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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  November 21, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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you don't say such a thing. let's try to be good partners across the atlantic. dagen: an american treasure. >> in this country as well, we talked about the elitist, not understanding middle america and that's true and everyone else needs to understand the left is worried about the kkk stuff. maria: and stuart varney, over to you. stuart: i'll take it. yeah, it's thanksgiving week, how about a little harmony? it's two weeks since the election, can't we all just get along? good morning, everyone. no, we can't. entertainers, artists are speaking out against trump. at the american music awards, up popped mark cuban to mock the president-elect and the band green day called him a fascist, and one of the hosts mocked melania. >> and what do you think of the
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insults delivered to the newly elected president and vice-president elect? what do people think about this? the media remain apoplectic. after he leaves office, president obama will not go quietly and now he says he'll continue to defend american values, but the real news this morning is all about outreach from trump. he's ignoring the insults of the campaign. he is, quote, seriously considering mitt romney for state. rick perry for energy, general mattis at defense. 90 minutes from now we may hear names named for top level cabinet jobs. maybe. investors, well, we're keeping the trump rally alive. we're on 19,000 watch. we're off and we're running, we are celebrating this most american of holidays. it's thanksgiving week and
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"varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ ♪ so kkk no fascist usa nights night ♪ no trump, no kkk, no fascist usa ♪ >> it would be laughable if it weren't so disgusting. the band green day. hurling insults. and the host of the show, model gigi hadied and comedian farrell got in jobs. watch this impression of melania trump. roll tape. >> i love my husband, president barack obama. >> i love bruno mars. i don't know what color he is so i can't deport him.
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i love uptown funk, it was about me, it was originally called uptown trump. listen, i'm going to funk this country up bigly. stuart: oh, how funny. liz peek, i hope you weren't watching that last night, but want to know your impression of it. >> i wasn't watching it. look, it's offensive. if someone had mocked michelle obama's accent or behavior or looks, people would have gone completely nuts. but, here is the thing, the entertainment industry just like the media is profoundly left leaning and they can't get over it, can't move on from this election and here is the-- and neither can obama. and not saying, this is not polite, this is rude. and the shooting of cops across the nation and the hate speech from the alt-right, the hate
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speech is getting people killed if they happen to be wearing a the entertainment industry is doing what they do, here is what to think, trump's popularity since his election has surged, up 9 points since the election. they are losing the battle. and they're losing the hearts and minds of american people, tens of millions whom voted for donald trump. you know what? get over it, let's move on. stuart: you're referring to the two ambushes, separate ambushes of police officers and we will bring you that-- >> and it's bad news. stuart: that's politics and that's going on in america, now i'll tell you about your money. two weeks since the election. so far no selloff at this point at least, we're going to be opening flat to slightly higher this morning, dare i say that the trump rally, well, it continues, no selloff at this point. the price of oil, still in the mid $40 a barrel range. we're up a buck at 46.80. take look at fayette counties, they've announced a
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$6 billion stock buyback, that was announced on friday. reacting, we're at the first ever share buyback from facebook. back to politics, the weekend featuring the ongoing casting call for president-elect trump's cabinet picks. it's coming together quicker than other administrations. three picks confirmed. the mainstream media very critical. putting it mildly. "the washington post" editorial board with this headline, trump has made some dangerous appointments. the new york times editorial board has this, jeff sessions as attorney general, an insult to justice. liz peek, i can't resist getting back to you again. >> well, i think what's interesting about this slam about jeff sessions is, what does he stand for? he stands for enacting and holding our laws, holding people accountable for breaking the law and we've had a justice department for eight years that really didn't make that the top priority. yes, he's a tough guy, tough on immigration and other things.
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by the way, i think this charge of racism which is being leveled, i think, against every single person that donald trump has nominated or put in a position, is really going to-- i think people are just going to be tired of hearing about it. stuart: i think people got tired of it during the campaign. we're always being tagged as being racist, and this, that and the other if you support trump. ashley: this is what he campaigned on, getting tough. if he doesn't, he's going to let down the people who put him in the white house. liz: mitt romney is a great choice. polished and a leader. and guiliani is, and mnuchin as secretary and-- >> and what about outreach. we ran a series of sound bites, trump is saying one thing and
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romney is saying something nasty. liz: to liz peek's point. look what we're leaving behind. the secretary of state not so good and why not give it a shot. >> i think that romney would be a great person to avoint -- appoint for va or something, he's a good manager. stuart: the other idea va guy, that's another story. >> all right. stuart: president-elect trump as you know i'm sure, spent the weekend at the golf course, his golf course in new jersey holding meetings with several big named politicians, mitt romney, considered for secretary of state, new jersey governor chris christie, don't know what job he might want or get. former new york mayor rudy guiliani and look who is here, a member of the trump transition committee,
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congressman marsha blackburn. let's get at it. almost all, some of the people coming and going on the weekend, white men, are you critical? where is the inclusion? >> you will asee great women coming forward and let's give mr. trump and vice-president elect pence the opportunity to talk with individuals that are, first of all, will to leave their private lives and come into the cabinet and secondly, people who have the skillset that will be necessary to achieve the goals that they want to achieve over the next couple of years. stuart: marsha, do you buy the view that the cabinet must be a cross section of america? >> i think it's always helpful when you have diversity in the cabinet and you will see that. i think it's also important to know that you're going to have a variety of opinions and stuart, what you don't want to
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have is the inside the beltway mentality and that's one of the reasons that no lobbyists are on the transition team. you want to have people who are talking to individuals across the country, who can define the problems that need to be solved. then, who can take the action to solve those problems and then reposition the federal government so that it meets the needs of the citizens. that's what taxpayers have been saying they want. stuart: i just want to squeeze this in. senate minority leader charles schumer appeared on fox news sunday. in some areas he says he will cooperate with the trump administration. watch this, please. >> federal spending, exactly, not just tax expenditures, and it can't cut the basics like medicare and education, and other things to pay for it, but if he wants to do a major infrastructure build, focused on infrastructure and with those criteria, it's very possible. stuart: now, infrastructure,
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that looks like something that is going to be done. are you with that? >> i hear that, but i think what we have to realize, the number one infrastructure issue in our country is broadband access and you see this from coast to coast, top to bottom. stuart: really? >> especially in our rural areas. stuart: broadband? . economic development. broadband. stuart: is the number one infrastructure project. >> broadband is the number one infrastructure we hear about, you can't get factories, call centers, education opportunities to rural and underserved areas until you have broadband. stuart: we hear you, i'm rushing, i've got a hard break coming up. you know how it is. >> thank you, happy thanksgiving. stuart: very patient with us, very very much. good stuff. >> bye-bye. stuart: football fans, watch this. an audio technician trampled. he was completely oblivious to
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the vikings charging out of the tunnel. down he goes. this guy trampled underfoot. ashley: oh. stuart: it cracked his plastic microphone in two, as a matter of fact. first time he's ever been tackled directly by the nfl. maybe he's feeling sore this morning. got that. check this out. family in washington state, a battery operated toy. a tonk ka trunk in the trunk. it catches fire and blows up. it may have been a faulty rechargeable battery, toys "r" us pulled the toy from the shelves. protests at the dakota access pipeline, 400 protesters trying to get over a closed bridge. they're calling in a riot. and catholic priests and for
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giving abortions. mike pence booed and lectured at a performance of "hamilton". donald trump says they should apologize. mike pence took the high road. you'll hear his response in a moment.
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>> well, wait until you listen to this. in the last 24 hours, four police officers have been shot in separate incidents and authorities are calling two of them targeted attacks. ash. ashley: yeah, let's begin in san antonio, police detective, a 50-year-old detective was shot and killed outside the san antonio police headquarters and a guy drives up behind him in a black car, gets out, walks up to the vehicle, shoots him dead in the car and then reaches into the car, again, and shoots him a second time. that suspect still on the loose. st. louis, police sergeant shot twice in the face while sitting in his patrol car, he will survive, thankfully. the suspect was later killed in a shootout with police.
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and then santa bell, florida, a drive-by shooting of an officer in a car. he was treated and relooseasere and these incidents of police being shot. stuart: what is this country many coming to. and mike pence lectured about diversity as he watched the play "hamilton" on broadway. >> we have a diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. but we truly hope that this show has inspired you to uphold our american values. stuart: joining us is the former vice chair national diversity coalition for donald trump. god bless you and welcome to the program. i got in before you. >> god bless you and god bless america, good morning. stuart: yes, indeed, ma'am.
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thank you very much. you saw what happened at the play there "hamilton", the lecture to mike pence. your reaction, please? >> you know, i realized something. you know, we had a very heated, long, emotional election, and so many americans whose candidate did not win are nervous and worried and i think that the way that mike pence handled it saying that, you know-- i believe that he and our president-elect are going to include people. i mean, he's just started. the election was only on november 8th, and so, what people have to understand is, it's a process. it's not overnight. we have got to give them an opportunity to show us and paint a true picture of mike pence and donald j. trump. stuart: look, i'm not in a position to say the reaction of the rest of america to what happened at the ama awards last night and the play on friday.
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i'm not in a position to assess that, but i can only imagine that middle america must be absolutely appalled and rather angry, what say you? >> now what? it is, you would feel like, look, the election has been won. donald j. trump is the president-elect. mike pence is the vice-president elect. what we have to do is respect our leaders, respect the people that have been chosen and you know what's happened is, people have become entitled, you know, it seems. what we have to do, we've got to have strong leaders just like the two people that have been elected to put the country on the right track again and we've got to teach and show people through example who we are and i think that these two people will do that. i believe their cabinet, as well as all the people that they will pick to lead this nation, will reflect the nation, but you've got to at least give them an opportunity to show it, to paint the picture, you know? that's important.
