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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  December 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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it is always harder to get people to agree to spend money than remove legislation. [closing bell rings] i would be careful there. other than that i think the market is going higher. liz: join us again. andrew chase, morgan stanley private wealth management, the 20 billion-dollar man. 141, highs of david and melissa for the dow jones industrials. david: i kind of miss the confetti. melissa: talk of jobs and trade from president-elect donald trump pushed markets to new record highs. what a week it has been. the dow is now look at that, less than 300 point away from 20,000. i'm melissa francis. david: it is settling to the upside. might get to 150. i'm david asman. this is "after the bell." happy friday. we have big market movers but here is what else we're having going on. donald trump just wrapping up a rally in baton rouge, louisiana,
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talking about creating jobs in america, ending what he calls stupid trade deals and warning about those double-dip getting whack into business after getting government, making deals. ending all that stuff. announcing new members of his team as he battles criticism from the left over types of people he is selecting. hillary clinton seeming to imply fake news was to blame for her election loss, blasting what she calls an epidemic putting lives at risk, her words. early deep freeze plunging 80% of the country below the freezing mark before it is all done. we'll show you when and where you will see the worst of it. melissa: back to the big records on wall street, the dow climbing into the close ending a brand new high for the fifth day in a row, ending at a brand new high, climbing 3% for the week. oil climbing ahead of a crucial opec meeting tomorrow. phil flynn with his eye on that, along with gold. adam shapiro on floor of new york stock exchange. adam, a big week of records.
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who were the biggest movers? >> at the timeç -- let's talk about that microsoft up 5%. when you talk about records, you haven't seen this many records since what, cds replaced vinyl. this is 23rd record close for the dow in since 2014. 14th since donald trump was elected president. take a look at stocks really moving today. fox was down just a bit, 1.6%. sky was up almost 26%. what goes around comes around. we'll try again at least fox is the parent company, 21st century box, trying to buy sky, the european pay tv group. coca-cola, current ceo mukhtar kent will step aside. will be replaced by man credited for replacing sugary drinks with
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non-sugary drinks. melissa: adam, king of corny jokes. everywhere i go ask me when we will see 20,000. will put you on the spot. >> we had people down lear won't see it there year. melissa: really. >> vix is down at record lows. yes, interest rates will remain low. this will all propel us to dow 20,000. you heard a guest a minute ago say that but there are others who say no, it's a lot of exuberance and momentum after the election. the fundamentals, what they will tell you, if you think stocks will pay this amount and more three month from now, well, be careful. melissa: thanks so much. adam shapiro. donald trump taking credit for -- david: just decided to switch gears a little. sometimes this happens in television. we decided to get to phil flynn. we weren't sure we had you, phil. your satellite broke down. >> i'm here. i'm here. david: talk about gold.
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i have a lot of friends have a lot of money in cold. they haven't been doing so well. today is another bad day because of the rising dollar. >> right. i would tell them take an aspirin and see me in six month. i don't know if that is what it will take to get the market to rebound. best recovery of gold will being next week because of a short-term bottom. fed will make a decision. if they raise interest interest rates you will get short-covering. hard to own gold when the stock market is going crazy. it is on fire today. other market, oil market up again today. a lot of expectation, that opec an non-opec will seal the deal this weekend. saudi arabia and russia told their customers to expect less oil in the coming week. got that market going. the other one i know you talk about the cold. traders down here are talking about the cold. natural gas, dave, two-year
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high. if the forecasts are close well we'll record draw down of natural gas. it will give a chill to your pocketbook. david: take care. phil. >>ç a lot of good wealthy peope fighting us, right? that didn't work. but those wealthy people are not so unhappy now because the stock market has bonn up so much because of us. [cheering] melissa: the dow gained more 1300 pounds since election day. legs than 250 points from 20,000. joining me, scott martin, kingsview asset management. fox news contributor. along with jack hough, baron's senior editor. start with you, jack. what do you think of the rally, how much momentum does it have behind it? >> it has enough. the dow and s&p 500, it beat it this year. if you look six out of thpast seven years the s&p was ahead. what is different between the
