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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  December 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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the word christmas comes from christ. lauren: who died on the cross. david: it was just in time for christmas, have a wonder tall christmas and happy hanukkah, thank you for joining us, "risk & reward" starts right. >> just days before christmas, u.s. cities on high alert again after more warnings of a possible domestic terror attack. this as an arrest of an isis sympathizish just made right here at home. web to "risk & reward." new york police deputy, fbi and homeland security,ing a joints security bulle second
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bulletin saying they continue to call on individuals to conduct independent attacks in u.s., using knives, could haves, improvised explosive devices and small arms. this after a foiled christmas day terror bomb plot in australia. former trump campaign foreign policy adviser walid phares, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. liz: australia was on top of it. do you think that united states is? >> i hope we are. i think our agencies are gig a very good job, beginning from where you are in new york area. again, i sense that al qaeda
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ask other jihadist groups have given guidelines, it is not necessary to give specific orders, but those who are inspired by then or indoctrinated by them, may have their plans themselves like we saw in berlin. liz: men in their 20s often teenagers, they are -- do you think that australia was only christmas bomb plot planned. there are warnings in u.s. that churns ar churches will targetd. >> the whole phenomenon of christmas is considered byjihad. we have be aware. but not only the churches, it
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is anything to do with christmas. >> more than 18,000 terror attacks since 1970 according to new data, more than 10500 people killed. that australia plot, you see ieds and knives. walid this looks to be an extensive christmas day ballot, possiblies day after targeting a cricket match. have you sign this before? christmas day bombings, and christmas season bombings? have you seen it so focused like this. >> remember, christmas day dahmer, idea -- bomber, idea was to cause as much damage as possible while individuals, groups and churches, and maybe malls and games are underway.
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that is their vision. that is what they would like to do. it is an intention to cause harm. it is up to law enforce. , and as important the public, if the public is alert then we could thwarts a lot of these plots. liz: that 12-year-old nail bomber, outside of city hall there, and christmas market he was detected bypassers by. let's turn to new video released, dashcam footage captures moment that a terrorists plowed the truck into the berlin christmas marking killing 12 innocent people, injuries over 50, terrorist, a tunisian refugee was shot and killed this morning after echanges gun fire with police, injuring a prove, police officer, this terrorist of found in italian. somehow high traveled with the gun, on a train, over 4 days,
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and all during an international manhunt. how did he travel so far undetected on a train, with a gun, hiding in plane site? >> well, let's look at, he is coming from tunisia, he joined syrian refugees coming to europe. and then once in europe, 2 27 country in europe have some what open borders, he could have ended up in spain, or britain or sweden, the problem now is how can europeans together, as one union or nato, be able to detect the jihadists before they come in. >> president obama took the attack of dialing it down. ratcheting down the isis and terrorist threats,
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president-elect trump tweeting out the terrorists killed so many people in germ gorham, said by god's will we will slaughter you pigs, this is a religious threat, it turned to reality, such hatred. when will u.s. and country fight back. this stronger stance that trump is taken do you think it will cause u.s. to support. >> trump and his administration is going to change. we'll have a different strategy, i have been touring the middle east, as well, i met with religious leaders in kay -- cairo for example, they told me, if you do not show resolve, you americans, if you don't show courage, and confrontation, then the
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jihadists will be involved, if you show withdrawal they will continue to attack. liz: let's say, in first second membership muslim are being assassinated and killed by terrorists, is what you hearing is that there is resolve on part o muslim leaders who say, yes this is a cancer in our risk, we need to get rid of it. are they saying too that we need all to come its, we recognize that there are three killers, to call it what it is and gets rid of it. >> that is what i'm hearing, the public some expect a connection with light-minds muslim and arab leaders in the region. we need to fine partners in
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europe. there are also partners in europe. i think that in 2017 we'll see a political landscape internationally from the last 8 years. liz: thank you walid phares, a terrific guest. >> countries in europe under attack, germany, australia, and turkey, targets of test or, hillary clinton and president obama spend most their time trying to convince americans it is the right wing fault. >> we know that a lot of the rhetoric we heard from donald trump has been seized on by terrorists, in particular isis. >> i think that kinds of rhetoric that we heard too often, from mr. trump and others, is helping to do isil's work for us.
