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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  December 20, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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because we have yet another record day on wall street. not quite to the 20,000 mark on the dow, but here comes and there is the closing bell at the new york stock exchange and today we have the combination of david asman and lauren simonetti. >> oh. >> thanks, connell. i think he wishes he was on the floor for dow 20,000. it didn't happen today, but we came within 13 points of that milestone. >> this close. >> and right now, it looks like we're settling about 30 points away from hitting that milestone. we did score a brand new record for dow and also the nasdaq. and i'm lauren simonetti in for melissa francis. >> i'm david asman. what we have for you this hour, germany on high alert. a manhunt is underway after german police say they initially arrested the wrong man for the terror attack
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killing people and injuring 50 more. and there are efforts to beef up security at home. the broken borders remain a threat to the national security. a new report showing hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants have criminal records. what will we do with them? and tech ceo's getting heat from their own employees after they met with donald trump. >> how dare you meet with the president-elect. let's go back to the market. the trump rally rolls on and let's make it a santa claus rally. the dow closing for a new high the 17th time, and caterpillar, goldman sachs, and home depot are among the biggest gainers. we have the fox business contributor watching in oil and gold and the cme. lori rothman is on the floor of the new york stock exchange for a historic day. it's exactly four weeks since the dow first closed above 19,000 and now possibly another
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1,000 points in a month's time. what names have been fueling this big surge to 20k and what helped us get back there today. >> can you read my hat? almost, almost 20,000. >> who gave you na? >> they're all over the floor. the theme for two weeks here. once again the dow take a shot at 20,000 d it came within 12 points the best level, but they flowed at the best records today. let's look at what brought us from 19,000 to almost 20,000. it's been a financial story, especially goldman sachs. get this, goldman sachs accounting for 1/5 of the drive from 19 to 20,000 and that amounts to more than 200 points. the next best performer, united-health group, incorporated, just over 82 points. let's look at today. what kept the dow from the historic 20,000 milestone? merck, cisco, united technologies, and johnson & johnson. merck and johnson & johnson, the health care companies with
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a huge trouble spot and look at the sectors for the market today, consumers, financials were strong, energy, and once again the health care names kept the rally at bay. a record high and earnings watch from nike, fedex. that might be a catalyst to get us offer the mark once and for all. >> absolutely, and bring me one of the hats since they're all over the floor. >> and the highest level in a week there's an expectation of a decline in crude stocks and oil doesn't seem to be at all phased by what we're seeing in europe, turkey and germany. they really aren't phased by it because there's an expectation at least for right now, if theres an ex ekscalation it coue bullish. turkey moves almost 3 million barrels a day through the turkish straits. if that situation gets worse it's bullish for oil from a risk standpoint.
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today, oil was focused on libya today. we saw prices up in part because libya was supposed to bring more oil onto the market last week. it didn't happen. there were a lot of tensions between different groups, gus what? they loaded a tanker of oil today and that brought oil down a little bit. but oil is still stunted, of course, by what president obama is going to do. he's going to put in some indefinite restrictions and drilling in parts of the arctic and other parts of the ocean and that's going to be bullish long-term. gold is getting crushed again. forget about gold when the market is um. nobody wants to own the yellow metal even as we're close to christmas, lauren, it's not happening. >> i want to go back to something you said. the breaking news, president obama designating part of the arctic ocean above alaska off limits for future oil and gas leasing. is this obama trying to get more into his agenda in his final months? >> it is, the last minute
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attempt to try to cement his legacy as the climate change president, the anti-oil president and he has done it and he's done it in such a way that he's made it a lot more restrictive on the u.s. than canada that's joined in the deal. >> phil, you're the best, phil flynn, thank you. >> the dow just narrowly missing the 20k mark rallying after the electoral college confirming donald trump. and the oath of office. a fox news contributor, one of the best prognosticators. and jason, good to see you both. gary, i'm calling this a hope rally. everybody's hoping that donald trump follows through on all of his promises with taxes. everybody is hoping that companies respond. fb is hoping that companies get record profits. so far it's all based on hope. when do we need some actual evidence? >> well, i agree 50%. the other 50% is i believe that
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the market was ready for hillary clinton to be president, which meant, if they won the senate, that means bernie sanders would have been head of the senate budget committee and probably elizabeth warren as treasury secretary. so i think you've got both sides the bottom line is-- >> let me summarize what you've said. it's more than a hope rally. it's a relief rally. >> relief rally, no doubt. look, we went from higher taxes to lower taxes, more regulation to less regulations, so you're seeing that, but look, they're going to have to come through. they're talking about lower the estate tax or getting rid of it. dismantling dodd-frank and the corporate tax. they don't do it the market is going to react negatively. >> and people on the street to feel like they're paying less taxes not just the corporations. >> that's what donald trump is promising or at least declaring that's the going to be the reality over the next four years is a tax break for everybody.