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two? the dow has more banks and more old industrial companies. less exposure to the dot-com high-flyers. i'm not sure that trump is maybe driving the market a little bit higher but what he is really driving a fierce rotation out of these go-go dot-com stocks into some old industrial businesses and new sectors we haven't seen work in a while. melissa: that is a great point. scott, let me ask you, the market is supposed to forecast what it thinks will happen six months down the road. i haven't believed that for a long time, because it seems only what will forecast in the next 30 seconds. right now is it telling us there are good things to come or is it irrational exuberance? >> it is good things to come but it is in certain areas like jack pointed out. the dow is so concentrated 30 stocks price weighted. you have to look beyond that area and look at s&p. you're right, melissa. the market is predicting certain areas they will do well which is financials, which is materials and is industrials. if you're looking at health care, if you're looking at tech, telecom or you utilities, those
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are the places to avoid because i think a trump presidency mentions or benefits those first three or four sectors i mentioned at first. david: well, another sign that the american dream is in need of a big boost. only half of the country's 30-year-olds are making more than their parents, compared to 90% of children born in 1940. that is researchers, stanford, harvard, university of california at berkeley. jack, this is a little misleading. there was the great depression after all. my grandparent were born in the depression. of course their parents did better than they did. so there is that. and it is less likely that our generation will do better than our parent because our parents did succeed quite well. >> yeah, but there is a couple of big factors really working against today's workers. that is globalization and automation, right? if you're alien looking down on planet earth a generation ago, wow these americans are really rich and other countries are poor and maybe we could spread
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it around a little bit. from an american perspective harder to get ahead. wage inflation in china. telling survey in china they would tell you great things. here in america it is a little painful. david: no doubt at all, scott, but can trump turn it around? >> he is trying to, david. he is trying to keep jobs in the u.s. for one thing. i know he will talk about refurbishing common core.ç jack talked about it, some of the educational problems we have in this country, david a reason a lot of jobs are leaving or some middle class kids in the survey can't get jobs. going forward, if you look back at the last eight years and dying american dream, a relief to have somebody new to change policies and procedures to try to at least turn this around. david: i don't think it is dying. it is slumbering. it will make a comeback. scott, jack, thank you very much. melissa: having a little nap. gary cohn alerting friends an colleagues planning to leave the firm for a job at the
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white house and appears he may have gotten the job. fox business senior correspondent charlie gasparino has been all over the story and in the newsroom with latest details, charlie. >> will we argue today, melissa? david: charlie. >> she threatened me with physical violence. melissa: and i will do it again. david: i will back her up. >> i say ever be smacked around will be from melissa. how is that? my pleasure. we won't go there. melissa: my goodness. >> here is what we do know. i'm hesitant to report something as fact even when i had very good read on steve mnuchin treasury secretary until he actually i see the press release in front of me. we've been reporting last couple days gary cohn is telling everybody inside goldman and friends outside he is all but likely to leave the firm, essentially out of goldman sachs as its long-time number two. precipitating thing is not his love affair for donald trump who he might work for but rather the fact he did not, doesn't seem like he will get the top job to
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replace lloyd blankfein anytime soon. he met with trump. we understand he had three meetings. all went exceedingly well. apparently trump really likes the guy. there was a meeting my producer brian schwarz was able to uncover which no unelse in the media knew about. that appears to put him over the top for a job. potential amb chief. i never thought he was that. "politico" had that. we heard he would take energy secretary. gary cohn is long time trader and traded energy and commodities at goldman sachs. made a lot of money doing it. he wanted something with more of a bigger economic portfolio, i think where they're settling on nec, national economic council. guys, just so you know, past nec directors have become treasury secretaries. most fame must i can remember, david can check me, robert rubin. bill clinton's nec chief.
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designed economic policies in clinton early years led to deficit reduction and went from there to be treasury secretary. one thing i will say about this, you have to ask yourself where are the supply-siders? i heard larry kudlow was possibly slated for job. larry kudlow, cnbc commentator, our old friend, melissa. there is supply cider. no steve moore, larry kudlow or steve malpass. mnuchin goldman sachs. anthony scaramucci, goldman sachs. gary cohn, goldman sachs. they are kensyians. they are kensyians. david: it is pronounced kensyians. rhymes with brain. >> you were on editorial page of probably wrote that every other sentence because you hated goldman sachs so much. david: well i don't hate goldman sachs. i hate it when there is crony capitalism. they do a lot of that. >> did you like kens syism?