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liz: take this to political power panel. nice to have you on. are we supposed toic ead to this kind of emotional blackmail that hillary clinton and president obama are talking about? what are country doing in europe to provoke these attacks, is it just the u.s. that is provokes, just donald trump? >> it is ridiculous, any time we fight back, we have a bunch of weak-willed liberals like barack obama, hillary clinton, angela merkel trying to blame us for crimes of radical muslims, i will say that again, had rall radical
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muslims, not all muslims, we have muslims fighting with us our allies, this is an attempt to stop us from protecting ourselves and make us sit and take it. and that is not -- we can't do that. donald trump has the right idea. right idea is to identify the enemy, and fight. >> eric, walid phares just pointed out, we know a lot of muslims are being killed by radical islamic terrorists, he is saying he is hearing that muslim leaders want us to step up and eradicated the cancer. do the attacks in europe, does that not show us something else is at foot here, and that americans are not responsibility for it. >> i think there is a bigger war here, i think they are focusing on western culture in general, any modernized
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western culture, the other thing -- >> like turkey? >> absolutely. turkey is gotten westernized. and a soft target. so they are going av soft targets after the little small bastions. liz: turkey has been really radicalized, stay with me. they now have 2.7 million syrian and other refugees there. they have most -- >> i'm talking about the economy, liz, the economy. i'm talking about the general movement in the direction of certainly technology, and advance am of the economy, you are right on that fact, i'm not talking about, that i'm talking about the westernization in terms of economy and culture. liz: i hear. okay. curt, you know, europe is now moving to launching a terror watch database that country in the eu can share, and
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president obama moving to shut down the 9/11 watch list before donald trump takes office. >> they are excited about putting together a database of lawful gun owners, this is so pathetic, we know who the enemy is, we know that enemy wants to do, they tell us, they tell to us our face. people like barack obama and other liberal progressive sit there and shrug and say oh,well emaybe if i was nicer to the 7th century savages, you know it time to get serious, identify the threat, say it's name, find the criminal, hunt them down and destroy them. liz: thank you we appreciate your insights. >> to major terror bomb plot targeting australia. new warts in the -- thwarts in
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the nick of time, another isis threat here in u.s., we have details after this. >> i am lance corporal christian martinez. in okinawa, japan i would like to wish my friends and family back home in texas, merry christmas and happy new years from the marines and sailors here in ok oak -- oka ek
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liz: welcome back, a domestic terror arrest. this is happening before christmas. we now have a virginia man, behind bars. accused of supporting isis. he is 26-year-old --ly nel
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williams, he wanted to attack hard targets here in united states like the police, and the military. he allegedly pledged allegiance to islammic terrorist on facebook, and he practiced shooting an ak-47 in his backyard. lieutenant colonel tony shafer is joining me now. liz: we have 31 isis terrorists, arrested in 17 states this past year. here is the fear, it is -- i hate to say it, are you afraid it is just a matter of time before we miss one. >> we have, th the new york attackb months ago, that bombing that guy was respecte reported by his father, it is a matter of our side getting it right all of the time. this is a serious matter.