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stuart: we appreciate you being on the show all of this time and i hope you'll stay on the show even though you're the former chair of the diversity committee under donald trump. we appreciate it. come and see us again. >> thank you so much, god bless you, thanks for having me. stuart: thank you very much indeed. now, donald trump has said his wife and young son will not be moving into the white house with him in january. they're going to stay at trump tower until the school year is over. new york city gearing up for traffic and security nightmares, we've got that story for you. and ralph peters, outspoken critic of the president-elect during the election, says trump is making the right moves for the cabinet appointments. he'll join us in a moment.
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>> to the white house. >> very soon as soon as he's out of school. stuart: according to the post says melania and barron are not going to the white house until after the school year. what do we think of this? that's that, but i don't think it's been done before, has it? what do you think of it. >> i don't know in the middle of a school year, why would you disrupt your kid in the middle. i think it makes sense for the family and shows that melania
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is a dedicated mother and guess what, folks, a real family with real people and concerned about their kid, as a new yorker, trying to navigate fifth avenue i'm appalled the city is it truly a mess right now, but you what? i think it's a good thing for them. stuart: you've had your word. >> sorry about that. ashley: they don't have to move into the white house, let him finish the school year. stuart: they are the first family, should they be not almost on display in the white house? >> she says she will fulfill her first lady duties when needed. let him finish the school year. liz: traffic seems to be moving well, but wonder about the stores around this like tiffney's. stuart: is that what you're worried about in new york city. >> you provincial people, i like that. stuart: 30 seconds left. we've got to keep discussing this. >> is there a family dog? maybe talk about the dog, is there a family dog. stuart: have they got a dog.
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>> time for the trumps to have a dog. stuart: price of oil is close to $47 a barrel. will that make a difference on the market? i think not. where will we open? i'll tell you about symantec instead, they're buying lifelock, the identity theft protection company. 2.3 billion. symantec is going up and so, too, is lifelock. trump supporters getting starbucks barista's to write the president-elect's name on cups so they have to yell trump when they finish making drinks. >> i like it. stuart: funny, get that, starbucks. and the christmas shopping season is officially underway. here is the question. is black friday a thing. past? of course it is. why would anyone brave a crowded mall, especially a guy like me, when you can do the
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shopping in the comfort of your own home, if you can figure out the computer. the opening bell is next. if you have medicare
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so far there has not been a selloff on wall street, not at all. in fact, the market's gone straight up. by the time we've opened and run up maybe 10, 15 points, we're going to be only 100 points away from 19,000 on the dow industrials. this is very interesting coming right after the election of donald trump as president of the united states. it's 9:30, we're off and running and up ever so slightly. a 32 point gain and. ashley: you've got to check out oil today. stuart: get out of here. ashley: the webster ratio is back. stuart: that's it. ashley: it's up a buck 32. stuart: i'm sorry, webster is grinding his oil ax. ashley: thank you very much, sounds painful. stuart: watch out. [laughter] up .19% on the dow and there's a lot of green on the left-hand side of the screen. where is the s&p 500? that also is higher. up .3%. a nice 16 point gain there and
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i'm sorry, the nasdaq is up .3%, a 16 gain there now. let's get ashley webster, give him his due. oil may have something to do with the market this morning. a strong gain, 2 1/2%. close to $47 a barrel and that's probably helping the dow move up 34 points as we speak and we're about 110 points from dow 19,000. of course, ashley webster. ashley: grinding his ax. can't keep him out. liz macdonald and scott shellady and-- wait a minute, scott shellady is in london, are you wearing your cow jacket there? >> wore it on the plane for the discount. stuart: you wanted recognition, it's fun being famous. and here we are, two, three weeks after the election and there's no real selloff on wout. we've got straight up. the trump rally appears to be holding.
9:32 am
first of all, scott to you in london, the trump rally is holding, what we can say this monday morning, right? >> it tells me there's so much money on the sidelines waiting for some sort of results and they thought they'd get a great deal after the election if trump was voted in, but that great deal lasted two, three hours, as we know. what it tells me, there's a lot of money that's missed this rally again and they've got to do something before the end of the year and rushing for the door right now. stuart: keith, come into this, please. now up 51 points, 80 points away from dow 19k. >> i'm totally in scott's camp. the interesting thing we're coming into a holiday week, technically volume thins out and spreads wider. i'm concerned technically there hasn't been a slight pullback and then push higher. stuart: we're 50 points and i'm trying to do the math here, 80
9:33 am
ott points away from 19k on this monday morning two weeks after the election. how about facebook? they announced a $6 billion stock buyback. keith, that, i believe, is the company's first buyback ever. do you know why they're doing this? >> well, you know, like anything, this company is growing up. it's maturing, to me, it's a sign of good things to come because they know what their stock is worth and what it should be worth and this is a logical use of capital. so, again, i look at it not so much from an investment standpoint. they've joined the big leagues and it's reinforcing the case for investing in them. stuart: we've got a story on apple this morning, there's something going on with the iphone 6 battery. e-mack, details. >> unexpectedly shuts down iphone 6s between october 2015. acknowledge says we'll give you a free battery. apple insiding blog blaming generic chargers for the batteries to friday out and shut down.
9:34 am
if you get a battery backup, make sure to backup your data. there are fears of that. stuart: tip of the day for liz, seriously, a very good thing. keith, i don't know why you're laughing, you like apple at 110, the battery problems no concern? >> well, here is the thing, stuart, everybody is looking at this as a product detect and pointing fingers. you've got samsung in, apple in, to me what's happening, we're reaching the end of this kind of technology that spells opportunity, i'm not sure what it looks like, but usually a break through if you've got a technical problem. i want to see the next battery provider and i'll be back on the show when i find it. stuart: maybe you'll be here sooner, you never know. ashley: it seems like the lithium batteries, the hover board, the samsung, whatever it is, it seems to be to keith's point once they can replies that with better technology. stuart: i'm going to digress,
9:35 am
back to scott shellady in london this monday morning. did you know that queen elizabeth has invited donald trump for a state visit to england in june or july of next year, did you know that? >> i did not know that and that's news to me, but it's obviously good news. so we'll see how that goes. he's the president-elect, i wouldn't expect anything else. stuart: hold on a second, i'm laughing because for once, i've caught scott shellady short and didn't know what to say. ashley: did he get an invite? >> yeah, did you get an invite? i guess not. >> my little tip of the day was the fact that on the television here this morning, they were advertising black friday sales. so, is that the width and breadth reach of the u.s. retail economy, i don't know. >> order. stuart: you're so far behind, scott. that's what it is. check the big board, we've settled down a bit and five minutes into the trading session and up 52 points.
9:36 am
we'll take that. i'm doing the math, 80 points, no, 79.13, 78 point whatever. we're close to 19. process food company tyson nearly 13% drop in the quarter and the ceo will stock will step down the end of the year. the stock is up 16%. igt, international game technology that makes slot machines. third quarter loss 1.9 million. okay, it's up 48 cents. how about general electric, if you have a mutual fund, most people have a small piece of ge, they can't seem to break out from the $30 per share range. any comment on that, keith? >> yeah, you know, nobody really knows what ge is anymore, it's a household name, what is it? technology, industrial process? that's what's holding it back more than anything, it's a
9:37 am
broadly held stock, no impetus to go higher because nobody knows what it is anymore. >> a great stock of the 80's and 90's and then not so much. a big merger in technology, the computer security company symantec is going to buy the identity theft protection company, you've seen them advertised, lifelock. nicole, the story please, the exchange. nicole: so millions of people get their identity stolen and that's exactly what lifelock does. probably more than 9 million a year have their identity stolen. this is now up 15% today, hits a lifetime high. and symantec, which has the norton anti-virus business, they want to combine the two together. they have actually had some financial issues earlier this year, the ceo stepped down. so, symantec trying to broaden what they bring to the consumer. lifelock has about 4, 4 1/2 million subscribers, and protection of your identity. trying to combine the two. if it's to break up, there
9:38 am
would be a breakup fee of 87 1/2 million dollars. stuart: i'd love to find out what the founder of lifelock walks away with. i suspect a great deal of money there. i want to look at volkswagen, vw. the company is getting into making batteries? keith, come inease. are they what, taking on tesla or something? >> well, they've got tesla to thank for this because tesla singlehandedly scared the pants off detroit and every other auto maker in the world that say battery is a good idea. vw has an alternative energy program. i hope they pull it off, but i own one of the desells -- diesels, and i'm not shape right now. stuart: and the batteries seem to be taking center stage, scott, what am i missing here? >> that's what they have to make better and better every year to make the cars. it's interesting how to plays out.
9:39 am
we talk about the batteries and tesla, but last week, we found the largest oil field ever in the united states in west texas, the largest recoverable oil field. what does it electronic car do going forward if oil or gas gets to be a dollar a gallon. the largest oil recoverable oil field ever in the united states was found last week, so, i'm going to watch this play out a little bit here because i'm not totally sold that the electronic cars are the way to go. liz: he makes a great point. natural gas is it replacing goal to fire electric plants. maybe that's the upside for nat gas and oil. stuart: a lot of natural gas in that oil found in west texas. liz: that would power electric power maybe. stuart: look at that, that's a new all-time high for the nasdaq composite index. i guess we're putting money back into technology companies, up another 29 points on the nasdaq, 5,350. there's a new trend at starbucks. e-mack, you've got to explain
9:40 am
this, as i understand it, people order coffee and they say my name is trump. liz: they're making a statement. not a protest or a boycott. operation trump cup. when you give the name trump they write the name trump on the cap and they say trump when the order is filled. so the problem is, what if you have five trump supporters ordering trump cups. [laughter] >> that's regular folks. liz: in the same story. stuart: regular people sticking it to starbucks.z: and paying s money. ashley: howard schultz won't like it. stuart: i might go and do that. >> it's dangerous, dangerous. stuart: scott shellady, since you're in london, give you the last word. what have you got? >> i think it's dangerous because he this put your name on the cup before you make your drink. be careful putting trump on that because you just never know. stuart: a great way to start thanksgiving week one and all. thank you, scott, enjoy that warm beer.