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david: nobody here like keynesianism. >> why is this so great? david: putting words in my mouth, charlie. putting words in our mouths. >> i would like larry kudlow. david: steve forbes is coming up because you asked him, because you asked, we'll ask steve forbes. >> tell steve i said hello. david: we want to make you happy, charlie. see you in the gym. melissa: love you, mean it. david: better pump up because melissa is after you. melissa: yaw -- yeah. david: why americans are not living as long as they used to. that's a problem. melissa: already talking about down time, what president-elect donald trump says he will do on his time off, fueling even more questions about conflict of interest. i give you a hint. it is not golf. howard kurtz, host of "media buzz will weigh in. david: trump announcing more members of his team today, not supply-siders as charlie told us. he continues to battle criticism
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from the left around the right over kinds of people he is choosing. forbes media chairman steve forbes, a big supply-sider, former governor and presidential candidate mike huckabee, both give us their take. >> i think it is a tremendous process, you can't rush through a important selection. at same time he is welcoming in a number of men and women who have very diverse backgrounds. e between life and death. for partners in health, time is life. we have 18,000 people around the world. the microsoft cloud helps our entire staff stay connected and work together in real time to help those that need it. the ability to collaborate changes how we work. what we do together changes how we live. . .
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melissa: another busy day for the president-elect donald trump. wrapping up rally in baton rouge, louisiana, moments ago, after announcing new members of his white house team. our own connell mcshane is live outside of the trump tower with the latest. connell?
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reporter: well, melissa, trump was campaigning for a guy named john kennedy in louisiana running for senate there. he spoke about mr. kennedy at on set of his remarks. he launched into what his thank you tour stump speech, hitting on many economic themes we've been familiar with listening to these speeches the last couple weeks. here it. >> is we don't want companies to leave our country, go to another country, and sell their product and then sell the product where they left. we'll put up a very high tax and if they want to build their plant outside of this country, that's fine. but if they think they will sell their product back into the country and have no tax, that will not happen anymore, folks. reporter: well, trump went on to say that people working at large defense contractors as an example are responsible for giving out government contracts should, or the people in the government that are giving out those contracts should not able to go back to the defense
4:18 pm
contractors to get a job with the contractors in the future, something he would like to eliminate. we had news of transition team back in the new york area too. i heard you talk about a source close to the donald trump significance folks, tells, gary cohn, will be trump pick head up economic council. paul ryan was here earlier, speakers of the house, speaking with mr. trump, was in and out, and made a passing comment on his way out that the meeting went well. we're waiting to see whether or not the pick for mr. trump to be secretary of state will be announced next week. we know from a source close to him, that rex tillerson's stock has been on the rise, exxonmobil ceo. not necessarily that he will be the pick, but someone given close consideration that could come out next week. in terms of meetings, on the docket on monday, some, right here at trump tower three meetings to point out. former senator rick santorum will be here, current senator from west virginia, democrat joe manchin will be here and carly
4:19 pm
fiorina will stop by. all that early next week. until then we have the weekend to get through. melissa: wow, much mending of fences there, connell. david: i'll say. here is former arkansas governor mike huckabee, former republican presidential candidate, fox news contributor, somebody who mended a few fences in his political lifetime. we hear about all these other people, what about you? you told our own eric bolling at one point you were offered something but it wasn't quite right. are you still in the mix? can you tell us what kind of job you would like? >> that is just it. i didn't do anything i did to help donald trump to get elect the because i was angling for a job. i just want a better country for my grandkids. so whether or not there is some other position that he wants me to consider, it doesn't really matter that much to me. i'm glad he is moving forward with some excellent picks. frankly i think he is handling this transition in a very brilliant way, and surprising a lot of his critics.