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i am in virginia beach right now, he was captured 15 miles from here in suffolk, we're talking multiple military facilities. and he was talking about hard targets. this is a very huge,. we need to take seriously. we need to you know being as aggressive as possible to look at this threat. it is here, it exists we know that isis is looking for people like this. liz: lieutenant colonel the man who ran george p. bush's integration program he said political correctness imboltenned terrorists in absolutely. >> here is way political correctness works for a guy. >> khalid sheik mohamed it allows them to ratchets up focus on sharia law without us
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pushing back on it we impose on ourselves, the blasphemy laws of sharia because we cutback on things they find offensive. liz: sharia, about the koran teaches, it little bit ca-- president and you know, administration, they just setting that aside, but now that is in focus again, is political correctness stopping us from winning the war on terror. >> it is, my friend said if we keep playing defense, we're going to lose. sharia and this over reliance on political correctness blinds us from the very threat we're trying to identify. if we sit back, and allow it to happen we will continue to see escalation, we'll see what is happening in europe come here, we have to prevent that. liz: a new report. says that the u.s. government
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now starting to ask foreign travelers coming in to the u.s., to disclose their faceok twitter and other social media account information before they enter the country. you say that is not all it is cracked up to be. >> well, we have to be carry fill about this -- careful about this, we should do it, if someone has a cheryl fetish that is great but if you pledge allegiance to isis there is a problem. i don't think we should have them tell us what they want us to see. we do understand, the terrorist who did the attack in munich went through the refugee, operating in europe. we have to be aware they will
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be looking to defeat patterns we look for. we have to do you know some smart things to keep a registry of folks and look at media when they don't know we're looking at it. liz: somehow those encrypted -- are a problem as well. >> absolutely. liz: the you know, here is the thing that new policy, it went into effect last week. the other thing about this, is optional. is that effective? >>, no. i think -- look, if you come here to be our guest, you -- we have the right to check you out, we do. if you submit yourself for a visa to come in advance that is part of vetting, i am sorry, but if you our guest, your job is to behave like a gift. wheguest, i think that you know, people have the right, by the way, if british check
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out my social media, god bless them, knock them solves out. as we know, we have seen isis, use social media as a means of communication in command and control. something we have to maintain, direct observation of. when you are here, you may be observed, you don't have the rights of a u.s. citizen. liz: thank you merry christmas. >> green party candidate, jill stein now calling for a justice department investigation of u.s. voting system. including voting machine, citing grave concerns revealed during the recount effort. the previous efforts failed, and gave president-elect more votes. as a reminder jill stein clinched about 1% of the national vote. >> next up, new isis holiday
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chill list is out, the -- kill list is out, the target, churches in all 50 state here in america. we welcome first baptists church pastor dr. robert jeffers, right after this. >> i am senior -- >> i want to say hi to my mom, dad, my wife emily and my son tucker, i believe you guys and i can't wait to see y'all. needed to do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila! voila! (sigh) i wish my insurance company had that... wait! hold it... hold it boys... there's supposed to be three of you... where's your brother? where's your brother? hey, where's charlie? charlie?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance
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. liz: welcome back, right before christmas, a brand-new isis holiday kill list, the target churches in all 50 states right here in america. the islamic state publishing a list containing the names and addresses of thousands of churches across the country. includes churches as targets in canada, france and netherlands. no word from u.s. intelligence whether it confirms this list or not, but isis has been encouraging followers including
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lone wolves who attack churches during services and christmas markets throughout the christmas season as australia foils a major terrorist plot including suicide bombers, ied's and more. we welcome back pastor robert jeffress, esteemed colleague to fox business and fox news. pastor, how should christians respond? >> thanks, liz, for having me, there's a great word in the bible that says god has not given us the spirit of fear but of love, power and sound mind. and christians who allow this threat to keep them away from church are not only surrendering to fear, they're surround toerg isis. this is what isis wants. i want to invite our viewers to join me in a brand-new movement, hashtag drive isis crazy, go to church on christmas. that's the best response to this threat, i think. liz: you know what we're seeing here in new york city, we see military in camouflage outside
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churches. i mean, there's a fear there, right? i hear what you're saying but they don't want to feel vulnerable going to christmas services, right? >> again, this is what isis wants and i don't think that means we don't use common sense. at our church we have armed policemen, armed security guards at every service and we don't allow backpacks into our sanctuary. we tell our parishioners to always notice what's happening around them. that's not succumbing to fear, that's common sense and it's a reality of the world we live in, but we can't give isis what they want. liz: you know, it seems pastor, that you've been such an astute observer are what the obama administration is saying, don't call it sonic islamic terrorism, it will only embolden recruits, here's one suggestion, get the muslim world to understand that they are being killed, right?
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and a lot of muslim leaders say. that get rid of the spree killers perverting your faith get into the 20th century of economic reform. half your economy surround wraps and kept under a lid, women, and you will be happy not being on the government doeshlgs not being subject to the religious spree killers, what are your thoughts? >> liz, we've been saying that for years, and it hasn't worked. you're not going to get the muslim world to rise up and attack isis. it's not going to happen, and i think it's time to deal decisively with isis, we haven't done that for the past few years. i talked to a military expert just last week who told me we could eradicate isis in a matter of months if not weeks if we had the resolve to do so, but we're under the artificial restraints. we find ourselves going through the motions, dropping $85,000 weapon on an $8,000 pickup that we already know is empty.
