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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  November 16, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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on the verge of breaking the 7-day winning streak since donald trump was elected president of the united states, bill gross is out there, joining liz claman at 3:00 eastern time to spell out why he thinks that. many disagree. trish regan right now. trish: last time i talked to bill gross he sounded confident on the policies. we got president trump, president-elect trump on a mission vowing to, quote, drain the swamp and it appears to be exactly what he is sitting out to do as all lobbyists are purged from the trump transition team. the key advisors, it will not have roles in the new administration. welcome to "the intelligence report". this was his pledge. >> i won the entire corrupt
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washington establishment to hear our words. when we say you know what we are going to say, we are going to win today and we are going to washington dc, to drain the swamp. absolutely. trish: donald trump and vice president mike pence purging lobbyists from the transition team, it is going to get a little stuck and that is what they got. trump's son eric told people it is, quote, likely to miss the appointment made today. >> members of the president-elect's circle have been in and out, and taking
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meetings with a number of people, mike pence meantime, they are still waiting. for the first cabinet level appointment to be made by mister trump but his campaign manager pointeded out, not necessarily something that should be shocking. watch. >> the federal government overnight is not formed, these are serious issues, and i was reading politico earlier and noticed it was pretty much on track. there are different candidates and this will just continue. this is not a thing to rush through. >> kelly and conway makes a poor point talking about past administrations, george hw bush, an exceptional role, a sitting vice presidents, got to win a
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few weeks, 5 or 6 after the election, one week after an election with one of the meetings the president-elect took today, the mayor of the city, bill diblasio bringing concerns of new yorkers in trump tower. >> it was a candid meeting, people had real differences can still have a dialogue. candid and substantive meeting, talking to the muslim community. members of the nypd protecting all of us. we were very concerned, we had to show all new yorkers and muslim new yorkers. >> the mayor did not characterize the response, and we are waiting for an
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announcement, senator jeff sessions in their today, mister trump's older son, we saw them earlier today but nothing official out of this transition team, but that is not necessarily unusual. trish: for more on how the trump team may not look like any other white house team in history i'm joined by democratic strategist and former advisor to president george w. bush brad lincoln who also was at the beauty in charge of appointment at the white house. and tell us what is going on in trump tower. >> the best and brightest attracted to serve and they have a lot choose from, now is the time to make sure you understand where they are coming from, what their hopes and beliefs are, have to be vetted and invest their personal business to sacrifice, to serve their
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country. and high turnover -- >> the lobbyists, no lobbyists have a place on or in the team, how much more difficult is it? everyone in washington seems to be a lobbyist. >> it is more challenging because let's face it, the lobbyists are good and decent people who do a great job in washington, they know this town better than anybody, and it is not wise, to help the administration sherpa people through the combination. trish: this is what he promised. he said he would drain the swamp. >> we will see what happens in the end. it is smart to begin with that, and a few lobbyists sneak in and brad is right that you need
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people who are expert in the way washington works, we have an outsider president not for the first time but the first time in a long time. and donald trump has not been talking about any democrat appointments, this is something hillary clinton spoke openly about, that we would have a bipartisan cabinet. trish: a meeting with donald trump, i anticipated, not a woman's for the reception he seems to have gone, bill diblasio said it was a respectful meeting, it was pretty positive, for bill diblasio. >> could have been total flame throwing but it was respectful. trish: turned on the charm.