4:20 pm
david: i know you don't want to tell us what you were offered, because nobody wants to be second fiddle somebody offered same job but can you tell us what kind of position? are you look for something internationally, something domestic, what? >> as i say, david i'm really not looking for anything f there was something that he asked me to do that i felt like would get me up in the morning with a great deal of excitement, you know, you have to look at that. david: right. >> but at this stage of my life i'm not looking to add a title to my name. i'm not sitting around say being gee nothing i would love to do more than work for the federal government. so it is not just something i am there. david: i have to tell you, we have breaking news just came in. i want to get your reaction. donald trump today announcing that during a meeting with former new york city mayor rudy giuliani held on november 29th, mayor giuliani removed his name from consideration for a position in the new administration. does that surprise you?
4:21 pm
>> well in many ways it does. rudy had a very successful private sector career. he may not want to give it up right now. one thing that one can say about rudy, he is incredibly loyal to donald trump. whether or not he is in the administration i think he and hopefully will be a voice that donald trump will listen to and call upon for advice. a lot of us don't necessarily want federal jobs who certainly want to be a part of informal advisor. frankly you can do a lot more when you aren't getting a paycheck because you can be brutally honest and not worried about getting fired. david: you can do a lot more by not having top position. let me give an example. some people we're hearing from our sources at fox, john bolton who we like a lot here at fox, he is on our shows all the time, that he may get the second-tier position in the secretary of state. he may be the number two man. from my experience, what does the secretary of state do?
4:22 pm
goes around the world around shake as lot of hands but number two guys does nitty-gritty, puts together all programs and deals with bureaucrats at foggy bottom. what do you think of bolton at number two job of secretary of state? >> i think it could be terrific. john bolton knows where the fog is in foggy bottom. there needs to be systemic changes going on at the state department to recalibrate the entire agency. to make it more in tune to who our friends are and who our enemies are. john bolton knows not only what to do but knows how to do it and he knows people he needs to get rid of. david: again the breaking news that you can see down there is that mayor giuliani removed his name apparently for consideration for a job in the trump administration. very surprising. we hope you don't remove your name, mike huckabee. we hope you're still in the running. good to see you, my friend. have a great weekend. melissa? melissa: charlie gasparino is standing by with more on the
4:23 pm
news that was breaking moment ago, president-elect donald j. trump during a meeting with former new york city mayor rudy giuliani, held on november 29th, that giuliani removed his name from any position. charlie, what do you know? >> i can tell you what republican lobbyists, friends of rudy giuliani, and people close to the transition have been telling us for weeks now because, let's be real clear here, rudy giuliani, there was no more loyal surrogate for donald trump than rudy giuliani. melissa: and effective. >> when everybody else, i will disclose full admiration for the former mayor. i know him a long time, i like him. take it for what that is worth. he was a guy, everybody was running for the hills when the bully bush tape ran out, rudy giuliani took to the mics to try to explain it in a way people can understand it and maybe get beyond and they did. but here was the problem with rudy, he wanted to be secretary of state.
4:24 pm
he could have been, people within the administration wanted him for other jobs, they thought maybe wasn't most diplomatic person, but the main problem with any, any cabinet position for him from what i understood was his business. he worked at two places, post being new york city mayor. one was at giuliani partners and bracewell giuliani, a separate firm in dallas. and green burke tau rig, headquarted in miami. did a lot of work for foreign governments in the security business for giuliani partners. those are where conflicts might come in. this wasn't, you know, left-wing groups telling me this. these were, people who know his business, know what he was doing and people friends with him. they were, they were, they were really worried if he ever had to
4:25 pm
go before senate confirmation, whether no matter what job he took, whether homeland security, whether secretary of state, whether even attorney general, at these various business dealings and conflicts with be putting him, putting him through "the grinder," democrats, face it, republicans, 51-52 votes. they don't have filibuster-proof majority. democrats can raise it and raise it a lot. that is with we were hearing leading up to this. obviously if you read the press release he almost concedes that. he was talking about his law firm and what's going on there. listen i'm not saying rudy did anything illegal. melissa: just confirmation would be a real challenge. many ways the story you're telling parallels chris christie thing, somebody who was vociferious, always out there stumping for him, very effective at convention, and on the campaign and then when it came down to appoint jobs looked like they were going to get one but
