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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  November 5, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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tomorrow on the d on tomorrow night jill stein and greg maria: hey, everybody, i'm maria bartiromo, saturday november 5th, 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. the final countdown is on. 3 days away from the election. new fox new poll show a statist call tied between donald trump and hillary clinton. they are both campaigning in florida today and trump is also heading north carolina, colorado and nevada as they fight for every last vote. >> i need you to vote. america needs you to vote because we have to finish what we started eight years ago. >> i actually think we are leading in the great state of pennsylvania.
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i love you people. but they won't show. you go home you won't see the crowds. they won't talk about them. you're going to see hillary, she will have 3 to 400 people. what a joke. maria: celebrity factor beyonce and jay z performing in ohio. whether it will make a difference, coming up. what the recent downturn in stocks means for donald trump and hillary clinton. new york police officer killed in the line of duty, another officer injured in a shootout as they respond to a 9/11 call. details coming up. first it was smartphones and now washing machines, samsung recalling 3 million machines of impact of injuries, oracle nearly after accumulating enough stock. the world's largest crew ship arriving in the u.s. after
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crossing the atlantic. plus, it is time to fall back, the clocks change. get excited for the extra sleep of hour night. joining me to talk about it dagen mcdowell, kevin kelly and pollster lee carter. happy saturday. [laughter] dagen: yesterday i was like it was friday saturday night, i'm going to go to bed at 7:00. kevin: like you don't do that every friday. come on. [laughter] maria: anything can happen. kevin: you see it tightening it up in the polls, you have seen toss-up states and not traditionally. yesterday there was big talk about arizona as well and covered here and that's pretty interesting. maria: pennsylvania as well. lee: fascinating tightening, pennsylvania hasn't gone republican since 1988. maria: wow.
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lee: the cubs won, anything can happen in 2016, right? maria: exactly. that's why we are here saturday morning. we are in striking distance of election day. we have three days to go. donald trump is campaigning in nevada this morning. clinton focusing on florida specifically. there's a tight race nationally. take a look at the numbers. clinton leading poll but in head-to-hayed match-up clinton is up by 1. >> have you been seeing what happened with those polls? new polls have us with substantial lead in ohio nationwide, many of the states. >> please take this energy out with you here every day and election day.
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we can have the biggest turnout in history. maria: joining us right now ohio state senator along with trump surrogate and former apprentice contestant, erin,. >> thank you. maria: polls within the margin of error. what's your take and how does it feel in ohio? >> i think the polls are right. i have been saying all along for months and months, maria. you and the crew know this. the mood in ohio while hillary clinton certainly does have a robust ground game, at the same time, you know, the momentum and energy is on the side of donald trump and so i think that it has been frankly for for amongst because of his message and i think at this point, you know, it's going to be hard for hillary clinton to pull it out. we do -- we are overperforming. democrats are overperforming republicans. we have early voting up until
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tomorrow and that doesn't mean anything because you could have democrats union guys pulling a ballot for donald trump and you could have suburban republican women voting for hillary clinton. saying democrats are overperforming in early voting is, i thinks, misrepresentation, you can't necessarily read into what the early voting, you know, models and statistics are showing. maria: isn't that interesting, erin, here you have clinton heading in the polls, where you look at the early voting is, small business and enthusiasm there, they are for trump. >> basically i'm in the state of pennsylvania and there's the same enthusiasm, same love for donald trump. and as you can see from the polls they are neck and neck in pennsylvania. momentum is shifting towards donald trump. there's a phenomena called reverse bradley effect. people are scared to say they are scared to support donald trump. they are going to show up in
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election day and vote for donald trump. they need to have a little bit of fear. maria: a lot of groups, they don't want to say who they are voting for, dagen. maybe they are not being captured in the polls. dagen: i will point to new fox poll that there are only 4% of people that are undecided which is lower than it has been. dagen: i made lee make a case by saying that and if you look at the breakdown of democrats supporting clinton and republicans supporting trump and it's something that we've been talking about here in the last many weeks, 90% of democrats are for clinton,le 5% are for trump. trump needs to get the numbers up further and into the 90% range. maria: wow, what did romney have? lee: 93. dagen: north of 90. lee: yeah, he did. i do think that right now -- that number is increasing because there are a lot of
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people that say i couldn't vote for donald trump and wikileaks are saying, you know what, i'm not sure that i can let this go to hillary clinton. i think we need to make this happen, so even though we are seeing the numbers stabilize as a result of that, i do think that these numbers are going to come out higher and we have seen in the primaries that donald trump outperforms the polls somewhere 5 and 6 points. the reverse bradley effect is real. kevin: i think trump's base because they've been villannize so much and shame on you for supporting trump and trying to express your view. i think they are going to come out so that helps to him no matter where the polls are. his numbers are better on the economy. so when you saw that's when his polls start today rise, right here at the fox news poll 52% trump, 44% hillary clinton and that's a big spread on who can do better for the economy.
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maria: at one point it was all about the economy and jobs and we moved over to corruption and people wanting the end of corruption but still jobs still incredibly important in terms of what will drive the vote. >> sure, when you look at some of the places that donald trump and hillary clinton both are going, they are trying to bring home their economic message. hillary clinton, i think, is trying to focus on increasing the participation of the african-american vote which is lagging from 2012 which is not necessarily surprising because we obviously had the first african-american president in the ticket. let me tell you about the fox news poll and looking yesterday, really when you take a look at it it shows how divided the nation is. both candidates are equally unpopular but both of negatives are sticking, if you look at issue temperament, donald trump is still lagging, people are still concerned about nuclear weapons and donald trump. on the flip side, people do not trust hillary clinton, untrust
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worthy numbers are very high and people think that the fbi investigation is something of significant concern if she becomes president of the united states. it's anybody's game. lee: her trust numbers were 45% and right now 31% in the latest poll. that's a big difference. >> trump has the enthusiasm. i attend rallies and conferences on a weekly basis throughout the country for donald trump. people there whether it's women, working people, african americans are enthusiastic. he gets the crowds. he talks about the crowd. they are happy and they are the ones going to the polls. another thing about the early voting, democrats, that's engrained in their culture to do the early voting. statistics have shown that the democrats are getting out there and early voting.
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they are a little up right now but not really what matters is election day. early voting is not that significant. dagen: 37 million early votes cast as of friday at least 1 million more democrats than republicans are returned ballots in the data received so fall by the wall street journal. if you say, but capri if you say it doesn't matter, the trump campaign at this point needs to worry about getting those votes out and literally putting people in the vans -- >> no question. dagen: in this -- >> that's not happening. the only issue that i would say and i think that's dagen if i can hear correctly. i think the issue is because democrats are outperforming does not necessarily mean those democrats are voting for democrat for president of the united states. we are not going to know and so but here is the other interesting thing about this. while i see no evidence of
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donald trump's campaign at least here on the ground in ohio putting people in vans and driving them to the board of elections, on the flip side of that, apparently without a ground game he's like a few points up here in ohio. so i think this entire election is really, you know, anybody's best guess on what's going to happen and all of the models are going to be redone. dagen: they make a big point that there is little sign that based on the early voting that these new white voters who previously did not participate in presidential elections are turning out in vast numbers. >> i believe that in early voting. i think that's true. dagen: a few pockets of positive signs in play where the senator is from in ohio, in certain counties. but right now it's not -- these aren't trump supporters, they might be going to -- >> they may not trust early voting.
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maria: will not vote to hillary according to reports. this is robert, he said, clinton will not get his vote even if she win it is popular vote. he's nay tiff american, he does not clinton supports tribe and 12 democratic elect os in the united states. electors does not have to vote for a specific candidate. what about that? you can come up with a plan and an expectation based on the electoral college but then again they don't have to follow through. >> absolutely. he's a native american. she doesn't care about me and hillary clinton doesn't care about my land and that's what a lot of people are realizing. hillary clinton and bill clinton only care about clinton inc? maria: what have you seen most recently? lee: independents picked with donald trump. they are still tracking with donald trump supporters except
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not as much intensity. i'm starting to see independents is they are not sure what to make of everything that's going on right now. there's a fatigue, e-mail fatigue and attack fatigue and i'm worried about level. dagen: that bares out that he has more support among independents but it's smaller -- it's a smaller range over hillary clinton than it was in the last fox news poll. maria: makes a lot of sense. dagen: i will get into the details later. maria: capri and elen, thanks for being us. >> thank you. maria: tuesday november 8th and our post election coverage next morning right here on mornings with maria. we are going to kick it off an hour early wednesday morning. please joins us on wednesday as well. coming up next right here live, one police officer was killed
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and another injured after a shootout after responding in 911 call in the bronx. the massive recall of faulty washing machines now. back in a minute.
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maria: welcome back, a gunman killed a police officer, wounded another one in new york city the bronx, cheryl casone with the details now, cheryl. cheryl: so the two officers were attacked while responding in home invasion in the bronx yesterday. the suspect forced his way into an apartment where estranged wife was staying, that man later killed in a shootout with police while campaigning in ohio donald trump weighed in on the incident. >> two new york police officers, supposed to be great officers, were shot in the bronx, a trump administration will protect those who protect us and stop tremendous surge in crime.
