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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 3, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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but to me it looks like he's got clear momentum. it would be something of a shocker. thank you all for joining me. appreciate. we always appreciate when you watch the show. here is lou dobbs. [♪] lou: good evening, everybody. five days until the election and donald trump has blown the electoral map wide open. as of today clinton lead trump by just 46 votes in the real clear politics electoral college map. that is the smallest margin between the two candidates since early october, and real clear politics shows trump is caught up with clinton in new hampshire. trump now has a clear albeit difficult path to the white house. so he is stressing to voters that the vote for hillary clinton would mean a vote for unprecedented corruption, that
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they would be voting for in fact a candidate who is under not one, but two federal investigations. this is trump in concord, north carolina earlier today. >> hillary clinton is engaged in far-reaching criminal conduct and an equally far-reaching criminal cover-up including the destruction of 33,000 emails after receiving a congressional subpoena. that alone is big problems for which she got away with murder. honestly, she has no right to be running. you know that. no way. lou: trump is holding another rally in selma, north carolina. we'll be bringing it to you when trump takes the stage. he's heeding the advice of his supporters across the
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twitter-verse. they have a common message tweeting to@real donaldmessage tweeting this. stay on message, stay on message, stay on message. helping him do just that, trump campaign manager kellyanne conway. also james langford who is calling for the state department to suspend the security clearances of hillary clinton and her aides for security violations. our favorite politicos, eboni williams, mike gallagher. two significant document dumps. the state department publishing 1,280 pages of official emails belonging to hillary clinton. it's part of a court ordered effort to produce 15,000 emails
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the fire recovered from her private server. a significant number of those documents are near duplicates of messages the agency previously released. but wikileaks releasing bombshell emails of its own today. a late-afternoon dumb of 1,308 emails bringing the bothal to 35,000 emails released by wikileaks. this was called the f.b.i. huma special. john podesta slams comey. i get a big fat i told you so oncomby being a bad choice.
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palmieri tells podesta time to get in the haz-mat suits, bust in that house and get huma the hell out of there. he responds "lord have mercy." we'll be updating you as we reveal the most pertinent. lou: donald trump ahead of hillary clinton by 5 points in the "l.a. times"-u.s.c. tracking poll. clinton's lead has virtually disappeared in the abc-"washington post" poll. it's a time in the university of denver poll. you may wonder how clinton is
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doing in her husband's home state of arkansas. this apparently no hope for clinton in arkansas. the latest poll shows trump beating clinton by 20 points. the encouraging poll numbers and the warnings a clinton election could trigger a constitutional crisis. with us tonight is trump campaign manager kellyanne conway. these numbers, you guys have got to be thrilled by the. there are still margins you need to overcome. how are you going to spends that $25 million. >> we are going to be rotating the ads. we most recently dusted off a corruption ad that was already in the can. our ad maker just added a quick little bite in there about the latest f.b.i. investigation.
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there are not one but two now about hillary clinton and her foundation and her emails. when you look at the scrambling of the electoral map, it looks like we have the clinton team on the run. they will all be in philadelphia monday night. the so-called blue wall states. the states safest for trump's message about unfair trade deals, stimulating economic growth. fighting isis. it's all about the fundamental issues. he laid out his first 120-day plan. you can see he's committed to pass all those pieces of legislation. i think most importantly we have been looking at states where president obama won them twice with far more support than hillary clinton has ever seen in any poll.
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this woman just can't get to the 52, 53, 54 percent mark where he was. we feel good that we are playing -- they are playing follow the leader. the media wrote this race off. it's disgraceful, it's not journalism. lou: she is not getting to 50%. but this will be a plurality in many states. in north carolina how strongly do you think donald trump will perform? >> he will win north carolina, but it's a place where the trump campaign has invested a lot of time and ad money. she is taking a bunch of garbage can stuff on dumping it on donald trump. they don't even pretend any more
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to quote go high while others go low. north carolina is tight and it's one of the 9 swing states romney carried in 2012. we have four or five different ways to get to the 270 with those as our basis. lou: i love the formula, romney's 2012 performance, plus pennsylvania, florida andio. how plausible is it? >> it's increasingly possible. it's not probable every day. the twenld lines are going our direction. they all point to one thing. donald trump is the one with the incremental climb in the polls. and he's the one with the enthusiasm and momentum. whether it many the big crowds he and governor pence get everywhere they go, i think it's the diminishing returns on
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hillary clinton's negative message. lou: how frustrating is it for you as the campaign manager to follow what's going on with these two investigations. i can't think of anything that even came close to have this kind of picture window into the f.b.i. and its inner workings. how concerned are you that with what seems to be obvious, an obvious basis for prosecution, whether it be the clinton foundation and its dealing, a cartel that includes the white house, the state department. or the email scandal that we know now on july 25 without question james comey made a mistake. and to have anyone voting at these levels for hillary clinton is astonishing.
