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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  November 7, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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thinking about it though. the press didn't talk about it. donna brazil it's the questions to the debate but then it turns out to be a number of debates. who cares about donna brazil. she turned out to be not what people thought. illegally, she gets the questions to the debate. she then takes those questions and gives them to crooked hillary clinton now, the she reported that she say i shouldn't have these questions or these answers i think they give them the answs also. no she doesn't. i wonder if she have the questions in my debates. she didn't do that well. but the years of the trail will end and they will end
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quickly. they will end as of the day we take office which is gonna be very soon. the theft of north carolina jobs will end. real change begins with immediately repealing and replacing obama care. sadly, it's just been announced that the residents of north carolina are going to experience massive double-digit premium hikes. ninety-five of the 100 north carolina counties well only had one insured in the obama care exchange. honestly it suck in a matter. we are going to win and we are going to terminate it.
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it won't matter. premiums are surging. insurers are fleeing. doctors are quitting. >> doctors are leaving and quitting. i have a friend who is a dr. and he said i have more accountants than i had nurses. and so complicated. deductibles are going through the roof. hillary clinton wants to double down and expand obama care and make it even more expensive. i am asking for your vote so that we can repeal and replace obama care has health healthcare for every family in north carolina. thank you.
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people are pouring in. did you see less and the michigan crowd that we have. by the way how about 24,000 may be a 25,000 right next to fort bragg. we went to minnesota has been treated very badly. we went to minnesota where we are doing very well. everyone said white minnesota. that doesn't go republican. it's going republican this year. a great place. you had been watching and seeing and these people are being driven crazy the dishonest media. we are winning ohio we are winning iowa we are winning we think new hampshire will do great in new hampshire.
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i hear we are winning north carolina big. we are winning florida winning florida and doing really well. i think we are going to win the great state of pennsylvania i do. and we are winning plenty of other places. we are in a rigged system. it gets registered in there. real change also means restoring honesty to our government. [applause]. wow. i have a job right next to
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here. with a beautiful property right near charlotte. it's an amazing place it's an amazing place to live and work and we love it. hillary clinton is the most corrupt person ever to seek the office of the presidency of the united states she threatened national security she sold her office to the highest bidder and then to cover her tracks she deleted 33,000 e-mails after receiving a congressional assist been in and nothing happened to her. she is being person -- protected by a totally rigged system. she's been protected. i know james cartwright current general four-star general two weeks ago probably
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going to jail for up to five years for doing nothing by comparison. he said he did it for national security reasons. i can understand that. general betray us is likely destroyed and here she is she's running for president she's done 25 times worse than anyone else. it's a rigged system. don't worry. the cameras will never spin around and say this. they show my face and the two people behind me not the thousands we have here. they never do. so dishonest.
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there they are. women for trump. they had been following me. are we doing well. great people. women for trump. and now it's up to the american people to deliver the justice that we deserve at the ballot box tomorrow. we are going to win. i think it's a great way of showing what we have to show in light of what's going on with justice in this country. you show it to tomorrow. my contract with the american voter begins with a plan to end government corruption into take our country back in the special interest.
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and i was on the other side for a long time. it's a very goodlace to be. but i love the country. i have really got to love the people of this country because i had been everywhere. we have the greatest people on earth. i love this country and i couldn't watch it when they made at the iran deal and they have hundred $50 billion for the terrorist state. i state that was ready to collapse until we made them rich and powerful. we gave them a path to nuclear weapons we gave them $400 billion we gave them $400 million and we found out that was wrong. it was 1.7 billion dollars in cash do you know what $1.7 billion in cash is.
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how stupid are we to allow this to happen. our leaders are incompetent. president obama is campaigning today with hillary clinton because she can't campaign so obama is taking air force one which cost a fortune he is very much into the environment and it will take a massive old engine 747 very much into the environment very much into the ozone layer and yet he will fly that 747 all over the place to campaign for crooked hillary and i don't think it's can work. and she's not getting any crowds so she gets beyoncé and jay-z. and you know what they do i get bigger crowds than they do. i get far bigger crowds.