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cheryl: authorities say suspects had been arrested 17 times. well, a race car in tomorrow's nascar texas motor speedway is going to honor five officers killed in july. race cars, black, blue design was inspired by by the dallas police cruisers as well as 84 other names of fallen officers since '81. meanwhile take a look at that car, includes trump's make america great slogan. finally this, maria, galaxy note 7 aren't the only samsung products you need to worry about.
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the recall of 2 million washing machines because of the risk, quote, impact injury. the top of the washing machine can unexpectedly detach when the thing is in use, samsung has received complaints of excess vibration or detaching from the machine. nine injuries have been reported including one broken jaw. maria: wow. first it was the phones and now the washing machines. it's getting a lot worse. what about this? recall of the washing machine now. how is samsung going to get out of this one? >> you started to have activists investors think it's a devalue play, now you're start to starting to see pervasive throughout different product licenses. i think this could dog them as it has dogged other companies like chipotle how their management didn't adapt well to
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the crisis that hay had in front of them. this could continue to happen for samsung. dagen: but food is different than electronics, people will -- will come back to electronics if there's been a recall than go back to a restaurant that made -- maria: made them sick. kevin: but the issue on the phone side is it's a commodity business and when people leave samsung and move to and it's hard to get them back. this samsung device was -- the note 7 we are talking about is actually the same price level as the apple iphone and that's what they were attacking. i wasn't a lower margin device, it's a higher margin device. lee: whenever we are evaluating crisis you think of how it's going to impact your safety. chipotle is personal safety issue and this is a personal safety issue because there's --
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there's phones bursting into flames, you saw broken jaw, people are really concerned. every time you get on the airplane they are talking about it. constant reminder. maria: we have to talk about the markets later and why we are seeing such a downdraft. election three days away but the markets already, crowning a winner. cloud technology is growing. oracle one steep closer for 9 billion-dollar deal to acquire debt sweep. more on that deal coming up. mpt breo is for adults
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maria: can the stock market predict who will win the presidential election? since 1 t 28 s&p 500 has fallen eight times before an election, seven of those times the incumbent party lost. this is the ninth straight day that the s&p 500 has fallen. kevin kelly based on market indicator and current democrat in the house, donald trump has 86% chance of winning the election. how do you see it? kevin: it's tough to pull correlation with this because it happens to the with the business cycle. when you look at the numbers, 2008, we knew what happened,
6:24 am was bursting. what the stock market today is telling you is that they are worried about what could happen should hillary clinton be elected president and what i mean by that is this e-mail and this fbi situation will not go away. i have a problem that say well the market is word about donald trump and that's why it's going down. that's not actually not it. when donald trump was tighter in the poll the market didn't go down. the market was completely fine with it, right, because they know policy on tax, trade and that -- now, they are worried because it's now tightening specially in different states that are now toss-up states so we may have to wait a couple of days to see who could be president should there be a florida situation. maria: i was talking to somebody yesterday and i want to get your take on this, hear me about. this is a dem that i was talking to yesterday, what happens
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should hillary clinton become president? she can't appoint a new ag, she's not going to change james comey, she can't appoint an fbi, these investigations go on. what happens? is she just a lame duck unable to put the people that she wants in her cabinet because this investigation is hanging over her? dagen: the congressional focus is on her and the missed deeds, whether e-mail or clinton foundation. maria: special prosecutor. dagen: i think some of the concern and we have brought this up that the senate goes to the democrats and that gives her if she won a presidency a great deal of more power and influence. kevin: supreme court. dagen: justices. i will raise the issue of that s&p report about the 86% chance, jon hilsenrath when we talked about it the other day said this election cycle is so different than anything we have ever seen in history it's hard to take even historical data and apply it to what's going on this year
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and a lot of, i believe, market selloff in the last week are the longest losing stretch for the s&p since 1980, down nine days in a row is earpción that the federal reserve that will raise interest rates in december but again maybe move to the new with waims running in the hottest pace in '09. maria: you think it's more broad economic story than actual presidential election. dagen: it's a combo. kevin: you brought up nine days in a row. let's be careful when we talk about that. it hasn't been in magnitude. it's actually a selloff that people are repositions due to economic numbers. maria: they are nervous about something. kevin: i think that will actually help to a trump presidency. no matter what happens, whoever gets elected is entering a mature business cycle and their first 100 days of fiscal policies is going to dictate what happens to this economy.
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lee: let's talk about not just hillary clinton and donald trump facing lawsuits himself in the first 100 days. maria: it's not a criminal fbi investigation. lee: are they going to give full attention to governing. maria: given how close the race is you can't say either one have a mandate. do they have a mandate to govern given the fact that half of the country doesn't want them? dagen: i don't think we really know what we might get one with either one of them if they win the white house. lee: i think you're right. dagen: is donald trump going to spend more money than we expect. is hillary clinton is going to be far left she was when she was running against bernie sanders. those are big questions. maria: my instinct would say no, but you don't know how forceful elizabeth warren will be and you don't know how forceful bernie sanders will be. we will talk about the job's number yesterday and whether or not that changes votes or was it
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not significant much enough to really change anybody's minds on the economy. hillary clinton using star power to get millennials to head to the polls, how she hopes jay z and beyonce help. young europe turned her debt into millions, back in a minute. at old dominion, we see freight... a combination of products and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service... our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises.
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maria: welcome back, happy saturday, i'm maria bartiromo. we are live 6:30 a.m., november 5th. trump crises crossing the country while clinton is in floyd and in pennsylvania. two very important states. she's coming off of a
6:31 am
star-studded concert with jay z and bei don'ti don't-- bei don't beyonce. >> we all have a great vision for our country. >> we have to think about the future of our daughters, our sons and vote for someone who cares for them as much as we do. maria: will celebrities help with millennial voters. results making results to the campaign trail. we will tell you about it this morning, oracle overcoming a challenge, largest shareholders. the deal looks good and we have the details.d's largest crew shs arrived where you can go to the
6:32 am
next to harmony of the sea. maria: hillary clinton is holding a 17-point lead with likely voters under the age of 35. clinton has 48% to trump's 32% from millennials. joining us right now attorney christy, democratic staggerrist, jessica and jason, good to see you, thank you so much for joining us. >> good morning. maria: what do you make about the lead, significant lead with millennials? >> it's not surprising. democrats always lead with surprising, what's surprising that millennials aren't motivated to vote. she is still not doing will enough. she's not doing nearly as well as obama did. maria: what does he need to do to get more of that generation?
6:33 am
>> he needs to tap what he needs to tap into. michigan and new mexico are state that is are definitely in play. so i think that he just has to keep pushing the message, i think he's going to get across the finish line. maria: does this surprise you, jessica, typically blue states like a michigan actually turn red? >> i mean, the clinton campaign is pretty sure that the blue fire wall is in place and i was looking at larry's map he has her winning 293 electal votes, she would take north carolina and nevada which has early good numbers for them. you're right that he needs to continue hammering his theme and stay on message. i don't think trump can afford like alicia machado 3:00 a.m. moment at this point. that doesn't speak to the millennials, democrats do better with millennials, but millennials want to talk about issues pertinent to us.
6:34 am
she doesn't talk about student debt that often. maria: that's true. >> health care is implemented, over 20 million people are going to lose insurance. he's not a great younger person candidate. he's a great white older person candidate. >> the millennials were overwhelming for bernie sanders. it was rigged against them and they don't like the rigging of the system. maria: that's a priority. they want end to the corruption. you don't think so, jessica? >> i think so. obviously bernie sanders was win lg upwards 80% of younger voters. that low hillary millennial running around. but the idea that was rigged when she won 3.8 votes. we knew that but that argument resinates again but i don't think that's a millennial argument that's just the trump argument. maria: what about the celebrity part of this? hillary clinton receiving
6:35 am
support in cleveland, beyonce, jay z, donald trump's response was this, listen to this. >> i want my daughter growing up to see a woman leading our country and no, that her possibilities are limitless. >> i do not have any ill-will towards but he cannot be our president. >> let's make sure that we send a loud unmistakable message that love trumps hate. thank you all and god bless you. >> by the way, i didn't have to bring j.lo or jay z, the only way she gets anybody. i'm here all by myself. just me, no get or, no piano, no nothing. [laughter] maria: that is great. interesting that jay z made that qualifier, i don't wish him any
6:36 am
ill-will. >> i think that's important specially young people, we are not a hateful generation, we are an accepting generation, love who you love and take care of yourself. he kind of knew that there weren't going to be trump people and it has taken a while. maria: why did it take so long? >> i don't know, they have been choosing to work over black lives matter more than getting involved in presidential race this way. leaders took a while. i think they are waiting for that. it's funny when you see jay z and beyonce, yeah. [laughter] >> she's a lot more than jay z. >> she has lebron coming up. >> she has an open investigation, she has serious issues that she has to deal with and the enthusiasm gap is
6:37 am
massive. >> that's not true. >> she's going the need something way more than this. i don't think beyonce's back up dancers will be swaying. when she took the stage a lot of people left the concert. maria: people don't like to hear celebrities in politics. >> all of those artists are constantly, very liberal but constantly giving opinions. i love them for their music and not political views. >> the fact that we have a movement right now and it's very similar to 2008 and barack obama. that's what trump has tapped into. it's much bigger than donald trump himself. >> barack obama's and trump's messages -- they are hope and change it's substantively different. believe strongly in the majority of americans that donald trump is talking about --
6:38 am
maria: end of corruption. >> he is talking about that and that's not what barack obama was talking about. i think comparing these men not only would be a front to barack obama but nobody sees it that way. >> it is a change. >> the problem is -- for you it's in the a problem for me but i'm concerned that this was not actually the right change agent. he did us a similar job getting through the primary. >> i respectfully disagree. he ran against 16 candidates. maria: people want a shake-up. maria: he beat 16 of them. >> we thought he would take the fight to dc and corruption and he is doing that. he's taking on the media, he's taking on both political establishments. >> he surprised for me, for sure. maria: you have pressure coming from everywhere like you said, media, some voters, the gop even. >> correct.
