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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 3, 2016 3:00am-4:01am EST

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guys, thank you all have much. [♪] lou: good evening. the president-elect's thank you tour to the voters in the states that give him his electoral college victory got underway last night. and the first stop, cincinnati, and what a rally it was. the enthusiasm of the trump supporters matching that any revival meeting in the country. and like his audience he had great fun and gave one of his best speeches of the year. he and his audience delighted in his reminiscence of his guilded path to election victory three weeks ago. >> we won it big. but then the people back there,
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the extremely dishonest press, said, how about when a main anchor who hosted a debate started crying when she realized that we won? tears. tell me this isn't true. you know what she doesn't understand? things are going to be much better now. she doesn't understand that. lou: today our irrepressible president-elect was back at it with marathon meeting at trump towers with potential contenders for some of the highest offices in government. the president-elect told fox news he's days from announcing the rest of his administration. >> we are going to pick our secretary of state. we have some other announcements coming up literally very soon. people are loving our choices so
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far. we'll have an amazing cabinet. they will start next week big league. but they will be starting next week. we have some tremendous people that are coming on. we are getting credit for having one of the great cabinets ever picked. these are people of great distinction and success. you are negotiating with people. you can't have people to didn't know how to get there. we have tremendous people joining the cabinet and beyond the cabinet. so you will be seeing almost all of them next week. lou: our president-elect enthused and we'll take up all of that tonight. among my guests, one of those who is tremendous and in the hunt for an important job at state, ambassador john bolton meeting with mr. trump. he joins me in moments to talk about it all. fred barnes, matt schlapp and republican pollster lee carter.
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lot to discuss including democrats snarly and licking their wounds following their embarrassing loss last month. at a harvard form last night, clinton communications director jen palmieri actually accused trump campaign manager kellyanne conway of catering to white supremacists during the election. >> if providing a platform for white spre supremacists to have. i'm more proud of hillary clinton's alt-right speech and any other moment on the campaign. i would rather lose than win the way you guys did. no you wouldn't. >> yes, yes tie know you wouldn't, respect any. how exactly did we win. go for it.
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i would like to know. i dedicated the last four months of my life to do it and we did it. lou: the other side won. here is why they lost. the tone, the tone. the president-elect breaking with tradition, speaking with the president of taiwan. the telephone call the first time an american president has talked with taiwan's leadership in more than 30 years and it is sure to infuriate beijing. the trump transition team released this statement about it all. during the discussion they noted economic political and security ties that exist between taiwan and the united states. president-elect trump also congratulated president tsai on becoming president of taiwan earlier this year. and meeting with a number of top contend dears, the day began with trump announcing the
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strategic and economic forum. it will be business leaders who will meet and advise the president on how to bring back jobs to get the economy moving to, well, double digit growth, 4% growth. late this afternoon we spotted new jersey governor chris christie alongside none other and kellyanne conway. trump's transition meetings also including a prominent democrat. she has been said to be a possible choice to head the energy department. attorney general pam bondy of florida, an a dent trump supporter also meeting with the transition team. and former defense secretary robert gates said he had a good talk with the president-elect.
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and trump also meeting today with former u.n. ambassador john bolton who is said to be in the running for a job at the state department along with rudy giuliani, and senator bob corker and mitt romney. here to join us in the midst of what has become a global populist wave, joining me now, former ambassador to the united nations, senior fellow john bolton, great to have you. well, i promised the audience that you would divulge every word of that meeting. i jest of course. how did it go? >> sit was a very serious meeting. i was honored to be there.
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as i have said for the u the umh time, i can't get into the specifics. but i was happy to speak with the president-elect. >> i kid him about talking about the meeting. but i'm also straightforward enough to say he's one of the people i would home would be part of the leadership in this government. he's an extraordinary man. we wish you and the country the best. let's turn to this phone call, if i may. there is such a kerfuffle emanating from some of the orthodox establishment types in washington, d.c. over a phone call to the president of taiwan which has been such an important ally over the course of many decades. what is this all about? >> we didn't discuss taiwan. so before anybody gets upset and thinks i had something to do with it, but i think it's
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exactly the right thing to do. i think the president of the united states should talk to any foreign leader he thinks is in the interest of the united states to talk to. this was a courtesy call as all the dozens of calls he's taken. tsai wen is a democratically he lectded president. -- elected president. and people who have been friends to the yiewments form a decade after we have treated them shabbily from time and time again in the loss to china in the u.n., pant carter administration, and they have stood with us. it's a remarkable record. lou: when i say a great people, i mean in every sense of the word. indull -- industrious who desers you say, far better from their
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most important ally. i'm heartened to see the president step forward and speak to whom he pleases. >> this is a phone conversation. this doesn't necessarily mean anything in terms of policy changes. i would certainly welcome some policy changes. but if you are in a place where you can't even talk to the leader of taiwan. who putt us in that place. what is it about the united states and its president that we feel inhibited in talking to somebody. i want to have it explained wherwhyit's so upsetting to beig that we acknowledge this political and geographic reality off their coast? >> i want to turn to jim mad dog mat is. there is something about having a general whose name is mad dog. once one knows who is i clear cheer all the more. -- i cheer all the more.
