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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  December 13, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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let's start with some of these appointments. ryan zinke, the congressman from montana, he has been offered the department of interior, on his show last night he said it would be hard to tell the president no. >> i was a little bit surprised because we thought congresswoman mcmorris was going to get that position it's been very competitive for all these positions. i think that's a solid choice. i'm also satisfied with the rex tillerson appointment as secretary of state. he has strong ties with russia and that can help the united states. we can cut a deal with to advance some of the united states interests. russia has leverage over the syrian president. so if we cut an oil deal with them and relieve the sanctions we can lean on president putin
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to say when want to you help us end the civil war in syria. putin has leverage with iran that could benefit the united states. i think americans need to remember that hillary clinton tried to have a russian reset. why can't the trump administration? >> i think that's a great point? tony, your thoughts? >> i think the clinton foreign policy gave up all our options by withdrawing and retreating. now you have in rex tillerson somebody who has successfully negotiated with russia, who runs one of the biggest multi-national companies in the world. he understands the use of lenches as a valuable weapon in diplomacy and economic negotiations. there is no doubt this is a measures and di dynamic pick bye president-elect.
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>> i love the choice of governor rick perry for the energy department. rick perry is one of the classiest human beings, great american, and i think will be terrific in that role. ryan zin kerks, the congressman from montana, 23 years a u.s. navy seal. if i were trump i would be tempted to ask his up tear year secretary to visit with everybody with whom i had a minor dispute to arm wrestle and resolve it. >> i think the perry pick is perfect for the secretary of energy. 25% of almost all the jobs createdn during obama's administration were in texas because of the energy boom and the proper growth that comes when you deregulate that sector. he's someone who understands the
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creation of jobs for that department i think is a big win for america. lou: the president-elect meeting today with pastor scott, with jim brown and a group of african-americans. the president campaigned on the inner city and making certain that when he does restore prosperity it will be with all americans, and talked about specifically the inner city. he has set a vision that's entirely appropriate. the republican party and this president will be an alternative that african-americans haven't had in at least a half century. >> that's right. if you look at some of these failed urban city, who is running these cities? what a change the's going to be with a president trump. donald trump is going to revitalize these failing urban
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community whether that's abolishing common core and improving the public school system or allowing parents to go to charter school if their school system is failing them. he will bring revitalization to these community. they need bettereducation system and job opportunities. donald trump is the perfect president to deliver both. hough there are so many people being put into new jobs and the administration being filled out it's an extraordinary process to watch. i learned a friend of ours, is up for an ambassadorship in europe. and i'm thinking, is this government just now beginning to be formed, and the work that has to be going on over there is incredible. i mean, this is going to go on for months, isn't it? >> absolutely. when you consider the fact that this is a president, an
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administration that is beholding to nobody. who never received that type of huge establishment support throughout this campaign season, he really has the opportunity to make the best picks for the country based on the merit of the person, not based on allegiance to a special interest group. that's a very powerful thing. lou: thank you both so much for being with us. >> merry christmas, lou. lou: merry christmas, everybody. president obama appeared on "the daily show" and he was asked how he shares his true opinions and not alienate people when it comes to race. >> race continues to be a powerful factor in so many element of our lives. but it's not the only factor in so many aspects of our lives
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that we have by no means overcome the legacies of slavery and jim crow and colonialism and racism. but that the progress we made has been real and extraordinary. lou: joining me now ken blackwell. great to have you with us. i have to tell you. this lame duck president talking about ideas and opportunity and subjects. he just enervated the room. he couldn't have been more plodding and purposeful in his response. what's your reaction? >> first, he's a redistributionist. if the pie is stagnant or shrinking, that inflames an extraordinary and distorted competition. it's only when you have economic growth and expansion, the
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creation of jobs that you begin to create a pie as jack kemp used to say where everybody can partake in the feast. so look, donald trump understands working people. he respects capital. and he's putting together a team of talented folks who will grow the economy, protect americans interests both domestically and abroad and put us back on a path that will make us even stronger and even greater than we have been in the past. >> he was today neating with a group of african-americans who are workingto, including pastor darrell scott whom i enjoy immensely. he is doing something republicans haven't done, reaching out to community that are -- you know in he way
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deserving of an alternative to what is liberal -- liberal misguidance and a failure to serve those community. i'm excited for the potential and i think this president is 100% sincere in his evident to turn that around. >> absolutely. he refuses to be defined by the left, and he refuses to be defined by the mainstream media as something that he is not. whether you are talking with the pastor that you mention or you are talking about leaders who understand what's happening in our cities, they haven't heard a voice like this since jack kem, and jack kemp was just the secretary of hud. now you have the president-elect of the united states of america setting a course of of economic growth and full participation by people who are willing to work and people who are willing to be part of their own upliftment.