4:26 pm
there was so much baggage came with each candidate in terms of confirmation that it was tough. >> yeah, that's a good point. i would say giuliani stood up for donald trump even more than chris christie. melissa: yeah. >> when that billy bush tape came out, we remember the weekend, there were people in the republican hierarchy at rnc talking is this guy going to make it through the weekend. rudy giuliani took to the airwaves, kellyanne conway wasn't on airwaves, chris christie was not on airwaves, rudy giuliani, america's mayor was on the airwaves. he could put it in context look beyond it for other reasons. and he did it in a pretty sensible way. he was quite effective. so what you heard after that though, was he had his pick of anything. donald trump essentially said that i will give rudy what he wants. what he wanted -- melissa: was huge. >> it was state department. it started to narrow. one of the reasons why it
4:27 pm
narrowed and narrowed considerably to nothing now was his past business dealings, whether that related to some sort of conflict if he got to government. and you know, whether that would, whether that would lead to a messy confirmation hearing. not from democrats i'm hearing this from. not that i agree with it because i love the guy. melissa: right. >> from his friends in the private sector, on wall street, in the law, in law field. i mean this is, in legal arena, what i'm hearing from people that like him. melissa: charlie gasparino, thanks for jumping behind the mic for us. >> appreciate it. david: fortunate to have somebody else jump behind the mic, steve forbes, one time presidential candidate himself and chairman of forbes media. that is huge news. why do you think rudy pulled himself out? >> he probably thought there would be a lot of conflict. he saw inside there are a lot of other candidates coming. he just decided let's step back, let this thing work out. he takes the long view.
4:28 pm
secretary of state may be in two years, four years, he could come in after that or some other special assignment. so he is calm. he has been through crises far more severe than this. he takes the long view. i admire him for that, i think it helps him, hurt not hurts him not being able to be the top statesman now but perhaps in the future. david: presidents shake up cabinet all the time. jim baker, for example, under ronald reagan, he was treasury secretary, he was secretary of state, he did a number of jobs. doesn't necessarily mean he will never be in the trump administration. >> not at all. informally i think he will play a real role in the next few years. david: could this though, and charlie, alluded to this fact, the fact that trump apparently offered him homeland security job, which is a huge job, think what he went through with 9/11, he became america's mayor. he riley acted in such heroic fashion they gave him an extra
4:29 pm
year of his term of mayor so he could really wrap up the damage that he had done so much to circumvent when he was mayor in that awful time. but he was offered the job of homeland security, turned it down. could that have been something soured trump on him for a long time? >> i don't think so. i think rudy has been a person has done the security side as mayor. david: right. >> decided he maybe could become the top diplomat. he had qualifications for it. all the trash talk about him was nonsense. we did a piece for fox news saying it was nonsense. he had all the credential you would want. experience around the world. crisis manager. ability to learn quickly when something unexpected rises up. so i think this is a, at most, this is a detour. he will be back because he has been proven a capable player. david: steve, let me talk about some of the economic picks in this administration.
4:30 pm
we'll come back to rudy in a second, but as my colleague charlie gasparino loves to point out because he loves to stick it to trump, look, there is nobody that is supply-sider there. came in as tax-cutting supply-sider of course you've been talking about for decades yet you have all the goldman sachs guys and not enough real supply-siders in the administration. how do you respond to that? >> i think trump in addition to people that bring new ideas, he has plenty there now, looking for people who can get things done. it is not enough to have an idea. you have to get through congress, you have to get through all the bureaucracy inside of your own government because most of the government you don't control. so these are people people in his mind he has proven can move things along. he is going for radical tax cut. he is talking to paul ryan today, a big tax cutter. in terms of policy he has to do big things to get the economy out of a rut, the way everyone here and around the world feels and feels it fast.