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>> one of the points donald trump made during the campaign was the need to rebuild america's defenses. we are snraind terms of manpower. we are not doing enough in terms of cyber warfare. we need to get up the defense missile systems. i don't snow general mattis personally so i don't have any conflicts here, i think. but his reputation is one of mayor today's finest it in leaders will give him credibility with congress when it comes to touch budget decisions. i think he will be an important voice around the fashion stall security table. >> i think one of the finest'" generals is jack keane. i'm one of those friends of a friend general of a general. these are remarkable men. and i think we are fortunate to
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have them. and the admin surprised have a choice of all of you. i do want to ask you about italy. that vote is coming up quickly sunday. we see again the our mean union itself threatened by rising right-wing populism in the continent. what do you expect? what is the likely effect? >> the very real possibility is the referendum will decide not to grant the renzi government more authority and it will be treated as a rebuff to the european union. when you let the people vote, they tend to say what they think. people there describe this as right-wing populism. but i don't think it is. they are saying we think we can govern ourselves. we don't need to be told by brussels what to do or politicians in rome. i think this european union
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experiment is entering into very grave territory here. they tried to push too far too fast without popular support and ultimately it won't work. lou: and it can be argued ask we are watching angela merkel led the e.u. with her initial policies and her attempt to recast herself and her policies, not likely to be successful. if. >> there are a number of votes and elections coming up in europe the next year. and it won't come soon enough. lou: we have got a new president on the way. ambassador john bolton. good luck. president-elect trump reaffirmed his commitment to protect jobsfa new report on the state of our labor market. the economy added 170,000 jobs
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in november. the unemployment rate fell t to.6%. but to be clear. the dee klein in the employment rate because of 400,000 workers who dropped out of the labor force. the labor force participation rate moving lower. wages also moved lower in november but are up from a year ago 2.5%. so some encouragement there. we are coming back with more encouragement. more news and a lot more folks who have a lot important to say. we hope you will stay with us. we'll be right back. president-elect trump is driving his america first agenda and he's unconcerned about disgruntled democrats. >> i don't think we'll have to use have many executive orders. i think a lot of the democrats are going to join the train. lou: the question, who wouldn't
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lou: donald trump's senior advisor kellyanne conway in a heated exchange with jen palmieri. >> you think i ran a campaign where white supremacists had a platform? can you look me in the face and tell me that? do you think this woman who has nothing in common with anybody, over 20 some counties that president obama won and donald trump just won, you think it's because of what you such said or people weren't ready for a woman president? how but it's hillary clinton she doesn't connect with people. they have nothing in common with her. how about you have no economic message. lou: how about that. kellyanne conway brings everything to the fight, and on top of that she season joys it
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as you just saw and heard. joining me now, fred barnes, the executive editor of ""the weekly standard"." what else your takeaway from that exchange? >> i wouldn't want to get in an argument with kellyanne conway. i know her. i have seen her do this many times. i have never seen her lose an argument. but secondly, what palmieri was saying, lots of democrats and the clinton people, they cannot handle this defeat it was a sweeping defeat with trump and then all over the states and they cannot accept it. they cannot handle it. so their response is not saying we have to study this, we are going to get our democratic party together and we'll be ready in 2018 with a better campaign. they are making demands and accusations about trump and other republicans.
