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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  November 8, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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>> thank for joining us. you know where i'm going right now? i'm going to vote! "varney & company" starts right now. stuart: so am i right after the show, i tell you. what we've got a small lead for hillary clinton nationally. key states moving towards trump. you know, it's too close to call. good morning, everyone. what a ride. we're very happy that you've been with us all the way. donald trump, mike pence, surrounded by family, closed it out in grand rapids michigan. that state democrat for decades is now quote, in play. trump's theme we're going to win and drain the swamp. the clintons and obama rallied
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their supporters with a giant rally. and her closing theme, we must hand the country over to someone we can trust. the president seemed to be campaigning for himself. america stands tall, he said, respected around the world. keep it going with hillary. well, the race is now on. sit back, let's see where america is going. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> so, it's now officially tuesday, november 8th. it is november 8th, the day that we make america great again. >> between now and the time the poll closes tomorrow, we will be living on a prayer. >> this election will decide whether we're ruled by a
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corrupt political class or whether we are ruled by yourselves, the people. >> the choice in this election could not be clearer. it really is between division or unity. >> i promise you this, i will never ever let you down. i promise you. >> because none of us want to wake up wednesday morning and wish we had done more. >> it's been some campaign. they say it's the single greatest movement politically speaking in the history of this country. can you believe that? >> what a wild ride it has been over the past 18 months. well, hillary clinton cast her vote in chappaqua, new york, around 7:00 eastern this morning. donald trump will be voting just in the next hour, we believe. and the first vote, as is tradition, dixville notch, new hampshire, hillary 4, trump 2, gary johnson one.
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mitt romney got a write-in. however, it should tell you, in millsfield, new hampshire, trump won it, 16-4. got it? markets, where are they? dead flat this election day, there was a big rally yesterday. investors appeared to be betting on a split decision. hillary wins the oval office and the republicans keep congress, and keep her in check, that's so-called stability. down a little bit today, but big up yesterday on the split decision possibility. look who is with us, frequent guest frequently, peter navarro. let me put it to you, investors want a split decision. they don't want your guy to win, but kept in check by by republicans.
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>> and i saw sneak in, republicans in control. investors if they want a split decision they'll get what they get, zero on interest rate returns and a market that goes side ways or down for ten years. want that? >> i'm talking about wednesday morning when you come in here if it's a split decision, that's what the market wants. >> if the market goes down on a trump victory, people are going to miss the biggest, biggest move up you've seen. stuart: ever corps partners quoted on the left, hillary supporters, they said if trump wins, tomorrow morning, wednesday morning you've got a 5 or 6% drop on the dow. why are you laughing? >> because the guy who runs ever corps partners is the same guy in 19 what, 1994 who lied to congress about the first hillary scandal and had to resign from the treasury department. that's ever corps, it if i'm not mistaken. stuart: are you discounting if
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trump wins it's going down 5%? >> not going to happen. at the end of the day, all you need to know taxes down growth up. regulation down, growth up. energy prices down, growth up. that's the trump agenda. stuart: i'm with you, i am with you. >> who are the investors who think that hillary clinton's going to be good for the market or that it's a split and divided government where we don't deal with obamacare? where we don't deal with the trade issues, where we don't deal with the corporate tax? how can this be -- who are these investors? they must be the saudi arabiaen people who want this country to fail or something? i don't know. who are these, stuart? tell me. stuart: just remember, you're with me for the next hour. >> i've got plenty here. stuart: timeout for a political-related news story. we're talking now about the gun maker, smith & wesson in business since 1852. guess what?
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they want to change their name. and that is interested in this election season. ashley, tell me one thing. what do they want to be called on why do they want to change. ashley: the american outdoor brands corporation which sounds very dull. however, they say their best selling handguns will still be known by smith & wesson name. they do this because they sell more than handguns, hunting knives, camping equipment and flashlights. they want a name at that better reflects the overall company. but, i can tell by the look on your face that you believe it's gun related and they don't want to have a gun name associated with them. >> no, it's not. stuart: lizzie liz: it's not gun related. you're make a big ado about nothing. stuart: it's gun related liz: dick's sporting goods are not dick's guns. [laughter] . stuart: we're in a light
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hearted mood. let me change since i'm losing to lizzie. the campaigner in chief, president obama, i think he's made 15 appearances for hillary clinton. listen to what he said now, roll tape. >> almost every country on earth sees america as stronger and more respected today than they did eight years ago. stuart: almost all, almost every country on earth we stand tall. >> really? >> in the eyes of the world. who better to bring in than ambassador john bolton. why are you smiling? >> because the man is dreaming. this is the kind of world view that's led to an unprecedented american decline around the world in region after region. the only people who are happy with the direction america is going in are our add ver s
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adversaries around the world. if we elect hillary clinton, she'll be obama's third term on national security. stuart: you were the ambassador to the united nations for america and you know the diplomatic circles and know the world leaders. who do they want in power in america, hillary clinton or donald trump? >> well, i think there's a natural small sea conservative among diplomates, they prefer to have something that they know rather than something that this he don't. stuart: hillary clinton? >> if you look at what they say about obama after complaining about george w. bush for being too pushy and too assertive, they now complain about obama pulling back too much. they're never really happy with what america is doing. what they fear more than anything else is a weak america and that's what we've got now. that's what will continue. stuart: okay. now, if hillary clinton does win, she faces, there you are, she faces allegations of pay to play, that's the ongoing
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foundation mess. and she also faces allegations that she mishandled classified information. the new york post says she had her maid printing state department messages, some of which could have been the nation's secrets. there's a kind of dark cloud, mr. ambassador, for an ongoing president. >> this goes directly to the question who will control the house and the senate. most observers think that e is upcans will control the in the air. if the republican takes both houses she'll face continued investigations. james comey has ruined his reputation and badly hurt the fbi and the justice department. i think there will be extensive hearings on the conduct of the investigation let alone on the e-mail server and the clinton foundation, as you just said, is a field of investigation that could go on forever. stuart: what about the supposed relationship between putin of russia and donald trump? >> this has got to be the silliest thing i've heard in a long time. if i were vladimir putin
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sitting in the kremlin, there'd be no doubt in my mind, the president i would want would be hillary clinton. he knows her well from four years of dealing with her as secretary of state. he knows she's just as weak as obama is. he knows she's indecisive. i would fear a strong american leader which is what trump will be. ironically it's only a strong american leader that could deal with putin and actually find areas of cooperation. if he has contempt for the president, he's not going to bother to deal with him, that's the ways' treated obama and that's the way he'll treat hillary. ambassador john bolton. thank you very much, sir. we'll bring you something different. you'll here something for the next 24 and 48 hours. the ohio state marching band they paid tribute to super heroes during the game with nebraska. known for their shows. is that thor liz: iron man.
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stuart: the next one, batman, how about that? that's spider-man. >> yeah. stuart: that's very difficult to do, can you can't-- unless you're in north korea. [laughter] it's very difficult to pull off. we'll get members on that one. >> you will. [laughter] >> sorry, it's election day. thanks, everybody. hillary clinton sending a cease and desist letter to tv stations she wants to stop airing a pro trump ad that says she's under investigation from the fbi. cease and desist from the fbi. and america is not just voting for president, lots of ballots. five states voting on legalization of recreational marijuana. "varney & company" don't end at noon sod, -- today, we're coming back this afternoon, come on at 6:00 and joining again at 6:00. neil cavuto takes over at 8:00 and we're on the air until this thing is over. this is "varney & company." yes.
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>> yes, it's election day and what you're looking at there is javits center in new york city. that's where hillary clinton will be tonight as the election results are in. she did cancel the fireworks, canceled them a couple of days ago. individual stocks which will be moving today, this election day, starts off with cbs they had a lousy forecast of the future and open up down 10, 12 bucks per share, similar at sea world, that stock is unchanged. no big drop there at sea world. there. v -- cvs.
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and he needs to flip at least one of the following states, new mexico, michigan, west virginia, wisconsin, flip one of them, please. and you get early results and trends. north carolina and ohio close at 7:30. he gets either one of those we'll get a race and the way things are going. who better to join us than rnc communications director who will not be sleeping for at least 24 hours. >> i don't think so because i'm going to be celebrating. stuart: i think we will get an early indication, especially from north carolina and pennsylvania. we will see the trend very quickly. >> i think so. we feel very good about north carolina. we were down going into election day 2012. 450,000 votes. democrats tend to vote early and run up the score. mitt romney won north carolina,
9:17 am
over came a 450,000 vote deficit going in. we've cut that in half this cycle. stuart: mitt romney had a 450,000 deficit in the early vote. >> in the early vote and won on election day. we've cut that vote way down and they know they're in trouble. we're going to flip north carolina and keep it red. stuart: there are four key senate races which will pretty much decide who runs the senate after-- in the next session. we've got ayotte in new hampshire, johnson in wisconsin, burr in north carolina and hecht . you have to have a strong turnout to have a positive effect on the down market vote. >> right, we are going to keep the senate. stuart: you can't say that. >> dr. heck is going to be senator elect heck. it was harry reid in his back yard and make that red. stuart: you're going to love that.
