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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  December 14, 2016 12:00am-1:01am EST

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right? now, they spent 10 to 1, 10 to 1 in north carolina. i love that state. we won south carolina easily, but north carolina was supposed to be manager that's very -- something that's very hard to win, very, very hard to win. ladies and gentlemen -- [laughter] we have breaking news. and you see these people, they go like, oh -- [laughter] one of the networks was going, ladies and gentlemen, we have breaking news, donald trump. they're, like, in a state of absolute, like they're getting sick. one of them, they say, broke down and started to cry, but i don't think she did really. i don't think she did. so they go, ladies and gentlemen, donald trump has won the state of north carolina. hey, now they're going, oh,
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my -- [cheers and applause] now, we're running up the east coast. i mean, it's like a marathon. it's like -- and now we hit pennsylvania, and they don't want to call it, right? you saw that. they don't want to call it. so we're left with 1%. and if they got 100% of that 1, they still get killed in pennsylvania. now, pennsylvania was tough because every republican forever thought they were going to win the great state of pennsylvania, right? they say, they said, i mean, the bride that got away, that's the expression. it's always the bride that got away. pennsylvania, great state. i said, we're going to win pennsylvania, but i keep thinking about every time you see the republicans for 38 years or something they hadn't won pennsylvania. so it's one of those states, very, very tough to win. but i just felt so good. we're getting these massive crowds. in fact, we're going there in two days to celebrate.
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her shi, pennsylvania. we're going to hershey. to pennsylvania, they don't want to call it. they don't want to call it. there's like 1% left, and there's no way they can catch it, and they're looking, and i'm starting to do interviews now, and i'm thinking, boy, this is fun, but they refused to call it because they're dishonest people, okay? so -- >> boo! >> it's all right. so then we go up the coast, and then it happened, right? before pennsylvania -- even though they should have done pennsylvania at about 11:30 in the evening. of course, there's two reasons. number one, they like the commercials because the audience they had that night was massive. the debates -- did i win those debates, folks? [cheers and applause] the debates had a massive, over 100 million people. and by the way, did mike pence, did he win his debate? mike pence. [cheers and applause]
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that wasn't even a contest. in fact, mike, it actually got boring. that was not even a contest. [laughter] so then it happened, folks. out of nowhere, oh, and they got sick -- they were, like, he was throwing up. [laughter] you know, with the map bing, bing, bing, boy, that map was getting red as hell. [laughter] that map, that map was bleeding red. [cheers and applause] florida, south carolina. and before that, remember? texas. they said for three months texas is in play. texas, that means we're, like, even. and republicans win texas. even if you're a lousy candidate, you win texas. [laughter] texas is republican. and it's great. and the people are great. and i had these massive crowds. and for three months they're
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saying texas is in play, and next week it is very close. texas is in play. and georgia, remember georgia? georgia is in play. and i'm saying, man, can you imagine if i lose texas? i'm saying to my kids, my wife, texas is in play, georgia is in play, this is going to be a disaster. and then they said utah. i don't think a republican's ever lost -- have they ever lost utah? i don't think so. utah is in play against some guy that i looked at him and say, there's no way. my wife looked at him and said you're not going to lose to him. [laughter] i'm telling you, she's good at stuff. i said, yeah, but they say that he's tied with me. and she said, no, no, he's not tied, you're not going to lose to him, don't worry about it. so they said utah is in play. now it's whatever time, 8:00, 9:00 -- first thing, about one minute, you know, because the numbers were so great. donald trump has won the state
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of texas. that means it was a slaughter. it was a slahter. donald trump has won the state of georgia. [cheers and applause] donald trump has won the state of utah! i love utah, utah! and this guy that was put up there to fight me, i mean, he was down can -- hillary even beat him, okay? [laughter] we won utah by 25 points, something like that. we won utah by a lot. so all of a sudden i'm saying, wow. but what happened? so now we win all these states, and they're holding pennsylvania. ladies and gentlemen, donald trump has won the state of wisconsin. [cheers and applause] right? donald trump.