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mom and pop down the street to apple, microsoft, et cetera. the other key element he is wanting to enact is the one-time lowering tax rate of the repatriation fund. he thinks there will be trillions of dollars of money floating back to the u.s. that's the theme, to put it simply, a ridiculous amount of capital that would not have flowed to the u.s. if it weren't for trump's policies, but that hasn't happened yet so this is a classic buy the rumor, sell the fact environment, but if you stand in front of that and sell now, that's not going to work. you have to go with the trend right now and you know what? the only thing that's going to stop this rally dead in its tracks is if u.s. interest rates really, really continue higher and i don't necessarily see that so i think it's clear skies ahead at this point. >> thank you so much. let's head back down to the floor of the new york stock exchange where we have trader teddy weisberg standing by. the prompter says you're a legend down there and you're going to roll your eyes and
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say, lauren, stop calling me own, but you've seen in your age a lot of milestones. we did close at record highs for the dow and the nasdaq. what is the mood on the floor? a hope rally, a relief rally? i've been told it's a rally. people don't want to get in, but if they don't they'll miss that going higher. >> when the dow was 500 and i've seen a lot of milestones and ups and downs and basically up in the last 50 years. i think the previous guest sort of hit half the nail on the head. i think it's a giant relief rally. i think we would have seen a strong market no matter who got elected. clearly, trump was a big surprise, no matter what, this election was a game-changer and the trump election at least from an economic point of view is the icing on the cake.
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i'd remind everybody when reagan was elected in 1980. the dow was 1,000 and in 1982 the dow went on a 18-year run and went from dow 1,000 to dow 1000, that includes the crash of '87, where we were down 22% on the dow in one day. but the fact is, the market went up ten times. now, i'm not suggesting that that's going to happen again. >> how high does it go, teddy? the next milestone, let's get to 20, 21,000, where do we go? >> i would simply say i saw the dow at 500 and and i suspect to see the dow at 20,000. the message is clear no matter the politics, no matter what's going on, the u.s. economy is the 800 pound gorilla and owning stocks over the longer term is a smart thing to do. >> and teddy, turn around, your friend is doing a dance behind you, there's energy on floor the new york stock exchange and
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in america and it's playing out behind you, teddy. >> well, there's energy everywhere because this election, whatever you want to call it, relief rally, call it what you will, clearly, i think was a game changer. nobody knows what the future holds, but we've got a shot the saying major changes economically and that's a plus for the stock market. >> good to see you. thank you for your perspective. >> my pleasure. >> well, president-elect donald trump vowing to cut regulations, revive growth in the u.s., but outgoing treasury secretary jack lew spoke exclusively to fox business's maria bartiromo strongly disagreeing with trump on the matter. >> i think that the idea that you cut regulations and you unleash enormous growth in an economy, i don't think it's supported by the analysis that i've seen of most of the regulatory proposals. i think you also have to look at what you're doing when you reverse regulations. we've seen that the cost benefit of these things is net
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positive for doing the things we've done. so i personally do not think the analysis-- it shows enormous burgeoning income and revenue, will materialize. >> we have gary and jason joining us once again. you just heard jack lew, gary, say that cutting regulations doesn't spur growth, but how else would you explain this massive rally on wall street. it's all about eight years of red tape going away? >> me thinks jack lew full of the big caca. all i can tell you, go ask the coal companies that went bankrupt because of too many regulations. go look at bank stocks up 25% just on the thought of dismantling doddfrank. and just look at the restaurants because of obamacare and minimum wages. regulations matter when you have tons of regulations we've
