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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  November 21, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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good morning, it is monday november 21st. top stories right now 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. the short list getting shorter. president-elect trump holding more meetings today to narrow down cabinet pick. former senator perry heads to meetings with mitt romney and rudy giuliani. >> what you're seeing over the course of the last several days everyone coming together in our party. all sorts of folks from the most incredible backgrounds, generals, women, all races. >> the president elect has to put together a team and put forward specifics about how he intends to govern and he hasn't had the full opportunity to do that yet so people should take a wait-and-see approach. maria: while in perú president
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obama faced pushback over free trade, specially transpacific partnership. not moving further will undermine the united states. a texas officer shot and killed while writing traffic ticket. northeast hit with fist dose of winter weather. more smoke is coming to the region and midwest. the technology giant will replace the batteries and says there's no safety risk wh this issue. markets today looking like this on holiday shortened week. we are looks at fractional gains, markets closed on thursday for thanksgiving. crude oil rise more than 2% right now. 2% higher in hopes of opec cutting energy.
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vladimir putin says freezing production would not be an issue for his country. commodity stocks leading the gains, but the broader markets moving fractionally across the euro zone this morning. in asia stocks mostly higher. take a look. with the exception of korean kospi town half a percent. nikkei average now in bull market, it is up 241% from most recent low. joining me to talk about it dagen mcdowell, jack otter and economic minister. we mostly talk to you remote. dagen: i was watching the entire time, of course. if not in person on dvr. i missed you. maria: we have so much to talk about with the team coming together.
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dagen: incredibly so. dagen: president obama is going to quote fortified the iran deal before trump takes office. maria: one of the things on the hit list. what do you see kt, what's the view from germany in. >> there's a mixture of concern and tinny bit of hope. i looked at the wall street journal this morning and i saw all if you have it here doors at the place in new jersey and there's this tradition in germany of calendar, you open 24 doors and you will always have a surprise. maria: that was an interesting one. >> how does germany feel like a romney secretary of state. he was not on the fringe.
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romney is not that kind of guy. he's a mainstream guy. maria: you like it? >> i was in berlin last week during obama's visit and the one sentence i heard again and again anyone but rudy. people would be happy with mitt romney. maria: this is important. cleveland clinic, president and ceo, congressman tim ryan is here challenging nancy pelosi. legislator dr. william is here. a lot of great guests this morning. big show so do stay with us. we kick it off with president-elect trump's cabinet setting up. he met with new jersey governor chris christie, rudy giuliani and massachusetts governor and mitt romney and james madis both
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president-elect trump and mike pence waiting this weekend. >> we have made a couple of deals but we will let you know soon. >> to have someone like general madis, to be able to talk about the challenges face-to-facing america and our national security and i can tell dwhrui the president elect was very grateful that the governor mitt romney came in. they had a good meeting. it was a warm and substantive exchange and i know he's under active consideration to be the secretary of state. maria: trump with -- will meet with former governor rick perry.
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>> on mat trk is it's hard to beat. his words, deeds have proceeded him, he would be excellent in the job of defense secretary. i would say excellent in the department of state, but as far as governor romney it would be terribly interesting pick. you have a complete silence lg of all critics that donald trump doesn't know how to pick the right people. they couldn't say anything about mitt romney. you have to imagine how well they could get along. governor romney would serve wishes each and every way. i'm sure they talked about that if it's a possibility. i think it's a win-win if they go that ruth. maria: incredible maturity to come together and talk about this, to get things done given the horrible relationship that these two have had on the campaign trail. romney has said some tough things to trump and i guess supporters will get over it if he's the guy.
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>> they're getting over it already. for mr. romney and spend considerable amount of time with mr. trump and mr. pence yesterday, i think, it's a very good sign for the upcoming administration but, i think, for america that mr. trump and mr. romney are willing to pu bye gones, bye-gones, this could be pairing and send confidence to the rest of the world and america and the team that trump is putting together. maria: that's the sentiments coming out of germany as well. >> we would be secretary with mitt romney. i wonder what the gentlemen think about the interrelation to the already picked candidate, the picked guy for the national security council now. maria: general michael flynn.
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>> these two come from different planets, actually. maria: what about that, paul? >> he is king intel, he understands it. that's an important part of what the security adviser does specifically in the coordinating role. that's a coordination job and i think he would be excellent at it. dagen: congressman, it's dagen mcdowell, i'm curious what your reaction and also paul's reaction to what kt said anybody but rudy giuliani in germany. personally when i hear that, the fact that the united states is taking a back seat on the world stage, that would make me want to do it that much more. >> well, i think -- i almost kind of had the same reaction. rudy giuliani, a very talented guy and number one this is about serving america in our interest and rudy giuliani would be a very good pick for it. the nice thing is that donald trump and mike pence, they have
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excellent choices that they can make here. the other thing going back to previous question about flynn and romney, mr. trump is demonstrating an ability to have diverse among his cabinet. the same thing with banon and reince priebus. he can choose and learn and moving forward getting different points of view. jack: jack otter, i was in new york for 49/11. i was biggest fan at the time but the first word that comes to mind is not diplomat, could that be a problem? >> i don't think that would be a great. the world needs more than anything now after eight years of the obama administration
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clarity about where the united states' interests are and you do that with diplomatic language and respect. that's the only way you can coordinate interest among nations to have that clarity. i think rudy giuliani could to that just fine, bolton can to it fine, romney can do it fine. a president that's going to be clear and leading from the white house. he's listening to people but he will lead from the white house and that's going to be very important. maria: president elect trump is doing what he thinks is going to benefit america before what the world thinks about it. you did have concerns about those people, giuliani and bolton. >> there are certain roles where you serve executive function. there are other roles where you build coalitions. when giuliani was mayor, al sharpton was to say something stupid, whatever, al, giuliani
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would go into the ring with him and battle for months. i don't know if that's what the world needs right now. dagen: the people who voted with donald trump because that's what they expect, the people who voted for trump see the united states taking a backseat to all the other countries and removed from the world stage on purpose. maria: absolutely right. dagen: that's why they voted for donald trump. maria: donald trump is going to be putting america first, that's what he campaigned for. we will see. good to see you both, gentlemen, we will continue the conversation and watch the developments. war on police escalates in four separate incidents. the very latest developments there coming up. apple looks to shut down another problem with iphone 6 devices, how it plans to fix the phone that is are abruptly shutting
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off. back in a minute
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. maria: welcome back, a violent weekend for law enforcement across the country, four separate attacks on officers, the first a deadly ambush in san antonio. here is cheryl with the details. good morning, cheryl. cheryl: morning, maria, a massive manhunt for a gun mab who shot a 20-year-old veteran detective.
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while in cruiser writing a ticket a black car pulled up and the driver got out and shot multiple times. the car sped away, later died in the hospital. police don't know if there's a connection between the car that he stopped and the shooter. a pair of officer involved shootings after a gunman ambushed him in st. louis last night. shortly after police killed the gunman and the police officer is expect today survive. last night in western missouri another officer was shot in gladstone during a traffic stop, injuries were not life-threatening, no words on his condition this morning. and in florida a man is in custody after shooting.
