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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  November 6, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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come from our presidents or from washington, d.c. that's our show. see you next week. after someone in the crowd killed gun. no weapon and stand pure trance returned the stage the stage after the interruption. >> nobody said it was going to be easy for us. but we will never be stopped. never, ever be stopped.
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i want to thank the secret service. these guys are fantastic. they don't get enough credit. >> within 48 hours to go until election day come in the are making an allow list on the swing states. >> i want to be the president for everybody. everybody agrees with me. [cheers and applause] so let's go for the future. >> we made a government that can work properly from day one for the american people. we are so far behind. that will be impossible with "crooked hillary" clinton. maria: eloquent in targeting the most-watched programs up to election day. football games, campaigned by naptime during tonight's matchup
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in tomorrow nights game between between the seahawks and the bills. clinton facing new questions over her family foundation. the latest shows john podesta had concerns about the foundation threatening to quit the campaign. the terror threat on election day. reports say isis is calling for an attack on american voters this tuesday. what you need to know ahead gives him some making progress recovering at voting funds. 85% of the phones have been replaced at this point. how trumps rise in the polls affects gold prices sent stocks all coming out. now testing a new feature. joining me to talk about his thoughts business network they can make towel, and anthony sturm achieved in contributor cat can. good to see everybody. dagen: working overtime.
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>> you had an extra hour of sleep. >> i was at trump tower last night. look at that. see that. i got my trump idea so i could enter the building on my own. >> a lot of bragging. maria: we want to hear how the campaign is. maria: i'll be leaving here and go in there. he just added three more stops on the schedule for today. dagen: he doesn't even drink coffee, does it? >> he doesn't drink coffee. there is no alcohol peaches wrote that appeared is a peppy guy. maria: interesting to see what's going on where he's spending a lot of time. dagen: president obama and are going to be there. maria: does flickr make them
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stay to a battleground state. >> two weeks ago i was up there driving through macomb county. there were told by the people up there there was one placard after the next pier where the hillary clinton placards in this democratic county and the guy was with was a republican committee member affair. this is why michael moore is worried about the state of michigan and as we know michael moore is predicting a resounding trumpet tree. maria: one thing to look at his jobs. many people lost their jobs and saw their incomes are up. they haven't seen any recovery yet. join us because we've got a big laugh this morning. former nfl star jeff burris at best. republican presidential candidate and governor mike huckabee is here. former va secretary gop chairman himself jim nicholson and green party presidential nominee is
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with us as well. former "saturday night live" that are joe piscopo here to talk about snl and what they've been doing along the election. a security scare to report last night donald trump was rushed out the stage in reno as someone from the audience yelled gun. dan springer has the latest right now in las vegas. >> donald trump says everyone has got to win the state to have any chance like a lot of states. he's made this a priority. he's been here many times. he was here last night and it got tense. he was up at a rally in reno which is north of us in las vegas. he was rushed off the stage by secret service agents after somebody in the crowd was being roughed up. people were yelling gun, gun, probably agents. a person from the crowd was
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there in front of the stage. this individual did nothing wrong. he was not arrested and he was allowed to go after that. trump returned to the stage a few minutes later and think the secret service and told them running for president is not easy but continues to campaign like crazy. force is today, five tomorrow and appearing at least in the speech pretty confident. >> nobody said it was going to be easy for us. but we will never be stopped. i want to thank the secret service. they don't get enough credit. they are amazing people. reporter: the event is an interesting case. you put a proposal accompanied in early voting. donald trump has a two-point lead in nevada. 46% to 44%.
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donald trump trails hillary clinton by at least 46,000 votes if people are voting along party lines. two weeks of early voting has wrapped up on friday. registered democrats have a large representative menfolk of the population. 6% statewide. if you believe with it the same thing as 2012, the poll showed that romney with the two or two-point point lead into the election. early voting showed president obama had a big lead about 6% on election day and ended up winning by 6%. happy scene history repeating itself. >> are incredible. just an incredible moment in time. we will follow that and bring you the latest development here. the last two days before america goes to the voting booth. still in ohio today in new hampshire while trump is headed to iowa as well as in sylvania. focus on their final moments of battleground states.
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pollster and former senior adviser to governor walker and mitt romney's presidential campaign. chuck rocha, democratic strategist and president of solidarity strategies. thank you so much for joining us. when you look at hillary clinton is days, she clinton this day skirmishes with jay z and beyond day. shoes with katy perry. today she's with lebron james. a lot of celebrity around her. donald trump is getting the crowd even more so than hillary is. but if i tell you? >> i always caution do not overplay the size of the crowd. walter mondale having the eve of the election was 49 states. we are no longer moving voters to vote. if you look at these events which you have to be asking the
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question, is a representative of the ground game going on in most of the cases the democratic event. they are moving those people from the event to early voting. you have to kind of look at those events and understand right now all these polls are showing a close race but it's going to come down to who can move the vote. maria: is a really good point. anthony tran 11 is with us. clinton is ramping up serious star power. katy perry, jay c., lebron james coming to support furniture appeared to they have the ground game in terms of term. no celebrities. he's getting the people. >> to have a stronger ground game in the hillary clinton campaign has a stronger ground game. this will be about passion of the voter. at the end of the day, she will do the traditional stuff the democrats do better than republicans, bring their people
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to the voting polls. whether there's enough disaffected americans tired of the system that will vote for him. all i can tell you is when they had jc on facebook life he got about 22,000 viewers. no matter who's on the tip 40 to 50,000 right at the moment and accumulate 2.1 million. i agree about the cause through the crowds may or may not be the deciding on an election. i remember the mondo situation. >> lebron james coming to support on the trail. i want to get your take on all this. >> i want to hear you roar. stand up for what you believe. know the power of your own voice. it can change the world.
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>> the greatness of the celebrities and failed politicians are campaigning for her. my family. >> to a political operative who runs campaigns all of the celebrities and rallies getting in the way of what should be going on right now. that is good to be on tv. good to have a celebrity and talk about things going on. but what's going on now when you lecture cows go out they come home. they need to find a safe place to stay democrats and republicans. that's why you see polls all over the place. make sure you get your cows to the polls. i once got to get them out there. that's what everybody should be focused on right now. >> or early latino turnout for arizona and nevada if you will.
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who is doing not? is it part of the clinton campaign or is it operatives like you making sure you would have more people voting this election. >> is a great question. one thing is the clinton campaign has a good operation on tall. the whole of the operation. my firm touts 2 million latino voters yesterday from latino nonprofits to make sure where make sure were they new to early vote and to make sure that they and their election news on tuesday. the growth of the latino population whose average age is 27 years old for 60,000 watching us turn 18 every month. the increase in numbers you see, 29% with new voters. who registered in the u.s. and turned out. that's the biggest factor in the wind. maria: especially since the e-mail scandal continues to
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follow her. while reports out of the clinton e-mail story. as her time as secretary of state, clinton master housekeeper to print out e-mails . could clinton have a source of problems bush is asking her housekeeper to handle national secrets as well? >> that's not a good narrative. a lot of those voters outside a philadelphia. you want to be attacking a mature core messaging rising above it and you don't be talking about negatives. maria: that's a good point. usually attend. usually at the end of campaigns. usually at the end of campaigns is time to give a positive message. she's made the decision to attack tribe. >> she's the housekeeper and nothing is ridiculous. my dad visiting this weekend.
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i do what my dad to see this. i'll put it away. it's not even that consequential. but if it's simply not serious, come on. maria: good to see you. we will see you soon. gentlemen, thank you that we will be right back. ...or shipped around the globe,'s handled by od employees who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises. od. helping the world keep promises.
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maria: the islamic state current for attacks on u.s. voters on election day. cheryl casone of the headlines. >> isis is calling for the slaughter of u.s. voters on election day in demanding that islam's not participate in the democratic authors did this is all according to site intelligence group, a u.s.-based terrorist monitoring group c. threats appeared in an essay in the islamic state media center. the difference between the republican party is against islam and muslims. reviewing all of the
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information. replacing the galaxy no seven. they will explode and catch fire. at least 2.5 million of seventh and september. planning to release a software upgrade that will live to 60% on the phone. that'll be fun. i'm like this. earnest supporters are still upside that their candidate is on the ballot. one of them brought it up while speaking to a crowd full of cap this hillary supporters. the president knows the students when a script in iowa rally. lucinda would have been. >> she doesn't care. voting for the lesser of two evils there's no point. cheryl: the crowd was confused.
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he was asked to come up in top for hillary. he dated a one-off script and started bashing her. he was escorted right at this stage. hillary barely one in iowa. he had a lot of support in iowa. some people say they just won't vote. maria: not come out. we will see. some portions are down in terms of early voting like the black vote. silicon. investors literally going for gold is donald trump cards in polls. the wall street election expert haitians. two demonstrators and test after vandalizing the fbi building entrance hotel in washington d.c. the details vary. coming back in a moment. i have asthma...
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this commodity. i don't think of gold as a commodity. i think it's a hedge. >> this is a cautionary transitional thing. mark farber was recommending gold just to be defensive because of what's going on in the currencies in general from the global central banks. here's what i really think's to happen. i sent this to stuart varney on friday. if mr. trump wenzel probably see more of a trade-off and then you're going to see a rise in the market like you did because at the end of the day people will realize the policies he's calling for are not disruptive. if anything they will have a big pack. it is uncertainty in markets like search and days so i do understand why gold is going up in the markets are turning it down the last eight days as it closes up in the polls. maria: i agree with you. dagen: this from charlie, brady,
6:23 am
one of the top people at the business now the business malpractice since news broke that the fbi was reopening its the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails, trump stocks have outperformed clinton stocks. trump stocks are names like defense companies, drug makers like a johnson & johnson, pfizer, northrop grumman. and clinton stocks have underperformed in the last week humana. the health insurance would benefit from greater government intervention into a bar medicare. names like that, citigroup hit wall street's completely in her pocket. stocks down 5% more than twice the 2.2%. they have outperformed dramatically. treated to what is better for earnings and lower taxes and a rollback in regulations.
