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tv   Stossel  FOX Business  December 17, 2016 10:00am-11:01am EST

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good evening, everybody. president-elect trump today demonstrating he is both mag unanimous and gracious in victory. mr. trump hosted a technology summit in new york with silicon valley industry leaders, all but one of whom funneled millions of dollars to hillary clinton and fellow democrats. the president-elect, however, was not only conciliatory but offered the technology leaders his assistance. >> i'm here to help you folks do well. and you're doing well right now. i'm very honored by the bounce.
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anything we can do to help this go along, we're going to be there for you. you call my people. you call me. it makes no difference. we have no formal chain of command. >> you are. the gathering of who's who, larry page, apple's tim cook, amazon's jeff bezos. while the companies are undoubtedly happy to cut corporate taxes, many of them have taken issues with his proposals for balanced aequitabe trade, they are taking issue with immigration. i'll bring that up with ed rollins, andy evans. one of those who may well be asked to join the trump administration, 55 electors on russian interference in the
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election. and, yes, 54 of those 55 electors are bitter klinger democrats holding on to their destructive dreams of subverting the will of the people denying mr. trump the office he won by bulldozing the blue wall. he gained 306 electoral votes as a result. we'll have the latest in just moments. you're not going to believe the next chapter the of this story the that's unfolding right now. trump also confirming two nominations we reported to you earlier. rick perry for the energy department and mitt romney's niece for the republican committee. the house intelligence committee has abruptly canceled a planned briefing tomorrow. it was a planned briefing about the russian cyber attacks or hacks. fox news has been told the fbi, the cia, the office of the director of national
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intelligence, and the nsa have all refused to provide briefers. a highly unusual move given this is the most senior committee with jurisdiction over intelligence. and at issue we're told the conflicting reports from u.s. intelligence agencies over contested allegations that russia in some manner, in some fashion allegedly attempted to influence to an unknown degree, the outcome of last month's presidential election perhaps in favor of one candidate or another. as we reported to you here last night, there is great ambiguity and considerable conflict in these claims. the office of the director of national intelligence is not supporting, neuer is it endorsing, neuer is it agreeing with the leaked assessment that moscow meddled in the election in a bid to help donald trump. it offs no reason, no sign, no
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evidence whatsoever of meddling. no suggestion of a specific alteration in any way of the outcome. in fact, what the disappointed daffodils of the left brought up is if you will, no weapons, no motivation, no evidence. but they do have a suspect born of their own severely grotesque imaginings. the true crime they lament of course is their candidate is and their party beaten badly by donald trump at every level of the electorate. losing, losing, losing. the true crime that explodes their minds that they lost not clinton's race but end the obama. donald trump crushed hillary clinton in the election and destroyed the left. trump led the entire republican party and the wave election and
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sent the democratic party back in time to 1922, the last time that two-thirds of the states had republican governors. the house intelligence hearing now canceled would have absolutely ignored the massive democratic defeat and instead focused how the russians came to be the featured fear of democrats and of the entire left. and now, more than 50 democratic electors led by none other than nancy pelosi's own daughter demand that the director of national intelligence brief them on the matter that the left created from whole cloth before monday's electoral college vote and the clinton campaign continues to cling to its last bitter conviction. john podesta wrote this. electors have a solemn
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responsibility under the constitution and we support sthr effor their efforts to have their questions addressed. of course podesta would be out of work altogether. our first guest says intelligence hbit sized in the administration to a significant, very significant degree, that the agencies that make up our intelligence community are highly political. and joining me now former u.s. ambassador to the united nations american enterprise institute senior fellow, john bolton. ambassador, great to have you with us. >> thank you. >> you have said, among many other things, but you are positive it could be a false flag operation. that is, someone else claiming to be leaving signatures of russian hackers. what does your great intellect and that great gut of yours tell you? >> well, i think this is a
