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  Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  December 1, 2016 3:01pm-3:22pm EST

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thank greg hayes and his team at united technologies, bob mcdonough and the team at carrier. thank you for renewing your commitment to indiana and renewing your commitment to the people of the united states of america. [applause] i also just want to thank the great carrier team here in indianapolis and in the state of indiana. your hard work, your resilience, your work ethic even in disappointing times, i know for a fact gave this company the confidence to double down on the future of this company and the future of the people of this state, and so i thank you, the carrier team, for giving them the confidence to do just that. [applause]
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but lastly, on behalf of all the people of indiana, allow me to thank the man we wouldn't be here without for his efforts, for picking up the phone, for keeping his word. his efforts to bring us to this day of renewed hope and promise not just here in indiana, but really for people that know the strength of this country comes in our ability to make things and to grow things. it's a renewed day for manufacturing inç america. you know, i remember when donald trump was running for president, he said that if he was elected president of the united states, america would start winning again. well, today america won, and we have donald trump to thank. [applause] and i've got a feeling working
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beside this extraordinary man this is just the beginning of a lot more good news all across america. so without any further ado, my fellow hoosiers, it is my high honor and distinct privilege to introduce to you a man of action, a man of his word and the president-elect of the united states of america, donald trump. [cheers and applause] >> thank you. thank you, everybody. thank you very much. [applause] thank you very much. i love that red hat. thank you, everybody. i want to thank all of the dignitaries that are with us
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today. we have a whole host; the mayor and governor-elect. great people. it's a big victory for the governor-elect. he won very convincingly, so we're very proud of him. and, you know, mike has been such a wise decision for me. when people were saying, i don't know, how good is he at decision making, they'd always say, yeah. that's a good decision. and everybody loves mike. he's become something very special. [applause] i want to thank greg hayes of united technologies, because when i, when i called him, he was right there. i wish i could have made the call when they were doing their original decision, but it worked out just as well other than i would have liked to have had an answer a year and a half ago. we had a tremendous love affair with the state of indiana. because if you remember during the primaries, this was going to
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be the firewall. this was where they were going to stop trump, right? and that didn't work out too well. and it was a firewall for me, it was a firewall. and we won by 16 points. and the election we just won by 20 points, almost 20 points. [applause] and that was some, that was some victory. that's pretty, that's pretty great. and i just love the people. incredible people. so i got involved because of the love affair i've had -- this has been a very special state to us. and i'll never forget, about a week ago i was watching the nightly news. i won't say which one, because i don't want to give them credit, because i don't like them much, i'll be honest. [laughter] i don't like 'em. not even @ç little bit. but they were doing a story on carrier. and i say, wow, that's manager. i want to see that -- that's something. i want to see that.
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and they had a gentleman, worker, great guy, handsome guy. he was on. and it was like he didn't even know they were leaving. he said something to the effect, no, we're not leaving. because donald trump promised us that we're not leaving. and i never thought i made that promise. not with carrier. i made it for everybody else. i didn't make it really for carrier. and i said, what's he saying? be -- and he was such a believer. he was such a great guy. he said, i've been with donald trump from the beginning. and he made the statement that carrier's not going anywhere, they're not leaving. and i'm saying to myself, man. and then they played my statement, and i said carrier will never leave. but that was a euphemism. i was talking about carrier like all other companies from here on to in, because they made the decision a year and a half ago. but he believed that that was --
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and i could understand it. i actually said -- i didn't want make it, when they played it, i said i did make it, but i didn't mean it quite that way. so now because of him, whoever that guy was -- is he in the room, by any chance? >> [inaudible] >> that's your son, stand up. you did a great job. you did a great job, right? that's fantastic. and i love your shirt. >> [inaudible] >> oh, wow. [laughter] oh, put it on, cameras, go ahead, put it on. [laughter] well, your son is great. >> thank you. >> and he meant that, didn't he? he really meant it. at fist i said i -- at first i said i wonder if he's being sarcastic, because this ship has said. and then i said -- it was 6:30 in the evening. and i said, boy, the first thing i'm going to do is go there. and i say do i call the head of carrier who's a great guy, but i've always learned i've got to call the top. and i heard about greg hayes. he's a great executive.