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>> i think many people won't vote for her. it is unprecedented. the rigged corrupt system and her being an illustration of it. donald trump's core mess and is very clear. i have faith in the wisdom and discernment of voters. particularly independent who are late deciders. independents hate the political party and detest washington, d.c. and they can't stand career politicians like hillary clinton who benefit from the system and have a different set of rules than the rest of us. if you are an independent and undecided voter and you decided to vote against hillary clinton, all the last week's news did for you was to burnish that decision in your mind and you will vote or donald trump based object these issues. as an american. forget about campaign manager. as an american, i think hillary clinton has proven she is unfit and unqualified. i'm disappointed there aren't
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democrats asking her to remove herself from the ticket and democrats down-ballot aren't being asked are you supporting her. lou: not one newspaper has withdrawn its endorsement of hillary clinton. >> astonishing. lou: unprecedented is the word that keeps coming up. so results tuesday are hard to predict. but i'm glad to hear you have got so much faith in the american voter. it keeps you calm and straight ahead and productive. kellyanne, it's great to see you. >> see you on victory night. lou: trump slams the justice department's efforts to save the clinton cartel. >> the political leadership at the department of justice is trying to protect hillary clinton and is interfering with the f.b.i.'s investigation.
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lou: donald trump's family hit the campaign trail, his wife melania in her first solo speech since the republican convention called for an end to online bullying. >> technology has changed our universe. but with anything that is powerful, it can have a bad side. our culture has gotten too mean and too rough. especially to children and teenagers. lou: ivanka trump campaigning for her father in new hampshire. she focused on the economy. and don jr. talked about media bias, corruption and obamacare. also stumping for trump is senator ted cruz. he's with mike pence. slowly coming around to supporting the nominee.
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cruz, you are not going to believe this. this guy is something else. he didn't even mention donald trump's name at the rally in iowa today. there is something about him that i personally find unique. the chairman of the house homeland security committee blasted hillary clinton for using a private email server that we know was almost certainly hacked by foreign intelligence agencies, at least five of them. congressman michael mccaul says it all amounts to treason. >> she exposed it to our enemies, and now our adversaries have this very sensitive information that only only jeopardize her and national security at home, but the men and women serving overseas. this is in my opinion quite frankly it's treason.
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lou: i'm joined now by senator james langeford. great to have you with us. to the issue that congressman mccaul is talking about and the republican nominee is saying her security clearances should be taken away. what is the likelihood and how likely is it that it could happen? >> apparently if you have a different last name or the name clinton rather than robinson, jones or smith, you have a different set of rules. if somebody is under investigation for security violations, putting classified information at risk. you would lose your security clearance during the investigation it hasn't happened to huma abedin, cheryl mills or secretary clinton. all i'm asking for is the same set of rules to apply to hillary clinton and her staff as it did
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to james cartwright who lost his security clearance during the investigation. then they could do a real investigation. lou: the reference to a four-star general james cartwright who is being held accountable for lying to an investigation presumably to protect national security. let's turn if we may to the issue of the investigations under way. it's being played out in public. we understand the dissention. we are watching the result of some of that within the f.b.i. itself. within the justice department wi the f.b.i. this is an extraordinary moment. you sit on these two committees. what can be done here to say to the -- to a didn't party in power, this is not going to go very well if you continue on this path of obstructing justice and interfering in securing the
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national safety? >> in watergate it wasn't the break-in that was the problem, it was the cover-up that was the problem. when we hear stories that the f.b.i., four different field offices in four different parts of the country have evidence of issues and want to open up an investigation on the clint on foundation and seeing this pay-to-play that's happening. another investigation that's been related to that getting information that also shows this, trying to push that up to washington, d.c. suddenly the department of justice and the f.b.i. office in washington, d.c. pushing it back saying we are going to drop this. even with the state department today, drops the out some emails and says here are new emails and none of these are classified. they are going to shift the message. that's completely unrelated and they know it.