6:24 am
>> tell me the company with 30% growth next year in the s&p 500. unless you get the donald trump tax breaks. all of a sudden every company in the s&p 500 is more profits to reallocate in the marketplace. >> i totally agree with you. it's a great plan in terms of the economy slows earnings story. when people got a gold is because they're afraid of some pain. >> there's uncertainty. if he went on to say, this is historic. dwight eisenhower and the military complex in donald jay trump the only two people you could they had no political experience to the president be. people are going to be fine. >> we don't necessarily know what he would do but we do know about hillary is disturbing. >> i take issue with that.
6:25 am
if you look at the transition team, the white papers to put together, the people surrounding him, it's going to be pretty but it will thing. he's very execution oriented. even the national review will let the policies. dagen: the was seen on the campaign trail not recently but certainly since the convention in cleveland as somebody who goes rogue, who at times doesn't listen to the very smart people around them. they remind some of the concern. >> coming back onto the campaign plane with him after one of those roguish moments, he said how did that go? i said you got yourself off message a little bit. he goes yeah, but was not entertaining for the crowd? i said yes. the reason i say this is not a politician. he doesn't think like a politician. he thinks that the television entertainer and real estate
6:26 am
developer. to >> you can't call that predictable. maria: because of hillary clinton, people are willing to take the risk of what you don't know >> it'll be fine, ladies and gentlemen. dagen: to your point decline in the market loses and so republican victory based on the historical information would be denied. a republican victory could trigger further decline in prices due to uncertainty. >> ever he had democratic pr firms reach out and say it looks like it's going to wind. dear friends to white cabinet positions need help reaching across the aisle for the nomination process? there's a lot of uncertainty in hedging.
6:27 am
trained to do one a cabinet position? >> now. i'm a notch for an hour. that's why lake hosts a television show. i'm not television host i play one on tv. dagen: is there room for that kind of personality? >> now, i like doing exactly what i'm doing. i'm flattered even think of me. maria: just checking. newly e-mails about the charity cause its humanitarian into question. that is the next day we will zero in on the foundation. snapshot, the new future that takes on the marketshare from snapshot. back in a moment. but it's not a using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by
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lavalley can. thanks for joining us. the top story 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. the chaotic scene in nevada. secret service rush donald trump from the stage after a protester calls the scene of somebody in the crowd yelled to. trump was unharmed in the event. the last two days in the campaign trail were clinton and trump are wrapping up their rhetoric in this final push. >> habash is running the country. she can even run an e-mail. >> she is the most corrupt person average seek the office of the president be. if she were to win, it would create an unprecedented constitutional crisis. >> i spent her .5 hours standing next to donald trump on that stage proving once and for all that i had the stamina to be president of the united states. he kept saying things like what have you done for 30 years. i'm thinking to myself, donald,
6:31 am
you don't want to go there? maria: voters plan to head to the polls. the scandal around hillary clinton is growing. new questions surrounding the cash, the shocking revelations of the brain to you. clayton is ready for some club all pushing for those during tonight's big game. numerous buildings in our nations capital hit by vandals. the images you need to see as police are making arrests on this vandalism. a serial killer in south carolina. they've south carolina. latest is that there south carolina. they've since authorities say one man could be linked to seven murders. tesla facing new questions after a crash in indiana leaving two people dead into details on the investigation into the fatal crash this morning. facebook taking on snapchat. taking on one of their biggest rivals on the head. surrounding the clinton foundation just two days before election day. august 2010 the foundation created the haiti development
6:32 am
fund with an initial endowment of $20 million to help the country rebuild in the wake of the devastating 2010 earthquake. next-line 11 e-mail to john podesta, the funds manager proposed $12 million for the projects in haiti. outside of the $450,000 investment in the foundation tax filing it is unclear how the money was spent or if any projects actually came to fruition. paul botticelli, what is your take on the latest scandal? we don't need the money ever made it to where it was going to was supposed to go to from the tax returns. >> it would be real development projects when you have in charge of a someone who sounds like a political hack. someone doing politics in the united states. he had been in trouble in 2001 for not filing the proper
6:33 am
reports an election work in the united states. all we have are these e-mails that tell us some interesting topics about investments. the truth of the matter is there are plenty of people the clinton foundation could've found to run investment projects in haiti. their own friends that have been democrats for years doing this kind of work. i oversaw the foreign aid budget for years. they didn't set out to private fund that wasn't a proper charity. the >> this is part of a broader story. there was speculation the majority of money in the foundation did not go to its intended purposes. 6% or 8% of the revenue went to its intended charities. >> the most astonishing thing about this is they did this and thought that no one was going to uncover it. this is something they said that. a very well thought out plan.
6:34 am
they thought this could be their piggy bank irrespective of everything else hiding under the agra that are helping people. >> it was put in place in the first place. communication about the pay to play and selling favors in the role as the secretary of state would be hidden from public view and they wouldn't be accessible. to this point it goes to the does to delay could have operated in public office if they get away with it. >> the lincoln bedroom 22 years ago, why wouldn't you be doing this today? that's the same thing. >> the interesting thing is people working with her saying that they are worried about the thing she's doing. other people has a tiger can't say it was all fine.
6:35 am
what are you talking about? in the e-mails and wikileaks and other things, they were concerned about it. >> another really shows in 2008 a lawyer released to theaters that govern not for profits. what does that say about the foundation and where do you think 90% of the money went? they feel they give away 6% or 8%, where is the other 94%. compensation, traveling, where has it gone? >> lawyers are normal people off then and they have a difficult job with the political people trying to make sure they understand was enough to follow. if you don't think you get indicted in brooklyn or
6:36 am
manhattan, i have to worry about that as the chief counsel. it really goes nowhere. they understood where they located the foundations and they weren't going have to worry about that. particularly the latest in a investigation has been going now. it's only been some fbi agents assisted up and insisted the investigation forth. there will still be a first on many nonprofit legal organization is looking into these things as well as fbi agents. >> one of the most positive things that the insurrection of the democratic size. could you comment about that? susan has said the dnc is corrupt and there's a large group of democrats that are also throwing their arms appeared at this level unethical corruption. what's your thought of that? >> i've got a lot of friends on
6:37 am
both sides in the deal bonnier's respected but before you about barack obama. nothing mattered except for they are holding their nose to the truth alexander hamilton had between bird and jefferson. he chose the one he thought was honorable in terms of the country's interest as opposed to putting himself first overtime. people on the left and right to the quick foundation put people at a put themselves first. dagen: i'm always astonished by some clinton supporters. there is a blindness in a deafness to how she has conducted herself. they don't even acknowledge that there's anything wrong with a private server command that there's anything wrong with the appearance of pay to play. maria: at enjoyed having alan dershowitz on the show the other day the interview we had within. the first thing he said when he
6:38 am
sat down as these are rogue fbi agent. dagen: and they need to be prosecuted. >> is talking about it being made. if it's on the left it's not. >> let me say one thing about mr. dershowitz during criminal law, when he said if you are wrong on the facts you have to hammer the prosecutor. you have to discredit the prosecutor in front of the eyes of the jury. jury duty came on the show the other day. >> there's something different because paul wrote this up about president obama and hillary clinton. you might disagree with everything that he's done in the role of president. but he does honor the office and he is concerned about carrying himself and his family and bringing dignity and respect. .as one of the things that is foremost in his thoughts about how he's conducted himself.
6:39 am
>> it will not take $200,000 worth of furniture in the white house on the way out. >> return it. the clintons treated with total disgust. trade to the bush is treated the obama family when they were trained to shed. >> does that mean you have to have some level of class. the foundation is a disgrace to the american people. >> when i go to friends house i illustratively but one piece of furniture. maria: final comments from you. >> i was going to say those are the things cat doesn't want her father to see in her part.
6:40 am
i do think the difference between these two is really for democrats if they cannot admit it, it is a real difference in character and what they think their place in the world is. i disagree with obama's policies on almost every level and i do also for hillary clinton, but i see her as the office is about me and my family and getting rich and we've seen that for 30 years. maria: paul, good to see you. thank you very much. fox business network will be like all day today. stay with us about today and tomorrow and tuesday big day. a deadly crash. the investigation into the fatal incident next. protesters in washington d.c. vandalized official building and the new trump hotel and head of election day. we will bring you this next. this man creates software, used by this bank,
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become a cardmember to enjoy these benefits. apply today. visit, or call 877-327-6448. train to a grisly confession for a man who kidnapped a woman kept her chained inside a container in south carolina. here cheryl casone with the details. transfer this is one of those stories that is hard to listen to. convicted todd cole told police he was responsible for killing a least seven people. authorities finding three bodies on the property where the woman was found inside of a container. one of those bodies was her boyfriend spent a couple had
6:44 am
gone missing back in august. cole had also confessed to an older quadruple murder. the wife of one of the four people killed in the 2003 shooting on a motorcycle shot told the ap that call was a disgruntled customer. a young bride-to-be and her tech crunch for newer botsford killed when a task like they were driving burst into fire. 44% kevin mccarthy were driving to 2015 model as in indianapolis. police say the car was traveling at a very high speed. witnesses said the car bounced around before it exploded. cooperating with the investigation that added that the autopilot system was down in gauge when the crash occurred. she was driving that car. two men participating in a million mosque march in
6:45 am
washington d.c. were arrested for vandalizing federal property as well as the trump international hotel. eric roberts of florida and jimmy hamilton were charged defacing government property and resisting arrest. several buildings including an fbi building were spray-painted with various antigovernment messages at the million mask march in several places throughout the world and censorship. they posted those messages on twitter. facebook messaging wants to take off snap shot appeared that sending pictures overlaid with other element, things that sanchez is doing which makes it so popular. the tech website in india says sharing is only currently available to registered beta testers.