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you know, i don't know if you know, united technologies is one of the top 50 companies in the united states. and one of the top companies anywhere in the world. they make many other things other than air conditioners, believe me. their list of companies is unbelievable. i called greg hayes. i heard of him, but i never met him. and he picked up the phone, mr. president-elect, sir, how are you. it's wonderful to win, you know? think if i lost, he wouldn't have returned my call. [laughter] i don't know. where is greg? if i lost and called -- i don't think you would have called. i would have tried, but i think it would have been tougher, right? be what do you think, greg? he's sort of nodding, yes, you're right. [laughter] but i called greg, and i said it's really important. we have to do something because you have a lot of people leaving. and you have to understand, we can't allow this to happen anymore with our country. so many jobs are leaving and going to other countries. not just mexico, many, many
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countries. and china is making so much of our product that we'reç closing up a lot of plants. and, i mean, i wrote down some numbers that are incredible. but the numbers of manufacturing jobs that are lost especially in the rust belt, and the rust belt is so incredible, but we're losing companies. it's unbelievable, one after another. just one after another. so i said, greg, you've got to help us out here. we've got to sit down, we've got to do something. i said, because we just can't let it happen. anyway, he was incredible. and he said, i understand. and i said i wish i made this call a year and a half ago, it would have been a lot easier call. only because of your son, okay? believe me. your son, whoever the hell your son is, these people owe him a lot. and i just went through -- he's out in the factory. i thought they were all going to be in this room. this room's not big enough. >> [inaudible] >> yeah. i don't know who arranged that one, because we just visited a thousand people in the factory
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that are going wild in the plant. but i will tell you that united technologies and carrier stepped it up, and now they're keeping, actually, the number's over 1100 people, which is so great. which is so great. [applause] and i see the people. i shook hands with a lot of the people. they're right behind us working. i guess, what is it, you're making some air conditioners, you didn't even want to have them come off for a half hour. he's a ruthless boss. he's ruthless. [laughter] but that's okay. you know, i did say one thing to the carrier folks and the united technologies folks. i said the gooj deny -- goodwill that you have engendered, you watch how fast you're going to make it up, because so many people are going to be buying carrier air conditioners. you know, we've had such help here. bobby knight, nobody in indiana never heard of bobby knight.
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how great is bobby knight? [applause] lou holtz, we had such incredible support. but i'll never forget, a friend of mine called up during the primaries and said, you know, if you could get coach knight concern and i said, you know, coach knight called me a year ago, a year before i decided to run. he said if you ever run, i'm supporting you. i said, thanks, coach, i just don't know if i'm going to be doing it. and when he said if you could get coach knight, i tell you, i got coach knight. how good was bobby knight, as far as we're concerned, in indiana, right? we got bobby knight. 900 wins. two championships, right? two or three championships. olympic gold medal. pan-am games. but -- and he was unbelievable. he wouldn't stop. he was just going all over. he was the greatest guy. we came into an arena, greg, and we had 16,000 people inside, outside, we had, i think, 10,000 outside. it was -- and i left, this was three weeks before the primary, and i said how are we going to
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lose indiana with this? i didn't think we were going to lose, and we didn't. we won big. so i want to thank all of those folks, because they really helped with indiana and with a lot of other places. so united technologies has stepped up, and i have to say this: they did it in such a nice andç such a professional way, d they're going to spend so much money on renovating this plant. and i said, greg, say that number. you know, he said 16 million. well, the minimum number's 16. it's going to be, in my opinion, a lot more than that. he said, well, i'd rather say the lower number. see, i'd rather have him say the higher number, so i won't say it. [laughter] it's just a difference in philosophy, do you agree? both are okay. they're going to spend a lot of money on the plant. and i said to some of the folks, i said, companies are not going to leave the united states anymore without consequences. not going to happen. it's not going to happen. [applause] tell you right now.
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we're losing our, we're losing so much. so one of the things we're doing to keep them is we're going to be lowering our business tax from 35% hopefully down to 15% which would take us from the highest tax nation virtually in the world -- this is terrible for business -- to one of the lower tax. not the lowest yet, but one of the lower tax. the other thing we're doing is regulations. the regulations are -- in fact, if i asked greg and your folks, you would probably say regulations might be worse from you than even the high taxes, which is the biggest surprise of the whole political experience. i thought taxes would be number one, regulations would be up there someplace. believe me, these great leaders of industry and even the small business people who are just being crushed, if they had their choice between lower taxes and a major, massive cutting of regulations, they would take the regulations. i don't know how you feel about that, greg. i just noticed i wrote down because i heard it since about
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six years ago 260 new federal regulations have passed, 53 of which affect this plant. 53 new regulations. massively expensive and probably none of them amount to anything in terms of safety or the things that you'd have regulations for. six of eight of the air-conditioning companies right now are located in mexico. six of eight. i mean, think of that. and 80% of the supply chain for mexico, 80%, is located in mexico. and we're not going to have it anymore. we're not going to have it anymore. and we like mexico. it's wonderful, i was there three months ago with the president of mexico. terrific guy. but we have to have a fair shake. we're not getting anything. we have nafta, which is a total and complete disaster.