6:39 am
maria: what do you think christy? >> nobody expected him to take on the 16 candidates and when we were looking at the delegate map everybody thought he wasn't going to make it either. the maps coming out now, i think he is going to keep surprising us. maria: the electoral college was a surprise. >> cnn put her below 270 yesterday and i shed a little tear. like a baby tear. you know, obviously he has the momentum going for him right now. maria: below 270. >> it was a first. wisconsin and michigan, i don't think -- but listen donald trump has surprised everybody and all to his credit, i just think that winning a primary and national election are very different and he had some real challenges. the ground-game, we have five times the number of staffers to get people out to the polls. maria: how big is this fbi investigation to millennials?
6:40 am
what about the fact that we don't know where this is going, this is going take years, should she win the presidency, she's still going to be investigated. >> my boss made the case actually this week on political insiders and the fox report with harris faulkner and said that she wasn't able to govern, not that she doesn't think she's the most qualified but not going to be able to implement her 100 days agenda when you're under this kind of investigation. absolutely, there are people who do feel that way. it's going to be difficult and you have republicans saying we are not going to do anything with your nominee for the supreme court. we are going to sit there with the court just as it is and the court is aiming on top of it. it's going to be complicated. maria: people do not want to see another four years where nothing gets done. >> i think this also hits home that are still upset with bernie sanders. they felt that she was corrupt then and another thing that's
6:41 am
corrupt and they are sick of it. maria: we will leave it there. we will be watching. three days to go. jessica and christy. live starting at 6:00 a.m. eastern. don't miss it join us all weekend this weekend. coming up a big homecoming for the world's largest crew ship, caribbean ship after sailing the atlantic, straight ahead. mark your calendar, the election is not the only historic event in november. once in a lifetime super moon set to fill the night sky this month. that's next back in a moment
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maria: welcome back, the verdict was in on the so-called bridgegate scandal. cheryl: two former aides of governor chris christie found guilty of creating a massive jam in george bush bridge. kelly and bill baroni, a christie appointee were found guilty on all counts against them. the most serious of the charges
6:45 am
carries 20 years in prison. the bridge lane closings were political revenge against the mayor of new jersey for not endorsing christie's reelection. governor christie has deny that had he knew anything about the lane closings. christie is one of donald trump's advisers and was supposed to spend this weekend campaigning. some of appearances have been canceled following the guilty verdicts. well, $9.3 billion deal the software business could be approved on monday. one step foot closer to acquisition of cloud opinion -- pioneer, and the deal has been complicated and opposed the deal because of what it called conflict of interest. the firm also said the 109-dollar share price was too low. well, the world's largest crew ship is going to pull into
6:46 am
florida's port everglades today. the harmony of the sea weighs 226,000 tons and it is docking in the u.s. for the first time having sailed from barcelona. guests can enjoy anything, italian restaurants on board, you have a beach board walk that has carusel and park, they call it central park and the largest crew ship water park. ultimate, slide, 10 stories high. a lot of buss about this ship. the brightest full moon in almost seven years is going to grace our skies on november 14th. the super moon hasn't come this close since 1948 and will not come this close again until 2034. a super moon excuse me occurs when the moon is much closer to earth than usual. 30% brighter than it normally would.
6:47 am
the last super moon was back on october 16th. those are your headlines. maria: that's going to be beautiful to see. kevin: it's going to be huge! [laughter] maria: tonight or all next week? lee: november 14th. maria: it's going to be beautiful. dagen: we will be able to enjoy it because it's past the election. kevin: let's get in the cruise ship and ride into the sunset. dagen: we enjoy covering it. it's just -- it's been a couple of years. [laughter] maria: it feels that way. lee: hillary clinton did a listing tour before she announced candidacy. we have been talking about this for two years. maria: last year feels like few years. dagen: it does. kevin: if she gets elected what are the next four years going to feel like. maria: we will be talking about this investigation, that's for sure. this is a real issue. what is the mandate for her to
6:48 am
govern, what's going to happen when she's under investigation in terms of her decision-making, in terms of what she is doing to attorney general. probably not. kevin: you will have to see how chambers react too. dagen: the behaviors of the clintons based on what we know, will it change if he is the president of the united states? maria: a lot of people asking that this weekend. one millennial turned her debt into millions of dollars. won the jewelry line who drew the hearts of drew brarrymoore and other celebrities who lives here and flies to hong kong, to visit this company that makes smart phones, used by this vice president,
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this little kid, oops, and this obstetrician, who works across the street from this man, who creates software. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured.
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maria: remember sex and the city, fashionista, revenue of $35 billion in the united states for one millennial. i spoke with samantha wills to
6:52 am
talk about journey from debt to creating a million billion dollar business. >> i was 21 year's old and making jewelry as a hobby and went to tinny beach market in sidney. after doing that for about a year and working in a real job through the week a friend asked me a show in fashion week in 2004. it was going to be $500. that's everything in my bank account. hopefully i will make one order back and cover the cost and ended up writing $17,000 worth of order and i said i was going to quit my job and i was 22 at the time and knew anything about nothing. maria: how fantastic. >> $80,000 debt over the following three years and, you know, built profile brand and didn't know how to run business at 22. maria: all the pictures that we see of celebrities, a-list cel
6:53 am
-- celebrities like drew barrymoore. >> we are working with stylists out of la. it shows up quite well on a red carpet and in 2008-2009 where it really started to kick in for us where celebrities propelled you into the global spotlights and we are happy we have made celebrity support at the right time. maria: this is not real gold. >> we do mostly sterling silvers. maria: what's pressure about this that's costume? >> we try to make semiprecious metals and it's an accessible price point and allows you to update wardrobe. maria: what are the price points? >> 79 up to 500 in costume line. maria: you work in new york and
6:54 am
you have office all over the world? >> here and la, paris and japan also. maria: do you see people wanting to pay up for things like this? >> definitely. it's not just product anymore. you have to have a brand that gets behind and tell the story and people want to invest in brands. maria: what does inspire your designs? i like this one. that's pearl with rhinestones. >> i wish i had a more romantic story to tell, it's a luxurious position to be creator and designer because you connect with the consumer on a daily basis. maria: does that enable the worldwide opportunity because you're online? >> absolutely. it puts you in touch, makes the platform for flat and i think that they are telling me daily what they want to wear and
6:55 am
gracious for them to tell me. maria: great product. samantha wells is the designer here. thanks to samantha wills. dagen, what are lessons from an europe that can take debt into millions. she worked hard but also something resinated with celebrities, with broad -- how do you do it? dagen: it's just -- if you know that -- believing in our own success and stick to go it and in this day and age, you know what i have been so excited about, all the made in the usa american-based businesses that have been coming in the show. shot, american giant, the sweat shirt and t-shirt maker. they are making hand-hammered cookware, balnc, it's the most
6:56 am
gorgeous cookware. i would just hang it in the kitchen. it's that kind of business. it's taking with chefs because of instagram. maria that were that drives the business because people want to buy american and people want to support a brand that they know is creating jobs in the u.s., is patriotic. dagen: dedicate today making a high-quality product. and we see that time and again and this is not from the united states, but, again, it's the same passion that you see among all the entrepreneurs. maria: good story. coming up sneakers aren't just for comfort. market that can be hotter than technology and ipo's, next with mornings with maria, back in a moment
6:57 am
6:58 am
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this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more of our annual income... we could keep doing all the things we love. prudential. bring your challenges. >> good morning thank you for joining us at this weekend. it's saturday november 5. your top stories 7:00 a.m. i knew a fox news to pull out this morning. hillary clinton has a two-point lead over donald trump. that is within the margin of error. they're pushing for votes and all of the battleground states this weekend. there's so much distraction. i want you to tune all that out a way to focus on the
7:00 am
choice that we actually face in this election. >> it's time for change and new leadership. >> were taking you to the crucial state of florida. plus president obama commuting more sentences. talk about looks to capitalize on simple days troubles this morning. it's expanding rapidly in the united states. and fast food by phone. mcdonald's getting on board with many of its peers adding mobile pay. we will bring you the details coming up. the big business of sneakers. were looking at the billion-dollar resale market for sneakers.
