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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  December 12, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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year. so, man, that could be crazy stuff, you know? trish: pretty interesting. you know, harold hamm was on the other day, also very bullish on oil. of course, you know, they want to be and they need to be given their background. neil: i don't think he's going to worry about what's the price at the point? [laughter] trish: 75 would be good to see, i guess. all right, neil, thanks so much. the president-elect expected to pick rex tillerson for secretary of state. his close ties to russia, however, coming under fire for democrats and even a handful of republicans. so is rex tillerson still going to get the job? we're on that. welcome to "the intelligence report," much more on the potential appointment in just a moment. but let's get to some of the other big meetings happening today. you're looking at a live picture of the lobby at trump tower. the president-elect meeting with former texas governor rick perry today, former republican rival carrie fiorina and also the democratic senator from
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virginia, joe manchin, all at trump tower. who's up for what? we have all the intel for you. all of this as donald trump takes aim at reports that the cia found evidence that russia tried to influence the election, saying it's just another ruse by the democrats for why they lost so badly at the polls. is he right? a former cia officer is here. and democrats in a panic over how to deal with the president-elect. they're lacking a leader and a strategy, but joe biden says, don't worry, he and nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, they're going to lead the party. he thinks the party should double down with radical liberals from san francisco and new york. yeah, that sounds like a winning plan. has this party learned absolutely nothing from the beating it just took at the polls? ed rollins will tell us x. the dow hitting a new record today and on pace for a sixth straight record close. are we going to hit 20k? we're on it.
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but first, connell mcshane with the latest on the comes and goings at trump tower. >> reporter: hey, trish. you showed the lobby in the guilding of trump -- building of trump tower. and the first meeting today was with one of the rivals back in the primaries, carly fiorina, who came in here earlier today and gave us a brief synopsis of her meeting when she came down the elevators. >> spent a fair amount of time talking about china as probably our most important adversary and a rising adversary. we talked about hacking or chinese hacking or purported russian hacking. >> reporter: now, she says and the president-elect also talked about how he has the opportunity for a reset, whether it be on economic or foreign policy issues. "the new york times" does have a report that ms. fiorina is being considered for the post of director of national intelligence. so that is out there this morning. this afternoon the democratic senator from west virginia, you
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mentioned, joe manchin arrived here within the last hour, and he's being seen as the possibility of a crossover pick, so we'll see how this meeting goes. he's met with the president-elect before. and how about governor rick perry? some reports have connected the former governor of texas to the post of energy secretary. again, not the first meeting that governor perry has had here at trump tower, but he'll have it here this afternoon. a lot of this is leading up to a couple of big events coming later in the week, and one of those, certainly, would be the naming of a secretary of state. transition officials have told us to expect rex tillerson, the ceo of exxonmobil, to be that pick. there have been questions brought up about his close relationship with the russians. we do expect it in the next few days, and the other thing, a news conference remember for the president-elect, trish, coming up on thursday. we were told by transition officials this morning they expect some sort of an update on that news conference, so stay tuned for that.
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we'll see if anything's changed with that. for now, back to you. trish: thanks so much, connell. i'm joined by march loan hill -- harlan hill and fox news contributor leslie marshall. good to see you guys. harlan, rex tillerson has taken a lot of heat because vladimir putin kind of likes him. what do you think democrats are missing on this? why do you think rex tillerson -- who, let's not forget, ran a massive company that had to do deals all over the world -- what is it that they're missing on him? >> what i love about this pick is it's the polar opposite of what barack obama did when he was filling out his cabinet back in 2008. barack obama went in, raided the house and senate for, you know, the top democratic brass and pulled them into the administration. what donald trump is doing is raiding a the fortune 500 companies, and this is just the latest example of it.