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that's what it's all about. not expanding the welfare state. not in fact putting more people on food stamps. not having people locked into schools that are dysfunctional. but utilizing freedom as the fo creating a better life. lou: it's interesting to me, having covered a number presidents and transitions. this its a transition that has drawn attention like no other. and i'm talking about since ronald reagan. this is truly a remarkable period. i want to ask you this, too. the reaction to members of your own party in congress, in the senate talking big and talking very negatively about bucking the president-elect on his nominations to various cabinet positions including secretary of state. >> he's assembling a great team.
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you read the book "the art of the deal," one of the things you take away from that is this guy is about choosing competent people and choosing the best people, the best workers to in fact do a job. and that's what he's doing right here. and i would suggest that, you know, i understand advise and consent. but use this as an opportunity to let him speak to the people who have chose a nominee, and if people are listening they will see he put together a competent team who will further what he promised to deliver. he's going to shake up the status quo and put us back on a path to prosperity and greatness. lou: amen, hallelujah. up next, the president-elect set to take the stage in west allis,
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wisconsin. a milwaukee suburb. at the venue right now is governor scott walker. we'll take a break and when we come back we'll be talking with arkansas attorney general leslie rutledge.
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lou: we are awaiting the vice president-elect. he's on the stable at the state fair exposition center there. we'll go there as soon as donald trump takes the stable. joining me now, arkansas attorney general leslie rut ling. i want to start by this recount which paul ryan and governor pence have referred to. this stuff is conclude, but the left is continuing its assault on the duly elected president-elect of the united states. is it ever going to end? >> it's absolutely ridiculous. we are seeing from the democrats with a further hand up there
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screaming oh, donald trump is not going to accept the election results it's time for the liberal left, hillary clinton, jill stein and others to accept that donald trump will be the next president of the united states and will be sworn in january 20. they are wasting taxpayer resources continuing this negative dialogue in the press and media and in community. we need to be healing, looking toward having a president and vice president that will put america back to work. that's what we should be focused on and not these silly recount and efforts proving donald trump was elected president of the united states. lou: now the noise being created is coming from senators mccain and graham and langford. and some others in washington. and within your own party. saying they are just not too sure about rex tillerson and seemingly the president-elect
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himself. what is it going to take to make paul ryan and mitch mcconnell understand that they now have a partner who is the president-elect. >> perhaps it's been so long since we have had a strong conservative republican president for speaker ryan, for the speaker of the house to work with for senator mcconnell to work with. i think we'll see real change in washington, d.c. come january 20. we just heard speaker ryan talk about the positive sort of change. we'll see how the last 8 years have been so difficult for americans across the country. hopefully they will see how amazing it is that they can get things through, the bill they passed will be signed by the president of the united states. lou: your thoughts on a couple of the nominations for cabinet posts. ryan zinke for interior,
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governor rick perry for energy. these are. your reaction? >> congressman zinke, being from montana, a western state, they focus on our national parks and bureau of land management. we only had one secretary of the interior from a state east of the mississippi since 1949 because of the impact the western states have. i think congressman zinke will be great. governor perry another fantastic selection because of his long history with energy, what the state of texas did under his leadership. we'll see that same leadership with the department of energy. lou: thanks so much.
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we are waiting for -- if we can go back to the venue there. let's listen to governor pence. as he's just about to introduce the president-elect of the united states, donald trump. >> they will uphold the sanctity of life and all the god-given liner is enshrined in the constitution of the united states. i'm here to thank you from the bottom of my heart. thank you for giving america a new president. thank you for giving america a new president whose strength, whose vision, whose leadership will make america great again faster and you can possibly imagine. so i say with a grateful heart, that it is my high honor and
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distinct privilege to introduce to all of you across the great state of wisconsin, the president-elect of the united states of america, donald trump. [cheers and applause] [♪] ♪ i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free ♪ ♪ i won't forget the men who died to who gave that right to me ♪ ♪ i gladly stand up next to you and dp defend her still today ♪ ♪ there ain't no doubt i love this lands ♪ ♪ god bless the u.s.a.