9:18 am
that one of all of them to beat harry reid. >> that one is going to be bit are sweet for us, harry reid has prided himself on turnout we're going to take that and put it in the red. stuart: it was harry reid that lied on the floor of the senate. >> which time? [laughter] >> good one. >> he's lied about trump, lied about romney and that's the tip of the iceberg. stuart: will you be gleeful tonight if heck wins in nevada? >> oh, yeah, just knowing how much he has talked and what it takes to overcome really shows how little machine he has left and how little people of nevada really-- because they're ready for change and dr. heck has done a phenomenal job in the house. i think he's worked his tale off, put a really good campaign together. he's going to overcome the machine there and be the next senator from nevada. stuart: i think you've got at least ten minutes off in the next--
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so maybe go take a rest, okay? >> i don't know how to do that. there will be plenty of time at the end of the week. stuart: thank you for joining us. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: much obliged. donna brazile does a radio interview, asked about feeding questions to the clinton campaign. she does not apologize for cheating, but is sorry she got caught. you'll hear all about it next. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled
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>> the dnc chair donna brazile left cnn after e-mailing questions. the subject heading red from time to time, i get the questions in advance. in the body of the e-mail was a question about unions that was suspiciously similar to a question that was indeed asked. now, donna brazile asked about leaking questions in an interview with sirius xm radio said this. >> let me be clear. >> all right. >> i've been straight up and down i don't have any sideways on this. i'm going to-- if i had to do it all over again, i would know a hell of a lot more cyber security, i would know a hell of a lot more about foreign intervention in
9:24 am
our electoral process. stuart: it was the russians that did it. ashley: you know what? she's not sorry, liberal commentators say they should have known better. what she's saying, i got caught, that's what i'm sorry for. why not meet them in a dark alley. and hillary clinton shouldn't have disclosed she got a question ahead of time. she was better prepared. it's can cheating. stuart: bottom line, it's the whole side of the story which has never been brought out. hillary clinton cheated liz: right, period. so it shows, what happened with donna brazile and others are saying about it, cheating is okay. no it's not okay. the loyalty is to the viewer, to the reader, all pundits and journalists need to remember that. she's an activist, her loyalty is to politics.
9:25 am
stuart: peter can't get in a word. go. >> drain the swamp. that was violence to bernie sanders, vote for trump today. you got the shaft by donna brazile. you can get it right by voting for drun. stuart: our competitor cnbc was also found to be colluding, specifically john harwood. his name keeps reappearing to the e-mails to john podesta. while we're on the air tonight, lou dobbs, neil cavuto and others, into the wee hours bringing you the election news. harwood will be heading up cnbc's coverage. i ask you who you going to watch? come on, sports, fans. you're witnessing history, today you have the chance to change the future of this country. the power is in your hands. we'll bring you the opening of the market in a moment.
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>> all right. we've got 30 seconds to go until we start trading on this, tuesday, november the 8th. what happened yesterday, a
9:30 am
whopping rally, up more than 300 points. why in-- why? that they figured that hillary will win the white house and the republicans would control congress. today we're expecting a flat opening. boom, there you go! it's open on election day and we've opened with kind of a mixed market. i don't expect a great deal of movement today although i could be wrong. you won't get any early results until way after the market closes so in the first few seconds we're down 30 points and there's an even split, winners and losers on the dow. how about the s&p 500? what's that doing as we speak? the dow is down a fraction, so, too, is the s&p. it's down .2%. show me the nasdaq, please. the technology issues, where are they going? they're down .2%. uniformly flat, despite that's lower. where is oil? not playing much on the stock market today.
9:31 am
they're $44 a barrel. individual companies with news and they're moving. at&t, they've got a streaming service and to get it going, they're giving away free apple and amazon gadgets. they want you to sign up liz: it's a monster give away. usually apple tv stand alone, $150. you get the free fire device and apple tv trying to take it to the other streaming companies. h.b.o., disney, a whole slew up to 100 channels on directv. stuart: that's what i'll get if i get the at&t streaming thing liz: looks like a good deal. stuart: whatever you say, liz. [laughter] whatever you say liz: whatever. stuart: show me tesla, it's going to start charging money for the worldwide electric charging stations. i want details on that. ashley: their super charger networks, anyone buying a tesla after january 1st next year will have to pay to charge up. the first thousand miles free
9:32 am
every year, other than that you're going to have to pay. how much? they're not telling us, but cheaper than filling up a gasoline car. there you go. they say the prices will vary around the country because the price of electricity will vary around the country. stuart: i'm just not sure about tesla, not sure. ashley: not quite there. stuart: how about twitter? show me that, please. i've got a number for you, 15% of accounts on twitter discussing elections are robots. i don't like the sound of that liz: meaning that tweets were generated by robots and not real life people. even usc looked at it and oxford university. between the first and second debate according to oxford university, a big slug, a fifth to a third talking pro trump or pro hillary came from robots. this is not good for either campaign. stuart: if you can engage the system like that, you can jig the system, whatever you want to call it, gain the system.
9:33 am
ashley: manipulate the system. stuart: doesn't look good. now, this story that we brought to you earlier, that would be smith & wesson. you know they're a gun company. well, they want to change the name. ashley, what is the new name and why do they want to change. ashley: the exciting name is american outdoor brands corporation, but will be keeping the smith & wesson name on the best selling handguns. why are they doing this? because they say they're more than a gun store. they're selling camping equipment and hunting knives and flashlights. they say this name better describes their overall company. stuart: we've gone through this before. i think they want to get away from the concept of guns because they think that hillary is going to win and they think that hillary is going to impose liability on gun manufacturers and if she does that, guns are in real trouble. so you call yourself an outdoor company liz: that's a good argument. stuart: so you accept it? five minutes ago i was crashed. gee, you can turn on a dime liz: i appreciate it. i don't agree with it, i
9:34 am
appreciate it. stuart: now this, the parent of the food channel and travel channel says it's not renews its distribution deal with netflix. i don't know what that's about liz: it's about money. scrips is saying they can't make money off netflix. they saw their distribution revenue go down and stick with the way they usually sell, put on the food network or learn how to make a deviled egg kind of shows, they're not on netflix anymore, i think that's a blow to netflix saying, no, we're not signing up with you anymore. stuart: we've got the dow down 38 points. not a lot of movement, but we have one stock where there's serious movement. cvs. they' they've cut their profit forecast. >> the stock moves to lows we haven't seen since 2014. stocks down 16%, they had to cut their earnings forecast. they're facing intense competition from walgreen's and walgreen's has actually been scooping up the deals and contracts.
9:35 am
in fact, cvs says they plan to lose more than 40 million retail prescriptions in 2017. that's terrible. and you know what? walgreen's actually got a deal with the defense department among others, not good news for cvs. stuart: thank you, nicole, something different for you now in this particular block of the program. normally we're all over stocks. something different, we're focusing on the economic policies of hillary clinton and donald trump. to do that, we have with us, of course, peter navarro, trump guy on the right and andy green on the left. welcome to the program. let me lay down the law, please. we don't want a shouting match. so i'm going to give you each 30 seconds. it will be very strictly timed and the topic will be decided by me. [laughte [laughter] >> i'm going to give you the privilege of going first, andy green. tell me about hillary clinton's plan to grow the economy, go.
9:36 am
>> hillary clinton's plan of growing the economy is investing in our people and future. she's going to invest 250 billion into infrastructure, hopefully more, there's a lot to be done to fix our crumbling bridges and highways and rebuild our transit. she's going to invest in people making sure there's child care available and paid family and medical leave so our families can get to work and make sure they're earning money for their families. she's going to make sure that where equal pay for equal work so women can-- >> you were good. i mean, you were good. you get it out there. peter navarro starting now, 30 seconds. >> hillary's going to raise taxes to fund the infrastructure plan, that's a loser. donald trump double the growth rate. cutting taxes unleer leashing energy costs. eliminating trade deficit boosting exports, reducing
9:37 am
imports we'll get to 4%, 3 1/2% and double the growth rate from hillary and obama. you had six seconds to spare there. >> can i fill those in? >> no, andy green, you may not have the six seconds. >> the trump administration it's going to be more efficient. stuart: i want to talk debt. andy, do you first, hillary clinton says her policies will not add a dime to the debt. i believe that's a direct quote. answer that, please, starting now. >> well, look, let's compare the candidates clearly, donald trump's plans raise-- add 6 trillion to the debt. use today raise 9 trillion to the debt, but cut that back. where did he do that? cut three quarters of that back by hitting the middle class parts of the tax cuts, leaving the tax cuts for the millionaires and billionaires like himself. hillary clinton's plan raises taxes on those who can afford it and corporations and others who are taking advantage of loopholes moving jobs overseas and a responsible plan to make
9:38 am
sure that the future of this country-- all right. [laughter] >> you said something which really got under my throat right there. mr. green. you said raising taxes on those who can afford it. that was a mistake. now, peter, you've got 30 seconds to answer about debt and trump's plan. go. >> tax cuts for trump is going to reduce revenues by 2.6 trillion dollars. okay. we get growth though. on the other hand, with the growth, we raise 2.4 trillion dollars and with the spending cuts, we get a revenue neutral plan, double the growth rate, 25 million jobs and a stock market that takes off to hit 25,000 on the dow within the first term. stuart: okay. again, you get six seconds. andy, you'll get a chance. . [bell ringing] >> this time, next round, i'm going first to peter because i want to talk trade. the rub on donald trump has
9:39 am
always been he'll start a trade war. give me 30 seconds on trump and trade. go. >> we lose over a percentage point of gdp a year from bad trade deals. and donald trump's going to eliminate that trade deficit by increasing our exports, reducing our trade-- our imports and he's going to do that by repealing nafta and a better deal from mexico, stopping china's cheating and working with trading partners, germany, japan, south korea to have a more quitable distribution. and that's why the people of michigan are going to be voting for donald trump. [bell ringing] >> 30 seconds exactly. andy, hillary clinton and trade, please. >> hit on a real problem that a lot of americans are suffering from globalization that's not benefitted them. but unlike donald trump she's got a real plan how to address it. invest in manufacturing, be tough with the trade prosecutor, take a look at
9:40 am
other aspects of the economy, investing in infrastructure, making sure we don't have tax cuts for companies that ship jobs overseas, it's a holistic plan that's going to work for americans. stuart: gentlemen, you did well, it's election day and contentious stuff. i've got 30 seconds for myself and i've got a question for you, andy green. i ask every democrat this question. what should be the top rate of federal income tax? >> the-- well, secretary clinton has proposed a 4% surtax on those paying and looking back to go. eisenhower we had 90% rate. if we want to address income inequality i think we ought to look at history. stuart: you want the federal rate up to 47, 48, 49, maybe 50, 51%? yeah? mr. green? yes? >> that's what secretary clinton proposed. stuart: there you go.
9:41 am
>> and it seems a modest way to address income inequality and address priorities like childhood. stuart: i'm not going to jump all over you, i'm going to say good morning and thank you very much, appreciate it. check that big board, it's a dead flat market, it's election day and don't know the results of the election obviously and we're still polling. we're down 18 points. i'll give you a live look at a polling station in chicago. they're up and running 8:41 there. quite a few people coming in there. on the east coast, donald trump is expected to vote later this morning, he'll be voting in manhattan. as for hillary, she cast her vote around 7:00 eastern time this morning, in chappaqua, new york. we've got coverage, the second edition of "varney & company" going from 4:00 to 6:00 a.m. eastern. and then lou dobbs and neil cavuto at 8:00. we'll all be up till very, very late.