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i think it's extraordinarily shrewd. this is a guy that's managed over 75,000 employees in dozens of countries, he's negotiated deals that have advantages on shareholders, and now he's going american people. this is a perfect pick, in my opinion. trish: exxonmobil, it's kind of like a small country, in a way, and when you think about how many deals and how many places including many bad places that they had to operate in, he knows how to protect his employees. he needs to protect people in the state department. hillary clinton failed when it came to benghazi to do that. what is your biggest complaint about rex right now? >> well, i have a numb of complaints. first of all, this is the position of secretary of state. this man has zero political or diplomatic experience -- trish: so you don't think, you know, doing business in yemen, doing business in russia gives you any kind of diplomatic experience? if you want to get a deal done in any of these places, you've got to know who to talk to, right?
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and you've got to be able to, you know, make nice to a certain extent in a diplomatic way? >> when you are talking about allies, enemies like isis and wars, it's very different than when you're sitting down and having business negotiations over economics. and when we look to economics, some could argue what's been done and him being so against the sanctions which we have placed on russia in the past, that actually a lot of his ideas would benefit russia, certainly putin and the russian people and workers more than it would the united states and the american worker. trish: instead of working for exxon, harlan, he'd be working for the american public and would be working on behalf of the united states of america. so his goals would be different than, say, if he were trying to increase profitability for shareholders. >> yeah, or absolutely. i mean, his interest when he was running exxon was to get them into as many markets as they possibly could both selling and extracting oil x. so for him to,
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you know, oppose sanctions on russia makes perfect sense. i think that his policy and his perspective on the world and russia in particular will be quite different if he's negotiating on behalf of the united states. and, look, this notion that the trump administration's going to be more favorable to the russians in the obama administration and hillary clinton state department, this is outrageous. you have to remember hillary clinton, actually, there was that quid with pro quo between the clinton foundation and russia where we exchanged 25% of our uranium reserves for this massive infusion of cash into the clinton foundation. this happened while hillary clinton was at the state department. trish: so if you're going to point fingers, maybe we need to look back at what happened with the clinton foundation. >> absolutely. trish: let me ask you both this, what is the chance actually he may not get confirmed as secretary of state? leslie, what can the democrats do from preventing this to happen, or is it fait accompli if trump decides he's the guy? >> quite frankly, this isn't just about democrats.
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there are some leading republicans that are upset by this, and i think in this couples with the news with republicans onboard with many democrats and americans who say, look, let's investigate the cia's thinkings in "the washington post" report from this month. just last week. here is the thing, right now what i see historically democrats and republicans do is i feel they kind of roll over for their party. so i honestly think he's going to get the 51 votes. but if republicans truly feel this is a conflict of interest or a round-about quid pro quo that's going to benefit putin more than our own country, then i hope they stand up and do the right thing. trish: but you think it's probably going to happen. >> yep. trish: i think you're probably right, i think it's going to go through. and the one thing i say about it, harlan, this is a guy any way you slice it is clearly a very bright man, very bright man. and i kind of wonder if we shouldn't be approaching everything just a little differently, just a little differently given where we have
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been for the last eight years. how might having a ceo of a company like exxon change the game. >> yeah, absolutely. i think we need to quit with purity tests to make sure any sort of nominee is ideologically pure, and i think democrats have fallen victim to that, and i think the republicans have in the past as well. i would be concerned the if rubio, you know, graham and john mccain were to oppose him. they would -- just take those three. if those three were to fold, this nomination wouldn't go through. so it's very tight. and, you know, i think that he will be confirmed, but i agree with you absolutely, we need to have a different perspective when we're deciding who should lead this country and who could negotiate on behalf of the american people. trish: guys, thank you so much. there are new reports, everyone, or sunlighting the cia -- suggesting the cia has evidence that russia hacked the elections to help donald trump. the president-elect saying this
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is just another compute by the democrats for why -- excuse by the democrats for why they lost in november. >> i think it's ridiculous. i don't believe it. i don't know why, and i think it's just, you know, they talk about all sorts of things. every week it's another excuse. we had a massive landslide victory, as you know, in the electoral college. i guess the final numbers are now at 306, and she, you know, down to a very low number. no, i don't believe that at all. trish: trump doubled down on twitter saying, quote: can you imagine if the election results were the opposite and we tried to play the russia/cia card? it would be called conspiracy theory. joining me now, bob sexton. good to have you here. >> thank you very much. trish: used to be at the cia, what to can you make of claims they're saying russia influenced this election? >> there's what we've known for a few months and what's new here. we've known that russia had some role to play here, they were involved in hacking.