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remarkable development you've just reported, that the agencies in the intelligence community are now refusing to brief their oversight committee on the house side rg the house intelligence committee. maybe they're ready to brief the members of the electoral congress on russia. mere members on of congress are not important for them. but i think what's going on here by inference obviously is that there is disagreement within the intelligence community over a lot of issues relating to the hacking. let me just say, i think that's fine. i think there should be disagreement within the intelligence community. this, and this is where the politisization i think it does a disservice to policymakers. if i were on the house intelligence committee i would say, bring it on on. if you want to debate in front of us, that's fine. we want to hear it. >> if i were on the house
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intelligence committee i would be curious about a couple of things first. how is it that 17 agencies have banded together to make a claim in the most ambiguous and abstract of forms than an act ill defined and utterly vague took place during our elections to what purpose, to what end and in favor of whom, quote, unquote, the election hacked? what was hacked? what was the consequence? why are agencies talking about it in public instead of making their assessment going ahead, seeking the approval of the chief executive of the country, namely, president obama, about how to respond? instead of this public charade that has been perpetrated? >> remember, the charade started even before the election in early october, as i recall. >> right. >> general clapper was the first
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out of the box to say the russians are trying to interfere in the election. they hacked the dnc. didn't say anything about hacking the rnc at the time. that's kind of interesting. i'm worried about what we've got is this now is going to discredit the important and legitimate work that goes on in most of these intelligence agencies. this performance has no parallel that i'm aware of. >> i have never seen is the likes of it. i have never seen the likes of the response by congress which is not to inquire first why the president of the united states has not taken action in response. remember it was he who declared that a cyber attack affecting this country and its assets, whether cyber or physical, would be treated as a physical attack upon the united states. he says the agencies that advise him say purportedly that they hacked, the russians hacked our election. and there's no response.
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there is just this public discourse. people are wondering what in hell happened here and why hasn't action been taken if indeed something important did the happen. >> remember, when barack obama draws a red line, you better not cross it. i think we all know that. >> right. >> the fact is there are occasions where the retaliation for a cyber attack or some kind of cyber intrusion should be done without public disclosure. but i would argue there are also increasing grounds to describe publicly what we've done after it's over. and the reason for that is to create -- to have other conditions, our adversaries around the world, understand what we are capable of doing and begin to build structures in the cyber universe that prevents this from happening in the first place, which we have done nothing of that i can see. >> so perhaps, ambassador you are perhaps not giving fair
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credit to this administration because it has done a magnificent job over eight years of withholding from public view its mighty responses to its provocations that one doesn't have the power it brings to bear when in anger. i haven't seen even one incident of that nature, have you? >> it would be nice to hear one. if we were doing it and doing it successfully, my guess is leakers from inside the administration would have told us. we haven't heard any of that. look, we have a month to go before barack obama leaves office, thank god. and what this says to me is beginning at noon on the 20th of january we need a serious reassessment of our capabilities offensively and defensively in the cyber world. we've got to get an honest debate about this i feel we are just as weak in cyber territory than we are in the traditional hard world of nuclear and conventional warfare.
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>> yeah. you know, and i would hope the next president of the united states would not tolerate intelligence agencies by having public expositions and participation in political gamesmanship, which it appears all of this is. >> in a country like russia, if you sue what they call the security services behaving this way, you would wonder what would come next. >> we have a pretty good indication i think. but we'd like to have a severe consequence, i believe, for such behavior and conduct on elected officials as well as the agencies. ambassador, always good to have you with us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thanks so much. stay with us. the president-elect reminded america and speaker ryan that he will build that great wall on our southern border. beautiful door and all.
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last night. ryan disagreed with trump or deannounced his comments, are you ready for this, once every week and a half during the campaign during a recent analysis. but the president-elect put the speaker on notice last night in wisconsin. listen to this. >> you know, honestly, he's like a fine wine. every day goes by i get to appreciate his genius more and more. now, if he ever goes against me, i'm not going to say that. >> joining me now former senior adviser to the newt gingrich campaign, randy evans. veteran of 10 presidential campaigns, former white house political director under ronald reagan, republican strategist ed rollins. good to have you both here, folks. let me start, randy, was the rnc hacked by russians?