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to learn more. go long.
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>> it's election day, not much movement in the stock market, you wouldn't expect that. it might be a different story tomorrow morning, but right now we're down just 33 points. that's where we are. now to the all important battle ground state of florida. early voting has been underway for days and our adam shapiro has been doing fine work there. he's in a poll place in ybor city, how do you pronounce it? ybor city. >> we started in ybor city, thank you, we've started in ybor city and went to different places, and this is greater metropolitan tampa, the bellwether county for florida. already 55% of registered voters have cast a ballot. that's everything from voting
9:46 am
early to vote by mail and then today going to the polling station to vote. i'm at a polling station because we've moved, this is precinct 115 where slightly more republicans have voted than democrats. and you see that playing out in hearts of hillsboro county. this is the video of lines, this is hollywood beach, and you hear about the strong turnout of latino voters and see that in miami-dade and broward counties and that's where hollywood beach is located. you see the long lines there. in hillsboro, you're not seeing the lines because going into today, more than 50% of registered voters cast the ballot. at 7 a.m. we had 24,000 at several hundred predicts casting ballots. in hillsboro county what everyone is watching, it's the bellwether. stuart: thank you, we'll see you soon. now, if the results tonight are
9:47 am
really close, you can expect some challenges to the results, legal challenges. judge napolitano is here and i have to ask on what legal grounds could a candidate challenge any result? >> unfortunately, there's 51 different answers to that question because there's 51 different jurisdictions. the 50 states and district of columbia. most states limit the challenge to if the challenge succeeds will it affect the outcome. example. let's say there's a thousand votes between donald trump and hillary clinton in new york and he challenges voting that he says was irregular and it would affect 50. the courts won't hear it because the election laws do not guarantee a perfect result, they guarantee a fair result. even if his challenge of 50 would prevail, it wouldn't bring them-- it wouldn't change the outcome. now, some states foment a challenge on any basis, one of which is our home state of new jersey. anything you want.
9:48 am
any ten voters can demand a recount. they have to pay for the recount. now, a recount is different than a challenge. because a recount. stuart: yes. >> sets in motion the machinery of government and unless there's a sound basis for the recount, the courts would block it from happening, even if the challengers want to pay for it. some states have an automatic challenge if the distance between the voters is 1/2 of 1%, in michigan, it's 2000 votes or fewer. again, it's different all over the place. stuart: i ask because there's lots of grounds to challenge a or recount. you could expect this to go late. if it were to go to the supreme court, if it happened it's a 4-4 tie, shouldn't ruth bader ginsburg recuse herself because she said nasty stuff. >> i don't think you should assume it's a 4-4 tie, justice kennedy often votes with his
9:49 am
progressive colleagues. all over judges in the county would require a recusal if the judge expressed an opinion in the public on the matter before her except for the justices of the supreme court. can the other seven force her to recuse herself? no. is there any way to be forced to recuse herself? no. would she recuse herself? probably not. she would say i will separate my personal views from the my understanding of the law. whether she does that only she and her heart and the almighty would know. stuart: hillary clinton serving out cease and desist ads on pro trump ads that says she's under investigation by the fbi. >> the letters are hogwash, she is under investigation by the fbi. the alleged secretary of state. she's available in three months.
9:50 am
you want to see her in a week, make a contribution and get in. those exact words weren't articulated, but words to that effect and that's one investigation. the other is is the clinton foundation a slush fund intended to enrich its creators? is it a criminal enterprise, one that does not do what it tells its donors it's going to do? that 100 fbi agents are investigating. various points of time she had influence over the clinton foundation, various points in time she had none. is it fair to say she's being investigated by the fbi? it is. not the e-mail scandal, which has been terminated, but the other two are still out there. one by the public construction group. one by the national security group. did her decisions as secretary of state, intended to influence the foundation, affect national security? yes. stuart: you said it's a rhetorical question. you set up the question. judge, see you later. >> you got it. stuart: check out the big
9:51 am
board, election day, now we're down 50 points. 53 points, okay. now, recreational pot. that's on the ballot in five states, including california. we will find out tonight how many states will let you smoke marijuana for fun and we'll be back. hey gary, what'd you got here? this bad boy is a mobile trading desk so that i can take my trading platform wherever i go. you know that thinkorswim seamlessly syncs across all your devices, right? oh, so my custom studies will go with me? anywhere you want to go! the market's hot! sync your platform on any device with thinkorswim. only at td ameritrade
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9:55 am
>> recreational pot is on the ballot in five states today. that would be massachusetts, maine, nevada, arizona and the big one, california. that is a big deal if california says yes liz: polling says exactly that. if california legalizes, they already have legalized medical marijuana, it will open the flood gates and you'll have a lot of states following california. it often sets a trend. the five states with pot on the ballot more than half of the population will be in states with legalized states. >> we've got a total of nine. stuart: five on the ballot liz: total nine have pot on the ballot. stuart: tell me this, what's the tax revenue from states like arizona and colorado and i think d.c. which have already legalized it for-- liz: colorado, i don't think
9:56 am
it's d.c., colorado and washington and the states tax revenues, is an incentives tore states to pass marijuana. stuart: it looks like it. four states have gun laws on the ballot in california, maine, nevada and washington. what are gun laws there? >> maine, for instance, wants to expand the amount of background checks to nearly all gun sales and transfers. what's interesting, the opponents are growing, and outspending the gun proponents. and they could pass. interestingly, there are no measures anywhere in the united states calling for expanded gun rights. which is unusual. four states are looking for more gun regulation and maine calling for all, basically all purchases and transfers of guns require a background check, which is unusual and analysts say they've been spending a lot of money, the gun opponents in four states. stuart: in maine, a father who hunts would have to go through a background check.
9:57 am
ashley: yes. stuart: to hand that gun to his son or daughter, that's what you'd have to do in maine, if it passes. ashley: yes. stuart: all right. let's not forget, smith & wesson changed its name to get away from guns, isn't that right, liz liz: yes, i reported on it. stuart: this is election day. the last eight years, i think there's been quite a shift in american owe site, mainly, the shrinking of the middle class. you'll get my take on the top of the hour on that subject. stay there.
9:58 am
9:59 am
>> there is a profound shift going on in our society. this is way beneath the surface. i'm talking about the crisis in middle america. i'm talking about the 60%. know the 20% wealthy or the 20% poor, the people in the middle. they are squeezed and they feel it and they're reacting to it. here is a telling statistic. half the people in america make
10:00 am
less today than they did in 1999. that's adjusted for inflation and that's accurate and that is astounding. it's not happened since the great depression, three generations ago, and it's gotten worse in the last eight years. there's a deep sense of unease. america should not be like this. we're the country of scope, opportunity, upward mobility. this is the place to climb the food chain and your children will do better, but it's not. that's what trump seized on. figured that trade, tax and immigration policies were no longer working for the middle. he railed on those policies and the elite hated it. trump has set off a middle class revolt and upended politics. the rich, the elites, they now vote democrat. no matter who wins today, you can't put the genie back in the bottle. the revolt of middle america is now apparent. i've said this every day for
10:01 am
the last week. we're very glad to have you with us. thank you. we're watching history together. the second hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ ♪ the long and winding road that leads to your door ♪ >> yes, the anchor gets to choose the music. [laughter] the anchor likes the beatles and i think the long and winding road of this campaign is very apt, do you not? it did this long and winding road started 18 months ago and america votes today. got it. check that big board. this is election day, obviously. we're not going to go very far in terms of stock prices, people are waiting for the results. we're down 35. how about the price of oil?
10:02 am
i'm looking at $44 a barrel. no impact on stocks. the price of gold, i think it's retreated from the 1300 an ounce mark a little. 1283 to be precise. couple of stocks that are moving, individuals, not connected to the overall market, look at cvs, way down 12% lower and they say their profit in the future will not look so good. how about twitter? this is serious stuff. a new university study says 15% of accounts talking about the elections are basically robots. can't trust that. twitter is down below 18. hillary clinton and donald trump spent monday travelling around the country and that was the final campaign push. listen to the final appeals, here they are. >> so, it's now officially tuesday, november 8th. and it is november 8th, the day that we make america great again. >> between now and the time the poll closes tomorrow, we will
10:03 am
be living on a prayer. >> this election will decide whether we're ruled by a corrupt political class or whether we are ruled by yourselves, the people. >> the choice in this election could not be clearer. it really is between division or unity. >> i promise you this, i will never ever let you down. i promise you. >> because none of us want to wake up wednesday morning and wish we had done more. >> it's been some campaign. they say it's the single greatest movement politically speaking in the history of this country. can you believe that? >> all right, now let me show you the headlines this morning. well, they favor hillary across the board pretty much. the new york times, optimism from hillary clinton and darkness from donald trump at campaign's end. kind of predictable, i think.
