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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  November 2, 2016 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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ambassador john bolton, katrina pierson amoaning our guests tomorrow. thanks for being with us. good night from new york. kennedy: exactly one week to go until the nation chooses between hillary clinton and donald trump. bret baier and the party panel are here. open enrollment for obamacare under way and with it more stories about costs going up and choices going down. and gary johnson here to weigh in on the state of the race and the future of the libertarian party after election day. grab a shovel. it's time to dig in. hillary clinton is reportedly planning a massive election celebration with fireworks on the hudson river that she is
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able 20 shoot off shortly after the new york polls close. this lavish light show was planned before the weiner flap. her majesty might have a red face to match the rockets red glare it's the perfect embodiment of all that is wrong with this woman and her campaign. she thinks she was owed the title. she wants to rub elbows with fancy new york elites and rub the noses of the anti-establishment working stiffs in the ash heap of her rocket dropping. she hates that she has to work for this race. but the final bruising push against the wind that was billowing her confident sails. in a week where she wanted to seem presidential, she has 0 go back to the gutter to sling mud
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on donald trump accusing him of hating children with aids. and, two, she has to fire up the fake season start machine and fly back to north carolina and florida to beg people for early votes. >> make sure you make sure everybody you know understands early voting has begun. kennedy: til vote for anyone but you, hillary. in the past it has act like election metadata. u knew who was voting but you didn't know how. butt problem is wee have already had six october surprises. and you can expect a bakers' dozen, even thought it's november 1. if there is a bombshell hid in the weiner pile.
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people may wants to rethink their choice if they voted for her. with so many moving parts and so much unknown, why would you want to vote early if you are just voting against someone. there is so much that lies beneath the surface like icebergs and hungry evil sharks. in some states you can change your early ballots up to three times in wisconsin. what happens she loses. anthony weiner will be in a cell. and jamescomby falls off the side of a mountain in a freak wind storm. god, i'll miss this election. so glad usual here. let's do this. i'm kennedy. hoik rrl has enough fireworks to
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declare war on delaware if she loses. should she hold on to the receipt? the party panel, julie roginsky, david asman is with us, co-host of "after the bell" on the fox business network. serious times. we are only a week away. such incredible hubris on the part of the clinton candle pain to order fireworks on a barge. >> they won't work because she has had them since 2008. these folks think they are entitled. and they are shocked to find out there is some feedback for everything they have done. it's not just recent stuff. this is a volume, one of six volumes going back to the 1990s. these are articles that appeared in the "wall street journal" about all the misdeeds of the children tons, bill and hillary.
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there was a draft diement once drawn up against hillary. and they are always blaming thepeople that indict them or accuse them when they don't answer the charges fully. kennedy: both campaigns will be in new york city. >> i never wanted the olympics to come here bawls i wanted my peace and quiet. david: peace and quiet in new york? kennedy: i understand donald trump holding a celebration no matter what happens at trump tower. but i think hillary clinton lacks self-awareness. julie: you are talking about compared to the guy with gold-plated toilets? kennedy: he never made an excuse for the money he has got. >> he bragged about it. kennedy: what do you think?
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>> i think they will go to the java ceiling which has a glass ceiling as we know because she is breaking the glass ceiling. >> the javitz was the first donald trump deal. they realized they did not owe donald trump $.5 million and re-named it the javitz center. are we sure the fireworks are to celebrate her victory? maybe it's a moral victory she is celebrating that she went through the entire campaign without getting indicted. kennedy: the week is young. i don't think she can say that at this point. and anything can happen. speak of miss hillary clinton. she pivoted from giving the country something to vote for. and she is back to hammering
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donald trump on his erratic behavior. >> in 1964 the fear of nuclear war as children, i never thought our children would have to deal with that again. >> trump asked three times why can't we use nuclear weapons. >> i want to be unpredictable. kennedy: he certainly is that. >> it was bill moyer's idea. it was shown once, but the bottom fine was it didn't get much publicity but just to have the suggestion out there was enough. kennedy: if she is four candidate you want her nobody that white suit larger than life. you want her to be untouchable. presidential. this is the week you brifer one final word for our viewers together.