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>> not to my knowledge. i find it fascinating where they are willing to pronounce all of these things. we had a hammer, server with bleaching in it, e-mails admitting lies. none on of that was good enough. yet we have this rumor where we can't find one fingerprint of one russian hack orrer leaving a trail. that is enough to prompt all of this furor over the electoral college. it is isry dig louse. >> to have all of these agencies out in public. they used to have 500 economists to tell you this candidate would be a disaster. oh, wait a minute. that was donald trump and the market has gone up more than 8% since he was elected. so that's not not working. what's working here? >> i don't know what's working. that's what the president needs to figure out. billions of dollars spent on intelligence. the whole idea of homeland
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security, the biggest portion was to take them all put them their one to make them work with each other. the president has to get in there. this is what i want. this is what i want you to give me every day and shake this thing up big time. >> what do you think of the devastated left in this country is playing out its last nightmare. they're complaining about a president who is the commander in chief saying he wants his damn intelligence briefing the way he wants it. randy, what in the world is wrong with that? should he be some sort of a sur vial recipient of whatever the intelligence agencies wish to pass on to him at a regular hour, of course? >> well, his intelligence briefers pull exactly the same stunt as the voters did. they didn't show up and they refused to show up. think about it for a second, though. if you are the president and there is a hacking, who is to
10:20 am
blame? who has ultimate responsibility to protect the integrity of the election? the very one calling for the briefing. he can only get a document that is indicting of himself, either it indicts his failure to do his job or indicts his statements that the election was somehow interfered with orri hacked. i don't know what it could possibly say. it of will have both naughty and nice on it. we know there was no hacking but there's no evidence on of hacking, but they lost. >> i don't know whether there was hacking or not. i know is the american made the right choice. the key thing for this president and this congress moving forward is to make sure in an ever-changing world in you have the story of a billion people being tapped into in the yahoo! accounts. >> three years ago. we're learning about it. >> the game is now all about sealing even's information.
10:21 am
and we have to protect ourselves at all times. >> this is not a news break. >> i'm not saying it is is. >> i'm saying it isn't. >> okay. >> and the fact of the matter is, the yahoo! thing happened three years ago. this administration still has not called out who hacked successfully into the defense department, into the office of personnel management but can tell you in three days it hacked into the dnc. >> i don't care about this administration. i care about the next one. he has the right to get the information he wants. >> i think we're violently agreeing. randy, make an argument. >> well, mine is the challenge that's left, what obama mass left behind. any you have briefers who refuse to appear before the congress you have a fundamental breakdown. they have a duty to report. even if their job was to only show up and say there's nothing to report. there was no hacking. they still have a responsibility
10:22 am
to do their job. that's i think the obama legacy will be, which is to replace the personnel that he has populated the government with -- >> what barack obama wanted done today the, denying the oversight committee the proper role ask and authority that is oversight. that's the result of one barack obama. the president of the united states, he is the guy. whether we like it or not, for the next 30 days the, a little over, he's going to be the president, and he's pulling these strings, i assure you both. i'm sorry he go ahead. >> one significant is power the congress has, they control slots. they control money. if people are not showing up to the briefing, cut the hell out of the budgets and cut the hell out of the slots. >> who scares you most, mitch mcconnell or paul ryan? who would you be afraid of? >> paul ryan. >> apparently this president isn't and he has had some experience with him. thank you both. appreciate it. up next, the president-elect working hard to be the greatest
10:23 am
president ever. >> tomorrow coming up to the office, the true giants of silicon valley, we're going to talk about how to grow jobs. we're going to talk about how they can stay on top. we're going to talk about a lot of great things. but the real giants are coming up tomorrow. so it's going to be great. >> and the giants were there. the tech summit, the subject of my commentary here next. my commentary here next. you don't want t
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and no chance of getting an athletic scholarship. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. a few thoughts now on donald trump's meeting with those technology leaders today. to put the i.d. logical divide in that in context, they donated a measly $180,000 to the trump campaign. there you are. employees of those same companies, however, donating big to hillary clinton as you see there. donating $4.4 million to hillary
10:28 am
clinton. it's an understatement to suggest there's some friction between silicon valley liberals and the president-elect. a letter from more than 140 technology leaders you may remember from earlier this year, pro claimed a trump administration to be a "disaster for innovation." just yesterday, however, microsoft bill gates proclaimed the president-elect could lead through innovation. gates further flattered mr. trump with comparisons to john f. kennedy. today mr. trump talked with a number of of his detractors, leaders of apple, amazon, facebook, google. ibm until yesterday. microsoft. the president-elect vowing to help those companies do well, to help them innovate. trump has already proven his administration is focused on jobs and he wants the technology industry to do their part as well in job creation.