10:04 am
look, i understand trump's message, make america great again. derstands that and you may believe it or not. >> right. stuart: what is hillary's message? >> hillary's message is stronger together which she poll tested 85 times before picking her slogan and considering throughout the campaign process she's called the republican her enemies and trump supporters baskets of deplorables, it's difficult for people to glom onto that message and let's not forget that people don't feel stronger together with hillary clinton. they don't feel like she's a relatable candidate. they don't feel that she's the same type of person in terms of being held to the same standard of the law. and the stronger together thing. 85% different-- >> i missed that. 85 different slogans were poll tested. >> yes, i have a few here. one of them was more-- progress for the rest of us,
10:05 am
building a better tomorrow. go further. renewing our basic bargain. so there was dozens of these and the one that poll tested the best was stronger together and that's how we got that on the side of her plane and that's what we've seen in front of her speeches as well on her signs. stuart: i'd love to know the other sign of the coin. did donald trump do any poll testing? >> no, he said at a rally earlier in his campaign, let's make america great again and that became the slogan. stuart: he loved it, and the audience picked up on it. >> they started making hats and mag. >> make america great again. stuart: and liz, what's this hillary working on two speeches tonight? >> from mike emanuel, chief is preparing fo speeches, a victory speech and if she loses speech and worked on them late
10:06 am
through the night and will continue to work on them this afternoon. and he asked her about internal polling numbers, wouldn't reveal, the campaign will not reveal internal polling numbers talking florida, pennsylvania and michigan, say they feel strong about those three states. stuart: really, they would not reveal the internal polls, i thought they'd come on strong and say, we're doing great. ashley: and that people wouldn't vote if it's in the bag. stuart: and jinx. you'd jink it. i jinxed the jets. i still say this is anybody's race today. trump does have a path to victory, in part, thanks to what i'm calling a profound shift in the middle class, that was my point in the top of the hour. and with us is a trump economic advisor. take me on, apndy, if you want to. i say that jumped lying all that's going on today is the shrinking middle class which we've not seen in three generations. i think that's a profound new
10:07 am
thing in america. >> you're absolutely right. let's say you're a guy in a midwestern state like pennsylvania, like ohio, mike michigan, and there was a plant where your dad worked, and you worked, all of a sudden the plant sends its production to mexico or to china. you go to get a job, you want to paint houses, work in construction, relatively higher wage jobs, the kind of job i worked going through college or law school and half the people there speak spanish, paid under the table, paid illegally and paid cash, your wage goes down, your your-- you're making less money. tell that guy that trade and open immigration are in his best interest. they're not in his best interest. they've driven wages down and closed paths to the middle class. the policies of the past four years, increasing taxes, increasing regulations so it's difficult. you don't have investment, gdp goes down. increased regulation, people can't open businesses or run businesses so you have fewer
10:08 am
jobs. you've got trade policy which hurts as i just said and immigration policy. illegal-- i'm a fan of legal immigration and i think that trade's really important so i'm not-- but the kind of trade agreements we have and illegal immigration are killing the middle and working class. stuart: i get the impression that donald trump was not able to articulate this before he went on the campaign trail. i think he realized this trend after he announced for the presidency. i think, but he seemed to be growing into the campaign as he goes along. >> he's a got an incredible tuition what's wrong with the country and appeals to working class voters. amazing intuition. as he was on the trail and worked with experts he learned how right he actually was. i don't think anybody-- i don't think the establishment had any idea the reaction people would have to immigration and trade. stuart: very interesting. andy, stay there, please. you'll be there for the hour. i've got breaking news, i want to deal with it about the paris and brussels terror attacks.
10:09 am
what have we got? >> french and belgium authorities put a face to they believe the master mind, in paris of 2015, 130 killed in paris and 30 odd in brussels. his name is osama atta. and the so-called caliphate, they believe he was the man pulling the strings and believe he was behind the brussels attacks. they couldn't figure out the man doing the coordinating and planning for the paris attacks. he's the one now named. where he is? they think he's in raqqa, but they don't know. stuart: that would be interesting, wouldn't it? >> by the way, he's the cousin of the two brothers who blew themselves up in the airport. stuart: it's family deal then. a family of terror. and show you littleton colorado where the polls have opened and voters are starting to come in.
10:10 am
that's littleton, colorado. got it. we have two shows today. another one at 4:00 p.m. eastern this afternoon. former n.r.a. president, david keane joins us at that time. and don't forget, fox business has complete coverage this evening as the results come in. we've got a special show 4:00 to 6:00. this, it may be election day, but we have time to look at-- oh, snake on a plane! . ashley: oh, my gosh. stuart: that's real. it was a flight in mexico. the snake was crawling around the luggage bin and then it dropped to the floor. the crew had to trap it. ashley: economy. stuart: yeah, in economy. they had to get it with blankets and passengers were told to stay calm. liz: how do you stay calm?
10:11 am
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10:14 am
>> more beatles,why not? it's election day. i get by with a little help from my friend. i believe that's ringo. liz: ringo is my favorite. stuart: name the other three. liz: john, george and paul. stuart: and who was the fifth beatle? liz: pete. stuart: she saves. you're looking at davie, florida. november 8th is a historic day for elections. abraham lincoln elected to a second term-- >> did you cover it? [laughter] that was neil cavuto, i was channelling neil cavuto. stuart: 1960 john f. kennedy elected over richard nixon. jfk the youngest person ever
10:15 am
elected of these here united states. i remember that, actually remember it vividly. look at this, east side of manhattan where donald trump is going to cast his vote, a little bit later on this morning. we're expecting him there. we'll show it to you when he arrives. now, donald trump does have a path to victory as of today, but one of his most important voting groups is the evangelicals. look who is joining us now in new york city? i don't know whether-- do you feel comfortable? [laughter] >> okay, now, the evangelicals. you've got to tell me whether or not they're going to turn out in real numbers for donald trump because they did not turn out for mitt romney. >> no, they didn't, but it will be different this time and here is why, stuart. when you think about it, no republican presidential nominee in history has made a stronger commitment to a conservative supreme court or made a stronger defense of the pro-life position than donald trump. and i'm including in that mitt romney, mccain, either of the
10:16 am
bushes and even ronald reagan himself didn't make that kind of commitment before their election and that's why i think that evangelicals are going to turn out. and while it's true having evangelicals doesn't guarantee a win, not having them guarantees a loss. stuart: and you have parishioners and i don't want to single anyone out. >> i want to call some out. stuart: some of them must have come to you and said, we cannot vote for an ungodly, unchristian man like donald trump. i've heard people described them. >> it was different when there were other choices in the primary, i've been with trump in the beginning. now that it's clinton and trump, it's a binary choice. stuart: why were you from the beginning? you thought he could win? >> yes, and i had talks with him.
10:17 am
he thought that christians were marginalized in the economy. even though he's more of a secular guy and candidate he didn't like what he saw happening to christians in the society. to me, that wasn't a political politically correct thing to say. stuart: we've got a crisis with migrants, what's the christian thing with the migrants, they're dying by the thousands trying to get to europe. >> we can't turn our backs on that, we agree on that. we have an obligation to our citizens, keeping our borders and defeating the enemies that is making their lives like this to begin with and these defeating isis. stuart: what do they say to women and children who are flooding the border. what does a christian say, get out, sorry, you can't come in. we're not having you?
10:18 am
can a commission say that in good conscience. >> i think that every christian can come to that on their own conclusion. it's not an individual christian's responsibility to make that decision. god instituted government to come to these decisions and there are hard decisions. there are humanitarian things many things to do without compromising our own citizens. stuart: robert, i'm sure you're here here for the party, welcome to new york. this is a sinkhole, no, that's not a florida, it's in japan. it's a the southern city o of fukuoko: it's there from the broken
10:19 am
water pipes. that's japan. nig nig nigel furrage, he says that america is going to be brexit plus. he's on the show, more varney after this. ♪ your insurance company
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10:22 am
call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ looking for some hot stuff baby this evening ♪ ♪ i need some hot stuff baby tonight ♪ >> don't tell me, i know it. that's "hot stuff". ashley: by who? >> donna is her first name.
10:23 am
ashley: summers. very good. [laughter] >> get through this. on the left-hand side of the screen, ladies and gentlemen, that's colorado, that's littleton, i think, littleton, colorado. it's not just the presidency that we're voting for. several other major issues are on the ballot, scattered across the country. one of the most controversial is the minimum wage. arizona, colorado, maine, washington, they're all voting on an increase, i guess, liz. liz: none for 15 an hour. the biggest increase would be in washington state to $13.50. stuart: okay, so currently it's 7.25 is the federal minimum wage. liz: correct. stuart: maybe higher or lower in the states, but they want to go way up to there. >> seattle is going to 15. stuart: that's already in place. you run at least two restaurant chains. cke-- >> carl's and hardee's.
10:24 am
stuart: thanks for that. >> i say it every time i get a chance. stuart: i think you should. what do you make of the higher minimum wage. >> i think that states making the determination is the right way to go. you shouldn't have the same minimum wage in seattle as you have in birmingham, alabama, there may be different circumstances. what states and cities should consider, one, you can't increase the cost of labor with minimum wage, minimum hours, there's a new overtime regulation coming out of the department of labor. obamacare, you can't raise the cost of labor and at the same time decrease the amount of disposable income that consumers have by premiums of obamacare and expect the economy to go. your economy may suffer. stuart: i saw a huge new vast area of screen menus and somebody runs from the kitchen and gives it to you. >> well, you have a screen here and you have an app. you don't need. we don't need the screens in the restaurants anymore, you can do this on the phone. stuart: and the wait staff takes the heat.
10:25 am
ash, what's this about sugary drinks for extra taxes. ashley: putting a tax on them. three cities in the bay area will have this to vote on, san francisco, berkley, and boulder colorado, and four cities, have a levy on drinks. not just that, but some sports drinks. what do you think, andy? >> do we want the government to tell us what to drink? and these cities that have weight problems, san francisco, boulder, and they're eating welco well. do they need a sugar tax? i think it's ridiculous. stuart: welcome back. top democrat doug shone, no, he's not going to vote for hillary because of the e-mail investigation? has he changed his mind? he's on the show next. and hillary clinton planned a huge fireworks display on the hudson river in new york city to celebrate what she thinks is going to be a victory. she's now canceled the
10:26 am
fireworks, no reason given. good view in new york. we'll be back. ♪ it's always someone i see ♪ ♪ ♪ the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day.
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10:29 am
stuart: would vote in seven days. six days to the boats with five days until the boat. three days of the vote, two days ago. we vote tomorrow. actually, we vote today. it is here come the sports fans at america votes as today, november the eighth. we hope you'll stay with us all day. "varney & company" will be back with 46:00 p.m.
