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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  December 28, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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dagen: thank you for watching fbn:am. lauren: absolutely. mornings with maria begins right now. looking great. sandra: good morning, everyone, i'm sandra smith in for maria bartiromo this morning. it is wednesday december 28th and your top stories at 6:00 a.m. eastern. the trump administration taking shape but possible changes loom as some cabinet members have different views on key issues including trade, whether that helps or hurt it is incoming administration ahead. plus, rising tensions between u.s. and israel, secretary of state john kerry set to lay out the obamadministration's vision to resolve conflict between israel and palestinians but the israeli pushing back after the u.s. abstained from the un resolution vote.
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>> we know that there was a deep collision between the obama administration and the pa-ian in order to push the united states -- the united nations security council resolution forward. that's deeply disappointing because historically america has protected israel at the bias body. sand sand what it means for our relationship with israel coming up. string of fights in america falls continue after teens showing up in philadelphia center. authorities blaming social media. we have the details. in markets this morning, the dow still trying to reach 20,000 level. futures are pointing to a higher opening on wall street, could this be the big day? stay tune right here, we will walk you up to the opening bell. we could see that happen this morning. we are also seeing mixed action overseas, right now the ftse in london is up, cac quarante is
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lowen asia overnight, stocks mostly lower, we are looking at the shanghai composite, nikkei and kospi down while the hang seng puts in a gain. carrie fisher dead at 60. wait till you see is. all of this. coming up with my the brewer ceo and former nfl star jack brewer and lea gabriel, what a morning this is going to be. good to see you guys. >> there's disturbance in the force this morning. a lot of people are sad about carrie fisher. i think she in that character in princess lea made so many girls aspire to be strong and beautiful. sandra: amazing. it has been a nice moment to stop and reflect on her life. good morning, to you, sir. >> good morning, good to be here. sandra: maybe we get 20,000 on
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the dow today. allen west will be here, reagan economic adviser, new york congressman peter king will join us and business professor at the university of maryland peter is here as well. president-elect trump and some of the cabinet selections don't agree on key issues, according to the wall street journal. his choice for budget director congressman has opposed raising the debt ceiling where as trump campaign on cutting taxes. some of the selections also previously vote support for the transpacific partnership which trump opposes. this coming as trump transition team announces, bossert worked in president bush's administration and joining us lieutenant governor betsy mccoy.
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good to see you this morning. >> thank you. sandra: what does this all mean to sort of see disagreements? >> donald trump does not want to gaggle of yes surrounding him. on the issue of budget director designate, on that one trump will get the better of the argument to cut taxes, it is key to commitment to achieving 3 to 4% growth and eventually the deficit will come down. in some of the other areas i will give for more give and take and more disagreement, contrary to what the wall street journal suggested, i don't think you're going to see any rogue agencies under donald trump. think about it. this time americans elected a president who was an experienced manager, a ceo, he manages a vest international operation so
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he knows how to do this unless predecessor who had no experience coming into the white house. sandra: critics room to say, their views are not aligned. >> trump critics are looking for any reason to bring up anything right now. if you look at president trump -- president-elect trump you will notice a man when he's in a room, meeting room, he really wants to bring out the best in people and i think that's been definitely established throughout the conversation that you've heardm his current administration that he selected. the people that have worked along side, business rooms with him in the meeting rooms, that's what's really important. we want a president elect that has people that has different views so that the american people can be represented. you can't be represented if anyone agrees? >> but the divisions within the trump administration on many key
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issues are notably stark and numerous and they certainly lay them out. >> of course, critics are going to say that he came in with a lot of branding but not a lot of platform. with my experience in the military, the best leaders that i worked with are the ones who would take everybody's opinion. they wanted to hear every aspect of every situation that they are trying to assess so that they can make the best decision. from what i heard donald trump's leadership style and even if you watch him on the apprentice, which i did, basically listening to advisers and everybody's opinion and is that what you'll think he be doing as president? >> exactly. i hope he comes out of the gate with those, those are key to boosting our prosperity. sandra: this will certainly will key this morning. secretary kerry to speak about the peace process.
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here is his reaction about the upcoming speech. >> what would really be helpful the peace process is if the on oom administration actual asked from the palestinians to recognized israel as jewish state, to meet with prime minister who has offered to go to parliament for peace talk. it would be help if there was to stop paying anybody who murderers and is ra -- israeli. far too much time has been put pressung iael in diplomatic form sandra: coming a week after the u.s. allowed a resolution to pass at the united nations which criticizes israel eats jewish settlement in east jerusalem. do you think this would complicate relations with the u.s. and israel.
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it's already been -- >> no, president-elect trump has already made it clear that the united states stands with israel and what obama did in the un was stab israel in the back and also betrayed our nation's long-standing relationship with israel. i predict democrats and republicans are going to back president-elect trump's plan to move capital from tel aviv to jerusalem as a first step. what i'm worried about is the other betraying steps that obama may take when he least office. sandra: what do you make of those accusations. that's huge. they are saying they are iron clad evidence that the obama administration is behind the push for the resolution? >> i hear other people on the inside talking about what obama may do next to betray and weaken israel. sandra: huge story developing there and a lot of accusations
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on the table and they doubled down on them. what we have a lame-duck president, lame-duck administration allowing things to happen instead of pulling the plug on the resolution. sandra: that being said, does it matter what john kerry says at this point? >> israel is going to continue to come out strongly but at the same time what john kerry has to say today, you had a few years, 22 days toward inauguration. sandra: what do you think? >> what's the message to our allies? i think this is bad for america. the un is there in my opinion
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for humanitarian needs and crisis and if we have a huge security issue, i think the un has a place. now this is probably the weakest point i have seen in the united nations. sandra: has president obama been a friend to israel? >> not what i would have seen. sandra: dagen is sitting down. she just ran up. we will get to her in a little bit. a lot going on this morning. busy day. it's hard to believe it's a holiday shortened week. there's so much news considering the transition team is being put together. john kerry speaking this morning. thanks for everybody to being here. dagen: 55 points to 20,000. sandra: we are watching it. fox business will be taking secretary kerry's schedule live at 11:00 a.m. eastern time this
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sandra: remembering carrie fisher after suffering a heart attack after a flight on friday. cheryl casone with the details. cheryl: that's right, sandra. she suffered the heart attack in a united flight. she passed away yesterday morning in an la area hospital. the actress, screen writer appeared in movies, harry met sally but leai in star wars became her a celebrity. >> from now, you do as i tell you. >> let's get one thing straight. i take orders from just one person, me. >> somebody get this big walking car pet out of my way. cheryl: well, fisher trailblazing heroine, she already shot her scenes for the upcoming episode eighth film,
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her fellow star wars actors were in disbelief yesterday following news of her death. mark tweeting simply, first tweet, no words, devastated, attached to picture is luke sky walker and there it is. tributes for fisher poured in but not all well received. get this. cinnabon faced backlash, you will always have the best buns in the galaxy and they put up a picture of one it have the company's rolls. more mall violence to share with you, believe it or not. four people in custody after disturb neans a mall in northeast philadelphia. a large-crowded teenager showed up to the mall last night and started running around and started acting disorderly.
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police say there were no injuries or serious damage to the mall or customers there. finally, tesla teaming up with panasonic for solar, making parts used in solar panels up in buffalo, new york. production in buffalo to begin next year. tesla shares in the premarket they are up as you can see on your screen there. closing 2419.53. donald trump said jobs in america. this manufacturing plant initial ly 1400 jobs. new york gave the company some tax breaks. sandra: hello, buffalo. dagen: his brother got fired yesterday. back to football. [laughter] dagen: he was terrible.