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lou: it's pitiful. entire left in this country is pathetic. they will carry out a campaign against the not only the trump administration and presidency, but the entire -- against america. they will not be satisfied until this is no longer a constitutional republic. and i say simply to them, to hell with you. if you want to battle, you have got a battle. i will tell you the truth. in kellyanne conway and the rest of the administration, they have chosen off far more than they can contend with. >> absolutely. these democrats and the clinton people think some cosmic injustice has happened. lou: i don't care how the little darlings feel. i don't give a damn what they think. they have had 8 years and what they have done is simply weaken
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to bleed this country. and to denigrate it and it's just awful wall they have done. and it will take a lot of hard, hard creative work to restore this country to where it was 10 years ago. let's turn to the administration. it's an impressive list of people that donald trump is gathering. the president-elect right now has billionaires in his speech. i loved the fact that he had such a great time in cincinnati with his thank you tour. but he's surrounding himself with the people he said he would. it's impressive. >> it's impressive. it's not what the media and democrats and others expected. they haven't been that way at all. these are people he hasn't known. what impresses me the most is he's gone the people, highly
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qualified people who fit the job. senator sessions at the justice department. betsy devoss at the education department. lou: i'm going to get to the paul ryan question we always discuss each time you are here. ryan telling "60 minutes" that he didn't see this one coming and he and the president have patched it all up. and yesterday he wouldn't mention his name. ryan would not mention the president's name. he mentioned the vice president-elect. but not the president-elect. this is a man with a real problem. >> donald trump doesn't seem to think so. i think they are getting along fine. for paul ryan to say he didn't expect donald trump to win the presidency, i didn't either. i can name on my one hand the number of people i know -- lou: his offense is he continues
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to insult the president-elect. he continues to have a very difficult time even saying the words donald trump, president-elect. >> you don't need to be thin skinned on trump's behalf. lou: i'm not thin skinned. but i'm also not blind nor am i deaf. if he's going to play the bull, i'm going to points him out. >> they are allies now. they talk every day. >> he hasn't impressed me. >> ryan need trump, trump need ryan. but trump is the guy in charge. lou: i would love to hear the speaker say that just once. what we hear is nonsense. with that we have to end. good to see you. have a good weekend. can't wait until our next installment on palm ryan. thanks so much. fred barnes.
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be sure to vote in our poll tonight. which do you think is more unconventional. president-elect trump who fights for all or gop speaker more aligned with a democratic president? cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs. on wall street stocks closed mixed. the nasdaq up 5 point. volume on the big board. for the week the dow up less than 1%. the dow having quite a march. listen to my reports coast to coast three times a day on the salem radio network. up next, speaker paul ryan. he's speak out about his relationship with the president-elect.
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you just heard fred barnes say they have a splendid relationship. we'll examine that. paul ryan takes walk of shame. let's look at the picture for that. narrator: one in six seniors faces the threat of hunger, and millions more live in isolation. harvey: america, let's do lunch. narrator: drop off a hot meal and say a quick hello. volunteer for meals on wheels by donating your lunch break at
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lou: a few thoughts on someone no one quite comprehends. i'm referring to our speaker of the house paul ryan who has insulted our president-elect throughout this year, but who does know now without pretense or purpose. he can barely bring himself to utter donald trump's name. here is paul ryan in an upcoming it view with "60 minutes." you will see him twisting his
3:30 am
guts when asked if he believed trump would be nominated. >> i didn't see this one coming. he knows that. donald trump was a very unconventional candidate. he will be an unconventional president. lou: you can almost hear him saying tsk, tsk, unconventional. when speaking about trump's deal to keep carrier jobs in indiana, he appeared incapable of crediting the president-elect, giving more credit to mike pence. ryan is not only one in republican leadership struggling with a swamp we know soon will be drained. kevin mccarthy says the freedom caucus will have a hard time pushing back against the establishment and the
3:31 am
leadership. mccarthy who is not exactly a boy genius, also added the freedom caucus made house republicans weaker. perhaps the majority leader missed what happened in the election 3 1/2 weeks ago. the republican house leadership is clearly out of step with the american people who are sick and tired of the status question, the policies and attitudes of the establishment to which ryan and mccarthy obviously genuflect. president-elect trump takes the oath in 48 days. congress, represent the will of the people and respect the man they elected president. it's all a lot simpler than your house leadership seems to think. stowrp quotation of the evening from a fella named ted turner who had this expression mount on a board on his desk.
3:32 am
it read, lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way. i'm quoting from memory and it may not have had the word hell, by the should. the president-elect says protecting americans is his top priority and he promises to stop radical terrorists. >> we'll suspend immigration from regions where it cannot be safely processes. lou: the obama administration has been welcoming with open arms refugees from hot spots in the middle east for years. we'll talk about trump's efforts to make america safe again. an exciting ride high above the
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lou: the obama administration has refused to answer direct questions from congress on a secret refugee deal. refugees may be head together united states after being rejected by australia. the state department says details on the agreement are classified and our congress cannot know.