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and you could have anticipated it a lot worse. and the democrats, you want to talk about a political party, and talk about the democrats right now. republicans have unanimously reelected paul ryan to the speaker role, mitch mcconnell is senate majority leader, the democrats scratching their heads wondering what went wrong, would have kept nancy pelosi at home, more time was needed to digest the election. apparently they are starting to realize a san francisco millionaire may not be the right person to reach out to blue-collar workers. president obama is still stuck in denial over the events leading up to the election saying he takes no responsibility and instead blames globalization. here he is. >> the same forces of
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globalization and technology and integration that have delivered so much progress, have created so much wealth, and also revealed followings impulse, to pull back from a globalized world is understandable. we see it in the united states, the vote in britain to leave the eu. trish: we may see it in france as well. blake berman has more on it. >> reporter: the delay leadership election for democrat for a full two week, pushed all the way to the end of the month and that brings it to the forefront, the question of nancy pelosi's leadership status. will she stay in the house for democrats. it was always going to be a formality that she would run but the question is will she hold onto that title? she announced she will run in this is a letter she wrote to her democratic colleagues and she appeared positive, quote, it is with humility and confidence that i write to request your support for house democratic
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leader but i am pleased to report the support of two thirds of the caucus. one name to keep in mind is tim ryan, a democrat from ohio, has been in the house since 2002 and he might run to challenge nancy pelosi for her post which i reached out to the spokesperson for ryan earlier today and here is what i was given back, quote, no surprise nancy pelosi was going to run again, congressman ryan having conversations with his colleagues and no decisions at the time. house democrats today throw support behind nancy pelosi and others still unsure of the process. >> i feel good about it. >> nancy in terms of messaging, in terms of mobilization, money, mobilizing the party, very
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effective. >> on the senate side things are much more table, and the one in two positions, the question about nancy pelosi might hangover in washington dc for another two weeks and i will leave you with this, keep in mind democrats have to choose a leader at the dnc. that post for the moment -- trish: thank you very much. i thought it would be the republicans in chaos, they are looking cohesive right now. the problem frankly for the democrats is the fact that they have increasingly become the center of power in washington and increasingly become part of this political elite. hillary clinton symbolized that too many americans and nancy
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pelosi to a certain extent as well. if they are going to see any success, get anything through and begin to win that, do they need to make massive change of? >> you bet, time to clean the swamp at the dnc and the house, nancy pelosi, like hillary clinton has overstayed her public well command if they didn't get the message loud and clear from this last election they will never get it. it is time for the democrats to do their own autopsy and figure out where they want to be and being pulled so far left now that if anything if that happens they have not learned the lesson of this election. now is the time the american people want republicans and democrats to work together when they can to get stuff done. trish: you see some of them, harry reid for example on the floor last night making some pretty explosive comments. is this his way of staying relevant?
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>> a couple months, harry reid hasn't served for decades and had been wonderful to democratic party. he believes these are issues that need to be raised. what you said, the democrats need to -- trish: hang tight. i want to go to it, maybe -- just listen in. >> three times under republican control, we see this election on november 8th as a historic opportunity for us to make real progress on behalf of the american people. the american people believe overwhelmingly the country is heading in the wrong direction and we have been given a tremendous opportunity, maybe the last opportunity during our lifetimes in the senate to turn that ship around and we intend to take advantage of every opportunity we can to be
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responsive to the message the american people send us, the voters on november 8th and make real progress. trish: we continue watching the senators you heard from, the senator from texas, mitch mcconnell has been reelected and he said we have our work cut out for us, a lot of work to do. a lot of opportunity right now be change in the way of real economic policies we do you think of the changes that can be made to obamacare, lower taxes, le regulation, talking about republicans in the house, the senate and the oval office. did you know, brad, what is your hope? the last eight years haven't gotten anything in the way of economic policy, total gridlock in washington. it that have the potential to change in meaningful lasting ways? >> if it doesn't then republicans have a short-lived majority in the house and
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senate. donald trump has been given a gift, we have the senate and the house, the american people expect results and democrats better get on board. and listen to the american people. we need problems solved in america and we have a president that does that of a profession. he did all his life and business, fixes things and there are a lot of broken things that need fixing in washington. trish: we are looking forward to a lot of stuff getting fixed. we will see. we are optimistic, a short window and starts to deliver. and we will see where it goes from there. thank you so much, jessica and brad. we may -- the mainstream media are so freaking out right now, a historic victory, new york times today, did you see this on the front page, friend and center, firings and discord, trump transition team in a state of disarray. the front page story on how
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trish: mitch mcconnell addressing the media talking how everyone should take a deep breath, things will be okay, not to worry. he was asked about steve bannon and didn't have a lot to say on steve bannon who will be counsel to donald trump but stressing everyone should not be worried in this environment, there's a lot to be done. one week later, still could not get over donald trump's big win.
