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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  November 2, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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market after reporting third-quarter earnings. had a 56% jump in sales, concerns of a full year cost outweighing the results. charles payne, "making money" next. don't go away. charles: good evening, i'm charles payne, and we're just -- the finish line is six days away and donald trump trying to capitalize on momentum that began more than a week ago but a big lift from the fbi when they revived clinton e-mail probe. donald trump rallying supporters in florida. that is a must-win state for him, and warning that a clinton presidency, what it would look like. watch this. >> the work of government would grind to a halt if she were ever elected. she'll be in court for her entire tenure. and she'll be convicted. charles: even with florida
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somewhat in the bag, by some indications, donald trump must break through the clinton blue wall. so exactly how does he do that? joining me cathy taylor, rachel duffy and jeff dewitt who knows donald trump's plans well. i want to start with our newest contributor, rachel duffy. welcome to the team. >> thank you. charles: are you happy to be in wisconsin? a lot of republicans hinted over the weekend and yesterday that that marquette poll was a surprise for donald trump. it was not a surprise for donald trump. what do you make of it? >> i don't like to go against the marquette poll, it is good, accurate. i think it's much closer than the six point spread. first of all, part of the time they were in the field sampling was before the big bombshell on friday with the fbi. the other point i'd make is that they oversampled democrats by 6%. wisconsin is not a plus 6
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democrat state, it's a purple state. both of those make me think the race is closer. the other reason is hillary thinks it's closer. she's sending in biden, kaine, her daughter chelsea is going to be here. all of those indicate that the race is closer. if you don't mind, the state is in three parts. up in north central and western wisconsin where i'm at, donald trump is overperforming by six points. that's huge. in madison which is the strong hold for the democrats, that, you know, bernie country. socialists, those are not hillary people. and i tell you what, they're very angry about the cheating that was done by hillary against their guy bernie with donna brazile. i think that's going to depress the vote there. charles: rachel, donald trump has had his run-ins with certain republicans in your state. there was an article in the "washington post" saying he's not our kind of republican. is that going to hurt him
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ultimately or do you still see him being able to break through wisconsin come next tuesday? >> so that is the key point. you really hit it on the head right there. so southeast wisconsin, the suburbs of wisconsin. the most republican part of the state but it is also the home of the hashtag never trump movement. i think those people are moving after the friday bombshell, they're becoming hashtag never hillary people. if i was donald trump right now, i would drop the ads, i know his campaign is notoriously frugal. this is not the time to be frugal. drop the ads and come one more time to wisconsin, donald, and hit it in southeast wisconsin. charles: donald trump calling himself a dozen times he couldn't get everywhere everybody wanted him to go. jeff, a bunch of polls are out. an avalanche of them, and mixed results for candidates. people are cherry picking the ones they like. let's face it, good news in one and five minutes later there is another one.
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donald trump breaking through clinton's blue wall. what cities should he focus on? >> doing well in the traditional blue collar working states. wisconsin, michigan is in play. michigan hasn't gone republican since 1988. it's in play for us and there are polls that show us leading by a couple points in michigan. ohio, we're obviously doing well. charles: what states has he spent time in. michigan, in early voting is a little bit to your advantage, right? over 2012. but it is tough to decide which states you hit hard, donald trump in florida. made three stops today. feels he may win that but there is noise in the early voting stuff, is it new hampshire? is it wisconsin? i think ohio is in the bag, would he go back there? how do you see the marching ordering between now and november? >> without spoiling the surprise, you're going to see us hit all of the states.
