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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 14, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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one, another one that new administration will have to figure out a way to handle, chaptan nash. >> thank you. charles: at home if you for watching, we're doing well because of you, tweet me with ideas eh ehere, is lou dobbs. d. lou: president-elect trump today demonstrating he is magnanimous and gracious in victory, hosting a technology summit at trump tower in new york with a group of silicon valley industry leaders, all but one of whom funneled millions of dollars to hillary clinton, and her fellow democrats, president-elect trump offered technology leaders, his assistance. >> i am here to help you folks do well. you are doing well right now. i'm honored by the balance, anything we can do to help
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this go along, we'll be there for you. and you will call my people, call me. he have no normal chai formal chain of command. lou: gathering of who's who in technology. while the companies are happy with trump's plans too cut corporate taxes, many have taken, with his proposal for balanced and equitable trade relationships and border security and enforcement of our immigration laws, i will take that up with former reagan white house political director ed rollins, and rnc committee hand randy evans, los angeles, one of those who may be asked todown trump -- to join the trump ambassador john bolton. and a lot to talk about, a lot to cover here.
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55 electors pushing for a briefing. yes, 54 of those 55 are bitter clinger democrats, holding on to their dreams of subverting the will of the people, denying mr. trump the office he won by bulldozing the blue wall. we'll have latest for you on that in moments. trump also confirms two nominations, rick perry for energy. and rona romney mcdaniel for national committee. house intelligence committee canceled a briefing tomorrow,
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fox news has been told that invited intelligence agencies have all refused to provide briefers. this is most senior commit we jurisdiction over intelligence. at, the conflicts reported from u.s. intelligence agencies over contested allegations that russia in some manner, in some fashion, allegedly attempted to influence to an unknown degrees outcome of last month's presidential election, perhaps in favor of one candidate or another. as we reported to you here last night, there is great ambiguity and conflict in these claims, office of director of national intelligence is not supporting or endorse or agreeing with the leaked cia ashsesment. that moscow muddled in the
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election. no reason, no sign are, no evidence of. mettling, what they have brewed up here, is case of if you will, no crime, no weapons, no motivation, no evidence, but they do have a suspect. true crime, they la me lament is their candidate and party, beaten badly by donald trump at every level of the electorate, losing, losing, losing, true crime, that grinds their heart and explodes their mines they loss, not only clinton's race but endings rein of obama the dower.
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trump lead the republican party, sense democratic parties back in time to 1922. last time that two-thirds of states have republican governors. house intelligence hearing, now canceled, would have absolutely ignored massive democratic defeat. and focused on how russians came to be featured fear of democrats and of the left, now more than 50 democratic electors lead by nancy pelosi own deart daughter, demand they are briefed on matter that left created from whole cloth over monday's electoral college vote, and the clinton campaign continues to cling to its last bitter fiction, clinton campaign chairman john podesta, wrote this. >> electors have a solemn responsibility under the
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constitution and we support their effort to have their questions addressed. they do have solemn responsibility. to be something more than fools and tools of the left. but, then podesta, and his like on the left would be out of work. all together. our first guest, says that intelligence has been little bit sized, and -- politicized and obama administration to a significant degree, that agencies that make up our intelligence community are highly political, joining me now, former u.s. ambassador to united nations, american enterprises, john bolton. ambassador great to have you with us. >> great to be with you yeah, let's start with, you said, you are positive it could be a false flag operation, someone else claiming to be, or leaving signatures of russian hackers. what do you -- what does your great intellect and that great
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gut of yours tell you. >> i think that this is a remarkable development you just reported that the key agency in intelligence community are refusing to brief their oversight committee house side, house intelligence committee, maybe they are getting ready to brief members of electoral college, and mere members of congress are not important enough, i think that is going on here by infrance is that there is disagreement within the intelligence comm we over a lot of issues we lating to hacking. i think that fine, there some be disagreement within the intelligence community this effort, this is where politicalization comes in, to develop a smoothy that all intelligence services concur, in that a disservice to policymakers, if i was in house intelligence committee, i would say, bring it on, if
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you top debate in front of us that is fine. lou: if i were on house intelligence committee, i would' to know a couple thens, how is this that 17 agency have banded together to make a claim and most ambiguous, abstract of forms, that an act, ill defined and vague, took place during the elections to what purpose to what end in favor of whom, none of which is addressed by the claim that elect was hacked. what was hacked? and what was the result and consequences? and why are these agency talking about it in public, instead of make their assessment going ahead, seeking the approval of the chief executive of the country. namely president obama. about how to respond, instead of this public charade. >> well, remember indonesian raid started before the election, early october, as i recall.
