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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  November 6, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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indictment of hillary clinton. that stands in lights of the new e-mails that they found 650,000 of them they say they've gone through and found nothing to indict hillary on. >> it will be interesting to see torming on the markets and everything else well we have our work cuts outs for us. that does it for us. riskrisk and reward starts right now. >> race upside down now another gi bombshell that could change had the race yet again. gi now standing by its july decision not to recommend charges against hillary clinton after reviewing additional e-mails. ...
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>> we have not changed our conclusions that we expressed in july. a review of the e-mails does not change the conclusion the fbi roached in the -- reached in the summer that hillary clinton should not face charges. kellyanne conway reacting just moments ago. take a listen. >> we are not worried for two reasons. number one, the minneapolis rally that you're referring to, we had 22,000 rsvps, folks were abandoning their car a mile away just to walk to it. and so we know the momentum and enthusiasm.
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those people aren't walking to see donald trump because of what fbi director comey did nine days ago, they're walking to see donald trump because of his message. liz: and tim call strom will join me with his take on what is going on at the fbi with this matter. now this, all comes as a new investors business daily poll is putting trump in the lead with just two days until the election. my colleague, blake burman, has the latest. blake, what was going on with this fbi first on october 28th, trump started to get reinvigorated, the campaign. what are you hearing with the polls right now? what do you think could happen? what are you hearing? >> reporter: well, we've seen a tightening of the polls. you know, hillary clinton's campaign, they were saying that as all of this was unfolding within the last nine days is what it's been, october 28th till about 3:30 this afternoon that they didn't feel there was really a shift in the polls, it
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was a distraction, they felt. but not necessarily they weren't seeing anything in the numbers. of course, that's from the clinton campaign side of things. but as we all have seen over the last nine days, there has most certainly been a tightening in the polls. one thing to keep in mind with all of this, liz, is that 34 states plus the district of columbia, roughly two-thirds of the states in this country, have early voting. and here we are just about 50 hours away until the first polls close on election night on the east coast, and now once again we are talking about this. so millions across the country have already cast their vote, but yet many millions more are still to cast their vote come tuesday. we'll finally get an answer then or maybe never. who knows? about whether or not this had an influence -- liz: right. and, you know, we don't know. you were just about to say, i'm so sorry to interrupt you. i think you were about to say whether or not the initial fbi disclosure from fbi director
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james comey in october, you know, whether that changed tvot. and now the new disclosure would cause people to change their vote again, right, blake? >> reporter: right, yeah. i think we've got about a second or two delay here. but, yes, that's the big question is, how many people -- and all the polling with this, liz, showed that roughly, you know, about 20 or 30 said, hey, this might make me change my mind, but the polling was also very partisan. democrats saying for the most part that they were sticking by hillary clinton, republicans for the most part saying that, you know, they would still be voting trump. there was a very small portion in between. about 4, 5% in some of the polls that i saw that maybe this would have swung it one way or another. but all you need is really 1 or 2% to tip a state either way. and and as we have seen in the polling, you know, or the projections of the way these states might go, all it could take is 1 or 2% in one state to give either hillary clinton or
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donald trump the nomination. but before i go, liz, i should mention while everybody, most people within the political landscape are talking about this sunday night, 50 hours as i mentioned before the polls close on the east coast, we haven't heard anything from donald trump or hillary clinton themselves. two reasons why. one, hillary clinton, this happened as she was flying into ohio. her campaign made the decision that she would not discuss this. we saw her in ohio there, and clinton herself did not talk about this. instead, campaign members are. donald trump, as all of this was unfolding, this was just moments before he got to the stage for his rally in minnesota. he's got much more to come the rest of the day, so we will see if he brings this up specifically as we know, liz, he has been talking about a rigged system for months. so it wouldn't shock anyone if this came back into the forefront for donald trump later tonight. liz: thank you so much, blake burman. you're absolutely right, it has been one wild campaign.