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[cheers and applause] so they said donald trump has won the sta tell you what, i give a lot of credit to that, to your governor, a lot of credit. i give a lot of credit to paul ryan -- [applause] a lot of credit. and i give a lot of credit to vice president mike pence -- [cheers and applause] because they stood up here, and they campaigned like you never saw before. so that was out of the blue. now we pick up the state we weren't really expecting. we knew it was close, but we at no time know that that was going to happen. and then after that, michigan was announced, and now -- and the greatest was when pennsylvania came in, because that's a big, big, big, beautiful state. donald trump has won the state of pennsylvania. and they're going even before pennsylvania, but they're doing all this red, and that map was
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so beautiful looking. [laughter] and i'll never forget the guy who was saying for months there is the no path -- there is no path to 270 for donald trump. but there was a path to 306. [cheers and applause] no path. there was no path to 270. in fact, they couldn't get me up, they couldn't get me up to 270, but they got me to 269. so i kept going back to maine, one, one vote. and that's part of the beauty of the electoral system. i have to tell you, i went back to maine four times for one. the beauty is i went to 17 different states. i was going all over. and there is a beauty to it, there is a genius to it. now, the other would be easier, just the popular vote, go to new york, california, texas, go to florida, that's it. and it would be easier.
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but the electoral college is genius. it's genius. you go everywhere. and unless you see it -- [applause] unless you see it, it's a different way of campaigning. it's like golf, match play versus stroke play. it's very different. but unless you see this work up close and personal. so we ended up winning, and i'll never forget when they were on the map and they put up wisconsin, and he said this is no path -- there is no path for hillary clinton to become -- [cheers and applause] president. donald trump is your next president of the united states. [cheers and applause] because of you. so i want to thank, i want to thank the people of wisconsin. you're incredible people. really great. [applause]
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and i can tell you this, we are going to work so hard for you. we're going to work so hard. we're going to have the best people in the world. and you see the people we're getting. if you don't mind, we won't be totally politically correct, if you don't mind, okay? is that all right? [cheers and applause] all right? we are going to work so hard for you, and we're going to bring back your jobs, and we're going to terminate obamacare. we're going to come up with a great, great health plan that paul ryan is working on right now. and we're going to cut your taxes, and we're going to have strong borders, and we're going to have the wall. [cheers and applause] going to have the wall. going to have that wall. and we're going to stop the drugs from pouring into our country. [cheers and applause] and we're going to build up our military big league, and we're going to take care of those vets, going to take care of
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them. [applause] and we are going to make -- look, here's the bottom line. we are going to make you so proud of your country again, so proud. [cheers and applause] >> usa! usa! usa! usa! usa! usa! >> we are never, ever going to let you down. we are never going to let you down. and believe me, and i'm saying this from the heart, this is me to you, this is not reading anything, no speeches, no nothing, this is me to you, i say it to the heart. and maybe even more so, i know
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how hard you worked in this state. and my people were so incredible in this state, the people that got out the vote. and they said they didn't even have to work to get out the vote. it's so incredible. so we're never going to let you down, wisconsin. and i just want to tell you in the truest sense of the words, it's a theme that we started right from the beginning. we're going to make america strong again, we're going to make america powerful again, we're going to make america rich again, wealthy again. we are going to make america great again. so i want to thank you, wisconsin. god bless you, merry christmas! [cheers and applause] merry christmas, god bless you. thank you, wisconsin. [cheers and applause] thank you. thank you. ♪ ♪ lou: quite a rally there. look out, green bay packers,
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naturally. sitting here watching, he's got all of the stars; governor walker, paul ryan, speaker ryan and, of course, governor mike pence. vice president-elect pence. i'm getting used to new situation here. with us now, bree payton, senior pastor of the revival center, pastor daryl scott. pastor, great to have you with us. and back with me, republican campaign strategist, your thoughts on the thank you tour, the rally rolls into this suburb of milwaukee, west allis, wisconsin. the crowd loved this. i was starting to wonder if he was going to go through all 30 states that he had won for a minute. [laughter] he got a pretty good start on it. your thoughts, your reaction. >> sure. i think that just the timing and the time slot that he selected
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to play and show and do these rallies really is telling that he's so masterful at being a showman, right? he's not doing speeches at 4:00 in the afternoon like most politicians because he knows most people aren't at home to watch them. so i think just the time frame he's doing them, you know, 9 or 8:00 at night is when most people are at home and see him, and they want to tune in, and they want to watch him -- lou: and i want to point out that a majority of that audience is, of course, watching us right now on the fox business network. [laughter] and good stuff. and we want to say thank you to donald trump once again. tony, the strategy here, you know, without question it is a terrific strategy to be going back to the people in the white house and saying thank you. i mean, that's wonderful. >> and sincerely do it, by the way. this is one of the most powerful things about donald trump which has been underrated until the night he won the presidency.