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seen over the last eight years. you clear those clouds up and unleash the economy and the business people around this country. >> yeah, so, jason, if regulations apparently aren't an issue, they don't make a difference, why are private businesses complaining so much? >> well, that shows you that jack, maybe he's the treasury secretary, but he's not chief economist and not head trader. so i think gary is definitely correct. gary, i agree with you, this does not make sense what jack is saying. donald trump not only because of his persona, his charisma, but the facts of what he's proposing from an economic standpoint, the proof is in the pudding. that's what i have to say. the proof's in the pudding. japanese billionaire, you know, $50 billion into the u.s., 50,000 jobs. carlos slim just met with donald trump. there are so many proofs that we're seeing materialize that are-- that could portend a higher gdp which could be triple what it was now. if that's the case, jack will
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have to eat his words, hopefully on this show. >> all right, president-elect donald trump is not vacationing this holiday season. his latest moves just mentioned by our go-- guests was meeting with his harshest critic, and carlos slim, worth 50 billion. the great man from mexico called me to get together for a meeting. we met,'s he an a great guy. >> gary, i've got to tell you nobody was a harsherritic down south of the border than this guy. he owns a big piece of the new york times so he used not only his own mouth to diss donald trump, but helped the newspaper get down on donald trump every chance they could possibly get. is it true? could these two actually get together and do something? >> oh, absolutely. look, first off, love the name carlos slim.
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i wish i had that name. bottom line, donald trump is making a good move here. he said things that got people upset in mexico and got people wondering. you get carlos slim talking confidently about you, things change. it's a wise political move to move things forward, mexico is important to the u.s. and the u.s. is vitally important to them. >> a historic meeting between the president of mexico and donald trump. and they said that trump did not look presidential. there are people, despite the dissing back and forth, there are people like the president of mexico and carlos slim who feel they can apparently work with the next president of the united states. >> exactly. this is not going to be the new cold war between the usa and mexico. that is absurd. trump is known for using exaggerations.
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he's known for user hyperbole, and that's attracted the people's attention in general. now, listen, he's in office and he's got to take the gloves off and get down to work with the leaders of the world. trump is not stupid, he does know how to make a deal and his whole philosophy is to start them low. tough talk initially and then meet and i think it's going to work out well. >> the big deal, the big question about the big deal, will he get the mexicans to pay for the wall? what do you think? >> i think in a way. i don't think they're cutting checks, but i think there'll be something in the trade agreements that do that and just remember, it's not going to be a wall from sea to shining sea, it's going to be in certain spots, important spots to protect our country and by the way, to help out mexico out, also. i do believe to a certain extent. >> jason, do you think that the mexicans will pay for the wall? >> they're not going to pay 100% for the wall if there's
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going to be a wall. whatever that's going to be done is for the interest of both countries. >> it looks like they're working together. thanks. lauren. >> two defense officials stay an effort is underway to move up to 22 get mo he deattendees by the time president obama leaves office on january 20th and donald trump steps in. there are currently 59 gitmo detainees, and some are too dangerous to transfer. we'll see what donald trump has to say about this. the suspect behind the terror attacks that killed 12 people and injured 50 more in germany. german police say they arrested the wrong man. what we know about the man who is at large and the efforts to capture him. >> and donald trump is vowing to eradicate terrorists from the face of the earth.