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look at the headline in the new york times, firings and discord, a state of disarray. donald trump will tell you know way, tweeted about it earlier. people are canceling things because they are so devastated about trump's win, and the fox news channel, always a pleasure. donald trump has won and the media including maritime promise to do some self reflection, and balance out the coverage, it does not seem they are there yet. >> the 3 column headline, all transitions are messy, jockeying for power. it is messier than usual. trump is exploding and the election was a week ago. the story of three people who don't want to get together with
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her relatives, thanksgiving or christmas, some of the executives take their blood pressure medicine because we don't see, we see the new presidency, president-elect being covered as if the country is up in arms. trish: another story making the rounds, donald trump ditched the press to go out to dinner last night. he went to the 21 club, had steak with his family and people were very upset about it, the press anyway was very upset about it. >> i understand why. the average person said let the guy stay with his wife, pesky reporters need to be trailing him, journalists are afraid that trump when he takes office, during the campaign, he might apply this to official meetings,
2:21 pm
to exclude the press, and i will criticize that but one dinner during transition when he became president isn't a big deal. circling back to the question of the new york times, after modified mea culpa, we have to examine why we underestimated donald from, he was quoted as saying we need to talk to more people who are not like us, new york is not the real world. i think that was a very good testament but not paying it is reflected in the newspapers. trish: the university in the newsroom, new yorkers, fairly affluent people, and a few from la, they think alike and there is a herd mentality, at the new york times at the washington post, you see it for a certain extent and a lot of newsrooms where the right is not tolerated, not an acceptable
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viewpoint. >> it depends on the news organization but i see a lot of journalists who were part of a coastal lead who live in a bubble especially in new york and washington where i live and it is a key reason that they misjudged donald trump, misjudged the election, didn't understand the anger and frustration of working-class americans so this should be a wake-up call. trish: they are not there yet. thank you so much would you can watch howie on meet the press at 11 am eastern every sunday, we are taking a quick break, we will be right back. i don't want to live with
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[vo] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event. trish: mayors and police chiefs in 20 cities declaring they will not deport illegals, even with criminal records, in defiance of president-elect donald trump. jonathan hunt is outside the los angeles police department. one of those cities with york. >> la police chief charlie beck
2:26 pm
says donald trump's plan report millions of illegal immigrants is, quote, misguided. he also said it is quite simply impractical. in a city like los angeles which has half 1 million illegal immigrants, needs the cooperation of those illegal immigrants and their trust to help him fight crime and he is not worried about losing millions of dollars in federal grants if he refuses to cooperate with the trump administration. it is about a lot more than money. teachings we would not like to lose federal funds but i will tell you this. whether or not i do the right thing is not a matter of money. this is a matter of principle, something i believe is a core value of the los angeles police department that far transcends any other motivation. >> reporter: officials in many
2:27 pm
other cities across the country are echoing these comments. you are looking at a map showing some of those cities, from boston, new york, denver, san francisco and chicago, democratic mayor rahm emanuel said quite pointedly that his city will always remain a sanctuary city. that kind of rhetoric infuriated trump ally newt gingrich, a potential cabinet member, listen to newt gingrich. >> president-elect trump is talking about a very focused effort to get rid of people who are criminals. you would think the mayor of chicago in the middle of the worst murder pattern in the city's history would be thrilled to have somebody helping get rid of criminals. this is madness. >> reporter: bottom line is if the trump administration as seems likely does push forward with the plan to deport many
2:28 pm
illegal immigrants, they are likely to face legal and financial fights in cities across the country. trish: thank you so much. i'm here with heather mcdonald, an outspoken critic against sanctuary cities. welcome to the show. seems to me this isn't even really something that should be that hard to understand would you are a criminal, you commit murder or rape and we can't deport you? chicago doesn't want to deport you? what is this really about? >> there is no single symbol of the lawlessness of illegal immigration than thing to worry city. trish: we have mike pence right now, vice president-elect and the vice president joe biden. let's go to the picture. and and mike pence alongside his
2:29 pm
wife karen, at the naval observatory. the obamas met with the trumps just the other way, now time to get their tour with the bidens, let's listen in to joe biden if we can hear him. the audio is not coming through, joe biden and his wife meeting with vice president-elect mike pence and his wife at the naval observatory in washington dc. back here with heather mcdonald, talking about sanctuary cities, 20 cities in the us that are saying no way, we are not deporting illegals even if they are criminals and what is it, what are they doing? >> there are 300 jurisdictions that are thing to worry jurisdictions and the obama administration looked the other way. this is the embodiment of states rights intransigence. if this were back in the 60s