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[laughter] dagen: coming from being here in new york coaching the jets too. tesla-panasoni to produce solar panels in buffalo. going back to your point, donald trump promised jobs, jobs, jobs. this is positive news, right? >> i think whenever you're producing jobs or building somethings new and creating jobs it's always positive for the area. not much to complain about that. >> specially sector like this. innovation, tesla should be one of the highlighted companies in our country. that's something positive going into the inauguration to see another company that, you know, if you look globally, if you go to any other company knows who tesla is. if you pull up in tesla car in europe, you're probably the man. [laughter] dagen: i wonder if hillary clinton will try to take credits
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for the jobs in new york state, take a shot, come on. [laughter] sandra: and the trump rally continues but will the dow hit that 20,000 mark, this year, like today maybe, we will be watching as we approach the opening bell
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i've spent my life planting a size-six, non-slip shoe into that door. on this side, i want my customers to relax and enjoy themselves. but these days it's phones before forks. they want wifi out here. but behind that door, i need a private connection for my business. wifi pro from comcast business. public wifi for your customers. private wifi for your business. strong and secure. good for a door. and a network. comcast business. built for security. built for business. sandra: all right, you're looking at u.s. stock market
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futures this morning a bit higher after stopping short of hitting the 20,000 mark yesterday, mid-day yesterday, oh, my gosh, this is going to be the day, all right, it wasn't. maybe today is. the trump rally has lifted dow boosting the worst performing sectors, energy and financials. i will put the pressure on jack brauer this morning, will the dow hit the 240,000 mark? -- 20,000 mark? >> sandra today is the day that we cross 20,000. we have obviously seen a huge spike of financials also in the energy sector, they star lagging and seen great support there.
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really low volume across the various indexes and i thinku'rea quick bump up over there. investors and let's put the money into the financial sector. sandra: i'm looking at this market and saying, who is already selling into it. what are you hearing it -- into it? dagen: 5500 for the very first time and because initially in this rally the technology stock had lagged and it was your press underperforming sectors but you saw technology pull in the broad market along. i think move intoed the new year, though, the trump presidency, they're going to have to really put up some results and they're not going to have much time. they really have until july the fourth which steve forbes was
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talking about yesterday. that's got to happen. roll back regulations, the market has bet on that. >> the bar has been set, talking about how he says the number is actually dow 23,000. e corporate tax rate is supposed to go down by 20%. >> we've had anthony chan and steve forbes say, we cut corporate tax and s&p go up 20%. >> i guess my question to you are you that bullish? >> i'm looking 22,000 in the dow. we are going to get influx of capital. >> the last thousand point gain in the dow it was just 23 trading days. november 22nd when we crossed
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19,000, okay, of that climb, one thousand point climb thanks to charlie brady, senior editor upstairs, goldman sachs travelers and jpmorgan responsible for a third of the dow's gains since 19,000. that's an important stat to realize. there's a few stocks, a few names really driving -- dagen: potential rollback in regulations on dodd-frank, it's pure improvement with particularly the yield on the tenure getting back up to more than two and a half. sandra: classic wall street investment strategy is to outperform the dow since trump's election. already, jack, pressure on you, will the president elect economic planhange bank strategists i know where you
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will go, but tell us? >> yes, a decade where the dogs aren't going to lead the dow. this is a different market. this is a different time in our country for investing. our portfolios were taken away from government bond allocations going deeper into equities, we see a lot of positive momentum so i'm bullish. sandra: listen to you. people around you are bullish and want to be involved in the rally? >> no doubt. you may see a pullback and you may see pullback across the board but i think as you look on through the first quarter you will see a great increase. dagen: president obama this could have all been years if you didn't raise on people and deregulated vast swaths of the economy including health care, utilities, financials, you name it, they regulated it. >> what we have seen in the
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first hundred days, we will see basically the pace that president-elect trump sets for his four years in office or further. sandra: coming up sanctions against russia, how the obama administration to punish the country over election hacking and retiring abroad, why more americans are choosing to retire outside of the u.s.
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sandra: welcome back, i'm sandra smith in for maria bartiromo, glad you're with us. wednesday december 28th, top stories 6:30 a.m. eastern. depositions between u.s. and russia continue to heat up. the obama administration reportedly close to nuancing plan measures to punish vladimir putin and company for their alleged interference in the election. meanwhile our nation's next commander in chief president-elect trump lashing out at president obama over recent criticism. why he's leaving obama on the hook for hillary clinton's historic election loss. fans mourn the dead of a legend. >> i should have expected you to find leash, i recognized your foul stint when i was brought on board.
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>> what are you doing? sandra: carrie fisher dead at 60. tragedy follow the smoky mountains, search for missing plane ands with heart break. enjoying your retirement outside of the u.s.? why many americans are choosing to enjoy their golden years outside of this country, and in markets this morning, everybody is talking about them, the dow still trying for that 20,000 mark, futures up 30 points today, could be the day, we will see. the opening bell, we cou see it happening at 9:30, mixed action this morning. the cac quarante in france and dax in germany are down in asia overnight, stocks mixed as well
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mostly to the down sides. simon biles reigns, who took the top spot for the men? take a guess, the king who took the crown, dagen, save it. [laughter] dagen: i hate tom brady but why not tom brady? sandra: obama administration is reportedly close to announcing sanctions against russia for interfering in the election, the announcement could come as early as this week. let's bring in lieutenant colonel allen west, former florida congressman and fox news contributor, good morning, sir. >> good morning, to you sandra and happy new year to everyone. sandra: russia denies playing a role in the hacking of democratic operatives, what's your take on the u.s. imposing sanctions? >> well, first of all, i find a little bit hypocritical because
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we know that obama campaign operatives that went to israel that try today influence elections of prime minister netanyahu. we can expect sanctions against the united states of america from netanyahu, but let's really get to the bottom of this, if russia had any impact on our elections, i think that it's very marginal, i don't remember vladimirutin runningny campaign advertisements or tv or newspapers or what have you. this continues to be a bit of a straw man but lend us to have better cybersecurity in operations here in the united states of america, i think that's the bigger point that we need to be looking at, 23 days to go, i don't care that the obama administration can do anything that's going to have a lasting impact on russia and advancing foreign policy interest all over the gloib. sandra: colonel west report that is turkey and russia have agreed to cease fire.
6:34 am
do -- sandra: do you expect cease fire to last? >> no, i think the whole thing about sanctions of russia of involvement the elections is not really the issue, the issue going to trump administration is how we are going to deal with russia that has a foothold strongly in the middle east. dagen: colonel, lindsey graham, senator lindsey graham said 99% of the senator that is russia interfered in the election and to stand back and allow russia who is ascending in its power because of a obama administration, to stand back now and do nothing about that hacking, that alleged hacking, that makes us even weaker. >> well, you know, dagen, when you think about when president obama sat down and talked about
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his flexibility that he would have after reelection, now we see the results of that. >> lea gabriel here. russia just said yesterday that the us decision to ease restrictions on arming syrian rebels had delivery missiles, the signing of national defense, isn't this more meddling from russia and our internal affairs here in the united states? >> when you look at what is happening in syria where they have brought in those new s300 missile systems and you have iran openly as ally and syria, we see what russia has been able to do here in the united states of america is because we have not stood up to them. i don't know if in the 23 days if it's going to change.
6:36 am
that's where we need to look at how we have better engagement with nato, we need to look at what we are doing in ukraine as well as with baltic states. >> colonel west, what are we going to do with the united states, how would relations differ from what we see today? >> well, when you look at what joust happened with the united nations security council, i think that was deplorable. once again, i think that the united nations is a collection of dictators and autocrats, 99.9 per of the time they are voting against israel and united nations. we need to start lking at how we can iluence them way of cutting off the funding that we sent to the united nations or some of the member states not keeping with principles and values.
6:37 am
>> how do we value that with our humanitarian efforts? i agree with you, we are 22% of the total budget of the un, it's a huge number. how to we balance that when we have to take on refugees in syria, we have to help try to feed some of the poorest people on earth, that's a very difficult balance? >> well, the united states is one of the greatest humanitarian nations in the world. i don't think we need to united nations to do that. when we see what happens in syria, i don't see the united nations in there. i don't see the united states there. when there's a tsunami and other people instances of man caused disasters, i don't see the united nations, i do see the stars and stripes of the united states of america. i think that we have always been a humanitarian nation but we don't need to find ourselves in a position of compromise where we try to apiece to a world body politic that really is not in concert with our principles or values.