4:31 pm
david: final word on crude did i. this is transformational kind of presidency. we're talking about really turning america around in a way that hasn't been done since ronald reagan i think. again, comparisons aside this is very big transformational presidency. do you think rudy giuliani, even on outside would want to play a part in that transformation? >> absolutely. he demonstrated as charlie pointed out intense loyalty during the campaign especially when it was unfavorable to do so. this is somebody that trump trusts. whether formal or informal he will have a presence in this administration. i wouldn't surprise you get inevitable shake-ups he emerges in critically important position state or somewhere else just as you pointed out with james baker. the rudy story is continuing. it is nowheres near and end in terms of public service. david: haven't seen the last of rudy giuliani and by the way haven't seen last of steve
4:32 pm
forbes you will see on "forbes on fox" on fox news channel at 11:00 a.m. see myself and steve there. thank you so much. steve. thank you, david. melissa: excuses, excuses. hillary clinton implying that fake news was to blame for her electoral college defeat. calling phony stories a danger to the public. coming up, howie kurtz will sound off. set this. and if she drives like this, you can tell her to drive more like this. because you'll get this. you can even set boundaries for so if she should be here, but instead goes here, here, or here. you'll know. so don't worry, mom. because you put this, in here. hum by verizon. the technology designed to make your car smarter, safer and more connected. put some smarts in your car. i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me that i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals
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this is where i trade andrs. manage my portfolio. since i added futures, i have access to the oil markets and gold markets. okay. i'm plugged into equities- trade confirmed- and i have global access 24/7. meaning i can do what i need to do, then i can focus on what i want to do. visit to see what adding futures can do for you. melissa: hillary clinton
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blasting the rise of fake news and calling it quote, an epidemic. take a listen. >> the epidemic of malicious fake news and false propaganda that flooded social media over thpast year, it's now clear that so-called fake news can have real-world consequences. this isn't about politics or partisanship. lives are at risk. melissa: all right, so here now is howard kurtz, host of "mediabuzz." he is a fox news media analyst. you know, howard, i've been struggling with this story over the past couple days because the whole rise of fake news, of course it is newest thing that will kill all of us, can people really not tell the difference? i mean i feel like it's, you can instantly tell when a story is from some website that you have never heard of and seems completely preposterous, can people not tell the difference? >> you and i are journalists. a lot of people can't tell the
4:37 pm
difference or don't bother tolling difference but enjoy sharing fake stories. the dangerous part of hillary clinton's comment has to do the washington pizza restaurant target of online conspiracy theories supposed child sex ring based there and supposedly hillary clinton was running it. one can understand her concern. she didn't tie the scourge of fake news to her own election defeat. this is the first major speech she has given since the confession speech i can see where people might get that impression. melissa: you're talking about her campaign talking about sort of why they lost and there's been a lot of blame in the media and in the campaign itself. kellyanne conway had a different take. let's listen to that. >> i don't know what her message was to america other than, i'm not donald trump and you shouldn't vote for him. i don't know what her message was to working class voters we captured and union households we carried in some places by two to one. i don't know what her message was to america's women, 55, 56%
4:38 pm
of the vote as america's first female presidential nominee from a major party. melissa: they blame the media. we heard president obama blame fox news. you know, i mean they also said that the trump campaign of course gave a platform to white supremacists. what do you make of all this? >> that is what kellyanne is pushing back against, the criticism first at harvard and yesterday in washington postop ed by jennifer palmieri, hillary clinton's communications director, still talking about the white supremacist angle. whatever you think of that, that is not why hillary clinton lost. i said several times during the campaign, i don't know what her core message is. she had 50 you thousand policy proposals but what did she have to say to particularly white working class service workers, factory workers? didn't go to michigan until the final days. rust belt states why she lost the election. some democrats say that, but not hearing acknowledgement from people part of the:come camp. melissa: best thing i can come
4:39 pm
up with stronger together. don't know what that really meant. the other thing asking, but remaining a businessman in one sense. the president-elect is not getting fire from his position as executive producer of "celebrity apprentice." conflict of interest. conflict of interest. what is the conflict, that suddenly he will like "snl" because the show is on the same network? is this a big deal? >> well it is potential conflict for nbc which may be in the curious position continuing to pay donald trump through its entertainment division while covering him with the news division. i'm not exercised by this. it is great fodder for media. he did create the franchise. not clear it will do very much. not 100% clear he will be paid. melissa: no. >> some people think he is reality show guy and transition looks like reality show, i think it gives us all something to talk about. i don't think it really amounts much in the end. did a little work in spare time,
4:40 pm
kellyanne conway said, other presidents play golf, write books. so he will do reality tv. >> this is one of those things he and his campaign put out as one of the shiny objects to get media into frenzy doesn't mean anything. they have you looking at this, something else going on over here. >> look over here while we appoint more controversial people, alec baldwin. melissa: i think i'm finally getting hip to this. we can't wait to watch your show. howard kurtz on "mediabuzz," 11:00 a.m. eastern on fox news channel. david: that is great idea. that is what magicians do. trick going over here while you're looking over here. howie mentioned this, top aide for hillary clinton doubling down on her attacks against the trump campaign. >> do you think i ran a campaign where white supremacists had a platform. you look me in the face tell me that. >> it did. david: democrats shooting themselves in thfoot again?