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we have clinton campaign communications director jen palmieri responding just moments ago, basically saying this. listen. >> we have seen director comey's latest letter to the hill. we are glad to see that as we were, that he has found as we were confident that he would, that he has confirmed the conclusions that he reached in july. and we're glad that this matter is resolved. liz: here to react, trump campaign chief operating officer jeff dewitt. good to have you, sir. you know, the trump campaign was basically saying with this, what happened nine days ago with the fbi director james comey's first go round with this that if hillary wins, it'd be a constitutional crisis. you know, the trump campaign was really making hay with this. now what happens? >> well, nothing has changed. this is a very fluid situation still, and this is not a permanent resolution. just like we learned now that back in july that was not a
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permanent solution to the situation because as new information comes out, then the investigation gets reopened. liz: how is this not permanent though? >> no way in a week they read 650,000 e-mails. liz: how do you know that? >> i don't see any way possible -- liz: they have computer algorithms. >> i'm an elected official, and we're five the ten years behind -- liz: you're questioning -- >> i'm questioning that they actually got through 650,000 e-mails, is the first thing. the second thing is wikileaks is still releasing more e-mails all the time, and it seems to get progressively worse, the information we get there. this reinforces what donald trump has been saying about the swamp. and basically what we learned is the only people safe from the alligators in the swamp are other alligators. and we need to drain the swamp. and this is just proof of it. this is going to, i believe, propel us for the last few days here even more because now everybody knows we've all a read these e-mails, liz, and we've all seen this.
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it's corrupt, corrupt stuff -- liz: i mean, i hear what you're saying, but without proof, i'm not sure you can question the veracity because they do have algorithms to search through things pretty rapidly, and he's saying pretty much definitively, we haven't changed our conclusions. one thing that's still outstanding, and it's a mystery that we're going to try to get to the bottom of it, is the clinton foundation. both cnn and "the wall street journal" that there has been an investigation going on for a year. whatever level it was in the fbi, whatever status it was, so that is still out there, right? and certainly, we've got the gop, 64 members asking the irs to look into the clinton foundation, and apparently they have started. >> yeah. and if any reasonable person that reads this -- i don't say this just because i am clearly in the trump camp, i say this just as an everyday, hard working american that any reasonable person that reads the e-mails, reads the wikileaks knows that it's dirty and knows that it's pay for play and knows
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it's somebody using taxpayer resources to enrich themselves which goes against the very fabric of what our government should be. keep in mind this wasn't the only thing in the last ten days that has propelled us in the polls, and it doesn't change the fact that donald trump has been focusing very much on policy and getting the message out. he's been focusing on policy while she's still focused on character attacks, and it hasn't been working for her. liz: you're right. there's been a dearth of talking about solutions, and your point's well taken. hillary's lead, though, dwindled rapidly after the fbi director made that friday bombshell. i mean, i think that the trump campaign did capitalize on it, and the lead, you know, certainly the margin between the two campaigns shrunk dramatically. is this going to either steal the trump campaign's thunder, this bombshell of the fbi director's new letter or reinvigorate trump backers? >> reenvisioning rate. two other things hooped, and
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that is the obamacare premium increases came out which upset a lot of hard working americans. and also it was right after donald trump did very, very well in that third debate. he absolutely won that third debate hands down and looked very statesmanlike. that doesn't change in any of this. and keep in mind what comey, to me what he's saying is we haven't found anything yet that makes us change it. i don't think what we're seeing is a it's closed photographer -- liz: sorry to interrupt, because he does say it's e-mails between -- to and, basically, reviewed communications that were to or from hillary clinton. now, we don't know if he's still looking at huma abedin and anthony weiner, correct? >> right. liz: we don't know. that's just purely speculation. jeff dewitt, you've been terrific. really appreciate it. we have, again, reached out to hillary's campaign for anyone to come talk to us about what we're finding on our end. we are still pressing ahead on that front. we've got hillary's campaign spokesman responding to the fbi
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news moments ago, tweeting: we were always confident nothing would cause the july decision to be revisited. now director comey has confirmed it. we've got trump campaign manager kellyanne conway responding on twitter moments ago saying, quote: if if fbi conclusions ren unchanged, that means she still was reckless and careless. still lied about classified information, lied re: the number of devices involved. former democrat governor of california, gray davis, he joins me now. nice to have you, governor. >> nice to be with you, liz. liz: is hillary exonerated? >> i think the director was right today in reaffirming the decision he made in july. liz: is huma abedin out of the woods? >> i take the director's word. seems to me like the matter is closed, and i actually think, if i may, that donald trump is the luxiest person on the planet earth. i mean -- luckiest person on the
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planet earth. his whole m.o. is firing people and putting his name on your business. you build it, you hire or the employees, you get the investors, then he puts his name on your building and charges you for it. and he beat 16 people in the primary, and i think he'll come within three or four points of becoming president of the united states. that's not too shabby for someone whose entire political career involved being the host of a reality tv. the last time the republican party nominated someone who never held public office was dwight d. eisenhower in 1952, and he was the architect of our victory in world war ii. liz: you know, governor, both sides of the aisle would say we're sick and tired of the status quo. you're not listening to main street, to the middle class that's been hollowed out. jobs have been lost, jobs have been shipped overseas. they cannot afford obamacare premiums. they can't afford college tuition. they're sick and tired of the elitist class in washington d.c. you know, arthur miller once said nothing is further away from washington, d.c. than the entire world.