7:01 am
get excited for that extra hour sleep in tomorrow morning. don't forget to put your clocks back. all that is coming up this morning. good morning. we are getting up early this weekend that's for sure. we had three days to go hillary clinton's lead in the poll is razor thin. donald trump within the margin of error. check it out. a different story for likely independent voters. they laid by eight points with 41 percent. clinton is only at 33 percent for the independents. will the independent vote be the deciding factor in the selection.
7:02 am
good to see lee. i think you so much for joining us. what do you make about the latest polls. i think they are extremely interesting for donald trump. it certainly is when you're looking at political polling. we've seen a dramatic growth in the fox news poll and news poll and just a week about five points. and as you mentioned the independents i think that's a leading edge. this morning the la times the u.s. he pull one of the three most accurate in 2012 showed a dramatic move for donald trump. he is now hit an all-time high. nearly a six-point lead over hillary clinton. it is a big sample. i think we are seen a substantial movement in the clear politics average of
7:03 am
polls of the electoral college has donald trump basically 29 away from the 270. if he wins a florida he could also do a pennsylvania and colorado. the trend towards trump looks like a hockey stick. it has gone up dramatically. the latest poll is a tie. look at michigan. it's just amazing. >> look at how close everything is. >> actually, so there was a poll taken by facts about independents before the combing letter came out and trump was up 13 among independents today. let me tell you one thing.
7:04 am
four years ago the political director for mitt romney was on fox news is sunday the sunday before the election and he said as independents go in ohio so goes the state. and they won by ten in ohio. your viewers are pretty discerning. they want to get the straight scoop. if she wants most of those. that is what is happening there. the poll that you mentioned people don't put as much credence in that one. select i think they're both accurate. they both shown the same trend. the only people that discount this poll frankly are the
7:05 am
anti- trump establishment media and the people that are involved or aligned with the clinton campaign. it was the third most accurate. same methodology. it shows barack obama performing better than any other pole leading up to the election. it's hardly a republican slanted pole. if you look at the fox news pull that you mentioned. a majority of voters think they hillary clinton engaged in criminal conduct. 80% said that she did something wrong. her first act would be to pardon herself. i think is important to note when you look at the independents and you start to see these polls.
7:06 am
one of the reasons why is that libertarians are actually furious right now that the vice presidential candidate is actually completely sold out to the libertarian policy. he's vouching for hillary clinton. they get a flock and start voting donald trump. and you can see that in the independent numbers coming out. >> let me get a word in edgewise here. hold on a second. here's what working to do. here's a list of things that you face a day one. she has that charge. it's the immigration of fraud. we know that they engaged in
7:07 am
fraud. >> richard, she's under a criminal investigation. you don't know. jim comay came out last friday there is a separate investigation. this goes to my point about your viewers being discerning. we have some agents there is a certain investigation. i hope it comes down to a difference between the trump foundation which bought portraits of itself.
7:08 am
we know lee, i didn't interrupt you. >> we know that the criminal investigation we don't know that. there is no criminal the has in fact impacted the polls. she's lost ground for the first time in a long time.
7:09 am
for some reason they're focused on that. this is been going on more than a year. did she abuse her office. when she was secretary of state. that is a question is not a statement. they actually asked about independents. are you less likely to vote for hillary clinton. it was among independents. that was among independents.
7:10 am
it was a sliver of democrats. you know that that 13-year-old has dropped that lawsuit. 13-year-old has dropped that lawsuit. this is what i think you're going to get. here's what i predict. donald trump will face bill cosby like. what we know about this. the clintons got as rich as mitch romney. for doing what. they are as rich as mitch romney. and yet they're not getting any of the criticism. they didn't hit the powerball.
7:11 am
they didn't do an internet ipo. they suddenly became as rich as mitch romney interest in just a few years. i don't understand how we could go around the circle. they detail out the pay to play with bill clinton ink. and all the sudden were starting to see that the public is getting sick and tired of hillary clinton getting donations from foreign governments who are against women who are against gays and that's the issue that is tricking up in the polls. textbook pay to play. as trump sending a 25,000-dollar contribution who then proceeded to drop her investigation. >> you're not addressing it. how do you trust what hillary clinton did. she was never been cited for a
7:12 am
single decision that she made that was influenced by any donor. the fact of the matter is with an active investigation on that very matter. they took it down repeatedly. about those e-mails that lined up on anthony weiner's lap. let's talk about that. and the secrets to any of the women that were involved with it. they just referenced what appropriate anthony weiner was. donald trump dragged about walking in about underage
7:13 am
girls. and somehow anthony weiner is a pervert. >> great conversation. we appreciate it. coming up. we will tell you about it. the concerns over inmates getting out of prison early. that's next. mcdonald's plans to make it possible for them to order from the smart phone. back in a minute.
7:14 am
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7:15 am
welcome back. president obama hitting a record high of clemency. so president obama meeting the sentence is 72 more inmates.
7:16 am
in total the president has granted clemency to 944 people. that has more than the past 11 presidents combined. they have a dual charges which involve firearms connected to their drug crimes. many of them will not be released until 2017 maybe later. the venture capital is closing it by adding the local two investment page they have not made any formal announcement of the investment and not clear when it was made. they have filed for an ipo that could grant them up to $25 billion.
7:17 am
mcdonald's is gonna let customers order and pay for their food with their smart phone. they had launched mobile pay apps. it helps customers avoid long lines and helps restaurants cut down labor costs. in such a big hit. a quarter of the customers now use it to pay for their orders. and finally this. a big day in chicago yesterday. millions of a cubs fan's shot for the victory. they estimate 5 million people came out for the cubs at rally in parade making it the seventh largest gathering in human history. the fellow celebration beat out the 3.5 million people that went to rod stewart's 1994 concert. this parade comes just shy of other big events like the funeral back in 1969. in the appearance of pope francis in the philippines last year.
7:18 am
maggie may is a brilliant song. when are we doing karaoke to celebrate the election. when you're writing riding in the back you can do karaoke has a machine and the playlist. there is more still to come. more than just for comfort. it's all coming up. this woman owns this house,
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7:22 am
what he think donald trump is gaining ground on the economy? speemac i think everybody is looking in and saying he's a businessman. he knows business. he's made a lot of money doing business. he's can take and bring jobs to the nine states unit states and grow our businesses. >> you think he can move it to growth for your business. >> absolutely. >> i hope he can. i had issues with the weather he can -- it can or can't be done.
7:23 am
to say were bringing back jobs other than tax cuts and don't believe it is achievable. we have to worry about the transition from here to there. just by saying bergen of bring people back to work equity think it would take to bring business back. so much of our country is dependent upon psychological factors. that might just start to get the thing moving. i might be the primer to make it happen. seventy people that moved out of the workforce. it takes people with discretionary e-mail -- income.
7:24 am
we need good jobs. what about some of the trump proposals if you can reverse some of the impact of obama care. just some of those things. making it easier to start a business in this country it would get people at least a leg up to start a company, what net? >> obama care is a car crash them and send this on the network long before it was signed. and it clearly is. it's flawed. another great progressive idea
7:25 am
only heading for total destruction. the problem with it is it opens once a year for people to reenlist. this year almost 600 had signed up. the fines are $600. four years later you get diabetes you have heart conditions and as you get older you get pre-existing conditions. you've a pool left with only sick people. i'm supposed to be smart to know that. i went to school with your father-in-law. >> how are see mike how are you feeling overall business environment wise are they
7:26 am
worried about rising healthcare costs. how is business going for you in ohio right now. >> we watched a slow rise. people paying huge amounts of money in their insurance for us i said it before our business is not a necessity. >> we think donald trump will help small business. what he think what is can happen if hillary clinton becomes president. if hillary clinton becomes president. she will raise taxes.
7:27 am
>> i will have to work more because i can't keep all the employees we have and pay them that much money. i may have to work more. there can have to work harder will happen is as they raise taxes on the wealthy that will trickle down to me because essay say the people that i buy my taco from their taxes go up. >> it's is a bad question. i want to love him to death. the reality is i'm concerned about the deliverables. yes obama care has to go. there's no doubt about it.
7:28 am
what replaces it in the interim if anything. that is my concern. i am first and foremost an american. i hosted 2000 people yesterday at the waldorf history appeared i am first and foremost an american. donald trump can do 10% of what he does it for me it's fantastic. my concern is not doable. i like to think intelligent and person. go back to the obama care.
7:29 am
there is some lies in the economy. that's obama care. were taking money out of circulation were giving it to the government to redistribute when you cut taxes or when you put money into the economy it recirculates. so as i said the rich guy gets a tax cut. here the government's comments getting money and finds -- in fines or fees. no one has any concept of the trillions of dollars that are coming out of our economy. that has to go. >> our hamburgers taste better than ever. good to see you both. thank you so much. there is more still to come.