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i think the good news, liz, is we've got a new commander in chief coming named donald trump, who is going to rid this world of isis, and not only end the suffering of millions of christians in the middle east but make our own nation more secure as well. that's something i think we can look forward to. liz: thank you two, more things, do you think christian leaders should do nor speak out, and what is your message to our viewers this evening of christmas eve? what would your message be to our audience about this? >> those are two very different things. first of all, i think it's time for christians to rise up and speak out. you know, contrary to popular thinking, liz, jesus was not some wimpy little rabbi who said nice things to people all the time. he stood up against evil and he pushed back against evil. liz: he did. >> we need to as well. but there's a message of hope for us, and here it is. no matter what isis does or doesn't do, they cannot extinguish the message of christmas, and the message of christmas is this --
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for unto you is born this day in the city of david, a savior who is christ the lord. jesus christ is going to have the final word in history, and he will have the final word against isis as well. liz: thank you and merry christmas, pastor, to you and your congregation, thank you for joining us on the show. >> merry christmas to you, liz. liz: next up, "tmz" tracking down ivanka trump's harasser, you heard the story. she was harassed on jetblue air flight because of her father. while he was all talk on twitter account how his partner was harassing ivanka trump he was not as talkative to "tmz." we have a guest that says this proves democrats are not as tolerant of liberals or progressives as they'd like to think. >> when someone is cruel or acts like a bully, you don't stoop to their level. our motto is when they go low, we go high. we're going to take to heart the words of our wonderful
5:32 pm
first lady, michelle obama. when they go low, we go high! . liz: we have more on this democrat double standard after this. don't go away. >> hi, i'd like to give a shoutout to home unit, and my best friend and mom back home in vandenberg, i miss and love you guys.
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. >> this is bade idea to do it in front of everyone. take it
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you got the hillary supporter. liz: "tmz" tracking down ivanka trump's harasser at the airport. he wasn't as vocal as he was before he got to the plane. here's what happens, an hour before the flight on jetblue, the husband of ivanka trump's harasser tweeted -- of course, banality of evil is a reference to hanna aranz quote about nazi germany. kurt schlichter and eric schiffer gin me now. how liberal is it to harass a woman and her children on the plane? >> it's disgraceful. were they raised by wolves?
5:37 pm
i think they frankly got off lucky. if somebody in a small area put my children at risk, they wouldn't worry about being walked off the plane, they'd have to be worried about being carried off. liz: eric, i'm not downplaying what happened with ivanka trump and harassers, it is disgrace and outrage and wrong, she's with her children, being harsed on a plane. on social media, people are publicizing the two men's phone numbers, that's not right. eric, want to get to this. didn't first lady michelle obama say when they go low, we go high, do you think jetblue went high when they removed them from the flight? >> jetblue is trying to do the right thing for the corporation, you can't necessarily ascribe this to democrats. what if it was anti-trump guy on the plane and gets kicked off. are we going to say all republicans are like this?
5:38 pm
liz: what do you mean? explain. >> what i mean is if there was a republican that did this on the plane to ivanka trump would we say all republicans do this. liz: i hear what we're saying, i don't think we're saying that. >> but you were, but you were, liz, liz. liz: how are we saying this? we're saying the democrats put out this message when they go low, we go high. >> but you are making the comparison to this person, liz, you can't say that. liz: we're not painting all democrats. eric, stay with me, we're not painting all democrats like this. we're saying these two guys did not ck up on what michelle obama and hillary clinton said. go ahead. i don't like what happened. i think it's disgraceful, but looks at republican to have the ability to speak your mind, to do and speak and you know, in support of the first amendment. and frankly that's what they did.