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sandra: we are also learning the three chinese traders are in the millions of illegal profits after hacking into the e-mail accounts of prominent u.s. law firms, what does this say about the severity of the cybersecurity threat that we continue to face in this country in. >> well, that is probably the new frontier of the 21st century battlefield and have to have the delicate balance of how do work with homeland security to make sure we have a strong domestic cybersecurity program. if you looked recently at the newest chinese fighter that's out there, it's very similar to the f-35 fighter that we have here, the stealth fighter because there have been immense instances of hacking into our defense industry and to other systems here in the united states of america as you just talked about, so that's one of the key things we have to do going forward and we have to start thinking about how we take offensive actions as well in the cyber realm. >> i looked at our resident
6:39 am
fighter pilot, lea gabriel. >> you mentioned kinder security and, of course, president-elect trump has tapped tom to be his assistant for homeland security and counter terrorism and bossert is known as cybersecurity expert. in the first year of the administration, it's going to be very important that effective national security strategy is outlined and put into place that will basically set the pace for the next four years. what do you think are going to be the new issues for homeland security strategy? >> well, i think it's a great thick that we have general kelly in charge of homeland security because we have to start looking at america as being part of new battlefield, being a cybersecurity or the threats coming in from the south, southern command and into this country, which transnational crime organizations, we also have islamist jihadist groups that are used in our borders to get infiltration in the united
6:40 am
states of america, i think those are the two most important things, are secure in our border, make sure we are reducing the impact of illegal immigration, the drugs that are coming in and also the islamic jihadist groups that are infiltrating, cybersecurity is another important because it will have -- sandra: you're a lot of fun too, it was fun catching up with you during the conventions and all that. do you have any new year's resolution, colonel west, what does colonel west say he's going to do in 2017? >> well, you know, i think the most important thing is continue to be a servant of this great nation, you know, going back to a dad who served in world war ii and to a nephew who is still serving in the united states army, i just want to be a good dad to two daughters, that's
6:41 am
about it. sand sand happy new year to you, sir and your wonderful family as well. >> thanks, guys. sandra: why americans are choosing to enjoy golden years outside the country? and the king of 2016, the associated press named maleathlr guesses, please, we will tell you who next.
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sandra: welcome back, futures pointing to a higher open. we are getting closer to 20,000 mark that the world is watching, we are looking at a few stocks on the move this morning including -- chip maker violated antitrust regulations by limiting access to its patients.
6:45 am
the price tag of $853 million is the largest ever penalty handed to a company in south korea, we are also watching fitbit this morning, the company getting a boost this holiday season while sales numbers have not been released, fitbit tops the chart in apple store, shares are down more than 70% so far this year. all right, well, sad news today as the wreckage of a flight that went missing was found last night. cheryl casone has the details on that, hey, cheryl. cheryl: hey, sandra. while the plane went missing on monday, the wreckage was discovered after the fact in central area of the park paramedics down at the scene but there were no survivors, family members have identified passengers as david sterling, kim smith and say the flight originated in florida and was in
6:46 am
the airport, while, the manhunt continues this morning for inmate who escaped with five others from a tennessee jail on sunday after they removed the leaky toilet and crawled out to a hole that led to do outside. 55-year-old david considered dangerous and arrested this month on possession of a weapon by a felon. other five inmates have actually been recaptured. basketball super star lebron james named the associated press male athlete of the year, james ended the cleveland cavaliers 52-year championship drought. michael jordan is the only other nba player to win award twice. finally this, the growing number of american retirees are opt to go live abroad. according to social security administration just under 400,000 retirees, top five destinations, canada, japan, méxico and the uk.
6:47 am
retirees say cost of living is to move elsewhere. england is to cheaper than here, i'm not sure i understand that. i've done stories on this, costa rica, panamá, parts of south america very popular with americans looking for a better deal. dagen: i know he wants to talk about lebron. stay in the united states, move to a city that has a very low cost of living, that have you have great access to health care and allow cost of living like nashville, they have incredible hospitals, they have incredible doctors and the weather is very nice and it's cheap and the people are lovely. there you go. sandra: is that where you're going to head? >> not anywhere near close. dagen: if you have, you know, neurological problems as you get older, miami is the place to be.
6:48 am
greatest neurologists in the country. sandra: let's talk about lebron james for a second. >> if i had been the person selected, i would have gone with hussein bolt, lebron james is incredible to bring championship to cleveland, very commendable, but in an olympic year, i'm just a person that believes if you have an athlete like hussein bolt who for three olympic cycles wins every sprint event, that's very hard to do. as a professional athlete, former professional athlete to be able to stay at that level at this age, it's a feet that most people can't comprehend. dagen: lebron looks like 38 since he was 13. [laughter] dagen: jordan or james? >> come on, dagen, don't even start the conversation. dagen: i go for jordan because
6:49 am
he played for an acc team in college. >> the greatest ever. sandra: fans mourning the death of carrie fisher who died t age of 60, we remember her life and care next
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>> short for a storm trooper. >> well, you stuck-up -- >> i don't know who you are or where you came from. from now on, you do as i tell you? >> your worshipfullness, i take or ts from just one person, me. >> somebody give this big walking car pet out of my way? >> fans mourning the death of
6:53 am
legendary actress carrii fisher, died at the age of 60 while in the hospital after going into cardiac arrest in several flights days ago. >> she's an icon of not just feminism, she can talk back han solo, she could talk down to him, who else could do that but carrii fisher. sandra: it's amazing just how deep her career really was in the span-her career. >> sure, she was not only an actress but she was a script doctor, she was a screen writer and wrote episodes of rosanne and somebody who was really a lot more than just princess
6:54 am
leaia, proponent of mental illen, sheas open about that. she was someone who s brave to do some of the things she did. dagen: she bridged generations because she's the daughter of eddy fisher and reynolds. people forget, eddy fisher left her mother for elizabeth taylor. it was one of the great scandals and we lived through her childhood and into her career and then she ends up writing about it and in part impose -- >> meryl streep gets to play her. [laughter] b. sandra: i mean, and meanwhile we are learning some of the details about her death and had first been recorded that it was a heart attack on board the plane but then it is now recorded that it was cardiac arrest and she lost ten seconds and still
6:55 am
details about what exactly happened. it's interesting. it has something to do with air pressure or whatever else is in your body. she was probably on the ground when this happened, they might have been able to save her earlier. but i have to say, at 60 year's old she's really young. sandra: you dressed up like princess leia. that was in college? >> people would get it confused and call me princess lea. >> you didn't mind that? >> i didn't mind it at all. i believe that women could be strong and courageous and eleganter and beautiful and she was a role model just like wonder woman was, charlie's
6:56 am
angels, grew up to believe that they can be strong and powerful and she was the icon for that aspirin ceses leaia but carrie shared so much of her life to allow her to know her as a real human being. sandra: we were looking at images of her in gold biki, in that everybody remembers. dagen: which she hated by the . >> she was in the latest star wars, rogue one, she has a small role in that film. she's part of that universe so they will have to do something for her but she's really part of our universe.
6:57 am
dagen: gary the dog on twitter. he's been -- he was with her when she went into cardiac arrest on the airplane and he's been tweeting and retweeting. [laughter] sandra: i have to leave it there. dagen: that's amazing. >> thank you. sandra: remembering carrie fisher. a few days away till we enter 2017. the very beautiful hand -- this is the -- the cristal ball, all right, before big debut on saturday the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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sandra: good morning everyone, i'm sandra smith in for maria bartiromo, it is wednesday december 28th, 2016, only a couple more day that is we can say that. here are your top stories at 7:00 a.m. eastern. president-elect trump fighting back, why he is slamming president obama over the president's claims he could have beaten trump had he been allowed to run for the oval office a third term. the rising tensions between the u.s. and israel,ecretary of ste john kerry to lay out the obama administration's vision to resolve complex between israel and palestinian. >> prime minister netanyahu. >> he has not.