9:41 am
i'm sure-- check out the big board, 54 points higher for the dow industrials, it was a busy weekend for president-elect donald trump. at least a dozen high profile meetings at the golf course in new jersey. who will the transition team name next? got some ideas? a live look at trump tower in manhattan. a conference call for 10:30 eastern time today less than an hour from now. we will be on that call. ♪ hey nicole.
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>> i want to give you a sense of the breadth of the market rally after the election of donald trump to the presidency. the nasdaq composite broad based, largely technology indicator. this is a same thing for the russell 2000. another very, very broad high pressure based indicator for the stock market. and the trump rally holds across the board. now, this, pope francis is extending the power to catholic priests to forgive abortions. give me the context. liz: he's still saying that abortion is a grave, mortal sin. if you had an abortion, you were excommunicated and only a bishop could forgive it.
9:46 am
now, the catholic church just celebrated the year of mercy he's in perpetuity widening the year of mercy saying now, roman catholic priests can forgive abortions. so he's basically trying to widen this. stuart: a significant move. liz: big move for catholics. stuart: that's a fact. and our next guest has not been a friend to donald trump, but what did he think of trump's appoi appointees. lt. colonel ralph peters is with the program. >> hello, stuart. stuart: i want to go through the major picks or possible picks. mitt romney possibly secretary of state. your take? >> first of all, it's not my job to be a friend to any candidate. it's my job to look at them. i'm extremely, extremely impressed by the overall security picks or the possible picks that president-elect trump is looking at. mitt romney would be a great
9:47 am
choice for secretary of state i like john bolton, but mitt romney has the experience, the knowledge, the demeanor, negotiating skills and frankly, the gravitas to do this and if you put him up with president-elect trump and had them as a negotiating team, good cop, bad cop, i think they'd be terrific and i'm encouraged by that. stuart: how about general flynn at national security? >> national security advisor. stuart: advisor, yes. >> i've known mike flynn since 1985 and we butted heads in the captain's course in the army. mike is diligent, energetic, vibra vibrant, hard-working, workaholic type guy and tough, tough-minded and he knows the middle eastment he knows from his own personal time on the ground he knows afghanistan and iraq and i think by extension, syria. he'd be great on the war on terror, i have two reservations about mike.
9:48 am
one is he's so much like the president-elect, temperamentally there's no breaks there, they're both very temperamental temppetuous people. and he's a crusading director, he never gets the russian. never worked that problem seriously. weak on the russians and unfortunately, he made a mistake, intelligence office active duty or retired. once an intelligence officer, always an intelligence officers, you don't take money from the chinese, arabs or anybody else, he deserves a chance. stuart: retired four star marine corps general, general mattis, possibility at defense. you're laughing, why? >> he's the greatest marine of his generation, he's incredible. i wouldn't presume to know him intimately, but we spent time together over the years.
9:49 am
i admire him unreservedly. he's been called the warrior-- nickname mad dog, which is misleading, he's actually a very, very acute, observant guy. not only a brave marine, probably the best-read four-star general in this century. he's extremely divisive. he's the ultimate guy at defense, great choice. stuart: a full-blooded recommendation if i've heard him. jeff sessions as attorney general? >> well, wouldn't it be nice to have somebody who would put an end to the political correct shenanigans. i think he's a good choice to act as a corrective to the last eight years. a constitutionalist and fair and just to all under the law. he will not pander to any special interest groups and now
9:50 am
what, stuart? he's a gentleman. i just like the guy. and even though he's more conservative than i am on some issues, i respect him and i think, boy, the people we've just talked about, what a great team they would be. i'm surprised with where the president-elect is going and let's see what the choices are. stuart: good stuff, welcome back to the fold. [laughter] >> stuart, i'm not in anybody's fold. stuart: i know you're not. >> i'm probably in the ssb's folder. stuart: no doubt about that. see you soon. thanks, ralph. check the big board holding, 50 point gain for the dow industrials, i'm going to say that the trump rally is holding two weeks after the election. how about this, a french fashion designer says, oh, no, she will not design dresses for melania trump, she designed
9:51 am
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9:55 am
stocks going up. tyson foods, the processed food company, reported a near 13% drop in sales and the ceo is leaving the end of the year. that's way down, 16%. and dutch intelligence says that they have 60 to 80 operatives currently in-- i'm sorry, liz, are they ready to strike. liz: the counterterrorism coordinator, highly respected saying there are 80 operatives in europe ready to strike and watch, nearly 300 went to fight in iraq and syria and many of them stayed, but many did not go. so he's saying that isis is now telling their sleeper cells, don't come to iraq, don't come to syria, stay in europe, and attack so that's what he's warning about. stuart: other news on the european front is that angela
9:56 am
merkel is going to run for a fourth term. ashley: that's right. stuart: people thought she might step down. ashley: she might because of her pro refugee stance and the tensions that's created, but she's going to go for a fourth term. stuart: she might win because she doesn't have a really serious opponent. ashley: she doesn't. stuart: war as in france. ashley: in france, we've got maureen la pen, in election of donald trump is really created a stir in europe as people more from the right side, anti--- i wouldn't say anti-immigrant, but anti-not vetting immigrants has become very strong. so, i think merkel is going to have a difficult, difficult election campaign. stuart: one last one, i heard about the fashion designer who refuses to dress melania trump although she had dressed michelle obama for a long time. and won't do this. liz: french born designer, sophia tallea, dressed the first lady for the last eight
9:57 am
years, saying, refusing respect for diversity and a boycott-- >>. >> makes me throw up. ashley: what are you talking about doesn't respect diversity. stuart: the first foreign-born first lady speaking five languages. >> i don't see any design eers signing up for the boycott. stuart: deep breath, blup. in other 30 minutes from now, donald trump's transition team will hold a conference accumulate. at 10:30 we could find out next who is a nominee for the cabinet. we're ready for it. hour two of "varney & company" is coming up.
9:58 am
9:59 am
..stuart: a half hour from now we may i repeat, we may get word of more top level appointments to the president-elect cabinet. the trump team holds a
10:00 am
conference call at 10:30 eastern. we're listening. carefully -- the casting call has gone out to dozens of people a parade of political heavy weights visited trump's estate in new jersey overt weekend. who would have thought we would see mitt romney considered for secretary of state in and today rick perry pays a visit to trump tower. after all he said about trump he's being considered for energy department? clearly mr. trump reaching out. mike pence is doing the same with former opponent dmong. but elites -- elite it is they continue their intense opposition, it borders on hysteria. "new york times" says jeff sessions as attorney general is, quote, an insult to justice. as if a.g. was not and obama administration says cabinet appointments are dangerous. and then there's the truly outrageous behavior at the american music awards last night. on major television the band
10:01 am
green day chanted, no trump, and no to the kkk. a host of the ama awards program, openly mocked the incoming first lady. it was deliberately insulting but part for the course among elites. one last point and this is important for politics, the economy, and the markets. senate minority leader charles schumer says, a big infrastructure bill could be done in trump's first 100 days. it is thanksgiving week, and we're loving. the second hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> dare i say that trump rally rolls on because yes it does. up 50 odd point 189 for the dow jones industrial not that far away from 19k as for s&p 500, very close to a record high.
10:02 am
we could hit it today. stocks across the board moving u up. look at some of the big tech names that we follow very, very closely after trump won the election, they all went down, all of them have rebounded ever so slightly microsoft is getting close to 61 dollars a share. how about facebook? authorizing a $6 billion stock buyback, that will start in the first quarter of next year, and never done this before the stock is up close to 120 again on that news. let me show you trump tower right flat bang in the middle of new york city . there it is, more meetings set there today including with our next guest it shall former mpts senator scott brown, he meets mr. trump certainly going to trump, go to trump tower aren't you? >> going to meet -- yes. you know what everybody is saying. >> it is your show. stuart: looking at you as v.a. department that's your attackover.