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the intel community kale out a while ago and said that was an assessment they were confident in. when they say confident, it usually means they're all in the same direction. but the purpose of that hacking is the new bit of information that's come out this week, and that's what "the washington post" has been running with based on unnamed sources from within the cia who are saying, well, this was the conclusion we've come to. the fbi did not come to that conclusion. they do not agree with that assessment. so you have sort of warring assessments, but the media's running with the story that, clearly, this was done to help trump because if they create that narrative, that's not going to be unwound no matter what comes out of -- trish: bias against trump, and they're trying to explain this all away. i've got to tell you though, it's pretty scary to this think -- this is a pretty big accusation and a pretty big charge that "the washington post" is out there making, the idea that the russians would interfere to influence our election in such a way to actually get be our president named.
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i mean, if we don't have the integrity of our democratic process, what are we left with? >> it is scary when you put it in those terms, but i also think a necessary context would be that it's very unlikely this changed the outcome of the election. there's a lot of noise out there, this would with one bit of a -- this would be one bit of a larger narrative x this is sort of the flavor of the week. before that it was fake news, we were hearing all about fake news -- trish: and before that it was racism or sexism -- >> or james comey throwing the election by coming out a few days before. there's this narrative that's not meant to be criticism of donald trump, it's meant to delegitimize the trump presidency before day one, and it's the manifestation of not my president meme with people walking with plaque cards that say not my president. much of the media feels that way, and the idea that russia hacked the election and, oh, maybe also threw the election for trump, they're not sure
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about that, but they want to insinuate that allows them to pretend -- trish: and given that the majority of the media are very much on the left side of things, is there not enough members of the media saying, hey, wait a second, this doesn't add up. he couldn't have actually -- russia could not have actually changed the outcome of the election? >> as a former cia officer, i can tell you nobody would refer to the cia based on a new unnamed -- a few unnamed sources. i think we can say it's most of the media, so that's an important distinction. it's being said that the cia has this. at the top of "the new york times" they said, okay, yes, it is true that russia intervened in some capacity according to the intelligence community, but we're not as sure as to whether or not they were trying to help trump. that's a really important data point, and they're already trying to suggest some in the cia say it is, therefore, it must be. that's not the case. so we need to wait for more facts to come out. investigation is fine, but it's
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all participant of the trump is not -- the it's all part of the trump is not the real -- trish: donald trump said, look, i don't need these intelligence briefings every day. basically, they keep telling me the same thing over and over again. i'm a smart guy, i can handle it. >> well, i get it when i need it. first of all, these are very good people, and i say if something should change from this point, immediately call me. i'm available on one minute's notice. i'm a smart person. i don't have to be told the same thing and the same words every single day for the next eight years. trish: you used to work at the cia, do they just keep regurgitating the same information and keep presenting the same stuff? can you blame him? >> no, it's not the same information every day. i think a key part of this is going to be how much of this trump delegate, how much of his national security portfolio he delegates with real specificity
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to the team he's building around him, people like general mattis and general flynn in there, an impressive squad of people with deep background and knowledge on these issues. that changes with literally every presidency. some want it offered in a different format, some just want to read it. that sort of involves along with the presidency because they work for the president. trish: you know, really successful people know how to delegate well, that's for sure, and that's something you see a lot of ceos do. perhaps his business background once again coming into play. buck sexton, thank you so much. all right, everyone, democrats in a panic over how to deal with president-elect donald trump lacking a leader and a strategy. the demss scrambling on what to do about this ambitious agenda of his. but joe biden says, you know what? don't worry. we're here, nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, myself, we will lead the party. does he think this party's going to double down, really? on radical liberals? you know, look, it didn't work
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before, why do you think this is going to work again? the demss in chaos, next.