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[applause] it's a total and complete disaster. [applause] it's a one-lane highway into mexico. nothing coming our way, everything going their way. and i don't have to mention who signed it anymore, it's so nice. i don't have to mention who backed it anymore, right? we don't have to mention that anymore, fortunately. t it's a one-way street, and it's going to be changed. it's going to be changed. we have to bring our jobs back. and when they expand, one of the things that made me so happy is when greg said that they haveç over 10,000 jobs that they're going to be producing in the very near future, and now he's looking to the united states instead of outside of the united states where almost all of those jobs would have gone. so one of the reasons i wanted to do this particular conference is it's so great. so many people in the other -- that big, big beautiful plant behind us which will be even more beautiful in about seven months from now, they're so happy.
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they're going to have a great christmas. that's most important. but also i just want to let all of the other companies know that we're going to do great things for business. there's no reason for them to leave anymore, because your taxes are going to be at the very, very low end, and your unnecessary regulations are going to be gone. we need regulations for safety and environment and things, but most of the regulations are nonsense, become a major industry, the writing of regulations. ask that these companies -- and that these companies aren't going to be leaving anymore. they're not going to be taking people's hearts out. they're not going to be announcing like they did at carrier that they're closing up and they're moving to mexico. over 1100 jobs. and by the way, that number's going to go up very substantially as they expand this area, this plant. so the 1100's going to be a minimum number. so i just want to thank everybody, and specifically i
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just have to thank the people that i met backstaging. incredible people -- backstage. the spirit, the love -- people are are crying. they're all crying. and it's taken us a little while, but think of this. i don't think we even announced we were running when this deal was originally announced. and in the end, what happened is -- because that makes it that much more difficult. it's hard to negotiate when the plant is built. you know what greg said? you know, the plant is almost built, right? i said, greg, i don't care. it doesn't make any difference. don't worry about it. [laughter] what are we going to do with the plant? rent it, sell it, knock it down, i don't care. but we're going to do -- and they're going to do fine with their plant. i don't know if they're going to be able to do it with an american company, but we'll figure that out. [applause] but where we're starting is from a much easier place. that's hard a year and a half ago, they make an announcement, and, you know, all of that work
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is done. which is why i have such respect -- i always say great business people, they have flexibility. if you're hard line, well, we're not going to move -- flexibility, that's why it's a great company, because they have flexibility. but we're not going to need so much flexibility for other companies because we are going to have a situation where they're going to know, number one, we're going to treat them well and, number two, there will be consequences, meaning they'll be taxed very heavily at the border if they want to leave, fire all their people, leave, make product in different companies, in different countries and then think they're going to sell that product be over the border -- which, by the way, will be a very strong border. very strong border, believe me. [applause] think companies, we're going to build a wall. people are saying, do you think trump's going to build a wall? we're going to build a wall. people are going to come through
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that wall, we're going to have doors in that wall, but they're going to come through legally. it's going to be done through a legal process. but one thing that's not going to come through is drugs. the drugs are going to sop. the drugs are going to stop. [applause] so i just want to thank all of the people at united technologies, most particularly you, because you are fantastic, greg. i want to thank, and i want you to tell me how much, how many air-conditioning units you sold in the last six months from today, because i want to say i think it's going to be a number that even will surprise your folks because of the tremendous goodwill that you've created. i want to thank all of the workers at this plant, all of the carrier workers most importantly,. importantly -- [applause] i want to thank my great, great vice president-elect, because i'll tell you what, one of the really good decisions, but i
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want to thank mike. and we're going to be doing this. and if i have to tell you, you know, during speeches they say it's not presidential to call up these massive leaders of business. i think it's very presidential. and if it's not presidential, that's okay. [applause] that's okay. because i actually like doing it. but we're going to have a lot of great people that can also do it and do it as well as i do it. but we're going to have a lot of phone calls made to companies when they say they're thinking about leaving this country, because they're not leaving this country. they're not going to leave this country, and the workers are going to keep their jobs. they can leave from state to state, and they can negotiate good deals with the different states and all of that. but leaving the country's going to be very, very difficult. so i want to thank everybody. we love you folks. i want to really, really thank the people of indiana. we had two massive victories in a very, very short period of time. and all of the workers have a great, great christmas and a
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fantastic new year. thank you very much, everybody. thank you. [cheers and applause] thank you. thank you very much. liz: so imagine that, a presidential election winner making good on a campaign promise even before he's inaugurated. it just happened. president-elect donald trump saying he went straight to the top to save some 1100 air-conditioning jobs in indiana. you just saw him speaking at carrier headquarters. says he calls the parent company of carrier, united technologies, and asks to speak to the top dog, ceo greg hayes took that call, and today -- as you just saw -- he formally announced it, a deal has been struck to keep those jobs that were headed to mexico right here in the united states. and you know what? i don't know if you saw vice president-elect mike pence before that introducing mr. trump, he said, you know, donald trump picked up the phone -- i was in the room, i saw him do it. this was during the election campaign. he talked to anybody that would listen and told them, if elected, he was going to put american jobs and american worker