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>> thank you, thank you. when i started 18 months ago, i told my first crowd in wisconsin that we are going to come back here some day and we are going to say merry christmas again. merry christmas. merry christmas. happy new year. but merry christmas. and i'm here today for one main reason. to say thank you to the people of wisconsin. incredible people.
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and, you know, a wonderful thing, because now after millions and millions of dollars were wasted and countless hours were spent, the recount vote has come back. [cheers and applause] you know, i called it a scam, but i won't say that. i refuse to say it was a scam tonight. all right? this way they can't report that i said it. after all of this money was spent by the democrats, believe me, they were behind it, okay? and the green party. wonderful party. she got less than 1%. but she thought she was going to catch us. all that money within all that time, all that effort. we got 131 votes more than we
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had before. [cheers and applause] i think it was worth it. i they spent $1.3 million for 131 votes. that's okay, it tells how important every vote in america is. we won wisconsin for the first time since 184. 32 -- since 1984. 32 years ago. you pound the pavement, organized your fellow citizens and organized a grassroots movement the likes of which the world has never seen before. all over the world they are talking about this and they are comparing what is happening in far away place with what happened here. so -- brexit is a small version
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of what we did. but i predicted brexit. when i predicted brexit, they said he doesn't know what he's talking about. when it happened, they refused to acknowledge i predicted it. i will never forget you, and i will never ever stop fighting for you. okay? never. i'm honored to be here tonight with our incredible wisconsin leadership team. shaffer david clarke. where are these people? sheriff clark. , senator ron johnson came from behind. governor scott walker. where is scott? oh, man. he was tough. he was great. he's a great governor.
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he's a great person and he's a great governor. and i went against him for a while, and i tell you he was tough. so now it's going to be your turn very soon. i don't know. thank you, governor. i appreciate it. speaker paul ryan. i have really come [booing] >> i have come to appreciate him. he has been -- he has been terrific. and honestly he's like a fine wine. every day goes by i get to appreciate his genius more and more. if he ever goes against me, i am not going to say that. he's a great guy and we have some amazing things in store. and we are going to work on taxes. we are going to work on obamacare, he's going to lead
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the way. thank you. we are going to work on the wall, paul. [cheers and applause] somebody said, look at these guys -- you think we are playing games. somebody said the other day, now that trump won, he's not going to build the wall. what are you? we are going to build the wall. we have to. we have to stop the drugs from coming in and the wall will be a big, big factor. i also want to thank a man who is another star from your territory. there is some good water in this state. chief of staff reince priebus. fantastic guy. fantastic guy. he's done an incredible job. now he's a superstar. i thought he was a superstar. but you have got to win to be a
8:27 pm
superstar. you have got to win. i said, reince, you are a superstar, but we have to win first before i can go crazy. we won, so now you are the superstar we said. together we are going to washington -- you okay? do we have a doctor in the house, please? doctor in the hou okay. good. we love this lady. doctor in the house. thank you. we love this lady. we love everybody. that woman who i have seen before is terrific.
8:28 pm
make sure she is perfect. make sure she is okay. take your time. we have time, right? we have time. together we are going to make washington answer to the people once again. we are going to put the government to work for you. first time in a long time. the whole world is recognizing our movement. it's because of you. by the way, again, a movement that they have never seen before. they didn't know what hit them. they didn't know what happened.
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and it's because of you that we, all of us, were just honored with the "time" magazine person of the year. and just a little while ago it was announced that we were also honored with the financial times person of the year. so that's great. [cheers and applause] in the old days it was called the man of the year, right? now they call -- let me do this -- we have a lot of women. do you mind? would you prove -- would you prefer person of the year or man of the year. what should it be. i'm doing this for all of you politicians. in the that we are going to change at this point. would you rather see person of the year? man of the year. [cheers and applause]
8:30 pm
these guys are so politically correct. no. so far i have done that three times and person of the year is not doing well. i also want to give a very special thanks to all of our great veterans that are here. service members, military families. by the way, the military and law enforcement -- i don't know what our numbers were, but i know they were record-setting highs. to all of those veterans and service people and law enforcement people, i want to thank you because you are special special people. because the fact is that america's men and women in uniform are the finest and bravest the world has ever known. we are going through something very, very difficult in the world and even in our country.