10:03 am
any comment? >> an honor to be considered certainly my passion having served for 35 years being on veteran's committee as way back as being a state representative back in massachusetts. people are dying, and there are some great angel working in v.a. right now but they need a morale booster. >> you got that job and i don't know -- >> got to ask, >> can i to that? >>absolutely what would you do give them vouchers? >> a ambulance to reach. if there are folks in alaska or rural areas and they have to go four, five hours need to get them closest care and coverage immediately but inner cities where everyone is kind of here, then there's a way to allow them to go, obviously, to those facilities. but more importantly you have to deal with long wait line. you have to deal with the high suicide rates which is a national epidemic not just a v.a. problem. >> tcial. >> and then you have to look at how they're spending their resources properly allocating it
10:04 am
and prioritize earn veteran is a bother. you know, no -- they should be treated like they're going into, you know, a five-star hotel. you know, and treated leak the best of the best. voucher would break -- >> especially in mental health we need to get those veterans out in care immediately so a voucher system may be proarpght for that and we have to wait and see. >> now president-elect i should say is casting wide net, he's looking to some democrats who work with them. look at this tweet that the president-elect, donald trump sent out. quote, i have always had a good relationship with chuck schumer. he's far smarter than -- got that jab right in there and has ability to get thingings done. good news. senator schumer, he's minority lead leader of the house now he says yes he is willing to work
10:05 am
with the trump administration. roll that tape please. several different issues donald trump and his campaign echoed view of democrats not republicans. massive transportation bill, trade, getting rid of the carried interest loophole cleaning up the swamp. i think blue collar america voted for donald trump more on democratic issues than on republican issues which he processed and we will work with him on those issues. >> interesting senator there. what i picked up was they want to move on an infrastructure plan. a big one in the first 100 days? >> because harry reid change haded rules they need 51 votes to confirm cabinet, federal judges, and you don't need the democrat to participate. i've had run are-in with chuck schumer and made that he has an opportunity actually to join forces and stop the gridlock in washington. even though we can put things through without their help, it would --
10:06 am
wouldn't be nice to take a bout together and help the v.a. together. deal with our infrastructure problems together. deal with our debt and deficit and economic woes together for once that's what american people really saying it wasn't a democrat or republican thing, it's an american thing. people are tired of the gridlock and they want change. >> you have to take your makeup off quack outside the door and go left and go 300 yards that way and you're there for the big meeting. >> i know. gliewrts see you back on the show to make the announcement? >> i love your show is and working with emac and everyone here at fox and i'm honored to be in the mix and we'll see what happens. >> we have a live camera right there at a trump tower. i want you to come out and address camera, okay. you be able to do that? thank you mr. senator good to have you on the show. okay, next case president-elect donald trump says he will consider killing the trans-pacific partnership that's the trade deal with a variety of krpght the including china, and
10:07 am
next guest says if mr. trump does kill that deal china will not be able to dominate world trade. he's back, his name is jordan chang author of the coming collapse of china. welcome back gordon good to see you. what do you mean won't dominate world trade. they have a pretty good handle on it haven't they? >> currency is overvalued goods uncompetitive. last year fell 2.8% and first ten months of this year stuart down 7-7. >> we didn't know that. nobody told us at least of all mr. trump. yont know it was down 7%. : yeah, and also inports down last year and this year, which means that china is delinking from the world. chink china has a major rem mb that means goods remain uncompetitive while yes i like the tpp trans-pacific
10:08 am
partnership that doesn't mean it will dominate. disaster scenario won't happen. >> but donald trump has enormous leverage if you're accurate their exports are down 7%. they've got real problems at home. that gives america leverage, doesn't it? >> it gives us enormous leverage and also you know, we've got a trade deficit with china. last year it was 334 .1 billion. but goods and services. which means that we have a lot of leverage because in trade wars, which everyone is afraid on, in trade wars it's the trade deficit countries that do well. that's us. now, we're already in a trade war. we're just not fighting. but we have enormous leverage. the only thing we don't have is right now is -- political will. >> but if we acquire that political will and donald trump has it and exercises that leverage, what will china do? i mean, how is china going to retreat into themselves become more nationalistic? >> been doing that because they've been closing off nest egg market to foreign companies
10:09 am
tryingo rerve for state enterprises and there's little they can do to the united states. >> sell our debt. they're major hold percent of american treasury bonds and notes to sell them financial >> absolutely no affect stuart, because people, you know, the one for the dollar you look at what is the most attractive currency in the world today. it's the u.s. dollar. if chinese sell it they get back dollars and trying to hurt us, they have to put it into other concern aand buy dollars to bring currency values back down. it means that chinese have absolutely no debt weapon. none. >> nada jordan chang good to see you. >> melania are trump and son baron may not be moving to the white house in january with
10:10 am
president-elect donald trump. what's this about? >> she said so -- as we -- as far as we know to that point that is absolutely true that ten yeertd son baron is going to finish off the school year here in the upper west side private school sniff sniff, at the elementary school and they don't -- they want to keep disruption to a minimum and she personally picks him up personally and says i won't strupt his life especially not in the middle of the school year maybe once it is over then we can move. she says is she's fully available for all first lady tax cuts she can just go down to the white house when needed. now, baron has secret service agency and melania and security and disruption that comes with it. >> the first thing that liz is thinking about. is disruption in new york city. [laughter] >> made fun of me last hour talking about new york city traffic. and you were right why did i just say that? >> quite a few people who said to me what's going on here? all other first families are
10:11 am
together in the white house. in the nation's first family what's with this? >> got a point? >> to do it differently. >> woke you. >> go ahead to her -- you say go heated. stuart: now wait a second presenters performers at the american music awards took the opportunity to attack i think rather vigorously president-elect donald trump. then they made fun of his family. watch this. mocking of melania trump. roll tape. >> i love my husband -- president barack obama, and our children sasha and malia. >> we're going it give you a lot more of that believe me. by the way, the band green day also attacked trump at the award ceremony and chanted no trump, no kkk. no fascist usa actressturn her
10:12 am
ve some comments on that nonsense in a moment . what powers the digital world. communication. that's why a cutting edge university counts on centurylink to keep their global campus connected. and why a pro football team chose us to deliver fiber-enabled broadband to more than 65,000 fans. and why a leading car brand counts on us to keep their dealer network streamlined and nimble. businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink.
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♪ >> i'm not sure i get the significance of lucy in the sky with diamonds as to watching the trump although our producers said because i like the beatles i will take it dow up 95 points away from down 19,000. can we have the market scan please. i want to get a sense of the broad market rally there it is all in green. on upside welcome the dow is doing nicely thank you. about how about starbucks can we see that stock? no impact on the stock price from what i'm about to tell you found a unique way to protest they're doing that writing trump. what's this all about? >> discriminating against them 98 guess and they're saying listen, we want the name trump put on our cups say when you shout out whoever order the cup
10:16 am
you have to say word trump. so that's called operation trump cup, it is a statement for donald trump. >> good to just do it. >> just to do it i can see that. i've got to get back to jot range story american museum wades it was night filled with attack website cheap attacks actually on the president-elect and his family and indeed the whole country. watch this, it's a short clip this is from the rock band green day. just look what they did. watch it. k about kk -- no usa. >> the whole country saw that. i believe it was in prime television that's what we had to watch last night from the elites. wasn't just that. the host of the whole show they were in oning noing the first family. roll that tape. >> i love my husband president barack obama -- [laughter]
10:17 am
>> i love bruno mars. i don't know what had color he is so i can't deport him. i love uptown funk totally about me but originally called uptown trump. >> i'm going to funk this country up bigly. >> dear, audience laugh and i don't think america did. jeanineturn is with us what do you make of that because i'm frankly outrageed. >> great to see you an congratulations on your first vote. >> i've been following well u you know i think it's -- it's deplorable. is it not? i have -- as an actress sit through so many emmy awards golden globe award ceremonies i hear politics it is not only uncomfortable for people who don't agree with him but uncomfortable for american people watching. i sort of think that best way to deal with this stuart is just to say we're not going to buy their products.
10:18 am
you know when we were in our revolutionary war it is refused to buy anything from england and money talks and if by don't watch the shows, if we don't buy their records if we don't go to mare movies or listen to their song on radio that's the best thing 50% of us in america can be doing. >> now back to something that happened on friday night maybe people in our answer have seen already but for everyone's benefit show you what happened when a vice president elect governor mike pence went to a performance ofham had ill ton on broadway when he walked in he was booed by the audience. when play was over crowd disparaging terms ey say he upholds american values. now, again, i don't think that elites realize what the rest of the country thinks of them. what do you say janeen? >> i think that the stage and when people go to the theater that this this is a nonpartisane and people don't show up to hear
10:19 am
this sort of rhetoric ppg it is very uncomfortable and uncomfortable for audience for those who are supporters of trump and there were supportsers of trump in that audience and unfor few actors who may be trump supporters and just -- it's rude. and it's unfortunate and it -- to do that to pence and not give him a microphone to respond and something aaron burr might have done but not something alexander hamilton might have done. >> very good. stuart: i think there's something going on in america. i can't put my finger on it but it seems to me that elites are increasingly isolated. and the people -- the vast bulk middle america totally forgotten about to find voice that's what i think is going on. and i don't think the elites quite realize that. am i on to something is? >> you are on to something and i agree and what i'm pleased about is there seems to be like a
10:20 am
trump on coffee cup i think that's great and we need to continue to do this. i mean, now, look i've been in hollywood d i voted for reagan out to htd everyone against reagan my whole life have been a fish swimming upis stream and i think it's great for us to now get vocal to -- in a respectful way right we can show done in a classy way but it's time for us to say we have a voice too, and as i said money talk, and if american people stop buying products, you know it is also interesting to me that if you're conservative you can't really book a commercial. but if you're a liberal, you can do, you know, credit cards, you can do shampoos, you can book like crazy and just this -- there's a hypocrisy going on and best way we can fight this is to be vocal about it. >> something going on all right i kind of love it. janeen turner thank you for being with with us. great stuff appreciate it. >> good to see you too. now this police and protesters
10:21 am
clashed again at the dakota access pipeline. a lot of people set fires and otopush past police barricades. not to go to police, they use water cannon, pepper spray and rubber bullets, it is being described as an ongoing riot. this for you too. u.s. army soldier killed in afghanistan his family traveled by plane to collect his remains. amazingly the family was booed onboard that plane by fellow passengers. we'll tell you the full story in a moment. your insurance company
10:22 am
10:23 am
won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. and if you have more than one liberty mutual policy,
10:24 am
you qualify for a multi-policy discount, saving you money on your car and home coverage. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> reince priebus man who will be trump chief of staff spoke to "meet the press" about the possibility of a muslim register. listen to what he said. >> can you e equivocally ruling
10:25 am
out a reasoning for muslims? >> look i'm not going to rule out anything. but i wouldn't -- we're not going to have a register based on a religion. >> okay that was a diplomat pick answer pullly explaining but look at how nbc paraphrased that answer when they tweeted it be. here we go can you rule out a register for muslims asked chuck todd? i'm not going to rule out anything since reince says reince priebus. seem to be deceptive to me let's bring in howard buzz host i say it was deceptive what say you, you study the media. what say you? >> outrageously misleading and couldn't have been an fox stuart because you have to wait two more seconds to find rest of the quote from pree bees and really troubles me, and anybody who associated with nbc news would chop up the answer that way.