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the gunman opened fire and drove back to his house where he was later arrested. the officer treated at the hospital now recovering at home. well, switching gears this morning, first winter storm across the northeast. small town of man row got 4-inches of snow in a couple of hours. it's supposed to warm in the northeast but now winter weather in the rockies, upper midwest just in time for thanksgiving. samsung isn't the only one with phone problems. apple has announced that it will preplace iphone 6 that shuts down. the defect claims devices manufactured between september or october of last year f your iphone has the issue, you can take it and the company will
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replace the battery, yes, that's a battery problem but free of charge. maria: my apple phone has had always had a battery phone. just me. dagen: 7 has a much longer battery life. it doubled the battery life. maria: good news because i think that's what it needs. president obama talking trade on the final international trip and why president-elect trump should keep policies in place when donald trump takes office. and insurers headed to court, how athen would defend aquestions cigs of sigma all coming up back in a moment
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maria: welcome back, world leaders in lima, perú where discussion over trade took center stage. >> our partners made very clear during the meeting that they want to move forward with tpp, preferably they would like to move forward with the united states. i believe that tpp is a plus for america's economy, america's workers, american jobs, i think not moving forward would undermine our position across the region, our ability to shake trade that affects our interests and values. maria: this is br the debate comes in between america and the rest of the world. we want to get your take on it kt and jack, we know that donald trump has called the tpp a disaster because it takes jobs
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away from america, how do you see it? >> i think it's a simplistic view of the world. you work in a factory that made a piece of this phone and now made in taiwan or korea or 16 other countries where parts come from, it's a serious problem. i think right for the president to address that. the world has already moved on. we can to things now and throw up barriers, in 8, 10, 12 years they are going to be gone because the result of that will be have been -- the cure worse than the disease. >> even if you talk about certain parts here and other things, i don't see a result in any of the things we have heard from the president elect here. tpp is one thing, i wonder how the transparency atlantic trade
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agreement will turn out at tend of the day. europeans have burden themselves right now but for both parties upmost importance to bring new life specially if you look at china, specially if you look at -- dagen: which was the designed the tpp was designed to do is to off-set the rising power of china in asia. but donald trump, there was no daylight for the most part between hillary clinton and donald trump between donald trump and bernie sanders in terms of opposing the trade pack and now granted hillary clinton changed her mind. [laughter] dagen: exactly. but this is going to the point of why did people vote for donald trump, why would people -- what do they expect him to stand up to and there are a lot of trump supporters that are
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holding feet to the fire about what he promised, immigration, trade and repealing obamacare, those are the four biggies. maria: sentiments might be different if there were some protections in place in deals for american workers, but there aren't. >> no, there aren't, the one point we have to see as well still has to deal with congress in many of the things and tradition among republicans not to and i actually don't see that happening in the full scale. maria: let me move to another deal, the wall street journal that the president obama strengthening the nuclear deal with iran before the president leaves office, another thing that he ran on that he's going to redo and just completely walk back this iran deal, jack otter. jack: the global view of this, i think, that in the end it wasn't
6:25 am
a great deal but it was probably better than doing nothing and i don't think the rest of the world would have stuck, this is a key point. the rest of the world i don't think would have stuck with us on sanctions forever and sanctions don't work unless everyone agrees on them. maria: hard to buy bo into that sentiments after the pictures that we saw with our soldiers like this in iran on their knees and when they stopped -- >> on the beat. dagen: continue chants, death to america, death to america. it's worth pointing out that the wall street journal points out that general flynn has described iran as primary source of international terrorism. he has asserted there's a link between al-qaeda and bin laden and iran which the obama administration has been pushed back on. we have to talk about the -- what is it $14.1 billion in cash
6:26 am
that was handed over on palates in different increments to iran. >> it was all secretive. dagen: funneled to terrorist groups throughout the region. >> iran is testing the limits in that very period right now. that's what every single would do. you have outgoing president, you test the limits. that's the first thing. secondly going back to start with the iran deal is no solution, i always said it's a lousy deal but it's better than the status quo we had before and thirdly, you lose a lot of allies on that -- on that very topic, the europeans will turn their back towards the u.s. if that -- maria: why. >> because it has been negotiated together. it was a five plus one deal, it was a deal -- maria: they follow the u.s. the u.s. pushed back, i bet we would
6:27 am
have had -- >> i have my doubts whether the europeans would follow. there have been business deals layed out and other interests. there are other interests in play. they are not willing to someone who will just shred whatever deal they have made, i think -- dagen: follow the money. that's what has happened. europe anticipate businesses and banks have more aggressively moved to do businesses with iran, american businesses have not really been able to take advantage of opening, you know, a better relationship with iran and that's what the obama administration wants to do. with us and the inauguration provide more licenses to do businesses to american companies and also list additional sanctions, john kerry was in europe in the spring telling european banks, you need to start doing business with iran and don't worry about us, we won't -- we won't bear down on
6:28 am
you if you do business with iran. he was encouraging them to open, open lines with the iranian government. >> exactly. maria: yeah, that's true. we will take a short break. jack: not what do we think at the table, what would the terms that we would set be, it's what the best possible terms you can get. you have to answer that question and i think we were this close, as i said sitting here, john kerry should have gotten a plane and flown away and could have gotten a slightly bale but at this point the best deal we are going to get. maria: the future of the program as the trump administration makes health care a priority. magic at the movies, how much cash fantastic beast racked up at the box office in its opening, back in a minute
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maria: good monday morning, welcome back, i'm maria bartiromo, it is monday november 241st, top stories right now 6:30 a.m. on the ayes coast. inauguration two months away. >> we are working with the majorities in the house and senate to move forward an aggressive agenda. decisions will have been made by president elect that he wants to
6:32 am
focus out of the gate on repealing obamacare and replacing obamacare with the free market solution that is he campaigned on. maria: we are taking a look at the impact of proposals of the industry coming up. to help insurers gearing up for a court battle, anthem and sigma to defend deal challenge. ceo mark zuckerberg unveils measures. what you're looking to buy and sell a home? markets this morning look like this on the holiday shortened-week kickoff. futures indicating higher opening as trump rally continues, we are seeing volume expected on the light side ahead of thanksgiving. we are seeing crude oil rising, look at that, more than 2%. all on the expectation that opec will reach a deal to cut the supply of oil.
6:33 am
russian president vladimir putin said that freezing production would not be an issue for his country. news help to go lift global markets. broader markets edging two-thirds of one percent across euro zone. in asia stocks mostly higher. nikkei average is in a bull market once again. it's up 21% from the most recent low back in february. it was a magical start for fantastic beast over the weekend. the new harry potter film casting spell on audiences. coming up this morning. but first the future of obamacare hanging in the ballot. at risk of being dismantled when president elect trump takes office. >> we are working with the majorities in house and senate to move forward an aggressive agenda. a decision has been made that he wants to focus out of the gate on repealing obamacare and beginning the process of replacing obamacare with the
6:34 am
kind of free market solutions that he campaigned on. maria: this coming as the new reuters21% want people to focus ahead of immigration. great to see you, thank you so much for joining us. >> good morning. maria: let me ask you your thoughts, what kind of changes would you like to see from obamacare as the president elect deep down on this? >> one thing that you have to understand about health care is incredibly complex industry. it's the biggest industry in the united states affecting 100% of the individuals in the united states and it's going to take some time to think about how we can improve the obamacare or the affordable care act. i think one of the things that we have to realize is we have to put more emphasis on keeping people well if we are going to control the costs of health care and we need to think about how
6:35 am
we can control the costs across the entire country, only two ways really to do that, one more efficient delivery system for people who are sick and secondly to keep people well. maria: let's talk about that, that's the big issue here. the cost of it. >> absolutely. maria: small business, large business. this is the biggest expense and one of the reasons that they're not creating more jobs, not investing in the business. >> exactly. maria: you have been focused on wellness since i know you, years, but the delivery system, how do you do it, toby? >> the delivery system has to recognize that we have to take cost out and we have to do it through efficiently, one of the things that health care is doing across the country hospitals are consolidating. it's really the last industry in united states that has not consolidating and there has to be consistently during the justice department and the congress in order to allow this to happen. justice department has really prevented a lot of the consolidation from happening.
6:36 am
the consolidation will allow us to purchase things better, it will avoid duplication of services and in most cases where you see 60% of our costs are fixed by a government, it's not going to raise prices substantially. maria: too much capacity in the hospital still, we still need to see consolidation in the hospital space? >> no question about it. hospital occupancy in the united states is 65%, for example, in ohio 202 hospitals across the state, now, one of the concerns right now is with decreasing payment that hospitals are getting for their services they provide, we are seeing almost a quarter of a hospital running in the red, ultimately if we do not see consolidation and increase efficiently, we will see hospital closures across the country. maria: let me get your take on what they told me yesterday on
6:37 am
sunday morning futures, they said change needs to be made. watch this. >> frankly, there are some system needs that need to be changed and i think the republicans have made it very clear for three election cycles in a row that they want significant changes to be made and i think it's clear from the outcome of this election that the people want that as well. >> most americans feel everyone should have health care, most americans feel costs are too high and i'm eager to see what is the proposal to make sure that 240 million people who now have insurance coverage don't lose it. maria: can you lower the costs, doctor, through wellness and ensure that those 20 million that have it keep it? >> we have to continue to keep those people covered and otherwise the premise for hospitals of more patients even though we are being paid less is
6:38 am
going to cause more hospitals to have major economic problems. so, yes, we need to continue to cover those individuals. the question is, really, how do we do it and most efficiently. >> i had a feisty conversation to say the least with jonathan grubber, he said that there was no relationship to economic growth. obamacare, affordable care act has nothing to do with economic growth. listen to this. we have to get your take. >> you made up the fact that obamacare has cost job loss. there's no evidence. you made up the fact -- >> there's 100% evidence. >> you are making up facts. who cares if some ceo comes on the show. look at the data, maria. you use the word data. look at the dat ea. maria: i don't need data when i have the ceo telling me i'm not adding workers because of the cost of obama, that is my data.
6:39 am
[laughter] maria: what's your take? >> i only question industry that leaders have enforced to be concerned about home employees they have on the base of the cost. it is an enormous cost to manage it. i will point out that you can begin to decrease inflation rate of health care if you look at it and manage it. and i think, that's one of the challenges that i would throw to the private industry, begin to look at how you manage your employees and with wellness and with disease management and we have taken the inflation rate for our employees 7 and a half percent ten years ago to minus 2% last year. you can make a substantial difference and that has resulted
6:40 am
in not increasing the insurance for our employees. they are not costing anymore this year than they did last year. maria: there wasn't a lot of choice. one by one, each insurance companies are saying, i'm not going to be there. united health care pulls out of exchanges and toby, anthem defending deal after the justice department challenged that. we know that consolidation has to come for the hospitals, but where are you on the insurance companies because a lot of the insurance mergers are being stopped by the justice department, is that appropriate in. >> i think we are going to see it across the pharmaceutical industry. i think we are going to see it amongst hospital providers. this is what is the response to the demands to have more efficiency in our healthcare delivery system. there's no question that if the insurance industry consolidates,
6:41 am
we are going to have to consolidate as providers to negotiate with them. maria: well, we will see anthem is successful in deal with sigma. always a pressure. we appreciate it. coming up next, charlie sheen, red cross, falling prey to the hack attack. how facebook plans to tackle fake news stories, all coming back in a moment ♪
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okay. i'm plugged into equities- trade confirmed- and i have global access 24/7. meaning i can do what i need to do, then i can focus on what i want to do. visit to see what adding futures can do for you. maria: welcome back, happy monday. markets looks fractionally better. dow and nasdaq showing moves higher. semantic acquiring lifelock.