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ok at this place. but look at the crowds we head in michigan. >> michigan hasn't been in play for 30 something years. they are tired of watching their car factories taken out. they're tired of losing their jobs to mexico. ford right now most all of its small car production to mexico they are building the biggest in the world. to mexico. and i had been complaining about it for five years to michigan. tomorrow will be a very historic day. i think it's gonna show. i think it's gonna be a brexit plus plus plus. it's gonna be amazing. i want the entire corrupt washington establishment to hear the words we are all
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about to say this is a phrase i thought it was hokey. but it's not hokey. were going to go to washington and working to drain the swamp. i told the story. no msa that. it is so hokey. then i said it to another place and i went crazy. it went wild. now i love the expression. etiquette was genius. drain the swamp, [chanting] >> donald trump speaking at the north carolina state fairgrounds right now to a
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significantly large crowd at the moment. making all sorts of comments here specifically hitting on obama care. hitting on hillary clinton in general the trace which is interesting. with that of hillary clinton. yesterday the fbi said nothing to see here folks. and we will not recommend prosecution. we will be listening in. we are watching this very closely. listen, as we look at everything he has just said let me first say they will fight hard for americans. but donald trump just said this. i just had it up there.
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the only special interest i have is you. the only special issue -- interest i had is you. but is it enough to turn the selection at the moment donald trump doesn't had as much as hillary clinton does. there is a lot of energy and a lot of enthusiasm. today he started in florida. they will have to pennsylvania. and then onto new on to new hampshire this evening. keeping a very rigorous schedule. early voting hillary clinton is not doing as well as barack obama did in 2012. donald trump is doing better than mitt romney did. we are very encouraged by what is going on. look at the rallies in the amount of people that are coming out. tens of thousands of people that's not what happening for hillary clinton right now. this morning in sarasota
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florida i was listening to donald trump's speech and he said they have totally open borders. i want to get that clear. utter fiction. also gas and oil. he is mix characterizing so much of what he said. then a around the hundred thousand people where they won one state. the day before he got clobbered in 1988.
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so i understand i want to say one final thing. i feel for your viewers. i admire the ones that are making money in the market. and recognize a hillary is going to win. i also feel badly for the once who were just kind of coming to terms with the fact that trump is's neck is not to win. that's tough. it's hard. but all the indications are he is gonna lose. as we cycle through some of these points that we are seeing at the moment i hope you took a few profits here. the dow was up 326 points. it still hired higher by 315 points. and it's on track. we know that anything can happen in the next 45 minutes. but there's a lot of history making right now when it comes to the markets.
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this is a small cap. they are searching more than 2% right now. it's a very positive move. they are really sparking something it has seen high as highs it hasn't seen in months and months. what does that tell you that the market looks to be relieved. i believe it is removed. it's odd that it took the fbi one year to look at 35,000 e-mails. this race is far from over. donald trump has a clear is a clear path to victory. we are there. good things are happening for the trumpet campaign.