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they are trying to confuse the american electorate and they are engaging in electio election he. lou: it looks like psychological warfare against the american people when they put out an assistant attorney general who is best friends with john podesta, the head of the clinton campaign saying he will be the face of the investigation to the u.s. congress and the senate. this is heavy lifting i guess for all of you watching this kind of arrogance. >> it does actually. the difficult part is not just the election. it's the long-term effect on it. it's clear hillary clinton put her political future ahead of america's national security. but now we have the f.b.i. long
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term. the american people should be able to say when the f.b.i. does an investigation it can be trusted. lou: i would add in the short term it habeen extraordinarily costly to the bureau's image as well as the personal pain those individual agents who had the courage to stand up against political power in the f.b.i. and the justice department. let me turn to this business of five agencies presumably of foreign intelligence operations hacking into the email scandal. we heard all sorts of things about 17 intelligence groups saying they can swear that all of this wikileaks was being sourced from russia. that was knocked down by the "new york times."
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what can you tell us, and can you tell us how it is agencies even in the abstract and particularly james clapper got his -- got their names associated with what turned out to be note true in the most recent reporting of the times at least? >> this is a very loose accusations and reporting by the clinton administration. immediately after all the decisions came from jim comey, they said they exonerated us, we are clean, and that is not what james comey said about hillary clinton. he said she was extremely careless. same type of loose wording hillary clinton is using to say this is clear. all wikileaks does is show how loose and open these servers are. lou: there should be a higher standard of the public's right to know in this country.
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>> she said her server was protected because there was a security guard around her server. lou: how can these agencies allow themselves to be associated with the claim that russia was the origin of that material? >> iallow the agencies to speak on that. were we find out any kind of information they start going backwards trying to identify where it came from. oftentimes it's difficult. but sometimes there are distinct markers by individuals who hack into systems. lou: apparently there was some confusion why there was such unanimity on this one and so little knowledge about what happened from everything from the hack to the office of personnel management of which they took 33 million names and data files from form and current federal employees. senator, great to have you with us.
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up next. hillary clinton faltering. accusations of pay-to-play, obstruction of justice. racketeering. will the f.b.i. be able to deliver justice? my commentary up next as well. :
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. lou: a few thoughts now on the investigations into the clinton e-mails and foundation. the internal conflict that's broken out between the fbi and justice department over those investigations as well. a number of sources tell us that the obama justice department blocked fbi agents' access to standard investigative aids including a grand jury. the "wall street journal" reports a secret audio recording of an informant led to the internal battle between the fbi and justice department. those arguments over the strength and persuasiveness of the evidence, justice department headquarters, officials telling offices investigating the foundation to, quote, stand down back in february.
7:30 pm
as we know because of the integrity, the judgment of the field agents, the clinton foundation pay-to-play probe while slowed never ended and it's now a high priority. fbi agents in arkansas, new york, southern california, washington, d.c. now all working on the investigation. with one source saying there's, quote, an avalanche of new information coming in every day. donald trump earlier today accused the justice department of undermining those investigations, and let's be clear, the courage of those fbi field agents is praiseworthy and i am deeply grateful to them, but we're talking about a justice department that did block the progress of both investigations, e-mail and foundation, and why in the world is a national press even invested as it is in the clinton candidacy and president obama not demanding answers? why in god's name isn't every newspaper that endorsed hillary clinton not retracting their endorsements? the obama justice department
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stonewall of the fbi is an outright and obvious obstruction of justice and the silence of the leaders of both political parties is absolutely disgusting. trump is right, drain the swamp. drain the damn swaum! or america will be lost and irretrievably so. our quotation of the evening, and i like trump's slogan, i hope he gets to put it into action. drain the swamp. but we're already beginning to gag at just the stench over washington. what happens when the ugly, horrid critters who inhabit our capitol start slithering out of the muck. sometimes people's knees buckle in noble fights, ronald reagan shared a little philosophy on that and what we can expect. he said -- stay strong and let's get to the damn swamp. we've got work to do. up next, trump rising in
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the polls. hillary clinton's campaign buried in an avalanche of corruption evidence, pastor robert jeffress joins me next. stay with us. the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it.