2:30 pm
with states saying we refuse to honor the federal government when it comes to dismantling desegregation people would be marching -- trish: an interesting form of hypocrisy and a kind of anarchy. >> the ultimate end game. if you can't deport an illegal alien criminal, then you will not deport any illegal alien of garden-variety and the purpose is to make deportation completely morally illegitimate as a response to illegal entry. if you can't deport somebody who has entered illegally you have no more borders because deportation is frankly the only response. trish: if you are donald trump do you say fine, you won't play buy out the rules you won't get federal funding? >> that is the bare minimum. if there's further intransigence i don't know if he has the power of lawsuits but this has to end. this was the issue that
2:31 pm
jumpstarted trump's campaign, the murder on july 1st on the san francisco barker darrow by someone who had been deported 5 times, had 7 felony convictions even after he was murdered, san francisco board of supervisors reaffirmed their sanctuary policies, demographics up to this point driving our legal system because big city police chiefs who should know better, who know that enforcing all the criminal laws is essential to public safety, they believe in broken windows policing, now they are the biggest advocates of sanctuary enforcement, it is all political. rahm emanuel who by the way was never a big fan of immigration policy when he was in the white house, now suddenly taking a stand saying i am not going to deport criminals for political reasons. >> it is all political, we need
2:32 pm
somebody to say law and order matters before political self-interest. trish: someone has committed a crime, and in some ways shocks me that this is up for debate, the hypocrisy is extraordinary. you have been all over this, thank you so much. barbara boxer, legislation to do away with the electoral college after trump's victory. i don't remember when obama won. >> it does beg the question. trish: is it that we don't pick our president by total votes? it seems like the fair way to do it. of the majority wins do you know what happens? maine, new hampshire, nevada, alaska wouldn't survive with a system like that. do you want new york and
2:33 pm
california picking your president? i think not why the left is pushing for a system that would benefit only them. the judge is with me next.
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no other presidential nominee has done of either party. he refused to say that he would reside -- respect the results of this election.
2:37 pm
no mistake about this he is threatening our democracy. >> remember that. days before she lost the election. if they did it except the results he would be threatening our democracy. and yet it isn't donald trump and his supporters that are threatening our system. folks on the left taking to the streets shouting not our president in demanding a new way to count votes. members of the democratic party leaders in party leaders in that party undermining the essence of what and who we are as a country. the electoral college system is the system that was set up so long ago i wish we could change it. it's happened to us twice now. we have to recognize that all over this country the more
2:38 pm
disruption that's caused as each of these actions are taken the more it will change the trajectory of things. here's what they need to know. these protests they are a distraction. preventing us from moving forward in a productive way. the guys not even in office yet. if he screws up he will get called out. but shouldn't we be giving him a chance. all of these talks. do you really want the likes of new york city deciding the fate. that is exactly what would happen. that's today's intel. judge, always good to have you here. all of these calls to get rid of the electoral college. it would mean a vote of two thirds of both houses. and then a ratification by three quarters of the
2:39 pm
legislatures of the state. in order to do that there would have to be a ground swell for the belief that mrs. clinton ought to have been elected president because she head about a million more popular votes. i believe that the system was intended let me share with you some news. he just came and said hearings on the electoral college would be educational. he is calling for hearings on this. he wants to examine this process and you heard barbara boxer there. they want to get rid of the electoral college. they're unhappy with that. from my will that's good.
2:40 pm
this is not gonna bring about the change in the manner in which people were elected. to insulate the government to might sell himself the public by making crazy comments. they are not bound to vote for the president wi wm they pledged. new jersey has a state law. that law is not enforceable in dc. theoretically they could change their vote. this is not happened in the modern era in a way to affect the outcome. see mike what worries me is the idea that these are the constituents. these would be the places.
2:41 pm
certainly historically accurate. we didn't then had nevada and utah at the time. and the framers. they created the constitution. but not all. one of the things they kept back was the ability to influence the outcome you'd be looking at the majority. do you think they would be saying this if donald trump was in the other position. trump himself to be perfectly fair laughed at the concept of the electoral college.