6:45 am
4.4million subscribers and has reportedly looking for a sale. parent company of google preparing to bring tap to pay to android ware. the fallen has fallen behind in this sector. no indication as to when the service could hit the market. alphabet shares 775 and change right now. proposed health insurance mega merger goes to trial today. cheryl casone with all the detail. cheryl: health insurer anthem goes to court to defend deal to buy sigma for $48 million. acquisition would eliminate competition, they both accused each other of breaching terms of their agreement. department is challenging the 34 billion-dollar merger to other big insurers, aetna and humana. well, twitter accounts of celebrities and companies apparently hacked for a spam add
6:46 am
over the weekend. increase twitter followers, charlie sheen, new yorker, police station, the red cross among many victims, twitter has resolved issues and no passwords were actually stolen. mark zuckerberg is taking more steps to crack down on fake news. facebook's founder posted a message, stronger detection programs and warning labels in acknowledgment that the social network could do more to combat fake news. miss information may have influenced the election. finally, maria, at the box office this weekend. >> the strange things going on all over the city. people behind this are not like you and me. there's a hidden society, it goes back centuries.
6:47 am
>> yesterday we entered with new york, a case full of magical. cheryl: $75 million over the weekend matching industry expectation. although the film delivered the lowest it still grabbed the top spot. dropping out in number one but barely dr. strange earning $17.7 million. the animated film coming third with 17 and a half million and rounding up the top 5 paramount arrival 12 million by almost christmas with $7 million. talk about christmas movies already and it's only thanksgiving. maria: incredible. feeling like the holiday spirit. dagen: there was know in connecticut yesterday. people were watching sports over the weekend, the nascar finale,
6:48 am
jimmie johnson 7-time champion. starting in february. >> look at the top 3 of the box office, fantastic beast, dr. strange, trolls. it's like looking into the populist movements. [laughter] dagen: bringing the funny, kt. >> i'm jet-lag. ic that's a surprise. on one hand we are lacking one more hyperactive character in the european landscape. that was unexpected. we all thought he would be run-up, the establishment guy for the republican party in france but now he's out. maria: second round next week.
6:49 am
>> the other surprise element here because he was way behind for many, many months and now he's actually leading the pack. he might be quite an interesting contender next year. maria: angela merkel is going to go for a fourth term. wow. 11 years already. >> 11 years already. maybe longer. maria: that's amazing. we will talk more about this coming up. jack: what are the trends, surprise in an election, no surprise there but what is pushing this in france? >> definitely movement of populism and so someone who is a bit more stable, he always had populist elements in his behavior as well. they probably want someone stable, reflecting stability, reflecting something more sobber so that might be a reason for it. maria: an election that just
6:50 am
ended here, now that it's over impacting the housing market, what you should know before refinancing your mortgage as rates continue creeping up, back in a minute [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette. and her new business: i do, to go. jeanette was excellent at marrying people. but had trouble getting paid. not a good time, jeanette. even worse. now i'm uncomfortable. but here's the good news, jeanette got quickbooks.
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maria: are you considering refinancing your home, you may want to hold off just before the weekend. average 30-year fixed mortgage rate hit 17-month high. half percentage point higher on average on election, moving with the treasury. bad news for borrowers and lenders. joining us mitch, mitch, good to see you. >> thanks, maria. maria: election results impacting the housing industry.
6:54 am
how do you see it? >> rates started going up and bond markets started selling off. belief is that yemen is going to raise the middle of december and it's bumped up the 25 basis points or quarter of a point that everybody is expecting rates to go up. maria: the meeting is on december 14th, last week yemen said to us, yeah, rates are going to move up relatively soon but that doesn't mean we are going to see a string of rate increases, what do you think? >> i don't think, it's going to be gradual. but if it's gradual i think that that's okay. maria: what do you do if you're looking to refinance right now? >> rephones -- refinance right now. maria: lock it in. >> there was an uptick in rates
6:55 am
in anticipation with that and uptick in rates after and within months it was matter of -- a half a point. it's likely that four and a quarter mortgage rate is probably where we are going the see things stabilize, also the rates on mortgages have a lot to do with the ten-year treasury. mortgages are packaged and sold. if they are packaged and sold and there's good bid in the market, it could keep rates stable. maria: what would you say are the overwriting trends right now in real estate? >> affordability. income levels, household income levels have not risen up the way home prices have risen. we are not add to go new supply of homes at the rate that there is demand for new homes, causing prices to go up. in fact, we have less than 45-month supply of both new and
6:56 am
existing homes. that's the lowest level, lowest supply with demand and demand is measured with household formation, kids move out of their parents' house, they are in the housing market. they are opting to rent as oppose to buy, rents are going up, home prices are going up. affordability is a major challenge for the housing market. maria: when you look across the country in terms of where prices are, they have come up. >> considerably. maria: are they too expensive? >> in some markets are expensive and in some affordable. maria: what do you do then? are you expecting things to come in? should you weigh before buying a house? >> i'm the worst market-timer person. maria: don't time it. >> that's never going to work. what's interesting is if we see new administration shift regulations a little bit and
6:57 am
makes it easier for local banks, local bankers are the suppliers of mortgage product, they may make borrowing a little bit easier. that's a good thing. wait a little bit but don't wait too long. the other thing you saw the housing numbers a few days ago, biggest boom in quite a while. maybe some more supply available in the market, may believe not this spring buying system but new product in the market may put tail wind. maria: sounds like you think things are going to get better. mitch, good to see you. we will be right back. stay with us
6:58 am
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7:00 am
liz: welcome back. it's monday november 21. your top story 7:00 a.m. donald trump shapes his leadership and team. he will hold more meetings today. the incoming administration is already looking forward to looking with congress on both sides of the aisle. >> we had been working from hours after the election was called to move this transition forward. >> we challenged them work with us and keep your promises into blue-collar america.
7:01 am
we will work with him on those issues. this time the outrage after nbc is caught tweeting only half of a quote from incoming chief of staff reince preibus. police clashing with pipeline protesrs in north dakota. officers using teargas on probe gases toys "r" us is no pulling a tonka truck off the shelves. the company kicks off the online deals on black friday. markets this morning look better on the session. but still in the plus column. it's looking up at about a
7:02 am
quarter of a% at best. take a look. crude oil up 1.9% right now. there is hope today that there can you reach a deal to cut production. they help lift global markets. they show gains of about one half of 1%. the stocks are mostly higher. up 21 percent from the most recent low. and that low was in february. all of the stories coming up this morning. everybody on twitter you thinks you are at nascar. by the way it ended after the set have gone down. so how i would get back here and get on the air remains to be seen. tony stewart now retired from
7:03 am
nascar. a lot of big things that happened over the weekend. tim ryan is a challenging nancy pelosi. we will have a conversation with him. the hosts of varney and company. a big show ahead. nbc facing criticism for tweeting about chuck todd's interview. here is the here's the exchange. a watch. can you rule out a registry for muslims? civic imac and to rule to rule out anything. when i can have a registry based on not religion. what i think were trying to do is say that there are some people certainly not all people that are radicalized
7:04 am
and some people have to be prevented from coming into this country. >> that was the actual exchange nbc then tweeted this. can you rule out a registry for muslims? reince preibus said i'm not really know anything. watch him not going to rule out anything. when asked about a possible muslim registry. this is pretty extraordinary. another example of mainstream media bias. how do you see it? this is pretty extraordinary. another example of mainstream media bias. w do you see it? they made a mistake and they didn't use the right remarks when i can rule out anyone on the basis of their religion. they did rule out a registry and i think this issue though is one that the press has been excited to jump on because of
7:05 am
so much inconsistency. there is a lot of interest in whether this is can it go forward. as administration starts picking key personnel looking at peaceful regarding that policy. it's a hot topic but i do think in this case is clear that he backed down from that and i did see this yesterday. i think nbc was chastened. it's hard to trust the media when things like this are happening. it goes both ways because the media is can distort. there to manipulate what people within his administration are going to say. to the point that the administration is gonna need to be crystal clear about
7:06 am
where it stands on a lot of these issues. as the team performs and comes together yet to have that happen. if somebody did. you cannot do that. are you can create a registry of whatever your first phrase is not i don't rule out anything. but were neck i do a registry based on religion. i will not make excuses for them. i still criticize him for saying i won't rule out anything. if you still work with the phrase i don't rule out anything it will kill you.