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>> they are the two least liked people who ran for office on the planet. and that probably includes third world countries i'm not aware of. i'm joking about that. so as a result, both of them will have to go in the gutter. nobody is going to fall in love with them. they are trying to be everybody's one-eyed man or woman. >> she was caught off guard. her campaign didn't know that comey was going forward with the email investigation. no wi-fi on the plane. now she is having to attack things like hating kids with aids. he comes out with a speech today that pretty measures temper rat,
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temperate and talks about obamacare. >> i still wonder if they have the clinton campaign, rick wilson said he knows of two opo drops the. she'll go as neglective as she has to to win his. kennedy: i think there are five more things coming. >> the children tons have always gone dirty. going back to arkansas. ask mike huckabee about the way they operated in arkansas. before this stuff came out friday, hillary clinton was talking about trump's woman problems, digging deep into the gutters. so they have always been dirty. there was a movie by the after the 2008 campaign. so it's always been dirty. julie: people say they don't like dirty politics, but they respond to it.
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david: you are admitting she is dirty. trump is trump. he's always been doing that dirty stuff. but don't talk about hillary as being clean cut and she had to go there because trump forced her. >> it works for trump because there is a lot of dirt there. david: there is a lot of dirt with hillary, too. kennedy: she is not talking about her ideas, she is not talking about the economy, she is not talking about fixing obamacare. she is forced to talk about how he is unstable and unsteady. i think most people have made up their minds. >> isn't that a reasonable thing to put out there, that you think the candidate is unstable and unsteady? kennedy: would you rather be on your high horse talking about your ideas or would you like to be lady donald trump slinging hash. >> we always knew it would be this way. >> that's right, jamie. and coming up, oh huma, huma
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abedin is at the center of this new investigation into hillary's emails. wait until you hear how huma found out about the whole thing. gary downon says he has bad news for clinton supporters even if she wins. stay here. [burke] hot dog. seen it. covered it.
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kennedy: the f.b.i.'s investigation into the slew of hillary clinton emails has taken a bizarre turn. now we learned clinton campaign vice-chairwoman huma abedin found out the feds were involved not from her lawyers or hillary or her husband anthony weiner, she learned the hard way from the media. can you imagine the look on her face? it probably looked something like that. the f.b.i. is currently reviewing 650,000 emails found on weiner's laptop while they were investigating claims he sexed a 15-year-old girl.
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jamie, do you buy that huma abedin is so digitally naive that she didn't know hundreds of thousands of emails were on her computer. david: it's possible. maybe anthony weiner is a spy. and if the clintons endorsed anthony weiner during the mayoral race maybe he wouldn't have turned on them. maybe this goes back to hillary herself. kennedy: it could be i go down, you go down. if weiner thinks he's going down politically and professionally, he's taking her with him. i think this is his bargaining chip. he could have been reading classified information for months. julie: very plausible. this could be a very messy divorce involving a child. kennedy: you know what crazy
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people are capable of. julie: he's not the most stable person from what i have been able to glean from the internet. david: he's not going to get custody of the child. but whose fault is this? it's hillary's fault. it doesn't matter whether weiner or huma looked at it. hillary exposed classified information on her twice. it's her fault. kennedy: that's why this still matters to people. david: this is why hillary in classic clinton fashion, they are getting ready to throw huma under the bus. they just called her the closest confidante of hillary clinton was called "one of my staffers." they are getting ready to throw her understood the bus. kennedy: what happens if they
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both go to jail. weiner can be facing serious time. >> huma should hope hillary clinton wins the presidency because she could have some power to get huma out of jail. if they offered him ambassador to the say shell -- to the seyce would have cooperated. julie: i kind of know these people personally. but these people are going through a divorce. david: i have zero sympathy for that person. kennedy: i can't imagine something for stressful for someone with her disgusting husband being in a high profile election.