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general clapper, director of national intelligence was first one out of box to say that russians are trying to interfere in the election, they hacked the dnc, nothing about the rny at the time. so i am worried that when we have is this politicizization is now going to discredit, the important work that goes on in most of these agencies, this -- before has no parallel. lou: i have never seen the likes of it, i have also never seen likes of response by congress, which is not to en quire first why president obama has not taken act in response. he declared that a cyberattack affects this nation and its, jets would be treated as a physical attack on u.s., he said that agents that advise him say, reportedly, they
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hacked russian hacked our election, there is no response, just this in our public discourse, and people are wondering what in hell happened here and why hasn't act been taken. >> and remember, when barack obama draws a red line, you better not cross it, we all know that. fact is that there are occasions where retaliation for a cyberattack, should be done without public disclosure, i would argue you that there are also increased crowneds to describe what we've done after it is over, the reason for that is to create, to have other countries, know that are what we're capable of doing and to build structures that prevents this from happening in first
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place. lou: perhaps you are, i think, perhaps, not giving fair credit to this administration, they have been a maggiv magnificent job, with holding from public view the mighty responses to so many provocations that one does not have a clear understanding of power it brins to bear when in anger. , i have not seen one insense of that have you? >> it would be nice to hear one, if we did this successfully, my guess is that leakers from inside ofs administration would have told us. we have a month to go buyer barack obama leaves office, thank god. lou: a men. >> this says, beginning noon january 20, we need a reassess think of our capabilities, we have to get an honest debate, i fear year just as weak in
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cyber territory as we are in traditional hard world of nuclear and conventional warfare. charles: you know, i would hope, the next president of the united states would not tolerate intelligence agencies with public expositions and participation in political gamemanship, which it appears this is. >> in a country like russia, if you saw what you've mist ibly call -- behavior services you would wonder who came next. lou: we would like to have a severe consequence, i believe. ambassador always good to have you with us. >> thank you, lou. charles: coming right back with much more, so much going on, so much of which is in some ways, there is no way in
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the world to imagine it, but, it occurred, we'll share it with you next. stay with us. >> president-elect reminding america and speaker ryan, that he will build that great wall on our southern border, beautiful door and all. >> we have some amazing thins in store. >> we're going to work on the wall, paul. >> our all-star team, ed rollin, andy evans leading the way, and their friends building their own wail. our president-elect border security message resonating at people and the world. we take that up next, much more straight ahead, stay with us, we'll be right back. '. >> no matter how the markets change... at t. rowe price... our disciplined approach remains.
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lou: president-elect trump offering praise and a warning to speaker paul ryan last night, ryan disagreed with trump or denounced his comments, once every week and a half during the campaign according to a analysis, president-elect put speaker on notice last night in wisconsin. >> honestly, he is like a fine wine. every day goes by, i get to
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appreciate his genius more and more. if he goes against me, i'm not going to say that, okay. lou: breaking news, two senior intelligence officials that story just keeping rolling. official tell nbc news they now believe with a quote high level of confident, end quote, that russian president vladimir putin became involved in the covert russian campaign to interfere in our presidential election wow! joining me now assessing that and assess intelligence assessments as well, former senior advisor to newt gingrich campaign randy evans. veteran of 10 presidential campaigns, former white house political director under ronald reagan, ed rollins. good to have you both here. let me start, randy.