10:29 am
they employ about 600,000 people. but they employ far fewer employees than less valuable companies like walmart. but there are already signs the trump magic is beginning to work even 36 days before taking office. ibm, before today's meeting, announced plans to invest a billion dollars and hire 25,000 employees the next four years. he has pledged corporate tax cuts and repatriation which would be a boost to, for example, apple that currently holds more than $200 billion overseas. it's time for trump's detractors in technology to work with him, to create jobs to the boost our economy. because he's also making it very clear he will be be their biggest booster, or he will be the shareholder. either way, trump's the right man for the job.
10:30 am
our quotation of the evening from former apple ceo john skully. he said this. the future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious. the future is becoming more obvious very quickly. we're coming right back. stay with us. the president-elect chooses a man he calls a world-class player as his secretary on of state. >> we just couldn't be more grateful than someone on of rex tillerson's proven leadership and accomplishments is willing to step forward
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the cia claimed that russian cyber attacks were aimed at handing donald trump a victory now rejected outright by the top intelligence office, the office of the director of national intelligence that sees the cia and 16 other agencies taking exception with the somewhat random assessment. despite? 19 additional electors from the democratic party today stepped forward. a total of 29 now, including nancy pelosi's very own daughter, asking for an intelligence briefing on the matter before they formally cast their ballots on december 19th. joining me now senior adviser is kellyanne conway. great to have you with us.
10:35 am
>> always a pleasure, lou. >> the left wants to be an aggravating source working against the interest of the president-elect. is that a fair construction do you think? >> the professional outrage machine that is the political left is in overdrive. they have no self reflection, self awareness. they missed their opportunity two weeks ago to just push out this failed leadership of nancy pelosi and her ilk. it cost a dozen senate seats, governorships. and, oh, now the white house with someone they said could not lose. they are just searching and reaching and grasping embarrassingly to keep this campaign going and to change the election results. lou, i went back today into a little time machine from two months ago and saw all of these statements from hillary clinton and supporters, will donald trump accept the election
10:36 am
results. he keeps saying it will be rigged. she said october 19th in las vegas that it was, quote, scary, to have somebody who is running for president say he won't accept the russian results. that's exactly what they are doing the here. it's not going to work. he won fairly and squarely. he is forming an amazing cabinet in quick order the way he does everything, on schedule, under budget, frankly. and a conservative cabinet at that. they can pound the table all they want. all they look like is a bunch of whiners. first it's jim comey's fault, bernie sanders, now russian hacking. it is hillary clinton. vladimir putin didn't tell her to the stay out of milwaukee and lose wisconsin. the first time it has been won by a republican since 1984. >> since 1984. the worst electoral shape they have been in since 1922 thanks to your efforts and the efforts of the president-elect donald j. trump.
10:37 am
that must drive them absolutely nuts. but enough about them. they're just mocking themselves it seems these days. i want to turn to rex tillerson, an unusual and fascinating choice for secretary of state. but we're already getting blowback not from the democrats so much as, you know, the old faithful, lindsey graham, john mccain, new senator james langford joining in on that. how much trouble do you think they will be and what can you do about it? >> rex tillerson is an inspired and amazing pick. much like the boss he will be working for, president trump he is unconventional. don't you want somebody who already has these relationships, who has been in these countries, 50 countries, russia, china, yemen, the middle east, developing nations.
10:38 am
don't you want somebody, lou, who already has been out there fighting for u.s. interests? and frankly, as secretary of state, we have a great relationship, the faith and the confidence of the president of the united states, which is important. lou, can you think of anywhere that is more swamp like than foggy bottom where the state department is? long before hillary clinton got there and used the state department as a concierge or foreign governments to bring their money for her foundation it has been swamp like. it is arrive with bureaucracy and murkiness and too many crocodiles in the water. >> they are like some of those critters now. >> that's right. people are going to push back. they are trying to conflate many different things. it is an asset. it is not a liability. politicians think that the best thing is to be a politician. they think the classic d.c.