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that's different from the obama administration. lieutenant generally mcnerny is here to weigh in. >> beefing up measures at home. we'll see how chicago is responding to the big christmas market in dealey plaza. >> we can expect more threats of this kind. this is the reality. there is no front line like in world war i or world war ii. the front line is when you leave your house in the morning on when you go to a christmas market in downtown berlin. o the people you love, does psoriasis ever get in the way of a touching moment? if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, you can embrace the chance of completely clear skin with taltz. taltz is proven to give you a chance at completely clear skin. with taltz, up to 90% of patients had a significant improvement of their psoriasis plaques. in fact, 4 out of 10 even achieved completely clear skin. do not use if you are allergic to taltz.
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don't start a war you know you're going to lose. finally you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. >> an earnings alert. we've got good news for nike out with their second quarter results. lori rothman is on the floor of the nyse with the numbers. >> a strong quarter for nike. this is the company that has the dubious distinction along
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with coca-cola, the only two dow components down on the year. nike is off year to date. the dow component, the bigger story as we're watching the dow 20,000 that's so far been elusive. the better than expected numbers tonight might be a positive catalyst that investors may key into tomorrow. who knows? i don't have a crystal ball. that's one train of thought. and earnings per share 50 cents, better thatten the 43 cents per share on 8.2 million in revenue. the forecast is for just over 8 billion, about a 5 1/2% gain in revenue for nike. converse all-stars, those sneakers were one of the big drivers, that's a strong point for nike, back to you. davi good fothem. lauren. lauren: right now a manhunt underway in germany for a suspect from a truck crash at a marketplace in berlin that left
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12 dead and others injured. peter barnes has the latest on this. it keeps changing this story. good to see you. >> that's right. isis is now claiming responsibility for this attack in berlin through its propaganda agency saying the executer in berlin is a soldier of the islamic state and the so-called response to target the coalition countries, the countries fighting bombing in syria. german investors and other investigators will have to confirm that. and one official says that isis often claims credit for things it may not be involved with at all. german authorities are calling the truck attack an act of terrorism. that had all the hall marks of islamic extremism. and they could not rule out that a suspect or suspects involved in the attack may still be at large following the
4:23 pm
release of that pakistani man arrested last night after the ait can. he was released today. the country is still on high alert. the white house said today that president obama spoke by phone last night with german chancellor angela merkel offering his and american's condolences. >> we're on high alert at home here, too, david. david: as law enforcement officials continue the alert for the truck driver in berlin. the question raises, how do we revent that here at home. joining us with what we should be doing, scott, first of all, they got the wrong guy. then they had to let him go so that means there's a terrorist on the loose. the people in berlin are scared and there's reason to be scared. we've seen these guys, false arrest before and the terrorists go out and do something else. >> as we saw several months ago
4:24 pm
with the paris and brussels attack, they fled the paris attack and were found in neighborhoods outside of brussels and mean this person could have fled the country, unfortunately. david: and they apparently had chatter, if you will, that there was something going to happen in an area just like the one that was actually hit. suggesting a truck might be used as it was used. we in new york had similar warnings, we put up the trucks, the sand trucks, about two dozen of them as a precautionly tale. why didn't they do the same in europe? >> new york city is i think, unusually well prepared. a larger police department per 100,000 people than what you see in europe. berlin, whether it's germany, italy, france, generally speaking their security forces and police are swamped because
4:25 pm
of the influence of refugees, even with notice and expecting an imminent attack they will be caught flat-footed unfortunately. they can't cover all the bases. >> we now have isis claiming responsibility for the act. if it's true or not true is there any kind of command and control that isis have of these people going out and committing terrorist events? >> the sad thing, if they aren't recruited this yid, they've got this and they're looking at a certain people. david: are there agents, if you will, of isis they can put in anytime? >> i believe that's less likely. i think they're remig on the-- on newly recruited individuals because that confuses the security forces and they can
4:26 pm
get around the preparations that the germans are taking or the french in this case. david: good to see you, scott. lauren: and bab la-- backlash, why tim cook felt he had to explain why he met for this. and a look at the potential christmas threat.