7:01 am
if you will agree, that's apparent by their reaction, but, you know, i would refer folks in this room who weren't there, they talk in great detail and great personal experience about the fact that we have a relationship with israel that is so strong and so close that sometimes we need to be able to tell them difficult things. sandra: we are watching the story closely for you as it develops, john kerry speaking later this morning. the latest on the relationship with israel is coming up. multiple earthquakes shake the nevada-california border. the big one may be on the way for the region. amazon's echo was a top seller for the giant this season, part of murder investigation, why
7:02 am
police say connected device could hold answers. in markets this morning the dow is trying to reach t big dow 20,000 mark, for the first time futures pointing to higher open, dow currently up 32 points. up across the board in europe, we have seen mixed action with the ftse in london up and the rest of the markets there are down. in asia overnight stocks have been mostly trading lower since mixed action as well with the hang seng posting a gain of eight tenths of 1%. disney teams up with hulu, you can soon streaatome. holiday mourns the death of a nd, life and work of carrie fisher. all of that coming up and with me this morning dagen mcdowell, the brewer group ceo and former l star jack brewer, good to have you, and lea gabriel. this is like the all-star line-up right here. dagen: pick his brain about
7:03 am
football in the commercial breaks. jack: i love the breaks with you, dagen. dagen: he says the skins have no shot. i'm not asking anymore questions. [laughter] sandra: he can speak on these terms. coming up this morning we have the other all-star line-up. new york congressman peter king and economic -- economist and university of maryland professor peter, you do not want to miss any of that. pel, the president show down rage is on, president-elect trump defending himself after president obama claimed he could have beat trump 2016. president obama campaignedarand lost the voters want to make america great again. joining us this morning, thomas, good morning to you, sir.
7:04 am
>> nice to be with you. >> all right, so what is your take on this ongoing feud between the president and the president elect? >> well, this president is the most narcissistic president in my memory or maybe in history. he uses the personal pronoun so much, at wasn't point i thought the letter i was his first initial. it's all about him. it's all about his policies. he thinks he's franklin roosevelt, he could run for a third or fourth term. the fact is before the election, some polls showed 70% of the people believed the country was on the wrong track. while he's still popular for difficulties to understand, the policies are not, whether it's the middle east, economic policies, obamacare, you name it. so i think that, you know, i counted up over 60 references to me and i during his last state of the union address. i think donald trump is absolutely right. his policies have failed.
7:05 am
people want a new track, they want change and they're going to get it and we will see whether it's going to work out well or not. dagen: it's dagen mcdowell, why can't one of these gentlemen rise above it, though, because they can't seem to help themselves in terms of taking a shot? and by the way, donald trump likes to refer himself in the third person which is a little -- which i will always in my life been suspicious of people who did that, so i will leave it at that. >> only the pope does that and jesse jackson. use it is word eighth grade schoolyard boys fighting bac and forth at each other with tweets and references. i agree with you. i think this is too important a time to get involved in the little tweets and back and forth. sandra: an important number to point out, the fact that that barack obama has not been great for his party you could argue. democrats lost over a thousand
7:06 am
seats under president obama. i'm getting the number, grand total a net loss of 1,042 state and federal democratic posts including congressional and state legislative seats, governorships and, of course, the presidency. i mean, that's a fact worth pointing out. >> well, it is indeed, it ought to be about who is up and who is down and who won the last election, who can win the next one, who is in power and who isn't. people are fed up with. this is one of the reasons on the left that bernie sanders did so well in democratic primaries. people are sick of dysfunctional washington and one of the attributes that donald trump brought to the campaign is we are going to fix things, we are actually going to make things better so we have betsy divost talking about school choice, choice in virtually every other area of life for packaged delivery to super markets, people can make their own choices but this is a 19th century model.
7:07 am
he wants to break it up. you've got ben carson coming in to the housing and urban developing. here is a man living in ghettoses and inner cities. you have chicago which is a shooting gallery, 43 people shot over the christmas holidays, many of them dead. this can't go on. this is what people want. they want change, they want real change and something that actually works. >> if you look across the board, democrats have continued to lose seats that's because barack obama is not on the ballot. i don't think barack obama would have lost north carolina and wisconsin. we need to come together because the crisis that you just mentioned particularly with what's going on in inner cities, we have people tweeting out
7:08 am
violence to come to malls an it's just -- the country needs to move forward, we need to come together as one people, stop all of the bickering and it starts at the top. >> i agree with that. i hope we see it. sandra: fair enough. dagen: you have the democrats in congress although they lost, saying that they're going to be the party of no and they are going to do ugly confirmation process. it's 52-48, republicans, democrats in the senate. harry reid did away, a straight vote on the confirmations. they are promising to make it hell for these nominees. >> well, i think it'll be more like purgatory. i don't think it's going to last that long. when you have the votes and as you say harry reed constructed this and did away with filibuster for federal judges, donald trumps not only going to havhirst opportunity to name a justice to the supreme courif he lasts for eight
7:09 am
years, he could name two or three more and make this a conservative court and not just the supreme court, there are over one hundred judgeships open in the federal benches around the country, president obama has named many, many judges but donald trump will have an opportunity to name many more. i think people are tired of the bickering and the back and forth, we have nearly a 20 trillion-dollar debt in the country. clearly washington is dysfunctional. things need to change and let's just see if the republicans can do it. they have all three branches of government. there will be in excuse if they fail this time. >> my real question is whether or not that was a clinical diagnosis of narcissist and bring up donald trump's charitable foundation. new york prosecutors are blocking it, foundation talked about $20,000 painting a portrait of mr. trump, what do you make of how this is going to play into the presidency?
7:10 am
>> well, as you know following how the media treats democrats and republicans, there's a double standard here, the clinton foundation received millions of dollars, both hillary and bill clinton were getting six figures for speeches, i don't know about you, that's an awful lot more than i get. >> you're not the president or president elect. >> but the media particularly the washington post and "the new york times" always talked about the good works that the clinton foundation was doing, works to combat aids in africa, haiti, which was supposedly doing so well, but if you read stories about haiti, not all the money from the clinton foundation trickled down to people in haiti who really needed it. it was all about good works for the clinton foundation. i think there's problems with the tim tebow helmet and donald trump portrait. it's good that he's going to end it. sandra: tough to avoid criticism.
7:11 am
dagen: i want to shut it down and the ag is getting in the way of shutting it down. sandra: good to have you. >> my pleasure, good to be with you. sandra: why authorities are looking alexa to help them crack a crime next. disney classic finding a new deal. exclusive deal that's bringing milan and pocahons hulu your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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with sleep number, there's an adjustment for that.
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make it firm. make it soft. adjusts to any duo. does your bed do that? come into a sleep number store where the c2 mattress is now $699.99. it's a no brainer. sandra: moderate earthquake hitting nevada near lake tahoe. cheryl: first quake measured 5.8 followed by quake seven minutes later. we will keep you monitoring on that one. amazon echo, the product that everyone wanted to and while they did buy this year may actually help investigators in a murder case. authorities are interested in the echo that belongs to james andrew beats, accused of strangling and drowning a man in the hot tub last year. crucial evidence because echo
7:15 am
can recognize human voices and complete commands that it's given. device is always recording and information is stored on the cloud. here is the thing, amazon says it will not release echo recordings without a warrant, bates is to to go to trial. the reason delta inherited the deal when it bought airlines in 2008. they are seek to go slow capacity rate. streaming service hulu, bulk up movie catalog, 56 disney classic, pocahontas, mulan, first time disney films are going to be available on hulu even though disney has been a part owner of hulu since 2009.
7:16 am
flet fix struck a dale on recent releases but a lot of -- good stuff, back to you. [laughter] sandra: i was introduced to the movie, my children were this weekend, but i loved it. it was amazing. anyway, you know, disney films, they're a huge hit in my house. good mood for hulu? dagen:'s about thd not just the original programming which netflix was early on also but hulu has original programming too and amazon prime has been pushing that but also getting access to those classic films because there's not a lot of it out there. amazon prime added a whole bunch oody alan film.