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. lou: donald trump is surging with voters of faith leading in double digits in two new polls. today's ibd poll shows trump up 20 points that is investor's
7:36 pm
business daily, and 22 points ahead of protestant voters. trump surging numbers after clinton campaign e-mails were leaked last friday referring to the catholic church -- excuse me, two weeks ago, referring to the church attendees as severally backwards. ginni ginning joining me now pastor of the advisory church, pastor at first baptist church in dallas, and pastor it is great to see you. >> thanks, lou. lou: these numbers are impressive. and my question is and perhaps millions of people want reassurance here from evangelicals, conservative catholics, these numbers look real nice. are people really going to get to the polls and support donald trump? >> i think they are. you know, just as republicans are coming home to trump, you have evangelicals and catholics, some of whom were on the fence are also coming home to trump. just today, you had "new york
7:37 pm
times" best-selling author and prominent evangelical joe rosenberg, a strong never-trumper saying he's voting for trump to keep hillary clinton out of office. and i think many evangelicals and catholics are coming to that conclusion, lou, that we cannot allow a strident, pro-abortion, anti-religious liberty candidate like clinton in the oval office. lou: what sticks in the craw i may talk texas style with a fellow in dallas, many sanctimonious folks supported by evangelicals like ted cruz who won't mention the nominee's name when he has the temerity to go on the campaign trail with governor pence. that doesn't suit much of anything, not texas values or straightforward values of any kind, anything american. what is going on here? >> well, that's right, lou, and i wrote a piece this week for
7:38 pm about why christians must vote. it's time to get off the fence -- lou: i'm not talking about voting. i'm talking about ted cruz, i'm talking about all of these other folks. you're a man of faith and i know you want to be direct and straightforward with me. >> yes, well, i don't understand it, i think a lot of it has to do with pride, a lot of people ended up backing the wrong horse in this race. lou: when did texas get so sissyified that they produced creatures like that? are you kidding me? i'm a texan, i'm a little embarrassed. >> i know you are, i know you are, i know you are, lou, you've got to agree with me, in the end what counts is getting up off your behind and going to the poll ands voting. that's what's got to happen in this election, and i'm concerned like you are of many evangelicals who stayed at home in 2012, they've got to vote. if you saw an elderly woman being assaulted and didn't do anything to help that w. you
7:39 pm
would be morally culpable for what was happening. today we have the defenseless in our society, the unborn being assaulted through abortion, hillary clinton says i'm going to continue both of the assaults, only one candidate said he will stop it. his name is donald trump, and for christians not to enthusiastically vote for trump to me is morally inexcusable. lou: that swamp he wants to drain, that's filled with creatures of our worst imagineings, these are people insidious to every part of our values as a nation, as a people, i don't see a choice at all personally. and then i don't even get to the scriptures before i've already made a decision, but lay on the scriptures as well, it becomes utter absurdity to resist the choice that is before us. >> that's right. when you have the power to stop the evil and don't do it, it is morally wrong. and look, lou, trump talks about draining the swamp.