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>> tech titans against donald trump. apple ceo tim cook defending, defending his meeting with the president-elect, writing to his staff, quote, i've never found being on the sidelines a successful place to be. the way that you influence these issues is to be in the arena. all of this coming as ibm workers protesting cooperation with trump saying, they're quote, disappointeby the ceo's open letter to the president-elect, working with him. we have jessica tarlof, and
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from the weekly standard, a fox news contributor. >> hi, lauren. >> jessica, don't the ceo's like apple's know where their bread is butter? >> i think so they do. there was more to the letter than the fact this this he don't like donald trump. and they're looking at civil liberties, tasked in participating and helping to develop a muslim registry. that's a concern for all americans, this was not necessarily donald trump's most popular proposal. we remember people like paul ryan saying this is the very definition of racism. that's where they stand on this and he'd like more on ibm, and the letter is more expansive than we don't want donald trump. lauren: fred, i don't understand what's so negative and bad about an american company, ibm, and their ceo working to create thousands, as she called it, new collar american jobs?
4:31 pm
>> there's nothing wrong with that. i mean, look, this so-called backlash isn't much of a backlash. it's about anti-trump employees trying to really preen and pretend like there's really some huge moral issue involved here. that's just nonsense. there is no muslim registry at all. >> not yet, fred. >> no, no, no. >> we have to say, listen. >> wait a minute, wait a minute. >> i don't know that donald trump is going to do had an of of what he said he was and i don't know why americans shouldn't stand up and protest on behalf of freedom of religion, that's important and should be for everyone. >> of course, we have freedom of religion. we don't need a bunch of low level ibm employees to tell us about that and they don't need to tell the president of ibm there. look, i thought tim cook handled this exactly right. he said, look, we're going to be engaged. being on the sidelines doesn't work. when he's invited to a meeting with the president-elect and
4:32 pm
you have the head of of amazon, microsoft and tesla and ibm there. lauren: you go. >> you know darned well, the head of apple will want to be there, too. lauren: is there a disconnect here, a disconnect between liberal silicon valley not being open in this instance, not wanting to sit down with the new leader of the free world? >> oh, are you talking to me? a liberal disconnect front? i think that people are unhappy about the outcome, something that's happening not just on the coast, but many in the middle of the country who aren't thrilled about it. donald trump has still incredibly low favorability, you know, and didn't win the popular vote, we know that. hillary clinton 2.8 million more votes a lot coming out of california i'm not shocked here. i think it's important for people to be able to voice their concerns and listen, i thought everyone should have been at the meeting. we shouldn't reprimand people for voicing concerns especially when it comes down to civil liberties.
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>> but ibm employees are embarrassing the ceo of the company and with -- and when they also slipped in there some economic demands as well. which i think detracted from their whole spiel. lauren: don't go anywhere, we'll see you both in a bit. david: yeah, we want more of this panel. meanwhile, a vow to destroy isis, the president-elect promising to eradicate terrorist networks around the world. new details on donald trump's strategy to keep americans safe. lieutenant general thomas mcnerny is here. lauren: and a plan to keep possible terrorists out of the country.
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>> well, because it was such a good day let's look at it again. look where stocks ended the day. no dow 20k, but new records for the dow and nasdaq. trump rally seems unstoppable, at least for the moment, lauren. lauren: u.s. officials are on high alert. security is a big concern for christmas markets following the attacks in germany. we have jeff flock at the christmas market at dealey plaza, a market you've been going to for years. are people excited, cautious? what's security like? >> i tell you, i've never seen the security as tight as it is
4:38 pm
this year. take a look at the people, if you thought anybody would get scared away by what happened yesterday in berlin, the scene looks tremendously like that. when i look at the pictures from here and pictures from there, it's a similar markets and this, of course, is a high profile target. it's in the middle of downtown and it works if you're an islamic terrorist, it's capitalism at its best and christianity at its best. we've got the world's tallest church with a cross on it, that's the chicago temple, the methodist church. one time the tallest building in theity. at any rate, folks out here in force. nobody scared away by what happened yesterday, but police, that's what i'll leave you with. dutch, i want to show you the police presence if we can get through the crowd, it's a big crowd. they've parked at actress
4:39 pm
points where maybe a truck or something to read through this. that's blocked now and the chicago police are heavily in evidence. the market goes on, the life goes on. lauren: jeff flock, i feel like you're my tour guide. >> we try. david: the president-elect will confront a series of global crises as soon as he gets into the oval office. how will he respond and his team respond? here is fox news military analyst. we've got a lot of generals on the security team. john kelly, the homeland security chief nominee. james mattis, mad dog mattis. and general michael flynn, he's the national security advisor. general flynn came out with this book a couple of months ago called "the field of fight" and it's a terrific little book. not that long, but a lot of substance in here, i'm sure you've read it.