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there is a dogfight in new hampshire. he is in very good shape. we have all the momentum. and we will have a big day. it's great to have both of you. thank you very much. we have the volatility dropping 16%. we will be right back was so much more. what powers the digital world? communication. like centurylink's broadband network that gives 35,000 fans a cutting edge game experience. or the network that keeps a leading hotel chain's guests connected at work, and at play. or the it platform that powers millions of ecards every day
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donald trump is still speaking in north carolina. he is speaking about taxes. she said she would hike taxes on the upper wealthier slice of america. but the markets are way more focused on this. it was back on october 28. the markets went haywire. dropping and they haven't been able to recover until today. the s&p 500 they are looking at their biggest gain in eight months. all in reaction to the
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reaction yesterday. exactly 24 hours ago. yes we were life. on a sunday for that breaking news. it is just coming off the session highs right at the second. joining us now. charles gasparino. and you are giving us more detail. we should point out that my twitter page started exploding. this is inside the trumpet campaign. i can't vouch for this. but this is why it donald trump thinks they're gonna win. according to sources inside the campaign. they have a trumped up one in michigan tied with clinton in virginia up one in nevada here
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is a kicker and this would be very problematic. he is down to in florida. this is what was told to me by a source inside the trumpet campaign. maybe this is why hillary clinton are spending as much time in michigan as you know. this is why donald trump is probably down in florida. not only that. that is not quite a swing state. i guess that is a swing state. we have to tell you. right now according to we have
3:24 pm
hillary at 274 in the aggregate here. i'm just telling you what they're saying inside maybe there say this to keep their base going to the pool into try to do that. it's normally people that are trustworthy. if you doubt the veracity of this like up in michigan that means he loses. if he is down to in florida he loses. maybe they are a reason why they have a trade off their highs i'm just telling you the
3:25 pm
internal poll is saying that he he's down to them order. game set over. i like how you saved it. look at this. into give viewers and readers the context of that. that's what we do here. we have ordered cases of red bull for tomorrow night. that is tonight. 7:00 p.m. up at 323 points. these goofy glasses.
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♪ liz: donald trump still speaking in new hampshire. hillary clinton heading to her
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next event. looks, we keep talking about the presidential race, right? but election day nearly upon us. folks heading to the polls, not just to vote on donald trump and hillary clinton but to vote on number of issues. there are a whole handful of states with legislative ballot initiatives up for vote tomorrow. california looking to possibly repeal the death penalty. maine is considering raising its minimum wage to $12 an hour by the year 2020. new jersey votes on construction of two new casinos that would be in the northern part of the state. missouri, that one could add new regulations on campaign contributions. but one measure has grabbed the national spotlight in five states and it is, the legalization of recreational marijuana. so we sent robert gray to boulder, colorado, where recreational use already has been legalized to tell us not just how much the support the ballot measure is sparking ahead of election day but the business angle as well, robert?
3:31 pm
reporter: that is right, liz. nine states in total voting on legalization whether recreational or medicinal. they're looking to this direction after all colorado is experienced. tax revenue they brought in this year, estimated to be $140 million that would be more than they're getting off of alcohol sales here in colorado. if you look at the tax revenues of the past 15 years for the state, obviously see a big dip during the crisis. really ramping up there in the upper right-hand corner as marijuana became legal t was approved in 2012. became legal in 2014. you have had the past three years, seeing exponential growth in tax revenues sales, as more and more cities approving it and counties as it became legal here in the state. also created a marijuana tourism boom. i spoke with the operator of the colorado cannabis tour based in denver. had more than 10,000 visitors in the last year alone.
3:32 pm
he is champing at the bit to go to states like california, nevada, going to las vegas, when and if they approve this america sure tomorrow. take a look here at states. we have the medicinal vote. arc. florida would create biggest east coast market for marijuana. north dakota, montana. look at recreational, obviously california a big one there. they were the first to legalize medicinal two decades ago. voted against a similar measure six years ago. right now polls show california will approve. similar situation in nevada. it is closer in nevada. opponent, there is local measure in pueblo, colorado, liz, citizens vote on measure to ban marijuana and close existing dispensaries. of the looking to the opponents to marijuana concerns about people driving under influence of marijuana, children having easier access. emergency room visits have gone up higher over past couple years that were related to marijuana use. i also want to mention it's a cash business because it is
3:33 pm
still illegally federally. we'll see if that starts any momentum to repeal that law because as of today, only 5% of the u.s. population lives in areas where it is legal but on wednesday morning, liz, if all these states approve it, would be a full quarter of the american population. back to you. liz: look, it is fascinating. we were showing some. stocks. scott's miracle-gro invested a lot of money, hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars. they want to grab business when it comes to cultivating cannabis. scott's miracle-gro on a tear, up 1%. some of the other names that have of course relation to medicinal or recreational marijuana. robert, thank you very much. we have a big couple days ahead of us. down to the floor of the new york stock exchange tomorrow. who knows what will happen tomorrow? i will be there tick by tick in the final hour of trade. what we'll do, the producer and i will rush back to the fox business studios for election
3:34 pm
night coverage. we're following the balance of power in the house and senate all night long. keep it right here on fox business for the best election 2016 coverage, particularly, how it relates to your money. we're coming right back. don't go away.