10:39 am
government resume qualifies you for some of the positions in the cabinet. we know what happened. americans reject the 30-year tkfpl c. resume and gave it to a man with no political experience. that's what they wanted. >> rex tillerson matches all that you just described. >> all. >> and he is a tremendous negotiator. i kind of like the idea of the diplomatic core that makes up the state department having a diplomat in place, a man who has strong and positive relationships rather than those in conflict. we'll leave that to the defense department. i want to ask you about john bolton, rumored to be the number two for tillerson. what can you tell us about that? >> well, you know, john bolton is an incredibly experienced man on the world stage. he's held high positions in governments before for another
10:40 am
president. and he's known as an expert on will many of the issues that are in our nation and the globe. he had a good meeting with the president-elect when he came to the tower not so long ago. as you see, lou, just the vast number and diverse backgrounds of the state department, potential nominees that have come through the doors and interviewed with the president-elect and vice president-elect who has been breath taking. john bolton could get the number two spot or something in the state department. people say he is more hawkish, what will that mean. as a fox news analyst, people are able to hear what he believes and see what he's done. look, anybody who wants to try to embarrass us at the confirmation hearings better have substantive arguments with respect to these people. i would remind everybody eight years ago that at this time or basically a month or two from now, the first seven cabinet
10:41 am
nominees put forward by president obama were confirmed. the republicans confirmed them. that's what they did. they gave hillary clinton secretary of state. we hope to get a different fairness than we seem to be getting in a lot of the press quarters. >> a fraction of the, unfortunately, some of the longest serving and those holding leadership positions in the republican party seem hell bent on providing some conflict with the president-elect. we'll see how that works. i want to turn to one last issue here as we move forward. the news conference that was to be held on the 15th, the president has deferred i think the earliest january 3rd about how he is going to remove himself from his companies's
10:42 am
business interests. can you give us any indication about what is being considered? >> many different structures, lou. there's so much to unpack here and to consider. i have spoken with the president-elect. i have spoken with his adult children about this issue. everyone just wants to comply with the proper protocols. >> always glad to have you with us. thank you. >> were same here, lou. thank you. it is a technology summit and about-face for some of them supported while many of them or most of them supported hillary clinton. how will those ce on os from apple, cisco, tesla, fa amazon many more show the president-elect they're willing to work
10:43 am
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joining me now former chief executive officer is of apple, investor, financiering john sculley. even though aligned i.d. logically, silicon valley never moved to a level of an initiative that was at least successful and observable in
10:47 am
terms of job creation and dealing with some of the big issues that confront us and our society. why is that? >> i think part of the problem was that the current president is not a skilled, experienced business executive. and the fact is that a lot of the plan is that donald trump has outlined are ones that make good sense to business leaders, that he wants to find ways to restructure the tax code, to lower the corporate tax, which is the highest in the world. he wants to find ways to bring back over $2 trillion of capital offshore that can be used to help create more jobs. so this makes sense that donald trump is reaching out to the high-tech leaders at this time. >> re-pate ating all of that capital. that is a stimulus program in
10:48 am
its own right and would make possible the creation of hundreds and hundreds of thousands of jobs if targeted. and put to work in a reasonable time frame. what do you think will be required? >> well, i think that the skills of the leadership in silicon valley are unique to the world. and there are some pragmatic things that could be considered. foxconn, who produces all of apple's products over in china and has actually said they are willing to come and invest in the united states. i think of apple were to reach out and say, look, we want you to figure out a way to build our products competitively in the united states, maybe not all the products because there are supply chain issues on components that are difficult to get in the u.s. but there are probably innovative things that could get figured out.
