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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  December 4, 2016 3:30am-4:01am EST

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i'm there every day on fox business. for the intel report. keep it right here. the number one business slot continues with eric bowling and "cashin in." to keep our nation secure from terrorism and extremists, we will suspend immigration from regions where it cannot be safely processed. your state has just experienced a violent atrocity at the great ohio state university. and that is a great place further demonstrates the security threats that are created and these are just threats that are stupidly created by our very, very stupid politicians, refugee programs. the job of the president is to keep america safe.
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and that will always be my highest priority. >> those are powerful words from the president-elect. donald trump doubling down on his immigration stance in the wake of the ohio state university attack. now the big question, will his plan to ban immigrants from countries or regions with terror ties help prevent attacks here in the u.s.? hi, everyone, i'm eric bowling. welcome to "cashin in." our crew this week, welcome everybody. lisa, did the ohio state attack prove that trump has right plan for immigration, especially for at least extreme vetting and maybe even holding off immigration from regions with terror ties? >> yeah, absolutely. look, i think that what we need to do right now is to have it re-examined, the things that we've been doing. the reason why donald trump was elected because of his tough stance on immigration, because of his tough stance on syrian refugees. and even our own cia director,
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john brennan, has told the american people that isis will try to penetrate the west through the syrian refugees. isis has told us and declared that they have infiltrated the west through syrian refugees. we know it is incredibly difficult to check documents and do the vetting process with people from syria, where there's a government like the syrian government, that's not going to be cooperative in the process at all. so, yes, i mean, i think what we need to do is have a re-examination of what has been going on, because americans do not feel safe, and that is what donald trump campaigned on. >> and mercy, when you specify a region or country of origin rather than a religion or a race, you're not violating any constitutional riot rights of anyone, are you? by the way, they don't have constitutional rights, anyway. you're not violating any american principles, right? >> that's right. what donald trump is honing in on are on terrorist hot spots. and the key is that you have these countries that don't have the background materials to give to the united states to adequately vet these
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individuals. so i think for donald trump. and you've seen several national security experts agree that maybe it is time to temporarily halt allowing refugees to come into the united states. we know that in europe, you saw one of the attackers, the terrorist attackers in paris. they came in with a fake passport, through the refugee program, into paris. those are the type of incidents that we have to try to make sure that we could protect here in the united states, and i do believe that it's something that actually we find that the majority of americans can agree on. >> christie, do you agree with this plan to limit immigration from areas that have terrorist ties? >> no, i certainly don't. look, i think there are a couple of things that are important to remember here. the first is that the ohio state attacker had no ties to isis or al qaeda. he was sort of one of these lone wolf attackers. >> except they took credit for it. except they took credit for it. >> yeah, of course they did! because when somebody's doing something against america,
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they're going to be pleased by that. but -- >> do you remember, nice, france, when that guy -- >> i do. >> when that terrorist mowed down the people in nice, and that was in response to isis saying, use vehicles to kill infidels. >> the point is, this guy was doing it for a very specific reason, this guy in ohio state. he said, you're going to be able to stop lone wolf attackers like this if you make peace with people in muslim communities. and i think there's something to that. donald trump has gone ahead and said, maybe he's not saying it right now, maybe he is limiting his remarks to terrorist hot spots, but at least at one point, he was basically going to war with -- >> christie, what do you make make peace with muslims -- i mean, what are we talking about? i want to get rachel in here. my head is about to explode. you're welcome to take it. >> mine too, mine too, eric! we've been trying that for eight years.