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liz: we are about 21 minutes before the closing bell rings. i'm showing you at intraday picture, folks, at highs of the session dow was up 356 points. we're still 318. we've lost 40 some points here. we're watching closely to see if there is profit taking in the last final minutes of trade. let's go back to north carolina. rum trump is speaking alive at the norton fairgrounds in raleigh. the republican nominee launching a five-state blitz. making stops in the sunshine state, here in north carolina. he heads to pennsylvania, and new hampshire. then he will wrap up his campaign around 11:00 p.m. eastern in michigan, which is in the past, a democratic strong hold. but a brand new "fox news poll" released today shows, this is the final poll of the election season, shows that hillary
3:40 pm
clinton has a four-point lead over donald trump, heading into tomorrow's election day. can trump's closing arguments convince the people in the tarheel state at least for now and everywhere else afterward to vote for him? he needs north carolina to win the presidency. all the other states too, right, blake burman? you're at the rally. what is the response? reporter: well, donald trump's been on stage for better part of 40 minutes or so now. this is part of his closing argument, liz. you laid it out. this is the second stop of five today. he will end at midnight hour tonight. where we are right now in north carolina, this is wayne county, considered to be a bellwether county in north carolina. interesting this would be his last place in north carolina this is county which they have seen here, a slew of independents in the last four years and polling has showed that donald trump does fair better it appears with independents than hillary clinton. that might be a part of the reason why he is here today.
3:41 pm
no matter the way you shake out which way the party, which way the electorate goes, donald trump today is trying to make the final argument here on stage. he is talking about what he would do for the first 100 days, repeal and replace obamacare. decrease taxes. end regulation as he sees it. polls as you mention show that hillary clinton might have the lead heading into election day but donald trump says, he sees some resemblance to what happened across the pond recaller this summer. listen. >> tomorrow's going to be very historic day, i really believe that. i think it is going to show, i believe "brexit," plus, plus, plus. does that make sense? plus, plus, plus. [cheering] reporter: "brexit" plus, plus, plus. those national polls have donald trump trailing hillary clinton by about three or four points, depending which one you look at. quinnepiac university, liz, released a poll in north carolina with hillary clinton up by two and her
3:42 pm
running mate, tim kaine was in this state today. earlier today he said he feels if they win north carolina it would be checkmate for the democrats. clinton herself will be here later tonight. liz, back to you. liz: is it chess game? is it a horse race? feels way more like "seabiscuit.." blake, thank you for being on the story. hillary clinton is heading to michigan at this hour. we want to take to you philadelphia were the labor strike that paralyzed public transit in the city nearly a week, it has ended, folks. we just 24 hours ago was telling the transit strike might prevent voters from getting the polls in the battleground state. connell mcshane is there. standing by at southeastern transportation authority station at fifth street and independence hall. connell, what are you hearing on the ground regarding transit strike and how it will affect voting? reporter: one less thing for us to worry about. take a walk down fifth street,
3:43 pm
if you know the area, not far from the independence hall and bib bert bell and philadelphia as we make our way to corner of fifth and market. pete turn around, this is the fifth street independence hall subway station in philadelphia. there is nobody out around that station. they have a little event here planned. the streets are closed off. i can assure you officials tell us subways, trolleys will be up and running tomorrow. speaking to clinton campaign officials about it, they were really downplay being effect of the transit strike anyway. so many people city live close to where they vote. they were not sure it would have much of an impact. moot point. attention paid to this date in the final day of the campaign. hillary clinton already appeared in pittsburgh. here is what she said about pennsylvania when she was there. >> tomorrow, each and everyone of you gets to make a decision,
3:44 pm
as to whether or not, first you will vote. because in pennsylvania it's all about election day. other polices around the country -- places around the country have been voting for weeks. [cheering] and what you will vote for. david: i'm here to ask you to vote for yourselves, vote for your families, vote for your futures. vote on issues that matter to you, because they are on the ballot, not just my name and my opponent's name. [cheering] reporter: key point there made early on by mrs. clinton there is no early voting in this state. so you have to do your voting tomorrow. donald trump knows that full well. i heard you when you were introducing blake burman he is coming back here to pennsylvania. he has a rally in scranton an hour and 15 minutes or some he has been making a run in the poll. cutting double digit deficit in 2 1/2 points so pennsylvania matters.