7:17 am
how many times can you watch andy hall? [laughter] dagen: i use all of the services daily in my home and it's the content is so, so on a lot of them. >> i just learned about using netflix and hulu and the content is different. you end up watching one of more than the other depending on which shows you want, more content, more quality, you will stick with that. >> i actually just started using fit-g, 30,000 movies and it has music. you get both. sandra: you're fancy, look at your shoes. looking good. still to come procrastinating oe helped retailers after all, the holiday spending round-up will be next and one of the world's biggest knew year's eve celebrations is just days away.
7:18 am
it's not really -- is that -- piece of the ball. were going to showou next. lea knows all about it. your insurance company
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sandra: christmas is over but shoppers are still flock to go cash in on the post holiday deals this after last-minute spending spree pushed retail sales off 4% hope to go offset slow shopping holiday season. we need to break down the numbers and head of market insight sarah is going to do that for us. all right, so far what's the trend? what do we see as far as
7:22 am
spending over the holiday? >> well, i think spending is extremely strong, actually. and it was consistent and obviously we had two additional days, but the consumers started early in the beginning of november and just consistently spent all the way up to the christmas holiday but the key thing is nowhey ll spend in the week beyond because the key thing she has time and when she has time she goes out and she goes shopping. sandra: okay, lea was trying to get in. >> people continue to spend but from what i understand it originally early in novemberals were slow and that was because consumers felt they didn't have to rush on the deal, did you see that through the holiday season? >> actually, no. it really was consistent through. we saw weakness a little bit post thanksgiving holiday period but leading up to thanksgiving holiday we see consistent spending. the key thing to understand is the consumer prefers experiences over goods post the recession.
7:23 am
and that's the bigger challenges, how do you create experience if you're selling a good as opposed to a trip or a restaurant meal, for example. sandra: i don't want to say anywhere i'm going for business. i'm not going back to cold chicago. i love my hometown. i want to be -- i'm going to the caribbean, we are still working on that. i get that, let's save our money and go on a trip. i also -- >> that's what we saw actually in november. airline sales were 12%, hotel 8.6. we saw that as part of the gift prethe holiday. sandra: i get it. >> that was a sales pitch to sandra's husband. [laughter] >> i also read that you see peopleho spend on themselves
7:24 am
during the holiday. i'm wondering what you saw as far as the trend in terms of people going out to shop for their family, their friends but actually spending things on themselves. >> well, this is something that has actually been increasing over time and we see this, for example, in jewelry sales where women are the leading purchasers in jewelry. they are buying for themselves. one of the most important things consistently is i really want what i want. the consumer herself is actually in charge and he's expressing that in how she spends her dollars. dagen: i'm sorry, go ahead, jack. jack: sarah, i have a thing about every christmas, i hate to talk about it because i spend so much money. i go to the store on christmas eve every year and i do all of my shopping and i see that brick and mortar sales rose the week of december 4th but has been declining obviously ever since, give me your reaction on that. >> well the, interesting thing is actually the data is contrary to what we actually think.
7:25 am
online spending was up 18.9% but still 8.6% of total retail sales. we still like the store. what happened is because we have prepared and had a longer period of time to shop and actually are going online to curate what we want to buy, we actually go into the store less, less frequently. the other thing is, again, post recession, we shop at half of the number of stor we use today shop at, we are much more loyal, so that's why also some of the bricks and mortar could be announcing that they have a little bit down in traffic. >> how much of that is geared from returns? is that new sales or are we looking at returns? how is that put into the numbers? i'm not sure -- >> the numbers encompass both. that's the most interesting thing. we are able to capture the return. the returns are really important because we see the add-on sale. that's why the in-store experience is so critical for retailers to create because when
7:26 am
people bring back that unwanted gift and the like, they actually go add on to the sale and that's why this period post the christmas from the 25th to 31st is to critical to retail year. absolutely true. sandra: i want to be on your christmas list next year because he's sitting here saying he spent way too much money and now you're telling us you did it in one day? >> one day. sandra: impressive. dagen: i'm the bitter gift recipient. i will stifle at this point. >> probably a good idea. dagen: better than a self-centered person. [laughter] >> there's still time. [laughter] >> we will get you a gift card. sandra: thank you for all that wonderful information.
7:27 am
looklike it was a pretty positive sales season as far as the holidays were concerned, sarah, thank you. >> and it will continue and that really shows the consumer confidence and they will continue to spend and, remember, that's 70% of the economy so that's pretty good. sandra: yeah, specially since my trip hasn't been booked yet. >> exactly. sandra: coming up potential challenges from within why the president elect picks may not see eye to eye on trade. good-bye to 2016 before you bring in the new year .
7:28 am
7:29 am
7:30 am
sandra: welcome back. i'm sandra smith wednesday, december 28 glad you are with us, your top stories at 7:30 a.m. eastern, as trump rally rolls on, wall street, consumer confidence highest level in over a decade. not everyone is sold on the president-elect's plans, why trump's cabinet by not be onboard with his vision. >> fans mourn death of a legend. >> it was surreal. >> emotional. >> i still have -- you know, playing the like crying.
7:31 am
>> really -- >> a feeling. >> i was 13 when original movie came out i grew up with her. . >> carrie fisher dead at 60. we are remembering the life and work of the acclaimed actress. >> the futures -- able to break for a crash before it even happened. >> t-mobile looking to chill the galaxy 7 update that he renders the plagued dehydrations unusable dow trying to reach that 20,000 mark, futures right now pointing to a rally at open, up 31 points on dow futures right now, up across the board we will be watching that number, in europe we are seeing mixed action, right now ftse in london to half percent gain of a market lower -- stocks mostly to the downside with exception of the hang seng up 8/10 of 1%, the only
7:32 am
people looking to drop ball in 2017, waterford a look at iconic ball, and the pieces that make it up, millions will be watching this weekend. consumer confidence, is at a 16-year high, according to the latest reading on u.s. consumer confidence president-elect donald trump tweeted yesterday, u.s. consumer confidence next for december surged nearly 4 points to 113 points --.7 highest in more than 15 years. thanks donald, that was third rson that dan was referring to. all right joining us in reagan economic adviser art lavffer. >> top of the morning to you. >> top of the morning how to what do you make of a 15-year high that is real. >> first time in 15 years we are getting a good president, so why not should it be something good. >> sounds like you are on the hashtag make america great again.
7:33 am
>> i am, morning in america as we said make america great again i think going to be very similar. >> all right, so some are saying hold on a second he is not even in the white house yet, he is a president-elect, we have yet to see how his plans poulicies will play out there is too much anticipation too much confidence as we have yet to even you know, see on your inauguration day? >> i don't think so too much confidence to be honest with you, it if the stock market doubled three months would i say may be too much confidence but you know when you look at how this economy is poised, it has been a terrible 16 years, worst single economy last 70 he has low base to shoot from i think policies and what he is doing his about cabinet and the control of the house and the senate and governorships state legislature could be an amazing first four years. >> -- his campaign, pillar was
7:34 am
tax plans, lower taxes that corporate tax rate, and now we know that there are a bunch of democrats gearing to up oppose that bloomberg reporting they plan on portraying an advantage for -- we have heard them doing it has what is your take on that? >> -- you heard democrats say anything like that before? it has been a huge winner for them every election they lost, i know of aub in of democrats in the house, who would love to get together with trump and do it, what they really want, balanced, this dprooum of democrats, is a carbon tax if carbon tax were offset by income tax of equal size, i think that will be something the republicans would be willing to consider and go forward bringing a huge group of democrats, into the trump camp on you a bipartisan bill like we had in 1981. >> amazing -- epa chief hasn't he -- supportive of a carbon tax? so interesting to see how that plays out in the trump
7:35 am
administration. >>e i can't, but i think -- has been, very much in favor of the carbon tax i don't want to pick sides carbon tax a stand alone a very, very bad idea, it -- the carbon tax is offset for equal side of in being tax cut that is wonderful i would support that every day of the week and twice on sunday. >> don't tax work. >> especially not marginal tax rates, that is why i was pleased to hear on tv the other day say not doing only cut for the rich but lower the highest tax rate and get rid of a lot of deductions expectationsings exconcludions a rocket system. >> art, you snow, democrats really plan to zero in on the tax to the top earners, aul rya
7:36 am
donald trump's plan can press seven brackets on three rates across the board, and largest from 33%, to -- 33%rom 39. half percent, essentially so what democrats say they are planning on doing is really zeroing in on that, to essentially upset the voters he who supported trump. >> in 1986 we reduced highest rate from 50% to 28% that was in '86 tax act, 97 senators voted in favor of that bill only 3 voted against it, simon, levin from michigan bipartisan win i think democrats coming onboard soon sooner or later stop antirich people we want to make poor richer the rich poorer. >> i got to tell you looking at this confidence level looking at the stock market surge potentially 20,000 on the dow that i. >> great.