6:46 am
so far no comment from facebook or wants. hugely popular. a lot of do the video shares. 10 million daily videos per day on snapchat. maria: they are successful that got to get into the market for sure. donald trump and ellie clinton choosing different approaches to win over black voters. today's left. that is not. that's next it's the little things in life that make me smile. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles
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train to breaking news right now. "the wall street journal" reporting u.s. backed forces have launched an ascent that tuesday's rock. the big islamic states n. sarah. we are monitoring the situation. all of the live updates as they come in this morning. two days remaining until election day. hillary clinton is leading by 74-point over donald trump when it comes to black voters. 19 points with white voters.
6:50 am
u.n. ambassador and the ceo of the group chat or where. great to see you. your reaction to these polls. you don't think the average black man or woman is coming out? >> particularly if this is the poor black america and not coming out to vote. the young american is not coming out to vote. if you are poor and black in this country right now, the american dream just doesn't exist. there's a real issue with that. blacks propel barack obama to the jury. that was a big difference in 2008. if you're african-american and a look at numbers, education crisis, jobs in the african american community. if you're between the ages of 16 and 24, the unemployment rate is 20%.
6:51 am
60% of african-americans aren't working. they need economical resources. we need job creation a match is not happening. >> staying at home. a lot of african-americans are obviously not going to support donald trump. the good is that he's labeled as a racist. i don't think people get excited about her. i live in south florida. the haitian-american community in those areas. people are skeptical about hillary clinton including myself. we need to vote and i think there's a real issue when you see a population in america that has so many issues. we need to have a leader focus on the african-american population, particularly those that are lower income.
6:52 am
>> would he think of the inner cities in the united states, how they seem to be working. >> the inner cities need help. it upset me to see there so much negative push back when donald trump started talking about the inner cities because we need to talk about these issues to address them. we can't pretend like they don't exist. we are spending record amounts of money in our public school system right now. 30% more than most countries do in public schools but we are not performing and these kids are getting educated and it started early. by the age of three, four years old you have huge jackpots and reading abilities in math and on your various dead. we need to put our time and effort in the education and stop worrying about being so
6:53 am
politically correct. right now there's a lot of things that need improvement. maria: and one for articles you said a person of middle class can be summed up edward capitalism. you have a few points to go along with the police. talk about this. this is a message not being communicated. >> i think we need accountability in our programs. more importantly when you have a capitalism as the backbone of your views and respect is, you work hard and compete and we've lost the thought of competition in our community and our african-american community. we are not working. 60% of the black community don't work at all. i have a huge issue with that. kids need to be taught to
6:54 am
compete and if you look right now, an 18-year-old and 17-year-old and they refuse to get a job. maria: to your point, that's not the role of government. family and community and quite frankly church which is something that's missing in every part of the country in a significant way. that's not an urban issue. it's an everybody issue. >> african-american community hope barack obama would address a pet issues. having an african-american president was more expected in regards to those issues that really are needed to go out and encourage parents to do a better job. that's where it starts. we need to put our resources and
6:55 am
to education programs in a job training programs that will start from the bottom up. and not worry about increasing entitlements and increasing welfare. those programs are great but need reforms. >> if there is something you consider the next president could help the community in terms of policy, what would it be? >> we need more competition in our school systems. trade to donald trump as saying that. they put earplugs on. >> the dirtiest word in the world. >> am a black man than i do work in the african-american community. i'm going to continue to talk about capitalism. people want to talk but they don't want to get their hands dirty.
6:56 am
african-american leaders like myself to do our jobs. we make it good to great president obama in terms of support among what would that be? >> i give them a c. >> he focused on health care. we know that. he wanted this legislation through. when you're not focused on economic growth that trickles to everybody. the >> is a bipartisan issue. maria: is this going to work? they are putting money into sports. for the clinton campaign announced they are going to be putting a big ad. dagen: they are running spot on sunday night football and there's a two-minute ad on monday night on all the major shows on the voice and that kevin james show.
6:57 am
a two minute commercial. the football league field with middle america. at the end of the day you are not going to see a surge in african-american voters. the surge will come from what american voters. african-american are going to the polls and you can see it in the numbers. and you know why. maybe she gets a little bit of spite or not but i don't think it'll make a difference. [inaudible] >> that's tough. i think hillary pulls it out. talking about the game. i was talking about tonight came in monday night football.
6:58 am
trade to scott brewer, thank you so much. we will be right back.
6:59 am
. . .
7:00 am
maria: good sunday morning. i'm maria bartiromo. it is sunday november 6th. top stories 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. chaotic moment, secret service agents rushing donald trump off of the stage last night after security scare. a man was tackled after somebody in the crowd yelled gun. trump returned to the stage unharmed. >> nobody said it was going to be easy for us but we will never be stopped. never, ever be stopped. i want to thank the secret service. they don't get enough credit. maria: meanwhile trump and hillary clinton focusing in
7:01 am
swing states, latest nbc tracking poll shows that clinton has a 5-point lead. >> my contract with the american voters begins with a plan to end federal government corruption and to take our country back from the special interest. maria: big push to get out to vote also a factor in the down ballot races, we are taking a look at that from wikileaks including that clinton had her maid, house keeper print emails for her. it is marathon day. security is tight. 50,000 people will run through all five burrows of new york city. it's going to be a busy morning. german prosecutors e up and downing to chairman. election night a literal show-stopper, theetest going
7:02 am
dark on tuesday night. all the stories coming up this morning and joining me to talk about it fox business dagen mcdowell, "wall street week" host anthony scaramucci and fork news contributor contract. maria: jack brewer is great. anthony: the policies in the inner cities are failing and we have to stop what ever is bickering is and start to fix the problem, maria. maria: for sure. dagen: what hillary clinton's campaign is doing with the ad buys, tonigh be two 32nd second ads and tomorrow night a two minute national ad during the boys and kevin can wait. they are going for the shows with the largest audience on monday night.
7:03 am
anthony: he isn't but he has a back that's running two-minute infomercial and comparing him to corruption and scandals going on in the clinton side. listen, it may or may not work. thls going to turn out on tuesday is the turnout and mr. trump certainly has the passion on that, maria. you can see it on facebook, social media. you can see it on the crowds. maria: for sure. joining us to talk about that former house majority leader, cke andy is with us and former secretary and former rnc chairman jim nicholson and jill stein is stopping by along with actor and comedian, form early of snl. last night at a rally donald trump was pulled off of stage when people started yelling, gun, upon further investigation no win was found. man accused of the psible threat was
7:04 am
handcuffed and escorted out of the rally claiming he was holding a sign that republicans against trump. watch. >> i was just holding my sign -- people were trying to keep grabbing at the sign and i wanted to hold it up for a bit. that's my right and then all of a sudden people came in mass. maria: former republican candidate himself and former governor of arkansas mike huckabee, thank you so much to see you. what about the incident? >> it's a scary moment because there's so much animosity towards donald trump and the secret service has to take everything seriously because if they don't and something happens, then everybody will say they didn't take it seriously. tense times in the country and i thought donald trump handled it well and coming back and thank the secret service and
7:05 am
recognized what an incredible difficult job they have. anthony: mike huckabee, one of the leading guys in the stage and also there the last time they had to take him off stage, remember when they were on the tarmac. what's your opinion of the secret service and the job they are doing right now for both of the candidates? >> i don't think most people is asked of them. donald trump is doing out there doing so many events. hillary had one yesterday and got rained out. donald trump is doing four and five events a day. that means the travel, the intense security, it's an all hands on deck total alert situation for the secret service as well as the local police that provide all the escort, backup security. people have no idea unless they've been in the middle of it
7:06 am
how complicated it's getting a presidential candidate out of the building. anthony: they are willing to take a bullet for these people. maria: he's going to michigan, rust belt, he was in north carolina, he's going back to north carolina today and tomorrow. he's going to be in florida. he's crisscrossing the country and so is she. >> secret service detailed, they absolutely love him because i have been on the plane with these guys and have gotten to know personally, but my heart goes out to them and the sacrifice they are making to the country. dagen: this goes to the value of having these big-name well-known surrogates and i don't mean beyonce, jay z and cher. dagen: she said i'm going leave the planet. >> is she on the planet? i don't know. dagen: having a president obama and the first lady and joe biden
7:07 am
and bernie sanders and all of these people out there campaigning for you at the same time in critical battleground states it does give her an advantage, does it not? >> well, i tell you what it does, it takes attention away from her and that's good because if they have to listen to her speech, that's not good. if you heard the speech she gave yesterday in the rain that got rained out and i think the people were spared when the rain came, she made howard dean sound like my rogers, it was stunning. she was screaming at the crowd. maria: she's losing her voice. but she's losing her voice. >> what's that? i understand that. i've had to raise my pitch before but i'm also telling if you listen it's not like she's communicating and connecting. she is just -- i feel like i'm
7:08 am
being yelled at. >> you do have a microphone. maria: she has made her decision to have her approach as attacking trump n. the final days of, you know, as people taking everything and you have to get people something to vote for. not to vote against and she's not giving anybody the specifics on what we would vote for. he keeps talking about his plan, he's staying on script and giving people to vote for, that has a lot to do with it. look at the most recent poll washington tracking poll still has hillary clinton leading donald trump by 0 points. clinton has 48% and trump 42%. remember at the beginning of last week, it was locked. what caused the shift? >> you know, that's one poll and that may be accurate, it may not be, you have other polls in the battleground states showing that donald trump is either caught up with her or surging ahead.
