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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  November 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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probably a hedge. overall rule of thumb, 5, 10% exposure to gold. [closing bell rings] you want something to retain value. liz: so nice to have you, jack, with 60 billion in assets, listening to you. treasurys, gold. as we watch closing bell ring, donald trump is about to speak. we should tell you the s&p 500 down seven days in a row. longest losing streak in five years. david and melissa. melissa: stocks ending the day in the red for the seventh straight day. longest losing streak for the s&p in five years. i'm melissa francis. neil: that is even without raising rates. i'm david asman this is "after the bell." we have you covered on big market movers. here is what else we have for you at this hour. less than a week to go the clock is ticking. candidates and team of surrogates out in full force, blanketing the country, full-court press. new polls, brand new polls i hold in my hands right now show the margin between clinton and trump getting very slim.
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donald trump holding a rally in florida this hour. this is a state he really needs. he has been there all day long. we'll bring you the latest from the campaign trail. melissa: all right. back to markets, the dow sinking again today with verizon. phil flynn, price futures group. watching all the action between oil and gold from the cme. lori rothman on the floor of nyse. big surprise, the fed punting to december. >> couple key things came out of it today. first of all the fact that inflation is headed toward the fed target of 2%. higher inflation, what do you do? raise interest rates to curb rising inflation. teeing us up for all expected december rate hike. there you go. stocks are moving on earnings. still in the throes of business i earnings season. yelp uproaring highest ever adjusted earnings per share.
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office depot with a gain of 15% today, set for the best day in more than six months on the downside, kate spade, gamestop, esty all down -- etsy. double-digit percentages, ouch. facebook did well in the quarterly report. facebook was down two bucks a share. implied volatility with options market looking for 5% move in facebook shares either up or down. but we are looking for a huge, huge jump in both earnings per share and revenue. it is all thanks to tremendous growth case in the mobile ad sales. of course you know, guys, that facebook has a mini scandal overestimating time people are spending looking at viewer apps. we'll see if they say anything about that on the call. back to you. melissa: wow. thank you very much. phil, oil ending at a five-week low. we had pipeline explosion. oil inventory data. so much going on.
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talk to me. >> it was. that build, 15.2 million barrels, the biggest build in u.s. crude oil history. where did all the oil come from? a few weeks ago we were wondering when supplies would show up after the hurricanes. boy, did it show up. i don't know where it was last couple weeks. probably lost in the bermuda try angle. it hit shores in a big way futures have pulled back quite a bit. expectations that the colonial pipeline is back in operation on saturday. there is a big question not absolutely sure. if you're living on the east coast that means your gas price, before we gold. gold above 1300. back to you. melissa: phil, thank you for that. 21st century fox, the parent company of course of fox business is now out with quarterly results. let's go to ashley webster in the newsroom for numbers. ashley? >> i have them indeed.
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earnings per share coming in at 51 cents. estimate was for 44. so a beat of, well, 7 cents if my math does me right. revenue, 6.51 billion. the estimate was for 6.49 billion. we have beat on earnings and revenue. i can see very quickly, film, entertainment coming in 9.1 billion. that is slightly better than the estimates. cable coming in at 3.8 billion, again slightly better than the estimates. the stock itself, moving slightly higher to just about, a little higher in after-hours trading. continue to dig through the numbers, guys. melissa: important to get that one right, ashley. no pressure, okay, my friend? no pressure. neil: we knew cable was doing right. melissa: of course. neil: wall street loves it when the fed decides not to raise rates like today, so why is the market down today? maybe they're worried donald trump might decide to tighten things up at the fed if he is elected. joining me kevin kelly of recon
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capital partners. trump is not a fan of janet yellen. we know that for a fact. he said so on the campaign trail. let's take a clip. >> when they raise interest rates, you're going to see some very bad things happen because the fed is not doing their job. the fed is being more political than secretary clinton. neil: all right. the fed is not doing its job. he wants tight are monetary policy how is wall street going to react if he is elected and does that? >> not until last friday did wall street even consider the possibility of him winning. however since then, since the email scandal, latest email scandal came out, we've seen market price in possibility, or price in possibility of a trump victory. we've been seeing more volatility. consider, continue to see more volatility. the vix is up about 16%, just for this week alone. we'll see more of that, especially going into next week, monday, tuesday, wednesday, when we have results.