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he amazingly connects on a retail level with voters, and they believe in him, and they give him the trust to do the job. now, remember, donald trump believes -- and correctly so -- that a movement was created this year that elected him, that he inspired something bigger than one man, certainly one party. and he's now going consistently back whether it's wisconsin, ohio, iowa, michigan, florida, north carolina and connecting with that movement on an ongoing basis not allowing the trappings of power to prevent him from having that direct link and kind of message directly to the people. and that is what you're seeing at these amazing rallies where he's reminding them what they stand for and what they're going to do now with the presidency. lou: and pastor daryl scott, you've been with the vice -- the president-elect and the vice president-elect throughout this campaign. you have been important in
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bringing in evangelicals, african-americans into this movement. your thoughts as you sit here watching the culmination of it all. every time you see him, it's got to feel like a personal success for you as well. >> my first thought is i wish i had hopped on that plane and went with him. [laughter] but also, you know, mr. trump -- president-elect trump genuinely loves america, and he genuinely los the citizens -- loves the citizens of america. and he feeds off the enthusiasm of the crowd. but he also understands this: part of his responsibility as being a leader, one of the roles of leadership is to be a great motivator as well. general patton is one of his idols -- lou: right. >> -- and he understands the importance of if we're going to do something great, we need to rally together. my job is also to motivate the troops, to motivate the citizens of this country so we can all collectivize and undertake this endeavor so we can make this country great again. and so he feeds off the crowd,
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the crowd feeds off him. i think it's a great dynamic. lou: and watching you and other folks and the great jim brown walk into trump tower today, he's sincere when he said he's going to go to the african-american community, the inner city, the inner cities of this country and really make a difference in their lives as well. >> he genuinely desires to do that. and the thing that i thought was great, you know, was he made those commitments to me in private. lou: right. >> before he even made a campaign statement about it. like, when he said what he wanted to do for the african-american community, i was well aware of that. we had had those conversations in private. he went public with it. now, rather than we sit down and tryhe create vehicles that can enhance the quality of living for the african-american community, jim brown already has an excellent working model. he has a vehicle that's already successful. so why don't we just get the
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trump administration, the government to put some gas in this vehicle, and we can ride this i can program. it talks about entrepreneurship, job creation, urban revitalization, suppression and displacement of violence. it's everything that we need in the program. if we partner with the trump administration on this, it can be a home run, home run for the country. lou: we're going to be watching, and he is, as you say, he's absolutely sip sere about even -- sincere about each one of these issues, each one of his ideas. he is, he has got this thing moving. i mean, it really is mind-boggling at one point, bree, when you think this is the man who's president-elect. not the president. he doesn't have power yet, yet he's got immense power. he's commanding the nation's attention, isn't he? >> yeah, he totally is. and you know what i thought was the most interesting partç abot the whole speech was the huge merry christmas sign at the podium in front of him, the two christmas trees behind him.