7:37 am
>> you know, i get back on the horn i call in chicago, new york and even the most bullish are saying hold on a second -- caution, we are entering new year -- not in office yet do you see the reason for a stop and slow down here at all? >> you know, it is possibly the furt of a lot more uncertain than in past -- that is very true but given the low bar that we have now, the -- i used to see saying -- accountability to pick four predecessors johnson nixon ford carter when you look at donald trump he has a very low base to shoot from obama has done an awful job as w in last two years he has a very low ways to be proven i don't any too much overconfidence now not at all. i think we are in for a real good shot. >> when -- will lower class
7:38 am
feel this trump rally i know you mentioned that -- they are there to stimulate lower income american when does that happen and how does it happen? >> stock prices as you know, stimulus what is -- tell us what is going to be not what has been stock prices react first amazing how tax cuts don't work until they take effect once thostacuts take effect you are going to see economy coming a lot of benefits are going to fall o to inn cities poor minorities disfrom an archived i hope he doesn't cut social principals early very needed when economy in bad shape once the economy is booming being you can cut programs dramatically they are no inning lower needed you are going to see the -- the real lower groups, not really benefit until after the tax cuts have at an effect, and real economy is performing just the way it did 1980s.
7:39 am
>> i think some entitlement programs -- more importantly you need to reform make them better. >> make sure you do it after the boom starts, because you know, if you got two unemployed free let us knowch program a necessity high paying jobs school lunch programs a luxury you can get rid of it. >> optimistic talk wching dow could be day we see 20,000. >> let's hope so. >> would be great. sandra: art laffer thank you for joining us happy new year. >> being predicting danger before it happens tesla auto point in time reacted to a crash it saw coming next, the world mourns a legendary actress ion we are remembering carrie fisher's life and legacy.
7:40 am
7:41 am
7:42 am
functional dysfunctional. . sandra: traffic back -- carrie fisher died at 60,
7:43 am
cheryl casone has the details, for us good morning. >> about unbelievable sandra, actually fisher suffered a massive heart attack last friday on flight from monday to los angeles died yesterday morning at los angeles hospital. the actress author screenwriter in dozens of movies classics would you like blues brothers when harry met sally, princess leia in star wars an international celebrity. >> just look -- get one thing straight i take orders from just one person, me. >> somebody get this rocking carpet out of my way? >> fisher, errand her -- national by day's standards shot from upcoming starward episode viii not clear how it
7:44 am
will affect the the franchise looks like the end, samsung galaxy 7 no more explosions t-mobile introducing one that cripples the charging capability intieshl unjustifiable going to display notifications after reports of batteries overheating catching fire updates going to reach at&t on january 5. >> a dash cam video tesla auto pilot systems predicting a car accident, twloake a look in netherlands the braking system kicks in with a beeping sound a car in front of the testily rare ends suv, tesla auto pilot system relies on radar rather than cameras, are but what about the new technology, and -- do you have a bad memory from 2016 you wish
7:45 am
could you throw away? well -- today at plaza you can do just that, annual good rid anz day write any unpleasant memory on paper shred it, document destruction company started, they put on big show, this is going to truly allow out with old in with new for 017. try to think sandra what memory from 2016 as i want to throw away i wasn't able to run any -- >> i am doing it next year i deferred that was mine. >> right there with you cheryl. >> tha you. ndra: dayingen? dagen: i definitely -- >> my so i am doing like 8:10.
7:46 am
>> marathon i thought 20 mile -- it is 20 -- >> don't get credit for it anymore. >> wouldn't give me credit for it. >> she runs -- >> i have been running, i challenged, running me down. >> after -- national football league. >> exactly -- come on, i will -- easy on you anything you like to say good did rid anz to in 2016. >> handles it was a great year, but the hurricane in haiti, i was on the ground, with efforts there, and -- >> going tomorrow new year's haiti a tough situation going back to try to do some more good over on new year. >> god bless you that is amazing thing. >> thank you.
7:47 am
>> good for you, dagen? nothing? >> happy with it. >> mom and daddy alive and healthy. >> thank goed for that. >>. >> happy moment the new year' eve crystal ball getting a makeover before the big drop saturday the man behind the design brings a peace in festivities right here, next. ♪ ♪ guys, what's happening here? hey nicole, this is my new alert system for whenever anything happens in the market. kid's a natural. but thinkorswim already lets you create custom alerts for all the things that are important to you. shhh. alerts on anything at all? not only that, you can act on that opportunity with just one tap right from the alert. wow, i guess we don't need the kid anymore. custom alerts on thinkorswim. only at td ameritrade.
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. ♪ . >> new year's eve days away
7:51 am
times square prepares to host to up one million spectators, irlooking at there it right-hand side of your screen. the most important parts of that appropriation is getting the times square crystal ball for the big drop counting down to new year ball in nearly ,000 water crystal try angles, waterford master artisan tom brennan what is the scene of this year's balance whball, important to you -- >> this great irish heritage dating back 36 years, here -- 236 years, center of the world times square each year waterford crystal new theme of the greatest this is kindness gift of kindness you think for a second kindness two seconds to do, accept difference in a life we are happy to have beautiful -- >> i love that. >> ball is made up of --
7:52 am
>> ball made up of 260088 panels. >> 12 feet diameter a billion people watching this, to the world's population watching this ball drop get ready for the new year. >> -- is the ball secured. >> very secure. >> stunning one piece you brought here i just spoke to you at the break water ford, ornaments on the tree, beautiful. >> condition i ask you for one second. >> that is my -- crystal noble design matches everything works every location when you think celebration you think of
7:53 am
waterford crystal. >> ready for a glass -- >> this is a piece of the ball. >> this is a replica this is actually something you can have at home because actually panels are not for sale, these are, of course, available right now have to get it in, but these are all around gift of kindness kind of same sign actually on -- >> the time you grew up in waterford your dream to do what you are doing now. >> to me very special, my dad was a glass -- began 1960 i began mid 80s decades in my dna where i was born where i if he will in love got married had kids, started at age of 16, now a north america. so when one of the things dad said never lose -- irish heritage company easy to talk
7:54 am
about this almost not my job just part of my job. >> what such a big deal for water ford to be involved in this event dropping of the ball. >> our association times lliancs back over 17 years you have got a billion people watching 190 million people in united states, that is branding right there you have go to a million people times square god bless them god love this city -- >> incredible. >> a challenge from any competitors to replace you -- >> absolutely not. >> how long is contract. >> that is a great question, in the middle of the greatest gift series ends 2022 the end of that period negotiations are ongoing but this is part of who water crystal is celebration world watching we're right there. >> 300 new crystals on this year's all about average how much additional work is needed on a yearly basis to keep
7:55 am
this, and also how much it weighs. >> okay weighs six tons, 12,000 pounds, 12 feet in diameter we plays emphasis on -- end of a 10 year series going to have tchwork of dierent designs, irish company irish guide all stories, are always a reason for being not just a panel but story behind the panel this year the gift of kindness. >> can you talk about the design how this represents kindness a million people will be watching, in times square. >> i would love to won't see up close. >> that is why the images, this is not even -- all, beautiful designs beautiful, remember, we're saying if you -- if you break it -- but it is -- it is intertwining
7:56 am
design. >> technology pretty much use today, it is the intertwining, that can i have the of kindness irish people are northern for charity kindness brings plea to hometown. >> by the way,, any big names going to be there for the ball drop. >> we have some huge names, mike is one of them, gloria estefan at one dropping a few names here. >> the value of the ball? >> that is one of the anticipated questions, for me and for us it is totally priceless about the celebration about water ford crystal billion people watching thank you for having me. >> beautiful thing. >> thank you. >> good of you to be here happy new year. >> heavy lifting we will reveal one of the vehicles, in the next hour of "mornings with maria". choose. choose. choose. but at bedtime... ...why settle for this?