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there will be a lot of jitteriness. a lot more uncertainty. we could see a big drop initially if he does win. neil: kevin, gold jumped thinking about uncertainty of a trump victory. many people say if trump does become president and does tighten up monetary policy, dollar will go up and gold will come down. is this a fool's bet to bet on gold going higher? >> gold has not performed over last few years what is supposed to be, a inflation hedge. we haven't had much inflation. i think market is really worried about economic numbers even though gdp came out great headline number, because soybean extracts came in 10%. consumer numbers in the gdp report were actually abysmal. they were down pretty significantly. the market is worried not about monetary policy but fiscal policy.
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whoever the getses elected in first 100 days they will judge what policy will lead to growth in the economy. melissa: anthem may pull oil of obamacare if the market doesn't improve in 2017. this would make them fourth out of five major health insurance providers to do so. veronica, start with you, the ceo said if we don't see evidence of improve being market and path toward sustainability we will likely modify our strategy in 2018. they would have to raise premiums through the roof and even then not enough people are signing up. this is disaster. >> you have to wonder what the endgame is, younger people having to pay higher premiums aren't signing up. >> right. >> they don't see reason to if premiums go up 25% or more. what will moat individual them if premiums go up this year and next year? no metric will say why the premiums are going to go down.
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it's a real problem for the overall feasibility of the system. melissa: yeah, kevin, one of the original architects gruber, said they were counting on the stupidity of americans in order to pass this whole thing. he is now saying only way to force people in, raise the tax penalty so high you're forced to pay either the government or forced to pay for health insurance that you don't need, that isn't really worth very much. where are we headed here? >> unfortunately you're seeing willful ignorance of the constructors of this policy because the aging population is having higher incidents of connick disease and illnesses, no penalties you can enforce. need to get people to sign up incentivize them, not penalize them. melissa: i guess. >> arizona, they have a elderly population. basically can't get obamacare because no one wants to sign up for it. >> we've got to run. we have facebook out right now. reporting third quarter results.
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lori rothman on floor of new york stock exchange. the stock is getting hit right now. >> it is. melissa: i imagine what you will tell me. go ahead. >> it's a mystery to be honest with you. it is 7 bp dollars quarter for facebook. that is better than expected. $.01 billion, mill listsa. bitter than 53% increase in quarter last year -- better. , per share adjusted $1.09. much better than the 97 cents per share estimate. in terms of generator of the ad revenue which everybody was so keyed in on, mobile ads of course. wall street was expecting only 75% of the revenue generated from mobile. guess what, 84% which is jump from 78%. so the stock is down but off the lows post-session. now about 2%, a little less than 2%. shares down in the regular session, about the same amount. mobile monthly active users, 1.66 billion as of september 30th this year. that is increase of 20%,
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year-over-year. as you know there has been controversy with facebook. had a mini scandal earlier with exaggerating how much time viewers were spending on watching mobile ads. we'll see if that comes up in the course of this earnings release. shares are turning lower here firmly down 2 1/2%. back to you. melissa: let's get reaction. thank you so much. searching for the fountain of youth within facebook. critics worry it is losing steam among millenials as social media giant fights to attract a younger demographic. we went out to the street to find out. listen. >> facebook is probably for a younger generation. >> i'm not on facebook. >> i use facebook mostly. >> i'm not interested in facebook. >> this is basically only social media app. >> my mom had facebook before me. >> i actually deleted it from my data phone. melissa: mixed reaction from millenials.
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this is the worry. kevin kelly what do you think? >> not too worried about it on millenial front. they have instagram. they have over 100 million users using their stories on the daily, basically combating snapchat. another thing they're rolling out on the instagram platform linking through retailers who put their pricing an links to buy things on the fast fashion side. so i actually not too worried about millenials when it comes to that because of their instagram platform targeting millenials. melissa: veronica, did you see hipper looking the person that was talking, more they said deleted it or not in there. everybody is like, my grandma is on it. i don't know. >> i was feeling pretty lame. although i have to say i am on snapchat. i think younger demographic, 18 to 24 which advertisers love and want to go for is really more focused on snapchat. facebook needs to inknow straight within the facebook platform.