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trying to make peace with muslim countries with this president and it hasn't worked. and we've had a lot of terrorist attacks in our country. it's a very -- this is a very simple concept. put america first, put american safety first. if you can't vet then, then don't bring them in. the other point i think that's being lost in this -- >> they are being vetted. >> -- that they're safe -- that they're safe, that they share our values. we need to work harder as a country to assimilate people. we need to do that through our school system and start talking about how great our country is and helping immigrants that come to this country the way my mother came to this country to understand why it's so great. and the other point, i want to bring this up quick, a very popular policy that donald trump talked about was safe zones over there. i was in jordan last year. met with refugees and met with people caring for refugees. they said, why are you taking them over here. we'll take care of them. and then when this situation
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dies down in their country, they can return to their homeland. that's what they want. >> and hang in there for a second. i'll go back to christie. what you said is really blowing my mind, we should try to make peace with these countries. we've had a president who is incapable of saying islamic terrorist. he will not put those two words together. we've gone out of our way to try and make peace with these people and all they do is they come back to that principle, that sharia principle, if you're an infidel, you do not deserve to live. and they call on good muslims to kill islamists, to kill the infidels. >> here's what you need to do, though. make a distinction between isis and muslim and islam, which is a peaceful religion of a billion people. and the fact that we haven't actually made that distinction means that in our country, we have little old ladies who wear hijabs and go to mosques and are terrified to be out in public. >> but make peace -- again, i want to stay on topic here. this is about --
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>> that culture of fear, i think is wrong. >> hold on, christie. this is about the refugee program. here's what i want to do. this came out late this past week. the brng is looking to do a bilateral agreement with australia allowing 2,465 people who australia didn't want as refugees, but they're going to allow them into the united states. now, it's deals like this that make our heads go, thank god we have donald trump as our next president. >> and it's deals like this are the reason why donald trump was elected. and to rachel's earlier point, you have to look no further than europe to see the problems where we haven't had that assimilation, particularly in the mollenback area in belgium. that's where the bulk of these isis fighters are coming from, because you have second, third-generation muslims who never assimilated and don't feel part of the country. that is something we should be learning from and being cognizant of, as we face this war on terror, that is
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increasing, that has not stopped, and is going to continue. and to christie's earlier point, the bottom line is just common sense. if we have our own cia director who is saying that isis will and is trying to infiltrate the west through the refugee migrants and we have isis telling us that we have done this, why would you not want to have a temporary halt to re-examine things to make sure that the u.s. is taking all of the precautions necessary to ensure that we are stopping this from happening. are you able to stop all of it from happening. >> christie, go ahead. >> i actually very much agree with the point about helping immigrants assimilate into this country. and even going back to look at the boston bombers, part of the issue is they didn't feel properly assimilated into this country. i feel that's really important. i feel what is dangerous is sort of this demonization of refugees at large. most of whom, by the way, are trying to escape war-torn countries in search of a better
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life. i think we all remember that poor little boy who washed up on the shores of greece and turkey last summer, who was trying to get with his father and with his brother to a better life. and i just can't -- >> we got to go, christie. i need to cut you off the again, but you're opening up such a can of worms. what about the poor americans that are being killed by these people that come over here, self-radicalized in the tsunami of radical islam and isis sometimes, and blow away americans. at our christmas parties. >> -- rather than enflaming isis -- >> don't enflame isis? really? i think they're highly enflamed noatter what we do. i have to leave it right there. let's do something we haven't done in a while. let's do "cashin trending." i'll comment back. a very powerful army is back. coming up, why is
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donald trump is ready to walk away from our new relationship with cuba, following the death of fidel castro. the president-elect now threatening to terminate our deal with them if that country doesn't make a better deal. now, mercedes, is trump right? should we be negotiating for a better deal? >> you know, i'm the daughter of a former cuban political prisoner. my father was thrown into jail for six years for speaking up against fidel castro and the dictatorship. and quite frankly, the deal that obama cut was a deal with a ruthless dictator that tortured and killed many innocent cuban lives. so i feel that donald trump is stepping up, and he's saying, we are going -- if we're going to have this deal, you're going to have to make significant changes. that includes free elections, releasing political prisoners, allowing for religious liberties. being able to speak up and have a right of expression. these are the freedoms that the cuban people have lacked for
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over six decades, eric? so for me, personally, what you have seen is a donald trump who's willing to take castro and basically tell him, you know what, it's going to be on our terms, not on your terms, and we need to see some change. i think that's the right approach? >> rachel, do you agree that the deal should be a better deal, not just kill a deal? >> i love mercy. i would never disagree with mercy. listen, ben rhodes, who is obama's speechwriter, is one of the people who negotiated this deal. after the deal came out -- and by the way, since the deal, there's been a lot more arrests of dissidents and people thrown into those prisons. he was asked, why didn't you negotiate for more human rights for the citizens of cuba? and he said, well, these negotiates aren't transactional. since when are our negotiations with another country, especially with a dictator, not transactional? this is why -- i mean, i don't know about you, i would rather have a smart, tough businessman negotiating with the castros
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rather than a community organizer. that's what you get with a community organizer. i'm looking forward to what a businessman as president will get for the cuban people who deserve human rights privileges and protections if we're going to deal with that country. >> christie, you can't argue that, can you? >> well, i think that donald trump is trying to have it both ways. i mean, before he decided he wanted to run for president, he through his businesses was trying to do business with cuba. certainly he sees the value of normalizing relations. and it's complicated. of course the economic embargo wasn't working for the people of cuba. >> wait a second, you're blaming the economic embargo on that -- >> human rights -- >> let me explain something. no, no, eric. eric, no! i've got to just say something really quick there. because when you negotiate, did you know in the cuban constitution, when you negotiate -- when you have business with cuba, it's with the cuban government. it's with a state entity. it's not with the cuban people.