7:57 am
enter sleep number and the lowest pces of the season. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store, right now, save $600 on our best selling i8 mattress, plus 24 month special financing. learn more at know better sleep with sleep number.
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7:59 am
. sandra: good morning. i'm sandra smith for maria bartiromo. it is wednesday, december 28, your top stories at 8:00 a.m. eastern, plus, rising tensions between u.s. and israel, secretary of state john kerry to lay out obama administration vision to resolve conflict between israel and palestinians israeli government pushing back after u.s. abstained from u.n. resolution votey president obama historic meeting with japanese prime
8:00 am
minister shinzo abe. >> the people, of the united states of america, and the people around the world ime am the prime minister of japan i offer my sincere and everlasting condolences, i welcome you he here in this social, people of japan always -- i hope at a together we send a message to the world that there is more to be won in peace than in war. >> details ahead. . magnitude 6.2 earthquake strikes northeastern japan buildings reportedly shaked. >> refusing to serve trump
8:01 am
sports, the outrage over this ahead. >> divide in america what housing market says about u.s. economy. in markets, dow trying to reach that mark wear watching hour and a half before trading begins on wall street dow futures right now currently pointing to a higher open up 33 points over in europe we have been seeing mixed trading, in session over there, looks like that is the case. . there you go -- dax german lower ftse in london up asia overnight stocks mostly to the downside, success on the open reed we've got one of the finalists for the best truck of the year i can't wait to go check this out hollywood mourning the death of a legend we are remembering the life and work of carrie fisher. all that coming up and with me this morning fox business network dagen mcdowell. the ceo former nfl star jack brewer, lea gabrielle good to
8:02 am
have you here. >> blast. >> crystal. >> that was --. >> like -- on the right side. >> okay -- he go athletes. >> everyone here is basically an athlete. >> 40 pounds heavy not running track. >> all right, joining the conversation, this morning, new york congressman peter king, and university of maryland professor of business peter morici don't miss any of this. >> the obama administration positives vision for peace in the middle east today the speech comes amid u.s. and israeli relations blake burman in washington, d.c., live with very latest. reporter: good morning to you secretary of state john kerry is set to give a major speech, on middle east policy a few hours from now later this
8:03 am
morning, the government of the israeli prime minister been benjamin netanyahu accusing u.s. interfering israeli spokesman saying they know there was deep collusion repairing united nations resolution condemning israeli settlement listen here. >> deeply, deeply dispointing literal america protected israel at this very, very biased body -- >> u.s. abstained from that u.n. vote spokeswoman for white house, and the state department deny that allegation. >> we did not take a lead in drafting this resolution, that was done by the egyptian with the palestinians. >> secretary kerry's speech 11:00 with 23 days to inauguration the question becomes what if anything might come from it, and sandra as you know the israeli spokesman
8:04 am
told you on kelly file israel believes their quote this may be first of another series of pushes before the obama administration leaves office, back to you. sandra: thanks blake, continues to develop this morning, blake burman thank you, let's bring in new york congressman peter king, congressman does netanyahu have reason to criticize administration. >> -- in thisish believe israeli clearly right what evidence he have they have we don't know it is obvious to me this would not have gone forward without assistance from u.s.,viewers had to have known about it, i don't believe new zealand would have moved -- u.s. is going to veto it, all the evidence is that -- there was, tacit agreement between united states and
8:05 am
anti-israel forces to me wrong thing in final days of obama administration to do this israel new administration coming in, looks as if payback by president obama for prime minister netanyahu from speech he gave in congress -- >> the discussion of what this means for our relationship with israel going forward, donald trump has tweeted sought it will be much different come january 20 under trump administration, but also looking for the future of the united nations, congressman, i spoke to governor huckabee last night basically said it is irrelevant, and should not be there anymore what do you make of the forum is it still a legitimate forum. >> -- a certain purposes -- health care, and -- some places peacekeeping forces for the most part as far as issues
8:06 am
as far as stepping up getting the job done as far as being a -- force for world peace no if anything, a society dominated by inside western countries, a forum in many cases anti-americanism, and israel anti-semitic, u.n. health services it provides some keys keeping forces provides under certain conditions it is okay but as far as anything big, about those affecting the world itself the middle east nobsoluty t receivers no purpose. >> -- a permanent member would have vetoed this essentially pulled lights on on revolution can you think of any legitimate excuse why we abstained instead of vetoing? >> no i can't, in fact this president obama was that intense having resolution like this go through because --
8:07 am
united states stood up -- it is resolution the way word i think wrong to begin with we are going to have a resolution this would he prevent jews from -- >> the territory taking -- implementing -- 67 war, even -- to defend so for us to -- this could not o u.s. this is president obama's way of taking a final shot at bibi netanyahu a relationship not worked from day one in early days obama administration -- said we need help again, do not expect -- netanyahu -- >> historic moment for america. congressman turning to russia this morning as well the obama administration reportedly going to announce sanctions
8:08 am
begins russia for interfering in 2016 presidential election, more news coming in this morning, congressman, how would this impact the current administration? >> first of all, i do think gin -- i don't think it affected the outcome i think -- favoring -- donald trump over hillary clinton i think what they want to do is start -- to cloud over -- the election. >> -- >> good morning congressman. >> we have same thing going on a -- >> i want to get dagen, jack on set with me to jump in. >> congressman if russia hacked the election which is -- majority think they did, about those regardless of intent any outcome the
8:09 am
hacking -- >> i think they should not just election, hacking commercial military, political, governmental, and is important that take action against russia i am one who not trusting putin i think russian aggression when ukraine crawhether aleppo shameful -- this type of aggression will not be tolerated -- i part company when people think changing the result of the election russia started, as fr as i know long before donald trump had any chance of being nominee. >> and congressman we're about to hear from secretary of state john kerry, this morning, on the israeli palestinian conflict what do you expect to hear from a him? >> i honestly don't know he had four years of hillary clinton four years before that, years of obama
8:10 am
administration, total fair when it comes to israel middle east process i don't know what john kerry can possibly add going out the door i just hope he doesn't join pylon make it even difficult to move forward i don't want him setting parameters of an agreement between israel and palestinians will mean palestinians can hang on to that use that against israelis would i wish they do right thing here allow trump administration, to take over january 20th, rather than tying hands of israelis going out the door because i am afraid john kerry might be planning on doing. >> congressman peter king happy new year to you, by the way. >> happy new year to you thank you. >> avoid this col going around catching something fox business wl the live coverage secretary of state john kerry' speech this morning, a chaotic scene at philadelphia mall police are blaming snapchat
8:11 am
after health insurance of teens swarmed stores say aloha to controversy, after applying customers -- wrote you are not welcome here. ♪ .