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something that competes with snapchat in greater way. they need to figure out what the plan is with video. they're expanding that. they are trying to win over broadcast tv dollars. melissa: okay. >> but they need to grow that, figure out what to do with that, figure out how to monetize things like whatsapp. melissa: i will get retro and order a carrier pigeon. neil: i want to see your hit meter. you have a hit meter -- >> eight-track. neil: eight years after the financial crisis democrats and republicans are still launching wall street bank bashing ads in congressional campaigns. take a look. >> evan bayh went from the banking committee to a big bank boardroom. >> wall street gets hundred of billions in fees even if the market crashes. maybe rob portman should be running for senator of wall street. >> borrowed 400,000 from wall street and protected them instead of us. >> he tried to eliminate protections put in place to stop wall street risky practices. neil: kevin, bottom line, nobody likes the banks, right? >> no of course not.
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especially look what happened with the wells fargo scandal recently. it is in place unfortunately. even the cfpb didn't catch it. it had to be a "l.a. times" reporter to find this out. nobody is holding wall street accountable, on a when you're seeing congressional testimony happen. it seems they can just move on. neil: however, veronica, the banks, the big financial banks, anyway, seem to love hillary clinton. that's where the money is going. hillary clinton. donald trump may be better for the smaller banks but he says he will hold bigger banks to account? >> in general hillary clinton is the favorite of wall street. we've seen that in the stock market in the past week or so. but in terms of wall street being targeted by ads, that is always a popular target. it will continue to be a popular target. neil: for good reason after the bailout. >> right. it is not always effective though. we'll see what happens. neil: not always effective. nobody liked bailout. i certainly didn't. kevin, veronica, thank you very much. melissa. melissa: what is the next for
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the man at the center of latest clinton email investigation. new details where -- neil: i don't like to look at that man's face. melissa: wow. neil: huge conflict of interest inside of the justice department. the latest bombshell as wikileaks revealing more emails from the clinton campaign. melissa: possible voter fraud in florida. exclusive details on this alarming development as donald trump gets set to kick off a rally in orlando this hour. we'll bring it to you. >> the polls are say saying we're going to win florida. don't believe it. get out there and vote. pretend we're slightly behind. you got to get out. we don't want to blow this.
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melissa: breaking news right now. facebook out with third quarter results just moments ago. the social media giant topping expectations with a 56% jump in revenue. company citing a surge in mobile ad sales for the beat. facebook down though 1% after-hours. neil: new polls show donald trump is about even with hillary clinton, but he really needs to win that state. that's why he has been in florida all day. he is speaking as you can see right now in orlando, florida. he is trying to get those voters
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on his side again. it is statistical dead heat at the moment. new cnn poll showing trump trailing clinton by just 2% in the state. again, well within the margin of error. new "quinnepiac poll" came out showing hillary clinton winning by only one point. it noise at win. within the statistical error. adam shapiro standing by in orlando with the latest. adam, before we get to trump, you've been, you've got concerning exclusive details of potential voter fraud. donald trump has been talking a lot about it. what do you have? reporter: so the republican party of florida, the chairman, sent a letter to the supervisor of elections of broward county which is one of the biggest counties with registered democrats outnumber republicans two to one. saying they were improperly counting mail-in votes. want to read you a key line from this letter. quote, i've been advised that tens of thousands of vote by mail ballots in broward county
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are being opened by your staff before they have been canvased by the county canvasing board. that is fancy way of saying verified to determine if the ballots are actually eligible. so we interviewed blaze ingoglia, behind me with mr. trump. here is what he told us what is going on in broward county. >> florida law prescribes when the supervisor of elections takes in all these ballots, all the ballots have to be approved to be opened by the canvasing board. they did not go through the process. they were not approved to be opened by the canvasing board. that is troublesome. if there is any challenges to the ballots there is no body to there to challenge ballots. >> we have a response pro broward county. soup veer of elections, says we're following standard practice. we haven't done anything different than we've done in the past. the only difference we send out no match affidavit to voters deemed not to match signature on record. we're trying to find out if the gop will accept this response from broward county or if they
4:21 pm
are going to file a lawsuit at 9:00 a.m., threatened to do, 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. david? neil: if that vote is close, we all remember the election in 2000. it could come down to florida once again, and lord knows how long it would take to recount the chads. adam shapiro, great work. thank you very much. melissa? melissa: well the polls are getting very close. "real clear politics" average still has hillary clinton leading donald trump 47.2 to 45.5. "abc news/washington post poll" has the nominees tied at 46% in four-way match up. noelle nikpour, republican fund-raiser. neil: emily shire, bustle. we know what counts is state by state. look at polls, there is something for everyone out there. it is so close all over the place.