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>> after every presidential election where the party loses, there is no single leader. there are voices that'll hopefully be heard. hopefully, i'll be able to have a voice in the direction of the party. the president of the united states will. obviously, chuck schumer will. obviously, nancy pelosi will. there's going to be governors that are going to emerge. so it's a contest of ideas as to which direction to take the party. trish: yikes. [laughter] that's vice president joe biden essentially telling democrat, hey, don't worry, we got this covered, me, nancy pelosi, president obama, chuck schumer, we will lead this party forward. so he thinks the party should trouble down and keep these hard core liberals from san francisco
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and new york and their lead. clearly, it didn't work before. look at the beating they took at the polls. if you ask me, sure sounds liking this party hasn't learned a darn thing. what do they need to know? we're going to do them a favor, we've got a republican here on set, fox news contributor ed rollins, who's going to give them a little bit of advice. ed, what are they missing? >> the critical thing here, and i don't want to give advice to democrats, but i can tell you those three individuals are not the leaders of the future. joe biden, obviously, doesn't have the format to lead anymore, nancy pelosi, i think, is a tired leader, and a good chunk of her own democrats didn't want her, and they don't represent the voters in michigan and ohio and pennsylvania. we now have an extraordinary amount of governors. we have a third of the country, or literally 33%, 33 governors are out there, two-thirds of the legislatures are not democrat.
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what they have to face is if trump starts rolling this agenda which is very popular and which i think he will, they're purely an opposition party, and they won't be successful. trish: and i'm wondering where they wind up. we've talked about this before, americans want something to vote for, not something to vote against. >> right. trish: and so if you're just in the way of things like lower taxes and economic growth and less regulation, then you're just seen as a problem, right? >> this is gown to be a very pro-business -- going to be a very pro-business environment. because we need to. if we're going to really create jobs, which is what this election was about, you've got to have tax cuts for the business community, you've got to basically repeal and fix obamacare which is a tremendous burden, other things that are going to be positive. so you put the democrats in total opposition to those kinds of thing, and the only alternative is a big pro-government, obama kind of administration which was soundly rejected. trish: why are they doubling down on something that hasn't worked?
2:22 pm
>> it's all inside baseball. nancy pelosi's been an extraordinary leader for democrats over the decades that she's been there, but it's been decades. and her city and community that she represents is out of the mainstream. california is different than every place else. san francisco is even more different than california. chuck schumer, obviously, is going to play a leadership role in the senate. his success will come whether he's willing to sit down with trump and negotiate or wants to be a purely opposition leader. he basically can lose and have a big loss two years from now, 25 democrats are up. and ten of those democrats that are up are in states that trump just won. so the reality is they've got to basically be very strategic, pick their fights carefully. if they go after every one of these cabinet posts, they'll lose those too. trish: you predicted this would happen, that we would see, basically, a redrawing, if you would, of these party lines. if they don't get on board, the assumers, the pelosis, the obamas of the world continue to
2:23 pm
hammer trump in the face of what might be some real success for the economy, do they just completely seal their fate? >> i think they will. it's very much like the reagan years. they started out as an opposition party to to president reagan. they had a majority in the house at that time. we rolled over them. we basically maintained our agenda, won most of our agenda in the first term, rebuilding the military, cutting taxes, what have you, and reagan himself became a powerful figure. trish: wow. it'll be interesting to see history repeat itself. >> hopefully. trish: ed rollins, thank you very much. we'll be right back.
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trish: okay. we are getting some news in to us right now, a statement from john podesta. it looks as though the hillary camp would hike the director of national intelligence, james clapper, to release whatever information he has right now on these allegations that russia may have hacked into our system, thereby influencing the outcome of the election.