8:31 pm
the world has ever known. so to all of you who have worn the uniform, i say to you now on behalf of a very grateful nation, thank you. thank you. thank you very much. [cheers and applause] we are in your debt. and we'll never let you down. we'll honor your service and sacrifice. and that begins with defending and respecting the american flag. [cheers and applause] [usa, usa, usa] >> we don't like seeing people burning our american flag, okay. we don't like it.
8:32 pm
and we are going to take a look at that, okay, folks? all right? we are going to take a look at that together. one man who understands the meaning of service is somebody who has become unbelievably popular because he's tough, he's strong, an doesn't lose. general "mad dog" mattis. right? [cheers and applause] he's a popular guy because of his record. did you ever hear of somebody named vince lombardi? he was popular. we want to start winning again. our country is going to start winning again. okay? would anybody like to keep it the way it is? i don't think. we are going to win. we are going to win a lot.
8:33 pm
we are going to win so much, you are going to go to paul ryan, you will go, mr. speaker please, please, we can't stand winning this much. we can't take it. and he's going to come to see me and say, mr. president, the people in wisconsin are tired of winning so much. winning with healthcare, winning on the border, winning with isis. we are going to get isis out. [cheers and applause] we are winning all over, mr. president. they just can't take it anymore. i will say paul, i'm sorry, you have to go back and tell them we are going to keep winning and wing and winning whether they like it or not. last week i announced my plans to nominate general mattis. as you knew, secretary of defense. and i believe we are in the process of putting together one
8:34 pm
of the great cabinets. certainly a cabinet with the highest i.q. anybody has ever -- i mean, these are seriously great people. but you see today, the president goldman action. and we have general -- the president of goldman sachs. and we have general kelly and dr. ben carson. a great guy. it will be one of the great cabinets ever. leaders and titans of industry, arts, sports, science, they are reaching out and want to find ways to help. today in my office the great jim brown, right? jim brown. bill gates. anna winter, kanye. that's right. i like kanye. ray lewis.
8:35 pm
we have had so many people couple and they want to be part of what we are doing. and we want to use everybody. we want to use all of the brain power because we are going to bring us back. we are going to be greater than ever before. you watch. you watch. tomorrow coming up to the office, the true giants of silicon valley, we'll talk about how to grow jobs, we'll talk about how they can stay on top. we are going to talk about a lot of great things. the real giants are coming up tomorrow so it will be great. today i announce my plans to nominate rex tillerson, right? [cheers and applause] >> the chief executive officer and chairman of exxonmobil to be the next secretary of state. rex is one of the greatest and most skilled global business leaders of our time. made some of the greatest deals
8:36 pm
ever made in the oil industry or any industry. a great diplomat, a strong man, a tough man. a man who earned an avalanche of endorsements and growing praise from our nation's top leaders including condoleezza rice, bob baker, dick cheney, majority leader mitchell mcconnell and so many more. and people are looking at this resume and they have never seen a resume like this before. rex will be a fierce advocate for america's interests around the world and has the insights and tell interest necessary to help reverse years of foreign policy blunders and disasters. [cheers and applause] blunders and disasters. very excited about rex. rex is friendly with many of the leaders in the world that we don't get along with. and some people don't like that.
8:37 pm
they don't want him to be friendly. that's why i'm doing the deal with rex. i like what this is all about. we'll have somebody who is going to be very special. america has been caught in a cycle of failed interventions that weakened our security and undermined totally our stability. we spent $ -- we spent $6 trillion in the middle east. we could have rebuilt our country six times. but the situation today is far worse than when we started 15 years ago. the cost in both dollars and lives has been immense. we need a new direction. we need a new direction. americans foreign policy has lacked a clear goal and clear understanding of the threats.