10:26 am
stuart: yeah that's not the only example of the media basically attacking president-elect donald trump i have a couple of headlines i'm sure you've soon howard but our audience perhaps has not. washington post op-ed trump has made some dangerous appointments. and this one from "the new york times" jeff sessions as attorney general an insult to justice. it seems to me that the media itself is becoming the story. what say you? >> it feels like the election hasn't even ended and the press overall is still in attack trump mode. now, "new york times" washington post editorial pages op-ed pages areas entitled to attack as long as they don't distort the facts but i'm seeing in news stories underlining hostility to way he's running process and earlier appointments that he's made look, i covered the 1986 hearings with jeff section when is he was accused of saying racially insensitive things, obviously, that was going to be brought up. but you have to look at the
10:27 am
man's whole record true for nominees we in the media shouldn't define someone by one mistake or misstep or something they said three decades ago and starting to see that in a way that i don't think we've applied those same standards in other presidential transition. >> well said howard thank you so much for being with us it was very short howard. extra time next time and -- [laughter] >> i promise. thank you howard. good stuff. now this, very serious news developments here. police ambushed in san antonio, texas. and st. louis and reports of attacks on police in at least two other places. full story for you coming up after this.
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
stuart: you're looking live at
10:31 am
trump tower, manhattan, usa schedule ised to be at a conference call right about now actually. we're monitoring the conference call we have to find out if there any new announcements conference call is about to start first the margtses slight gain now, the dow industrial is up 27 points just shy of 189. same story with the s&p 500, it is approaching 22h that would be a brand new record all time high. look at the big tech stock which is dropped quite sharply after mr. trump was elected. they are bonging back. amazon 770 microsoft close to 61 and facebook is back almost at 120. but general electric, kind of go nowhere door stopper for a long time now up five centss at 3072. not going very far in this rally. back to president-elect donald trump.
10:32 am
he's being meeting with several possible cabinet candidates over the weekend in new jersey. there is one big similarity between all of them and that is they're all white men. david webb is here. what do you think? >> i don't know -- for sure what do you make of this? >> first of all is there a requirement? i understand the need for representation. you want to represent the population of the president of everyone but that doesn't require that you have a percentage breakout by the way, doctor ben carson one of the first people to say no, he was likely to get a request at appointment or something or a nomination. you've got michelle considered for education, remember her when obama canceled school choice when had a swipe of a pen and fought back and happens to be asian. you've got peter theo silicon valley guy for trump. there are others black considered and women considered but what is needed is a solution. if he delivers that then all
10:33 am
communities minority, quotes, or not are are going to do well. >> the left will say -- if that's not an e inclusive cab knelt with minorities and genders everybody else all represented that it somehow racist, it's not inclusive. it's bad. that's what they will say. >> who made the deaf neglection of inclusive that you have to have some proportional representation of everybody? blacks are 12% of the population okay, trump has got to have 12% black. women are this percent of the population. they've got to be this percentage it is ridiculous. : well it's also majority -- if you say that this largely white male cabinet is no good because it's largely all white male. >> can you -- speak to issues in business and you have a lot of expertise? you do your job and research it and why can't someone because of the color of their skin look into issues and address it and deal with it?
10:34 am
this is a ridiculous premise put out bit left that obama is driven based on race, again, look at the percentage of americans i think it was 17% hispanic. does that mean he needs to have 17% hispanics in his cabinet? it is redc louse. pfnlg okay i want your reaction which is troubled me, with that's the american music awards ceremony last night. there was a direct and treect attack on the president-elect. on the first lady, and the first family. roll tape. >> i love my husband -- about [laughter] president barack obama and our children sasha and malia. >> not as attractive as melania trump not a back accent to do it. ama's down 600,000 viewers from last year. >> i didn't know that.
10:35 am
number of viewers last night down 600,000 from previous -- from the previous year. that's being reported by variety so it's on a right wing talking poin they need the press and go after trump you get press. >> i was shocked mocking melania trump luke that. >> not all all look at hamilton by the way it's about being rude. it is not about having a conversation. what they are is they're rude. i was raised better stew you were, ashley and emac known each other a long time. we wouldn't do that to president obama but get passionate about issues, emac and i and tea party movement but at what point did you or i or anyone rational -- go out and do this kind of mockery? >> can i give you tweet from brandon victor -- dickson -- >> wait a second he's the guy he's a member of the hamilton cast he's the guy who wagged his finger at vice president trump. >> lectured him. you have a tweet from hmm some years ago? >> lectured basically there has
10:36 am
to be context here giving broadway equities, you know -- aids for equity speech and they usually do that and he doesn't like and has to be understandable. he duct like conversion gay therapy or gay marriage here's the tweet from this actor in 2012 march, st. patties day weekend is like christmas for black dudes who like white chicks happy holidays, boys. >> so that's what the guy from t of hamilton who lectured mike pence that's what he said in a tweet way back when -- >> in march 2012. >> right, and any comment? >> very simply the edition act federalist of the party and it does -- federalist party does the act. the edition act would have had him charged. had had it been in place it was refuted bit country in congress and jefferson was elected. under this edition act you could not criticize government 14 people were prosecuted. one republican congressman was jailed for five months. 1 is ,000 fine it would have
10:37 am
been 100,000 today. and was reelected while he was in jail. this guy doesn't -- even have the context of the play he's doing at hamilton in federalist aka democrat thes gotten their way he couldn't speak. >> really bad i'm sorry -- >> a season on white women open season on white chicks on st. patties day because -- >> emac, they have no moral compass but they claim moral equivalent. >> that's a very good line. i'm going to steal it. >> steal it -- okay. stuart: okay so now this, extraordinary story. the family of a fallen soldier traveling by plane to collect his remains booed by fellow passengers. what's it all about? >> very, veryhearted story to tell. person on the left-hand side of the screen there 30-year-old sergeant john perry killed in afghanistan protecting an airfield from a suicide bomber. he was one of four people killed
10:38 am
quite possibly saved lives of hundreds by stopping suicide bomber so family traveled from sacramento to over air force beat to meet his body when returned to the u.s. and stop over in phoenix to try to make a connection. pilot of the plane said ladies and gentlemen please stay seated allow this military personnel family special family to get u up to make their connection. they got up and were booed and hissed because these people wanted to get off the plane. the father said it was particularly bad in first class who exhibited disgusting behavior and members of the family of the perry family began crying a horrible situation. >> to know the people -- did they know that family -- would go off the plane -- >> and pick up -- >> calling special military family trying to make a connection. they won't give them the whole story. >> your point is they were booing the military. >> right. here, so who among us that has a conscience or moral compass would boo any family trying to
10:39 am
get off to their bereave and family, someone is dying who would do that to anye? and then say a military family. who were they booing, they're booing military. those people booing are antimilitary and disgraceful and shameful because they get the right to boo because these men and women stands on a qawl against our enemies. >> flight crew is disgusted by it. and all americans should be disgusted -- >> may cry even more when they heard that. i'll say it again thank you david webb good stuff. now -- tyson the chicken people. the stock is down nearly 15% . nicole you better tell me what's going on here. >> the chick hadden people. stock is town, biggest amount in percentage materials that we've seen in eight years, in fact, and so right now we're watching tyson down at this time to the down itside an they have a number of names under their umbrella stock down 16% so this the biggest drop in eight years. that being said, they did not see quarterly revenue that dropped about 13%.
10:40 am
sales of beef and chicken keam under pressure going forward, the profit beat outis look and change ceo an name under their umbrella. hillshire farm and sarah lee and ballpark frank those are under umbrella as well an try to step it up and in the year ahead. [laughter] stuart: okay good stuff thank you very much nicole. moments ago i got to say it look like we've got a pipeline from this program to trump tower for candidates for the -- cabinet. [laughter] former senator scott brown, just arrived at trump tower 15 minutes ago maybes he have on this show. he's walking into trump tower and he's possibly looking at a job in the administration. we're hearing veterans administration but there you have it. okay. terrible story for you. another one the grandson of congressman danny davis shot dead in chicago over a pair of sneakers. gun violence out of o control in the president's home city.
10:41 am
we're on it. also the war on police an officer in san antonio shot to death he was making a traffic stop. officials say he was targeted for assassination. milwaukee county share david o'clock on both of those stories after this. you totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
10:42 am
♪ >> the cost of hamilton lecturing mike pence overt
10:43 am
weekend actress janeen turner on the show earlier this hour fired up about this one. watch this. >> i think there's a stage and when people go to the theater, that this is a nonpartisan venue. and people do not show up to hear this sort of rhetoric. it is very uncomfortable. it's uncomfortable for the audience for those who are supporters of trump and there were supporters of trump in that audience and also uncomfortable for perhaps the few actors that may be trump supporters and it is just -- it's rude. and it's unfortunate.