7:30 am
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7:32 am
welcome back and happy saturday every morning. your top stories right now 7:30 a.m. on the east coast. just three days to go now until election day. donald trump and hillary clinton had to keep battleground states that this weekend. >> he's like a cheerleader. he shouldn't be doing that. he should be with her. he needs to be working. we are better off if he doesn't work. america is can have a new president on january 20. change is inevitable. there will be change the question is what kind of change we are looking at the
7:33 am
impact of the black vote today. why are the neck coming out more this election. we will show you how bad it is. find out what huber and lips are doing to help you get to those polls. talk about wanting to capitalize on wanting to please a the higher 100 new workers. the la lakers taking down their in-state rivals. he was shut out making a single three-pointer. clinton is holding slightly over donald trump. when come hearing black likely voters. there they laid 82% to 8%. the author of we the people
7:34 am
they reshaped and affirmed the founding fathers version of america. what is your take on the commanding lead that she has on the black butter but also the fact that we know that they're not coming out in early voting. as we see in now. now. three days before the election the key thing to understand here is twofold. you don't have barack obama the first african-american president running in of course you can see a drop off. i think some of that could've been anticipated. the thought was it looks good for hillary clinton but what we've seen in terms of early voting is that it's not been good. but guess what now and the last few days of voting what you start to see is they are starting to compensate some. there is more of a push in cleveland.
7:35 am
the other factor to consider is the latino vote. the has turned up in out in bigger numbers than anyone anticipated in the state like florida reportedly up. out. 125 percent. it is so close. >> aren't african-americans just disenfranchised with the clintons then you started to see with their super predator language. does it still resonate with the black voter today. >> part of the reason has to do with the fact that people like the members of the professional black caucus. they were almost totally in support of it. in the clintons they are very popular with black women who i
7:36 am
think are the base in terms of activity most likely to get out there. they would have no problems with the clintons. but black early voting's is down in a number of states. in the clinton campaign is concerned about making sure that it doesn't fall off a cliff. that's why you see president obama on the campaign trail. he was struggling to keep the crowd in line. it was a rowdy crowd. they're worried about it again they have all of this promise and hope and change when president obama took office look at unemployment look at the fact that yesterday we had 4.9%. we see wages going out for the first time. the whole country has struggled in the aftermath of
7:37 am
the recession. in terms of black america you see a great disparity but it was there before and persist. it's a reason it's more than just the cops. president obama it took him while over a week to, about ferguson. the problem is he didn't come up with policies and procedures for a lot of these communities they were really hoping for a. look at is what's happening in chicago. i think they have a suffered a little bit more because he was supposed to bring that hope
7:38 am
and change to them. people can have this conversation. in terms of ferguson and the like. it's an interesting high wire. if he was to target latin americans say i'm designing economic policies to help black folks. if you're doing that you are acting in a discriminatory manner yourself. i'm not asking you to represent your entire race. do you think she does pander
7:39 am
to the african american community. she was speaking these feel like she panders and that doesn't resonate with some people. so part of the negative of me being a political reporter for 40 years i've seen politicians going to churches and synagogues go to italian day columbus parades. they have the right attitude. this goes on all the time. the problem is that they start saying different things to different audiences. that's a problem. some candidates who will say
7:40 am
horrifically terrible things in the have these people now from the other campaigns and will go with their little video computer reporters. so anytime we see or we say do you have any hot sauce. she might carry it in her pocketbook but does she use it. when i need hot sauce i come visit maria. hispanics are coming out what about women. i don't know about the turnout it's a very important question by the way especially for clinton in terms of white educated women. but we are seeing that women are clearly skewing towards
7:41 am
clinton. this morning as were having this conversation were not talking about some of the deficits on trumps side. it would be the attitude that he has conveyed to women voters. she leads among women about 13 percentage points. he needs to do better with men because notice where the candidates are going. and where is truck. his whole theory you can hear this from karl rove tomorrow people without college educations. that was a very for ted cruz. we have not seen this radical surge.
7:42 am
we will see what happens. they haven't come out in early voting. and that is a problem. there is a difference between that. thank you maria. they are hoping to get out the votes. talk about is growing as to pull the struggle to get back on track. we are back in a minute. many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope,
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7:45 am
>> ride sharing companies are trying to make it easier to get out and vote on election day. >> they are teaming up with google to add an apt feature. they can get a $20 discount. and the zipcar is joining the efforts. to encourage subscribers to drive to their polling place. the paris las vegas is now
7:46 am
fully back in business. more than a complete day in darkness. the hotel providing hotline numbers for those seeking refunds or if they're concerned after the night they have their's sure to be a lot of him. construction crews worked in the basement and prevented backup generation. 3,000 guests were evacuated that night. they head at sea sleep on couches and nightclubs. and a very unlucky 11 people were stuck in the elevators. were stuck in the elevators. announcing that is planning to hire a hundred thousand workers over the next six years. that plan expected to lift the global sales to $15 billion in 2022 from just $9 billion last year. there is a stunning upset.
7:47 am
they crushed the golden state warriors. la floored julius randall finish the game with 20 points. fourteen rebounds the lakers finished with 26 assists. and get this the way your start went zero for ten from the three-point range. they made only five of those 32 free -- three-point shots. the election is out just three days away. they are in the battleground state of florida today early voting continues right now adam shapiro is in tampa this morning. good morning to you adam. >> he will speak to his supporters at about 10:00 a.m. this morning. but i want to show you what's going on nationwide and what's happening here in florida. they are making such a heavy push. first of all take a look at
7:48 am
what's happening nationwide as people go to vote early. more than 37 million have already cast their vote in their ballot across the country where early voting is taking place. i closed yesterday. but they have historical turnouts in places like clark county. and apparently it has been next are showing up in much larger numbers than at first taking place. here in florida that is a big issue. this is a hispanics for trump sign. certainly there is a large support for both candidates within the human -- hispanic community. they head about a point lead. here's what they set said about the polls and just last night. i won't even go over all the polls but we are leading in
7:49 am
ohio, and out iowa. i think were doing great in north carolina. i think were doing great in pennsylvania also. in florida looks beautiful. with so many great polls. and maria i want to show you the florida vote numbers which had just been released by the division of elections here. 5.7million have already voted. that's almost 45 percent of all registered voters. it does not include non- affiliated voters. but when you look at who is turning out their base roughly 1,000,019,000,000 republicans voted by mail. here is where it starts to turn. 1.2million have gone to a polling station. this morning as a first time since early voting began and in the sunshine state on
7:50 am
october 24 that democrats lead in the overall total of people parties. it takes place today and tomorrow. hillary clinton will be in south florida. a lot of important blocks there. kicking off a hot investment. the resale market can fetch a massive return. we are back in a minute. used by this vice president, this little kid, oops, and this obstetrician, who works across the street from this man, who creates software. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured.
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7:53 am
can fetch a massive return. we are back in a minute. the sneaker market is hidden. a group 8%. it generated 17 and a quarter billion dollars revenue. it's estimated to be worth more than a billion dollars. even hotter than that pre- ipo facebook shares. thank you so much for joining us. tell us how more and more people are just sliding into the market for sneakers. is there something that happened that made them collectible. without a lot of interesting designers and here we have
7:54 am
they were designed so why is it so special that kanye designed it. he has designed something with adidas and all of the young men want to wear his sneakers. he designed this with air jordan for you and i to get a pair we have to be his friend or pay $23,000 for them. because he designed it is anything special about this. there's a few hundred pairs out there. he only gave them to his friends.
7:55 am
i feel like he always wears these. this is one of the most popular sneakers at the moment. and how did you get these guys to start designing these. >> since the air jordan model we see endorsements from musicians so over the years we've seen a large amount of popular musicians design these sneakers. it's actually the very first sneaker that he designed. it's when the first sneaker came out during valentine's day actually.
7:56 am
>> but the retail price is 550. there is probably two or 3 million people who want the seeker. and probably a few hundred out there. he went from attracting about 500 people to 20,000 is a big investment -- a big event now. we actually started in times square with the first event with six and a people and now were at the java center and we can have 20,000 people there this weekend. we've a large amount of instagram followers. we head about 10 million followers. i've watched michael jordan play back in the day and he has been such a success.
7:57 am
i think these might be my favorite. it's probably one of the most popular sneakers out there right now. it has great colors. easy to wear. a hundred $50 in the retail price is 170. good to see you. thank you so much.
7:58 am
. . .
7:59 am
maria: good saturday morning, everybody, welcome back, i'm maria bartiromo. thanks for joining us this weekend. we are live all weekend and it is saturday november 5th, top stories 8:00 a.m. on the east coast. final countdown is on, three days away from election day.