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and i think this election is showing that. yes, it's been a wild campaign, but, governor, you've been at the forefront of watching what's been going on. aren't you seeing that this is worse than ever, what people are feeling out there? >> i grant you that, liz. and and i think washington is asleep at the switch. both parties have not done the public's bidding. we need to get back to the days when reagan sat down with tip to kneel -- tip o'neill or ted kennedy sat down with george bush 43 and came up with leave no child behind. even gingrich with bill clinton where we had three years of surpluses and 22 million new jobs. people -- i'm a private citizen now. people in the real world pay the salaries and the staffs of elected officials in washington, and they want stuff to get done. hillary's gotten stuff done her whole life. even when she was not elected, as first lady of the united states, she got the children's health insurance program going.
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i happened to be governor elected a week afterwards. 50,000 people were enrolled, when i left office, a million. in that case, you pay premiums and the state and federal government pick up the rest. so she gets stuff done if she gets in washington, she will get stuff done, and that is what people want. liz: yeah. they want deals done -- they want things to move again. >> progress, right. do something positive. liz: she has made economic policy decisions that affected upstate new york. i've certainly heard about that. governor gray davis, we welcome you on the show again if you'd like to come back. thank you so much for joining us. we really appreciate it. >> my pleasure, liz. liz: former assistant director jim -- [inaudible] will react to the fbi director jim comey saying no new charges for hillary clinton. that's next, don't go away. ♪ ♪
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liz: joining me now, jim calstron. sir, thank you for joining us. what is your reaction to jim comey telling ranking members in congress that the fbi has not changed its conclusions with respect to secretary clinton's e-mail server? >> well, it doesn't surprise me. i knew they were never going to indict hillary clinton as long as obama's the president. i'm just kind of surprised that he dropped this bomb today. the notion that they went through 750,000 e-mails -- [laughter] and came to that conclusion. but, liz, you know, i think jim comey is suffering from the pressure, i really do. i don't think he's up for the job. and i'd like him to resign, but i'm sure he won't. liz: you know -- >> let me just say they've left
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major, major federal felonies all over place. i mean, and today, you know, finding out that she had a skiff in her home, you know, that the maid used to regularly go into which is unbelievable, i mean, you talk about felonies, many, many major felonies. and then, of course, all the other felonies that we knew about, you know, they all left left -- just basically ignored. so i don't expect anything more out of him. i hate the term he uses that we came to this conclusion. i think that "we" is like a small group of people. liz: you know, james, you are a technological genius. you're revered for that. i mean, you really upgraded the gbi's -- fbi's, i guess the wiretapping capability. are you questioning whether or not the fbi did not have this, basically, algorithm to read
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through and pick out the hillary clinton e-mails in this amount of time? >> no, i'm not questioning that. i mean, and i'm by far not a technical genius at all. i just had the ability to pick out good people and have them work with me. but, no, i'm sure they could keyword search, but the notion that they could actually look at all this stuff in any kind of detail, you know, and the leads that it would generate, i mean, it's just preposterous x. the same day that we hear about the skiff, i mean, they just ignore all this other stuff. i mean, it's just outrageous that he says what he says. it makes no sense. no grand juries, no search warrants, no subpoenas, no nothing. i guess he's just trying to appease people to think that he was actually going to do something. liz: just for the viewer, a skiff is, basically, it's a secure room that has, as you've pointed out, where, you know, the leaders of our government read highly classified secrets,
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the nation's secrets. and once that's breached, that means any foreign intelligence operative could get in there and read what we have, right? >> yeah, it's actually more than that. and i'm not going to get into it because -- but it protects our communications devices. it protects them both from a physical standpoint and an electronic standpoint. and, you know, in that room is receiving, you know, the highly classified and other classified documents that a secretary of state would want to see. and to have access to the maid, i mean, is just beyond belief. i mean, that's, that's just -- she is so callous with the secrets of this country and so nonchalant about things that are really important. i mean, she cost lives in benghazi, you know? how many more lives is she going to create if she's the commander in chief and she's that laissez-faire about the things that are important to the united states? liz: you know, jim, i'd like to -- just by way of background, this is one new york post article.