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and i think we should keep in mind this connotation that he's going to make people say merry christmas again is really what attracted a lot of evangelicals to vote for him who were really a significant voting bloc in this election. now he's kind of returning and doing a favor to all of them and saying, hey, guys, i know that you voted for me and you got a lot of flak for it. evangelicals were assailed all throughout the election cycle for supporting and voting for him, and i think that, you know, now he's saying i'm not going to let you guys down. lou: tony, about 30 seconds, you get the last word. >> this is a man who's never once held public office yet understands the power of the presidency is what you do with the bully pulpit. today he's talking about developing more jobs in this country, and he's going to do it with urban america to make sure they feel they have a government that serves them well. the forgotten man in this country who he's talked about very much in this campaign who reside in wisconsin, ohio and pennsylvania who know they have a champion in the white house using that bully pulpit for
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their benefit. lou: and it is a big deal that governor walker was there, speaker paul ryan was there. and to actually welcome him to wisconsin and to be absolutely authentic this time, if i may say, in welcoming as the president-elect. bree payton, pastor daryl scott, tony, thank you all. appreciate it so much. >> good to see you,, lou, so much. lou: and we thank you for being throughout. and a programming note very quickly, i'll be on hannity at 10:00 on the fox news channel. tomorrow, ambassador john bolton and ed rollins. we join kennedy in progress. good night from new york. ♪ ♪ kennedy: all right. the brouhaha over why russia hacked the election apparently opening some old wounds in the intelligence community. the worry now that it could lead to the turf battles that define the intel world prior to 9/11, and here's why.
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we're told the cia and fbi cannot agree on a motive for this hacking. the cia reportedly believes russia tried to get trump elected. the fbi won't go quite that far, and this has lawmakers on both sides of the aisle very upset. here with more brian suits, radio host in los angeles. it's the dark secret place. brian is also a combat war veteran from iraq and bosnia. brian, welcome back. >> it's beginning to look a lot like kris -- nuca out here. kennedy: i don't know what that means, but it's probably funny. [laughter] the cia says we know the motive is russia wanted to get trump elected. the fbi says the evidence is, quote, fuzzy and ambiguous. why the difference? >> well, the cia should have said they want a disruption in the election process, because that is what the russians sought and achieved. the fbi's culture is a
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investigative law enforcement culture. they need to line up all the ducks in a row and hand it to a prosecutor who then goes 12-0 with a jury. they don't have a disinformation branch of the fbi. they're the opposite of disinformation which would be information. the cia is one of the primary functions, and i know as an information operations guy in iraq, in general, we were instructed to tell the truth. personally of my own volition, i planted disinformation in 2005 by saying things like sadr was on the cia payroll, things like that. it was on me, just me. i'll take the hit on that. but that's the difference. the cia is an intelligence agency, including counterintelligence functions. the fbi, by the way, their job -- if this is going on in the u.s. or targeting the u.s -- one of their key functions is counterintelligence, and they missed it. kennedy: so why should we believe the cia? if part of their job is
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disinformation, why should we automatically believe them? >> i think because of the outcome. what we have with here is the largest political divide in our lifetimes -- kennedy: okay, but let's talk about the outcome, because this is something that i think is really important to address. there's a big difference between hacking e-mails and putting out fake news and actually screwing around with votes and voting machines. >> yeah, and this is where -- kennedy: and there's a natural assumption that somehow if there was disruption, that it affected the vote. but it may have only affected perception, but people have the free will to choose whichever candidate th want. >> yeah. and that' why the cia and the democrats need to stop this hack, hack, hack. it was disruption. the scr, the russians weaponized ignorance, and you got people who were politically active for the first time in their life who don't know the difference between sputnik international and drudge or bbc, and that was the difference -- kennedy: but was it though?
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do you really think there were enough people who were influenced by fake news stories to change the electoral outcome of the election? that's my ultimate question. >> i don't. kennedy: because i think in some ways that's really disingenuous and insulting to voters. >> yeah. no, i don't, but i do think there was a critical mass of people maybe just in the bubble who were either rejecting hillary because of fake things, besides her justing with -- her just being a ruthsome person -- kennedy: but there were plenty of real things besides the e-mail scandal. >> oh, yeah. when you have something that gets a guy to come to a pizza restaurant, you know, there was a real issue. and here, part of the thing is this has nothing to do with doing anything illegal. it's perfectly legal to put up a fake web site or influence the american voters. kennedy: yeah. >> americans need to be cognizant of the fact that in 2011 putin blames us for political instability after their election.