7:09 am
i was in philadelphia with rick perry and governor from mississippi and the intensity of the crowds, the focus, these were people that less than 12 hours before got notice that there was going to be a gathering. what i see is that there are a lot of trump supporters who are vocal about it and a lot more that are dedicated to voting for trump because they don't want to make people in their union mad, they don't want to make members mad. maria: we see what happens to people that wear make america great hats. they get shamed, beaten up. look at the vandalism we saw, anthony and dagen. dagen: i'm going to give a girlfriend of mine a shout-out. she posted on facebook the other day that she was going to the grocery store i'm wearing for trump t-shirt. i dare anybody to come up to me and say anything.
7:10 am
she lives in a town down south. i wouldn't mess with kerry, i wouldn't look at her wrong. i'm sure she was fine. the most passionate trump supporters. i want to bring out something, though, a couple of weeks when trump wasn't doing in the poll, the polls were wrong and crooked and now trump supporters can't do nothing about surge in polls. come on, give me a break. anthony: come on, fantastic. i only like the polls where i look good in them. that's his political flair these days. the polls -- maria: you have flair. anthony: polls are all over the place. this year has been very different. you know, brexit was 52-48 the other way and 8-point swing. it's very hard to understand these polls and the methodology this year. maria: what does early voting tell us, governor, last day of
7:11 am
early voting? many people are experiencing long lines specially in california. get this. i have to take your reaction. >> i don't think anybody thinks that california trump is in play in california. what we have to look at what happens is nevada, michigan, certainly florida. florida has record turnout in early voting. some people say that's all going to be for hillary. i don't buy that. the area of florida in which i currently live, 80% for trump. 80% of the panhandle of florida, the lines have been longer, record turnout in early voting and it ain't going to hillary. i can guaranty you that. dagen: higher latino turnout particularly in florida which we have been talking about, governor, which is favors the democrats because these are -- these are latinos from puerto rico. historically it's been cubans,
7:12 am
cuban americans who favored the republican party. this is different. this time is different. florida, the real clear politics, clinton leads by 1.2 percentage. margin of error. >> latino vote in florida is going to be better but also a depressed african american vote because there's nothing to be excited about. look at the situation they're in. the previous guest made that very clear, i don't see how people who are out of a job, who are living in poverty, on food stamps could go vote for someone who basically they they are deplorable, redeemable, the great unwashed, the peoplfor whom she has content because there's people of faith. what does hillary have to give? what does she have for them? she has nothing. maria: she has all of the celebrities, jay z, katie perry, here is the reaction. she has nothing. >> a lot of millennials -- she's
7:13 am
trying to be cool, for obama that works for him. maria: he was cool. >> she looks like desperate trying to be a cool grandmother, to me it's pathetic and embarrassing, in my opinion. maria: and you're one of those millennials that we try to get a sense of what younger people are doing. governor, good to see you, thank you so much. maria: we will have a lot to talk about. that's why we are starting off one hour earlier 5:00 a.m. on wednesday november 9th. be here. the races are off. tens of thousands of runners running through the concrete jungle in new york. how police are keeping competitors safe at the new york city marathon. punch your piece to american history. infamous hanging chad, florida voting machine hits the block,
7:14 am
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maria: welcome back. tight security in new york for the new york city marathon. cheryl with the details. cheryl: yeah, maria, the world's largest marathon and gets under way in two hours here but this year the city in new york boosting security by 10% from last year. deploying more dog sniffing dogs and more patrol beats and threats of militant attacks in the threat of tuesday and also community that's still tense. more than 50,000 runners around the world are expected to finish marathon as expectaters will cheer them on. prosecutors in germany are expanding investigation to include auto makers chairman.
7:17 am
he was named chairman in 2015 in a management shake-up following the omissions scandal. usual scripting for a hillary clinton event went out the window yesterday when she threw caution to rain basically in a moment when she basically skipped her normal criticism of trump and tossed out the scrip. toss this. >> i don't think i need to tell you all of the wrong things about donald trump but here is what i want you to remember. i want to be the president for everybody, everybody who agree with me, people who don't agree with me and people who don't vote for me. cheryl: she gives up, like i'm getting rained on. she did skip a lot of her speech. that was in florida yesterday, the event and the speech was only 7 minutes but remember this
7:18 am
is the critical swing state of florida and that's why was there. if you have an inch for a hanging chad, remember the good-old days, you can now buy a florida voting machine on ebay. it was used in the infamous bush versus gore election. machine got a lot of attention that punch card voting was confusing, votes are being undercounted. remember in palm beach county, the machine were -- they filed a lawsuit to challenge the result that is went tall way to the supreme court of the time. we all remember that, maria, after the election the federal government outlawed punch card machines. good times. 2400 bucks, it doesn't come with the punch cards, though, which was the fun that we all remember. maria: coming up, winning christian voters what they're saying as final election stretch.
7:19 am
forget rocking the vote, a new generation is live streaming the vote. latest legal battle at the box office and ballot box, back in a minute [accountant] my job is to manage and grow businesses.
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maria: race for the white house,
7:22 am
trump leading 13 points among catholics. joining rights now father jonathan, father jonathan, good to see you. >> happy sunday. maria: trump with a significant lead, why is he appeal to go catholic voters? >> you know, it's very strange because catholics went for democrats in the last two elections, they pulled basically general election, like everyone in the united states. they pretty much matched the general electorate. in this poll if it's true that is huge for trump. why? because it means that there's a significant change from the last two elections and we will see if the poll is accurate or not. maria: trump and clinton are also work forking hispanic vote obviously two days until the election. listen to this. >> folks living in the inner cities, crime, you can't walk to the store and buy a loaf of bread and get shot, the education is the worst and there's no jobs. and i say to the hispanic community, living in the inner
7:23 am
city, to the african-american community, i say, what the hell do you have to lose. >> imagine it's donald trump standing in front of the capitol and we already know a lot about him, someone who demeans women, mocks people with disability and insult african americans and latinos. maria: it's 330 -- 335,000 more hispanics have voted in crucial state of florida, father, jonathan, you speak sphannish fluently, regularly the entire mass in spanish, someone with a large population of hispanic parishioners, what do you say to those parishioners. >> in florida there's a lot of cubans and that's a very different voting block than, for example, mexican, central americans, south americans that that would be in my parish in new york city.
7:24 am
many that are coming over the border are worried. the name of donald trump does not go well in the parish except those who have been here for a long time and become legal and are saying, we've tried with bill clinton, we have tried with president obama and they haven't done anything. maria: the illegals don't like him? >> in many cases people who have been here in this country for a long time have been fed up with both parties and -- those brand new to the country, donald trump is bad and he hates us. those who have been say, wait, hold on, i'm not sure that the democrats have been supportive of the democrats either. anthony: do you think the wikileaks stuff related to the catholic church is hurting hillary clinton or parishioners are unaware of the way she
7:25 am
feels? >> practicing catholics or judger-going catholics really look at values to church going evangelicals when it comes to voting booth n. this case, they haven't liked hillary clinton for a long time, many of them, right, not all of them but many of them, why? because of her stance on abortion, when she stood up on the debate stage and defended late-term abortion just with coldness like that, they said, this is not our candidate but the problem is donald trump has given so many church-going catholics, christians a reason to say, hey, we don't like her but what is he going to do. what he said and done. there's a threshold there and he's been pushing that threshold for a very long time in which they say, who are we going to vote for. dagen: how do you feel like the lack of focus on faith during presidential campaign? >> i'm glad neither one of them
7:26 am
are talking about faith. neither of them are regular church-going people. we don't want hillary clinton be getting up there and giving a jesus loves you speech or donald trump to be giving a jesus love you speech because it hasn't been a part of their life. anthony: evangelical community has come out -- >> they don't like hillary clinton, very simply. >> fewer people voting at all. >> who understands this election. a lot of people who are saying, hey, i cannot vote for hillary clinton because of my values and, gosh, i don't want to vote for donald trump but he might be better. maria: might be obama's legacy. let's look at the syrian refugee story. the u.s. has accepted almost 11,000 syrian refugees, out of the 11,000 only 56 of them are christian, not 56%, that's 56 people of the 10,801, that is one half of 1%. why is that?
7:27 am
why are all the refugees muslim and not christians? >> i hope there's no, you know, untorn purpose or intent behind it but i think that the united states could do if they are so interested in doing it quickly, i don't think there should be a religious test but if they're interested in doing it quickly, well, somebody who has been a practicing christian in syria for many years, you can be sure that they are not radical islamist, let them in. if you're worried about making sure that things are quick, well, then that's would be a great test not because we want a religious test because it's practical. maria: what do you think? dagen: last year was a record year for the persecution of christians around the world. we talked about that. >> if we think we have liberty issues in this country and i think we do, when we look around the world and we see what's going on in the middle east we should thank god for the freedom that is we do have.
7:28 am
as bad as things are in the election cycle in my opinion, we have to be very grateful that we do have the freedom that is we have. anthony: did you bring any communion wafers. dagen: i'm not allowed to take communion. >> you want to hear my confession after this? >> why don't we do it right now. it would be much more interested. anthony: what is in that apartment? >> you brought it up. maria: thank you so much. >> it's sunday and we are going to give each other a big hug at the end of this election, right? maria: could the philadelphia transit strike sway election?
7:29 am
plus drama of broadway taking real-life drama on election day, why broadway is staying dark on election day? back in a minute i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems.