2:27 pm
of course, there have been some media reports specifically coming from "the washington post" that suggest russia was working on behalf of donald trump. wanted donald trump to win the election and tried to manipulate the process to that outcome. i am here on set with deroy murdock, contributing editor with national review and a fox news contributor, to react to this news. okay, so they're saying, james clapper, release any information you have. what's wrong with that? >> well, if he has information, let's see the information. trish: right. >> that's something we all want to know. i think it's interesting that john podesta, the chief strategist or campaign chairman for hillary clinton, wants a briefing specifically to members of the electoral college. what does that mean? are they trying to get an end run and get the electoral college deny him the victory -- trish: you think they're still trying for that. >> i put nothing at all past these people. they're trying to behave badly, and i put nothing past team clinton. i don't think these people have accepted the notion that donald
2:28 pm
trump, who used to have a reality tv show, somehow is going to become the commander in chief. they said it was horrifying to wait until the election to is accept the results, and now things went the other way, they don't want to accept -- trish: total state of denial. it seems there should be some transparency of information, and if somebody's talking to "the washington post," what is it that they're telling "the washington post"? buck sexton, who used to work for the cia, was just on the program saying, trust me, if the cia had some big, red flag that russia really hacked this system, you'd actually be hearing about it, but this is just sort of distributes and drabs -- dribs and drabs, and the american people are questioning the democratic process. >> yes, that is true. i think the hacking is that russia specifically went in and manipulated the results of specific voting machines, such that donald trump got votes that he didn't deserve, that's one
2:29 pm
thing. i don't think anyone seems to be claiming that. they are claiming they hacked the e-mails of john podesta and got the information out. it would be significant if we learned the russians hacked the gps on hillary clinton's mane so is they couldn't find -- plane, so they couldn't find wisconsin. [laughter] or if state department says put in new -- instead of seventh floor -- trevor trish you know -- >> nothing to do with russia. she needs to take responsibility for this, and hillary clinton has lost the election. not vladimir putin, not the kgb and not the people of the kremlin. trish: whether it's sexism, whether it's racism finish. >> can yes. trish: -- whether it's russia, james comey, you name it. let me turn to another thing still making news right now and this is, of course, the concern about china right now and that donald trump is playing sort of a very different game than anything we've seen in the last roughly 40 years.
2:30 pm
taking that call that the taiwanese president has really upset the chinese. what's your reaction to that? >> it's interesting how when barack obama ran for president, he promised change and said change is good, we need change. now we're getting change under donald trump, and people hate it. oh, my god, how dare he change things? can't change anything, leave it all alone. trish: so in other words, you're telling me change is good when it comes from the left, but change from the right? >> horrible, how dare we? china of today is not that of 1979. in 2016 this is a very vibrant, outward-looking, economic superpower. if donald trump takes a congratulatory phone call from the president of taiwan, china shouldn't have a meltdown about this. this would be kind of roughly, it's not an exact analogy, e if let's say that the governor of puerto rico called the secretary general of the communist party in china and said congratulations on winning election, and the president of the united states freaked out,
2:31 pm
oh, my god, how could you possibly take a phone call from the president of puerto rico? china's a big boy, china should take this. trish: and you think that's how he would take it if the tables were turned? >> absolutely. look, the president-elect of the united states should be able to take a phone call from anybody he wants. it's not as if they sat there and said i want you to take those $1.8 billion in weapons that obama should you and start lobbing them at shanghai. it was hello, congratulations, glad you won, let's continue to have a dialogue. why is it some kind of a virtual act of war for trump to accept a phone call from the president of taiwan saying congratulations on your electoral victory? trish: good to have you here. and merry christmas, i love the red velvet -- >> this is my business outfit. trish: the market continuing to rally here, everyone, up about 22 points. are we going to mitt 20k in
2:32 pm
the -- hit 20k in the near future? 19,779 on the dow. you've got a very important federal reserve meeting coming up. is the fed going to raise rates as expected, and what will it mean for these markets? i'm on it, see you here. at? yeah, with liberty mutual all i needed to do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila! voila! (sigh) i wish my insurance company had that... wait! hold it... hold it boys... there's supposed to be three of you... where's your brother? where's your brother? hey, where's charlie? charlie?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance
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the one let's take a look at at this market here. the climb towards 20,000. the dow jones industrial average the climb towards 20,000. the dow jones industrial average still in the green.