5:21 pm
it had anonymous sources, people who are criticizing it for being thinly sourced with regard to the skiff. we're trying to track down this information to see what is going on there. i need your reaction though to the clinton foundation. you know, "the wall street journal" and cnn have been reporting that, yes, there has been a probe at the fbi into the clinton foundation. the clinton foundation accepting donations from middle east countries including qatar and saudi arabia. is this something that is still an issue for hillary clinton? >> you know, before i answer that, you know, all i know about the skiff is what i read in the papers, and if that's all bs, it's all bs. i'm not going to apologize for that. but if it's true, it's horrendous. the clinton foundation, yeah, i think that, you know, if you can believe what you read about it, you know, they paid for the daughter's wedding out of the clinton foundation. clinton foundation gives less than 6% of the money to charity. the clinton foundation collected millions and millions and
5:22 pm
millions in money and very little of it, if any, went back to haiti. and onward and onward and onward. you know, we give foreign aid to these countries, and they give it back to the clinton foundation. liz: do you think jim comey survives as fbi direct >> i can't imagine that he would. if hillary's elected, you know, i don't know. i think the congress should -- of course, the congress has been so inept, at least, you know, the democrats all stick together no matter if the country goes down the tubes. but the republicans have been so inept at dealing with issues like this. i wouldn't think he would. and certainly, if mr. trump is elected, i don't think he'd last past the first day of his inauguration. liz: all right. fbi assistant director james kallstrom, thank you for joining us and thank you for your service to our cup. >> yes, ma'am. liz: hillary clinton is campaigning in ohio with basketball great lebron james
5:23 pm
in cleveland. turnout is key here. election watchers keep saying it is a really close race. the african-american vote can put a candidate over the top to win.
5:24 pm
she got support from lebron james today, and you're right, turnout is important, and the voice of lebron james, perhaps the most popular guy in the state of ohio. very clearly in her corner. he says they need to do it again and, of course, if hillary clinton is to win ohio, they need to do that.n cure that. take a listen. >> i know there's a lot of frustration and even anger in this election season. i see it, i hear it. sometimes, you know, i'm the subject of it. i get it.
5:25 pm
but anger is not a plan. anger is not going to get us new jobs with rising incomes thatule a lot of programs that figure that out. that's the latest from the clinton campaign. liz: thank you, jeff flock. great reporting. the latest wikileaks drop revealing a brutal classified audit of the clinton foundation. former presidential candidate and congressman ron paul reacts, that's coming up. but, first, hillary clinton teaming up with celebrities to try and bring in the youth vote and undecided voters. my next guest says she's focused on all the wrong things, that's
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next. don't go away. ♪ ♪
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liz: donald trump hitting the ground, trying to turn states democrat, going to five states today; minnesota, iowa, michigan, pennsylvania and virginia. it is a blitz. this as hillary clinton continues to campaign with celebrities like jay-z, beyonce, katy perry and lebron james.