7:07 am
whether it is the media or the politicizing of what has gone on in this government. you look at the target of of conservative. we got into it yesterday. about the lack of enforcement of the law on put under president obama. one of the tragedies of the last several years has been the devaluation and the rule of law. and the president has really set the tone here. when he disagreed with his own policy on obama care he didn't go back to the congress to get the lot changed they ordered a change in the way the lot was to be administered in handle. when he disagreed with the immigration policy he decided he would change the lot by telling people not to enforce it. there has been a policy by the current administration to
7:08 am
relax immigration. liz: we know that there are laws in place in terms of immigration and deportation that this last administration just blew off. the obama administration much to the immigration advocates did deport many people. but did it quietly. they relaxed other laws. and president obama tried to go against the congress on this. i expect senator sessions to run a different justice department. i think those roles rules will be enforced. well have a different immigration policy. but the precedent has been set it is true it was around the congress. and what we will be watching since republicans seem to be
7:09 am
powerless to stop president obama is whether gridlock builds up in the congress. the precedent has been set. future presidents now they can feel frustration over an impasse and do a lot on their own from the white house. that really needs to be watched and stopped and we need to look obviously as soon as we get this at checks and balances again. i've a question about what the future congress will look like in relationship to the president. i really think this is can be the most fascinating question going forward. donald trump has relationships with democrats. his children our democrats. he has donated to these people
7:10 am
he knows them. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer these are his people. i would not be surprised if he really ruffles feathers on the republican side trying to get through policies that they don't champion. they have already reached out to the administration elect to try to work with people on their share. this is can be a really interesting thing. the divisions are gonna be interesting to watch because in the end it will be a lot of books. i won't well all be republican legislation though. that's what we had bond yields at the highest level of the year. that is financial ruin. we will see. some might say he's in the middle because he has both
7:11 am
policies. i don't know. he might take the bad impulses of both. i don't think cutting taxes is a bad impulse. that is definitely one out there. there is more coming up. tensions reignite over the pipeline. they're forced to use extreme measures. we are back in a minute. your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price.
7:12 am
invest with confidence.
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7:14 am
liz: welcome back. winter weather has arrived. snowstorms hitting the northwest region. >> a lot of people are waking up to cold temperatures. falls. a lot of 20s and 30s on the map. when shells feel even colder than that. minus one international falls. you get the picture. we're still seeing snow across portions of the great lakes in new england. these wind blowing across relatively warmer lake waters
7:15 am
and that's giving us a pileup of snow. in some cases six to 12 inches. maybe even 18 inches in the higher elevations. now talking about travel delays a lot of worried about what's can happen tomorrow, wednesday and thursday with this area of low pressure across the midwest in the great lakes. we could even see severe weather perhaps large hail, damaging winds in isolated tornadoes across portions of the south. we are watching tricky weather across the great lakes. along the eastern seaboard not too bad. and then our next system moves into the northwest. we can have some problems there. better conditions however for the macy's thanksgiving day parade that will move into the northeast so the potential for some showers across new york city we will keep you posted.
7:16 am
back to you. liz: meter announcement from pope francis about abortion. >> he has extended the power to fit -- forgive abortion. that rate was reserved for bishops. it came in an apostolic letter. the pope has been working on being more forgiving and inclusive. about 400 people tried to cross a bridge on a state highway yesterday but they were pushed back by police using water cannons and what appeared to be teargas. native american tribe which has been fighting the pipeline for months said it is concerned about the safety of the water and potential damage. it will carry oil from north dakota to illinois.
7:17 am
toys "r" us is pulling tonka dump trucks. they bought the toy for their grandson. it caught fire on the way home. they're working closely with the manufacturer to find out the cost. the world's largest retailer is pushing up its internet deals. and no longer waits until cyber monday. they revamped their website last summer. they tripled their product line. they still require at least a 50-dollar purchase to get free shipping. they start 1201 a.m. on eastern time. on friday. the impacts on markets.
7:18 am
check your refrigerator there is a massive homage's recall. -- hummus recall. thank you for calling. we'll be with you shortly. yeah right... xerox predictive analytics help companies provide a better and faster customer experience. hello mr. kent. can i rebook your flight? i'm here! xerox customer care services... ...soon to be conduent. wait i'm here! mr. kent? (gasp) shark diving! xerox personalized employee portals help companies make benefits simple and accessible... from anywhere. hula dancing? cliff jumping! xerox human resource services... ...soon to be conduent.
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you're stuck, watching spinning wheels and progress bars until someone else scoops your story. switch to comcast business. with high-speed internet up to 10 gigabits per second. you wouldn't pick a slow race car. then why settle for slow internet? comcast business. built for speed. built for business. liz: were walking -- were watching markets this morning. upo 14 points on the dow with the election now behind us could we see a shift in investment strategy. during this right now to talk about that is that president of u.s. trust. now that donald trump has done that to change strategy. our expectation now is you can see higher growth higher inflation because of all that
7:22 am
we think you need to start positioning more for greater exposure to value because it should outperform growth as well as much more cyclicality as opposed to a lot of people are doing is to get paid to wait strategy. look at the financials. we think there is value in general. a number of things. we think we will probably end this year around the highs. we think the next year you could see animal gdp growth assuming inflation as 3%. that's obviously good for revenue. it has been really making it hard for companies to generate topline growth. by definition earnings. they could state somewhere around 18 times.
7:23 am
at the end of next year a pretty good return and the s&p again. i would expect a little bit more inflation do you think it could ramp up that quickly. we had been with that. typically when you see the late cycle you do see more inflation because you have the tighter labor market. very high correlation there. not to mention the fact that if we see a general pickup in growth if in fact we get some fiscal stimulus which we do believe we will see time will tell what it looks like we think that's a pretty safe bet. all that can really come together and you see inflation continue to pick up and along with that the bond market went a long way.
7:24 am
to factor in your forecast in terms of more borrower lead. at what point to almost 2.34 percent. at what point does that then get in the way of valuation. we think the ten year treasury could end next year. keep in mind were dealing with pretty incomplete information right now. this is what they're telling us as more facts and information comes out. you can see a ten year treasury at the end of next year. keep in mind it is high versus what were used to. we think the economy can continue on as i suggested.
7:25 am
i think the dollar definitely strengthens especially as the growth becomes more apparent. the differential rates as we begin to tighten but we think as europe growth in europe accelerates we think that the dollar will stabilize at levels that will not be too damaging for the overall economy. the trick right now is you know that there are referendum. we have to see how that all plays out so there is some uncertainty there. and then up 2% today. would you my energy. that would be an area that you have to pick. one of the sectors we think will benefit. and possible trade tariffs.
7:26 am
those are all things that are good for that. we agree. we think people are gonna be moving more towards the met domestic oriented industries. they are the most direct beneficiary of growth. if that comes into play. see mick it's already at a record. how much more can they run at that point. one of the reasons you could see a pullback earlier in the year. however again if you see the pickup in growth we are expecting that. the chief investment officer. we have you have a new role. congratulations. did you see the peril to the
7:27 am
80s potentially. and if you look across. we think of the emerging markets may be that odd man out here. for that reason. the one thing that has been missing is the skull. we've had monetary. do you want to buy the u.s. we think that they can be difficult for those dynamics. there is more coming up next. nancy pelosi is facing a challenger for the title. they dominate the lists.
7:28 am
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7:30 am
liz: good monday morning everyone. welcome back. it's monday november 21. your top stories 7:30 a.m. on the east coast. the new leadership team beginning to take shape. select donald -- other side scrambles.
7:31 am
our economic message was not sharp enough not bold enough not strong enough and people even though i believe that for all of those blue-collar voters who voted for donald trump and many voted for obama they thought he was the change agent even though our actual policies are much closer to what they believe that the republican policies. speemac president obama forced to defend his party while on his final trip this week. they are telling reporters that he will not be the last democratic president not even for a while. sabre is issuing a massive recall of its hummus products. the move that has consumers losing their sweet tooth. people love their facebook profiles and shopping on amazon with both companies rated among the left companies of the world.
7:32 am
we will take the brand still in the hearts of millions. that is is lifting some votes that's for sure they're actually hired by one and three-quarter percent. on hope and speculation. will see if it's cut. take a look. the last check. up a third of a%. in asia over night. overnight. stocks mostly higher. it's now in a bull market. the average now up 21 percent from its most recent low and that was in february. and from a canceled show two political rants we are breaking down the wild weekend.we are striving to unit.
7:33 am
president obama and keith ellison wayne and across the board this weekend. board this weekend. the democratic nominee one of the popular vote obviously this is a extremely competitive race i would expect that teacher races would be competitive as well. if we make in the average american's need our priority people who want to see their kids go to college if we make those people the priority we will win and donald trump will be relegated to be a foot note in history. ohio congressman will challenge nancy pelosi. she has led for nearly 14 years. congressman, good to see you. thanks so much for joining us.
