way and with it more stories about costs going up and choices going down. and gary johnson here to weigh in on the state of the race and the future of the libertarian party after election day. grab a shovel. it's time to dig in. hillary clinton is reportedly planning a massive election celebration with fireworks on


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