5:29 pm
my next guest is the cleveland police association president, he's detective steve loomis. he says hillary is focusing on the wrong issues and campaigning with the wrong people. good to have you, sir. will hillary's celebrity endorsements bring her undecided voters? >> no. i think anybody that has any common sense at all sees through what it is, you know, trying to buy votes by having a concert here in cleveland with jay-z who's, at best, a controversial lyricist is very troubling, and i think that it's demeaning to people that actually have common sense. and they're not going to fall for that. they're not going to buy into that. you know, we love lebron james, but the reality is, i mean, he is an iconic person here in northeast ohio, but the reality is that he lives behind a community gate. he's not out there anymore. you know, in the streets with
5:30 pm
the police officers and men and women of the cleveland police department and all these police departments in these lower income, crime-riddled neighborhoods, you know? that's where we need to help. and hillary clinton not wanting to discuss any type of matter with police unions or police officers even, that's very telling. that's much more telling than who she's hanging out with in a green room as far as these celebrities go. liz: you know, detective, hillary clinton's campaign is saying there's, quote, implicit bias within law enforcement. you're a cop. you see cops who are both black and white. they're fighting crime side by side. what do you see when it comes to this so-called implicit racism or bias charge that hillary says is there? >> well, that's a false narrative. that's a false narrative that's pushed by, you know, racially-exclusive organizations, profiteers. you know, people that need to present that type of controversy to justify their existence and
5:31 pm
put bread on their table, to be quite honest. we're police officers. i've handled -- we've handled thousands of calls for service. not one time has a dispatcher given me a call and i called back and said, hey, what color's the family? and even better than that, not one time have i gone to a house and had somebody come out and size me out and say, no, send me a black cop. i mean, that, it just does not happen. the people that need us don't care what package we come in, and we don't care what package they come in. so those are other people's issues. it's not the reality out in the street, you know? there's always things that we can do to improve, but the reality is if you truly want community-based policing and you want the cops to get out of cars and talk to folks, you have to support us. you have to give us the numbers, the equipment, the training. you can't cut our budget. here in cleveland our budget's been cut 17 years in a row. and all the politicians throw their hands in the air and say, hey, why the heck aren't they
5:32 pm
doing what they're supposed to be doing? we need support, and mr. trump is the presidential candidate that's going to provide that. and hillary clinton is the presidential candidate that's going to blame police officers for, you know, every problem in the world. liz: yeah, detective, we have talked to police officers here. they've been hispanic, black and white. they look at the individual, not the color of their skin. >> absolutely. liz: detective, thank you so much for your time and for your service to our country. we really appreciate you, sir. >> thank you. liz: fbi director james comey tells lawmaker that is the fbi's review of e-mails, not changing its july recommendation that hillary clinton should not face criminal charges. we've got more on that next.
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liz: the latest wikileaks drop revealing a brutal internal classified audit of the clinton foundation. the review, done by al gore's former lawyer, says that the foundation operated more like a political organization than a charity, citing little accountability, inexperienced managers, inefficient planning, unhappy workers, and gibson summed it up writing to clinton foundation board chair bruce lindsay, quote, the deficiencies plaguing the foundation cannot be overstated. they are real. they undermine the organization's effectiveness immediately and more long term.
5:36 pm
joining me now, congressman dr. ron paul. dr. paul, thank you so much for joining us. the irs is supposedly looking at this nonprofit. and many critics have said it's not really a charity, it operates more like a clinton political machine. what do you say? >> well, i think it's just sort of follow-up, because we've known that the irs has been working on libertarian conservative groups for quite a while during this administration. and i think that is, that's horrible because that means it's a crooked cop, so to speak. but this whole idea that most people in this country now believe that probably she will not be punished for anything, clinton will not be punished for this even though she's done something illegal, immoral and detrimental to our national defense. what bothers me is the trend. because, you know, the whole idea of the leaders of a country living within the same law started a long time ago, you know?