10:49 am
i think the president-elect ought to reach out and say what can you do to help our country become great again. >> he yeah. it's a wonderful idea, if it isn't just all talk as the president puts it. you mentioned foxconn. to put it all in some context. over 700,000 jobs at its peak just for were apple products by foxconn. that number has been reduced through automation, technology. we're still talking a half million jobs. that is not inconsiderable and would milwaukee a tremendous impact for the good in this economy. >> yes. and one of the things which i think the government could help on, you know that in mexico, that mexico has 40 different trade agreements around the world that covers 60% of the world's economies. one of the reasons why you see many foreign companies locating in mexico is because they've got
10:50 am
trade advantages, not just lower cost labor. and automation is moving into mexico. why aren't those things coming to the united states? why aren't we negotiating as good trade agreements as mexico is around the world? >> there are two other considerations as well, john. mexico is not bringing all of that heavy regulation that accompanies any entrepreneurial effort in the united states because of this suffocating impulse of government, particularly over the last eight years, to strangle innovation and entrepreneurialism and also the environmental considerations that are also a significant burden but which is in on our society considered necessary and personal i think most of it appropriately so. we want clean air. we want clean water. but we don't need to be suffocated by regulation either, do we? >> no. you hit on all the key i think will be of great interest in the silicon valley leaders i think
10:51 am
what we also need to recognize is while silicone valleys aren't large employers themselves, they have huge influence on being able to build what i call the eco system economy, meaning that if foxconn were to locate a factory in the u.s. and build products for some of the smartphone companies that, in fact, you would build up a whole eco system of smaller companies, lower regulations would help access to cap has been a big problem in the u.s., all the money has gone to big corporations. i think there are a lot of things that the government can do to help create a better environment. and you outlined a lot of the key ones. >> john sculley, thanks for being with us. please come back soon. always enjoy hearing your thoughts and talking to you. thanks so much. >> thanks, lou. >> uncovering voter fraud in detroit.
10:52 am
it is shocking in a democratic major city.
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i've invested a lot in this game and the returns i get out are measured in reps, huddles,bright lights, competition and games played. at td ameritrade we believe the best investments are the ones that matter most to you. joining me now rachel campos-duffy and host of the mike gallagher radio show, mike gallagher. rachel, let's start with you. a big recount in michigan,
10:56 am
detroit. 37% of the precincts? a little problem. >> absolutely. and, you know, there are more votes than they were people. they should be audited. there should be an investigation. it made me think what they did in my home state of wisconsin. jill stein came in for a recount, tried to put a stain on trump's victory. also we find out there was another reason they came to wisconsin, by the way. it was greed. a million in consultant fees. >> no. >> say that's not -- oh. i was so sure she was -- i was so sure, rachel, she was on a campaign of justice and to bring truth and light. >> purity. rachel mentioned voter i.d. this screams for a need for voter i.d. russians got to detroit.
10:57 am
jim comey coordinated it. dead bodies. it screams for a need. we will see voter i.d. laws. you have to present an i.d. to show you are who you say you are when you vote. >> hallelujah. >> the idea of voter i.d., guys, greg abbott, a governor of texas, started driving and won more than he lost against this administration. we're going to have to wait and see what happens with the supreme court, which should make everybody excited all over again that donald trump won this election. when we start talking about those justices it is likely it is going to be more than one justice. rachel, let me ask you, rick perry for energy. rex tillerson for state department.
10:58 am
ryan zinke hasn't accepted but for interior. these are pretty strong names for trump. do you have any observations at all of his nominees? >> no. i think these are all very strong names. i'll tell you the nominee i'm most excited about is betsy devos. if you break the government monopoly on education, especially for charter schools and having that go nationwide, boy, you can change the entire country. this is something as a mom and as a minority that is very dear to my heart. there is in equality in education, and it has been perpetuated by the left. we have somebody now who is steering the unions. that means she's probably a good choice. >> it was also gratifying to hear her renouncing common core. this has been a big core about betsy devos. she likes common core i have known governor perry for a lot
10:59 am
of years. used to live and work in the dallas area. >> he is one of the most decent classy guys they will ever meet he is the same fellow in person as he is on a tv camera or anywhere else. >> always told me you have to seal the border, seal the border, seal the border. good choice. this is christmas morning he every day. it keeps getting better. >> rachel, i have to ask you, donald trump said give a shout out to paul ryan talking about his genius and reminding he is going to be building a wall. what was your reaction? >> well, i was there in the room when it happened. it happened in wisconsin. let me tell you, lou, these are two people who are better together than they are apart. he's a big idea. not much on policy and policy details he is the quintessential
11:00 am
policy. you are going to bring out the mom in me. they are like pb&j. they need each other. >> if you can sell that [ dynamic music plays ]


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