2:36 pm
we are looking at potentially the sixth straight record close as we near the 20,000 level. it selling at $52.83 per barrel. we want to boost crude oil prices. this is aerospace and defense stocks. donald trump criticized the high crossed the program is out of control. it can and will be saved on military purchases. didn't we hear something about boeing the other day. we will get to martin in a minute. let me go first to you fell as we watched well now climbing
2:37 pm
at the gas of a neil cavuto. it might be really similar. the direction seems to be positive. >> we are calling for $60 per barrel by the end of the year. we could see $75 next year. we did get back off the high. we closed at $52.83. so a good move not a spectacular move like we have earlier in the day but the trend that is definitely higher. no mistake about it. what happened in opec over the weekend we haven't seen any cooperation from opec or non- opec countries since 2001. we know what happened after that. will prices went up substantially. this is the biggest non- opec production cut in history so well had an impact on global market.
2:38 pm
that's why it is so bullish on this move right now. on this move right now. there is a lot more optimistic -- optimism out there. what are they saying to you right now? >> you're absolutely right on making that question the first thing that is out there right now because as you said were coming up on the sixth record close and possibly the sixth straight week there. we are looking at real gains and maybe it's just that they had been saying this all summer long. there's too much money on the sidelines. when reality hits when they realize the bureaucracy is still out there. it didn't take time to get into the broad details. >> we have a dow up 17 points. we are inching towards bethlehem. inching towards bethlehem.
2:39 pm
he has a lot that he wants to do. the unfortunate thing for him is he has the house in the senate. how much do you think they're they are going to factor into this. do you think it is positive if interest rates go up again? >> they're getting more money on their loans. as for the fed at the elephant in the room are they going to mention the trump victory on wednesday, they walked. trish: they try to be very apolitical. >> there's no doubt changing the economic landscape. also consumer optimism. trish: for so long people said i could wait until next month or next year interest rates aren't going anywhere and on there is there is a little bit of pressure out there as there is the knowledge that you can't put it off until tomorrow. the interest rates will be
2:40 pm
higher. it is the cost of borrowing. you need to start thinking about putting that money to work today. >> you already saw 30 year mortgages fixed for the highest we have seen in a long time. they get so nervous that it's cannot fall back again. >> and then there is of course the corporate component. maybe now is a chance to make an investment. boeing of course why had we all complained about this. think about the insane cost from some of these massive companies and there is some accountability here. he didn't do it in washington anyway. if what he's saying is true.
2:41 pm
it kind of reminds me of that. trish: no american wants to see that. we want that money being spent appropriately when it comes to some of the big government spends. >> i think it means that the deposit will be there. the demand will get better. it may make it harder for some of these producers to come back online because there can have to borrow a lot of money because they're so deep in the hole right now. highest interest rates and higher demand and higher oil prices. let me tell hat is happier about this deal than the shower producers. c1 make sure you get in the top of the hour. we look at a market that is getting closer and closer to 20,000.
2:42 pm
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trish: lets check on these markets.
2:44 pm
were up 17 points. the oil-producing countries agreed to cut production. oil closing just moments ago up to a half percent. oil has two big dumps there. the national amusement. it will have them reunite after tenure split. redstone company owns most of the voting shares. basically they make it more profitable. with some breaking news on trump's transition team. we will share that to you. a new appointment will be made right after this break.
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and right now get four lines and 20 gigs for only $40 per line. you'll even get the samsung galaxy s7, the pixel phone by google, or the motoz droid for only $10 per month. hurry, these offers end soon. get the best deals and the best network, only on verizon. trish: breaking right now the new addition to the trump team we have learned that gary cohen that seat oh zero of goldman sachs will be the president of the national economic council. it betters our economy right now. it has been rumored for quite some time gary coleman of goldman sachs.