5:37 pm
and yet inevitably the people in power think they're different. they think they're superior. and i think this is part of the problem. it's psychological, it's evil, and they actually come to believe in it. i don't think for a minute the people that are able to use government and use it and abuse it have any remorse. i don't think they have a conscience. you know, this doesn't, this doesn't bother them. but to depend on the irs to clean up this mess, i don't have a lot of confidence of that. of course, that's why libertarians don't like the income tax, because it is a tool and a weapon for government agents to always be used against people. and that, to me, is the real harm. not only is it evil in that manner, but it's also evil and so destructive economically speaking. so there's a lot of reasons why this whole process is, you know, very detrimental. but i think there's a good thing that comes from this. already even before this campaign started, 80% maybe or slightly less, people in this
5:38 pm
country were sick and tired of it. they didn't trust the government, they had no confidence in government, they think government's lying and commissions don't help, economic reports, nobody believes those anymore. nobody knows what the federal reserve is doing. [laughter] so this disgust is okay if the american people wake up. and that's where i worry, what are they going to do about it? is this election going to solve the problem? quite frankly, you know, i don't think so. i think we have so many big problems locked into place whether they're economic or foreign policy, monetary policy, there's so much momentum, that's not going to be turned off with this election. we're just going to see more chaos. liz: dr. paul, your point is well taken. the president doubled the federal debt. i mean, it was $10 trillion up until president obama was elected. that's from george washington through george w., and then $10 trillion more. we are paying elected officials to raise our taxes for that kind of behavior, and now we've got fbi director james comey saying there's no more problems with
5:39 pm
hillary clinton's e-mails, and we don't know if the fbi is still looking into the clip-- clinton foundation. what do you think? final thoughts. >> well, obviously, it's just a cover-up. i don't think much will happen. if she wins, someone's going to give her a pardon. but, you know, i wished we could just say it's all obama's fault, and he spent all that money, but the truth is when republicans had control of the house and the senate, you know, we didn't do a very good job. that's always frustrating to me, one of the reasons why i ran for congress originally. they keep spending money. it's the philosophy of government that has to be changed, and right now the philosophy just means more big government and more corruption. liz: dr. paul, thank you so much for your time. we really appreciate it, sir. >> thank you. liz: okay. with only two crucial days until the election, fbi director james comey tells lawmakers the fbi's review of new clinton e-mails has not changed its recommendation from the summer that hillary clinton should not face criminal charges. my political power panel here
5:40 pm
with their reaction. former mccain campaign manager ford to connell, democrat strategist jessica tarlov are. ford, first to you, what are your thoughts about what the fbi's letter said? >> well, i think in terms of the election, this changes absolutely nothing. the perception out there that is that hillary clinton's above the law and protected by a rigged system. look, o.j. was found in the, and yet very few people think he didn't have a hand in offing his wife. hillary clinton is stillonest, o it's whether or not -- liz: ford, you didn't just compare hillary clinton to o.j -- >> oh, he totally did. and a sewer rat, which is also nice. liz: jessica, your thoughts. >> now i'll talk about the issue. i think that ford is right insofar as this hasn't really changed the trajectory of the race and actually we've seen over the past few days where hillary clinton's numbers have rebounded what comey did a week ago friday hasn't made much difference --
5:41 pm
liz: is she a damaged president now? you got the e-mails, the cliptop foundation probe -- >> my boss, doug schoen, has spoken about this and, ultimately, this is why he had to withdraw his support from hillary clinton. he's been a strong supporter of hers for decades, and he said she's not going to be able to govern. he remembers watergate, and that's his opinion -- liz: some people say this is bigger than -- >> some people do, like donald trump, and i'm sure ford would after he calls her a sewer rat -- >> all joking aside, here's the point. she's still under another investigation with respect to the clintonfoundation which was a generating vehicle for bill clinton and a pay for play political operation for her. so there's still a big black cloud, and i do agree -- >> wait, i want to answer something that liz asked which was do i think that she's damaged as a president should she win, and the answer is, yes, because the other party is always going to see her as being illegitimate and protected by president obama which means
5:42 pm
we're going to have even more dysfunction in this corrupt swamp known as washington, d.c. >> but can i just add, turn this around, because i think it's important that, you know, there's a false equivalence here. people act like the republicans are not going to work with hillary clinton. they've made that clear, we're not going to confirm supreme court justices, but what about donald trump as president? this is someone the democrats wholly dislike, so i'm wondering how donald trump is going to be an effective president using your same logic. liz: go ahead, ford. >> i think you actually make a great point here. >> thank you. >> whether or not trump wins the popular vote or just wins the electoral college, because if he only wins the electoral college, the argument is going to be he's an illegitimate president. there's something both sides have to worry about depending on who the 45th president service to the united states is. donald trump is not currently under fbi investigation. liz: ford, just following up, a trump presidency, he has personally attacked people on his own side of the aisle, the
5:43 pm
republicans. could he do a mea culpa and say i want deals done if he's elected? >> absolutely, just like george w. bush did in 2000 when he didn't win the popular vote. the first thing he did was reach across to democrats both in the congress and the u.s. senate and say, hey, we've got to get america working for the people that elected us. liz: jessica -- sorry to interrupt. you know, the clinton foundation has been a serious problem. people have already said hillary clinton's decision's really compromised because the foundation took money from the middle east. is there pay to play. she will be questioned at every step, is she doing favors policy wise for individuals and countries given what's, what happened at the clinton foundation? >> i think it's going to be a difficulty for her presidency, for sure. when you're going in, when you're on the cusp of becoming the next president of the united states of america and only 30% of the americans think you're honest and trustworthy, it's problematic.