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thankfully we have the hardest working candidate that politics has ever seen in donald trump, and we're doing three, four and might even do five rallies in a day coming up here. these are things that the hillary campaign can't do. the logistical nightmares to solve, to do these many things but we have a candidate that never stops working hard. >> his stamina is absolutely remarkable and i think that's where hillary relies on team of surrogates to mask that. cathy, you know better than anyone else how this thing works. it's a nail-biter, almost feels year without exception, anything special or different other than the rate of momentum that we see donald trump with now is astonishing? >> it is astonishing and it will be up to the end. we were talking before the show started, you looked back at last election, romney was up several polls by many points. you don't know until you until. what's different about this
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election, what i think it's going to be a very big story post november 8th is the fact that the undecided are underreported. there's no doubt about it. that these two candidates are so polarizing that they have their camps but there's a large group of people throughout the country who aren't going decide until they walk into the booth. that is very -- for all the reporting around it, i think that is very underreported number. from my travels across the count three, is a very underreported number for sure. charles: mark alderman, a tracking poll in michigan has hillary up 3, up 7 in the same poll yesterday. so sort of echoes what we're seeing with the broader, bigger polls nationwide and state by state. hillary is going to go to michigan, in a lot of different states. she's scrambling and spending money. how is she going to defend this blue wall? >> she's going to defend the blue wall because the wall is real, charles.
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it's not like trump's border wall with mexico, it is a wall that has stood in every presidential election, six straight times, all the way back to 1988, and the problem for donald trump is that he's not ahead anywhere that he has to win. he has to win florida, which is a toss-up. he has to win north carolina, which is a toss-up. he has to win iowa, nevada. charles: mark, what would you say about the notion of first of all, all walls eventually can be penetrated or overcome, even constantinople stood for a long time. >> now it's istanbul. [laughter] >> fair enough. charles: okay. but again, the momentum that he has, how do you deny that momentum, mark, and i'll let you back, in rachel? >> there's a difference between it becoming tighter and it becoming tight. yes. it is becoming tighter in wisconsin.
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it's still hers to lose. it is becoming tighter in michigan, it's still hers to lose. i'm from pennsylvania, donald trump is not winning pennsylvania. shouldn't even bother coming there. and i don't think that he is going to be able to run the table. he has to win everywhere and that is just too tall an order with too short a time left. charles: rachel, here's the thing, a week ago, almost every pundit wrote donald trump off, said there is no path now. there are multiple paths to the possibility of him getting 270. >> that's right. it's very volatile, and you guys talked earlier about underreporting. i'll tell you, trump voters are underreported. i know people who are voting for trump who are afraid to put donald trump signs in their yards much less their businesses, i think there's a lot of underreporting there. and there's not a lot of hard core republicans that are enthusiastically voting for hillary but are a lot of blue
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dog democrats that switched over and they're showing up at rallies for donald trump. there's a huge enthusiasm gap as well and it's shaking up the board. charles: i don't know, jeff, i saw a poll from target smart and another one today is suggesting that hillary clinton is getting republican votes particularly in florida and north carolina. you do your own internal polling. are you concerned about that at all? >> no, because we get a lot more democrats than she gets republicans. the only republican in florida they know voting for her is jeb bush. outside of, that i don't know any. we're getting a lot of democrats, a lot of crossover from working class americans that are sick of the bad trade deals and want to put america first and that's why the blue wall would stand in a normal republican democrat kind of a system where we have the two life long politicians but when you bring in a guy from the outside with a business background, all bets are off, everything changes.
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>> charles, may i say quickly, we're not talking about the ground game, the ground game is worth a point or two. she has it, he doesn't. that's what tipped the balance for the president in 2012. >> that's true. >> and that's what we're going to see again. if it's tied on elections day, she wins. charles: she's going to need the ground game. no doubt about it. cathy, hillary's honesty issue has come back to haunt her. in the meantime, donald trump chipping away at women's issue. tomorrow his wife speaks in suburbia philadelphia. does that help him in pennsylvania where his team believes he's got a legitimate shot. >> suburban philadelphia happens to be my hometown and i think the melania speech will play well there tomorrow, i do. i think that it's a very smart move by the trump campaign to put her there at this point. look, what donald trump needs to keep reminding voters as he is, he's the only candidate that come next week and come
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january can take office and start rebuilding america and start rebuilding our standing in the world right away. hillary's issues are not going away any time soon, the scandals. this is going to continue to plague not only her but americans, that's a message he needs to keep reminding folks. >> i got a feeling he will. you are all fantastic. thank you very much. can hillary clinton break through her wall? the lack of enthusiasm among black and young voters next. this woman owns this house, with new cabinets from this shop, with handles designed here, made here, shipped from here, on this plane flown by this pilot, who owns stock in this company, that builds big things and provides benefits to this woman, with new cabinets. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship.