4:41 pm
branding expert bruce turkel sounding off on state of disarray in the democratic party.
4:42 pm
4:43 pm
4:44 pm
david: announcement of rudy giuliani pulled his name out of consideration for secretary of state. neil cavuto spoke to him a few minutes ago. >> this is good time to do it. they're down to the last two, three, four, so, it makes sense, you know, just get out of the way. >> you're talking about the last two, three, four, presumably for the secretary of state position there? >> yeah. david: okay. so that's it. again as steve forbes just said, he may come back into the race. this has happened quite frequently in the history of politics where somebody not considered at this stage later comes in, you know, year or two later in the administration. but we'll wait and see. melissa.
4:45 pm
melissa: the feud continues. hillary clinton's team doubling down on accusations against the trump campaign for giving platform to quote, white national al it movement. jennifer palmieri writing op set in the "washington post," our campaign lost the election but trump's must own up how he won. trump advisor kellyanne conway says it is time for democrats to stop the blame game. here is bruce turkel, turkel brands. we have a lot of things and marketing you had to whip into shape. we had to pick up the hotline to get our own bruce turkel. we start with the democrats. this is typical thing happens after a party get vanquished. it happened both times many, many times. was it way we communicated the messenger, how we got it out or is it core ideas behind it. what do you think is going on with the democratic party? >> i would give them the same advice i give my commercial clients, which is, you can spend
4:46 pm
all the time in the world debating that if you think it matters, or you can decide that you want to do what is going to sell product or in this create create electability. it doesn't matter, melissa. what matters is figuring out how to get into power. blame games are foolish. backtrack, quarterbacking is foolish. how do we move forward if we want to win? that is what he have client has to figure out. melissa: doesn't mean you have to learn from your mistakes. they're thinking if we don't figure out what we did wrong, if we don't analyze how we lost, yeah, please, tell me? >> i'm laughing, learn from their mistake is exactly what needs to happen. no point going back pontificating arguing laying blame. learn from the mistakes. but the democrats have been making same mistakes since 1920 ace. remember will rogers wrote, i don't belong to any organized party. i'm a democrat. that has not changed.
4:47 pm
if you need to be right you're not concerned about being in power. there is a big difference there. melissa: i'm interested to talk to you about how trump is managing things since he was elected because there were so many stumbles along the way. it was such a up and down campaign. they would be way out in front and marketing disaster would happen and looked like he was out of the race of the since the election he is on thank you tour, which created a lot of enthusiasm and kept his people fired up pushing into the period he needs to galvanize support where he gets things done, i hate to say this, i think he has new hair going. i didn't say that. i didn't say that. the carrier and boeing moves, big, loud, sort of market things where he is sending a message. we're watching the golden doors at the tower as people go in and out, rather than necessarily watching twitter. now we're watching the golden tower. this seems like genius marketing. i like to know your take.
4:48 pm
>> again if you think about what matters, being in power, staying in power building that power, what trump is doing building on what he already did. you mentioned carrier. melissa: yeah. >> before he got elected i will be tough on those companies that try to leave. then he was so tough he gave them 7 million bucks of taxpayer dollars. melissa: it was their money, bruce. it was their money. >> 7,000 jobs. melissa: no, no, taxpayer dollars. those were taxes they were paying got to keep. they got to keep their own profits. >> keep profits they would have paid in taxes. point mathematically it makes no sense. certainly doesn't make the sense auto bailout may have saved 1.5 million jobs and got paid back. but point is, it doesn't matter who's right if you want to stay in power. it was grandstanding. it is what he is great at. and it worked. you and i can argue whether we like it, vote it, didn't vote, i try to keep it above that and look at strategically it worked. leopards don't change their spots. he is doing exactly what he
4:49 pm
should be doing. melissa: bruce, i love you. always a marketing genius. i love we disagree on politics. >> yes we do. melissa: come back soon. we'll talk about the inauguration next time, okay. >> oh, i can't wait. that is going to be a gas. melissa: big reality show. thank you so much. david. david: you're right, a tax break is not government's money. it is the person who made the money, keeping more of their money. very important. melissa: i was giving bruce a hard time. we believe different things. david: he is great marketer. life expectancy taking a dip. what is behind a shocking drop. will it bounce back? could donald trump save lift by his negotiation tactics. dr. man any thinks so. he is here to explain next. value of yourtotaled n.