10:30 am
lou dobbs takes over. we are making the claim that we will go all the way through until we've got a new president. that is a dangerous thing. we will need some sleep sometime. we are down just 26 points. a relatively flat market as america makes up its mind about the next presidency. a different story tomorrow morning. look who's here. doug shown. a clinton pollster who said no, i'm not going to vote for hillary clinton. have you changed your mind? >> stuart, the fbi directors pronounced on sunday i switched some but not all my concerns. stuart: seems like it's really difficult. >> is a difficult challenge. the process had been so unusual, but one thing is for certain. after election day the fun is only going to begin. republicans will keep
10:31 am
investigating. the fbi will keep investigating. we could well have gridlock or worse. >> i think you're right. you could have some of the elections challenged if they are particularly close. >> is a look at the map will talk about in a second, the state-by-state is within the margin of error. >> that make at this rate. the key states from individuals dave are so narrow win or loss for hillary l. donald trump. you've got florida, ohio, pennsylvania, michigan, colorado, north carolina all within the margin of error. hillary clinton does have a clear statistical advantage but it's not there again. >> i hear the democrats have a very sophisticated ground game. analysis. they know who to connect with google is telling them where to
10:32 am
go and there's a great deal of time in pennsylvania and michigan. that surprises me, especially michigan. >> they are also worried about pennsylvania giving the event last night with the president and the former president. the events in cleveland but lebron james, jr smith, beyoncé, jay-z. they are very worried. the bottom line and let donald can win pennsylvania or michigan, i don't think it's going to be president. >> it's all about turnout. if they turn out in huge numbers, his constituency wins. >> a better ground game and has a core constituency. stuart: no enthusiasm. >> there is no enthusiasm. they are turning out. i had a report here at 1:00 in the morning in virginia a couple days ago.
10:33 am
12,000 people waited in the cold until 1:00 in the morning to see donald trump. >> the question is can not translate into a bigger than usual turnout among working-class, those without college education who have been a declining force in our politics and the republican party. stuart: doug, thanks for joining us. it's a fascinating week, month. appreciate it. tom bevan is that the spd is the man from real clear politics. the cofounder thereof. i want to ask you, without getting too complicated than it really does get complicated. i found it very difficult to make heads and tails of it. as i understand cummings got to win north carolina, florida, new hampshire which at the moment are a tossup. he's been got to flip another left-leaning state like colorado, pennsylvania, michigan. >> that depends what you think
10:34 am
is going on in nevada. he's ahead in ohio, ahead in iowa. he's ahead in the polls in nevada that is a very well-respected pundit who followed the early vote closely and the democrats are above client hello and out of reach for trout. if that's the case is going to have to replace those votes by picking off one of the states you just mentioned. michigan, pennsylvania and is behind the state from 1% to 4%. he would need a real search to make that happen. >> you might get an indication because we will be tonight. we will get an early indication from north carolina and pennsylvania. they may set the trend for the rest of the country. >> first of all, it could be an early night. if he loses florida, sober. we will have an early indication in the polls if trump over
10:35 am
performs his pulse, that's a good sign for republicans and donald trump. we will see with big independent vote their if he's able to do while. that state is basically a tossup by one percentage point in our average. stuart: you are pollster. he did the average of all the major polls. he studied their methodology very carefully. how do you get over the oversampling of democrats? that is the way most polls seem to be going. how do you account for that? >> oversampling has been misconstrued that it is somehow somehow -- doug can speak to this, too. it is merely if your polling certain segments, african-americans might end up with only a small sample in a hotly huge margin of error.
10:36 am
they make sure the margin of error is low enough so you know what the population is actually going to do on election day. there are allegations that some pollsters -- more art than science. the game is what the electorate going to look like on election day? how big is the working class going to be. they use discretion in formulating those and sometimes people get in their and i don't think this is exactly right. and it will come in the wash of use multiple polls. let's not get into that. some of the individual stocks, which are really moving. cbs way down. the car rental company down big i think. nicole, tommy what's happening. >> this is painful to report
10:37 am
because shareholders see a dramatic drop down almost 51% as we speak. we are only an hour and a half in the trading. they came out with a quarter that had slashed their forecasts. they had to then look at the value depreciation of the vehicles. their rental business is down and wells fargo analysts expected a tough quarter but said this quarter was abysmal. we see the stocks now certainly reflecting now. going forward it's not looking much better. they have to change some accounting recently and that too has hurt them. big picture they have high costs and they are not bringing in revenue and dragging down as well. stuart: good lord. 51%. >> there may be something to that. hertz global and hurt the dollar thrifty. stuart: thank you, nicole. what a story. america votes today and i will be voting for the first time
10:38 am
ever anywhere. i am a newly minted american citizen. i will cast my first vote today. i've never voted voted in any election anywhere in my life before. today is my first. i'm just a virgin. i will pose this question to you. do you think of a country that we are stronger than we were eight years ago? president obama thinks so. we'll play that soundbite and you can decide in a moment. first a little levity during election day. a classic clip from "the simpsons." we will roll it. >> america, take a good look at your beloved candidates. nothing but hideous reptiles. it's true. we are aliens. but what are you going to do about it? it's a two-party system. you will have to vote for one of us.
10:39 am
10:40 am
ashley: remember "varney & company" starts at 9:00 eastern. rnc communications director sean spicer and the tight races in the senate. stuart: you have to have a strong turnout for trump in those four states to have an effect, a positive effect on the downmarket vote. >> and we are going to keep the
10:41 am
senate. dr. hackett is going to be senator elect tonight. he's going to take a seat in his back yard and make a red beard stuart: and you're going to love it. i think it's going to be bittersweet for us because it is one that harry reid has prided himself on its organization and turnout. we will take that the encoded in the right column tonight. ptic ia conceptual stage into the real world. did yon your prescriptions? to save up to 95% introducing blink health.
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10:43 am
stuart: added shapiro has been doing duty in florida for several weeks actually. it's election day. what turnout light? >> okay, turnout is running kind of heavy depending where you wire. the early voting was so dramatic more people voted early in florida than total voting in 2000. look what's happening in real-time on the ground. video from broward county where democrats outnumber republicans that these registered people who affiliate with the political party to do one. you see the lines of people going to vote. democrats say optimistically this is a surge of latino voters. they are hopeful this is what is going to propel hillary clinton to the presidency.
10:44 am
take a look back in tampa. this is hillsboro county. this is the bellwether. i'm going to get the numbers and explain why republicans have reason to be happy. going into this morning's voting, democrats added 20,000 light. that is just registered voters. unaffiliated voters 85,000 and had cast ballots going into today and 32% according to republicans are voting republican. that's more than enough to surpass democrats right now on the ground and hillsboro county. stuart: great story, adam. president obama has been campaigning with hillary clinton and he's been talking about america's standing in the world. listen to what he says. >> at almost every country on earth sees america as stronger and more respected today than they did eight years ago.
10:45 am
stuart: i was trying to restrain our gas, kt mcfarland. but don't you tell us what you think. >> more respected? everybody's laughing behind his back. let's go to the russians. in the middle east and ukrainian border and throughout nato. the chinese are grabbing the south china sea, the world's greatest trade route for an internal chinese lake. the israelis and egyptians are they talking to him and iran which he gave everything to give them money, give them sanctions relief, respect, nukes in iran that thank you very much. death to america. stuart: foreign policy, the whole swath of territory. >> i haven't even gotten to the middle east. stuart: i don't act on america's elect your here's where it shows
10:46 am
up. it's an issue people vote for first. but if that concept among the sense that america used to be eight years ago the world superpower come in the country to shape events brought the world and who are we now? the notion there reinforces the notion that we used to be great and we are not anymore and we are no longer a world leader. stuart: that reflects on hillary clinton, secretary of state within the obama administration. can you say objectively what her record was? >> worse than obama. she's been on the wrong side of every policy issue for the last 15 years. invading iraq should not invade iraq. libya, that was her war and that was the one she had to persuade obama to go into libya. afghanistan, iraq, libya iraq twice are all hillary. the fact there was never anybody but a worse record than president obama, secretary
10:47 am
clinton. stuart: this is election day. i'm glad she found time. glad we could restrain you. let's see, in the poster is still with us. gluttons or punishment on this election day. he's an economic adviser to donald trump. he's got a recent blog post. if trump wins the white house, he'll be in your corner, not on the side of big corporate companies. corporate interests and globalist companies. that is what you wrote. you're the ceo of the these two restaurant chains. you're mr. big corporation. >> so i should know. these huge corporations, i've got a lot of questions. why is that wall street supporting trump question buy this cd is not supporting trump? number one and make a lot of money and trade deals. they are manufacturing goods overseas in countries like china.
10:48 am
they get to take advantage of inexpensive labor of lax environmental regulations and missile the goods in the united states and throughout the world. if you're globalist still not be for trump. then there are large companies that he's huge government contracts. now 35% of gdp. if you've got a large contract you don't want the government to spend less and negotiate a deal that donald trump would do. you want the government to spend more and the last thing this regulation where you would think that people that were highly regulated would want a president that would deregulate. troubled deregulate anyway. you want influence than you know you comply with the clintons. not the time to support them and hope you can either get a good regulation where do the banking industry didn't nurture competition. stuart: we ran a little video for a that donald trump coming down the escalator to 16, 2015. thanks very much indeed. it is dead flat. you might expect on election day. tomorrow might be a difference are entirely.
10:49 am
markets are in a holding pattern. next, i lay from the campaign trail. the lighter moments from the campaign we went back all the way to the day when trump announced his candidacy. here's a little teaser for you. >> hillary is little energy. >> very, very low energy. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about the e-mail. you do all this research
10:50 am
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liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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stuart: america votes and what a wild ride it has been over the past 18. these are some of the most memorable moments. take a look. >> america can't succeed unless you succeed. >> and we are going to make our country great again. >> that is why i am officially running for president of the united states. >> don't worry about it, little marco. hillary is very low energy. by the way, carson has lower energy than bush. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about the e-mails. >> it'll be huge.
10:54 am
a huge hair when problem. give me china. did you ever see chinatown? china, china, china. >> we are finally going to guarantee equal pay for women. equal pay for women as for. >> once and for all, let's guarantee equal pay for women. >> i humbly and gratefully accept your nomination for the presidency of the united states. >> i accept your nomination for president of the united states. >> we've never had a nominated for one of our two major parties like donald trump, which he has spent his divisiveness and willingness to engage in bigotry and bluster and holy.