2:47 pm
he is going to produce talent as a highly successful businessman. get ready i am sure some on the left are sharpening their knife. he is moving over to the administration. i want to turn to the weather because it's not good. it's really cold out there. with thousands of flights that are being canceled. there in the grip of a dangerous winter storm. but it is supposed to be even colder soon. jeff flock is in the weather with the latest. better you than me. >> i have a guy here who is concerned about global warming as you can tell. if you can hold on for just
2:48 pm
another day we are going into the deep freeze. we are going down in the upper midwest to minus 15. getting to zero in green bay. it will be bad. this of course comes on the heels of a big snow you mentioned all of the cancellations yesterday. yesterday alone with 1200 cancellations at o'hare. nobody was hurt in detroit. and here in chicago were to get cold temperatures also. they expect it will get down by later in the week and that is compared to an average of about 35 degrees. you'd think that all of this cold and particularly later in the forecast would drive natural gas futures up.
2:49 pm
a longer-term forecast came out today. you see that they are down today because the long-range forecast says that once we get past this forecast will be a little bit warmer than it has been anticipated. maybe that's why those numbers are down. i can tell you it's good to get colder before it gets warmer in chicago. trish: enjoy it if you can. andy puzder has been capped as labor secretary. you know what he puts workers interest about their labor. we are talking to a close friend and colleague and the changes he has in store for the workforce and why it will been more in the wake of jobs and better wages for americans
2:50 pm
that is all coming up next. you do all this research
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trish: you probably seen the media articles out there because donald trump tapped a guy who made a living running fast food companies. it's andy puzder. the left is very angry about this because he is not backed an increase in minimum wage. good to see rob. i talked to him about this many times over the years and he really feels that pushing to the federal minimum wage that your to see more and more jobs eliminated.
2:54 pm
you will have a lot of the franchise owners not be able to afford their franchise anymore. what is it that the less is missing. great to be here. and he is get a make a great secretary of labor. he's smart, he's thoughtful and he's pragmatic. most of all he is fair. he's can have a lot of obstacles ahead as he changes up what obama has done. he is uniquely equipped to make really smart decisions to help american businesses of all sizes are too small and most importantly he is really going to be an ally and a champion of the american worker. trish: i've been impressed with andy over the years. what are some of his greatest
2:55 pm
attributes quacks what makes you so certain that he will do a good job. >> he will roll up his sleeves ask questions, he is not want to make snap decisions. he will take input from all stakeholders. the department has such a broad agenda and mission. he will take time to get the right team in place. it will be a clear vision of what he wants to achieve to make of the american economy work for business and america workers. such a great skill set because he has managed a very large enterprise. he also understands how important it is to have strong team members and employees and have a starting level workers who can move up and really achieve everything they want in the restaurant business.
2:56 pm
trish: is good to have you here. we will take a quick break and we will be right back after this commercial break. [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette and her new mobile wedding business. at first, getting paid was tough... until she got quickbooks. now she sends invoices, sees when they've been viewed and ta-da, paid twice as fast! see how at quickbooks-dot-com.
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>> president-elect donald trump make it another stop on his thinking to her tomorrow night. they're both going to be there and we had complete coverage before for you started with an extended episode followed by kennedy and a special time 9:00 p.m. so it is a big week for this market. all expectations seem to be around a hike in interest rates. overall there is more momentum right now. i would say in the outlook in this market which quickly is getting closer and clo 20,000. the big question is what happens when we say were going
3:00 pm
up by a quarter of a point. if you want to be a real optimist the economy is done being better. hopefully it's gonna be a win. we will see if we get to 20 before the end of the week. list you will take us from here. liz: right now the blue blue-chip index up 20 points. i would call that within striking distance. we are drifting just a bit here. the pen on the headlines that breaks this hour we could see the tao at 20,000. you've to stay with me all the way through the close to see if it happens. we have this one. the transition team working to beat the clock. so far


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