4:50 pm
the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance.
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david: this is concerning. life expectancy in the united states, taking a deadly turn, dropping for the first time in decades. for 2015 life expectancy is 78.8 years old. this is down .1 of a percent from 2014. dr. manny alvarez,, senior managing editor joins me now. .1% doesn't sound like a lot. >> going down. david: demographers seem to know about their stuff say this is big deal. the fact it is leveling off, is a striking finding. do you think yourself too? >> absolutely. for the last 10, 15 years the optic is on the way up for many reasons. medicine is getting better. paying attention to early diagnosis of cancer. so if you look, and i broke this down basically into two categories. i think the reason is, one is the medical reason. we're talking about obesity. we're talking about type 2
4:54 pm
diabetes. we're talking about heart disease, seeing a lot of that, too much. david: and other? >> the other is social. the social aspect has a lot to do with the drug abuse. if you look at numbers of people dying, not only from drug abuse, also from mental health, suicides, different categories, that is unprecedented. david: let me throw another one in there which is obamacare. the fact that deductibles of obamacare gone up so much, a lot of people are putting off tests and visits to the doctor, that could accelerate that. >> listen, eight years of this progressive change in health care where you have very high deductibles, not only for insurance, but also for medication, you know, medication copays are off the roof. people put off going to the doctor. they put off buying medication. that to itself pays dividends. david: dr. manny, you say that trump's presidency could actually save lives. how? >> absolutely. listen the president had an agenda in the preelection phase
4:55 pm
that he talked about health care reform. and when you talk about health care reform, primary we're talking about costs. one of the areas that we have out of control costs increases is in drugs. you know, medicines. when i asked anybody, okay, why does this antibiotic cost $100? well, it is the manufacturers. well, it is the insurance companies and the copays. well, it is the, where you get the medication, either at the pharmacy or at a hospital. in the hospital they mark up medications four times. david: hospitals are terrible. >> four times. you ask, why do you mark it up four times? nobody has the answer. david: you think trump will turn the screws on hospitals -- >> trump will look at costs say, wait a minute. i'm buying a commodity that is essential to the health of america. somebody give me a good deal. i think that the pharmaceutical companies are going to look at that, they are going to think twice and they are going to -- david: pharmaceutical companies
4:56 pm
have to pay a lot of money money for research and development. 65 billion. that is why drugs cost a lot. >> tell me why last five years, generic companies, manufacturers of generic medications, those medications have gone up four or five times? why? david: the answer? >> the answer is it's a business and the business guys, that you see many stories that you have done, they mark up these drugs and they pass it along to the public. that has to stop. david: 120% profit margin from the drug companies. you know what apple's margin is,. >> what is it it. david: 39%. drug companies make half the profit apple does. >> i don't know about that. david: dr. manny. thank you very much. >> you got it sir.
4:57 pm
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david: merry christmas everybody. not everybody is having a jolly start to a holiday. staffer at middle school in texas told she had to remove a poster from a charlie brown
5:00 pm
christmas because it depicted a religious quote, reading, for unto you is born this day in the city of david, which is christ the lord. that is what christmas is all about, charlie brown. that is what they had to remove. texas attorney general said no way. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> just breaking. rudy is out. america's mayor taking himself out of the running for any cabinet position. the trump transition team just announcing the former new york city mayor's future plans are to stay in the private sector. well at least for now. welcome to "risk & reward." i'm elizabeth macdonald, in for deirdre bolton. rudy giuliani


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