4:40 pm
he said, quote, very few americans seem to recognize that a global war is being waged against us. we're in a war against radical islam. how will we be able to define it, the current president hasn't been able to do the past eight years, change the war itself? >> first of all, i have an autographed copy of it and i've read it and it's an excellent book. general flynn understands this extremely well and that's why president trump has identified the threat as radical islam, david. that's the number one thing to do. you identify the threat and then you form a grand coalition, which they will be in the process of doing. and that grand coalition will consist of u.s. leadership, nato and middle east and arab allies and you then go and you attack the ideology in which the muslims themselves must change. you need to see-- >> let me stop you there, general, if i may. >> yes. david: some of the folks we've called eye allies in the
4:41 pm
community, on one handshake our hands and our goals on one hand, but some of them are funding the terrorist s. >> absolutely, that's what we've got to change and confront them. the king in saudi arabia, he does that so he must talk to the mullahs in mecca and medina and say, look, we can't have this ideology, cancerous ideology that's going to defeat islam unless we get control of it. they must say if people attack the west they are what they call unholy warriors and live in damnalt tion. and we need kinetic.
4:42 pm
the obama administration did not do, aided and abetted it. they gave iran, the number one terror maker in the world $150 billion to modernize their nuclear weapons process so in eight years they are going to have the full capability as well as, as well as which they admitted would go towards terroris funding hezbollah, and that's why we've got the problem that we do in syria because they now have additional resources. they bonded with russia, but russia has this problem, too. we need to bring russia into this because they lost their ambassador yesterday. it will bite them as well. david: it's a complex world, but they've got the generals to take it on. take on the enemies that confront us. general mcinnerney, thank you for being here. lauren. lauren: it's a bitter back and forth between bill clinton and donald trump, not stopping. who knows what one of them is going to say next. i don't. david: who knows?
4:43 pm
securing the border, remaining at the top of the next administration's agenda and if trump could deport the illegals, our next guest says it would be the best gift of all. >> this couldn't be a greater christmas present not just for the people of arizona, but all americans and those of us who serve in law enforcement.
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>> welcome back. the world is waiting for answers following the horrific attack in berlin last night. as many in the united states are fearful of attacks occurring here as well. and looking to are ways to prevent them. here to respond we have sheriff paul babeau from pin nell county. >> good to see you. lauren: and donald trump is the law and order president, he's showing that with response to germany?