3:45 pm
tonight why are we here in the area? you may have heard mrs. clinton along with her husband the former president and daughter chelsea will be here. the current president, mrs. obama will be here. if that is not enough, a couple of fairly big names from the world of entertainment, jon bon jovi and bruce springsteen will be here for outdoor concert. we'll see if that helps get-out-the-vote. liz: i wonder if they're in the same line at starbucks? they're both heading to pennsylvania. reporter: that's right. that's where i'm going right now. liz: you and the crew. thank you very much. connell mcshane as you just saw, donald trump just left the stage in north carolina. he is heading to scranton next. closing bell, we are 15 minutes away. the dow climbing back up to session highs. up 330 points. what a race on the markets it has been today, straight up, to the sky. and you know what? it is not even election day. and supreme court has already been called in. the 11th hour request, what it was, and how it matters to every voter in america.
3:46 pm
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the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ liz: ninja turtles and mtv crowd, listen to this one. we're one step closer possibly to seeing a merger. we've been telling you that national amusements, the company controlled by media mogul sumner redstone, national amusements has been pushing for viacom and cbs to american. this news to tell you, cbs might very well be considering it. cbs retained an investment bank and goldman sachs to advise it on a possible merger. both of these stocks are moving higher on the news. viacom jumping 2 and 2/3%. well off the annual high of the year.
3:51 pm
that would be a 53 bucks. viacom at 37. big news there. breaking news, the supreme court has denied the ohio democratic party's request to block voter intimidation at the polls tomorrow. alleged voter intimidation. jeff flock on the ground in columbus, ohio. jeff, tell us what happened. what you're hearing from voters and how big of a concern they still have. reporter: it was stop the steel group, that the democrats filed suit against. lower court judge said sentencely there was something there. he imposed additional restrictions on any poll watchers. that is what stop the steal is about. roger stone group. they want to send additional poll watchers take pictures of people, talk to people. the judge ruled against that. but the appeals court threw that out. and supreme court has decided not to hear it. so they can go ahead with their plans. it is unclear just what those plans will be.
3:52 pm
i would point out also in this state, liz, john husted, you know is the republican secretary of state, who administers elections, he is donald trump supporter and republican. he says when it comes to rigged elections, i part company with donald trump on that. there is not going to be a rigged election in ohio. there may be scattered fraud here or there it will not amount to anything. here are the headlines how the race is going. cuyahoga county latest numbers, democrat county, turnout there down 14% compared to year ago. not good for democrats. in hamilton county, early turnout, early vote turnout up 40% for republicans, down, or up also for democrats 10% though. early voting ended here at 2:00 local time, liz. you see back behind me that ballot drop-off box. that is for absentee voters. they can drop them off. a lot of people came after 2:00, maybe this lady who wanted to vote. i don't know, if you vote already? >> yeah.