7:34 am
i know you had been making the rounds at this morning and you said set up policy was not focused on the issues constituents were worried about like the economy like jobs. do you think that is why republicans claim the 70 seats. i don't think there's any question when you look at what happened in the great lake states. we lacked a message for the working class people in ohio and michigan and wisconsin. clearly that was a case or we would have one. the question really is now how bad it doesn't have to get before we make a change. we have the smallest number of people since 1929. so having more seats do we have to lose before we realize that we have to make a change. what's a number for us to have to go in the other direction. the truth is the party has moved all the way to the left. now you have mr. ellison who is all the way to the left you can do. or you are you going to try to pull things back to the middle or are you also feeling like
7:35 am
the parties should party should in fact further to the left. if you look at the republican party also. we could make a good argument that they moved pretty far to the right. i'm trying to make a point. the emphasis and what a loud trumpet to win was the economic message. we all had different positions in our political party. what do you emphasize that is a uniting for us. and we did not really push the uniting economic message that we need. and that means that average people have an opportunity to provide security with their family. we talked so much about the minimum wage. it's a very important issue but people don't want a minimum wage job.
7:36 am
and that person felt like we left them. and in my district the average wage is $57,000 per year which means you have husband and wife. and they're making less than 30 grand per year. they left because i didn't think we were talking to them. >> do you think that part of it is the overall way that some of the democrats and i will point at nancy pelosi speak to the american people. the government knows better. that elitist politicians and lawmakers know better. we make better decisions about your life and your money than you can. that kind of was the over arching messages of the trump campaign. i think you're right. the average american in the working-class american flipped
7:37 am
the middle finger to the establishment. they think that everybody is more concerned with the donor class than they are with the working class. and they sent a very strong signal which is why i got into this race because i've tried to convince my colleagues that the american people have asked for us to change things. and we can't keep going down the same road. the smallest number in our caucus since 1929. i am pulling the fire alarm right now. i believe we are in denial of what is happening and i'm pulling in the fire alarm because the house is burning down. and we better get our act together or we will cease being a national party. we will fail to get into the majority and fail to do things on behalf of the working class people that were the backbone of the democratic party for so long.
7:38 am
we better get our stuff together. i think you had identified the problem what concerns me is what the heck is the solution. i did say proved true because it actually makes things worse for the middle class. i do have an easy solution for solving the real problem that global changes have caused. how to make this pitch. we need a new trade model. if you look at the damage that has been done. it doesn't always acknowledge the devastation that global trade is taken on. we need a model that works for everybody and that means lifting people's wages and working conditions up in other countries. and then let's go. let's put the team usa jersey on. let's focus on in areas in
7:39 am
advanced manufacturing. we are the high end manufacturing. i understand that. those jobs aren't coming back. we have the niche to be the advanced manufacturing capital of the world. let's figure out a way to drive that. we are bringing jobs to regions that need it. a lot of people don't want to learn how to run a computer. they want to run a backhoe. we have to stimulate other industries. but at the same time we need to rebuild the country and people want to do those jobs.
7:40 am
they are following up on the traded questions. does it actually mean that you intend to be his strongest ally in isolating the u.s. >> i said a new model. we can't pull the covers over her head. we need to shape of the the new world and that means being aggressive in our recent negotiation of some of these deals. making sure that there is a new model that we can create. good for the working-class and businesses around our country that need to export to these other countries but do it in a way that is more balance. those jobs can't be outsourced. we need water lines and sewer lines and water treatment
7:41 am
facilities. how much of this election was about what you are saying and how much was it also about a repudiation against president obama and his executive orders. as i had been in congress. they had been economic. four, 6814 they are which candidate best connects with people. a lot of trump voters in ohio voted for barack obama twice but we failed to put that message together and i think
7:42 am
obama have in contrast to mitt romney and in contrast to what was happening with john mccain at the time he ran in 2008. it just goes to show you the american people want you to understand and be thinking about what they're thinking about. that's our job here as leaders. i dig our party right now is in a state of denial and we are being very dysfunctional right now. and we have to understand that the american people have asked us to make some changes. and how many seats do we have to lose it before we recognize that we need to turn the page and go in another direction. i love nancy pelosi. i worked with her to take the house back in 2006 but we have to make a change. if the coach keeps losing her to make a change or work in a cease to be a national party. that's what happened at this election. thanks so much. then onstage out bursts and a cancel concert.
7:43 am
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see one welcome back a major train accident to report. it injured over 200 others. the train derailed in the northern part of the country. most of the passengers were sleeping. rescue teams said that they have now finished their search operations. because of much of the countries role. it's one of the worst accidents they have seen. it said about 15,000 people are killed every year and train accidents there. kanye west left fans confused and pretty angry over the weekend.
7:47 am
it went on and on. he cut short a show in sacramento. listen to what happened. obama couldn't make america great. [indiscernible] it went on and on. that outburst became a hot topic on twitter. he was scheduled to resume tomorrow night. if you buy hummus made by sabre you might want to listen up to this one.
7:48 am
they are recalling more than 50 of the hummus products due to possible listeria contamination. he has the best before date through january 232017. they should check the date on the list of every package and just throw out a potentially unsafe packages. they had decided to permanently remove that. the top of the lex for the new honeycomb crunch back in september. nestlé said it will reintroduce that topic deluxe but only for a limited time. they want to celebrate the eighth birthday by introducing a new flavor especially this is very popular in britain and very upset they have ruined christmas.
7:49 am
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with sleep number.
7:52 am
brands. from facebook to amazon consumer using big name brands on a daily basis. what do they love the most. it's good to see you. thank you for joining us. tell us what the most beloved brands are. >> overall we did research across three countries.
7:53 am
mostly digital and technology brands are in the top. you find apple is the most beloved brand. i guess i can see it with apple because it makes products that we love so much. what about microsoft. >> you must remember that they also remember the gaming devices. >> and netflix is one of those accompanies companies in the has reinvented itself. it's all about entertainment. >> when you look at a company like assam sunk they were loved until they have a big problem. what are these countries -- companies doing right. our method is really about five dimensions because in the fresh dimension in each brand interaction you want to make sure you have them level of these maintained and they have
7:54 am
done a good job. they break the top and engaging for example. >> there's a story of the deposit will be ready in time for the holidays. their products had always been very anticipated. they take the time to focus on the dimensions to get them right. they build a sense of anticipation. is it the same when you look outside the u.s. it's interesting for us to see. all brands across here were more or less the same. and netflix was the most loved brand across all three geographies. what do you do in terms of keeping the status. i think they need to measure the moments of interaction on a regular basis not just once in a while and to keep up with what they call liquid expectations. customer expectations are
7:55 am
changing on a regular basis. liquid expectations make people want more from brands. in order to make that happen you want to make sure that you're looking at every moment and making sure that you're getting it right. how important is it to stay engaged with the customer out there. and talking to your customer. you need to be monitoring how you can do this. you can be talking to customers on the street. and altogether putting it all together you find if it's working or not. otherwise your competitor is right there behind you. if you lose the loyalty it's hard to get back. and also it's hard to change it really quickly in the minds of customers.
7:56 am
there are many. we find the breaking -- and banking brands tend to not be very well in this dimension. they're beginning to take that approach. and they are beginning to look at how humans want to be. they tend to be better with these dimensions. good to see. there is more still to come. they're hoping to be elected for a fourth term. what could be her toughest campaign we will talk about it. today we're gonna be comparing these two truck beds. let's start over here with this aluminum bed. you put your toolbox up here... whoa! that's a big hole. that is unbelievable. now let's check out the roll formed steel bed of the silverado.