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kennedy: yeah. >> so turn about is fair play. this has been on his plate for five years. kennedy: and it's also not the first time russia has caused disruption in elections outside their country. the question is, does it affect the outcome of the race? at this point i don't see enough evidence that it does. i don't have a problem withgresl investigation, but i think it's premature to come to those massive and hysterical conclusions. last word. >> yeah, no, i agree. and if the democrats let, you know, debbie wasserman schultz's resignation go without mentioning that somebody externally messed with a private organization called a political party in america, if that came and went, they discouraged all those bernie voters, then that's on them. by the way, if the republicans think by 6 p.m. on january 20th the reince priebus to george bush research doesn't get released, then they're really
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naive about who this guy is, putin. kennedy: bryan, thank you so much. coming up, donald trump wants to take a chain saw to tax rates, but senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is pushing back. why some republicans are fighting against tax cuts. brian brenberg breaks it down
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kennedy: maybe they're going home because they're on strike because they're communists. president-elect donald trump's tax cut plan looks to be heading for a big showdown on capitol hill, but this time not only with democrats, but republicans. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell last night said he does not want any tax cuts to add to the deficit, and that could pour some cold water on one of trump's biggest campaign promises, a $1 trillion infrastructure plan to fix the nation's roads and bridges. so how do you pay for all those things while also cutting taxes? there's only one man who can break it down for us, brian men berke associate professor of business and economics, chair of the program in business and finance at the kings college. so we all want great roads, we all want neat tough, we all want tax cuts. this president-elect does not want to cut military spending or entitlement spending.
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we've talked about a little bit before. do you share mitch mcconnell's reservations? >> i am so glad he's saying this. people are saying this is bad news, no, what mcconnell's saying is we want to get tax cuts done, and it's only going to happen if we pay for it, because we're not going to pass $5 trillion more in debt on to our children. he wants to get something done, he wants to get it done quick, even some bipartisan participation on this, so he's saying let's find a way to do it. kennedy: how do you make it revenue-neutral? that that that's what mcconnell's talking about. >> you have to be careful here because when republicans say revenue-neutral, they're also saying when you spur growth, more tax revenue going to come in -- kennedy: so their going to spend the next tax revenue. >> there's going to be some revenue feedback, but you have to reform spending and go after entitlements. there's just no other way to do it. trump did not want to talk about
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it on the campaign trail. i like mcconnell is pushing him in that direction, i think paul ryan's going to push him in that direction and say, look, if you're the negotiator-in-chief, here's the next job. you've got to negotiate with the american people, democrats in congress, you've got to help us find a way to get some spending reform done as well. kennedy: it's interesting, because we may also be heading for a personal showdown because mitch mcconnell's wife is the nominee for secretary of transportation, and she will be in charge of this $1 trillion infrastructure spending plan are that republicans and libertarians laughed at bernie sanders for floating. >> yeah. and, look, there's some real problems. i've come on the air and said this before, i'm wary of big infrastructure spending each when we talk about it being funded by the private sector which trump -- kennedy: yeah. still not because there's tax handouts -- >> exactly. there are a lot of details there that we haven't seen. and at the end of the day, the government's going to be on the hook for this. i agree there's going to be a showdown there. again, i think mcconnell and ryan can push trump to look at
12:32 am
long-term entitlement spending reform that canning give him a little bit of room to breathe. i'm not a big fan of infrastructure, but it might also give him some room to breathe there as well. kennedy: all right. he may have to pare down his wish list, they most certainly have to cut entitlement and military spending, and at the same time, they have to figure out how to service that debt because we cannot have the debt double the way it did under obama and bush the younger. >> no. deficits are going to rise to over a trillion dollars in just a few years, and his tax plan right now, again, if you don't look at the revenue that might come in, it adds $5 trillion to the debt. so you're right, over the next ten years potentially, worst case scenario, $15 trillion more in debt added. it's immoral to pass that on to our children. we absolutely cannot do that. that's why it's imperative for trump to work with ryan, mcconnell and reform medicare, medicaid and social security. kennedy: you've also called it a huge social justice issue which