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>> one of the things that the republican party can do as a whole and donald trump's campaign is to tout the, you know the economical side of the republican platform. it makes sense. it is sound and that's where we will win with issues. if you stay with the policies that make the republican party strong that is how i think they will cinch this over the line. melissa: emily, let me ask you, turning to the other side, looking again at the cnn/orc, has clinton up in florida by two points and up in pennsylvania by four points. trump can not afford to lose florida. that would be the end of the line for him. what do you make of all these polls? >> i mean look, clinton is certainly in a tight spot.
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it is all relative but this time last week we probably thought she was crewing to a landslide. melissa: she ordered fireworks. >> now trump has a path to victory. what clinton needs to to do is drum up popular surrogates to go to florida, pennsylvania, north carolina. she needs michelle obama reminding what trump presidency would look like. these are historically unpopular candidates. driving enthese a -- people to the polls is not enthusiasm. melissa: noelle, i'm not sure that is totally true, what we see working for donald trump, only him on the trail is working. he is crisscrossing the country. making all these appearances because surrogates are not working well for him. people want to see him. enthusiasm is for him. for hillary clinton she is lucky her surrogates are more popular than she is. she sends barack obama out there. she sends michelle obama, so popular. what does all of that tell you?
4:24 pm
strength for her in a sense because she has more people to stump for her, but it does speak to the enthusiasm. cuts both ways? >> you're right about that, melissa, also given the fact that the republican party, with paul ryan, donald trump, there is a lot of division in the republican party. melissa: that's true. >> so that is another factor. and another, yet another factor is the, the fund-raising slump. donald trump has not, that campaign doesn't have as much money as hillary clinton does. she has advantage to get the message out on her campaign. melissa: okay. >> so you are right about that which makes the path a little harder for donald trump. melissa: we're up against a break. we got to go. emily give you another one next time. sorry about that david? neil: coming up, war on cops in america. two police officers killed in ambush style attacks. how donald trump is planning to restore law and order. wikileaks uncovering more evidence that dnc chair donna brazile coordinated with the hillary clinton campaign while
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david: good news on the home front, twenty-first century fox, parent of fox business topping estimate the on both top and bottom lines. revenues boosted by higher content sales from film and entertainment and cable network programing like this one. melissa: after missing revenue estimates and cutting earnings forecast, maker of fitness trackers slashed holiday sales guidance. david: inside source. wikileaks revealed that a source gave hillary clinton about upcoming congressional hearings, that lawmakers might question clinton about private emails. fox business's blake burman in
4:29 pm
d.c. with the very latest. blake? reporter: hi, there, david. peter kadzik is emerging in the latest wikileak document dump raising about the firewall between the department of justice and clinton campaign. kadzik is district attorney at doj he is liaison between department of justice and members of congress. in the latest wikileak email, kadzik with the chairman of john podesta, head as up. kadzik writes following quoting here. there is oversight hearing today where head of our civil division will testify likely to get questions on state department emails. now additionally to that, that email was sent to podesta by kadzik on his private gmail account, not an official government account. you might remember podesta in another recent email had described kadzik as a fantastic lawyer and said, kadzik, quote, kept me out of jail. donald trump not letting this
4:30 pm
one go by. he brought this up at his first rally of the day. did so moments ago as well. he clearly season opportunity here with this one as the corrupt system as he has been talking about. here is trump from earlier today. >> the spread of political agendas, into the justice department has never been a thing like this that has happened in our country's history. is one of the saddest things that has happened to our country, but with your votes you can beat the system, the rigged system. reporter: separately another. mail today showed how donna brazile forwarded an email from a cnn producer to clinton campaign chairman john podesta. the produce are's note described brazile being involved with the discussion on tv later in the evening. this was the night before the new hampshire primary, about reports of a possible clinton campaign shake-up. after podesta swatted down that possibility, brazile informed podesta that she quote, pushed back hard on this.