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. charles: hillary clinton watching her poll advantage evaporate as donald trump narrowed the gap, and now it's
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unfolding serious questions over whether or how hillary can turn out black voters in meaningful numbers. in north carolina early voting is down 16% from 2012. joining me ryan and eboni williams. eboni, what's going on with your people down there? >> i'm not particularly surprised. black voter turnout in north carolina was tremendous for president barack obama. he turned north carolina blue in 2008. he did well. we lost to mitt romney in 2012. hillary is not seeing that. i like to point out distinction between actually speaking to a particular voting bloc and pandering to them. and many black americans feel they've been pandered to by mrs. clinton in the latter part of this race and hasn't been there effectively on the ground. i heard you talking about ground game in the first block and that's important. democratic representative hastings said where is the ground game in the black
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communities? complaining to the clinton camp about the lack of presence there. >> he talked about the $53 million spent on ads and stuff there. like a money grab, too. ryan, we talked about this in the past as well, it looks like it will be essential particularly for north carolina and florida and couple of very, very key states, but i think one of the interesting things is the way president obama has been trying to help hillary clinton. he's talking about his leg, and a think that's an odd way to tell somebody vote for this other person because you, it's egocentric and might be backfiring. >> i don't know if it's going to backfire, hillary hasn't had a year or two years to do this. she's had 30 years. the two best surrogates for the black community, bill clinton and barack obama. you cannot speak through the surgates. you have to do it yourself. going through it with mary j. blige while eyes are glazed over while she's singing to you
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she panders beyond the realm of reasonablity. charles: where do you put the hot sauce? >> exactly! it's so inauthentic, that's why the black conservative fund is dropping hints in ohio, you're not obliged to vote for hillary, you can vote or not vote at all, it's not just black people, it's millennials who in north carolina, and florida and ohio are down big time. >> charles, i think the president is being honest, he knows how unappealing mrs. clinton is to many in the black community. he's saying don't do it for her, do it for me. charles: how come he couldn't say do it for her because her policies will help you more than the other party? has that run out in the expiration date run out on that? >> even if they like the policy there is trustworthiness questions around her as a candidate. that a problem. charles: i don't know that donald trump is going to get
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the vote but the marquette poll that came out for wisconsin has him at 0% on the black vote. so the goal here, i guess, the idea is that if blacks don't come out, they don't come out. it's disappointing because everyone should exercise their right to vote. >> i think if people are going to vote they're going right in. and criticized by many in the black community, they're saying if you don't hold your nose and vote for her or your voting for trump. if trump wins, it won't be off the strength of the black vote. charles: people should vote no matter what. that's the one thing that i think is crazy. >> yeah. >> a lot of musicians are going to try to help her out. this tilts the needle, pharrell, jay-z? >> i would say she's going to cleveland right now because the blackest counties in ohio are down 300,000 votes so far in early voting.
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it's really, really bad. she hasn't been leading in ohio in polls and they know it. it has affect on downballot races too. charles: it does. it doesn't feel authentic? >> no. she should have had president obama and michelle obama six, eight months ago, they are her strongest surrogates. >> wikileaks hurt her. there were constant calls for her calling him that man. charles: and the crime bill hurt him a lot. >> calling them super predators. charles: appreciate it. thank you very much. the war on police sadly claimed two more lives. ambush-style killings reaching staggering new heights this year. we have former nypd commissioner going to join us next to discuss.