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so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen. maria: welcome back, everybody. happy sunday. i'm maria bartiromo and it is sunday november 6th. top stories right now 7:30 on the east coast. trump enduring a security scare, clinton fights off scandal. on the campaign trail there's focus on down-ballot races and the fallout there. >> i chose a more prosperous america. i chose an america that stands without apology by our highest constitutional liberties and principles. so i choose to stand with donald trump and ron johnson and paul ryan and every american who can make america great again.
7:32 am
>> same political mold. maria: breaking news this morning, u.s. backed forces have launched offensive to seize raqqah. the offensive is under way. we are monitoring the situation and we will bring you the latest this morning. transit strike could have major impact on the swing state. what you need to know as a judge failed to intervene in philadelphia as voters line up and lights go out on broadway, why biggest stage is set to go dark on tuesday night. an election night like ever before and live streaming how the country brings in a new president. the battle of the books from president obama and kellyanne conway. firsthand accounts of the political season. 48 hours to go to win over voters, candidates are hitting
7:33 am
hard. connell is in philadelphia with the very latest. connell: donald trump will be in alligator county tonight as he's trying to make a push in pennsylvania. we talked about how the race has tightened and what is coming is what the clinton campaign hopes would be a superior organization on the ground hoping that will help her to hang on over the enthusiastic support that donald trump has in many parts of the state. i did a quick search of clinton website, within 25 miles 15 events in places like this behind me where they will be going door to door targeting voters. look at a map of the state. we are in southeast corner in chester county, four key states surrounding philadelphia but if you look at the northeast, trump is hoping that that will be the key or one of the keys to his victories. i spoke to him about it. here is what he told me.
7:34 am
>> the margin of victory that he's going to get in northeastern pennsylvania, they are focusing on the southeast which i think some of that clinton vote will be suppressed, i don't think they're excited, she won't get the same turnout that obama got in the southeast, i think trump makes up the difference or much of the difference, not all of it but much of the difference in the northeast where republicans might not win by the margin that he's going win by. connell: we are going see if he's right about that. we are going to go out with some of the clinton volunteers today as he was talking about in the southeast part of the state to see how excited they really are and how organized they really are and as i go back to you, i heard you talking about down-ballot races in the senate you have incumbent, republican, many ways running away from donald trump and the challenger democrat katie running with and we saw her last night at a hillary clinton event. that's a very close race and one
7:35 am
of the key ones on tuesday night. maria: besides presidential race we are two days away from knowing the republicans will maintain in the senate, with 54 seats to the democrats 46, we want to break down the critical senate races with former house leader tom and also author of the book, congressman, good to see you. >> great to be with you. maria: let's look at the down-ballot races. what impact is race between hillary and donald having from your standpoint? >> i think it was having a great impact and some races were written off because of it, as we get closer to the election it seems to me that the races are actually tightening. the best case scenario it's a wash, we lose a seat in illinois and pick up a seat in nevada and
7:36 am
the others will be close, pat toomey in pennsylvania is pulling it out and doing very well particularly with the lack of enthusiasm in the black communities in pennsylvania, richard is pulling back out because the opponent is so liberal, she's to the left of hillary clinton and i think that's having an impact too. so i think down the ballot, most of these races both in the house and senate have run their own races and i think you're going to see some people actually winning by a larger margin than trump will win by. maria: for example, state of florida, important state on presidential level and senator marco rubio defending his seat against congressman murphy. rubio has a 3-point edge. how confident are you that rubio keeps his seat? >> well, i'm not much of a polls guy.
7:37 am
the new politics is in analytics and i wish i could see the analytics in rubio's campaign but rubio -- i think rubio probably is carrying trump and helping trump in florida and i just can't imagine that florida is not going to reelect rubio. maria: do you think florida can elect trump as well? do you think trump can win florida? >> yeah, i think he can. maria: yeah. >> i just -- i can't imagine particularly up in the panhandle area he's going to do extremely well, obviously he's not going to do well in miami, even that, the cuban americans are going to help him in mid-state. i think he's squeaking it out. maria: and then there's new hampshire. >> the downside of that
7:38 am
organization and hillary has an incredible organization and that may help her, but i just -- i've got a gut feeling in florida for trump. maria: what's your take on new hampshire. kelly ayott and ayott distanced herself from donald trump and he has gained in the polls would voters forget for reluck -- reluctance to gop nominee? >> in texas if you're not supporting the party nominee it's going hurt you. i think that helped her in new hampshire and she's one of the best campaigners i have ever seen. maria: kelly ayotte? >> yeah, she has her own organization. she doesn't need the party organization. ayotte is an amazing senator and being the incumbent gives her the advantage.
7:39 am
maria: you have pat toomey trying to keep her seat in pennsylvania.a small lead but te race has become the most expensive race. could katie pull an upset here, what's your take on pennsylvania? >> i don't think so. pat toomey like kelly ayotte, pat toome you is one of the best camp inners and he won a seat that was traditionally held by democrat, by an awesome campaign that he put together and then he was written off at his first race for the senate. nobody gave him two sense of hope of winning and he pulled that off. i mean, he is so solid and so organized and really knows what he's doing. i just don't think even if -- a
7:40 am
lot of the races they want to check. they may vote for hillary but a check against hillary because they don't like her. maria: what about harry reid, you have with a lead, can joe take seat from the democrats, this would be important in nevada? >> that would be very important to hang on to the majority. that's the one that, i think, will offset our republican's loss in illinois. yeah, there again is another -- the senate candidates for republicans are the best we have and bill heck is exactly that kind. he won a seat that was traditionally held by democrats in nevada, he has a strong family connection with all of nevada.
7:41 am
maria: yeah. >> super well organized and well funded. i just think as the race gets closer particularly at the top of the ticket, that just helps people. maria: let me bring you back to the top of the ballot and this is the presidential day. what does the morning after look like, let's say hillary clinton wins, how is she going appoint an fbi director? how is she going to appoint the head of -- ag, loretta lynch's job. she's under criminal investigation. what does it look like the morning after should she become president? >> well, maria, first of all, she doesn't get to appoint the fbi director. he has a ten-year term. so he's not up for reappointment. secondly, knowing hillary clinton and the clinton mafia, they're going to appoint an attorney general that will do
7:42 am
anything and everything to protect her. it's going to be up to the house to hold her accountable and -- and i have to tell you, i'm hoping the house will stand firm because if the fbi presents a slam-dunk case it's going to be up to the house to hold her accountable. she is not above the law and just as we impeached clinton because he wasn't above the law, i'm advocating that they will have to impeach her. maria: so you think she should be impeached should she become president? >> well, that depends on the cases presented. my sources, the reason all of this is happening is the fbi, i said it on television in may that my source in the i said that they had a slam dunk case against her, comey presented
7:43 am
that slam-dunk case in his famous press conference but then recommended no indictment because he we wanted to rewrite the law and that just -- a set up of a bomb in the fbi. i can't imagine that the fbi won't present a case that shows that she's guilty. maria: my point in raising it is it four years of nothing can get done is the bottom line. she's under investigation. she's going to follow her. thank you for your input. we appreciate it. >> if hillary is president, i hope we have four years of nothing getting done. [laughter] maria: i don't know if the american people feel that way. that he would like to see movement in the economy, they would like to see movement in national security as well. >> you can do all of that without the government. maria: there's a lot to do. >> yeah, but clinton is wrong on
7:44 am
all those issues. maria: congressman, good to see you. stay with fox business network for all day special coverage today and on election day and tomorrow, tuesday november 8th: we are all day all hands on deck and post election coverable right here mornings with maria, we are all hands on deck. we begin an hour early, 5:00 a.m., back in a minute is it a professor who never stops being a student? is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own? or is it a lifetime of work that blazes the path to your passions? your personal success takes a financial partner who values it as much as you do. learn more at
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maria: welcome back, the great white going away for election day. cheryl: most broadway shows
7:47 am
decided not to compete with the real drama on tuesday night, that's the presidential election. 18 shows, big shows have taken the night off, beautiful, the musical, chicago, the color purple and a lot of other names. theater owners say they want to encouraging warning and avoid competing with the nail-biting results. disney alaeddine and lion king are going to play as well as hamilton about the founding fathers. tuesday is a big day. live video is a gray area and could increase tension between advocates of privacy and freedom of expression.
7:48 am
live streaming is available from facebook and twitter via smartphones, photography is banned in 18 states and laws being challenged as technology outpace it is law. young voters in particular want to document voting experience as did justin timberlake in the famous photo. there's a battle for president obama's next book. the peks has one nonfiction book to put out on crown publishing, publishers still right now and other companies are competing for what they believe is going to be another big seller. both of those books sold over 6 million copies. now, that latter book was part of deal. the first two books focused on the time in the senate but his presidential memoir could go another route.
7:49 am
he could bring in a different publisher, of course, that would be for the right price for the president. vice president biden may write a book, former attorney general eric holder signed a 7-figure deal and a lot of buzz about what michelle obama is going to plan for her next book and she has written three. maria: she will get a huge payday for her book obama. cheryl: and speeches. maria: chicago daily tribune call the election incorrectly back in 1948. more lessons from past election day straight ahead as we look ahead to tuesday, back in a minute. of our annual income... we could keep doing all the things we love.
7:50 am
prudential. bring your challenges.
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7:52 am
maria: i don't have to tell you the current presidential election has been one of the most eventful we have ever seen. we want to look back as we look ahead. remember the changing chads? that caused huge controversy and recount back in 2000. we want to bring in doug. good to see you, maria. george w. bush was running against al gore and there was this problem with the florida ballots. >> wow, that was the most controversial election of all of american history, gore actually won the national popular vote
7:53 am
but lost in the electoral college, first time that happened since 1876 and electoral map came down to florida. watch out for florida and what complicated matters was each congressional district had their own type of ballot and each congressional district had system for tabulating ballots. it was so close. bush won the recount. another recount, the tie-brakier, bush won that but the margin was even tinnier. it went into the courts and supreme court where they decided in bush's favor. some of those justices on the supreme court had been appointed by bush's father so it was -- it was con controversial. maria: wow, how long did all of that take, they did a recount, how long before we actually knew, do you remember? >> it was a matter of weeks.