10:55 am
>> you could put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorable spirit >> racist, sexist,, xenophobic, islamic phobia, you name it. >> it is what i grew up in. i'm basically your standard weight miss. now having said all this, why are k. 50 points ahead you might ask? it's awfully good that someone with the temperament to donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country. >> because you'd even jail. >> donald supported the invasion of iraq. the national debt of the united states. >> wrong, wrong.
10:56 am
>> big-league. >> okay. [laughter] >> to monaco back to them or do you want to stay with donald trump? >> trump. future construction worker. nice head of hair. >> use your voice. martin luther watch the barack obama could run. stuart: i'm sorry. we can both do this. it has arrived at the place -- is the just getting into it? just getting out. waves to the crowd. he is about to vote. that is donald trump, presidential candidate, one of the two people who will be the next president of these here united states. ashley: almost 600 days of campaigning. almost 600 days.
10:57 am
stuart: i am trying to do the math. he announced on june 16th last year. ashley: 365 to june. it goes before then. i'm talking about when it was all under way. liz: on the way in to work i the trump tower, security very high. a number of garbage trucks in front of the building to barricade the trump tower and fencing around the area in the police arrive out in force as well. true to donald has extraordinary energy. he did five presentations yesterday way past midnight. he then -- he just went in there to vote. he was up very early this morning. he did fox and friends on the fox news channel at 7:00 this morning. and then, what else did he do? he's gone out to vote.
10:58 am
these inexhaustible. it's incredible. stuart: extraordinary energy from the man. lots of photographs. melania ratepayer. 7:00 this morning hillary clinton voted in new york and this is donald trump at 10:57 a.m. new york city. he is voting us to speak, talking to the people around him. looks like and not a graph. that's interesting. did you give autographs as a presidential candidate? he does. i don't think he cares one way or the other. he's entertaining about a they are. i think she's got her vote. looks like it. he's enthusiastic. the voice you may have just heard was katrina pearce in joining the other set. trump campaign advisor. you can speak. you've got a microphone on. now he's going into the place
10:59 am
where you cast a ballot and pull the lever. historic moment. he's one of the people who could be the president of the united states. stuart: both candidates in new york city tonight. hillary clinton has the javits on the westside. she will be there for the announcement about the results. donald trump eyes presumed would be at the hilton hotel just down the road on sixth avenue. both candidates right in the middle of new york city as the results come in. >> that's right. we are excited to be here. we are excited mr. trump has been able to get his message out to the american public. he is fully committed and for come at you in five states in the day. he's been working really hard. stuart: katrina, more from you in a moment. and now my editorial that i come up with at the end of each and every hour. i think i say this every hour.
11:00 am
we are very glad to have you with us as we watch history unfold together. it's been a wild ride and it started with this june 16, 2015, donald trump stage his presidential announcement to sending him the golden escalator at trump tower. we watched it live. we put it on arab eyes. frankly, we didn't take it seriously. we were shocked that his ideas. build a wall, rip of trade deals. he change politics and we are not laughing now. the wild ride for hillary clinton, too. her journey was not so much about policy. as long and difficult task of beating off a 74-year-old socialist and avoiding constant scandal. trump, the candidate of radical change. clinton, a third obama term. trump grow the economy. clinton redistribute the wealth. trump private enterprise. clinton the candidate of government. trump the champion of the
11:01 am
outsider. clinton the favorite of the abuse. again yes, it has been a wild ride. you've been with us. the third hour of transcendent is about tobegin. -- "varney & company" is about to begin. of course it's election day and hillary clinton cast her vote already this morning. about 7:00 eastern time. donald trump just has to go. he's actually doing it as we speak. he's inside the voting area right now. an all-star lineup for use starting now. former goldman sachs partner, peter kiernan. "forbes" media -- editor-in-chief steve forbes. trump spokesperson, katrina pearson and as always, ashley webster and elizabeth mcdonald. first, let's start with the market spirit is pretty much dead flat.
11:02 am
down six points on an 18,000 index. yesterday there was a big rally may be on the theory that hillary clinton would win the presidency and the republicans would keep congress. that is called a split decision. big move up yesterday. dead flat today. peter kiernan, former goldman sachs partner, is that what investors really want? dead flat and a split decision? >> what they bargained for is an alternative. the robot mentality of weaponry have the white house we will have everything else is something they will settle for. i think the trouble with hillary is to get the three bos. low rate, low growth, low economic and financial return. they are looking for something better. if there is a down draft after trump election is one of the great buying opportunities of all time. bring your bargain hunting hat. stuart: glad you were with us on this historic day. steve forbes, come on into this,
11:03 am
please. the investors appear to want to split decision. hillary in the white house, republicans congress. >> i think they are resigned to the fact that it looks like hillary is going to win the election but nothing's gone according to script in the election cycle so why start on election day so i think we can get some surprises tonight. in fact they think we will. in terms of the split decision if republicans maintain the senate they know the ability of hillary clinton to do too many damaging thing for many damaging things are somewhat limited. what has to be factored in the markets in everything else with the economy next year she is going to try to rule by decree the way barack obama did. as you know the regulators passed the equivalent of 3000 plus was the year. congress a little more than 100. the regulatory agencies are killing the american economy. ashley: nancy pelosi is basically conceding that yes they will not take the house because the fbi decision,
11:04 am
investigation has hung over hillary clinton in the down ballot races. that's what she is predict dean. stuart: one more question to peter kiernan. partners quoted in "politico" this morning saying that trump wins the market goes down 5%. huge selloff tomorrow morning. >> i say if it happens that calm down. bye, bye, bye. i think there's a great opportunity. stuart: i don't think without anyone else on the show the past few weeks is that a trump victory means by it. >> you might recall a similar situation for brexit. everyone was out. it will go down in that represents the bargaining opportunity. the cbs and many others look with their bargaining head. these are opportunities to buy
11:05 am
value. >> this must be music to your ears. the idea that a trump victory would produce a stock market rally eventually. you have to hear this. >> idea which is absolutely right. this is a brexit situation throughout the whole thing. everything was going to crash, collapse. the economy is now rebounding. that's exactly what will happen. stuart: you do think it is a brexit situation. nigel frerotte is our guest in about 10 minutes. you are saying the same thing. >> this is america. when we have someone in his vision which is what you vote for in a president is to grow the economy, to bring back jobs, that's the only direction they can go. stuart: national polls show clinton with a two or 3.8. you are discounting all is that the you see now, look at the state polls. look at the turnout and enthusiasm. you think you're going to win
11:06 am
big? >> i do. i'll tell you why. i've been on the trail in the swing states for the last two months on the women's tour. the amount of support out there which is not showing up in these polls is massive. we have a ton of support out there. those people are voting and congratulations to you by the way. have you cast her first vote yet? stuart: no, i am leaving the studio at 12 noon. >> we have an opportunity to really do something big in america. of course wall street is not happy because they didn't invest the kind of money in donald trump that they didn't hillary clinton. that's why the news is coming out. stuart: steve forbes, i watch her comment saying it's going down 5% tomorrow morning if trump wins. what do you say? >> could have been. have been. you saw in the last 10 sessions before monday the s&p was going down drip drip.
11:07 am
as a liquid trump might pull this thing off. if you don't anticipate a big event you are going to a selloff. that's insurgency and why in the weeks ahead of trump comes up with progrowth policies, follows through what he wants to do in taxes and regulation, the markets will calm down. the markets are in a precarious position anyway. using earnings for two years under pressure. this investment has not been what it should be. that is why the markets on shaky ground anyway regardless of who wins the election. if she wins her know it's going to be more of the same. stuart: dow industrials have turned around. we were up 11 points. that is not a huge turnaround believe me. i do understand that. one small move then you've got a 12-point gain. we have turnaround in there we go. we have spelled out trumps that of the tree for you. i'll do it again. it's a little complicated. here with me, please.
11:08 am
three states, new hampshire, north carolina, florida all currently tossups. in fact, they are a must win for donald trump if he wants to be the next president of the united states. plus he needs to flip at least one of the following states. nevada, colorado, michigan, pennsylvania or virginia. he's got to flip one of those as well as winning the first three to be the president. you know what's coming. he's got that look on your face. you know that it's an uphill struggle. >> you are not going wrong. mr. trump do this would not be easy from the outset. when you have hillary clinton campaign at midnight, that lets you know what we know and that is people are so focused on trying to get mr. trump we may be over that by the end of this night because we are very confident the work he has done and the team has done in the states getting across his message versus the status quo has been resonating and is very
11:09 am
successful. when hillary clinton is in michigan, that the siren for the democratic party. stuart: steve forbes, your presidential candidate yourself. could we get an early indication of the overall trend tonight when we get there early results from north carolina and pennsylvania? >> yes. you are also going to get fairly early from new hampshire and florida when the panhandle closes. if trump is doing well in florida and new hampshire, expect a long night. he's got to flip one of those big states with its pennsylvania, michigan, minnesota, wisconsin. he's got to do it. it's just a matter of math. one of the crazy things the nebraska has a system where electoral votes go in a district to the person who carries the congressional district or the second district in omaha is a democratic district in a vote for obama in zero wait so its four electoral votes for mccain, one for obama.
11:10 am
romney carried in 2012, but in 2016 trump could only get four out of those five electoral votes in the second district which has a democratic congressman for hillary clinton. you've got to watch these crazy things that make a difference when you're close in the electoral college as this could be. stuart: you are looking at donald trump emerging from the voting booth ballot box place i guess you could call it, getting into his car. dig entourage. he had a big entourage. that's a lot of people. they weren't tall secret service guys. >> these are some staffers definitely. this is a really important time in history for the trump family. for people in new york as well, this is a really exciting time. this is an historic moment and a lot of people want to be there and participate. i saw people trying to get over there on his way. it's been really enlightening. stuart: central manhattan is a madhouse and it's your fault. you try to walk around these days. the police forces everywhere. roads are blocked.
11:11 am
all breaking loose out there. but i love it. >> this is american history at work and the republic that we have, the democratic republic we have is working tonight and we are looking so forward to those results coming in. as i said before, i can't say this enough, there is so much support for donald trump's vision for america. people want to make america great again. they want to have americans and their children come first. they want a stronger economy and jobs and that is what tonight is about. stuart: thank you indeed. steve forbes, thank you are a much indeed. historic day at work logic could be with us today. but can kind of your screen, john roberts on fox news follows donald trump all over the place. now out of the voting booth when donald trump cast his vote. i was just about five, six minutes ago.