4:31 pm
that is what she said in the email. david, as you know cnn severed dies with brazile, currently interhim dnc chair after other wikileaks emails that showed she was giving clinton campaign questions before debates. david: helps to have friends in high place. melissa. melissa: "daily mail" reported that anthony weiner checked himself into a sex addiction clinic. david: good luck. melissa: there you go. weiner has a history of sending sexually charged missages that is one way of saying it including to a 15-year-old girl. this triggered an fbi investigation that has as you know, ended with his wife huma abedin, a top aide to hillary clinton. david: all right. melissa: i know. david: we'll give you all a chance to wash your hands. meanwhile the latest on fbi's investigation into the democratic nominee is republican members of congress prepare to take the fight past the presidential election. melissa: another possible conflict of interest in the fbi probe of hillary clinton's
4:32 pm
private server. andrew mccarthy sound off on that. that's coming up. >> if hillary clinton were to be elected, it would create an unprecedented and protracted constitutional crisis. [booing]. haven't we just been through a lot with the clintons? the pursuit of healthier.
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stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. melissa: the fbi's investigation of hillary clinton is underway as congressional republicans are already preparing for a continued investigations and potential impeachment trial if clinton is elected to office. peter barnes standing by in washington, d.c., with the latest. just business as usual, right? reporter: that's right, melissa, and the clinton campaign is raising questions of timing of another fbi disclosure just before the election. this one involves the fbi's recent release of records of its investigation 15 years ago into former president bill clinton's pardon to future financeer marc rich. fbi posted them online monday in the freedom of information act page in apparent response to a foia request.
4:37 pm
a fbi twitter account flagged posting on tuesday. clinton campaign spokesman brian fallon responded back on twitter, absence a foia deadline this is odd. will fbi be posting docs on trump's housing discrimination in0's. after the pardon it was widely reported that the justice department launched investigation, denise, his wife, secured the pardon by making donations to the democratic party and clinton foundation. fbi director james comey was the attorney who decided not to pursue charges in that case. separately president obama weighed in on wednesday, today, on comey's letter to congress on friday about reopening the fbi investigation into secretary clinton's use of a private email server. >> i do think that there is a norm that, you know when there
4:38 pm
are investigations, we don't operate on innuendo. we don't operate on incomplete information. we don't operate on leaks. we operate based on concrete decisions that are made. reporter: the president said he would not comment on the particulars of the case to make sure he did not appear to be meddling in it. melissa. melissa: hmmm. interesting. peter barnes, thank you. david? david: all right, for reaction to today's revelations on the investigation of hillary clinton and all else, we turn to andrew mccarthy, former assistant u.s. attorney for southern district of new york, "national review" contributeing editor and the whose office investigated marc rich to begin with. you're perfect man to ask. the clinton campaign said they had no right to release this stuff. what do you say? >> it has got to be released under foia. it has got to be released under foia.
4:39 pm
i don't know what the timing is. david: was there something wrong with the pardon of marc rich? >> it was corrupt from soup-to-nuts. there was something wrong with all of those pardons that happened as president clinton went out the door. there was a major investigation into it. the big problem with it is it is hard to prove the quid pro quo but also under the constitution the president doesn't have to have a rhine to pardon people. david: right. >> makes it a very tough case. david: so much to discuss here. clintons keep going on and on in terms of all the stuff they have been involved with, but this note from donna brazile, excuse me, from donna brazile originally to hillary clinton campaign, then you have this note from this assistant attorney general to the hillary clinton campaign, which says, and i will read it again, from peter kadzik. says there is house judiciary oversight committee hearing today where the head of our civil division will testify, likely to get questions on state department emails. another filing in the foia case went in last night.