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it's the wrong venue, it shouldn't have happened. liz: wait a minute, they cornered -- hang on, eric, hang on. she's vulnerable, she's cornered. she's in a plane with her kids. curt, take this on, is this just first amendment speech? >> no, it's not first amendment speech. i went to war twice to defend our constitution and the freedoms we hold dear. however, if you get in my face and you threaten my kids, you're going to have a problem. then it stops being the first amendment. then it stops being the safety of my children and things start getting real. look, all democrats didn't do this, and no one is blaming all democrat, and i think there are a lot of decent democrats out there disgusted by the behavior, and maybe take our discourse to a reasonable level. but it's important to say, and say clearly, this kind of nonsense is not going to be tolerated. everyone needs to say that. liz: eric, you are disgusted by this behavior, right, eric? >> i don't like it.
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i have two girls, i don't like it. curt made my point, it was first amendment but it's not appropriate, the right venue, that's my point. liz: kurt, final word. >> look, the first amendment allows freedom of speech. they can say whatever they want. if you're going to be threatening around my kids, watch out because then it's going escalate. you're not hurting my kids ever. >> same with me! same with me. i agree. >> same with eric. liz: one of the guys said my partner is going to, quote, harass her, that's intent. go ahead, eric. >> it's intent, it's a thin line on first amendment. it shouldn't have happened, come on. we are parents, this is not right. liz: eric, kurt, thank you very much for your time. merry christmas to you both. >> thank you, merry christmas. liz: hollywood celebrities increasingly viewing the soon-to-be first family as open targets for derision.
5:41 pm
we know that, that's been going on. now artists are demanding that ivanka trump actually remove the paintings that ivanka paid for from her own home. didn't like her father's policies. we have a pro-trump artist whose own artwork was vandalized because he's a trump supporter. he's got a special offer for ivanka. he's going explain after this. >> deployed in the middle east from minneapolis, minnesota. i would like to say to friends and family, i love you all, merry christmas and a happy new year. e market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. when aachoo!calls... ...answer it. with zicam cold remedy. it shortens colds, so you get better, faster. colds are gonna call. answer them with zicam! zicam. get your better back.
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now in great tasting crystals.
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. liz: welcome back, more trouble for ivanka trump. a group of artists now demanding she physically remove their art, their paintings from her home. they saw their work on her instagram account. she paid for that art. they want her to take it down. artists are upset with the tone of the incoming
5:45 pm
administration's, quote, what they say racism, anti-semitism, misogyny and homophobia. one artist writing -- another upset artist saying -- another post says -- rather odd little footnote. my next guest is a pro-trump artist who says his own work was vandalized by trump haters. he made another one twice as big, he will donate his artwork to ivanka to replace that of the artists who want it taken down. he is scott labado. tell us about the artwork you want to donate? >> i had a big show competing with the art organization that didn't allow me in, i cleaned house. gave half the money to charity, this is one of the pieces, it's called american flower. it's a very subtle, gentle
5:46 pm
piece, it's not a hard -- it's a beautiful thing, and i think ivanka trump is an american flower. liz: how many pieces do you have to offer? >> i have a ton of work, so many. this fits her, and i looked at the apartment, i don't understand the artists. they paid you this prestigious woman paid you. you know how hard it is to be an artist? that successful? somebody like that to buy your artwork. liz: what are the odds, one in a million? >> for what? liz: to get your work in there? >> i gave a painting to eric to give to his father. liz: i'm talking about how tough it is to be an artist. >> it's insane, forget about being a conservative artist, i'm successful now. to be that artist, to get that. how would you like that -- hillary clinton who i can't stand, bought one of my paintings, i don't care if she throws it in the garbage. puts some skin on, people! get skin. liz: here's what's going on, the artists are not offering to
5:47 pm
buy their art back, they're demanding she remove it from the walls. >> take it down and throw it in the dumpster in the back of the house and put up my work, there's a lot more conservatives coming out of the closet. i helped bring this thing around. there's a lot of conservative artists, just because you are conservative, that's what the art world thinks, that you can't be a great artist. liz: this next story reminds me what happened to you. we have a trump fan find for his 16 foot yard sign, he's trying to raise 10 grand to fight the ruling. this is your friend, right? >> yes. liz: isn't this sign on his private property? shouldn't he be able to do as he wishes? >> the buildings department is claiming --. liz: this is your friend. >> this is my t. i created, this is my work of art. that's the difference, it's not a sign. they came in and said the sign was too big for regular standards to p a sign on the property. it's not a sign, it's a work of art.