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. >> the lone suspect in a pair of ambush-style executions of police officers in iowa is in police custody. so far police have not identified a motive. now, of course, this is the latest in a string of murders of police nationwide. a law enforcement group says ambush-style killings of police officers have spiked dramatically in the first seven months of the year. joining me to discuss former nypd commissioner bernard kerik. commissioner, we just had this conversation about a week or so ago. >> just talked about it. charles: and it happens again, you wake up, you see the headlines, hope it's not true and chills go through your body. you say what's going on here? >> two different departments. 20 minutes apart. one guy is executed in his car, alert is put out. there's a number of officers looking for the suspect or suspects. and another guy is executed in
6:24 pm
the car, same thing, the responding officers found both of them slumped over in the car. there's a 300% increase in ambush-style executions over last year. and 51% increase in cops being gunned down period. charles: to put it in focus, when we say ambush-style, these are deliberate, these are civilians, people hunting our police officers, hunting down and killing them in cold blood. >> exactly. many of these are circumstances where the cops are not engaged. they're not engaged in an armed confrontation, they're sitting in a restaurant, they're sitting in their car, they're standing in front of a police station and basically gunned down, unknowingly by somebody on the outside. charles: now today, the suspect in this particular case, just only a little information has come out, but apparently there
6:25 pm
was something that happened a week ago, he was taunting some folks with a confederate flag. people say he's been acting quote, unquote crazy recently. again, i know you can't prevent everything but is it different because he's a white suspect? if his last name was mohammad, would we be more up in arms? if that does not make a difference, do you think we're upset enough about this today? >> you know what, charles? that's the problem. i don't care what his name is, or what color he is. this is complete outrage, this is an attack on society. >> i think if his last name was mohammad, we'd be talking about it more. we should be so upset. >> that's the problem, it's like the article 9 down on the headline news, you when it should be front and center, and the entire nation should be looking at it, and our government leaders that have
6:26 pm
not supported the cops, that have not given them the benefit of the doubt in the past. they should come to realize these men and women put their lives on the line. they were killed just because they're wearing a blue uniform. >> i want to tread this carefully but want to follow up on that. how much blame, for lack of a better word, can we put on government officials or well-known people who disparage the police or -- or do you think some police, some government officials from whether it's the white house down are making life more dangerous for our police officers? >> yes. yes. there's no doubt in my mind because they stir that rhetoric, they stir that anti-police rhetoric. whether it's anti-police or it's racial division, they've been doing this for the last year, year and a half, two years, and we've seen a substantial increase in attacks. we've seen the ferguson effect as the director of the fbi
6:27 pm
mentioned on the police. seen a reduction on the morale in police around the country. they feel they're under constant attack. charles: should there be an effort so the cops are never by themselves in a car? should there be an effort? i know smaller towns can't afford it, perhaps with federal assistance to make sure our police officers go out in twos? >> we'd love to do that. the bottom line is communities, a lot of communities don't have the money. even the federal government couldn't pick up that tab. it's an enormous, enormous amount of money. we have it in the bigger cities. new york city, you can't be in a one-man car, just the highway units. in smaller communities especially, they don't have that kind of funds. charles: thank you very much, just want to say god bless the officers who were killed and their families, and i always appreciate when you come in. >> our prayers and thoughts are with them. charles: absolutely. coming up, the president finally breaking his silence on
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the fbi's handling of the latest hillary clinton e-mail probe next. it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen. >>
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charles: we have breaking news into the f.b.i. investigation into the hillary clinton emails. a source has revealed new details 0 fox. here is bret baier on "special report." bret: this is a fox news alert.
6:32 pm
two separate sources with intimate knowledge of the f.b.i. investigations into the children on emails and the clint on foundation investigation tell fox the following. the investigation of looking for pay-for-play interaction between secretary of state hillary clinton and the foundation has been going on for more than a year, led by the white collar crime division, public corruption branch of the criminal division of the f.b.i. the clinton foundation investigation is a quote very high priority. agents have interviewed and reinterviewed multiple people about the foundation case. even before the wikileaks dump sources say the agents collected a great deal of evidence. and there is an avalanche of new information coming in every day. some from wikileaks and some from new emails. the agents are actively and aggressively pursuing this case. and they will interview the same people again, some for a third time.