11:12 am
he's gone back in his motorcade and i guess he's gone back to trump tower where he has an apartment. look who's with us now. you know this man. the driving force behind the brexit and former leader of the u.k. independence party. nigel, can trump all it off just like you pulled it off with brexit at the last minute? >> it feels just like brexit to me. all the foreign exchange dealers, the bookmakers, they all think that hillary is going to do it. and yet, even those opinion polls conducted by conventional companies who find it very difficult to reach voters entering the process. even they show it is that he is so close to be within the margin of error. we did it on the brexit because a lot of people who don't firmly vote for motivated to get down to the polling stations in to do their stuff. trump is going to win the swing states. he's got to win pennsylvania,
11:13 am
ohio, florida. i get that. and yet, i have a feeling that the world could be in for a very big shock tomorrow morning. stuart: on that note, nigel, we were on the air live as the brexit early returns were coming in. i remember a distinct moment of the vote came in from southerland and newcastle. i don't want to get too far in the weeds, but that was a key moment because it was obvious that trend was towards leave, not. i distinctly remember looking at the faces of people, i would call than the elites. they were almost crying. you know where i'm going with this, nigel. >> i watched the result and i call the response to that in the room i was in. i'll never forget the cheering going on around me. what was amazing about the southerland result wasn't just
11:14 am
the margin of the jury. it was the turnout. it was the fact we were up to 80% turnout. something like 20% higher than with them in the general election the year before. this is the absolute key for trout. he needs those people in michigan, pennsylvania, those states. he needs people who feel they have been completely left behind by washington over the last couple decades to win their hearts will agree with trump to win a local bar will chat and a great with much of what trump says. he needs those guys and girls to go on about today. we will look for the early result. looking at turnout is equally very important. stuart: let me take you back to the brexit event june 23rd on the morning of june 24th, britain's stock market really went down, straight down. the value of the british pound went straight down.
11:15 am
hasn't recovered since then at all? >> remember i spent 20 years working in financial markets and politics. unlike most politicians on your show, i know something about this. the stock market went straight down because of the short-term traders were heavily geared towards the long side and they were busy stopping out. thereafter, the stock market went up like a rocket. our industrial production figures have been a period housebuilding figures have been great. the fact the pound is a little bit weaker for a country that wants to export trade globally is no bad thing. the brexit has not had a negative effect on the u.k. economy. anyone that thinks trump is going to be bad for america are bad for business clearly is that looking. this guy wants to lift the burden of regulation of small and medium-sized businesses like ronald reagan did all those years ago.
11:16 am
the idea of cutting corporation tax and doing a deal with all those companies, we've got hundreds of billions of dollars getting it back into america. frankly those things in my view are inspired in a few weeks after a trump victory. a lot of commentators on wall street looking pretty. stuart: you've got it. before you g a little fun on this election day. i want to read you a mean comment that we receive from a viewer. here's the comment. it said hey stuart, how can you be from great britain and continue to say firmwide. whence means firmware. so you are singing firmware churchill is spinning in his grave. i'm not sure i understand the question precisely. what do you make of this? have you ever said that in your life? >> well, i learned that when i
11:17 am
was doing shakespeare at school. i'm not sure that i've used the word ever since then. if i have i would certainly apologize to anybody. there are nuances of linguistic and spelling differences between the united kingdom and the united states of america. we may be very much smaller than the u.s.a. i regret that our relationship has worsened during the obama administration and i am looking forward to an american president who recognizes the usa's greatest friend in the world is. it is us. it is right here. stuart: you are a very popular man on this program. thank you very much. we will see you again soon. let's get to jeff flock. over the years he's done a lot of crazy things. is that correct? yes, he has. are we going to show him some? yes, we are. on the left, you see him being
11:18 am
blown away in a wind tunnel. in the middle he was riding an ice luge. on the right of the screen dancing with wolves. the most dangerous thing he's done far is talking to voters. first, look what happened when jeff tried to talk to one voter in her cell phone rang. >> i don't know. did you go already? who did you vote for? somebody is calling you dare. i don't know who she voted for. find out tomorrow. that's what it looks like you >> way more interested in his calling her than you. view with the microphone on this exciting. >> no comment. there you have it. the latest from ohio. you do all this research
11:19 am
11:20 am
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11:22 am
liberty mutual insurance. stuart: by the way, the dow industrials now up 70 points. a bit of a move in the last few minutes. we are voting today paid the big battleground state is ohio. jeff flock is there. jeff, is it possible that we will not get a result out of ohio tonight?
11:23 am
>> it is possible and i'll tell you why. i just observed at this polling place here in columbus, they are handing out. i'm not quite sure what that means, but i just point out parenthetically. on the subject of whether or not we will get a decision tonight, the ohio secretary of state last night pointed out to us that last time there was a presidential election in ohio, there were 173,000 provisional ballots in late absentee ballots. because the president won ohio by a large margin that was not a factor. if there's another 173 late in absentee ballot, they normally break no more than 6040. that would be a 35,000 votes going potential. if we are not within 35,000 votes tonight, one candidate or another winning clearly they
11:24 am
have to count those. they don't even start counting those for 10 days. i shudder to think that could happen, but it's very close. it could have been. stuart: that is extraordinary. we did not know that and have them forbid we have to wait 10 days. that's really something. >> i need martini. stuart: now this, virginia and georgia among the states where the polls closed at 7:00 eastern. the key states at an early result. north carolina, ohio close at 7:30. more big state that's got to go to trial. again, we could have a trend and we could know early. kennedy is with us. she would give us a final trump has to victory report. go for it, kennedy. >> right now? stuart: you are right. i'm sorry.
11:25 am
that was a tease. >> in arizona, stuart, it is a dry heat. they've got marijuana. it's got minimum wage law and they also have the weather that doesn't make you stuffy in the winter months we are creeping into right now. back to you, stuart varney. the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen.
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stuart: earlier this hour donald trump cast his ballot on the east side of manhattan, we just got to wait. what we do, let's get back to the fancy electoral map again, and the final path to victory. what are the states the trump has to flip? >> he wants to be president, he wants to get 270 today. let's start with florida, a state mitt romney did not win in 2012, the land of prime waters and theme parks which makes it so much fun and the perfect place for donald trump to start. that is why you see them concentrating so much time and energy not so much -- with a lot of rallies. we all know donald trump can win
11:30 am
the state mitt romney won, north carolina, just as of this morning he is up by a tiny bit. same as florida. that has led to donald trump's favor just overnight, the real politics average, he has to flip states known as new hampshire. an interesting place, live free or die, strong libertarian streak. colorado is another one he has to flip and with those wacky voters lord only knows what they have been imbibing in. perhaps this is the year donald trump could flip colorado. he is doing well in arizona and also has the slightest advantage in nevada. it is not knotty, it is nevada, like -- both those dates, a hard victory if he wants to win, he is doing well in iowa and we will go ahead and give him ohio as we always do.
11:31 am
the rest we send to georgia. so much country music. hillary will take virginia, pennsylvania, michigan, and the top half. stuart: if he wins, that is huge rack of states he has to win. >> there are so many states, that is something you realize, so many states. stuart: he has to be to hold hassle of them. >> it is improbable. he has to flip, and a small routine. stuart: is the scripted? >> it feels professional but it is not. i let the math tell me where to go. i like a psychic and this is my ouija board. they are of the occult. stuart: i am sure you will be
11:32 am
back. stellar performance. let's get at it with grover norquist, americans for tax reform. welcome back, we have an seen much of you. are you a trump guy? don't think you ever said. >> i am certainly in favor of trump's approach on taxes compared to hillary's, it is night and day, he will take corporations down to 15. hillary doesn't want to touch anybody, not companies, not individuals, she's even talking about taxing poor people even though she promised she won't. she endorsed a tax on wages, let's than $120,000 a year, on soda pop, guns, willing to tax low income people as well as businesses, trump has a significant tax cut proposal for all income growth. neil: who gives most on taxes,
11:33 am
donald trump or a republican congress? >> republican congress cast votes before but if trump is elected president there will be a republican house and senate. when you look at house republican tax proposals and trump's you can sit down in an afternoon and negotiate something because they are close together. that is the good news for republicans. won't be difficult, the pet tax policy that has senate and -- stuart: you follow state polls and the national one closely, you are a professional. at this point am i okay to say it is a very close race? it is absolutely too close to call? would you agree with that? >> everybody should vote on the basis that it is not just for the presidential race but house, senate, state legislative races,
11:34 am
house and senate, everyone should get out and vote. it could go either way. the polls tell us that and common sense tells us even in a state that says the polls will go one way or the other polls can be wrong because they make assumptions as to who turns out. stuart: i don't ask you normally financial questions, market questions but i will ask you one now. former goldman sachs partner says if trump wins the market might sell off tomorrow is a fantastic buying opportunity. jump in, bye-bye bye. grover norquist would agree with that? >> absolutely. of trump is elected with the republican house and senate there will be a progrowth approach on taxes, regulations which trump speaks to but doesn't talk a lot in the national press and the whole approach in terms in how we treat the business community and american producer will shift
11:35 am
from hillary's attach to a different approach. it would be healthy for economic growth and most importantly jobs. stuart: you will have a busy day and so will we but we will see you later. gun laws are in the ballot in several states, large capacity magazines in california. in nevada and maine, gun suspension in washington, judge and a napolitano is here. i'm told this is unusual in that this election cycle, on the ballot are for the restriction of gun rights. judge napolitano: what is unusual is the legislatures of these states lack the political courage if you will to address this of themselves and pass it on to voters even in the form of constitutional amendment in the form of as in california where
11:36 am
they have a provision in their constitution to enact a statute at the november election. california is the most unusual, and and no state in the union, a background check before the purpose of ammunition and another state that requires the background checks above and beyond what the feds require, the feds require background check if you buy a gun from a federally licensed arms dealer, but if you sold me a gun it would be a valid sale in a state where that is local but you would not have to do a background check on me. stuart: the most damaging thing for guns would be to make gunmaker is liable for their use. judge napolitano: not on the ballot, federal statute is clear. tricia wants to make the change.