8:38 pm
and the threats are immense. instead of jumping recklessly from one intervention to another. my administration will build a long-term strategy for stability, prosperity and peace. and rebuilding our own country, folks. we need it. that strategy will be guide by our values, our principles and our patriotism. we'll seek goodwill among nations, a strengthening of vital alliances and the pursuit of shared goals with interests aligned. and we'll not be taken advantage of by other countries. we'll not be. no more. no more. we'll get along great with other countries. we'll not be taken advantage of. our goal is not to build new nations in far off lands that most of you have never even heard of. but to crush isis.
8:39 pm
we have no choice, and to defeat radical islamic terrorism. [cheers and applause] my administration with the help of paul and ron and everybody will also rebuild our badly depleted military and take care of our great veterans the way they should have been taken care of for a long time. we are building up this great military power in the hope that we never have to use it. we believe strongly in peace through strength. our military is going to be modern and powerful again. believe me. but to be a strong nation, we must also be a rich nation. doesn't sound so nice. a woman came up top me and said
8:40 pm
mr. trump i loved your speech but i don't like when you say rich nation. i said ma'am, you are a fabulous woman. but if we aren't going to be a rich nation we can't rebuild our military and take care of the problems we have including our medical problems. so we are going to be a rich nation and after i spoke to her for a few minutes. she was so kay. -- she was okay, she was okay. my administration will be focused on three very important words, jobs jobs jobs. [cheers and applause] whether it's building cars, producing steel, or curing disease, we want the next generation of inowe vaitio -- -t generation of innovation to happen here in america and right here in wisconsin. right? first on taxes. this is what we really need,
8:41 pm
paul. we are going to under take one of the great tax reforms and simplifications in american history. this includes a massive tax cut for the middle class and middle class families from wisconsin. we are also going to lower our business tax rate so new companies will come to our shores and hire workers in cities like right here. is that okay? that's what we want. we are going to bring our rates down from 35%. we'll try to get it down to 15%. so right now -- by the way, the jobs will pour in. right now we are the highest taxed nation in the world and when we finish we'll be one of the lower taxed. one of the lower. on regulations which is perhaps even more important because our companies are dying and being strangled through regulation.
8:42 pm
we'll eliminate all wasteful job-killing regulations. on energy we'll cancel the restrictions on the production of american energy including shale, oil, natural gas, and clean, beautiful coal. we are going to put our miners back to work. on infrastructure. i will ask congress to pass legislation that produces $1 trillion of new investment in america's crumbling infrastructure. and it is crumbling. i have a friends, big guy, one of the biggest in the world, trucking. he used to buy beautiful trucks. and he calls me up and says i can't buy them anymore because we go from california to new york and by the time they get to new york or california, if they
8:43 pm
are going theoer way, they are all of beat to hell because of the potholes on the highways. i says was it ever like this? >> he says it's never been like this. we have to fix our infrastructure. we have no choice. and we are going to put our people back to work in the process. it's time to help get americans off of welfare and back into the labor market. [cheers and applause] rebuilding this country with american hands and with american workers. my administration will follow two simple rules. buy american and hire american. right? we are going to do it. because from now on it's going to be america first. america first. i look at some of these deals we
8:44 pm
make and some of the treaties and some of everything. and i say, i think these people were thinking about the on the per nations. i honestly do. i say it's impossible for this to happen. either that or campaign contributions were magnificent. they are so bad the deals are so bad, so disgraceful that it actually think they are putting other countries ahead of our own. on trade, we are now -- you people don't stop. [lock her up] >> i used to say when i heard this chant, let as many as just win november 8. now we have won bigley.
8:45 pm
anyway -- you people, i'll tell you, tough people in wisconsin, fellas. governor tough? on trade we are now running a nearly $800 billion annual trade deficit. i say who makes these deals. think of it. i have friends in here that are business people. who makes these deals? $800 billion. america has lost one third our manufacturing jobs since nafta. we lost 70,000 factories. think it. 70,000. it's like it doesn't even sounds like it's possible. i know it's right because i saif and they never corrected me, so it has to be. because -- about booing].
8:46 pm
i mean, look, it is hard to believe. look at all those cameras. look at all that live television. look at that. who has to do this every night with all those live cameras up. can you manage if we made a mistake. it would and disaster. other people running for office, if they make a mistake. but if i make a mistake it's a disaster. have you ever seen so many cameras, mr. vice president? i have to tell you they were devastated november 8. [cheers and applause] they were devastated.