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was the rnc hacked by hush hus russians. >> not to my knowledge, but i find it fascinating where they are willing to pronounce all of these things, on one thing we had a hammer, we had a severer with bleaching in it we have videos, that was not good enough, and we have this rumor without a fingerprint of one russian hacker, leaving a trail, and yet that is enough to prompt this furor over the electoral college, that is so ridiculous, it shows how littllittlepoliticize the agent agencies have become. lou: to have them out in public, they are used like props. what is working in. >> i don't know. there are 11 agencies that
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gather intelligence, there are billions and billions of dollar spent on intelligence, whole idea of homeland security to take them all, put them under one, make them work with each other, which does not happen. president has to get in there, this is what i want, give me when i need it, and shake it up on. lou: what do you think of. i think -- i mean, this devastated left in this country, is playing out its last nightmares, they are complaining about a president who is commander in chief, saying he' his damn intelligence briefing way he wants it what in the world is wrong with that? should he be some sort of a servile you know recipient of whatever the intelligence agencies wish to pass on to him. at a regular hour. >> his intelligence briefers, they did not show up, they refused to show up. think about it. if you are president, and in fact there was a hacking, who
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is to blame? who is the one who had ultimate responsibility to protect integrity of the election. it is very one calling for briefing, he request only get a document that is indicting of himself, either his failure to do his job or his statement that election was interferes or hacked. i guess we'll get a sheet of paper, that i don't know what it could say, it will have both naughty and nice on it, what we know is that there was no hacking. but there is no evidence of hacking. but they lost. >> all i know is that american public made the right choice. key thing for this president, and congress moving forward, is to makesure that ever changing world, you have story today of a billion people tapped into in yahoo! accounts, cyber -- the game
7:22 pm
changing is now all about stealing information, we have to protect ourselves. lou: this is not a news break. the fact is that the yahoo! thing happened 3 years ago. this administration still has not called out who hacked successfully into the defense department, into office of personnel management but could tell new 3 days it was russian that went after the dnc . >> i don't care about this administration, it is over as far as i'm concerned. i am concerned about the next one. >> challenge that left, on what obama left. any time have you security briefer who refuse to appear before congress, have you a fundamental break down. they have a duty to report even if their job was to show up and say, there is nothing to report. there was no hacking.
7:23 pm
they still have a responsibility, to actually do their job, and that is where i think that the obama legacy will be, that is replace the personnel, that he populated the government with. who are willing -- >> wanted done today that is denying oversight committee, proper role and authority that is oversight, that is the result of one barack obama. president of the united states, he is the guy, whether we like it or not for next 30 days, little over, he will be president, and he is pulling these strings, i assure you. >> one power of congress has, they control money, if they are not showing up they should cut the budget, cut the hell out of budgets. lou: who scares you most, mitch mcconnell or paul ryan. >> paul ryan. >> paul ryan.
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lou: randy, and ed thank you. >> but. lou: vote in our poll, question, do you believe speaker ryan is beginning to at least dimly understand who is in charge now? cast your vote on twitter @lou dobbs, follow me on twitter, like me on facebook, and follow on stai sta game -- instagram, on wall street, stocks moving a little bit lower after federal reserve raised interest rates, who needed that? i'm kidding about the fed, they are following market, they are not leading them. that is a good sign, federal reserve today, raising rates, by 25 basis points, second rate hike since 2006, yellen saying that fed is expecting three more interest rate hikes next year. a reminder to listen to my report three times a day coast-to-coast on salem radio network, up next. president-elect working hard
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to be the greatest jobs president ever. tomorrow coming up, true giants of silicon valley, we'll talk about how to grow jobs, we'll talk about how they can stay on top. we're going to talk about a lot of great things, but real giants are coming up tomorrow, it is going to be great. plan. lou: giants were there, tech summit, subject of my commentary next, you don't want to miss a word of it either, i promise you, we're coming right back, please stay with us.
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lou: a few thoughts on donald trump's meeting with the tech leaders today. employees of the 10 largest technology companies donated $180,000 to the trump campaign. there you are. employees of those same companies donating big to
7:30 pm
hillary clinton. $4.4 million to hillary clinton. there is an understatement to suggest there is friction between the silicon valley liberals and the president-elect. a letter from technology leaders from earlier this year proclaimed a trump administration to be a disaster for innovation. yesterday, however, microsoft founder bill gates proclaiming the president-elect could lead through innovation and compared him to john f. kennedy. today mr. trump talked with a number of his biggest detractors from amazon, facebook, google, ibm, and until yesterday, microsoft. the president vowed to help them innovate. he has already proven his administration is focused on jobs and he wants the technology
7:31 pm
industry to do their part of five of this country's most valuable forms employ 500,000 employees. but they employ fewer employees then companies like walmart. ibm before today's meeting announced it plans into vest $1 billion and hire 25,000 employees over next four years. trump has pledged a tax cut can repatriation tax which should be ask good for the companies. he's also make it very clear he will be their biggest booster. or he will be the sheriff. ether way, trump is the right
7:32 pm
man for the job. our quotation of the evening, this one from former apple ceo john sculley. he says the future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious. the future is becoming more obvious very quickly. the now carly preposterous claims that russia hacked our election is the best the loser left can do. >> i think it's ridiculous. it's just another excuse. i don't believe it. here is your chance for an extraordinary ride through the norwegian sky. we'll bring these wing suiters' phenomenal flight to you next. we advise you to hold on tight. stay with us. yeah, with libertyi needed to do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila! voila! (sigh) i wish my insurance company had that...