4:40 pm
essentially you have one of the very top officials at justice department telling the hillary clinton campaign, a hack at the clinton campaign, john podesta, what is coming up. is there anything wrong with that? >> there is nothing criminal about notifying people there will be court hearings. in fact you know the justice department puts out press releases all the time, come to our conference. we're about to indict somebody, we are about to charge somebody, somebody got sentenced. the problem lear this justice department has been so politicizeed since 2009, they lost sight, if they ever had it, avoiding the appearance of impropriety. to the extent they're not embroiled in investigations with i involve the campaign or people in the campaign, they're not sensitive to the fact that a lot of people who have been tipping off the, you know, the people in the justice department tip off the campaign, people in other agencies of government do, they're not, i don't think,
4:41 pm
sensitive to what this looks likes, to the point where you have this fbi deputy director, if you look at it objectively, looks to me put together, if oversaw the case involving classified information, that looks like a pretty bullet-proof case, if you didn't know anything about it you figure he would do a pretty good job but they're not sensitive to the fact that he has ties to his wife, to mcauliffe, and tied to the clinton foundation. david: let's finally deal with the clinton foundation because buried in the information that came out about anthony weiner was a discussion of the fact that clinton foundation, the fbi agents were going after the clinton foundation and conflicts of interest and et cetera and apparently was shut down by loretta lynch, right? >> it was shut down by loretta lynch's old office. "the wall street journal" report mentions that it was shut down by the eastern district of new york prosecutors in brooklyn. that was loretta lynch's office before president clinton, president obama elevated her to
4:42 pm
attorney general. david: what a coincidence, all the people she hired decided they wouldn't follow the clinton foundation investigations. is there anything wrong with that? >> funny how that happens. there is a lot wrong with it, what they said to the agents was, they couldn't have these emails based on the agreements that were made to obtain the laptops. the laptops should have been obtained by grand jury subpoena. their production should have been compelled and because lynch wouldn't open a grand jury or authorize the opening of a grand jury the fbi was denied ability to compel the production of evidence. there is why there are all these strings staff to evidence they have in their hand and should be using to make this case. david: andrew, mccarthy have to have you come back every day. volume of material is very rich. melissa. melissa: whole foods jumping after topping analyst estimates earnings per share. the company announced it is eliminating its co-ceo structure, appointing john mackey as ceo.
4:43 pm
david: oh, the founder. a mad dash to buy guns. new details how the race for the white house is impacting firearms sales.
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melissa: twenty-first century fox, parent company of fox businesses topping estimates on both top and bottom lines. revenue boosted by higher content sales from film, entertainment and cable programing. ashley webster has been on the conference call. ashley, what are you hearing? >> they spent first 14 minutes or so, melissa, going over results. they're very happy with them as you can imagine. overall revenue up 7%, a big part driven by cable revenue on
4:47 pm
the domestic side up 10%, ad revenue and higher affiliate fees accounting for jump in those revenues. happier about the film studio at fox. that was an area of weakness in the last report. this time around the contribution by the film studio actually doubled thanks to some movies that resonated well. "independence day: resurgence" and "deadpool" that helped bottom line for sure. talking about hulu. james lochlin saying that service which of course fox is partner in, is on track to begin its new streaming service next year. that is hulu and fox signing a content deal with hulu just this past week. so overall, they were also asked by the way on conference call about increase in subscribers which in this day and age is hard to find. lochlin saying more people come to fox sports programing, one and two.
4:48 pm
that is another area they're happy with. that is as far as we got on the call. melissa: ashley webster, thank you. david: meanwhile october locked and loaded. the threat of stricter gun control laws after the election fueling a massive spike in gun sales last month. fbi processing 2.3 million, setting a record for 18th month in a row. number of background checks for 2016 is highest in history. there are still two months to go. last year was the highest. it keeps getting higher. melissa: attack on cops, devastating ambush attacks in iowa leaving two police officers dead. donald trump saying these horrible events will not happen under his watch as he vows to bring back law and order. [accountant] my job is to manage and grow businesses.