7:57 am
same spot, same empty toolbox. took it way better. the steel held up. you don't have to wait until black friday to make a strong decision. find your tag and get 20% cash back, or, get 0% financing for 72 months on select remaining 2016 silverado double cabs in stock. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
7:58 am
7:59 am
. maria: good monday morning welcome back. i'm maria bartiromo it is monday, november 21 your top stories kl a.m. on the east coast short list shorter president-elect donald trump holding meetings today to narrow down his cabinet picks former texas governor rick perry headed to trump tower after weekend meeting with mitt romney aanderud rood boating president obama and mike pence addressed america's future under a trump administration this weekend. >> i know this is a very us do time for some people i want to reassure people what president-elect donald trump
8:00 am
said, on election night, he absolutely meant from the bottom of his heart he is preparing to be the president of all of the people of the united states, of america. >> what i can guarantee is that reality will force him to adjust. how he approaches many of these issues. that is just the way this office works. maria: and look at this is ay exchange in peru president obama russian president vladimir putin speaking briefly what was likely last in person meeting, the details of what they discussed, and the implications for the incoming administration the war on police, texas officer shot and killed, what riding a traffic ticket three cops wounded in separate attacks across the country over the weekend details ahead the northeast hit with first windy weather more snow coming to the region and midwest for thanksgiving travel week apple
8:01 am
helping iphones effectuated by unexpected shutdown will replace batteries says no safety risk with this issue, marks fractionally better on the section take a look we are near the flat line, but trending positive up 11 points on dow industrials big rally in oil prices big story in markets crude oil up roughly % on expectations opec will reach a deal to cut production next week that is helping lift global markets in europe commodities stocks leading the way the broader markets little changed gains quarter of a percent in germany to hf a percent higher for the cac quarante in paris asia overnight stocks most of all higher japanese market in a bull market nikkei average up 21% from recent low in february big rally there, and that continues, overnight, plus nfl heads south of the border what to expect in controversial game in mexico city tonight. all sthoirs coming up, this
8:02 am
morning, and joining me fox business network dagen mcdowell "barrons" online editor jack otto, former jij defense mirnz. >> good to see you one thing wanted to talk about teresa may wanting to lower corporate taths now in uk. >> -- taxes in uk. >> interesting hours in europe over the weekend, one boring thing, so we will talk about that later -- probably not as in germany, secondly the former french president has beenouted -- theresa may went into the race of who has the lowest corporate taxes to offer, and it is immediately raised a rough, rough reaction from germany, so it is europe is in an interesting position again. >> i wondered if trump challenge 15% corporate tax now teresa may wants to go lower than 20. >> yeah. >> the point you made if not supposed to do this as members
8:03 am
of the eu, right it isn't until -- that they can make changes that are different from the rest of the group. >> an interesting step, because you start with a rather aggressive act before negotiating with rest of the eu i can only imagine the chance -- >> getting pushback on it. >> already getting bush pack jaerm says not going to work part of eu bad luck for you definitely not the way to negotiate. >> he wool talk about debate in u.s. president-elect donald trump reportedly closer to announcing his cabinet picks we know his policies that he wants to execute, vice president elect pence weighed in on trump meeting with trump critics former governor mitt romney watch this. >> i can tell you that the presidenth president-elect was very grateful that governor mitt romney came in, they had a good meeting, it was a warm and substantive exchange and i know under active consideration, to be the secretary of state of the united states along with some other very distinguished americans. >> joining me former house
8:04 am
speaker newt gingrich speaker good to he sue thank you so much for unionization. >> thank you great to be with you. >> mitt romney, he was so aggressive against a trump during the campaign, he called him a phony called him a fraud now the president-elect is considering romney for secretary of state is that true? >> could be true, look, if romney wants to be donald j. trump's secretary of state he would be very effective one he is a great manager enormous energy, very smart guy. on the other hand i think he would have to one, agree to implement trump's policies, and, two, agree that he will overhaul the state department, because it is currently totally nonfunctional i think that those are big challenges but if romney would do that, would he be a very smart very aggressive secretary of state. and i can't imagine anybody doing a better knowledgeable potentially overhauling foreign consecutive state department because he has background the kind of guy
8:05 am
turns around companies reorganizations them sets them on a different path. >> i guess supporters who were upset because of the way romney spoke about trump will just get over it i will say this, romney got the rush of things right on, he was absolutely right about vladimir putin said that, when he was running for president. >> i think if any of -- trump's supporters have a right to be irritated with romney would be me we had a very rough-and-tumble campaign in 2012, i have very strong feelings about it but also very strong feelings about the new president, his job, and great trust in his judgment he is looking at a lot of smart people, and i am prepared to say that i want to support president-elect trump's choices and i think he is also a good enough manager that if he ultimately decides on romney it will be because he and romney have a clear understanding he is the president romney is secretary of state. and romney will be implementing the president's
8:06 am
policies, if that is the case, then i am all for mitt romney. >> mr. speaker, it is dagen mcdowell, how much are you consulting donald trump on all these picks how much talking to him. >> not much, i have look i have great faith in president-elect we have known each other a long time on occasions talk about specific things callista and i will be visiting with him this afternoon he has extraordinarily good judgment a zone shot a o let last two years to interact with a lot of different people get a feel for what their thinking is intuitively, it is always intuition intuitively he has to decide who are the people who can make up the trump team in order to be fv my only real advice to him channel lincoln both in bringing the country together because lincoln's use of language was central to how we survived the circle war i think building a strong team in that sense you have seen him reach out to remarkable
8:07 am
people general mattice for example one of the greatest combat generals in modern times would be extraordinary to have him in government. >> jack from "barrons" you mentioned lincoln, you think a team of rivals we might be on track to have different points of view into this administration i assume given your reference you think that is a good thing but how will that work in practice? can people of differing views present them both to trump at the will make right decision. >> what happened with lincoln the team of rivals revised lincoln was president took six months lincoln was a much smaller figure when he first became president, than donald trump is, i mean, lincoln was one time congressman people recommend wondered how he got to the nomination, they were surprised he won the presidency, so he had much more -- trump has proton he could beat 15 republicans for
8:08 am
nomination beat hillary clinton for presidency provening create a worldwide 10-billion-dollar company i think trump is in many ways a bigger figure starting his administration, than lincoln was, the question for all guys and girls is going to be are you prepared to work for president trump? if you are, he is going to run a very aggressive team, i think he is deeply committed to draining the swamp deeply committed to changing policies to make america great i don't think that is a slogan he has a vision in mind of hardworking prosperous america very safe his first choice very tellingly in national security, and they are all very seasoned people, the people interviewing right now very seasoned people, this will not be a collection of amateurs. >> casey good to see you if not mitt romney i have been in germany the only thing i heard again, again anybody but rudy the second i heard please
8:09 am
anybody but bolton, so would there be a choice he in your mind, having diplomatic skills all things for that position. >> i don't think you need all that diplomatic stuff we've had lots of secretary of states john kerry hillary clinton wonder around planet go to 5-star hotels eat at gourmet restaurants nines incidents with foreign ministers tell message he were how much they love each other have a press conference it is nothing it is baloney we need a secretary of state who represents america if that makes europeans uncomfortable may be they should be it is go ato somebody every morning gets up says i am going to do what i can for american jobs for american security, for the american people, now let's talk. and i think, folks in -- particularly in europe, are very used to the idea that they ought to get somebody basically going to schmooze
8:10 am
them be nice to them have contempt f the american people i think kerry and clinton do, so this will be a great shot for them to have somebody who is pro-american, willing to fight for american policies, and willing to be pretty tough about it i don't know why bothered by rudy very smart guy knows world pretty karn well all over business much of it understands skwurt very, very well he would be, a tough negotiate, for united states, i happen to think that is a good thing. >> how tough will confirmation hearings be mr. speaker do you think for example jeff sessions get through? and what about rudy giuliani? . >> i think so they get through i think it is very hard to turn down, legitimate choices of a new president but i do think snow sense of humor are extraordinarily smart signaled on fox news with chris wallace
8:11 am
going to be partisan, jeff sessions most are lies, jeff sessions as u.s. attorney, prosecuted head of the conclude cluks clan for murder got a conviction death penalty 8-million-dollar junlt against a -- and abrupted them anybody suggesting sessions in any way less than tally committed law and order american wants to protect every american is lying democrats relied on smears innuendo lies to attack him in 80s i don't think that is going to work tie i think jeff sessions clearly is somebody who will make a great -- you know attorney general, and will be a great shock if somebody -- to have somebody believes in rule of law rather than rule of rcronies. >> you don't want to be in the administration? >> i am talking about
8:12 am
president-elect trump i want to be a senior planner we have 4100 state legislators, 34 governors, a majority of the senate a majority in the house we have a great opportunity over the next 8 years, to really stabilize the country on republican principles values i think highest value to try to think that through help that happen. >> all right. we will watch the developments good to see you, sir thank you. >> thank you. >> mr. speaker, newt gingrich there coming up the first major snow storm of the season ice over northeast in time for thanksgiving travel when next round of wintery weather expected police department to hit artist blasts president-elect donald trump in attractively music award, back in a minute. .
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
maria: welcome back more violence against or i police officers, cheryl casone with the story now cheryl. cheryl: that is right, one police officer shot dead three others, shot and wounded in four u.s. cities, there is no connection between shootings but a manhunt in san antonio gunman shot killed a police detective 50-year-old marconi shot writing a ticket in a squad car gunman sped away. >> you consider this suspect to be extremely dangerous, and clear threat to law enforcement and public. >> police is offering 10,000 dollar reward in the case.