8:47 pm
should i go over that evening just once quickly? so it began with phoney exit polls. and i got a call from my daughter at about 5:00 and she was called by people in their business. and her husband jared, great guy, he was called. they called me and said, i'm sorry, dad, it looks really bad. it looks really, really bad. i said what's the problem within tell me. i was doing -- i really assumed i lost. i believed these things are supposed to be correct. sow i sort of thought i lost. and i was okay with it. i wouldn't say great. in fact i called my vice president and said it's not looking good, right, mike? you are getting the same numbers i'm getting. a lot of it is phoney stuff because they are say donald
8:48 pm
trump is a bad person, do you agree or not. so people say yeah. it's easier. they have yes in a big box and no you can't find. a lot of it is phoney deals. so i got the call and they said looks bad. looks really bad. and they want to be nice to me. they are talking this way because they wanted to be nice. they thought we might lose strongly. i said don't worry about it. whatever happens, happens. for the last month i didn't do interviews. all i did was these rallies. i did three a day. and i was surprised when i got that call. every time we had a rally, lookal this. they are til pouring in the back.
8:49 pm
except we had main arenas. then 20,000, 30,000 people outside that couldn't get in. but that's okay, like they say in football and sports, he left nothing on the table, nothing on the field, all right? because for the last month i decided not to do interviews because they give interviews and they chop up your sentences and cut them short. you will have a beautiful flowing sentence where the back of the sentence reverts to the front and they cut the back of the sentence off and they say i never said that. they are very dishonest people. i said, no, i said i'm not going to deal with it. and all i did for one month -- i do two and three and sometimes four speeches a day rallies like this, massive crowds. and they call, can we have an interview of mr. trump? i say watch me with the speech, tell them.
8:50 pm
watch me. of what you want to take, you can take. but watch me with the speech. so we did three, four a day. i'll tell you what, that's tough stuff. i did three a day, a couple fours. i always had in mind the last two days and even the last three, but on the last three, the third, i was going to do five. then i was going to do six and six. when you do six speeches where you have 10, 15, 20, 25, even 30,000 people, that's not so easy. good stamina, high energy. do you agree? high energy. [cheers and applause] so i did the three a day, and a lot of speeches. no days off. there was no sunday off. though i did go to church whenever possible. i did go to church. but no days off. and then we got down to the last two and i did six speeches.
8:51 pm
these guys, they were exuftd, the press. then on the 7th day, you remember monday, i did six speeches. then i heard my opponent -- does anybody remember my opponent? better remember. [lock her up, lock her up] >> governor, these people are brutal. now i know why it's always a bloodbath for you guys, but you win. but i heard, so i did six on sunday, and then monday comes along and i did six. and about three hours before the final speech i'm saying, oh, boy, this is it. and this is it.
8:52 pm
started 16 months before. coming down the escalator. right? so a lot of things. we talked about illegal immigration and turned out to be right. we talked about trade and it turned out to be right. i said a lot of things. but we did six speeches. then i heard that hillary was going with her husband and with president obama who by the way who has been very nice and his wife has been very, very nice abounice[booing] they were on ao mitch began and that was not a planned trip. they spent $2 billion. i spent a tiny fraction of what they spent. in the old days if you spent less money and won you got credit for it.