5:48 pm
like a 40-foot christmas tree made out of wood, it's a temporary decoration, my lawyer defends me with this stuff. we're going to take this to the next level. the funds are coming in to pay for the fine but take it to the next level and fight it because it's a first amendment issue. you're oppressing my work of art, it's not a sign. i've been through this years ago, and the case was dismissed. so we have to go to the state supreme court. we might get knocked down, but it's going to be fine. the gofundme page, you can help me. liz: got it. scott, tell us if ivanka trump takes you up on your offer. >> yeah. liz: merry christmas. >> merry christmas. liz: we brought you this story last week, a small indiana town forced to remove a cross after the threat of an aclu lawsuit
5:49 pm
because the cross was in a public square. >> hard to believe this is going on, it's ridiculous. you got to sit down and talk about it before you file the lawsuit. liz: it turns into a christmas miracle. the cross now back up, sort of. we'll explain after this. don't go away.. >> i'm currently deployed in kandahar, afghanistan. i want to send a happy christmas greeting to friends and family in columbus junction in iowa. i love you guys, and see you next year! incredible bladder protection in a pad this thin, i didn't...
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...think it would work, but it does. it's called always discreet for bladder leaks, the super... ...absorbent core turns liquid to gel. i know i'm wearing it but no one else will.
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. >> to me, as a citizen, that it's imposing going against my constitutional right where i have the freedom to display that symbol and follow that example of sacrifice.
5:53 pm
liz: the pastor and small business owner speak out last week on this show after his town removed a cross on top of his town's christmas tree. remember that? a threat of aclu lawsuit? the plaintiff, a town resident said he was forced to come into unwelcome contact with this display, claiming it caused him irreparable harm. they're calling it a christmas miracle. it's going back up. the town pastor is back to tell us how they were able to do it, exclusively just in time for christmas. the pastor joins me now. so what happened? >> thank you very much for inviting me back. yes, it's unbelievable what's happening in the town. we are so happy to bring you the good news and whole america should know that. as a pastor, as a -- my personal savior, i'm happy to
5:54 pm
say this the miracles are happening. the city of the crosses, as it's called, we have crosses everywhere, but not that's the point. the point is this, that freedom and freedom of religion not from the religion as the first amendment is talking about has prevailed again. our town brought people, business owners together, that are full of enthusiasm and right before christmas season, they are so happy with what they have achieved. liz: what happened? did the judge step in and say even though it's a public square, you're not supposed to have religious displays in a public square? was there a ruling? how did this get reverseed? >> this is not really about reversing. it's about doing things, i guess right, according to the law.
5:55 pm
so christian law association and the town attorney and aclu behind the scenes, they have communicated back and forth, okay? what's there that needs to be done to show, you know, the rights of everybody. he's the rights to complain of what was done. liz: yeah, but did the aclu, did the aclu agree to putting the cross back on the tree? >> i'm not aware of that directly for me to say that. i can only say that the tree, the tree legal identity and the counsel have started looking at the law, definitely looking at what people are doing in the town, and say what's there to be done? the cross has to be going back because it's a freedom of religion, but with that, we have a star on top of the tree,
5:56 pm
we have other ornaments like snowmen and reindeers and gifts and, you know, different other ornaments that are helping. liz: hang on, it's a compromise, it's not on the top of the tree, it's lower down on the tree, it's not as prominent, is that the issue? >> yes. i'm not sure if that's the issue, what i have said personally is this, what was once above looking over everything became the heart of it, and the square much better looking at this point. liz: sorry, pastor, we have to go. >> let me say one more thing. the town people, this is what have happened have, come together to help the family, so i praise the lord, thank you very much. liz: we have a hard break, we will have more after the break. we have the highlights
5:57 pm
before christmas, don't go away. >>
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liz: no dow 20k. we have "making money" next. thanks for welcoming us into your home. merry christmas. reporter: evening, everyone i'm steve hilton in nor charles payne. yesterday after donald trump's intervention, a critical and sensitive resolution in the u.n. was shelved. but date was brought back by another group countries and it passed with the u.s. abstaining.


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