12:33 am
we are touch on another day. merry christmas, brian brenberg. thank you for a year of insight, intelligence -- >> it has been my pleasure. thank you. kennedy: thanks, man. all right, coming up a new study says we can predict if toddlers will grow up to be productive citizens or total criminals, and if it's true, do ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event. now lease the 2017 gle350 for $579 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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kennedy: we're all clamping down here, party people. welcome back. when stashing away funds for your child's future, it's important to know whether you'll need college tuition or bail money. in a study conducted by duke university and kings college of london, tests done at children at just 3 years old can determine whether they will turn to a life of crime in their older years examining the child's language and motor skills as well as frustration, tolerance and impulsivity. so can we save our society by putting these troubled toddlers behind bars? the party panel is back. cath relationship, andy and julie. all right, julie, you've got three children, congratulations. which one is the criminal? >> oh, definitely the middle child. she's 3. [laughter] when i think about this, she just turned 4, but no three and a half-year-old has tolerance for anything, and restlessness and impulsivity, i can't get her
12:38 am
to sit still long enough to take a test like this, so she'll definitely be imprisoned at some point. but i'm not sure i buy into this test. i don't know how much you can actually test a 3-year-old. kennedy: well, they tested thousands of people in new zealand over the course of several decades and followed their lives and figured out health records and criminal and welfare records, and they noted that the 20% of society who tends to use 80% of society's public resources, they're the ones who actually failed the test. [laughter] what does it say to you? >> well, look, it sounds -- at first i thought it sounded absurd, scary, like some type of thing where we're going to determine their life at the age of 3 -- kennedy: but it's not just genetics. >> and that's the thing, the part i latched on to was they said researchers concluded that low cognitive test scores indicated less developed brains possibly caused by too little stimulation in early life. in other words, this isn't, oh,
12:39 am
we've discovered a method to determine which 3-year-olds are worthless, it's how we might get these kids on a path towards not becoming criminals or a drain on society -- kennedy: and future children maybe you stimulate them in this way, parents -- >> exactly. >> that's my fault. [laughter] kennedy: i mean, there's an upside here. there's always an upside for the eternal optimist that is kathryn. >> that's true. i also have a 3-year-old and so i, of course, was clicking on the link before i even read the rest of the headline. even if there is some kind of health upshot, the policy upshot is almost certainly disastrous, right? kennedy: yeah. >> if we're doing something early on and then categorizing people in any official capacity as the probable, you know, consumers of social services in the form of prison and disability, whatever -- kennedy: yeah. >> -- like, that doesn't end well with. like, you're right to go full,
12:40 am
like, science fiction dystopia on that. kennedy: what happens if you get some sort of mark in a public medical file? and all of our medical files are going to be made public -- >> no problem at all. give people like a subpar designation -- kennedy: yeah. this person has a greater likelihood of being a drain on society. >> right. and the framing is what really, actually, raises the red flag, the idea that they initially set out to investigate this idea about the principle of the 80/20, you know, if this is about who's using up the resources, that just sort of approach from that perspective, i think, is a very different thing than to say, hey -- kennedy: i have my own 80/0 principle, and that is eat 80% of your calories in the first 20% of the day. many of today's teens don't have the munchies, so they don't eat like that. but they will certainly have more time for crime, because they seem to be putting down the bottles, the butts and the bongs. it's at an all-time low can and,
12:41 am
of course, this is a good sign for our nation's future, or could we be led by a bunch of nerds when we're old people? julie, it used to be that the teenagers, they were smoking grass, they were stealing their parents' hooch -- >> you speaking for yourself or just in general teenagers? >> like totally general. like, there's nothing -- [laughter] >> because that time my mom didn't walk in on me smoking a bong, that didn't happen. [laughter] but she ended up actually take it to the police station because i said i was smoking tobacco, and she said my daughter, this was in -- and they looked at her, they laughed and confiscated her. that didn't happen. kennedy: did it not help you since it didn't happen? [laughter] >> more intense helicopter parenting. i have web cams in my kids' rooms, and i will put microchips under their necks -- kennedy: and that's what leads to a generation of libertarians, which is ultimately good. [laughter] >> okay.