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lou: joining us, pete hoch extra, it's great to have you with us and good to see you. >> good to be with you. >> let's start with first this cancellation of the house intelligence committee. suddenly briefers are unavailable for the purpose of what's going on here. your reaction to the withdrawal these agencies. >> i'm not sure the whole back story here, but one of the options devon nunez would have
7:37 pm
had is saying we are having a hearing on friday, if the briefers aren't available. clearp, brennan, i expect you will show up and brief us with some people in your agency have been tbroafght media. we'll have a hearing. we expect you to come up, if you don't, we'll have a press conference announce together american people that you are not keeping the american people informed of what the agency is doing. lou: but they are out after the trump administration is sworn in. >> people in these positions represent the institutions. and if they refuels to report to congress on all the stuff going out on the media, they damage the reputation and the integrity of the cia and the dni.
7:38 pm
lou: don't you think those reputations of the leaders of those agencies has been tarnished beyond repair? when you get 16 agencies lining up saying, make nonsensical allegations, something happened, we are not sure what, but it represents an initiative by the russian hackers to intervene in the election in some fashion on behalf of someone, that's pretty thin gruel by any stretch of the imagination. >> i think it's thin gruel, that's why they don't want to show up friday. i don't believe they can show the linkage that the russians hacked it. the russians took the material and gave it to wikileaks with a specific instruction, do everything you can to damage hillary clinton's campaign. there are reports out today late today that a former british am
7:39 pm
bass doirls saying, i came to washington, i picked up this data from a disgruntled democratic national committee employee. lou: craig murray said point blank what you have said. none of that has been revealed. we do have a late report suggesting that vladim putin was directly involved in the effort to subvert the will of the people in some fashion through the hack of an election. how in the world do you hack this election and have no one know how they did it? it's preposterous on its face. >> i want to be back in that hearing room and i want to hear the intelligence community explain this. i don't think they can make these connections and i think it's a group of disgruntled employees and the intelligence community out to get donald trump.
7:40 pm
but the bottom line is, the media, everybody ought to step back, you can't run this kinds of operation. you can't go on amedia frenzy based on -- lou: sure you can. >> it's not the right thing to do. lou: i don't think that's bench of an impediment for some years. congressman, it's always great to have you with us. i think it could well be the leaders of those agencies who are already politicized rather than disgruntled employees. that's what makes america beautiful. we can all have an opinion on it. yours is the one experienced and insightful. mine is just good old texas gut feeling. thank you. please roll the video. two adventurers are gone with the wind.
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how do you have the guts to get over that first rock? they leap off europe's tallest vertical rock. and they take a magnify spent wing suit flight over dense forts and rocky mountains. the massive 3,600 foot rock base is named the troll wall. it's popular with base jumpers. i wonder where people muster the guts to do something like this. president-elect trump won over voters by pushing an america first agenda. >> my administration will follow two simple rules. buy american and hire american. from now on it's going to be america first. america first. lou: no one says it quite like
7:42 pm
donald trump. john lunski has been practice an be with us next. we've all been here. and here... and here.
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lou: breaking news on yahoo and it's breaking news about something that happened three years ago.
7:46 pm
the technology giant revealing hackers stole information and data from more than a billion user accounts three years ago. the largest email hack of all time. by the way, yahoo has been working on this kinds of record. the attack is believed to have occurred in august of 2013. cyber criminals stole birthdates, phone numbers. yeah hoop revealed another attack exposing near half a billion accounts. yahoo is having problems. even though they are three years ago, present value is being influenced. the stock down 10%? afterhours trading. why would the stock be that high when they obviously can't manage their stone security? >> that's a great question.
7:47 pm
lou: why would anybody invest in a stock that doesn't reveal material and why aren't people being led away? that's material to the business and they don't reright for three years? are you kidding me? >> that's a cover-up. lou: that's what you call it. moving on, yahoo has its problems and they are going to get bigger it looks like. this fed like. we were looking at quarter points. it follows the markets. this is really dull stuff after last year when they led the markets. this time they are following the markets. no problem? >> they are doing the right thing. what surprised the market is they announced they may have three rate hikes in 2017 instead of two. man the press conference janet yellen said perhaps the labor market is too tight to handle the type of fiscal stimulus
7:48 pm
donald trump has been speaking of. >> what numbers? is she looking at? tight labor market? we have more people with dprawght workforce. one of history's lowest work force participation rates, what is she look at? >> the unemployment rate function as fake news, you might say. you take into consideration part-time employment and a relatively low ratio of jobs to the working age population. you can't take that 4.6% seriously. lou: there is any way to correlate three proposed interest rates hikes and create value in the bond market and stock market you can invest in? maybe we'll do interest rate futures themselves in which you have a nominal value.