3:37 am
some of the countries of origin, iran, pakistan, afghanistan, somalia. another was classified as stateless. president obama doing everything in the power of the executive to bring in more refugees and then some. he's raised the quota to allow 110,000 refugees in the upcoming year from 85 hours the previous years. each one of those refugees is immediately allotted 1,500 dollars from the government the minute they land on u.s. soil. it's a 73% increase since the president took office. this does not include costs associated with numerous government program including supplemental security income and assistance for needy families.
3:38 am
welfare instead of incentivizing these refugee settlements. joining me, john hannah. good to have you with us. this is outrageous that if the united states congress cannot get if about refugees being direct into this country and taxpayer dollars used to bring them and sustain them and settle them here. >> this is astounding. i can't think of a better textbook example for why president obama and hillary clinton got their heads handed to them on november 8. this is a secret deal. cuts out the congress. circumvents the clearly expressed will of the american people and appears to put the interest of the international community and the united nations over the interests of the mire can people. and that's why it's donald trump and not hillary clinton who will
3:39 am
be taking that oath of office on january 20. the american people are fed up with this way of doing business. lou: we are incentivizing local community and states, non-profits that have a financial benefit direct at him by the federal government to bring in refugees and resettle and sustain them. the congress has been mindsless in permitting this. last year in the mom any bus spending bill and speaker ryan and his leadership have to take leadership because they did nothing but fully funds all of this in that spending legislation. >> i think -- listen, president trump on january 20 is going to end whatever barack obama is doing here for sure. but before then it's clearly within the where it of the congress to pass a law that ininsures not a single -- that
3:40 am
inshiewrts not a single u.s. taxpayer dollar is used to bring these people in. this is a lame duck president in the twilight of his presidency who is going to try and ram down a lot of things that simply advance an ideological agenda and really attempt to tie the hands of his successor. i think it will fail and the congress ought to insure it fails. lou: you are not reassured by the word of the white house that they will not try such a thing, midnight opportunities? i'm kitting, john of course. i don't think there are many americans who would not be sceptical to the bone. let's turn to one thing that did happen today that i think warrant our analysis. that is, this phone call between the president of taiwan, president tsai and the president-elect. what do you make of it?
3:41 am
it's such a kerfuffle over what seems to be very both out of date and irrelevant. at is, no discussing things with taiwan because were fearful of the reaction of the people's republic of china. >> i'm sure this is something that not a single american who hasn't spent a decade working at the state department can understand the absurd tir o andy that president of the united states cannot call the democratically elected leader of a long-time ally. if the balloon of war weren't up in east asia, the united states would be on the hook to come to the defense of taiwan. to imagine our democratically elected lead early can't talk to each other. it ought to go away with the caveat the chinese could react
3:42 am
in outrageous ways. and i think president-elect trump and the current administration need to be to the watch for this. lou: i'm not concerned about the response of the president-elect. we have 48 days for it to be his test and not the current president. please roll the video. a thrill seeker exploring her own winter wonderland. watch these adventurers hurling themselves off a mountaintop. there is no feeling like soaring like a bird over 100 miles an hour. i think this as close as i need to get to the experience. beautiful, spectacular, and i think -- i think all of these folks -- i thank all these folks for providing the courage and opportunity.
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up next, president-elect trump is being parades for saving hundreds. american jobs. >> i feel great, i feel happy. 1,100 jobs have been saved from moving to mexico after they already made a decision, so we are very happy. lou: we'll have more on the trump rally and the trump trump rally and the trump economy.