5:44 pm
i think both candidates have an incredibly tough road ahead. i think her road is less difficult. johnny isakson has spoken about his ability to work with hillary clinton, and he said i know her, she wants to get things done. liz: if she's president, how could she build consensus when there's been charges of corruption? really tough. >> it's going to be tough, but it's going to be tough on the other side. donald trump is not a political charger. liz: allegations, i'm correcting myself. ford and jessica, thank you so much for your time. all eyes on tomorrow's morning market open after the s&p 500 fell nine sessions in a row, the longest losing streak since is the 80. 1980. also billionaire investor jean paul deyour owe says hillary clinton will only make it worse. he's going to tell me why, next.
5:45 pm
5:46 pm
liz: with just hours to go until global markets open for trading, the potential impact of the u.s.
5:47 pm
election weighing heavily on your 401(k)s. the s&p 500 has closed in the red for the past nine trading sessions. that's the longest losing streak since 1980. and will the market continue to sink as we head into tuesday's election? joining me now with his outlook, billionaire investor jean paul dejoria. thank you for joining us, jean. >> oh, you're welcome. i love you out there. liz: what do you think is worrying investors? >> bill nicholson said it so clearly, we're what's called an electoral dysfunction. in other words -- and people are realizing that, whether you're for one candidate or another. and that's what's driving the stock market. they're not sure with either candidate what in the world's going to happen. we know that we're not in a good functioning position right now, and that's why people -- you see the stock market go down and up and down and up and down, and hopefully, it'll clear out sometime after the elections. people -- there's uncertainty.
5:48 pm
whenever there's uncertainty, there's confusion. when there's confusion, people hold back. they're scared. liz: yeah, that's right. we talk about the wall of worry in the markets? it's a wall of cash. blackrock says $50 trillion in cash on the sidelines, that's a lot of money. do you think we're going to continue to see market declines heading into the election? >> i believe we will. and we'll probably see fluctuations because people are uncertain. right now a lot of people are standing by the sidelines, some are getting a little freaky and taking money out and not investing. now, it'll eventually work itself out because the stock market's cyclical, as we all know. but because of nine straight days going down, it lets the world know that we're in an electoral disfunction right now, and that's what's creating all this. eventually, it'll straighten out. liz: jean, i'm hoping to get your thoughts on fbi director james comey sending a letter or to members of congress saying the fbi will stick with the original conclusion from july, it's not going to recommend indictment of hillary clinton.