3:53 pm
reporter: you did? who did you vote for? somebody calling you there, huh? there you go. somebody calling her. i don't know who she voted for. we'll find out tomorrow. liz: just intimidated her, that is voter intimidation. >> still can't get her phone going. that is what it looked like. supreme court. liz: way more interested in who is calling her than you, jeff. you with the microphone. not exciting. >> anybody? reporter: no comment? there you have it. the latest from ohio. liz: thank you so much. the great state of ohio. listen, love it, my second home. we are less than about seven minutes to go before the trading session ends. look at dow 30 heat map, folks. all 30 names in the green. if you own any of these names, whether it is boeing, minnesota mining and manufacturing, apple, nike, everything is moving higher. the dow is heading back up to session highs. we'll see if we hit them.
3:54 pm
that would be 35. right now -- 356. we had a new high up 361. you can't miss these last couple minutes. the dow, the s&p and nasdaq looking to snap losing streaks. for s&p it was nine-day losing streak. keep it here. we have a lot of breaking news.
3:55 pm
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and talk to unitedhealthcare about our plans, like aarp medicarecomplete. let's get you on the right path. call unitedhealthcare or go online to enroll. ♪ liz: i'm told jeff flock is still trying to get that voter to comment in ohio. we have three minutes to go before the end of quite the bumpy trading session. this massive rally on wall street, not bumpy at all, actually. just a skyrocket move. we just hit session highs, up more than 363 points. still above 358 for the dow. do you the investor jump in now or on election day tomorrow or should you hold your fire until results are out? joining us a guy who would know, art hogan, chief market strategist at wunderlich securities. hold off or rush? >> you want to hold off. there are way too many combination of things that could
3:58 pm
happen no sense stepping in front of. if i were to step in should we held off in "brexit" that would be wise thing to do. this election is too close to call. election too close to call. could have contested states. this could drag out for period of time. i don't think you jump in. melissa: show the dow, nasdaq, s&p, cycle through some of the two-day moves, pretty stunning here. profit-taking, forget about buying, how about taking something off the table in 300 point gain? >> if you have profits, better off with cash on the sidelines for better opportunities. there are good things and bad things from either outcome, worst out come is contested election but either out, had beautiful day today. nice run-up this year. half of it happened today. when that happens to you, there is opportunity to step aside. liz: look at nasdaq, 122 point gain right this moment, two minutes, two minutes, 1 1/2 minutes to go here.
3:59 pm
let's pick some stocks. on donald trump win, what do you think? >> infrastructure. mid-cycle industrials, things that play into the buildout, not walls but things we actually need. bridges and road work all those things. there is host of mid-cycle industrial companies that will do pretty well. liz: same with hillary. both said they would do infrastructure plays but something different for clinton presidency? >> infrastructure will be win are either way. function how we pay for it and where the money comes from. clinton administration coming through, i think still stay away from health care. health care will be political football a period of time, that is one you want to avoid in period of time. clinton victory. liz: united health is moving on the day. we look to appear to close at highs on a pretty significant market day here. 371 point gain for the dow. for the nasdaq, 1 20 russell,
4:00 pm
small caps, biggest percentage gain, 2 1/2%. gain of 28 points. art hogan of wunderlich securities. [closing bell rings] one day left before election day and we have 2% election eve rally. there is the closing bell. let me hand it to david and melissa for "after the bell." melissa: november surprise for the markets. major rally on wall street as the fbi finds no new evidence against hillary clinton and dow ending at session highs soaring above 369 points. i'm melissa francis. david: wonder if we make 400 today? it is near something highs. i'm david asman. thanks for joining us. this is "after the bell." we have you covered on the big market movers but here is what else we have for you at this hour. the candidates last stand. it is the final day on the campaign trail before you all hit the polls to he elect our next president. donald trump just making his closing arguments to voters in the highly-


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