10:44 am
10:45 am
>> we're up 33 points now, but we've made 189 the trump rally appears to be holding. this monday morning, a democrat congressman from illinois is very danny davis is grandson was killed in his home in chicago over the weekend. it was a fight about shoes. now, davis says that city must be protected,. watch this. >> the young fellow 15 years old
10:46 am
happened to have a gun and reached around the lady that he was with and shot my grandson. >> okay. now david clark is with us. sheriff, you seen the same things our audience has just seen. what do you make of this? >> first of all it rips your heart of a my thought and prayers are with family as they struggle with what just happened. but to think of some of the things he said, you know, 15-year-old with a piernl firearm talking about this senseless bloodshed over shoes that is culture december function this is a thing that donald trump talked about on president-elect donald trump now talked about on campaign trail about lawlessness and need for law and order in american ghetto cities in chicago where they have over 700 homicides to date just in 2016 alone and over 3,000 people have been is shot a nonfatal shootings we talked about a better quality of life
10:47 am
for black peel living in these violent communities. i think the nomination of senator jeff sessions to be the next giants attorney general is a good step in that direction to bring law and order back to these struggling communities. >> just had to bring this up as well. mayor of chicago rahm emanuel is a sanctuary city always has been, always will be he's not going to deport e leels criminal immigrants because he says he wants to protect citizens. i mean, what do you make of this too? this is chicago that's where that man's grandson was killed. >> rahm emanuel has no clue and illegal immigrants are not citizens. his duty and only gays first is to the law-abiding citizens of the city of chicago. and it's in the end not going to be up to him as to whether he will deport but up to immigration and custom enforcement and the -- border patrol as well. so he won't have any say in this.
10:48 am
>> sheriff, i need your comment on something that's happened over last 24 hours. police under attack again. and san antonio an officer shot and killed he was making a traffic stop. in st. louis, missouri, an officer shot in the face while in traffic. that officer expected to survive. two other incidents happen haded in gladstone, missouri, and santa bell, florida not yet called ambushes first two they were, sheriff, now -- this is an extraordinary development all of these four incidents taking place in the last 24 hours, again, what do you make of this? >> well, senseless slaughter of the american police offir continues. a lot of this has to do with the negative dangerous rhetoric that has been over the last several years this isn't anything recent my heart and prayers go out not only to the slain officers and officers who were -- who will be expected to survive but also to those cities that
10:49 am
are grappling with this senseless violence against the mountain finest this is a thing that president obama talked about support of the american police officer. we have the overwhelming support of the law-abiding people that we serve in our communities, and i'll think too that the nomination senator jeff sessionest attorney general will set a different tone and we'll have an united states department of justice that won't view the american police officer as an adversary but look at the american police officer ally and pursuit of justice and criminal element. i think that narrative will go a long way into -- reducing nothing will totally eliminate that stageless job but reducing these senseless unlawful attacks against the american police officers. >> senator sessions is not named to be attorney general. and all we're hearing is that maybe about 30 years ago he made some racially insensitive remarks. what do you make of this? >> well first of all, you won't find more fair or more qualified
10:50 am
a more -- dedicated to the rule of law in the united states constitution in justice for all person than senator jeff sessions look i'm tired of this stuff. race card thing, this racist term and bandied about so much that it doesn't the have any effect anymore when the left is out of legitimate excuses for wanting some sort of dialogue about somebody they just call him a racist they do it as if it's some sort of sport. i expect senator jeff sessions to be -- one of the most honored person -- you know, among has colleagues in a u.s. senate as well. so this is nothing new. this is what had it is an automatic default from the left that call somebody a racist. i know jeff sessions, senator sessions, i've met him. i've worked with him on capitol hill. doesn't have a race arist bone in his body. >> sheriff clock as always thank you for joining us, sir. >> happy thanksgiving, stuart. >> yes, sir. check that big board we're up 36
10:51 am
points 189 is where we are. how about this highlight from the nfl. minnesota vikings versus cardinals fox sound technician gets in the way. >> runout. they got flat out trampled i'll tell you a sound technician he was okay and went on to finish his regular -- but that is -- [laughter] he was just run over. wrong time. wrong way wrong time. we'll be back everyone. we'll be back. ♪ ♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event. now lease the 2017 gla250 for $329 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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and find the plan that's right for you. ♪ >> that is a live look at trump tower and midtown, manhattan, happening right now, trump's transition team holding conference call. it's possible more cabinet announcements could come today if and when those happen had, of course, one person there will let you know. one person there right now, former senator scott brown he had maibl getting a job from the president-elect. this is him last hour. >> it's an honor to be considered surgery my passion having served for 35 years and being on veteran's committee as way back as being a state representative back in massachusetts. people are dying, and there are great angels working in v.a. right now but they need a morale booster. >> you got that job and i don't know -- i've got to ask -- >> fire away. can i do ?a?
10:56 am
>> would you give them vouchers? >> i think there's a balance you need to reach. if there are folks in alaska or really rural areas and they have to go four, five hours yeah you absolutely need to get them closest care and coverage immediately. but in taillight cities, inner cities everyone is kind of here, then there's a way to actually allow it -- them to go to those facilities but you have to deal with long wait line and deal with high rates a national epidemic not just the v.a. problem. >> terrible. >> and then you have to look at how they're spepgding resources are they properly allocating it. you need to prioritize and then kind of chink that culture of you know soldiers that bother when he comes he or she comes in veteran is a bother. you know, no -- they should be is treated like they're going into, you know, a five-star hotel. you know, and treated like the best of the best. and they're not. >> vouchers qowld break the government strangle hold. >> a lot of options especially in mental health. especially in mental health stuart we need to get those veterans out and car
10:57 am
immediately. so a voucher system may be proarpght for that. and we have to wait and see.
10:58 am
. .
10:59 am
11:00 am
stuart: i didn't see it but i heard about it. a disgraceful display of insulting behavior directed at president-elect trump. it was the american music awards, on national tv last night. i wonder if these people realize exactly what they're doing? it started with one of the hosts, assuming a fake foreign accent, to mock the incoming first lady, melania trump, to call it rudeness was an understatement it was a deliberate insult, badly-delivered. hatred frankly was obvious. things got worse when the band green day appeared. no trump, no trump, they chanted and, no to the kkk. trump they said, is a fascist. the audience seemed to approve. oh, how funny.
11:01 am
this was at the american music awards tv show. and who could forget friday night's insults from the cast of hamilton delivered to mike pence in the audience. you see what they're saying right there. the elites lost the election but determined to paint the president-elect, racist, sexist, irredeemable, deprobable. they can't let it go, two weeks after the election they are behaving frankly like children stamping their little feet because they didn't get their way. they are, ladies and gentlemens, pathetic. the third hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> give you my melania trump impression. this is my favorite.
11:02 am
i love my husband, president barack obama. [laughter] and i our children, sasha and malia. >> i love bruno mars. i don't know what color he is so i can't deport him. ♪ no trump, no kkk, no fascist usa >> what are you looking forward to? >> not being invited to the inauguration would be a good start. >> i love you hamilton. >> what makes him think he would be invited? stuart: see what i mean? >> yeah. stuart: that was on national television last night less than two weeks from the election. that was out and out rudeness, mockery. it was hatred right out there. i'm shocked that they would do this. >> are you really. >> look who they are and where they come from. >> i think they demean themselves behaving that way. lose respect of others and
11:03 am
themselves when they behave like that. stuart: there was the "hamilton" incident when they lectured mike pence. >> yes. stuart: wasn't there something about the audition -- >> there was, well there was a tweet put out by brandon victor dixon in march 2012, now circulating. he said this about st. patrick's day. he said st. patty's day weekend is like christmas for black dudes who like white chicks. happy holidays, boys. stuart: wait a minute. >> that was the same gentleman. stuart: by the same man who lectured mr. pence about inclusiveness and fairness. >> correct. stuart: that was on friday night at the play hamilton. he tweeted that in 2012. >> correct. in march, right before st. patrick's day. stuart: wasn't there something about the audition, when they started out the play hamilton about the audition, non-whites-only? >> yes, correct. stuart: what did they put out there?
11:04 am
>> casting call for the musical saying non-whites-only. stuart: non-whites only. >> not very inclusive, isn't it. stuart: he lectures the incoming vice president. >> actually bullied i think t was a bullying session to be honest with you, stuart. stuart: we flogged this one to death. can we movon? it is thanksgiving week. let's be reasonable. to your money please. check the big board. two weeks since the election. no selloff from the trump rally, it proceeds. 18 nine for the dow industrials. s&p 500, we're a little higher, up .4%. if we close at 2200, new all-time high for the s&p. same story with the nasdaq. a series of record highs they keep on hitting. today 5344. price of oil is up. maybe the ashley webster ratio comes in here. you're up a buck 49. dow industrials and sock prices are higher. take your bow, ashley. >> thank you very much. i'll take it.