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as can continue in a meeting. after a bigger than expected supply level. the retailer beating earnings expectations after strong active school season. we were to be right back on intel. they are all freaking out right now. about trumps victory. some customers
2:45 pm
2:46 pm
see one on wall street today we saw the tao index we haven't seen more than 15 years. what do you know. the strong dollar has some of that business leaders railing against the trump presidency. one tech ceo was forced to do that. we are joined right now with more that is an extremely really went over the line. if you get some mainstream ceos and she is out there seen how awful all of this is.
2:47 pm
let's run it. i have to answer a lot of questions for my daughter's from our employees. they were all in morning. the question that they're asking especially those who are not white. are we safe. they're clearly not a fan of donald trump. she is not sounding optimistic out the future. all i can say is those employees must be ve ill-informed. if you're here legally and having committed a crime you've done everything you supposed to do. no problem. there is a hysteria pitch. i want to use another example. matt maloney put out an e-mail. he's very upset.
2:48 pm
he basically said donald trump stands for nothing that this company stands for. you can reply to this e-mail with your resignation. that if you look at it is actually quite a strong threatening e-mail. we actually noticed it. and even a little bit of hot water. it's amazing to me of how it's so acceptable that they can say look you can't vote for trump that's a little much. it's shooting yourself in your foot. you are alienating half of your potential customers. then we have a new balance. i heard you mention this. this is the opposite case.
2:49 pm
tell us about it. this is a case where the company said to be honest with you present obama hasn't has turned a deaf ear to us in our issues. that started literally a firestorm. they said donald trump is heading in all the right directions for us. president obama was supporting tpt. it does all of its product manufacturing in america. they're saying this is good. we want to continue making our shoes in the united states. they have no clue. and immediately had this reaction. i understand what is going on with this country. i really don't.
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than 8,000 walgreens nationwide. call unitedhealthcare today to learn more about your prescription drug options and find the plan that's right for you. ♪ trish: we have seen record highs on wall street and now the u.s. dollar is at its strongest level in over a decade. reaching that today. and it seems as all wall street is not alone. 51 percent of americans say they are now more confident in donald trump since he was elected president. but will this newfound optimism translate to actual economic growth. good to have you here. there seems to be this hysteria right now.
2:54 pm
many members of the left freaking out. as someone who sees consumers in their patterns what you think it can happen. >> i can only go by that travel and tourism numbers that i've seen. not only in the last few days but perhaps perpetually in the past. with the travel and tourism continuing to be successful. some people i can have that money to spend. in a way that is an improvement. we had been in the doldrums here for eight years. you are dealing with a different echelon of consumers. but mainstream americans have really felt like they've have a back up against it. if they move forward and lower taxes it will certainly mean people well had disposable income.
2:55 pm
and at the luxury end of the specter we clearly had had record bookings. if you would've told me that people were booking travel post election. we actually had record bookings. there is some optimism out there. maybe they are afraid to show it. it seems like the recipe is lower taxes. i am just a business reporter. that should translate to growth. and i think that we have the election and all that that brought historically. you normally see travel bookings leading up to it.
2:56 pm
the people about it and now we have to look forward with optimism and grow and continue in the future. we haven't grown much really at all in eight years. i suppose we could look at it glass half full. the only way to go is up. i come from a company we are at 26-year-old brand that didn't grow for 24 years. i know we have new owners in the last year and half. we are growing and changing the game. and sometimes you need that shakeup in management. thank you so much. we will take a quick break. we will be right back.
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trish: tomorrow i will be talking to the famed billionaire investor. they will talk about the can -- the potential cabinet
3:00 pm
members. he is the one that donald trump wanted for his treasury secretary. he said i can't do it. but he does have some thoughts on who should be in that spot. so make sure you tune in you will hear a little optimism. in the mid- -- in the meantime have over to liz. >> we're talking about the trump rally in stocks. it is coming to an end. is down 46 points. it's on track to end the seven-day long winning streaks. dollar source. the trump rally may be over but the trump transition train full speed ahead. you can't turn away for a second because the steady stream of insiders and outsiders have been arriving maybe even asking for potential cabinet positions and white house jobs.


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