12:42 am
all this stuff is self-reported, so we don't know if they're smoking, drinking or doing drugs, they could just be admitting it less. kennedy: just say nein. >>'m thrilled, but i think it's pretty obvious that they're just substituting, like, snapchat for smoking, right? so anytime someone starts to be like, oh, i'm really worried about screen time, no. far better than any of the alternatives. kennedy: yeah. than opioid addiction. >> you should wait until you're an adult to start numbing from f life. just be an adult and then, yeah -- kennedy: i think life is the worth when -- do you have anything? >> the show's almost over, right? we'll talk -- kennedy: all right, thank you. o much. as katherine looks to the heavens. >> there's no help for me there. [laughter] kennedy: coming up, donald trump
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met with kanye west, tomorrow the giants of the tech sector.
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kennedy: another surreal moment today in the trump transition when the president-elect hugged it out with rapper kanye west. look at them.
12:47 am
after the two had a closed-door meeting in trump tower. according to e! they discussed yeezy becoming some type of entrepreneurial ambassador. you might recall during the campaign donald trump chastised apple for outsourcing to china and refusing to work with intelligence agencies to break encryption codes. will the computer moguls find common ground with trump? >> glad to be here, thanks for having me. kennedy: will kanye west be the ambassador to italy, the post that chris christie seems to have thumbed his nose at? >> we know he shops so much he can speak italian, so he's really a great candidate here. what do you think donald trump's favorite kanye west album is? probably not 808s and heartbreak, i'm thinking. [laughter]
12:48 am
look, this is the kind of thing we're going to see in the trump administration. trump is a tv star, he's a pop star, he's somebody who sort of hangs out in these weird worlds, and he's going to combine these things in ways that we're kind of not used to seeing. kennedy: oh, certain i certainly. no, i think fascinating. what donald trump is orchestrating at trump tower, you never know who's coming or going, it's like this ongoing party scene from "breakfast at tiffany's, and it's the most curious mix of people. speaking of, he's going to have tim cook, sheryl sandberg, elon musk, larry page, jeff bezos -- whom he's been very critical of -- all coming to trump tower for this big tech symposium. what are they possibly going to cover? there's a lot of animosity both ways. will they be able to bridge the gap? >> i mean, this is an olive branch on the part of the tech community which was quite critical in terms of both the companies themselves, but really the staffers, the kinds of
12:49 am
people who work for these big tech companies are just not going to be donald trump fans as a general rule. and donald trump was in, for his part, really quite critical of a bunch of these companies, apple, as you said, and in particular jeff bezos who also owns the washington post, accused him of using "the washington post" to influence getting lower tax rates and to cover him in ways that trump said we were bad and irresponsible. but the thing is, these companies make up a huge part of the economy -- kennedy: yeah. >> -- and they are really highly regulated, really dependent on the direction of how, of government regulations and how they go. kennedy: that's true. i mean, they've got a lot on the table, taxes, trade, manufacturing. >> yeah. kennedy: but i think what it really comes down to is who runs the world. and i think that's what they're going to fight over. so i will pose that question to you. between the tech moguls and donald trump, who runs the world? >> donald trump certainly thinks he runs the world and would like to, would like everyone else to think that, and, you know, i
12:50 am
hope that the result of this is that it is not quite the case and that we actually end up in a world that is a little more driven by individual choices -- kennedy: yes. >> -- using things like technology. honestly, i feel like this is necessary given all of the business that these companies have that is up kind of grabs for being messed with by the administration, by the government. kennedy: yeah. >> but it's really unfortunately because we are now in a situation in which corporations have to work with the government, have to kind of beg for indulgences from the president of the united states in order to get their business -- kennedy: it's like the old school church before the great schism. peter, thank you very much for your insight. >> thanks for having me. kennedy: i hear technology is the future. coming up, are teddy bears coming up, are teddy bears doing too much ecstasy at dance
12:51 am