11:05 am
stuart: that's all you're getting. our next guest says president-elect's economic plan will benefit ordinary investors. here is the headline from the article, time to get optimistic again, trump's economy will benefit ordinary investors. peter morici wrote that, professor of economics. who are ordinary investors? define your terms here. >> ashley right there is one you know. and so are you. basically ordinary folks have ira's and keoughs that have those things for retirement. elderly folks that invest in cds, live off interest. we'll have a bit more inflation and we'll get more growth and deregulations corporate profits will not only grow proportionally, they will grow more. that is good for stock prices, for a change you can put your money in the bank and bank pay you to use it. stuart: you raise a very good
11:06 am
point, a lot of older people i know don't want risk. they're not into the stock market. they're instead did -- they're o a steady rate of return. if they get 3% on one, two, three-year cd at some point? >> not one year. but three or five years. that is acceptable length of period of time. especially as you roll them over, you keep buying five-year cds, average maturity is at least five years f you're only 60, buying 10-year cds and buying some in that manner so you have a continuous redemption and reinvestment is fine. i think you will be able to get decent interest now. that's a good thing. you know barack obama has been jacking up the economy with these very low interest rates by taxing grandma, denying her the opportunity to earn any kind of return on savings. stuart: that is a good way of
11:07 am
putting it but your premise is based on a growth policy from donald trump as president. tax cuts, regulation cuts, cheap energy. your whole premise is, that donald trump gets his way with the economy? >> well, yes. i don't think he will get everything that he wants but i think we are going to get some deregulation. we are he getting more energy production. we will get a tax cut of some kind. won't be as big as we like. corporations are really overtaxed. i mean let's face it, barack obama has been seeking retribution against corporations for the last eight years. i mean the only difference between barack obama and the guy on the play at "hamilton" the other night, the guy at least we know where the guy in "hamilton" stands. barack obama is really hostile towards corporations. can you think of a state of the union speech where he didn't take a whack at somebody that makes money for a living? stuart: fair point but you also said that you don't think donald trump will get tax cuts as big as we would like.
11:08 am
you don't think so? >> well no. i mean the tax cut proposals in his campaign platform really are too large. certainly there will be dynamic gains. we can factor those in looking at the budgetary impact, if we're talking about infrastructure spending, more money for the military, tax cuts and so forth, we can only bear to increase the deficit so much, all those things will be deficit increasers. to think we'll do any of those things without increasing the deficit is really very, very silly. we have to be realistic about what is going to happen. stuart: so far, peter morici, economics professor you like the way things are going generally speaking, correct? >> yes i do, i'm a little concerned the treasury becoming hostage to wall street. they have their deregulation environment again today. they know what they want. but they're very tough when it comes to helping main street and ordinary folks with imports from china. they want to get into from china. i'm concerned we'll get someone
11:09 am
over at treasury that is hostile to trump's trade agenda, that they will win out. this is the really litmus test for me. does trump really deliver a realistic policy with regard to china? if we do that, this country will prosper. if we don't do that, we're in a lot of trouble. that's the bottom line. does trump deliver on trade with china? got it. peter morici, always a pleasure. >> happy thanksgiving. take care. stuart: this happened moments ago. oklahoma governor mary fallin arriving at trump tower in new york city. she did not take any questions as she walked towards the elevator. a lot of comings and goings and white house north today. let's give you a live look at trump tower. governor rick perry is expected to arrive there momentarily. the golden elevators await. we'll show it to you when it happens. want to show you this, by popular request. show it to you again.
11:10 am
out come the vikings coming out the tunnel and fox sound tex gets in the way. he is trampled. ever seen anything like that before? probably first time he has ever been trampled by genuine -- whoa. oh. >> poor guy. stuart: he was carrying a plastic microphone. cracked in two. let's get serious away from the trampling for a moment. reince priebus's who will be trump's chief of staff, spoke to "meet the press" about the possibility of a muslim registry. the media ran with it. that is next. listen to what he actually said. >> can you eequivocally rule out a registry for muslims? >> look, i'm not going to rule out anything but, but i wouldn't, we're not going to have a registry baseon a religion.
11:11 am
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11:14 am
stuart: the obama administration is considering new measures to fortify the iran nuke deal in president's last few days in office. joining us ambassador john bolton. i'm reading from "the wall street journal." it says that the president might provide more licenses for american businesses to do business in iran, that they might lift additional sanctions on companies doing business in iran. are they going to do this? because that would try to lock in the deal? >> well, that is clearly on their mind and it would be entirely consistent with the basic theory of this deal, which is they know it is not a very good deal, so they're trying to, as you say, lock in american and european businesses in trade and investment deals that provide financial benefits when it is apparent the iranians are not complying with the deal and deal as terms show what a bad deal it is nonetheless it will be harder
11:15 am
to withdraw. i would simply say this to all american businesses contemplating doing business with iran, you are about to do this at your own risk. this deal was a disaster for the united states and i hope the new administration abrogates it in its early days. but nobody should be under any illusions here, dealing with iran is a very risky business. stuart: now here is another area where you don't want president obama to take action in his last days and that is, you don't want him to take any action on a two-state solution regarding israel, in his final months. explain this one, please. >> well, in the security council in new york at the u.n., and in the general assembly there has been speculation for months that once the election is over, that is to say, once there is no political accountability at all, but particularly they thought if hillary clinton had won the election, barack obama would move to try to affect the middle east peace process defining,
11:16 am
quote, unquote, palestine as a legitimate state or trying to he define israel's borders as being the result of the '67 cease-fire line. now, this would be a fundamental shift in american policy and would violate the premise of bipartisan american policy since the 1967 war that ultimately it is between the parties themself to reach agreement. look, i'm not arguing that barack obama is not fully the president until noon on the 20th of january. i'm saying as a matter of prudence it would be bad for america, bad for our allies in the middle east if obama abandoned this long-standing approach. stuart: about 45 minutes ago they began a conference call, the trump team out of trump tower. we were thinking we might get news on new appointments to the cabinet. have you heard anything about the job as secretary of state, mr. bolton? >> i think the last time we talked about this i said i was old school on these things and that i didn't really want to get
11:17 am
into it and you know, in the last week i have just gotten more old school. what can i tell you. stuart: you're a smart guy, that's what i can tell you. ambassador bolton, thanks very much for being on the show. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: now this. reince priebus who will be mr. trump's chief of staff, he spoke to "meet the press" over the weekend about the possibility of a muslim registry. listen to what he had to say. >> can you eequivocally rule out a registry for muslims? >> look, i'm not going to rule out anything but, but i wouldn't, we're not going to have a registry based on a religion. but what i think what we're trying to do is say that there are some people, certainly not all people, chuck, there are some people that are radicalized, and there are some people that have to be prevented from coming into this country. stuart: that was a full, detailed, and diplomatic response to the question. now look at how nbc shortened it all down and paraphrased when they tweeted about it.
11:18 am
can you rule out a registry for muslims, asked chuck todd? i'm not going to rule out anything, said reince priebus. if that is not selective editing i don't know what is. that is appalling. >> really is. he goes on to say we're not planning to create a muslim registry. that doesn't make for a good headline, doesn't it? that is inflammatory. stuart: mr. trump, with the brush that nbc wants to paint with him. they're so pejorative like this. outrageous. however, senator jeff sessions he is the pick for attorney general, democrats and the left not happy about it, for reports of controversial statements he made decades ago. former u.s. attorney general john ashcroft will be with us about that appointment in just a moment.
11:19 am
11:20 am
11:21 am
11:22 am
stuart: breaking news, right before the holidays, about 500 workers at o'hare airport chicago are going on strike. ashley: they are tomorrow. not talking about pilots or flight attendants. baggage handlers, cabin cleaners, janitors, wheelchair attendants.
11:23 am
they're making 8.25 an hour. they're the fight for 15 crowd. they belong to private contractors who want to unionize themselves. they want union rights. they want 15 bucks an hour. they will go on strike tomorrow. stuart: right before the holidays. ashley: right before the holidays. stuart: that gives them leverage. we promised you video. we've got it for you, here it is. governor rick perry, there it is arriving at trump tower moments ago, there is speculation that job of energy secretary, but that is pure speculation. according to the "new york post," melania and baron trump are not moving to the white house after the inauguration. they're staying put in new york city. the president said as much over the weekend. connell mcshane is with us. he is standing right outside white house north which is something, it is going to become the traffic nightmare of the universe. what is going on, connell? >> it is not too bad to be honest with you, stuart. getting a handle on it here
11:24 am
after a week. two governors already arrived at trump tower. former texas governor rick perry and oklahoma governor mary fallin. we want to go to the screen with names of visitors mr. trump is seeing, we're all working from left to right. newt gingrich, former speaker of the house having another meeting with the president-elect. elaine chao, married to the majority leader in the senate, mitch mcconnell. governors fallin and perry. we have congresswoman out of hawaii and former senator scott brown of massachusetts are here. quick word about both of them. tulsi gabbard is interesting. she is a democrat. a big bernie sanders supporter in the primaries but may have areas of agreement with mr. trump especially untried. i understand stuart, you have breaking news. let me send it back to you in the studio. stuart: scott brown, speaking right there at trump tower. what will he say. >> so voluminous, second highest budget.
11:25 am
serves almost, seven, eight million people, seven million people i think last year. it has got tremendous employee base. there are just some things to do. so he was listening to my thoughts and suggestions and where i thought we could put our priorities. >> [inaudible]. >> listen, i'm not competing with anybody. i think i'm the best person but there are some tremendous people out there. i don't look at it as competition. anybody who takes that job, which i believe is the toughest job in the cabinet because it has really so many problems and that it is so visible and that, people's lives are depending on whether you do it right or wrong. i think it is president-elect said, it is his highest priority. that is why veterans came out so strongly for him. and it is something i've been working on. i was in the military since 19 years old and served 35 years. veterans committee. stuart: scott brown at trump tower. he was on this progr about an hour ago.
11:26 am
took his makeup off. went straight over to trump tower. had interview with mr. trump. appeared outside. non-committal about what job he may or may not get in the new cabinet. there is speculation he will run the veterans administration. okay. long pipeline of people from this program to trump tower looking for a job. ashley: special tunnel for them. stuart: should build a special tunnel. all right. next former attorney general john ashcroft on mr. trump's appointee for ag, senator jeff sessions. we'll be back.