8:16 am
a st. louis plaintiff sergeapol sergeant sitting in car in intersection a silver vehicle pulled up suspect was later shot dead by officers. another officer, in sanibel off florida west coxe shot and wounded the suspect drove by shot officer after he stopped another driver sources say that officer was treated. and then released, guys another police shooting in western missouri in gladstone that officer expected to survive the suspect also shot. well, there is a powerful winter storm hammering northeast this morning strong winds snow causing low visibility dangerous driving conditions brings much colder temperatures to the region, the same storm dumped snow blizzard conditions across northern plains last week, well, apple, launching second repair program going to
8:17 am
provide free battery plaist for iphone 6s molds spencered shut down apple says impacts small number devices between september and october last year apple announce it had fix for phones with touchscreens malfunctioning, there was no shortage of diagram at american music awards "saturday night live", hosted the show feeling heat using election for punch lines including, an impersonation. >> i love my husband. president barack obama. >> i love bruno mars, i don't know what color he is i can't deport him i love uptown if you think totally not about me pg originally called uptown trump i am goings to this country up. >> kept going green bay took
8:18 am
to the stage had a political message, of their own. >> listen. >> -- ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ up no kkk, no usa -- >> -- he walked away with biggest honor artist of the year gracious about it one of the few. >> incredible. >> proving that models are not just paid to look beautiful, they are really paid to shut up. >> [laughter] >> when they talk, that is what happens. >> oh, my god more of -- when you are looking in artist to tell about his or her politics that is what happened with "hamilton", people pushed back don't want it not why think watch the american music awards. >> taking -- green bye political bent have been they have at an that risk and fans
8:19 am
come to expect that from them, jay, a member of the "saturday night live" cast the "hamilton" thing was mike pence handled it yesterday on fox news sunday with great aplomb it was amazing. >> he was great a short break when we come back could rise in populism need to fall of angela merkel german chancellor announcing a run fourth term in wake of britain's decision to leave eu we will talk about it one last stand against megamergers anthem's 48-billion-dollar deal to quantifier rival cigna heads to federal court. back in a minute ♪ ♪ ♪ they say you shouldn't spoil your kids,
8:20 am
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8:23 am
. . maria: welcome back german prepares for election, chancellor angela merkel seeking a fourth term after 11 years in office but the reelects campaign could prove tough, as merkel face opposition, kt is with us former jen minutes of economics, and under miss merkel what do you think about this. >> it was expected they would run again and she waited and waited, and waited, and i wanted -- waited germany i think she wanted to test waters how she could manage all the opposition gained regarding the refugee crisis brexit all other things now we have a candidate now we have heard about in one of your features before about the most beloved, she is not the most bloviate brand she is most
8:24 am
accepted brand, and that plays into their hands, but she has a tough year ahead. >> one of the reasons she had a to have you year she welcomed one million refugees. >> one million but stream somehow stopped at the arou prevail, may will it be enough we have a popular as well in germany new she has to be she has to be cautious, extremely cautious. >> what happens with the refugee crisis so many he dimensions how the what is hour policy how can she make a little bit of prog. >> first of all, the policy was keep it as quiet as possible, follow the -- i once called art of being machiavelli, close to machiavelli, so one sense vigorously the second one keep
8:25 am
open, decisively to build a wall of complexity make 170, 180 turns without anyone noticing it regarding the refugee crisis she did that as well followed even her -- one point didn't give the impression she did, so at the moment it is quiet, but this is not the last refugee we have seen in europe, a magnet for vr crisis seen around the world. >> quiet until there is a terrorist attack i don't want to wish that on the country what bb the threat of ritualism because of influx of religions. >> france, a few months. >> we have had two already. >> right that is intellecting about germany does not lead to a -- it might be somehow to the history in germany not to react extreme ways but could
8:26 am
happen in a worse scheme that is the big skwe mark for reelection, that would boost at it pop. >> president obama, vladimir putin face-to-face look like a tense run-in this weekend how does this set stage for relations between russia and u.s.? >> there is some home in german now that presidenth president-elect could actually reach out, properly to president putin because that would actually at one point boost germany economic interests, but still sanctions, and we have actually imposed sanctions together, and angela merkel is one of the strongest proponents regarding the sanctions, so and at the same time there are other voices in europe that say who will be -- will it be president-elect or putin, most say actually with experience of the president-elect might actually be probably him. >> quick on uk reports say that former uk prime minister tony blair looking to get back into politics. >> wow!
8:27 am
>> wow tier issa may wanting lower corporate taxes. >> wow again. >> how does tony blair thing go over? >> he knows how to spell addition correctly, probably, i don't see him back on the stage, a o approval rate underwhelming to you the it mild the taxes the rates we see now quite a brave step by teresa may part of eu not a lot to do about before negotiating brexit it is i wouldn't say close to some kind of some kind of of a clash within europe but testing the limits. >> looks like uk and u.s. getting alined. >> looks like let's see whether that works out. >> from tragedy to triumph a doctor lost family in home invasion rises up, 11 term incumbent in state legislature we talk to him about what he hopes to accomplish in first
8:28 am
national interview since historic win back in a moment. and morning chitchat... less interesting. xerox transportation services... ...soon to be conduent. thank you for calling. we'll be with you shortly. yeah right... xerox predictive analytics help companies provide a better and faster customer experience. hello mr. kent. can i rebook your flight? i'm here! xerox customer care services... ...soon to be conduent. wait i'm here! mr. kent?
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. maria: good monday morning i am maria bartiromo, thanks so much for joining us monday, november 21, your top stories 8:30 a.m. on the east coast, president president-elect donald trump administration, beginning to take shape, as the list of namrrowos vice president elect weighed in. >> to be at trump national yesterday to see men and women
8:31 am
coming through with extraordinary backgrounds another round today we are we have been we have enbeen working at his direction, head long to bring together people from all across this country, who will help him on day one, to begin to move that agenda to really result in a stronger more prosperous america i couldn't be more honored to be part of it. maria: former texas governor among big names meeting with president-elect today we will watch that meeting. with rick perry, anthem to defend 48-billion-dollar deer for cigna what to expect as they head to court today gopro has been far from picture-perfect company trying to win customers after it drone release crashed and burned. markets this morning, kicking off a holiday shortened week higher dow nasdaq s&p 500 expected to be up fractionally, big story in markets today big rally in oil prices crude oil up as you can
8:32 am
see, almost 2% right now 4657. on hopes opec reach a deal to cut production in europe broader markets higher listsdz by price of oil as you see there gains in about half a percent on average, in asia stocks higher mostly nikkei average in but will market territory nikkei in japan up 21% from most recent low back in february. plus is mexico really ready for some football? the major concerns surrounding tonight's game in mexico city. and it is never too late to take the field inspiring story of one football player, 55 years in the making we will bring it to you the vetting for cabinet pogs continues president-elect donald trump more meetings today following a busy weekend peter barnes with latest in washington. cheryl: . reporter: that is right president-elect continues parade of possible meeting with former texas governor rick perry at trump tower after weekend meetings at his gulf club in bed minister new jersey perry candidate for energy or grill secretary
8:33 am
mr. trump met with candidates advisors including chris christie, former new york mayor rudy giuliani still in the running for secretary of state. retired marine corp mattice up for secretary of defense former republican 20 vl 12 perfectly nominee mitt romney a leading trump contradict once calling trump a con man said up for secretary of state as well top democrat in the senate chuck schumer warned will take a hard look at all trump nominees even if fellow senators like alabama jeff sessions trump picked sessions to be his attorney general. >> for any of these nominees i think the watchword is a thorough thorough vetting don't say absolutely not. but they have to answer and satisfy american people about a whole lot of questions even if you are a senator. >> schumer says to get his
8:34 am
vote sessions needs to pledge to run a strong civil rights division at justice department. >> thank you so much peter barnes in washington right now, now a truly moving story inspirational nine years ago being connecticut doctor william petit survived a home invasion left him on drink of death claim lives of wife two daughters this year dr. petit decided to reason i for state office he won, unsetting 11 term incumbent joining be right now in first national tv interview fox business exclusive is dr. petit good to see you as you so much for joining us our condolences to you and your family, what a tragedy situation, tell us what was behind the decision to run for office. mostly it was my concern about the fiscal future the state i have a little boy william, remarried to christine been married four years worried about the future of our state, and felt like we were going
8:35 am
down the wrong fiscal path and instead of complaining all the time i thought i should jump in try to help make change. >> do you feel that obviously the resonated simply we're seeing in country at large >> i think so in connecticut, we've end of up senate, 18-18 close as we have been in house 79-72 democrats still hold majority but close as both houses have been for many years. >> i think the this is a really good point republicans increased control in state legislature, so highest lovely since civil war still in minority does that discourage you? this is a -- an uphill climb. >> definitely. certainly hopeful that we take 12 seats in the house be able to have 76, 75 majority that didn't happen we picked up seats 79-27 i think we are going to have to work in you a bipartisan way to make things
8:36 am
happen we have a lot of major issues to contend with. >> when you look at economy and jobs talking about a stagnant situation much like we are seeing in u.s. at large, and then you've got all these businesses moving out of the state. look what happened in terms of these general election one of the largest leaves connecticut. >> i think that has to do with businesses in terms of the structure of the state government, reliability, and what can they depend on in the future and i think they all know that we have with long term liabilities we have huge pension, and health care liabilities that we have not attended to i think the businesses rightly o so thinking if we don't pay attention to those they are going to look other places we need to pay attention to long term debt. >> what are the policies you feel most passionate about is that one of the most important things you ran on debt. >> yeah simply i ran on the budget trying to fixing the deficit, in cope with
8:37 am
liabilities trying to smeal small business my point of view small business tend to be lifeblood of cities and states you need to do whatever you can to help small businesses. >> small business one of the reasons i think donald trump was elected, because small business desperate for trump economics is that what you are talking about. >> i think it is about trying to get rid of fees, taxes, regulations, that incumber small businesses from being able to smart grow, trying prosper. we in 1992 passed a margin constitutional spending cap yefr completed it in 25 years, i think that will be a big first step to try to really have the constitutional spending cap. >> every time we speak with business managers object this program they talk about regulations hammering ability to grow their ability to hire more people, that includes obamacare, you are a medical doctor tell us about impact of affordable care act. >> i think for a lot of people it has been very, very
8:38 am
difficult i think part of it is part and par critical of more than medicine electron electroniced me records most people want to sit across from him or her look in eyes talk eye-to-eye as opposed is to someone with head down typing at computer i think a part of it, obviously we may need more competition, is between states in terms of insurances because we have seen what happened with the deductibles and people's policy premiums have gone up a great deal last couple years. >> what can do you to address that? >> i don't know if there is a lot we can do at the state level i think mostly federal i was part of the am art of the connecticut state medical society we fought against most mergers you have scene we are afraid with big insurance companies lead to less completion problems with network adequacy.