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so to say that the economic embargo was not working, it's fidel castro's dictatorship that's not working. >> let's also not forget, if you do it on this kind of hybrid free market with cuba, you pay them in dollars. oof got to get lisa in here. >> and the hypocrisy is from the left, who is always claiming to be on the side of human rights, on the side of the victim. right now you see their appeasers for these evil tie ra rants who have been hurting and torturing the people of cuba. >> rachel and mercedes are right here. the criticism of president obama is that he's done so many things in the name of legacy, as opposed to to doing the right thing or what is in the best interest of americans. and i think that has been the criticism of cuban deal, as well as the deal with iran. and in normalizing relations with cuba and not getting anything in return. that's been the criticism, as mercedes laid out earlier and the fact that there were no concessions regarding human
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rights. there was no extradition of american criminals. we got nothing. that is not a deal. it's not a deal if you say, i'm going to give you everything in return for nothing. that's not a deal. >> some guy named donald trump wrote a book called "the art of a deal." and i'm sensing a better deal coming forward. coming up, see these four awesome, powerful women right here? don't mess with them, because they must be really powerful or at least president obama
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now back to ca"cashin' in." here's a fox news alert. fox news caused the democrats to lose the election.
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yep, president obama cracked the case and solved the mystery. he said part of the reason is because fox news is in every bar and restaurant in big chunks of the country. lisa, you should be ashamed of yourself, you're the reason the democrats lost. >> i never felt so powerful. of i've slept great since the election. no, this is absolutely ridiculous. we are the number one network, but this is slubly ridiculous. look no further than the recent democratic elections. the fact that they have a newer, liberal san francisco, nancy pelosi, that they just reelected even though the house has suffered historic losses under her, under president obama in the past eight years. the fact that they're even looking at something like keith ellison to potentially lead the dnc. it's because the democratic party in short has cared more p progressive policies than transgender bathrooms than jobs for hard working americans. >> kristi, is president obama
3:53 am
right, it's fox news' fault? >> there are lots of reasons why hillary clinton lost. it was a changed election. she obviously didn't represent change to enough people. she got 2.5 million more votes, though couldn't get the 10,000 in wisconsin. so there were targeting problems obviously. but president obama is on to something in that most people are not political. they pay attention to politics like i pay attention to sports, half listening, whatever. maybe they don't know, fox news, as much as i love being on this show and network, it's very conservative. you're only hearing that after a while, you might think, you know what, obama, he's not -- >> you're a conservative? >> hold on. you say fox news is in bars and restaurants around the country. everywhere else you look and other tv camera it's a liberal left wing media. >> i want to say, when was the last time president obama has gone to a national airport? are you kidding me?
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seriously, eric. >> rash el, final thought on this one? listen, i'll take it. you want to blame us, thank you. we'll welcome that. >> well, listen. this election was a complete repudiation of obama and his policies, his big government, socialist ideas. and he lost because of that. america decided after eight years, we're going to give a businessman a chance. we've had it with socialism. and we want free enterprise. that's what happened. >> there you go. way to sum it up, rachel. fantastic. did trump's so-called did trump's so-called this is your daughter. and she just got this. ooh boy. but, you've got hum. so you can set this. and if she drives like this, you can tell her to drive more like this. because you'll get this. you can even set boundaries for so if she should be here, but instead goes here, here, or here. you'll know. so don't worry, mom. because you put this, in here. hum by verizon. the technology
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i want to say thanks to our "cashin' in" crew for joining us. great week, everybody. time to wake up, america. it was as ugly as before the election. folks, it just got uglier. listen to hillary clinton's campaign manager this past thursday still so out of touch, it's literally unbelievable.
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>> if providing a platform for white suprecists makes me as a brilliant -- >> no, it wasn't racism, white supremacy, it wasn't sexism. what it was, however, it was the fact that hillary had no message. she never touched the hearts of voters. her only message was, it's my turn. and he's terrible. and then she crossed the line. a poll that made a miscalculation. hillary clinton went from trump is bad to trump's supporters are deplorable. that comment hit home but to the wrong group. it hit home to every person who has felt ignored or belittled for their beliefs or felt the political elite had disdain. trump went on to win pennsylvania, michigan and wisconsin, states that republicans not only weren't expected to win, but haven't won in decades. states with unusually high numbers of democratic registered
3:59 am
voters compared to republican registered voters. so democrats, let's call this your autopsy. clinton outfinanced trump. she had the media in her pocket. hillary had a built-in electoral math advantage. mrs. clinton led in the polls, that i warned would be wrong in the end, yet trump won with over 300 electoral votes, a landslide. more importantly, mr. trump won by flipping 200 counties in america which voted for obama in 2012. so, democrats, don't blame racism or sexism, don't blame james comey, blame yourself. your message is flawed. see the house, republican. see the senate, republican. see the governors in america? republican. see the white house? a republican. america voted for the republican party. we may not be california, or new york, but we're everything else. we're the heartland. we're the plains states. we're the great northwest. the rockies. the adirondacks.
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texas, florida, ohio and pennsylvania, where the bible belt and where the rust belt. but we're american. not deplorable, just americans. and finally, that means something again. have a great weekend, everybody. . good evening everybody, it is been just over three weeks since donald trump became president-elect trump. he's already leading and capturing only he can the attention of the left wing media that seems to ultimately impressed and dismayed that mr. trump is in command and working diligently to staff the white house and administration with top talent choices and already hard at work to make good on a hard list


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