5:49 pm
does that change your feelings about hillary clinton at all? >> no, not at all. one of the things that i've done in my life on more than one occasion is trained the fbi on management motivation at their headquarters there in washington, d.c. and one thing i found out a short time ago which i wasn't really aware of is that that director is an appointed director. he's an appointed director. well, needless to say, those in power, the obama administration, you know, is in power right now, and they're a little pissed off at what he said about a week ago. so i think he's got a little bit of pressure. what amazes me is i believe they said just last week that there's no way they could go through all those e-mails until after the election. and all of a sudden they went through them right now? so there's no disrespect again to the fbi, but, you know, to some of the appointed officials, they have a lot of pressure, those poor guys up there. does it change my opinion? no. liz: your point's well taken. they said a week or so ago they didn't know how much time it would take to do it, you're
5:50 pm
absolutely right. i would like your thoughts on this classic ronald reagan sound bite about the pitfalls of big government. let's take a listen. >> it's not my intention to do away with government. it is, rather, to make it work. work with us, not over us. to stand by our side, not ride on our back. government and must provide opportunity, not smother it. foster productivity, stifle it. not stifle it. liz: that's the point, the government works for us. the taxpayers don't work for the government, the government works for us. i think reagan had it right. what do you think? >> he had it 100 percent correct. and if you look at his regular knoppics during his period of time, he did change things around. when he started out, inflation was 12.5%, interest rates 17% if you could get a loan. and over the years he started
5:51 pm
turning things around. now, who benefited the most? the clinton administration because when they walked in, things were already changing. but you have people like thomas jefferson who said basically the same thing. we're seeing more and be more that government is working more towards those officials and their re-election or power they could have and not just to adjust and help people out. so i agree with every single word he said, and i'm hoping that no matter who gets elected, they'll go back and remember that. that we, the people -- it's we, the people. you can't use your power to go against us. i know many times people were talking about executive orders as president you get to pardon anybody you want. and when we saw mr. clinton -- no disrespect to mr. clinton, i think he was a very good president, but when he pardoned mark rich who owed billions to the federal government, and it was under indictment -- liz: right. >> -- and he was going to go to prison, he pardoned the guy off. and then i hear his wife say, no, we're really after the big guy, the guys who make a lot of money are the bad guys, what
5:52 pm
they actually to realize and what you just said was pure, it's we, the people. liz: okay. >> if you overtax people, where's the american dream? liz: we've got to leave it there. >> love you guys. peace, love and happiness. liz: we're going to be right don't go away. [owner] i'm lindse founder of ezpz. my accountant... ...he's almost like my dad in this weird way. yeah, i'm proud of you. you actually did some of the things i asked you to do the other day (laughs). [owner] ha, ha, ha. [accountant] i've been able to say, okay...'s the challenges you're going to have. and we can get it confirmed through our quickbooks. and what steps are we going to use to beat these obstacles before they really become a problem. [announcer] get 30 days free at car insurance policy. you just stuck it in a drawer somewhere and forgot about it. until a dump truck hit your pickup truck
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liz: vice presidential president mike pence responding to the f.b.i.'s letter to congress that it won't change its recommendation last summer. >> the f.b.i. concluded hillary clinton's having classified documents on her private server was extremely reckless. mishandling classified information is a crime. elizabeth: we are waiting to hear from donald trump on what the f.b.i. decided just this afternoon.
5:56 pm
it's a sunday bombshell. we'll bring you donald trump's response as soon as we get it. pete hegseth joins me now. what is your reaction? >> it's twofold. as far as the f.b.i. is concerned, unfortunately we made a mockery of this process. what should be an apolitical process, comey has botched this. but politically i don't think it has any impact at this point. hillary clinton can say for the 8th time i'm exonerate. but saying you are exonerated for the 8th time doesn't make people feel like you are not guilty. i don't know that it has any real influence. the f.b.i. said we did what we could as quickly as we could to not be part of the political process. liz: hillary clinton and her campaign isn't say she is
5:57 pm
exonerated because the f.b.i. said extremely reckless. >> wikileaks is on its 34th dump of emails. so we can't say definitively this investigation is over. the ones that came out today were as bad as they come. using foundation resources to pay for weddings. it's criminal and illegal and it demonstrates the amount of collusion which is the part of the problem and why they had the hidden server to begin with. elizabeth: it's the collusion, the email server. people in the military have gone to jail for what happened. >> people have gone to jail for 1/100 of what hillary clinton did. having her maid print out classified documents? it's ridiculous. it's over the top. and it's all criminal. and people know that.
5:58 pm
liz: to trump, swing state blitz. you are looking at one of five states donald trump is head to. he's about to speak in mitchell began
5:59 pm
6:00 pm
liz: you are looking at one of five stops donald trump is making today. thanks for having us in your home. "making money" charles payne next. charles: breaking news. f.b.i. says it has come to the same conclusion on the hillary clinton email saga it had back in july. nothing has changed. 650,000 emails and no charges. good evening. i'm charles payne. we begin with the november surprise. sphiebs james comey sending a letter to congress that read in part based on our review we have not changed our conclusions that


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