8:53 pm
but we spent a lot less money. we spent a fraction of what they spent. and they had unlimited money. they did a poll we didn't. why should i spend a lot of money for a poll when the newspapers give you polls every single day. so they spent a lot of money, they found out obviously trouble in michigan because they had an unscheduled trip to michigan. so they went to michigan. did not have a good crowd. i said at 6:00, i said let's go to michigan. by the time i finished in new hampshire, it was 9:30 or 10:00. i said let's go to michigan. my people said are you crazy? you just did six majors. i said i don't care. this is the presidency. this is the presidency. so we went to michigan. with no notice, with like a tweet. we went up -- i do have between
8:54 pm
facebook and twitter and instagram almost 40 million people. so that's a lot. but with a tweet. so we get there and it's very late it's like 12:30. and our vice president-elect, our vice president-elect was there with me. we had at 12:30 in the morning. and i started speak at 1:00 in the morning. we had 31,000 people inside and outside. 31,000 showed up. [cheers and applause] and i said, i said to mike and i said to everybody, we are going to win michigan. it hadn't been won in like 38 years. but we are going to win michigan. so i got the bad news from my daughter. and i said that's too bad. i said to my wife, baby, i'll
8:55 pm
tell you what, we are not going to win tonight within the polls have come out -- i used to believe in those exit polls. i don't believe in them anymore but i'm okay with it because of the fact that i couldn't have worked any harder. you can't do any worse than that. if i lose i lose. and you know what? if i lose i lose and i will have a nice easy life and we can all relax together. sow, i felt -- you don't feel good if you didn't put out and you lose. but if you put out every single ounce of energy in your blood you feel like owe kay, there is nothing more you can do. i told her, and she looked at me and she has seen these rallies and she said you are knot going to lose. she said you are not going to lose. my wife. then i figure it's just a nice wife trying to be nice.
8:56 pm
she is a great person. so what happened, melania, right. we love melania. they love melania. she is great. she said you are not going to lose. so now the polls are closed and they start announcing numbers. and say this is going to be embarrassing. i'm trying to figure out what i'm going to do. i have this ballroom, if i lose i don't want a big ballroom. i would say thanks a lot my supporters, i love, good night. i'm out of there. and she last had this massive convention center with a big fireworks display. and they were paying about $7 mill and it was a big deal x they knew they were going to win until the final week. they knew bad things were happening.
8:57 pm
and i got a good sign when four days before the end i called up mike, they just canceled the fireworks. it was a front page story. usually you cancel fireworks because you don't want fireworks if you're going to lose. governor, in the history of elections, if you lose, you don't set off fireworks, right? [laughter] so they canceled their beautiful gucci fireworks, and i wanted to be a wise guy, so i offered them five cents on the dollar for their fireworks, okay? i did. [cheers and applause] we never heard back. no, we never heard back. we never heard back. but that was a good sign, do you agree? [cheers and applause] so i figured it's election night, i figure we're going to lose but, you know, hey, this is sort of cool. i never did this stuff before. hey, by the way, did we all do a good job together, right? [cheers and applause] the movement, it's a movement. so then the real numbers started
8:58 pm
coming. and we started with, like, ohio. and i was expected to win ohio by two points or three points. when i say "i," i talk about the two of us and us, all of us. so it comes in. we have breaking news, donald trump has won ohio in a massive number. [cheers and applause] win ohio, very close to 10%. so the 2% or 3% was now chose to 10%. then we have breaking news. donald trump has won the great state of iowa. i said, whoa. [cheers and applause] and that was supposed to be close. we were up a little bit in the polls, like one point. we won it by more than ten points, right? and i'm saying this is a little different than these exit polls, what's going on? because the exit polls had me tied in ohio.
8:59 pm
then we got a little bit, like, they were surprised by the numbers, right? you know, these people standing back there, two, three of them i see. three of them. i see three of them, and four of them, i think, are hiding in the back. they're in the -- so then they go to florida, and they're doing pretty well in florida. unfortunately, they forgot to count our votes. [laughter] so all of a sudden they get to areas that we just dominated. and we're sort of tied, and we haven't gotten to the panhandle yet. she loves the -- i love the panhandle too. and they told one of the networks, yes, we feel very good about florida. florida's going to be ours. and north carolina will be ours, that's the firewall, north carolina. ladies and gentlemen, we have breaking news -- [laughter] donald trump has won the state of florida. [cheers and applause]ç
9:00 pm
right? now, they spent 10 to 1, 10 to 1 in north carolina. i love that state. we won south carolina easily, but north carolina was supposed to be manager that's very -- something that's very hard to win, very, very hard to win. ladies and gentlemen -- [laughter] we have breaking news. and you see these people, they go like, oh -- [laughter] one of the networks was going, ladies and gentlemen, we have breaking news, donald trump. they're, like, in a state of absolute, like they're getting sick. one of them, they say, broke down and started to cry, but i don't think she did really. i don't think she did. so they go, ladies and gentlemen, donald trump has won the state


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