7:54 am
it happened very quickly. the process was sped up. maria: talk to us about the 1948 election when the chicago daily tribune printed the wrong headline. look at this. it was wrong, what happened there? >> look, that's an iconic moment in history not just presidential history. truman was on his way back to washington from kansas city, the train stopped in st. louis at union station, someone handed him the tribune, he held it up and the flashbulb starting popping. that election was a much closer than people thought, the electoral map shows favored truman the way it favors hillary now and he won 383 electoral votes to 115. that doesn't tell the story because there were three candidates really in the race. it was actually a 1% different between dewey and truman that would have turned the election, in illinois, california and ohio.
7:55 am
it was much closer than people realized and you can give the chicago tribune, daily tribune then a break for bad call. maria: sure was. fast-forward to 1960, richard nixon and jfk, the new york times almost made the same mistake. chicago daily tribune incredible, shouldn't have -- they have learned the election. >> they wanted to get ahead of the curve and get paper out so editor wrote that he approved the headline kennedy elected but as he was going to bed that night he was hoping that a certain mayor in the midwest could, quote, steel, end quote, enough votes and not make "the new york times" not make like new york times like chicago tribune. that was a close election. i went to bed at 5:00 a.m. and a california was kennedys and i woke up and they counted absentee ballots and hawaii they
7:56 am
were still counting, kennedy won by 115 votes. maria: can you imagine? it could be that close this time around. dagen: people who basically call elections for a living in the past have said that it's hour to hour at this point in terms of what they're willing to commit to and in terms of hillary clinton's chances over donald trump's at this point. even you as a trump supporter, you will admit it's more narrow. anthony: the path is more narrow because the republicans have seated the west coast of the united states and one thing i would like to ask, sir, if mr. trump win it is popular vote which some people think maybe a possibility but loses electoral college, when has that happened in the past?
7:57 am
>> anthony, it happened in 2000 with bush and gore and it happened in 1876, but to let you know how coming second or coming close doesn't matter, you can google tilldan and a grade school would come up, you to put samuel in front of it. maria: good see you. >> thank you so much. thank you, maria. maria: as we look ahead. coming up next saturday night live getting first round of laughs, comedian joins us in mornings with maria. take a look at politics and comedy, back in a minute to visit this company that makes smart phones, used by this vice president,
7:58 am
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[aand i've never seen a rocketge ship take off like this. [owner] i'm lindsey. i'm the founder of ezpz. my accountant... ...he's almost like my dad in this weird way. yeah, i'm proud of you. you actually did some of the things i asked you to do the other day (laughs). [owner] ha, ha, ha. [accountant] i've been able to say, okay...'s the challenges you're going to have. and we can get it confirmed through our quickbooks. and what steps are we going to use to beat these obstacles before they really become a problem. [announcer] get 30 days free at maria: good sunday morning. i had maria bartiromo.
8:00 am
live all day, all weekend. sunday, september 62 chaotic moments with secret service agents rushed donald trump bought the stage after security scare last night. a man was tackled after somebody in the crowd yelled gun. trump returned to the stage unharmed after the interruption. >> nobody said it was going to be easy for us, but we will never be stopped. never, ever be stopped. i want to think the secret service. these guys are fantastic. they don't get enough credit. straight to 40 hours to go until weead to the polls and candidates make an all out blitz on this wednesday. hillary clinton fighting off new revelations about how private e-mail server. >> i cast my ballot. i voted for donald trump and
8:01 am
mike pence. i voted for every republican i saw on the ballot. you know why i did that? it is time to come home and go on about dead -- >> it's been an insult after after insult. when he had insulted every last group in the country and there is nobody left, then he decided to insult the central pillar of american democracy. traded to the terror threat on election day. isis calling for an attack on american voters this tuesday. what you need to know ahead. high-security new york city out of the new york city marathon. 50,000 people ready to hit the streets in all five boroughs of new york. a huge fight breaking out on board a ryan air flight. the details coming up in dave chapelle giving his take on the presidential race.
8:02 am
reportedly slammed clinton even though he says he voted for her. that plus the s&l with unix controversy coming up. join me to talk about it, dagen mcdowell some of the wall street because anthony scaramucci the national review reporter fox news contributor cat camp. on our last be a dagen: is because of the added italian energy. >> sunday brunch in the reading room, by the way. good spread. thank you, guys. maria: we are happy you are with us. cte restaurant and a cousin or a sickness. former rnc chairman jim nicholson is here. green presidential nominee jill stein. send it to me. joe piscopo here. "varney & company" wayman did a lot to cover this hour. taylor test it out. last night's rally. donald trump was pulled off the
8:03 am
stage when people started yelling again. no weapon was found. joining us right now is ceo in the president appeared when you make make of the incident? >> good morning. i've got to tell you 70 years old in front of thousands of people. that has got to shake u.s. he's playing the crowd. this is a tough, tough guy. this is the guy you want as president who can take the heat and stand up to it. maria: you're right. he's a tough guy. he's like a machine this weekend. throughout the rest but including michigan and north carolina and florida. one of the many topics on the discussion. certainly on radars for voters. if trump were to win, what if
8:04 am
the plan to replace the one i care? >> you have to look where the problem really is. let's start with poor people on medicaid. but it's not going to change. people are getting medicaid. medicaid is not that insurance. what we try to do is block read the medicaid funds to the states to let the state to improve insurance for people in poverty. and you've got people employed in people wealthy. they are not the problem either. insurance through employers. insurance costs have gone up. they are not the problem. the problem is people in the middle. people with incomes that are high enough that they are not getting the subsidies on the exchanges. not getting medicaid but they also don't have insurance through their employers. it's not very complicated. we need incentives to buy insurance which you insurance which are due to health savings accounts and tax deductions, tax credits so you get a benefit if
8:05 am
you buy insurance or cover your own health care costs. and then without competition from insurance companies. you've now that people with an incentive to purchase insurance are compelled or penalized. they are given a benefit much like employees are with employer insurance. down the quality of insurance. in a five minute interview i can't lay out the whole plan. that's how he would address those three groups. >> in terms of incentives, a lot of my friends are all paying the penalty rather than getting insurance because it is just cheaper. without the incentive he can't fix that. >> that's how you have a health care savings account where you can pay some of your own medical and which will cause patients, consumers to shop for better services to help drive prices
8:06 am
down. you'll be incentivized by insurance because if you don't buy it, you won't get the tax benefit for the credit. it is a rational way to do this that doesn't put government in our face and in our face in an unbiased way progressives and democrats big government has to be involved in every aspect and it doesn't. that's not the most effective way to get these things done. >> the economic advisory council. i'd like to ask you to the days of the trump administration water two or three simple things you put in place that will send a message to people in the economy? >> you've got to revise the tax code. paul ryan said her double trump knows the pit the democrats know it. we are going to get some kind of the committee on the tax front. if we can implement the plan
8:07 am
might donald trump's plan, the tax foundation would grow gdp 7% over 10 years and create jobs as opposed to hillary clinton's plan which would cause gdp to decline 2.6% until 700,000 jobs. we need to get moving immediately on that. get rid of these obama executive orders that have been damaging business and received regulatory reach of government. he can get rid of those immediately and begin a review of the regulatory structure so we can go from the most regulations to the least important and take the burden off american businesses. and then you've got energy. we need to release the fossil fuel potential of the united states to become energy independent. we will start the negotiating trade deals or he quickly as well. dagen: would you want to be in a trump cap? of the present mass to serve, i was there.
8:08 am
i've got to tell you i think it would be the most fun you could have with your clothes line to be in the cabinet and get things going. it would be an amazing experience. maria: is a businessman come you bring a lot to the table. arizona, colorado, maine looking to move up to $12 an hour. washington state voters. what would you do in a position of authority if these minimum-wage hikes go through, how do they affect business and what do you do about it? >> you have a guy sitting there who could end up in a cabinet if he could give up his tv job. my buddy, and the nature and 11. maria: were asking him earlier. >> that's nice of you but i don't see that happening. like you of course you serve the country if they ask. >> exactly.
8:09 am
states have every right to decide what the minimum wage should be. i'd be opposed to increases that kill jobs and gain increases on at the level where they would kill jobs. that's bad for american workers. working in a cabinet and the federal government, there's nothing you can do to stop states. you can use the bully pulpit to encourage them to do what is best for american workers can what's best for wages and economic growth. states have a right to raise the minimum wage as do many municipalities that the better solution than the government because the minimum wage in alabama should be the same as the minimum wage instead to go outside telecom valley. regional wages make sense to me. maria: that is what donald trump says. that's been his position. great to see you. thank you so much. >> anthony, dagan, thank you.
8:10 am
maria: 48 hours ago. the fight for florida is continuing. adam shapiro there right now with all the details for us. good morning to you. reporter: this is the last day of early voting in florida. the incredible push both candidates made. hillary clinton in south florida. paragraph pines, florida. broward and dade county or the democratic strongholds you have in broward county, for instance the registered democrats two to one. they haven't been turning out to the degree that democrats would feel comfortable. that is why you saw hillary clinton yesterday making a big push. then you've got the eye of four corridor, donald trump's territory. that is where we are today. tampa, hillsborough county. donald trump is here yesterday as well because his base is very strong along the high four corridor. we spoke to some of his supporters yesterday not only at the rally in tampa but the rallies taking place all week.