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that's why i feel bad for her. if there is stuff she carelessly handled and 650,000 emails. the possibility that something highly classified is on there could send her to jail. david: it's why she is probably the best hope the f.b.i. has of turning somebody in this case. kennedy: is this election making your blood boil? you are not alone. obamacare enrollment began today and donald trump and his running mate are using it as a line of attack. with our healthcare system be
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open season for obamacare enrollment and donald trump is throttling obama and the aca for all they are worth. >> the president said if you like your plan, you can keep your plan tbub like your doctor you can keep your doctor, which may go down as one of the great political lies of the century. even the sceptical democrats believed him and approved the legislation in were democrats that were have much against it, but they believed it and they approved it. kennedy: premiums will increase about 25% among mid-level program while major insurance companies are pulling out of the exchange leaving some states with just one option. and in some states the increases are more than 25%. tim, let us discuss.
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i have obamacare, i don't like the. my premiums are going to skyrocket. i hear what donald trump says. it makes sense to me. that's something that resonates. you hear about the email stuff, you hear about the gossip and the sex, and this is something i think makes purchase with voters. what do you think? >> i think it's something he's talking about issues that effect actual people. most people get from their employers. but they know people and understand health insurance and wouldn't want it taken away. my criticism of donald trump isn't that he's harping on it, but he doesn't seem to understand what obamacare is. the 25% on average rate increases, and he those out jonathan gruber's name and he says things that make me think he doesn't understand obamacare and can't articulate the problems with it.
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kennedy: if you are going to re-place it, what are you going to replace it with? people talk about block grants to the state for medicaid. they talk about insurance programs going overstate lines. but how do you implement that stuff. howe howe do you not create a bigger bureaucracy. this was all based on healthy young people buying into the system because they would be penalized with the individual mandate and charged a tax if they didn't bite insurance. young healthy people learned it was less expensive to not buy it. now you have old, sick people on obamacare and they are too expensive to support. >> that drives you have the premiums. marginal people who were just barely hang on drop off.
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they call it a death spiral. but somehow they thought the mandate would keep the lower risk people in the pool. that was the whole idea. that's why the insurers early on started going along with it. to make the mandate be constitutional. the argument that majority in the court made was it's not really that punitive. it's actually not as expensive to pay the mandate as it is to buy health insurance. kennedy: jonathan gruber says make the mandate higher. tim carney, unfortunately we have to go, but please come back. the clinton campaign is telling everyone, this f.b.i. slap is nothing. nothing to see here. bret baier joins me to break
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kennedy: today's wikileaks dumb. john podesta two days before the seen arra ordered -- before the subpoena ordered hillary to turn over her private server. john podesta wrote, we'll have to dump all those emails so better to do it sooner than later. bret baier, fox news chief political anchor and host of "special report." you guys put together an interesting timeline. it starts march 2, 2015 when the "new york times" released this story about the existence of the private server. and that's when robbie mook and john podesta started taking --
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started talking about take care of the emails. what do you make of the timeline from the 2nd of march to the even of the month when the emails were deleted using bleachbit which shredded them digitally. bret: this gives you a view of the scrambling going on within the clinton campaign. you see john podesta saying we'll have to dump these sooner rather than later. the campaign says john podesta was talking about dumping as in getting out, releasing to congress and the public. the problem is two-fold. march 4 the subpoena is issued. then at the ends of the month after the subpoena is issued, they erase 33,000 of them not just erase them, but bleachbit the server and
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they try to erase them forever. of those, how many are work related? we don't know. how many deal with the clinton foundation? we don't know. so that adds to the mystery of what is on anthony weiner's laptop with hem *'s emails. kennedy: when you read this, you have to assume on some level this influences comey's ongoing investigation into the server issue. but you think about the emails on that laptop and perhaps those emails bleach bitten exist in the 650,000. do you see the wikileaks investigation influencing the ongoing f.b.i. investigation? the wikileaks dump? >> maybe. i don't think the f.b.i. is that concerned about what's coming out in wikileaks. kennedy: do you think they have already seen these e-mails we
12:32 am