7:40 pm
what we've seen recently -- lou: i love that expression, i got to tell you, pastor. drain the swamp. don't you love that? >> i love that. let me tell you something what we know now is living with the clintons for the next four years isn't going to be living in the swamp, it's living in the sewer. i mean a clinton presidency is going to be consumed by investigations, indictments and impeachment and i don't think the american people are going to go for that. lou: i haven't had the opportunity to say this to a pastor in my entire career. >> go ahead and confess. lou: you are preaching to the choir. pastor, thanks for being with us, robert jeffress, thank you so much. >> thank you, thank you. lou: donald trump says the dishonest media is doing everything they can to ensure hillary wins the white house. >> supposing i got the debate questions. it would be front page of the "washington post." it would be front page of the "new york times." he must immediately withdraw
7:41 pm
from the race. what he did is disgraceful. i tell you what, they don't even write about it. lou: you know, he's right. we'll be talking about media bias and, well, accomplices of the clinton cartel. next with the media research center's tim graham. stay with us. t the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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. lou: everybody agrees the national liberal media is biased or worse, complicit or even worse accomplices of the hillary clinton campaign. joining us now director of media analysis at the media research center, tim graham. good to have you with us. let's start with this rigged system and the fact that the national liberal media is really not reporting on two, two lines of investigation at the fbi. they're running from it, staying away from it, they formed a wall either between the readers and viewers and hillary clinton or simply formed a wall around here against everybody. i don't know which it is, but it's horrifying to think about, isn't it? >> they seem to have two tracks. there is either let's not mention any of this reporting
7:46 pm
from fox news or the "wall street journal" on the fbi looking now into the clinton foundation, or we're going to get out there for a few seconds and basically say, this is the latest thing trump's saying and it has no subsubstantiation whatsoever. if you're going to show the "wall street journal" and fox news channel any respect, you ought to repeat what's out there. lou: forget the respect of the "wall street journal" and fox news, how about respect for the american people? how about respect for their craft? how about respect for the values that made this country great? their role as watchdog and fourth estate which they completely abandoned to become seemingly some of them part of a fifth column. >> government watchdogs they are not and, of course, this is what we saw when bill and hillary clinton were in the white house the last time. a story would break, and they would try to break the story like a piece of china.
7:47 pm
lou: this is obama's government by the way. it's his justice department, right? >> yeah, right. lou: so i just think of newspapers and the role they play in watergate, and the immense pride. it's part of the "washington post" tradition or it was, part of its dna which jeff bezos said the hell with. we're going to be left-wing partisans and nothing but. how can that be? >> we could certainly argue that the watergate story itself was left-wing partisanship in action. lou: we could do that. but let's argue what i'm bringing up which is jeff bezos who owns the "washington post" is committed to left-wing ideology and is driven any semblance of objectivity from the front page of the paper or the home page of its site. >> absolutely, and you know coming up the driveway the last
7:48 pm
few mornings, the coverage of the story is comey being an evil emperor, comey did this wrong, comey unprecedented. comey is a problem. it just really does read like, you know -- >> he is now, we can stipulate to that. tim, it's great to have you with us, appreciate it. nearly every newspaper in the country endorsed hillary clinton. their coverage so obviously biased, but now a small paper in florida has apologized to its readers for the bias. the daily commercial in leesburg said it was wrong to be swept up in the anti-trump wave. wow. they apologized. can you imagine the "new york times," the "washington post"? wouldn't that be -- don't think about it. it would be a terrific idea if every other newspaper would do the same, and as a matter of fact, there is another issue as well. the issue of endorsements. do you believe every newspaper
7:49 pm
that endorsed hillary clinton for president should, based on the evidence so far, that is being under two federal investigations simultaneously, retract their endorsement of hillary's candidacy and immediately? cast your vote on twitter on lou dobbs, follow me on twitter at lou dobbs, "like" me on facebook and follow me on instagram at "lou dobbs tonight." up next, a sprint to the finish, donald trump says momentum is on his side. >> no sidetracks, donald, nice and easy, nice. because i've been watching hillary the last few days, she's totally on a hinge, we don't want any of that. she has become unhinged. lou: mike gallagher, eboni williams join me next. don't change the channel, a new study finds the average bureau wastes 1.3 years of their lives changing the channel. you can leave it right here. everything will be fine an extra year.
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7:54 pm
we're joined by an attorney, none other than eboni williams. great to have you here. and host of the mike gallagher show on the salem radio network, mike gallagher, both fox news contributors. >> not an attorney. >> we get such a bad rap, yeah, yeah, take me out to dry by myself, mike, that's cool. lou: the fbi, no grand jury, how serious can they be? >> i disagree with it, this is not being too optimistic, i think they're taking it so seriously that -- lou: you're not doing any of that spin stuff on me, are you? >> no spin stuff, lou. lou: brian told me about the spin tough. you never know what you're going to get with a grand jury, right? >> this is their way of controlling it. if you suspect they're not taking it seriously, i could see the skepticism. i believe they want their hands all over this, and the fbi agents on the ground doing the work, lou, they are adamant that this stuff looks very bad.