8:11 am
one of the things they tell us is that the pollsters and the people who are trying to gauge this election is the point of why trump supporters are so enthusiastic. here's what they told us. >> i don't think they understand what nice the countries in today. the young millennium kid had everything handed to them. they are not a work they've got. they want to continue getting it for free. >> we're just like everybody else. we are all one nation. black, white, whatever you are. category us as deplorable as or whatever. i don't believe what she says. the >> i want to give you the raw numbers from the florida division of elections at least an hour ago on the florida vote of fire.
8:12 am
almost 50%% of registered voters in the sunshine state. they've are to cast their ballot. 6.1 million people. 49%. the unaffiliated vote will be key for either candidate to win the state. 1.16, 1.2 million have cast their ballots and republicans sell you independents, nonaffiliated 10 to lead conservative or republican. the so-called dixiecrat, people are lifelong registered democrats to vote republican. look at what is happening in the race among registered voters had 1 million roughly republicans and their ballots were as among democrats 974,000 have sent in their ballot. it's a flip when you look at early voting. the people going to polling stations. the public can and 1.4 have cast their ballot tonight.
8:13 am
1.5 million have cast their ballots. overall, early counting of the vote. democrat leading by 32,000. will that be sufficient for hillary clinton to win? nobody knows but it's one of the key reason donald trump will be by an eye for corridor. maria: thank you so much. we know he's going to be there and go there on election day as well. adam shapiro in florida. stay tuned for all-day special coverage of election night tuesday, november 8th for the very latest. stay right here with us. "mornings with maria" begins at 5:00 a.m. eastern on wednesday, november 9 when we will know who the next president of the united states will be. >> how can we know after everything that's happened in this election? and very comfortable saying it
8:14 am
cannot override to stay for anybody. everyone's gotten too involved to let this go. maria: the world's largest marathon is coming. thousands of runners prepared to make their way through the streets of new york today. plus a massive fight on the flight. the shocking rock caught on camera 30,008 in the skies over n back in a minute. her it's exped overnight... ...or shipped around the globe,'s handled by od employees who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises. od. helping the world keep promises.
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liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance maria: welcome back to the islamic state based is calling for attacks on u.s. voters on election day tuesday. cheryl casone with the details now. cheryl: acis is calling for the slaughter of u.s. voters on election day and commanding muslims not participate in the democratic process. although according to site intelligence group, the u.s.-based terrorist monitoring group. that's appeared in an essay on the islamic state to be a center. they also declare no difference between the republican and democratic parties had policies against islam and muslims. federal authorities review on
8:17 am
the permission right now. who knew fine on a passenger jet could turn into this. the video with lots of deep spirit of violent brawl broke out 30,000 feet happen in europe. an elderly woman with a lot of confusion about what led to this fight. it erupted when the two tried to intervene. a flight attda was slapped in the face as well. flight from brussels to malta for us to make an emergency landing in italy. police detained four passengers prefer the flight continued to its destination and it was all captured on cell phone. tight security for the marathon which actually gets underway in 12 minutes from now. the city is boosting security by 10% from last year. they're deployed more bomb sniffing dogs. the security follows a reported threat of attacks ahead of tuesday's election i just
8:18 am
mentioned at the top. this is still a city that is tense for the pipe on the ocean that happened in chelsea a few weeks ago. within 50,000 runners around the world that i could finish the marathon and i suspect traders out on the streets to cheer them on. korea, there may be a case of technology that it might've gone too far. you guys watch. >> what's the weather? >> earthlink camera just 4045 degrees the showers. tonight you can look for rainy weather with a low of 43 degrees. the >> this software developer hacked into alexa. now speaking far wall mounted billy bass you can buy at amazon. brian kane is the guy appeared for not sure how we did it that he posted to face the video.
8:19 am
the fish responding to the word. >> i love it. >> i love it, too. cheryl: good for him. maria: wikileaks break in a dnc meltdown. the e-mails cost of the wasserman schultz or job. then donna brazil's job. a look back at the scandal continues to grow. could jill stein or gary johnson crashed the party on election day? we will tell you about it. join us live back in a minute. ♪ is it a professor who never stops being a student? is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own?
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8:22 am
maria: welcome back to be sure hillary clinton not the only one effect give private dump a wikileaks and mouse. major hits as leaders ties come to light in a females in july. democratic national committee chairman debbie wasserman schultz resigned after the e-mails suggested that party staffers were inappropriately criticizing bernie sanders and backing hillary clinton during the primaries. their strategy is to not burning out. dnc interim chairwoman donna brazil is facing similar criticism for giving the clinton campaign questions that were
8:23 am
going to be asked at the democratic national debate in flint, michigan. joining us now is be a secretary and gop chairman jim nicholson. thanks so much for joining us. give us your take on this wiki leg stumps and what's been happening as a result. normally see people say this is not right. they are going into people's e-mails and revealing private status. at the same time we are learning a lot. >> i don't hide the wikileaks phenomenon really. but it does reveal just how systemic and complicit the democratic national committee was with the clinton campaign, which is endemic of the whole clinton nation, just how dishonest and unethical they are, that they would even accept questions ahead of time in a debate with her democratic
8:24 am
opponent. the other thing i have to say is the media is complicit in this as well. life into a major investigation going on at cnn to see where donna brazil got those questions, who wrote them, who gave them to her, who delivered this to hillary clinton. primarily what went wrong at cnn, a respected media outlet. i have friends for whom i have a lot of respect that they had to be outraged about this. >> my question is not about that because at the end of the day as i was explaining to my two sons, it's not that she got the information from cnn. the fact that she took it. what about that? i'm going to play this straight. you can take your questions. >> it was a question she could've been expect in any way. >> what's your reaction to that? >> is disgraceful. a real breach of ethics and
8:25 am
integrity. she's still as far as i know still at the democratic national committee. she hasn't been fired. she's still over there. it just speaks to how dishonest and how disgracefully complicit the whole democratic machine is ended he speaks the clinton world from the time they arrived on the national scene. we've just seen all of this line that hangs on them and continues to follow them as they go upward for some reasons climbing over people in using whatever means and showing total disdain for the law and transparent to you. it doesn't apply to them. maria: we also sell it to. you have those operatives and consultants saying we are hiring people to incite violence to around these. the matter what happens come
8:26 am
away the planned parenthood t-shirt and start making noise. the media will cover it. >> that the soviet tactic. that the kgb type it. there's not sufficient outrage about that either. the panelist said you've got to explain this to your young sons the differences we have an opportunity in this country to make change, to watch ourselves of these people and bring in a fresh set of leaders in the form of donald trump. dagen: this campaign and anybody who's attached to the clintons over the last quarter of a century, they do it because there's never a price to pay. they do it because they get away with it over and over and over again. just like donna brazil with cnn. what was the price you paid for doing that? nothing. maria: if hillary clinton wins the election, she got away with it.
8:27 am
>> she got away with the private server, essentially selling favors. they got away with -- >> to think she's capable of doing it? >> i don't know. i've been asking this question this morning. what about the morning-after? let's say hillary clinton is the winner and she is elected. what happens in terms of her appointment? do she keep loretto lynch even though it's massively it? she had a meeting with bill clinton today for hillary had to speak in front of the fbi. if she just dead weight for four years she can't do anything because republicans will challenge everything including supreme court justices? >> good question. i try to be a positive person and agent for encouragement of our country. the morale is very low. two thirds think our country is going in the wrong direction.
8:28 am
we still have a chance in 48 hours to change this and to elect donald trump and bring in a whole new set of values and integrity. we've got a maverick macho guy that some people are worried about his foreign policy particularly. we are starting to see and you see this in paul ryan's endorsement. maria: was that an endorsement? >> absolutely. he said we could work together and they have what they call a better way to bring about tax reform. hope them grow out of the poverty. we've got to strengthen our military. ronald reagan used to say we only have peace through strength because we have a weak economy we now have a weak military. there's no model of the world for that i've are working to protect itself and allies. that's exactly what trump and
8:29 am
the republicans in the congress will be behind. we have a threshold question for our country. the voters responsibility and we put it out there. we ts crew. combat dishonest, unethical historical presentation of the clintons versus all fresh opportunity for our country to bring about change in a better way. train to a strong we should point out. good to see you. thank you so much. we appreciate it. the third-party factor, how do other candidates could swear candidates could split the race on election day. gary johnson and jill stein. no matter who triumphs, the comedians are real winners in the white house raised. "saturday night live" takes on hillary clinton and donald trump. we have all the highlights. back in a minute. ♪ this woman owns this house,
8:30 am
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8:32 am
maria: happy sunday. live all day and all weekend. 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. a chaotic scene in nevada last night. rushing donald trump bought this stage after a protester caused a scene when somebody in the crowd yelled down to. trump was unharmed. the news highlighting a tense two days. hillary clinton and donald trump wrapping up in this push. >> it was the most extort area show. when a famous entertainer says i want to support you, help get out that though, that is such a gift. >> hillary clinton is all of these celebrities and failed politicians out campaigning for her and she has crowd so much smaller than hers.
8:33 am
maria: i have made, my family, eric, laura, don junior. and tiffany. maria: hollywood hits the campaign trail from lebron james to katy perry paired will hillary clinton is thinking on major stars to help recover from recent candles. don't think a candidate can take your state? trade your vote. major impact on the election. you've got to hear this one. dave chapelle preparing to host snl. in his comments on the election, the vote for hillary clinton has been ramping up the celebrity endorsement hoping to bounce back from recent she introduced katy perry by reciting from her song were. >> i love the message, which everyone does.
8:34 am
the messages get toledo down 8000 or more.