are reading? bret: no, i don't think they have seen them already. i think they are following it closely. but they are consumed with trying to figure out what's in the 650,000. as far as we can tell from sources they are using high-tech stuff to go through those look for key words, looking for classification, looking for different elements of the investigation ongoing. remember two things. there is the email investigation on the classified emails, then we know now that the clinton foundation investigation had continued with four separate f.b.i. offices work on that. and it never stopped. even though there was some word and reporting that it had. the clinton foundation. the quid pro quo, what secretary of state clinton was doing with the foundation possibly for money, that may be more damning in the long run than perhaps the classification. kennedy: just the things you laid out, and different areas
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that have been under investigation. the one thing that sticks with me that i keep coming back to is the relationship between the f.b.i. and the deputy director and terry mcauliffe giving almost $500,000 donation. bret: 75. kennedy: it's almost $700,000 he donated to the campaign of the deputy direct university f.b.i.'s wife. and the fact that terry mcall live is part of this investigation. how does that factor into all of this? bret were it just smells, kennedy and it goes to the whole thing, this is why people hate washington, period. you don't have to be a trump fan or a never trump fan. this is why people look at washington and say see, this is stupid. let's start over. donald trump has tabbed into
12:34 am
that. the system is rigged fits into that whole narrative. we'll see if he rides that wave on election day. >> it could be as simple as that. people don't even need to know the details of what's in the emails from wikileaks or what might come out of that laptop. all they know is there are so many factors and factions that seem to be so intertwined that they want to throw the whole thing overboard. bret baier, thank you so much. keep up the good work. coming up, libertarian nominee gary johnson says if hillary clinton takes thth
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kennedy: hillary clinton is hoping the f.b.i. investigation will be over by election day.
12:38 am
libertarian candidate gary johnson says it will be anything but. he says if she wins the white house she'll be under criminal investigation for years and possibly face impeachment. welcome back, governor. >> i think that's going to transpire. if she takes office. it will be talk of impeachment for the entire time she is in office. whether it happens, we'll see. but it's going to be the everyday conversation. kennedy: a lot of people say they are relieved the election will be over next week. but we are facing the most unpopular president who has ever held office. that person is going to be despised within six months of the inauguration. hillary clinton is a war morning, a big government progressive, she is anti-liberty on all fronts. you have been vocal and
12:39 am
effective in talking about her deficits. but your running mate william weld has been so gentle and easy on hillary clinton, i'm wondering as a pro-liberty libertarian why is there so much discord in your -- dischord in your ticket. >> i agree with you on the trump side. that will be wacky. we'll be on the right side of history when it comes to voting. six major newspapers point out, they may not win, but here is the choice. i'm proud of the points we are putting on the board and like i say, i'll leave this whole thing knowing i am providing an honorable alternative to both of them. kennedy: i agree with you there. i think you are an honorable person.
12:40 am
i'm disappointed your poll numbers are dropping more rapidly than typical third party candidates. why are your poll numbers falling the way they are, and what do you regret about this campaign? >> i don't regret a thing, and look, it's been very principled, i'm proud of everything that we have done. there is still that collective head jerk that may occur before election day. there is an honorable third choice. but no regrets. i'm proud about the whole thing. kennedy: even going into msnbc and walking into those entrapment questions? >> that was bound to happen. the point that hillary clinton has $1.8 billion. trump has over a billion.
12:41 am
i'm not whining, i would like to point out a reality when you do an analysis on votes cast, we'll at about a dollar a vote for us. hillary may be at close to $40 and trump may be $25, $28. kennedy: you are below 5% in the real clear politics tracking average. if you get above 5% nationally, you do -- the libertarian party is recognized as a minor political party fan you are up for some federal funding. can you get there? can you increase your poll numbers within the next week? >> we'll see. regardless of how it turns out, though. i'm proud of the effort. i just have to believe that will take place. the polls right now. what they have done scientifically, they under weighted young people and independents.
12:42 am
they do that from a scientific standpoint. historically they don't vote. if there is a heavy young person turnout and independents, yeah, you could really see it above 5%. who would you like to see atop the libertarian ticket in 2020? >> i think there will be a big surprise. i think there are a lot of democrats, big names that will come out of the woodwork along with republicans both seeking a clearer path, if you will. this election has tainted both democrats and republicans, and i'm looking forward to a real surprise, a crowded field seeking the libertarian nomination. potentially that 5% gives the libertarian party $5 million. the libertarian nominee next election cycle $10 million, that would and game change and there would sab scramble for candidates to be a part of that.