6:33 pm
as a result of limited immunity deals to top aides. the justice department tentatively agreed the f.b.i. would destroy the laptops after a narrow review. we are told that has not happened. and those devices are currently in the f.b.i. field office here in washington, d.c. and are being exploded. -- exploited. the source points out the immunity deal is void if any subject has lied in the investigation. the investigation is being run by the national security division of the f.b.i. they are combing through former congressman anthony weiner's laptop and found emails they believe came from hillary clinton's server that appeared to be new as in not duplicates. whether they contain classified material or not is not known, but will likely be known soon. all of this as we move inside one week within election day
6:34 pm
which has become a presidential election unlike any other. polls show donald trump flipped nevada from clinton's column to his own. is's expand his lead in arizona, georgia and missouri. he's narrowing the gap in virginia and pennsylvania. both candidates from operating on overdrive coming up with various scenarios to a path to 270 electoral votes. we begin with the president's first public comments on the seem scandal since the f.b.i.'s shock decision last week to resurrect its investigation. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge starts us off. >> i made a very deliberate effort to make sure i don't look like i'm meddling where it's supposed to be independent processes. >> but president obama seemed to dismiss f.b.i. director james comey'comey's decision to open n
6:35 pm
the investigation. >> people say crazy things about her and when she makes an honest mistake it's blown up as if it were a crazy thing. reporter: in a 2015 interview with "60 minutes" he down played the discovery of classified emails on the server she used as secretary of state. >> i can tell it america's national security was not in danger. reporter: the president corresponded with mrs. clinton using her private address. >> 8 emails between former secretary clinton and president obama are being withheld in full. reporter: huma abedin said she notified the white house when clinton changed her email address so the president's blackberry would not block the
6:36 pm
emails. 650,000 emails were found on a home computer. the white house dismissed questions that the president's emails could be uncovered. >> if the reports are true nobody knows what's on that computer. reporter: the discovery of sensitive emails could be a problem wore and continue. five members of clinton's team received limited immunity agreements. the justice department swapped access to their
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the global impact later on in the show
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we ship everything you atcan imagine.n, and everything we ship has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe,'s handled by od employees who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises. od. helping the world keep promises. charles: a lot of the earnings, it's more like a ski party because all the names i've posted so far are going lower. facebook along with 21st
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century fox beat on top and bottom lines. ever i want to be the biggest winner in the aftermarket is a name whole foods is now dumping the idea bringing back john mackey to run the show. as for today's session it's clear probably going to hike rates in december so the what does that mean? i can say right now hike of 25 basis points is very small. doesn't really change much in the way of lending or the impact on the economy and for me the problem is the fed hikes rates for the wrong reason. member last december they hiked rates from 0% mostly to prove they were independent from wall street that the time is completely wrong and the market in 2016 with a record-breaking sellout to the fact is the federal reserve has missed numerous windows where rate hike would have been applauded and now they are behind and they are playing a dangerous guessing game. i keep writing in saying that good news will be good news because it allows the fed to hike rates for the right reasons.
6:45 pm
to hike rates while wages are flat in the gdp is subpar and discourses monumental misunderstanding of main street and that's when the market would tank. the feds deciding to keep rates where they are for now. the jobs report due on friday. would this mean for you and your portfolio? a panel of experts will discuss it, next.
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6:49 pm
from 2.7% so let's talk about the state of economy and its impact on election for joining me now put a fax shove the lonnie. you haven't been happy with this for a long time. i'm not sure the disconnect with the feds is so excited about this amazing economy but what do you make of it particularly if they are going to take action on the? >> i don't think they will take much action because the fed is always moving their target. they are talking about december hike and i think that talking about that december hike is very political because there's no witness comes impossible for them to raise if we have volatility in the market because of the election. they are talking about going to do that because that's what they have been telling everybody. there's no way they can raise it and if they do there's no reason to do it and if they do it will do nothing for the economy except maybe help some banks but the economy is suffering it will continue to suffer. charles: london have discovered going back to 1984 is when the
6:50 pm
90 days before the election the market is down the incumbent party loses and if the market was down 90 days before this election if the gdp is down not how robust it is but as long as it's down year-over-year at 2.3% we might be in line or look at lower pay these are two significant economic data points that are predicting the presidential outcome are convincingly only missing once in last 30 years. spin it as you pointed out the jobs line is moving in the wrong direction. it's been a weak recovery which explains why the fed is printed $10 trillion of new debt under president obama trying to prop up the economy that's where the fed has stayed at effectively zero with a rates for seven years now and it's not working. now the fed has no bullets in their gun if we prop up the economy further in what you will see, think we have seen is mr. trump is pointed out we have seen the federal reserve wing politics.