7:55 pm
lou: it looks horrible. there is just nothing here, to me -- >> horrible. lou: is there any dispute over the facts here? >> all i care about is what the american people say and right now the "gallup" organization does an analysis and say e-mail and fbi drowning out everything about her. her message is not landing right now. >> the only thing she's been saying otherwise is what a bad guy donald is. what is her signature achievement? >> and nothing left and what is barack obama saying, he's a bad guy, they're not extolling her virtues. >> what does the audience say? >> they're optimistic, enthusiastic. they looked at electoral map, my goodness, you think it's inconceivable he takes ohio, or florida or new mexico or arizona or north carolina. you looked at states, he wins the election. that's not what the media is portraying but those are the facts. >> i can tell you one very
7:56 pm
important person, my mother is saying, she called. the president was in north carolina and my mom goes president obama was on the radio in charlotte and he said if hillary loses north carolina, she'll lose the election. is that true? with great excitement my mother has in her voice you. >> like this woman, right? >> i said there's a couple ways the map can go. but, yes, to mike's point, very optimistic, a week ago there was no path, it was reported there were limited paths for donald trump. now several paths. lou: and north carolina is a very close thing right now. >> it's razor thin. people always think north carolina is one way, it's a very purple state. it's very far apart. have you chapel hill and charlotte and the liberal areas but you've got the rest of the state which is very conservative. more so than others. >> it's a little like new york, you've got long island, upstate new york, you've got america and then you got the bubble of
7:57 pm
new york city. big difference. >> i got to show you this, if you move into this. breitbart had this up, pharrell williams, you got to love this. pharrell williams saying that begging women to vote for hillary because -- she's dishonest but so are you. we're all dishonest. is that not a campaign slogan? something out of louisiana circa 1935. >> remind me not to have pharrell campaign for me. i felt that was shade. low key shade. are you really supporting hillary? i don't know. lou: well, i don't know, i thought his -- never mind -- [ laughter ] >> you're happy and you know it. >> i'm happy and i know it. >> that was suspicious, lou. lou: let's turn to the two investigations.
7:58 pm
first we never before had a nominee who was already under federal investigation as was hillary clinton in convention. now we've got a candidate under two federal investigations and she's in a tight race in a lot of the country. >> that's the other part that people are talking about is what about a pardon? does barack obama pardon her? when you're having that kind of conversation, glur a real bad place. this is terrible. what if i had to pardon her, mike? does president obama pardon her in january? lou: are we really this big a nation of idiots? >> no. lou: are there enough people in this country that don't give a rat's bottom whether or not somebody's under a federal indictment seek the highest office in the land? >> mr. lou dobbs i think you are grossly possibly underestimating the number of people that feel so strongly, negatively about donald trump. they don't really feel that
7:59 pm
positively about hillary clinton. look at the shady endorsement by pharrell. she's dishonest. look how negative the feelings are about donald trump. lou: no moral equivalency whatsoever. >> they would say the same. that's what's so crazy. lou: where are we headed in this country? if you can't make sense to folks and they don't have values that say we've got to have a higher standard that this, the highest office in the land, i mean, it's incredible. >> by the way. lou: the sanctimonious never trumping right, oh! deliver them to me. >> some of them are coming around, slow but surely. some of them are coming around. lou: i don't care, there is a little line the other day, the bushes, george p. bush talking about he's for, he may vote -- who cares, 41, 43 are going to vote for clinton. who cares! they were liberals the whole time. >> they've done a lot of damage to themselves.
8:00 pm
lou: they can do it quietly now. eboni williams, mike gallagher, appreciate it. that's it for us. thank you for joining us. "clinton cash" author peter schweizer among our guests tomorrow, good night from new york.. kennedy: tonight with five days to go, the race couldn't be tighter. a bunch of new polls show trump within striking distance but can he seal the deal? more headaches for hillary as she tries to make a final push across the finish line and indictments reported to the clinton foundation shenanigans are likely. judge janine shapiro takes the case, are you looking to vote for third-party candidates but have no idea which one is best to vote for? the green party's jill stein is here with her pitch and defense claims to vote for her is basically a vote for donald. all right, grab a helmet. about to get ugly.


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