8:00 am
new fox new poll shows statistical tied. trump will crises cross the country while clinton holds events in florida and pennsylvania with katie perry. >> reports also show that the political leadership with the department of justice is trying as hard as they can to protect their angel, hillary. >> it doesn't matter if you're innocent, if he decides that you should be in prison or you should be locked up, so we can't trust him with our constitution, we can't trust him to obey the rule of law. the charity confirming that it did receive 1 million-dollar gift from cutter while clinton served as secretary of state, $1 million to the clinton foundation while secretary of state. another officer injured in a shootout as they responded to a
8:01 am
911 call. details on the tragic story this morning. samsung recalling nearly 3 million machines over the risk of, quote, impact injuries and nascar paying tribute to police officers and donald trump this weekend, we have a look at the cars that will hit the track. then it is time to fall back. the clocks change sunday at 2:00 a.m., get excited for that extra hour of sleep. tomorrow morning, tonight don't forget to fall back, turn your clock backs an hour. all that joining me to talk about fm, recon capital kevin kelly and pollster lee carter. do you have any favorite of the sneakers? >> $23,000. kevin: they are gold on your feet. dagen: we always show case a
8:02 am
women's hundred thousand dollar bag. maria: a lot going on this morning because we are three days out in the election. joining with us the former which he is champion can with us. we are going to talk about russia with gary. varney, stuart varney will weigh in. stay with us for a big hour coming up. we kick it off with fox new poll, clinton is leading trump by only 2 points. take a look at the number in ohio alone trump is leading by 5 points. this is clinton employs the help of celebrity to appeal to last-minute voters in ohio. jeff flock is in cleveland, ohio, right after the big show last night. jeff, good morning to you. jeff: on the banks of the river this morning, still recovering from the show, of first, i want to give you the latest numbers on national turnout, 37 million people have already voted thus far. here in ohio they think 40% of the people will vote before election day.
8:03 am
they say the democrats are favored in the early turnout nationwide, hispanic votes kind of up, african-american votes kind of down and that's the reason that hillary clinton appeared last night with beyonce and jay z here in downtown cleveland to try and fire up african americans and what was beyonce wearing, a pantsuit, all the girls in the -- on the girls in pantsuit and what they did in pantsuit defies what hillary clinton has done in her pantsuit, but there you go. the numbers here in ohio different than the national numbers, though, on early voting, those who have requested ballots, early ballots, gop numbers up 14% and the gop counties, democrat counties down about 4% and those that have already voted with those absent absentee ballots and have voted republicans up about 3%. democrats down 35%. she obviously has to do real
8:04 am
well in cleveland if she is to have any hope, that is to say secretary clinton of winning ohio. republicans, we talked to republican party who said in the past, you know, republicans have endured early voting and absent absentee voting and thousand they're embracing it. listen. >> we are going a better job to encouraging voters to vote early. we see the value in that and it only takes a big loss to hammer the point home to anyone to see you've got to get your vote out and if you get it out early, then you can bank those votes. jeff: that's apparently what is happening here in ohio, of course, maria, is key if donald trump loses ohio, he can pretty well kiss it good-bye but the numbers load -- look good. maria: governor john kasich did
8:05 am
know show up. >> he wants to be president in four years. we will see. maria: live this morning in ohio. i want to bring in jeff, campaign manager, mark penn, gentlemen, good to see you, thank you so much for joining us. mark, we saw the concert, beyonce, jay z, lebron james. is this going to make a difference for hillary in ohio? >> well, i think as you can tell african-american turnout maybe has been lagging a little bit and efforts are last-minute tries to increase that turnout, create some enthusiasm going into the election and i think it's a good move, it could make a difference. look, i think you are seeing that african-american turnout may be lower but hispanic turnout surging at the same time probably making up for each other given donald trump a tough, tough road ahead. maria: why do we think african-american voting is down?
8:06 am
dagen: based on analysis done early day, black voter turnout is down 7% in florida and north carolina compared to not just 2008 but the same point in 2012 and now the clinton campaign granted never expected to exceed it but exceed what president obama did in terms of turnout but concern enough about it that they have all the big guns out, jay, beyonce and the president himself. kevin: hillary clinton is unrelatable. maria: has she become more relatable with beyonce and jay z? >> not really. this election is a vote against and you need to convince the african-american voter to vote for her. lee: let's talk about the lyrics songs, you're campaigning with him? take a look.
8:07 am
maria: how do you explain that? fox news poll show 7% of independent hearing after fbi reviewing, reopening fbi case makes no difference in vote for hillary clinton, this coming after reveal that hillary clinton sent chelsea info now being classified, jack, what about this, is this information overload, are voters tuning out emails even though there may be crimes here? >> well, i think that for a lot of people their vote is decided and i think to a certain extent that's why you see the early vote going to high is they want their election for them to be over. let's just get this over with, but to the african-american votes there's two things, not just intensity problem, we see her lagging in the numbers and typically democrats get 90% plus of african-americans and the polls that we see across the country have trump in the teens. it's a policemen not just of enthusiasm but also a problem of actually getting the vote that they need out of that block of voters.
8:08 am
for independents a lot of is on the side of their mind and want to get it over with. lee: i'm worried about established republicans, established republican who is say they can't vote for donald trump, how is he going to make this up? >> well, i think you see those people have been -- have been hanging out and what i call two different blocks, gary johnson, they said in polling all the way up till very recently that they were going to vote for him and that's why johnson was up 8 or 910%, they also side they were undecided. those numbers have come down. the final polls come in look at the gary johnson number. if that number is below 4, then that's a very good night for donald trump. typically a libertarian is going to pull about 65% of the vote for the republican instead of the democrat and so as that number drops down, those people are by in large going to trump and i've seen that number as low
8:09 am
as 3 in some states, 2 in other states and in pennsylvania, we talk about trump's lead in ohio, pennsylvania is just -- just looks like ohio demographically, you pittsburgh and philadelphia, you have cincinnati and cleveland and a whole bunch of republicans in between. those two states really do behaviorally act aligning and pennsylvania has no early voting so we don't -- the reason -- maria: we don't know what happens there. >> you see a general election where you're going to have turnout in the 60's and we have no idea who is going to turn out. we can assume it looked like election looks like. maria: pennsylvania is a wild card. kevin: libs are still trying to get above 5% to get federal funding and that's a big point for them. some of them may not go over the donald trump because there are so focused on that but they are upset that their vice presidential candidate is stumping for hillary clinton
8:10 am
which they embolden them to vote donald. low lee which of the polls are you most concerned, where are you focused if you were on hillary's campaign right now, what do you focus on? >> well, overall the polls showed in the last week or ten days a surge for trump but that surge seems to be petering out. a lot of the polls are opening up to 2 to 3 points. so really she's going to look at florida, if she wins florida on, the night is over. she's got to sure up new hampshire because if he takes new hampshire that gives him a better shot and, of course, north carolina in the bank. a lot of the east coast states could be early deciders that are quite tight so i would keep an eye on those states, be a less concerned about ohio because ohio does have a 5-point lead for trump and basically block trump in some of the other state which is gives him a tough road. lee: do you why the whole bradley effect here?
8:11 am
some people say it's a 2-3 point race because donald trump overperforms and he you saw him in primaries overperform? >> he didn't perform in iowa, for example, actually we have been pretty good at pegging his vote, look, there could be some closing, there could be a couple of points here at the end that switch one way or the other. i think you are looking if women are going to break more heavily on her and latinos are going to come out in greater numbers because he's ankerred them and you're looking at whether he can pull out white men and those are the three factors and can african-american turnout not be historic record but be second second in terms of history. dagen: i wanted to say this, they give hillary clinton an 85% chance of binning, donald trump 15% but they point out that a victory by donald trump remains
8:12 am
possible. clinton's chance of losing is about the same of a probability that nfl misser kicks a 35 field goal. any football fan, they can get their head around that. maria: how much panic is it about clinton foundation and now we know that linton has confirmed that the foundation got a million dollar gift from the qatary's. >> i think the stories have depressed the vote. yes, of course, this is a big concern, this is the main thing holding her back from what would have been a landslide victory here rather than being 2 to 3 points ahead.
8:13 am
maria: that makes a lot of sense. thank you so much. have a good weekend. we will be watching. coming up check your laundry room, samsung is now recalling millions of washing machines. the latest problem for the technology giant on top of that phone debacle. nascar paying tribute to fallen police officers and the trump campaign. back in a minute
8:14 am
8:15 am
maria: welcome back, a begunman killing a police officer and wounding another in new york city. cheryl casone with the story. cheryl. cheryl: two officers were attacked while responding in home invasion in the bronx. the suspect forced his way in an apartment where his estranged wife was staying. the man later killed in a shootout with police. while campaigning in ohio donald trump weighing in on the incident. >> two new york city police
8:16 am
officers supposed to be two great people were shot in the bronx, a trump administration will protect those who protect us and we will stop this tremendous surge in crime. [cheers and applause] cheryl: authorities say the suspect had been arrested 17 times, flags will be flying in new york city to honor the fallen officer. race car tomorrow's nascar sprint cup at texas motor speedway honor the dallas officers killed in ambush attack in july. black, blue and white design was inspired by the dallas police cruisers and will feature names and badge numbers in officers killed on the attack as well as other names since 1881. the car will be driven by matt, meanwhile take a look at this car. prominent trump-pence 2016 paint scheme and includes trump's make
8:17 am
america great slogan and then finally this, exploring galaxy note 7, not the only samsung products you need to worry about, the voluntary recall of 2.8 million samsung washing machines because of the risk, quote, impact injuries, according to the commission, the top of the washing machine can unexpected detach, samsung has received over 700 complaints of excess vibration or top detaching from the machine. nine injuries reporting and get this including broken jaw, i like my samsung refrigerator, but any way back to you. maria: that's incredible, cheryl, thank you. the power of the women vote. millennial panel will be back. making money on the rates for the white house.