8:35 am
8:36 am
8:37 am
the knowledge that there is another choice which is not gotten paid for by wall street, the war profiteers, fossil fuel generators. that's the independence of the american people are really hungry for after this election. maria: you make a good point. you are not going to be the next president of the united states based on these numbers. how do you continue your messaging. what are you going to do to keep this conversation if brought to the table lives. >> thank you a memory appear that the client i wanto drive home. if we had 5%, that is a breakthrough because that 5% we become a nationally recognized party. we immediately had $10 million out of the starting gate in the next presidential election and it means we have automatic ballot access on most states. that means americans actually are guaranteed that you have a choice. make your vote count. don't throw your vote away on more of a political system that
8:38 am
has thrown you under the bus. you can actually invest your vote in this race in a real movement or change bid that is transformative. coming out of this race we are focusing on two things in particular that really bothered the american people. number one is that americans deserve to know who they can vote for. we need a debate commission that is not controlled by the democratic and republican parties. we are creating a campaign to throw out this bias to party commission on presidential debates that silences political opposition at the time the american people. we will create a people's commission for the presidential debate. >> you say the polls under councilman nielsen different groups but the support for independent candidates. there is still this idea you are wasting your vote by voting for another party.
8:39 am
i don't know what the answer is to back, but it's very prevalent. >> let me say there is specifically an answer. it is called ranked choice voting. lets you go into the voting booth and rank your choices so you can vote for an independent or third-party candidate knowing that if that candidate loses coming your vote is automatically reassigned to your second choice so there is no fear of voting. there is no voting based on a calculation that you don't want your vote thrown away. this guarantees you can bring your values into our vote, which is what americans are desperate for. an election dictated by who do you hate the most and who do you fear the most is not a day. democracy needs a moral company spirit that got to bring our values to the voting system. democrats have refused to pass this voting reform. my campaign has filed this bill.
8:40 am
they refuse to let it out of committee because it calls their bluff. they don't want to have to compete with an independent political party. go to jill and become a part of this real movement for the change we need and invest your vote in that movement i voting green. >> i seen you speak before in an interview that mr. trump is a safer choice for the world. could you elaborate on that a little? >> hillary clinton is a proven warmonger. donald trump is a loose cannon. i don't want to say trump is safe. on the other hand, hillary has a catastrophic record and is calling for a no-fly zone in syria. what most people don't understand is a no-fly zone
8:41 am
amounts to a declaration of war with russia at a time that we have 2000 nuclear weapons on hair trigger alert. this is unbelievably dangerous. the former leader of the soviet union, mikhail gorbachev said two weeks ago that this is the most dangerous moment in human history for the development of nuclear war. so i will not sleep well if donald trump is in the white house. but we shouldn't fool ourselves into thinking that all is well if hillary clinton is in the white house. i will sleep us knowing that we have a strong movement for a rational foreign policy based on international law and human rights. maria: if it's clear you're not going to win, will you tell your supporters to vote trump? >> no, absolutely. trump is a total wild card. we have to build a movement. under richard nixon who was one of the most repressive
8:42 am
presidents ever, we accomplish all kinds of things. we brought the troops home from the town. go forward with its rights to choose and we got that from a conservative supreme court. we got the clean air act and the clean water act and worker protection. we did that because we were an active and very assertive political movement at the time. that's what we need. that's what you get by voting green in this election. we actually build a social movement to challenge the stranglehold on our democracy that the democratic and republican parties have. maria: thank you for joining us. >> thank you, marie appeared maria: flux business will be bringing live coverage two days away from the day we all go to the polls. betting on the white house from the stakes are higher than ever. people are looking to cash in. plus the white house race translating into comedy gold for
8:43 am
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...he's almost like my dad in this weird way. yeah, i'm proud of you. you actually did some of the things i asked you to do the other day (laughs). [owner] ha, ha, ha. [accountant] i've been able to say, okay...'s the challenges you're going to have. and we can get it confirmed through our quickbooks. and what steps are we going to use to beat these obstacles before they really become a problem. [announcer] get 30 days free at maria: it is almost over. the race for the white house fence in today's but the the betting markets so heating up. stuart varney here with his take. >> in britain, you can bet on anything. you can bet on the temperature at 6:00 p.m. the next day and
8:46 am
you can also bet on the american election. i found it fascinating where the money is going to what they all thought. it may take you to november 2nd 4 days away -- four days ago. 15% was the chant that donald trump hot according to the british betting market. he had a 15% chance of winning. fast-forward to today today sunday, november 6. he has a dirty 6% chance of winning. by the way, most of the bad, not the money, but the actual vets themselves, the vast majority are going on donald trump. why do i raise this? when people put their money down they tend to mean what they say. there's also a parallel here between our election now and brexit. go back to jim and the birds voted on whether to leave europe or stay. the odds were strongly in
8:47 am
favor -- i'm going to correct myself. the little investor, the little time gambler was putting his or her money on her leaving. that was the exact opposite. maria: we put our money on the side. >> that's right, you did. fast or too american election or choose a selection you can see a parallel. the actual number of deaths is going on donald trump. i wonder if he'll have the same reversal as the bridge saturday june. >> when you get the sense that the two pictures side by side. donald trump is walking hand-in-hand. they look strong, vibrant. >> i am laughing because in 15 minutes i will have on one side of the screen hillary clinton
8:48 am
has used they force and shouting. on the other side of the screen, howard dean from the screen. you remember that? >> we will look at that. we'll see you in 10 minutes. "varney & company" begins at the top of the hour, 9:00 a.m. eastern. coming up, political satire on "saturday night live." the final spoof added the election plus a surprise in store for next weekend. back in a minute.
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8:51 am
maria: ramped up rhetoric from the campaign trail is gold for comedians in the days of the election. dave chapelle has been testing new material for audiences ahead of "saturday night live." the comedian defended trump and compared him to the terminator according to reports. chapelle disclosed he voted for hillary clinton but didn't feel good about it. joe piscopo is the former as an outcast member and host of the
8:52 am
joe pisco you. >> hi, maria. good to see you. and i second the whole team wants to talk to you. had they known the kind of material you've been working on. he's pumping up trumper says he voted for clinton. hard to believe. >> chapelle is brilliant. dave is great. i cannot wait till next week. he's edgy, perfect for the show and absolutely would have booked in. trying to let look at some of the satire last night included. within two days. >> it's very bad for you hillary. it is too risky. instead i use a very private, very secure site where one can
8:53 am
write whatever they want to and no one will read it. it's called twitter. [laughter] >> mr. trump, everyone can see your tweets. >> really? and i'm still in this thing? america, you must really hate this lady. maria: and they do. they've been having a field day. it's been really good. >> i love it. you've got to have a sense of humor. we talked about this in private. you have to put the heat aside. you can laugh at it. this is a brilliant and actor. at the end of this sketch if they didn't see as banal last night, you can get it online. just get out and vote. whoever you believe in, get out
8:54 am
and vote. stop the hate. just be positive about it. dagen: in terms of "saturday night live," don't you think they're easier on clinton than they are in trump? would they be nervous about what chapelle might say that might go -- they will know who won the white house but wouldn't they be a little bit nervous that he was going to unload on someone they were favorable to? >> go. nice to talk with you and see you this morning. it is all about funny. you put in what's edgy and funny on snl. that's all they care about. they will slant left but i think they go after hillary in a big way. trained to look at sarah palin. they manage to take down sarah palin. somebody might say she did it herself. >> bell is gold. maria: that haven't been able to do that with trump.
8:55 am
>> i don't think the public knows they are smart enough not to be swayed by any celebrity going out whether it's a big, big celebrity like jay-z or beyounce or little old me at the rally yesterday. they don't care. they know what they're thinking. dagen: want to quickly point out we found out the ricki lake said john podesta not in the role of campaign pushed back on this sketch that they did about subprime loan losses. all the sudden the video disappeared from the snl website after there was pushed back. >> the answer is because there is a thread in their. it said something about being shot. it's so much fun. if anthony in the house? >> how are you doing? >> not enough italian. >> you've got to come join us on
8:56 am
that. we'll donald trump o. "saturday night live" again in his future? >> keyword. you know what i think should happen? hillary and donald should've gone on. i sent out fox they should slow dance together. i was happy and the mennonites and in. everybody's got to stop hating. maria: used him for trump this week. >> quickly it's unbelievable. i played springhill and i was coming down here as that of jupiter florida to her big festival last night which was great. i stopped in tampa and i saw mr. trump. it's unbelievable. they don't care what i'm saying. i went off with rudolph giuliani monday to go say hi to people
8:57 am
just. i'm not going to sway votes. thank you for being involved in the american process of voting. the crowds are great. mr. trump to your point earlier, he is a machine. he's cool, calm. i'm not drinking anybody's kool-aid here. i don't hate hillary. but donald, i'm watching him. how long have we known donald trump 25 years? he is like love, loaded, ready to go. i wish all the best to hillary by the way. i'm excited about the process. >> you practice all week. >> you've got two days. monday, tuesday, wednesday. thanks, guys. love you guys. maria: thank you so much. all-star panel next.
8:58 am
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maria: great day. join forget to join us tomorrow in mornings with maria. anthony scaramucci, dagen mcdowell, cat trumpf, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. maria: varney&company begins right now. stuart: thank you very much, indeed. clearly there's a shift, the polls are trending towards trump with two days to go, he thinks the trend will count into victory and hillary clinton, very worried shifting her schedule to meet his challenge. good morning, everyone. donald trump is racing against time and racing is the correct word to use. he will make five appearances today, iowa, minnesota, michigan, pennsylvania, virginia in that order. please notice minnesota and michigan, traditionally democrat strongholds and he thinks he has a shot there. here is why. most show a continuing shift to trump. the one on


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