no matter how the markets change... coming up, are teddy bears doing too much ecstasy at dance at t. rowe price... our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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kennedy: come to me and i will domesticate them and teach them how to fetch newspapers. this is the topical storm, your haven for weird news. topic number one, we all know the old adage a healthy teddy bear is a happy teddy bear. just watch this little guy break some moves! ♪ ♪ [laughter]
12:55 am
kennedy: a lot of people assume teddy bears have to jog to stay fit, but dancing is a skill your teddy can learn and improve upon for the rest of his life. so be sure to feed your teddy bear a diet rich in to mega 3 fatty acids and avoid sugar and fried food. because then your teddy bear might have to get open heart surgery. >> the doctor can cuts into teddy's flesh with his medical instrument. now let's look inside teddy's play pouch. the doctor says, what a mess. more sprinkles, please. [laughter] kennedy: more sprinkles, always good for everybody. i had that once with. yeah. topic number two. the fresh know of winter is a magical moment for pets who find their world coated in a blanket of frozen weirdness. [laughter]
12:56 am
kennedy: yeah! snort that. yeah, the dog nails him. show it again. good! [laughter] that is such a good dog. oh, don't worry, the cat found peace and seclusioning away from the dog up on a beautiful mountain. oh. it was a beautiful mountain. laugh get it? topic number three. this is a fox business breaking news alert. we have some fresh video from senator coloradan mccane -- john mccain and rex tillerson, they're meeting on capitol hill as we speak. those inside the meeting said mccain was a real baby but stood up to corporatist dinosaur tillerson. let's watch. >> good, madeleine.
12:57 am
[laughter] kennedy: see, they see eye to eye. now, i know it's evening, and i have the outmost respect for senator mccain, but wearing onesie pajamas? sort of lacks decorum. a lot of big feelings in that room. can't wait. topic number four. nothing says christmas quite like coming together with your loved ones, sharing the warmth of the season and basking in the glowover -- glow of the yule log. hey, driftless hobos celebrate the holidays too. and that's why this year we have substituted the yule log with a soothing dumpster. yeah, great description for this election season. it really was a dumpster fire. and it is the reason for the
12:58 am
season, but there's no need to fear out there. we've got our santa tracker 3000 working overtime, and it appears santa's annual fire truck tour through rural america has brought them to the dumpster to extinguish the flames at this very moment let's check in with him now to see how his night is progressing. santa? ♪ santa claus is coming to town. kennedy: sorry, had to see that. it's okay. he put himself out with his own wee, and that we cannot show on a family broadcast. though i'm going to watch it later. topic number five. i love "star wars." i have a french bulldog, so this one is really for me. you know "rogue one" is coming out friday, so allow me to present rogue two, a pair of french bulldogs who are baffled by a "star wars" icon. watch.
12:59 am
[laughter] they want to like yoda. because they know the jedi master's essentially a french bulldog. look at those pointy ears, flat face and wrinkled forehead! but the dogs are all what's up with the bipedalism and green wand, old midget harry potter? yeah. i wish they had torn him from limb to limb. it'd be pretty good to see. it's a fake yoda. let's check in with my dog lemmy and see if he likes "star wars" with. [laughter] yeah, there's lemmy in the lace bikini with a great thing ding. light saber. you know, the force is strong with that one. be thank you so much for watching the show tonight. please follow me on twitter and instagram @kennedy nation. kennedy and
1:00 am
tomorrow night on the show, sandra smith, dana perino and greg gutfeld. it is a regular beauty pageant, it is a regular beauty pageant, and i'm goin >> announcer: the following is a paid presentation for starshower motion, brought to you by bulbhead. hanging old-fashioned lights can take hours and cost you big bucks. even untangling that box is a frustrating chore. not anymore. last year, millions of americans transformed their homes with the newest rage in decorative lighting -- starshower laser lights. so popular, it sold out everywhere across the country, and this year, we're back with an amazing new feature you have to see to believe. now here's joe fowler to tell us more. >> we're coming up on one of america's most famous is the perfect setting to introduce you to this spectacular new lighting solution. mindy's on the ground, and she's gonna get things started. mindy, do you hear me?


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