8:18 am
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hey, drop a beat.flix? ♪ show me orange is the new black ♪ ♪ wait, no, bloodline ♪ how about bojack, luke cage ♪ oh, dj tanner maybe show me lilyhammer ♪ ♪ stranger things, marseille, the fall ♪ ♪ in the same place as my basketball? ♪ ♪ narcos, fearless, cooked ♪ the crown, marco polo, lost and found ♪ ♪ grace and frankie, hemlock grove, season one of...! ♪ show me house of cards. finally, you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. maria: welcome back, donald trump and hillary clinton zeroing in on key voter groups with three days until election day. new fox new poll shows hillary clinton leading with female voters by 13 points now as the
8:21 am
two candidates double down on their efforts to appeal to women. back with me now attorney christy, democratic strategist jessica and our millennial panel. thank you so much for being here. the women vote, how is trump going to get it, jason? >> women see through all the rhetoric, they have families, they have children, they want to protect our country and they want borders. they want jobs back, so i think that they're going to see through it and come out for trump. >> i think that's a really good point, jessica, you could go around and say women think differently about this but the truth is we all want the same thing. we want our families to feel safe and we want to have job opportunities. >> yes, i think that's absolutely correct. i don't think that hillary clinton won or is winning the women vote base of pandering on that basis. donald trump has made missteps in the language he has used on tape and off tape in this arena
8:22 am
and also we can say that obviously economy and national security first same as the rest of the country but when you have a presidential cant date going over a right to choose, popular nationally specially with women and taking away obama and attack planned parenthood which remain popular, those are difficult things to do. we were talking in the green room about how powerful ads where she uses trump's own words . it's important and obviously having an affect. >> what's also important that clinton foundations took millions of shiite countries. maria: do women know that? >> it's true and he is talking about it. they realize that. maria: what do you agree, christy? >> it's important that trump
8:23 am
keeps bringing it up and the biggest strengths he has is daughter ivanka and have her campaign because she's someone who resinates with women and working on plan that is he wants to put in place. >> melania as well. i thought melania did a great job this week. irony of the cyber bullying campaign when her husband is our biggest cyber bully in the country is interesting, she has a lot of soul, i respect her tremendously, ivanka as well. when you guys are saying this is work that she spoke out about regimes, you're saying it's working but it isn't work if you look at the polls. when you look at white college educated women she's up 27. mitt romney won the group by 6. there's a real education division going on. he's winning the white women without a college degree and obviously not minority women. maria: women stop trump from
8:24 am
taking this from hillary? >> i don't think so. >> the numbers don't bare that out. i'm curious how you address that. >> going back to millennials, 40% think the election is rigged and 70% lie, they lie on the polling. i don't think this election is as pollable as -- maria: you don't believe the polls? >> i heard a caller from michigan saying that half of the people he knows there are for trump they just won't say anything about it. maria: they get slammed by friends. >> two sort of things that are going on. there's ton of closet trumpers, i also think that there's millions, this is the brexit effect, there's millions of voters that are going to vote in this election but haven't voted ever before so they are not likely voters. maria: celebrities have come out in favor of hillary. you have pop star katie perry. she's going to be stumping for clinton today as clinton
8:25 am
launches a new ad featuring the singer's music. watch this. >> i've got the eye of the tiger, the fire, dancing through the fire because i am a champion and your going to hear me roar. ♪ ♪ ♪ maria: will that approach to winning more female voters make a difference with the music like that? >> i don't think so. >> you guys are no fun at all. maria: you don't like katie perry? >> i like her. it doesn't matter. >> christy wants a border wall. >> you have a candidate that has two fbi investigations. >> do you thinks 8-year-olds are thinking like that? you can't fool voters about donald trump. we are acting like this is a saint here on the other side. maria: he's not under fbi
8:26 am
investigation. >> corrupt career politician and successful businessman. >> i think i live in an alternate universe. like we have a corrupt politician versus a successful businessman. this man has been incredible amount of trouble in terms of lawsuit, a man who denies that the central park and grabbing women, that's not nice. you want girls talked about that, women? maria: what matters more? what he said or what she did. >> that's a strong argument for the donald trump base. we are talking to 10 to 12%. >> listen, the enthusiasm gap has narrowed certainly. it's not huge, the numbers don't bare this out jason. >> this is the analysis. you go to the polls, you're voting for hillary. you read the washington post, you watch cnn, msnbc.
8:27 am
maria: you won't read anything negative in the post about hillary. >> you have to pick up your kids and you have a meeting, you don't vote. if you're a trurp, you are going to vote no matter what. >> i'm talking about people in the middle and undecided who might be right-leaning. maria: you think they are coming back? >> if we look at the abc washington posttrack poll that had her up 12 which i think was crazy and went down to trump plus 1 and now back to clinton plus 4. when you look at the structural -- maria: i have been focused on the electoral college in this whole election and i can't believe the electoral college is where it is right now where hillary is dropping below the 270.
8:28 am
>> she's in freefall. you could potentially see what i call donald reagan. i'm not saying, i'm not predicting. maria: you think you could see a landslide? >> i think it's possible. it's a possibility. >> with so many people not feeling comfortable. >> democrats are going to come over. >> they want to vote for trump. being really motivated to go. i think his fan base is motivated where hers really isn't so they are going to go out there and place their vote. maria: incredible where we are. it is a movement. >> bernie sanders who had a movement as well is out there talking about how important that his movement get behind hillary clinton. >> right, they rigged it against him. >> we talked about this in the first segment. you can't rig 3.8 million votes. maria: we know that they were in the tank for hillary. >> i don't think that bernie sanders -- maria: he can't be happy about that. >> they say a lot of things.
8:29 am
>> millennials don't like that rigging. >> but they don't like your candidate. maria: they want an honest candidate. >> people screaming at rallies. maria: amazing that we are here three days away and still having this debate and it's so close. coming up next the hatching threat and the election now that the u.s. reported strike back if russia tries to get in the way of the vote, products using some of the top quotes from the election including nasty woman and bad hombre, we will check out who is making money on this. back in a minute the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by
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8:32 am
it is saturday november 5th, top stories 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. donald trump and hillary clinton targeting swing states this weekend. fighting for votes on three days to go. latest fox poll shows it's a dead heat. >> i want to be a president who helps everybody fulfill their god-giving potential and i can't do that unless on tuesday we decide what kind of country we want to be. >> and i say, give me a chance. i will fix it. i actually go, what the hell do you have to lose, believe me. i will fix this. maria: we will take you to the battleground state of pennsylvania straight ahead. we are taking a look at possible impact of philadelphia transit strikes on turnout. concerns over the russian threat and the election, the u.s. reportedly stands ready to act if vladimir putin tries to meddle with the vote. making money on the campaign, we are talking to one business
8:33 am
owner who is taking nasty woman all the way to the bank. we will tell you about it. we kick it off this half an hour with battleground states continue to heat up with three days until the election day. our own colin is insylvania. this is a state and it's important to remember that's very different to remember in philadelphia than it is say in the middle of the state. we are in a trump rally in hershey, pennsylvania and one of
8:34 am
the supporters who i spoke to there made an observation even if it was exaggerated about the politics, watch this. >> what really kills me if you look at the map and counties, 95% of this country is red. it's just the cities where you get all the democratic vote and stuff. so, you know, i think i heard you talking about it earlier with katie perry but she has to win big here. president obama did here four years ago winning by about 500,000 votes but only winning statewide by 300,000. that's why it's important in philadelphia if mrs. clinton is
8:35 am
big city of philadelphia. so we will see how that turns out. maria: wow, really important point, connell. well, an intelligence official reporting that u.s. military hackers has penetrated russia's electric did making them vulnerable to an attack. the latest in american cyber weapon to fire back at russia if the u.s. deems it necessary. joining me right now former world chess champion and author of winter is coming where vladimir putin and the enemies of the free world must be stopped. gary is with us this morning, good to see you. officials are g concerns that russia will use cyber capabilities, do you agree and do you believe this is a
8:36 am
fair worry? >> i've been warning about it for a long time. clearly putin has an interest, russian propaganda machine has been supporting trump and more trump in russian television. maria: why? >> many reasons. i'm sure putin used trump for his political agenda. trump who is not famously consistently has been praising putin and his foreign policy even undermining mike pence and other republicans. and also we get to find out, you know, go to the bottom of trump relations with russian who arrested him in 2008 from the bankruptcies and i would love to know about trump's visits in moscow in 2013. he was there miss universe and we know how kgb can work with people that have interest in and do we think that trump may not be able to resist temptation to
8:37 am
grab women by the intimate part of their bodies in moscow and kgb didn't report about it. maria: let me push back on a couple of things. the fbi told us last week, james comey said they found no evidence between trump and russia, number one, point number two, wasn't it hillary who sold 20% of the u.s. uranium to a russian company that was backed by the russian government and got $100 million plus into the clinton foundation, isn't that the real relationship? >> look. i feel sick when somebody asked me to defend hillary but there's only one thing i can say about hillary, we know exactly how bad she is. so it's almost transparent. money from qatar, qatar from other countries, so we -- if she's elected i think it would be difficult for her to promote interest of those donors because we know everything. my problem with trump that we have no information about his potential connections with russia and other connections