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kennedy: gary, i appreciate you, i believe in you and like you. please keep bill weld away from the libertarian party. tomorrow the third party train keeps rolling when ed mcmullen joins me. he could win utah. join me right here. coming up. a new study says cell phones are robbing kids of sleep. should you take a hammer to them? them? the i found a better deal on prescriptions. we found lower co-pays... ...and a free wellness visit. new plan...same doctor. i'm happy. it's medicare open enrollment. have you compared plans yet? it's easy at or you can call 1-800-medicare. medicare open enrollment. you'll never know unless you go.
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kennedy: are you feeling stressed like you wanted to punch it's probably this aren't
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election. 52% of respoken don't say the trace for the white house is a big source of stress. no surprise. a lot of it is being caused by social media it's gone the so bad a hospital on nornlings long island reportedly band patients from talking poll sticks online. i have not been on facebook in months because i don't want to see people go on and on and on. david: you say the slightest little political thing. you say the slightest little thing one way other other and you get a deluge of stuff. the measurement of misunderstanding has become sow small, the chance to be misunderstood is great because the margins are so small.
12:48 am
kennedy: even if you are politically agnostic and you say anything that casts donald trump in a favorable light you are targeted as a racist. david: or if you say donald trump needs improvement, you get blasted bithe donald trump fans. kennedy: is it because we work with this stuff and work it every day? or do you think people are affected. >> they seat opposite side as the enemy. i talked to people in our industry who have lost friends over who they support. maybe some of the anxiety, they are afraid whoever wins, the other person will get audited if they are opposing them on television. kennedy: if you found out your spouse was a trump supporter, and a woman went yeah. kennedy: would you date a trump supporter?
12:49 am
julie: all i have done is date republicans. but i drew the line in february when the guy was a trump supporter. he thought attack john mccain and the reporter was funny. julie: trump, i can't do it. ted cruz i would not date ted cruz because i have respect for his wife heidi. kennedy: kids, put your phone away and go to sleep. a new study from the king's college in london shows even when they are turned off smart phones and other twice can keep
12:50 am
your kids awake. i think it's adults, too. i don't know if it's the siren song theyee mitt. you wake up in the middle of the night and you are checking twitter and updating instagram. david: i think there is something that comes out of these devices that is harmful to uls. i don't think science knows how. but it does affect you. that's why they say, my daughter when she was teenager i used to take the phone and moist away from her. she would go to swliept right on her head. i can't imagine that's healthy. kennedy: i don't want my girls playing video games because they will chit-chat. >> even if they are off, in the middle of the night you turn on your phone to see what email there was. is there some work i should be doing on the phone?
12:51 am
that temptation is always there. it's something we have to live with. facebook and i phones and twitter isn't going away. julie: i was up at 2:30 looking at political stuff and look at polls. it's crazy. i know i need the sleep. i have a crazy 4-year-old who will wake me up in a few hours and i still can't do it. kennedy: there will nobody sleep until next tuesday. put on the coffee. coming up. what's the best kinds of floor what's the best kinds of floor wax to get maximum slipperiness what is success? what's the best kinds of floor wax to get maximum slipperiness is it a professor who never stops being a student? is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own?
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kennedy: it's exactly one week until election day.
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let's keep it extra weird with video that will keep you distracted enough so you don't drive yourselves off a cliff. this is the "topical storm." his name is obama and he wears jeans designed for your mama. the president and the first lady decided to make it casual with some stiff dance moves to scare the kids. watch. [♪] kennedy: the president tried to get down. but the on thing dropping are his approval numbers with his sad dance skills. it will never match up to the
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mcmullen. perhaps future victorious in utah. neil cavuto and bearded devil genius gavin mcinnes. >> announcer: the following is a paid advertisement for the back2life 12-minute back pain solution, brought to you by back in five, llc. pain pills, hot and cold packs, endless doctor visits, injections, even surgery. if you or anyone you know have tried these or any other ways to relieve yourself of back discomfort, only to find you still suffer from debilitating back pain, then stay tuned, because your life is about to change forever. introducing back2life, the 12-minute solution to a lifetime of back pain. back2life has caused a sensation around the world and is now here in the united states. in that short time, over 1 million americans have tried this a


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