7:49 pm
>> let's not forget time and again the interests rate projections have been made and they failed to come true. lou: when this happens, the chair of the federal reserve, when they fail setting interests rated direction as well as rates. when they fail to understand the economic data, they immediately resign. or they are firing members of the fomc compared to the empirical evidence. >> you don't do that in the u.s. government. no way. you know that. lou: i wanted to have that fantasy live for a while. maybe that's what the essence of this whole thing is, the fed is so big -- >> it has to continue. lou: we are looking at economy and resurgence, the market took
7:50 pm
a breather because of the interest rate hike. so goats the conventional reasoning. this market is anticipating great things from this president. it's remarkable. >> tax cuts in and of themselves, cutting corporate income tax rates and deregulation can justify a 6 to 13% rise in the market from where it was on election day. we are just over 6%. this says nothing about the possibility that we'll be looking at faster earnings growth going forward. lou: it's interesting to look at the fact that the trump plan will boost just one element of it, reducing the corporate rate to 15% will result in a 15 to 0% in earnings. >> there you go -- 15% to 20% increase. we are not even talking about
7:51 pm
less government regulation. that will reduce the costs we currently pay. that too would add to earnings automatically. lou: good times ahead, right? >> economists don't believe in that yet. the consensus has increased their forecast for real gdp growth. 1/10% and point. up next, membership began officials uncovered voter fraud in democratic detroit. mike gal were, and rachael campos. it's shocking. in a democratic major city. voter fraud. who would have thought that would be the result of a recount. but it happened and we'll tell you all about it. stay with us.
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lou: joining me now, catch uple campos duffy and mike gallagher, home of the mike gallagher show. rachael, a recount in michigan, detroit, 3% of the precincts a little problem? >> absolutely. and, you know, there are more
7:56 pm
votes than there were people. they should be audited. there should be an investigation. it makes me think what they did in my home state. also we find out there was another reason they came to wisconsin. it was greed. $1 million in consultant fees. maybe they ought to go to mitch a began. lou: i was so sure she was on a campaign of justice and to bring truth and light and purity. >> rachael mentioned voter i.d. this screams for a need for voter i.d. it must be the russians. they must have gotten to detroit. jim comey coordinate with the rugs to have dead bodies.
7:57 pm
maybe under a president trump you will have voter i.d. laws. lou: the idea of a voter i.d. this is an idea that greg abbott the governor of texas started driving and won more than he lost against this administration. but we are going to have to wait and see what happens with the trial court which should make everybody excited all over again that donald trump won this election. likely it's going to be more than one justice. let me ask you. rick perry for energy, rex tillerson for the state department, ryan zinke hasn't accepted. but for the interior. do you have any objections at all of his nominee?
7:58 pm
>> no, i think these are all strong names. the nominee i'm most excited about is betsy devoss. if you can break the government domination of schools you can change the entire country. this is something as a mom and a minority, it's dear to my heart. there is inequality in education, and it has been perpetuated by the left. we have somebody scaring the unions. >> it was also gratifying to hear her renouncing common core. this has been a big concern about betsy devoss. i have known governor perry for a lot of years. this is a can-do guy, he was one of texas's most successful governors. lou: he's also one of the most
7:59 pm
decent classiest guy you will ever meet. he's the same person in person than anywhere else. >> energy has been a big part of his governorship. and he always said you have got to seal the border. this is christmas morning. every day it gets better. lou: donald trump gave a shout-out to paul ryan talking about his genius and reminding he will be building a wall. what was your reaction? >> i was there in the room when it happened. these are two people who are better together than they are apart. he's a big idea, and not big on policy and policy details. paul ryan is the quintessential policy wonk. they are like pb & j, they are whether together.
8:00 pm
lou: if you can accept that metaphor at trump tower. that's it for us tonight, us tomorrow for special coverage of trump's thank you tour in hershey, pennsylvania. kennedy: another crazy twist in the collector saga. will more sides switch before this monday's deadline? bernie sanders claims he knows why donald trump won last month. people are sick of p.c. culture. is he right? have you heard about uber's crazy new rules for passengers. no touching and flirting. hop on in, it's time to ride. with another trump cabinet nomination in place, hand ringing worrywarts are up in


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