11:27 am
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11:30 am
i just can't get away from this. entertainers at the american music awards last night attacked president-elect trump in his family. they imitated her and mocked her during a mock dialogue. we have to watch this please. >> i love my husband, president barack obama. i love uptown funk. it was originally called uptown trump. the audience loved it. they were laughing along. i don't think middle america
11:31 am
liked it at like that at all. i thought it was outrageous. here is kennedy host of kennedy. i'm outraged at this. i guess it is so deflated after such a long and contentious election and having lived in california for the better part of the last five years i've seen it all. this is so predictable. you have to act this way in order to get jobs in that part of the country. middle america sits there and watches the american music award. it wasn't funny. if your can attack these people at least had professionals do.
11:32 am
that's what it really was. what about this. the hamilton and the play on broadway. they lectured mike pence who was sitting in the audience and they had booed him on the way in. and then at the end of the performance they lectured him. roll tape and listen to this. >> we are diverse america. the new admission rations well not protect us. they work on behalf of all of us. before we go further list, you have a tweet that that man the gentleman put out a few years ago roll it. it was like christmas for black dudes who like white checks. happy holidays boys. this is a man who lectures of
11:33 am
the vice at the vice president of the united states of america on inclusion. >> i would challenge him to read the majority of the federalist papers. they wrote more than 50. he wrote a majority of this. being in a musical does not make you a historian or some sort of a political expert. i have a problem with the second half of what he said. but i do take issue with is the producer of the play came out and said it was a quote that he gave to the press. it was almost impossible for us to work the day after the election. and give your interpretation of what the play is. people were playing -- paying a lot of money to be there.
11:34 am
you don't change hearts and minds by bullied people you have to change them by talking with them. i put out the original casting call for hamilton non- nonwhites only. i'm just trying to get to grips with the elites on what's going on among them. there is a casting call. i'm trying to get to grips with the way the elites are handling the election. and how america is in a feel about it. it's no surprise. it's an overreaction to what happened. my problem with the beginning part of that statement is they haven't been inaugurated yet. these people have not taken the oath of office. acting as though they've already agreed us my campaign promises which may or may not materialize i think it's a little bit premature and immature.
11:35 am
you have to deal with us in california. i understand that some of the best art is the product of this emotional reaction to power and when there's a shift in power people become so fearful that they tend to overreact. i think there something going on in america. i can't quite put my finger on it. it's explosive and this kind of thing from hamilton and ama last night just makes things really bad. that is a joke. these people are existing in the bubble in the air fueling their own biosphere. unfortunately we've have a split in this country and they are people in the rest of the country that said no we want to start money -- to send our kids to your liberal colleges.
11:36 am
you're alright. the name of the show is kennedy. it's on the foxbusiness network. the fastest-growing cable network in the country. i think we've got that. thank you very much. now this. president-elect trump spent his weekend at the private golf course in new jersey. he held meetings with big-name politicians. among many others. join us now the standards of fred barnes now then. you've seen this parade of people arriving i have to tell you most of them are white men do you think that he has a cabinet diversity problem. >> is not president yet.
11:37 am
he will have women in his cabinet. he thought very seriously about making his vice presidential running mate before turning to mike pence. obviously there will be at women in his cabinet. the most important person is the entire campaign i think trump agrees that he's can have a cabinet that would include women. he hasn't named very many people to anything yet. they are very critical of some of his pics. trump has made some dangerous appointments the new york times editorial board has this. jeff sessions as attorney general and insult to justice. the media tax never cease. i read both of these newspapers i read them every
11:38 am
day. and they were both just enemies of the trump trump when he was running for president. they throw away any evidence of fairness. and they are continuing. if this is the thing that is no and that isith trump and just the transition in everything he does is an outrage. the media will say it. democrats will say it. tim ryan who has challenged nancy pelosi to be minority leader said if michael flynn the choice for national security advisor they will never be welcomed in his office as long as he has minority leader. >> is just not working. it's gone up nine-point since
11:39 am
the election. i guess middle america is sitting back and looking at this. of course they don't want too. these democrats and liberals they liberals they just can't help themselves. they're outraged because i didn't when and they think conservatives like you for incense are just instance are just not acceptable. >> you have no legitimacy. fred, thanks very much for being with us. have a great thanksgiving please. >> the still holding to the game. that means we are about 80 to 83 points away from the magic marker mark of 19,000. how's this for thanksgiving. maybe salyers help them and
11:40 am
got their battery going. i gave them case of water. and now this. the big announcement from pope francis. there is power to expanded the forgiveness on one specific mortal sin. we will take what it is. the former u.s. attorney general on mister trump.
11:41 am
11:42 am
>> for the foxbusiness brief. forty-eight points. in the record into today high. also very close to record highs. as we talk about the nasdaq hitting a high here. we are seen names like that. it's up over 3% instagram adding something like snap chat vanishing photos. will up about 50 right now. and you've seen some of those names hit the market as well. there are some positive comments. i'm in a step aside. thank you guys.
11:43 am
11:44 am
>> vice president-elect mike pence defending senator sessions. this is a man who rescued at persecuted the kkk. in his own home state. they have a tax for senator sessions.
11:45 am
he referred to a black prosecutor as boy. he thought it was a joke. he knows a thing or two about being general. they'll be john ashcroft. a former ag under george w. bush. they demonstrate the severe poverty of the objective to senator sessions he or his person there false. it is the equivalent of a political drive-by assassination. it is demeaning to the senate
11:46 am
that has a responsibility for vetting, and for advising and consenting in a responsible way to nominations. but it doesn't have a responsibility nor does it have authority to engage in character assassinations. when a wrongful labeling of someone as a racist who is not a racist is one of the most egregious assaults and most irresponsible assaults because it could be undertaken. i head for several decades now i had known jeff sessions. i sat with him in the united states senate and i observed his conduct as attorney general of the state of alabama. i know for 12 years prior he was the justice department prosecutor. based on his dna as a person
11:47 am
who respects equity and fairness in the law. and he was aggressive in prosecuting those who abused the rights of others so he stood up for african-american individuals. he prosecuted those who abused them. he insisted on prosecuting individuals who murdered him. they could not have argued for the death penalty. his insistence on equity and fairness is to be admired. you will not had that until you have real substantive objectives.
11:48 am
we guy on the phone. we appreciate you being with us. i'm grateful to you thanks. the announced a run to a fourth term. that wasn't expected. since last summer but she may have some issues with the immigration one being in the big issue. looking for the fourth full year term. there are certainly those to the right that could give her a run for her money. and plus you have the election in france next year that she could win. even austrian vote of some sort. and there is one in italy as well. all of those would probably go against the idea of the
11:49 am
european union. on your screen right now. that is a lifetime high that as a is a trump rally. got it. next case. big announcement from pope francis. there is a pant to expand their forgiveness. you will learn all about it in a moment.
11:50 am
11:51 am
11:52 am
11:53 am
>> pope francis is extending the power to catholic priests to forgive abortions. here is some content. if you have an abortion you would be excommunicated the church found out and only a bishop or special confessor could lift that. they could absolve that. now they are lower order can forgive it. this is quite something within the catholic church. at the same level as lesser since. that is there debate.
11:54 am
there is a mortal sin which is about the worst sin you can do. and having an abortion would be king considered a great sin. >> do many apps -- any input. i don't feel comfortable talking about this. >> typical brit. >> we told you a few minutes ago that the s&p 500 have a lifetime high and it has. it is an index of 500 different named companies -- companies. to meet that is the trump rally. >> for the last eight years or so we had been sitting here watching what's going on in the u.s. economy and that's been a bull market. the government was using emergency measures as permanent measures. and that wasn't the way to go.
11:55 am
i think we've been in and out of recession if you take out government spending which is added to gdp. now that has been lifted. we are back to the basics. and back to business. >> that's fine and i admire the enthusiasm because i feel it too but the proof of the pudding is in that. we need to see how many of these policies actually get enacted. there's a lot of faith that are being put into that. the tax cut with less regulation. and he will spend a lot of government money. when they inherited the end economy at that time i recession every other year they were hitting 90%. so that was an issue. he said take the tech government out and put it back into the american people's pockets.
11:56 am
>> there's another side of this coin. as it has gone up we have seen interest rates rise now and that means someone who is a saver and they buy a savings bond or a bank cd for example your weight ev turned -- in your rate of return is going to get a lot better. they are dead safe. your neck in a list. we were talking about negative interest rates come here. we are paying them to saves. and now we have the dow jones industrial within us. eighty-one points of 19,000. nice to be on the show this thanksgiving week. we are happy to be here. more after this.
11:57 am
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11:59 am
>> definitely good news. we are learning something we didn't know. donald trump will meet with top network executives. the meeting will take place in about an hour. this was organized by trump's campaign manager. and i think there has been in antagonism between trump in the media. and i think this is an effort to say look, let's work together here. this can be no restriction of access or anything like that. that is my speculation. their meeting at trump tower today. they want to have those relationships still smooth and ongoing.
12:00 pm
just to name a few. i think all of the major networks will be doing that. that is a good question. will they just leave the desk and go. it's can be on this program for a couple of hours. it's your show but i'm not invited. we have a lot going on here. when it kicks off. but what could be a problem for travel is even though it technically kicks off after the thanksgiving holiday weekend hundreds of workers at chicago's o'hare airport are set to strike. these will include the baggage handlers. they are the minimum wage. gerri willis has all the details. >> the big fear here is that they would interfere with skimming travel.


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