8:38 am
with russia. yes, fbi didn't find out a comey said but did they look for it? it's not about going to the servers it's also, you know, looking for the reasons why he was so consistent in defending putin's foreign policy and freaking out american allies. they're expecting putin's aggression if trump is elected. >> we have seen what happened with this administration, right? vladimir putin went into crimea and took it with no recourse and that is partially to blame on this administration which she was a part of and voting for her is another four years of that. she will just -- >> the problem is, you know, trump is now -- if we -- if we believe what he has been saying consistently against the advice
8:39 am
of top republicans he will not only continue policies but gran bargain. obama blundered crimea and syria. he has made so many mistakes. [inaudible] >> yes, we know how bad she is. the problem is when you look at trump, for instance, decision to heange only one paragraph in convention it was about ukraine and also we know trump has an affection for dictators and strong men. he praised massacre in 1989 and he failed to actually to criticize putin where he had numerous opportunities. kevin: you act like it's him, it's his administration running this. i think you can't get it in all in one men donald trump. >> donald trump is not listening
8:40 am
to advisers. maria: the russian narrative is just a democratic narrative. >> as long as he's following the line he's okay. lee: there's evidence to suggest that hillary clinton is easier on russia. how can we make this trump narrative? we don't have any evidence of it? >> who is saved him from bankruptcies in 2006? maria: what about the 33,000 emails? we can't leave the stuff in isolation. you have to look at hillary as well. >> absolutely. that's a problem that both parties in my view must be disqualified for forcing americans to make the horrible choice. maria: these are the choices, gary. >> absolutely, this is the choice. i know how bad hillary is and i'm not comfortable with this but i'm afraid that, you know,
8:41 am
if trump is elected, you know, the constitutional of the republic could be in danger. dagen: distinction between trump and hillary to many is the fact that hillary clinton has been in a job that she was meant to represent the american people and she instead acted in her own self-interest to enrich herself and not only made decisions that put america at greater risk but she used to job and hid information from the american people and enriched herself. that's the distinction to many people. she was there -- she was paid by the american people and she essentially took that money and stuck it in her pocket and then some. >> she's in my view second worst candidate in u.s. history but unfortunately she's lucky because she's running donald trump and my question is why vladimir putin, kgb and propaganda have been consistently supporting donald trump and why we are talking about the possible disruption of u.s. elections, it's not just they want to meddle, they want
8:42 am
to create ca owes and what trump has been saying, you know, it fits perfect political agenda. ask europeans. ask people around the world, traditional american allies who are terrified by a possibility of having trump -- kevin: they should step up because they have stepped back and they helped vladimir putin accountable. they have themselves to blame. >> now he wants to med until the united states. i've been saying for a long time, that was top priority of this administration, unfortunately obama was too slow to react on it and -- maria: putin hates obama. >> it's not about -- no. i'm sure he likes obama it's content. it's a different story.
8:43 am
obama gave everything putin wanted. maria: very quickly, what's your take of this. first time a championship is contested in new york since you won, current world chess champion of norway defending his title. any thoughts on the championship? >> my problem is that the match is also funded by russian money. there's no commercials sponsor behind and it's a plan as cover-up for their agenda. maria: it was two years ago that you came on the show and you said, look, putin has to do because the economy of russia is plummeting, the currency is plummeting, they are not doing well at all and putin needs to trade on something, he's going to trade on conflict and you were exactly right and then he went to crimea. >> absolutely. he has to demonstrate the strengths domestically and the fact is that he can meddle with u.s. elections tells how strong -- maria: he's going to impact the
8:44 am
u.s., he's going to do something on the world stage whether it's clinton or trump. that's just who putin is, agreed? >> agreed. maria: we will be right back. we ship everything you atcan imagine.n, and everything we ship has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe,'s handled by od employees who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises. od. helping the world keep promises. it's how adventure begins. credit card. and with the miles you can earn,
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because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free. maria: welcome back, the contentious and unprecedented race to the white house comes to an end in three days. stuart varney joins me now. good morning.
8:47 am
stuart: i will miss it. i can't wait till it's over. i love it. [laughter] maria: i love it too. stuart: it's really exciting. i think it's a privilege for you andia and all of our colleagues to sit right in the front row seat in the middle of the action as history is being made. my main point is this, there's something big going on in america, something really is. [laughter] stuart: who is that laughing in the background? maria: our camera man. stuart: we haven't seen this before so for the first time all of a sudden you've got middle america shrinking, they are less well off, paycheck-to-paycheck now and donald trump right from the get-go she goes right to the issues which go right at the heart of middle america. trade, immigration and no growth in the economy. that's what he's exploiting. i think without even realizing
8:48 am
it, he knows something profound is going on, he's latched onto it and now, you know, his momentum is really there. this is fascinating. maria: the fact that we are seeing him do as well as he is is telling you that people are willing to take a risk because they want change, they just want a shake-up. stuart: yes, they want change and they distrust the elites and i don't know -- i wouldn't want to identify the elites but there is an elite in this country and i think middle america thinks the elites have let them down. maria: right. stuart: disregarded them and now it's telling time. maria: fascinating and i know you will be talking about it at top of the hour. we are live all weekend. this weekend, so join stuart right after mornings with maria today and tomorrow. coming up janet jackson 1980's making comeback how nasty woman
8:49 am
is turning into is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own? cash lifetime of work that blazes the path to your passions? your personal success takes a financial partner who values it as much as you do. learn more at
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maria: welcome back. donald trump started a new economy. remember the moment in the final presidential debate where trump called hillary clinton a nasty
8:52 am
woman, watch. >> my social security payroll contribution will go up as will donald's assuming he can't figure out how to get out of it but what we want to do is replenish a -- >> such a nasty woman. [laughter] maria: nbc saturday night live mocked the comments, watch this. >> for example, my contributions will go up as will donald's assuming he doesn't figure out a way to get out of them. >> such a nasty woman. >> that's exactly the kind of language that has poisoned and debased this election and if you agree, go to hillary and beau a limited edition nasty woman mugs. [laughter] maria: what started out as a joke is a real serious money-maker. nasty woman coffee mugs, tote bags, let's not forget donald trump's bad hrch orphan more than before bad hombre, founder and ceo of a
8:53 am
design and clothing company decided to start selling shirts based on trump's comments. the line has sold a hundred thousand dollars worth of products, political shirts of all time. america needs nasty woman. america needs bad hombres. thank you so much for having us. >> thanks for having me. maria: how has the nasty women impacted your business? >> it's been huge. as soon as donald trump said nasty woman and i guess bad hombres. a few of the ladies have had bad hombres, but the nasty women movement has been enormous. maria: celebrities are joining on the trend, katie perry joining the nasty woman and janet jackson 1996 hit nasty becoming popular again.
8:54 am
listen to this. ♪ ♪ ♪ maria: wow, 250% after last debate kevin kelly. kevin: i'm curious, mike, have you gotten contacted by the clinton campaign and have they reached out to you how they can get the product and push it and did you need to buy the rights or do anything in regards to that? >> no, not necessarily. with the -- you'll have some interaction with the campaign on twitter so some of the clinton people will repost it whether it's clinton for iowa or national committee, some trump people were worked up about it. you don't really need any sort of rights to the idea of nasty. i think they want it to be
8:55 am
similar to the -- everywhere. >> you have a basket of deplorables t-shirt too? >> no. we did have people asking us for infant-size adorr deplorable onesies. [laughter] dagen: you think the nasty woman t-shirts are going to be selling or tone after? >> i think the nasty woman will continue. hillary has had a difficult time connecting with this bigger movement and i think trump accidentally pushed the movement towards her with the idea of a
8:56 am
comment of nasty woman. i'm not sure what it is but he is good at marketing both positive and negative. maria: you're a made in america company, why is that important to you? >> yeah, i started selling t-shirts in 2005, for the last 11 years our shirts cut and sown in california. 90% of what we sell, t-shirts, pint glasses, all 100% made in the u.s. always something that we have believed in. we are one of those people with an actual belief structure. maria: so are we. we are patriots. stay with us
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
everybody get out there and vote. so whatever your preferences get out there and vote. good advice. the penn wharton model is can increase labor and investment. and then the first two years of his tenure he would actually add 1.1 percent on top of the gdp. >> some untreated and ask us why we were working today? because we care we know how critically important this decision is. we don't believe in being infomercials on maybe the most important weekend in the last
9:00 am
four years or the last eight or 12. we are live all we can. >> someone else is not. take it away. maria, thank you very much. there's something going on in america. something big. a profound shift that is bursting out in this election and that is why we are here today. good saturday morning everyone. we are very glad you could join us. these really are historic times. donald trump the total outsider is closing the gap with hillary clinton. the new fox poll shows him just two points down. last week it was three. trumpet remains very strong with independence.


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