4:47 pm
>> that's great news to be receiving a new president and president donald trump will be known in my lifetime as the greatest law and order president we've had and somebody who actually supports us in law enforcement at a time when you look at germany, the president-elect's response is we're going to go after and destroy isis. meanwhile barack obama is playing golf in hawaii. lauren: it's tough talk from donald trump. here at home we have 820,000 illegal immigrants according to a new report, most of them, 84% of them criminals. is trump with his tough talk going to be able to track them and deport them? >> absolutely. these aren't just criminals. 84% of this 820,000 are actually convicted felons. these are our most dangerous criminals in the whole country. and the fact that these people are not from the united states, they're from other countries, not just mexico, central america and other countries
4:48 pm
around the world, and we can't get this right and can't deport them after they've served a lesser sentence. and what donald trump is going to do is tackle ice, and those of us working in local, state and county law enforcement, identify and apprehend and for ice to formally deport them as the law requires. lauren: what do you make of this? los angeles is proposing this taxpayer-funded $10 million fund for resistance to these immigrants. >> good luck. for one, it's a waste of taxpayer dollars and the taxpayers should be outraged about it and call on those elected officials to do what's right to follow the law. there will be no sanctuary cities or counties when we have a new president because largely, the supreme court's already ruled this under the
4:49 pm
supremacy clause that this is the role of the president and federal government and he has the largest law enforcement agencies, within ice, within border patrol and others that will gladly work as partners to enforce the law. a new day has come, law and order shall rule the day. we shall have secure borders and put americans, our citizens and our public safety first again. lauren: couldn't have said it better myself. sheriff, thank you. >> thank you. david: president-elect donald trump in a war of words with a former president. who is on the wrong end of this presidential spat? our panel weighs in next.
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>> billionaire versus millionaire.
4:53 pm
the battle between former president bill clinton and president-elect donald trump is heating up after fbi, and angry white men for his wife's loss. a and trump says they focused on the wrong states. and bill clinton said they're right and they're back to respond on the tit for tat thing. and how much longer are the clintons going to blame angry white men for their loss? >> forever, let them do it. >> i think that donald trump made a mistake responding here. look, i go back a long time and when gerald ford lost to jimmy carter in 1976 and it wasn't a surprise but he was depressed for months. i mean, hillary clinton, the loss was a lot more painful and i think her husband is just trying to ease the pain for her
4:54 pm
by saying, oh, you know, james comey, he's the one that cost you the election and so on and when i voted for you, it was the most important vote i ever made. >> right. >> trump won. david: the clintons also have what i think it's fair to call an empire. they've got the clinton foundation. a political past, maybe not much of a political future, but they want to assure they have some kind of a political future, right? >> i'm not sure what they're going to do. we've discussed that donations to the clinton foundation are do unand talk before when we thought that hillary clinton was going to be the president, wind it down and maybe shift it over to the bill and melinda gates foundation and let them run it. i don't know what's next for the clintons, for either of them. we know that they like the spotlight and make sure that they are giving back and serving the public in some way. i think this feud, i agree with fred, is silly.
4:55 pm
david: jessica, i want to call you out on something. serving the public, is that what the clinton foundation was all about? and wasn't there a lot of-- >> look, you won that argument, i don't think we need to return to it, david. but look, the-- >> do they have a political future? do the clintons have any political future at all? >> you mean running for office? probably not, but being influential in the party, they probably do. but donald trump has to realize he claims a right to respond to any criticism of him. he doesn't need to respond now. he won. he's going to be president! he doesn't need to respond to a comment by bill clinton. david: jessica, there seems to be a knee-jerk instinct in donald trump to respond that he doesn't have to. >> that's the thin-skinned thing that they're talking about.
4:56 pm
david: the thin-skinned won-- >> i'm not blaming anything, but 80,000 votes even with the russians and huma abedin and there are reports that bill clinton told them we're in the wrong places, with are bernie sanders did well. the clinton foundation does good work. david: i'm sure they do and they also do good work for the clintons. lauren. lauren: in the meantime, that trump rally keeps on going, but when will 20k become reality?
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
>> peter tuchman was on the floor of the new york stock exchange when we were doing dow 20,000, we hit a close mark. >> trump rally continues, what could pushes blue chips over the edge? nike?
5:00 pm
shares up 3% after hours. this would add 10 more points, that would be just about -- >> 2 points away. >> that is it for us, we'll make it to 20 k can my guess, "risk & reward" starts right now. >> germany on high alert could a man return underway -- a manhunt underway for a armed and dangerous terrorist, who escaped after ramming a 32-ton truck into a busy christmas market last night. leaving a dozen dead, and over 50 injured. germany police releases a pakistani refugee, initially thought to be a suspect, police warning that terrorists who slaughtered innocents last night is still on the loose


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