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david: donald trump speaking out earlier today on deadly shootings of two police officers in iowa. the republican nominee pushing his tough stance bringing law and order back into the country. take a listen. >> an attack on our police is an attack on all of us. to all the great men and women of law enforcement, we're with you, we'll support you and we'll stand by you. [cheering] we will restore law and order and justice in america. justice. david: sarah huckabee sanders, trump campaign senior advisor. sarah, we still don't know exactly why this happened, what was in the mind of ther there hn severe criticism of police, some people call it a war on cops which led to cutbacks on tough policing. some people say there is direct link between lack of tough policing and 10.8% increase in
4:53 pm
murder rate in america and all violent crime increase. i haven't heard trump talk a lot about this. do you think he is will do more? >> one of the things he plans to do is frankly give police officers the resources they need to do their job and do their job well. i think that speaks to the point you just made. we can not cut back the resources. we have to expand them, give officers resources they need to be successful. we have to have a president willing to stand up to say they're with the police. david: yeah. >> we haven't seen that out of this administration. david: there is bully pulpit and federal intrusion in local police forces. we've seen a lot of federal intrusion, initiated by the white house and his justice department. the justice department gets directly involved in policing that give police fewers weapons to search and seize, do other things that prevent crimes and sometimes murders. >> i think that is the most backwards thing we could think of. why would we take some of the
4:54 pm
resources away from the good guys? we should be arming them to the best that we can so they can go out and continue to protect american citizens. the day that the police are being attacks is the day we start to lose law and order in this country. without law and order in this country we don't have a country. david: not just big cities. we focus on chicago. awful in chicago. new york violent coming back up too. it is heartland, places like des moines or milwaukee. violent crime in wisconsin is record high. wisconsin is one of those states that donald trump is trying to get over to his side. that could be one of the critical states here. is he going to go to wisconsin and talk about law and order? >> i think there is certainly an opportunity there, whether he does it, mike pence does it. look, the message of law and order has been a big part of donald trump's campaign whether he is in wisconsin, north carolina or florida. that has to be something we're talk about, no mat are what state we're in. something that is affecting us
4:55 pm
coast to coast, north and south. like you said, not just chicago anymore. it is des moines and the southland. david: historically between one candidate like ronald reagan or richard nixon, against somebody soft on law and order or in the case of hillary clinton, siding with black lives matters and other things, the law and order candidate usually wins. >> i think one of the many reasons i think donald trump will win on tuesday. not just law and order, but overall sheikh upof the way washington has operated. if people are okay with the way things are going, whether law and order, economy, border security, national security, then hillary clinton is their candidate. if they're not, then donald trump is the person -- david: very quickly, can donald trump win without winning florida? >> i think he needs to win florida and i think he will. i don't think that will be an issue. i think he is going to win in florida and win on tuesday. david: sara huckabee sanders, good to see you in person.
4:56 pm
thanks for being here. melissa. melissa: moving on out. federal workers threaten to turn in their notice if donald trump is elected. his supporters might help them pack. these goofy glasses. yeah. well, we gotta hand it to fedex. they've helped make our e-commerce so easy, and now we're getting all kinds of new customers. i know. can you believe we're getting orders from canada, ireland... this one's going to new zealand. new zealand? psst. ah, false alarm. hey! you guys are gonna scare away the deer! idiots... providing global access for small business.
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>> go ahead and make our day. 35% of government workers say they would consider quitting if donald trump wins the election by the business council. 35%. >> well, they might be in for a wakeup call. employees in local state governments are 43% more time missed and 50% more than the private sector. bottom line maybe they're not that efficient. by the way, quinnipiac poll, ohio trump 46 and clinton 41,
5:00 pm
that's beyond the margin of error, this is a lot bigger than it had been before. obviously affected by events over the past week. >> i would caution, today is a day where there is a poll for everyone, whatever is out there, all over the place. so, there you go. risk and reward starts right now. now: a tied race, a dead heat in the final until the election. this as the 26th round of of clinton campaign wikileaks e-mails are out. we've got the latest details tonight and liz mcdonald is in for deirdre bolten. risk and reward. hillary making only two campaign sites. and they're going to work with a campaign blitz. seven surrogates in seven battle ground states racing at break-neck speeds to 16 campaign stops in hopes of of reversing the polls and turning the focus back t


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