8:39 am
>> this is a great point insurance companies are trying to merge probably only makes it worse for the people who are paying the insurance, because more dominant. >> you have a relationship with one 5, 10, 20 years network there is and someone is pushed out you have to choose you know that is a very difficult thing when you have been dealing with a chronic gi condition or diabetes or heart conditions you have to change so i think, you -- you know just like, where when i ran for office said people before politics they think in terms of medicine got to be patient care, patient care before insurance you got to put the patient, in the center of tabou circle changes you make try to help patient work from inside out as opposed to outside in. >> what do you want to see from trump administration in terms of its approach toward the state what do you need to see from the federal government? >> certainly i am sure that -- most, most states like to see as much federal money as they
8:40 am
can especially connecticut given the problems we have run into. i know he's got some issues with the department of education, and i have always felt that education was best handled at local level i think we have excellent well trained people at local and state level to be able to run the education so i am not sure we need a lot of oversight from federal government in terms of our educational system. >> i has said a number of times, for handful of issues leave it to states, we looked at that in terms of education also looked in terms of minimum wage let the state decide on these things. >> yeah i would agree certainly, education, end of it i think we do a great job in connecticut i think a great educational system preschool grammar school high school the university level i think we can handle most of it, perhaps the federal government's best roll in terms of education is research and looking at best practices, if you will, in maybe that is the best roll
8:41 am
for the federal government, is national research in terms of best methods. >> congratulations on success dr. petit let me ask you the tragedy you endured nine years ago you are an inspirational character obviously, and people at home just wonder how you did it got over such a tragedy. >> well i was -- i was fortunate to have a wonderful large loving family a lot of friends, so i got surrounded by a lot of people, and when people talk to me about it will i say when you have a big tragedy when you have something that may cause huge stress in your life, maybe even to the point of ptsd you need professional help so people come up to me i say you know your friends and family need to be friends and family you need professional help to avail yourself of proper care in terms of psychologists, et cetera, you can't have friends
8:42 am
and family be professional caretakers they can't be your doctor you need to get the therapy you need there is a lot of techniques that are very helpful to people again i know it is difficult for many people not surrounded by by large groups of people. >> i know that your grateful for that we are grateful that you came on the show you the so much dr. petit good to see you we will be watching connecticut what the legislature can do with growth there, dr. william petit joining us next health care showdown in federal court fireworks expected anthem defends merger with cigna. >> stuart varney, the about liberal bias once again back in a minute. this is where i trade andrs. manage my portfolio.
8:43 am
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. . maria: welcome back, we are about 45 minutes away from opening bell is expected higher opening for broader averages take a look at stocks up 20 watching gopro the company will now give owners
8:46 am
of plagued karma drone a free hero 5 camera when they return the defies gopro to recall highly anticipated drone due to power issue shares down better than 51% last year anthem headed to court to defend deal to acquire cigna 48 billion dollars, just heard what dr. petit thinks about that justice department claims acquisition would limit competition anthem cigna accused of each other of breaching terms of the agreement. we well, the can you catch american musically awards a political tone was commentary necessary joining me host of "varney & company" stuart snoourt. >> outrageous guessing i am glad i didn't see it i hope the ratings are awful. i just wonder what middle america thinks, when it watches tv and we see the model mocking maelania trump
8:47 am
trying to be funny can you imagine if somebody mocked michelle obama in this way traunl can do with impunity mocking melania trump then green day, last bum i think american idiot flopped, they were on the stage, there they are on the stage talking about no kkk, no trump no trump, trump is a fascist do they roil what america thinks when they look at nonsense on national television i think good for trump's because quite frankly. >> you are right mocking of melania trump where they think they can get away with that dagen made the right point do it again. >> i stayed models are not only paid to look beautiful, they are clearly also paid to shut up. >> [laughter].
8:48 am
maria: i will add this the. >> trump supporters weren't bothered by trump taking shots at peel people that trump took shots at are meeting with him about potential cabinet positions for pete's sake i don't think like people who voted for donald trump they look at this and go eh, go away. >> thaisight, i am tired of you i think people are outraged quite frankly on national television think do that? really, come on! >> i think good for trump's side quite frankly that is what i this i. >> other thing why do this band think that we think they know anything about economics? and how to create jobs? >> you been laughable it really is laughable, the left is restricted to the coastala elitist the entertainment industry some i can'ted some how powered you executives the lowest coast silicon valley i don't think much else. >> get used to saying it president trump say it again. >> i am going to tstarbucks
8:49 am
give my name as trump. >> i dairy you -- >> talking about race issues, and -- >> coming together. >> come together. >> thanks, stu see you in 10 minutes, "varney & company" top of the hour 9:00 a.m. eastern after "mornings with maria" join stuart 10 minutes when raiders texans face off in mexico the biggest challenge could come from stadium i itself why some call it the world's worst place to play. back in a minute. ♪ ♪ your insurance company
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maria: welcome back, nfl looks to expand reach it is headed south of the border to mexico city tonight, the game coming with controversy jared max has the details now. >> maria happy monday forget playing football in mile high city 5280 feet above sea level 20,000 leagues under the sea compared to players on raiders texans may encounter "monday night football" mexico city style first fiem 11 years nfl goes south of the border azteca stadium one of the most famous in the world 2000-feet higher in than denver, pollution to the point former u.s. national soccer sar reynaldo said it is worst place to play they will break record for how many oxygen masks teams to arrive yesterday. >> washington redskins pounded green bay packers consistence
8:54 am
racked up over 500 yards, screaming unsell 70 i can't recalled td, 6 wins 8 games 42-24, four straight losses for green by a it happened it happened, joe thomas sr., got into a game saturday for south carolina state 55-year-old, joe smith sr., oldest player in division one college football history. now four years ago, he pulled a rodney dangerfield went to school to pursue a degree in engineering revive career father of joe smith, jr., played for packers ran four times minus one yard 32-0 win over savannah state new name in nascar, a o long sided dale earnhardt relinquishar petty in homestead, florida jimmy johnson held off kyle busch also joey logano, 7th nascar chamship daying marked the end of hall of fame racing career
8:55 am
of three time champion tony stuart, dagen tony stuart a controversial figure one of the most successful in time also a controversial figure in ways a tough guy what should we remember most about him. >> the man can drive anything, he is not going to stop driving just -- not going to drive nascar anymore a multichampion dirt cars won indy racing league championship before he started running nascar top series 1 years wheel man as they say, and controversial he will throw a helmet or used to throw a o helmet or throw a punch i think that is what is missing in nascar a little bit let it fly just personality, they tried to i think management tried to control it to the point just hideously borrowi boring at times track racing cab be boring.
8:56 am
>> hideously boring extra points in football until last year from 2 ashed line 1, yards back yesterday the dirty dozen most missed skra opponents sunday on nfl when the kicker for colts made record 44 field goals, he missed one yesterday, so. >> one thing i will add tony stuart is racing on dirt go to local track support local racing that way there you go that is america. >> politics? >> you know that is he is smart enough to know to never get involved in politics i will say that. >> thank you. >> thank you a short break final thoughts from all-star panel next. back in a minute. ♪ it was always just a hobby something he did for fun until the day it became something much more.
8:57 am
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♪ ♪ sweet caroline, good times never seemed so good ♪ >> welcome back to final thoughts from our all-star panel. kt. >> i just received a tweet from germany. you've heard that angela merkel is running again, so when she's meeting trump the first time, it's like mother teresa meeting bart simpson and i retweeted,
9:00 am
you don't say such a thing. let's try to be good partners across the atlantic. dagen: an american treasure. >> in this country as well, we talked about the elitist, not understanding middle america and that's true and everyone else needs to understand the left is worried about the kkk stuff. maria: and stuart varney, over to you. stuart: i'll take it. yeah, it's thanksgiving week, how about a little harmony? it's two weeks since the election, can't we all just get along? good morning, everyone. no, we can't. entertainers, artists are speaking out against trump. at the american music awards, up popped mark cuban to mock the president-elect and the band green day called him a fascist, and one of the hosts mocked melania. >> and what do you think of the


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