6:51 pm
charles: is he offended by that or does he think the fat-cats in the lower canyons of manhattan want to protect their turf? >> i disagree with that because i remember predicting many months ago on "fox business" that when he won the primary when he secured the primary we hit the highest and we did have the highs in the secure the primary. charles: but let's be honest we have been hitting the highest for a long time. we are talking about this recent anxiety that coincides with his poll numbers. as wall street worried for the wrong reasons? >> i think so. no matter which candidate winds we are going to have some problems and that the fed is so disconnected from the actual numbers and from the fact that our her dad has basically doubled under president obama. more than any other president combined. >> the risk of recession is high >> if you look at the adt -- adp numbers their positive gains of 147,000 jobs in the private sector however if you take this apart its 165 thousand gained
6:52 pm
except 18,000 lost because of manufacturing. down 15,000 jobs of the oak of them are service sector jobs and it's one of the reasons the economy is low. part-time jobs -- charles: it's important to remember that washington doesn't create jobs, businesspeople create jobs. charles: washington makes it easier for people to create jobs are harder. a national wave sweeping across the country in the world. what is sparking it and what will it mean, next.
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charles: the dow jones is reporting that the ncc is
6:56 pm
probing wells fargo following requests from numerous senators. trump campaign ceo former breitbart executive said if people want more control of their country, they are very proud of their countries, they want borders and sovereignty, it's not just a thing happening in any one geographic space regardless of what happens next week. obviously i thought we were going to win. but there is a sea change in american politics. the movement is just at the top of the first inning. this sort of -- ford, the sense that sweeping wave of nationalism. nationalistic pride. already we have seen it in europe. the results perhaps with the british exit vote, some say it started as a againophobe -- sta
6:57 pm
xenophobic movement but it's economic as well as anything else. >> people don't think their government is work for them. they are interested in safety and security. not only from a defense perspective but also an economic stand points. look at the latest fox news national polls. 62% of trump supporters don't think things in the u.s. favor them. 44% of clinton supporters say the same thing. donald trump is on to something and i think it will continue on after this election. the question going forward is which party bottles up this combination of nationalism and populism. charles: the economy according to i.m.f. will grow 1.4%. developing countries will grow 4%. people are saying that used to be us. the idea of what you -- what you
6:58 pm
call it isolationism? or can you have the sort of pay patriotic pride of country and still have a robust economy with the rest of the world? >> take what you just said one step further andlet's look at europe who is struggling more than we are struggling. some countries have negative interest rates. and you look at the open borders and the problems with open borders. and they don't respect the laws other customs. people say i get the message that we need to put america first. and it goes back to so many people out there, including myself believe that system is rigged to help the crony insiders and establishment elite and it's against the american people. donald trump represents possibly our last chance. charles: could we fix it by punishing ford for making cars
6:59 pm
in a different country to keep up with competitors? >> i'm not sure you fix it with trade wars. but we need to reassess our trade policy. the last 40-50 years we figured the way we were doing trade deals works best. when we do trade deals, we are looking at an american interest first. not only in the long term but also in the short term. you have to be look out for our people. the problem in america is we think our government is not look out for americans, but look out for the rest of the world. charles: people feel like poor people sometimes think rich people have it good. rich people think people on welfare are abusing the system. >> the simple answer is this. sunday america is going to turn their clocks back and tuesday we're going to take our country back. charles: something tells me we might see that in a commercial.
7:00 pm
donald trump is airing one commercial, hillary clinton is airing three. thank you very much at home for watching. twitter me @cvpayne. here is lou dobbs. lou: good evening. explosive developments, six days until the election and dramatic new details revealed about the f.b.i. investigation into hillary clinton's email scandal. we'll have our top story in just moments. all of this comes as donald trump is gaining against hillary clinton in the most critical battleground states according to the real clear politics electoral map. trump's path to 270 electoral votes is now wide open. clinton's lead in the real clear politics legal early to vote has


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