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lou: joining me a chief economist for moody's capital markets. let's start with these markets up on the week. the dow blaze ahead. what do you expect and how big a role will italy play tonight if any role at all? >> if we have a no vote in litly sunday, perhaps the markets sell off on monday, but then they recover quickly enough. not long ago after november 8, the trump victory was supposed to boom markets but instead they rallied mightily. lou: people have forgotten the
3:48 am
dow futures traded off nearly 900 points and were back 600 points in the matter of an hour or so. then there was no effect whatsoever. >> this doesn't necessarily imply there will be a major change in government for italy. lou: he's sorted of like a pop culture figure. he has a charge way about him, but i have no idea what he's trying to accomplish. >> he's trying to centralize power. lou prr why didn't he just say so. doing what every politician does. >> renzi is more popular with those 65 and older and he lost a lot of popularity with younger people. that is true in this country. lou: it looks like the european union -- their faith has been
3:49 am
count by these markets. i don't think anybody even looks back. find a new way forward and we'll be done with it. >> it's too hard to manage. you have all these different economics that require a different exchange rate. there has been no growth in that economy years. who knows what it is for young people. no wonder they want change. lou: you look at unemployment rates in southern europe it's a disaster, and markets will eventually determine the outcome. i can't even comprehend a rate that low. we are looking at a real unemployment rate higher than that. and the labor participation rate.
3:50 am
what the hell? >> people are staying home or working off the books trying to hide that income. lou: we have seen an upsurge in part-time work with people with more than one job. numbers mask a very difficult life for millions of americans. and that is why donald trump is going to have a great deal of work ahead of them. down, great to see you as always. hampshire college today raised the american flag back to full staff. the massachusetts liberal college removed all u.s. flags from the campus. the decision made after a u.s. flag was allegedly set on fire in reaction to donald trump's election as president of the united states. the result some 1,000 veterans gathered at the amherst campus last week to protest.
3:51 am
the result, victory. or at least tried to reclaim some semblance of respect for the institution. it will be an uphill job. next, president-elect trump basking as he should in his stunning victory. >> that person said for months there is no way donald trump can break the blue wall. right? we didn't break it, we shattered that sucker. we shattered it. lou: the crowd loved that line. shattered that sucker. matt schlapp is next. stay with us.
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lou: the chairman of the american conservative union matt schlapp and lee carter. this has been -- this was so much fun last night to see donald trump surprise the crowd in cincinnati on his thank you -- first stop on his thank you tour and say don't tell anybody, but i'm going to name james mad dog mattis to the head
3:56 am
of defense. that was a fun moment. >> it was such a fun moment. it was spontaneous, it was authentic. i have been talking to folks all day who are thrilled with this appointment. is appeals to both side of the aisle. even is excited about mattis. i think it's a great decision. lou: matt? >> i have no experience with him but i have been reading a lot about him and talking to people who do know him. he seems to have the perfect character that we need at this troubling time. over the last 8 years we have done a lot to embolden our enemies. i'm glad we'll have team in these positions that we'll make our enemies fear america again. lou: the people being considered for secretary of state, among
3:57 am
the group rudy giuliani and john bolton stand out for me. there is so much gossip and rumors swirling. it's hard to sort out quaps going on. give us your judgment. >> after that romney dish and romney strange press conference. it looks like a mad dog at the department of defense and a lap doing at the state department. but i think rudy giuliani and john bolton. i think bolton would be an outstanding choice and giuliani would be a step up. mitt romney will not be seen as the president'close confidant overseas. lou: i don't think anyone will forget mad dog and lap dog. you labeled him and i don't know
3:58 am
if he will escape that. do you have a label for anybody? >> i love that. i can't compete with that. i think the combination we are talking about rudy giuliani and bolton together. that's an exciting combination. i lived in new york on september 11. rudy giuliani brought the city together and he was a phenomenal leader. we are in a country that is divide. to see somebody with that leadership and strength would be great. lou: what do i know. the fact is that they are terrific people and i would love to see it. as we look at the wisconsin recount, what in the world was going on there? this has got to be a pathetic joke. the last thing saw that hillary picked number one dave recount one vote.
3:59 am
so we are looking at $6.5 million. these will be very expensive. >> i think it many really -- we are grasping at straws and giving people false hope. we have never seen a recount give enough votes to get anywhere neary where hillary clinton needs to be. it's distracting from letting trump take over it's an unfortunate mess for all of us. >> hillary is on her sore loser tour it started at harvard where the hillary campaign blamed everybody for hillary's lost. she needs to get on it, e lost. get out of the way and let donald trump be president. lou: i thought kellyanne conway kicked their butts if i can say that. >> she crushed it. >> god bless kellyanne conway.
4:00 am
lou: thank you both. we appreciate it. we thank you for joining us. ed rollins, steve forbes among our guests monday. sydney. john: washington is a swamp because insiders use their clout to rig the system. >> i need a bailout. john: those who want to compete with the actual entrepreneur said they get politicians to ban competition. but even entrepreneurs get handouts. $500 million from the government from tesla and 5


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