11:37 am
either that or the insurance premium, the cost of the gun that only the rich would be able to afford. stuart: so they buy guns now. judge napolitano: get your gun before it is passed. hillary gun sale. they saw that in new jersey saturday, hillary gun sale. stuart: marijuana on the ballot in 5 states to make it recreationally okay, you want it you got it. california the big one. judge napolitano: a tidal wave coming towards the east coast. in new jersey, a year from now it has already been designated likely to be on the ballot a year from now so in 2017 it will change a lot of people's attitudes. the colorado experiment has not gone as well as everyone in
11:38 am
favor of marijuana has hoped. stuart: what is the problem? judge napolitano: people consuming marijuana in their vehicles and driving to their states is one problem, people possessing marijuana and driving to other states is an argument for a national scene if you will. stuart: legal standard driving -- judge napolitano: didn't do that, it is the judgment of the police officer, a ticket or a jury caller judge call months later. judge napolitano: stuart: you got to have a legal standard for driving. judge napolitano: machine determined guilt, henry viii, the machine is a rack. stuart: in 2016, a breathalyzer or spit test for marijuana in your system. i am sure we have to put up with you for the rest of the day.
11:39 am
judge napolitano: 5:00 on your special. stuart: speaking of which it is 4:00. judge napolitano: i will be here whenever you want me. stuart: look who is with us, david kane, former and are a president on a special show, 4:00 to 6:00, it is election day. check the big board, we are up 73 points. what is this? it is up because -- don't know what that is. a surge of latino voters could mean a hillary victory which could mean a split decision and the market goes up. check the price of oil, it is $44 a barrel and the price of gold just below 30, put it up there, down $5, a couple stocks that are taking it on the chin, cvs down big, their profit in the future will be down and look
11:40 am
at it dropped 13%, twitter, a study says 15% of twitter accounts talking about the election are really robots. you can't trust it. it is up 4 since. we have been saying it for a long time with a wild ride since the first day he came down the golden escalator in trump tower. did anybody ever think we would arrive where we are today? we are on it next. >> i will build a great wall on the southern border, mexico pay for that wall. i will be the greatest jobs president god ever created. we want to change the way we see the world by changing the
11:41 am
11:42 am
complete landscape in lenses. our lenses will be more compact because we use a series of flat lenses and can be used in anything that has a camera lens. nexoptic is taking things from a conceptual stage into the real world. stuart: that is mike pence walking from the governor's mansion in indianapolis, governor of indiana, walking toward the herky-jerky shop, this is real tv, he's on his way to vote. he will vote in a small schoolhouse close to the governor's mansion. don't get seasick watching the video. we are bringing you history, he is vice presidential candidate along with donald trump, he's off to vote. donald trump himself voted 40 minutes ago in manhattan. dramamine, everybody. mike pence on his way to vote.
11:43 am
donald trump voted earlier today in manhattan, hillary clinton voted at 7:00 this morning. i thought him kane voting in virginia at 6:00. there is the governor. he is going to vote momentarily. all good stuff, this is election day. we will be back momentarily. t. we're not passive aggressive. hey, hey, hey, there are no bad suggestions here... no matter how lame they are. well said, ann. i've always admired how you just say what's in your head, without thinking. very brave. good point ted. you're living proof that looks aren't everything. thank you. welcome. so, fedex helped simplify our e-commerce business and this is not a passive aggressive environment. i just wanted to say, you guys are doing a great job. what's that supposed to mean? fedex. helping small business simplify e-commerce.
11:44 am
>> i will build a great, great wall on our southern border and i will have mexico pay for that wall.
11:45 am
i will be the greatest jobs president that god ever created. remember, obamacare really kicks in in 16. 2016. obama will be out playing golf. he might even be on one of my courses was i would invite him. i'm using my own money, not using lobbyists, not using donors. i am really rich. stuart: that was donald trump. a long time ago, it seems, when he first announced his run for the presidency. what a ride it has been. charles hurt is with us, washington times political columnist. there is governor mike pence about to cast his vote in indianapolis. frankly we were all sitting around here on this desk, we saw trump come down the golden escalator, approached the
11:46 am
microphone, we could not believe what he said. what did he say? build a wall and i am very rich, you heard him say it. were you watching that announcement? >> i was. i filed for the next day and when i saw it i literally told papers i am writing a new column, actually endorsed the guy. stuart: we laughed at it, we were -- we laughed. it was entertaining and we couldn't believe he would say such a thing. >> something people say now about this election, it is not about issues, it is issues people don't want to talk about. those issues matter very much to voters out there and he tapped into it. he's not a politician, he's not a diplomat or anything like that
11:47 am
but he is a salesman and understands his customer and that is how he approached this. stuart: the great friends, this is my opinion, in america is the demise, the shrinking of the middle-class. middle america is really hurting. along, donald trump and that maybe it is trade policies doing it, immigration that is doing it. he realized -- i don't think he even knew it but something going on here. >> all in the gut. he did this off of his gut. mitt romney was a wealthy guy and ran away from it. he was so embarrassed by it. this guy embraced it, is proud of it and that is far more american thing. you got rich, be proud of it. stuart: couldn't believe a man would say i am rich. you don't say that these days, we hate the rich. >> and i am not going to show you my tax returns.
11:48 am
stuart: let's go to the electoral college. we spelled out trump's path to victory. it is really kind of tough. new hampshire, north carolina, florida, those three states, he has got to win those three, and he needs to flip one of the following states, nevada, colorado, new mexico, minnesota, wisconsin, michigan, virginia, those are left leaning state and he has got to flip. >> no doubt it is a tough road. the enthusiasm he has seen from the beginning and the obstacle he has overcome i still think is very possible. stuart: depends on turnout. >> it does. we have seen amazing turnout. and don't know what her message is. stuart: what is her vision.
11:49 am
>> if you look at these wikileaks, her campaign doesn't know, emails all over the place, what is she running for? what is her purpose? why do people need her to the president? even they can't answer. stuart: i have a feeling you are dying for tomorrow morning because you want to see the look on the establishment's face when trump wins, if he wins. >> i don't want it to be over. it has been the most entertaining interesting fascinating and shocking election of my lifetime. i realize it is uncomfortable for a lot of people but maybe they needed a little. stuart: you have been with us for months now. we always appreciate it because you have really gotten the humor out there. >> everybody lost their sense of
11:50 am
humor in this election, the funny things he says. stuart: you can't laugh at build a wall, yes you can. see you later. stocks are all up. where the vote is going, significant gains for health insurance. we hope you stay with us all day, "varney and company" coming back with a special 4:00 to 6:00 pm. that lou dobbs takes you through until 8:00 and then lou and i will join neil at 8:00, take you all the way through, this is a dangerous stuff, until we have got a new president. we could be there a long time. we will be back, i promise you. about trading. so i trade with e*trade, where true traders trade about trading. on a trademarked trade platform that has all the... get off the computer traitor! i won't. (cannon sound) mobility is very important to me. that's why i use e*trade mobile. it's on all my mobile devices, so it suits my mobile lifestyle
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with one of our lowest monthly premiums and $0 copays for tier 1 prescription drugs when filling at any of the more than 8,000 walgreens nationwide. call unitedhealthcare today to learn more about your prescription drug options and find the plan that's right for you. ♪ stuart: this is phoenix and those are lines, long lines to get into the voting booth. they are in western time so it is just before 9:00 in the morning and they are lining up big time in arizona, which moved into the trump column in terms of probability. the lines are long. we found republican in oregon, we dragged him to new york city. his name is congressman greg
11:55 am
walden, national republican committee chair. republican from oregon. you guys need a small trump vote to help you guys in the down market. >> important for trump voters to vote and vote down ballot, important for republican voters to vote and vote down ballot. my job is to make sure nancy pelosi never comes back as speaker of the house. we saw what that was like, no check and balance, we can't have that happen. stuart: nancy pelosi conceded to the not likely to impact the house. >> accorded to reuters she was on the phone with democrat leaders saying the fbi probe hurts the democratic party and warning they could lose the house to the republicans. stuart: that sounds right. >> we took it back several times because they overreached the american people and said we need a check and balance, we have the biggest majority since 1928, we
11:56 am
lost two seats to redistricting in florida and virginia and 26 races where obama won that district for the presidency in 2012 in a presidential cycle. stuart: this is important, this is a financial program, the stock market does not want to see hillary clinton as president, democrats when the senate, democrats when the house, they don't want to see that because it would not be good. >> that is when you have the legislation and power to bureaucracy like you have never seen in the history of the country to have those checks and balances, we cannot let that happen. and 45 to 60 seats in play. and 80 seats were in play. i don't know where they are but they spend their whole time tagging republicans to donald trump. it is a strategy that has failed
11:57 am
them throughout. stuart: in the lifetime of anyone in the studio do you expect to see a national voting california republican? >> i will enough to think we would never see republican house and we got that so times change was i remember when jimmy carter was president we never thought we would see a republican president and a long time since ronald reagan. it is hard right now. stuart: you don't expect it for a long time. thank you very much. >> first day you will vote as an american citizen in the united states. stuart: this is my american flag. it will go on my lapel as i cast my ballot, thank you very much indeed. >> congratulations. vote. stuart: first time any vote anywhere in my entire life an hour away. more varney after this.
11:58 am
11:59 am
.. neil: >> this is what it's all about
12:00 pm
today. this is the white house could rear up and running. i would like to stay thank you and into elizabeth, ashley and peter appeared agendas throughout those hours and alter these days and we appreciate it. we'll be back to 4:00 this afternoon. my time is up. notice the flag, ladies and gentlemen. i am voting in about an hour. neil, it is yours. neil: do you know where to go? >> my driver is taking me. neil: here we go. thank you very, very much. congratulations. just wondering who you are voting for. we will figure that out. and the meantime, history may not just because stuart varney is getting its first opportunity to vote as an american citizen. much higher than expected numbers popping up across the country and key locales in the key battleground dates at a time when going into this morning the polls were closed even. keep in mind seven of the battleground states the candidates were separated by more than two


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