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
sandra: incident at shopping male cheryl casone has latest. >> another one sandra four people under arrest in philadelphia shopping mall last night police responding to philadelphia knollsmall following reports of large gripe of jfldz of you you juveniles, juveniles were able to get on social media specifically snapchat and able to meet up at this location at philadelphia mills mall police were ready for them proactive. >> probably had rush on other stores malls around the country getting attacked this follows a lot of incidents i mentioned around the country we heard earlier in the week cases that rested in arrest
8:15 am
miinjuries se evacuaons, malls across current by increased security even restrictions how when and where teens may shop we will keep you posted on that story, in recollect sill generation, a historic vote yesterday at uss arizona male laid to rest animosity between nations, 75 years -- by japanese. >> -- wars can end the most birth of that can become the strongest of allies. the first of peace always outweigh the plunder of war enduring fruit of this -- >> officer sincere everlasting
8:16 am
condolences to 2400 u.s. service members who died december 7, 1941 he did not apologize, for the pearl harbor attack, an earthquake jolted eastern japan shaking builds in tokyo according to witness reports getting in this morning tsunami warning was not issuing a magnitude 5.9 looking for details updates out of tokyo area. and dagen the buffalo bills start backup quarterback manuel in place of -- finale against new york jets sunday 34-31 loss in jacksonville 2014, same day bills fired head coach rex ryan. >> offensive coordinator, two
8:17 am
years, in pufflo bills -- >> good thing former nfl, on jets there, let me tell you how bad they wants to get rid of rekts ryan he still had three years on five-year deal paying 5 1/2 million dollars a season they said bye-bye. a lot of money guaranteed i believe. >> this -- >> [laughter] >> this is situation a tough one buffalo wants to win a ng time sie they've had a major run at a super bowl and want to win football legal is about what you do now, i totally agree with quarterback move, the personal friend of mine great yngman, and i hope nothing but best. >> putting tie rod on bench to keep him from getting hurt; right? >> yes and no. >> on the hook if he got hurt. >> yes, but i don't think that is the reason that they put
8:18 am
him on the bench i this i they want to see manuel, you memory a couple years back, they played pretty well, after that, you know, back-and-forth there has never been consiftency to play for a people you don't have identity makes it difficult. >> i was wondering how changing leadership affects ability of the team last game of the season this weekend so end of the season that is why they are doing it now. >> make sure they are going to come back in the program just -- you know, programs that have the same coaches each every year dallas this year right, if -- the coach for probably half the teams in national football league would have been -- before san not much you loyalty any more you see that. >> i am a rode -- redskins'
8:19 am
fan. >> thank you for weighing in on that -- you could go all day. >> i can -- >> exactly. >> coming up trouble in the cabinet president-elect donald trump picks for might prove a challenge down the road, you cannot -- eat here a controversial message to trump voters. ♪ wow, x1 has netflix?
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hey, drop a beat. ♪ show me orange is the new black ♪ ♪ wait, no, bloodline ♪ how about bojack, luke cage
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♪ oh, dj tanner maybe show me lilyhammer ♪ ♪ stranger things, marseille, the fall ♪ ♪ in the same place as my basketball? ♪ ♪ narcos, fearless, cooked ♪ the crown, marco polo, lost and found ♪ ♪ grace and frankie, hemlock grove, season one of...! ♪ show me house of cards. finally, you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. . sandra: a vote for donald
8:23 am
trump means no service at one hawaiian restaurant, café 1/2 in honolulu has a note in window saying trump supporters are not welcome, joining me the former prosecutor -- that yellow piece of paper i cannot even imagine -- would you. >> not -- that is taking it toor far from business perspective this is a publicity stunt that is backfiring largely because -- we had election we have a winner, end of story but also a stunt protected if large part by first amendment you are allowed to stay stupidest things under first amount of this qualifies they can say whatever they want in window. >> somebody walks into restaurant speaks fondly of donald trump i voted for him they have right to not serve them. >> there is the rub, they can say that they don't support donald trump they can say if you support him you can't come in here they can say special
8:24 am
soup for you if you do cannot ban you from the restaurant. >> can they deny service that that is where line would be drawn if i take the other side of the argument if i am restaurateur orn i can simply say being a republican or democrat is not a protected class, i have the right to say you can't come in here, however, we just came off one of the most intensive elections in our history, i think you can make a public policy argument that it is just not cool to say who you voted for is a criteria who you are going to serve we can't sake selfies in voting booth people are afraid of going to -- how condition you say we won't serve you based on who you voted for. >> i'm not sure trump supporters would want to eat at that restaurant might poison them. >> you said did he familiartory because calling everyone who supported trump a nazi. >> that is the part rubs me wrong way i know he -- nazi is
8:25 am
something that is supposed to be funny not offensive about it basically when this restaurant owner is saying anybody who supported trump is a nazi and that is very offensive, does it rise to level of words would not give protection under first amendment probably not. >> i can guarantee you i am a black man strong supporter civil rights if that sign i had barack obama you would see huge out cia deemed racism i think disgusting to be able to call someone a naz thai voted for donald trump is despicable i agree with you. >> when are we going to stop further dividing current we have a president-elect people, let's you know get over it. but i think, we have a right to say something that is -- >> i am shocked how those -- the family i am beyond shocked.
8:26 am
that -- two adults would behave that way. >> i don't like it, about those their reality is -- off center you know, major way. >> they are not living in the real world, of course, they do live in brooklyn. >> they are not, if you a strausht owner going to say if you have money invested in stock market stock market your stocks going up don't spend that money in my establishment that is trump money come on let's, we have to get together. >> to be clear, the café is a husband and wife owner of the café, they don't actually refuse service to trump supporters, and saying they didn't put anything different in the food -- they just want so express how much they don't like donald trump. >> think aboutiey can express t stupidest from business
8:27 am
perspective allowed to say that you can't refuse service i can we can make argument you can't refuse service you cannot not bake cake for a couple -- >> they received three phone calls of complaints about sign. >> i guarantee you somebody was in that sfrarestaurant taki about donald trump owner just -- >> i have the same thought. >> -- they don't want to say trouble enough trouble in the world, see if they can come together. >> the anti-semitism, to the left unbelievable, thanks for being here. sandra: knew economic divide housing gains highlighting trouble in world regions of this country when it comes to christmas, amazon delivers the e-commerce giant slays expedition in biggest holiday
8:28 am
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former. welcome back sandra mitchell for maria bartiromo this morning wednesday, december 28th, top stories at 8:30 am eastern, breaking news, on the war on terror "the wall street journal"
8:31 am
reporting tunisian man believed to have had contact with berlin christmas market attacker has been arrested in german new details on this ahead. >> as trump rally rolls on wall street, consumer confidence, lithium highest level in over a decade, not everyone is sold on president-elect's pl, by trump's cabinet may not be fully onboard. >> the economic divide in you have the u.s. what market says about u.s. economy fans mourn the death of a legend. >> your worship -- >> i take audios from just one person, me!
8:32 am
. somebody give this walking carpet out of the my way. >> kari if anybodyer dead at 60 we are remembering the life and work of the acclaimed actress. in drivers saving plans at pump this year hopefully held on to savings, the crude awaking expected in 2017, look at markets dow still trying to hit 20,000 level will day about the today, pointing the fiery opening dow futures 38 points, in europe mixed action, in trading there ftse in londz only gain 37 points. >> asia overnight stocks mostly lower exception of hang seng up 8/10 of 1%, success on open road one of the finalists for the best truck of the year, forget dancing in illustrates canadians lacing
8:33 am
up, fraegz teleturn roads -- >> in urban areas have seen prices surge, homes in rural areas what does this divide mean for the economy long term peter morici economist professor of business university of mar wlnd -- maryland. >> happy new year. >> nice to be with you recovery in housing market is somewhat uneven what are we seeing? >> we're seeing china syndrome as barack obama was giving away economy manufacturing jo about those to china i interior of the country wages stagnant inclining even they have been booming in technology banking media as
8:34 am
continuation quickens housing prices dpfd while barack obama giving away economy to chinese handing the election to donald trump very close correlation between zip coeds you housing prices have declined, and where trump won election. >> okay. so president-elect trump peter is this a -- in instances stark contrast, the cover "the wall street journal" could this present in preventing some campaign promises? >> yes, the campaign promises rarlt to china and trade agency, articulated about a world that is now -- we are no longer competing with chinese on t-shirts now going after our high technology goods, interesting article this morning in the "the wall street journal", about that, that did a hatchet job on inactive ara i would expect from the journal but they need a much in other sophisticated
8:35 am
view in order to china we have to go after investment policies technology policies frankly we have to go before this gee politically with with regard to south china sea taiwan together if we push one place like exchange rate they push back other places china menace of this decade the principal economic foreign policy problem, that trump -- slapping on a 45% tariff won't do it needs more sophisticated approach and i am not seeing at from a this cabinet. >> have you called them up yet? >> i have been writing about it writing about it, and i know for a fact, that there are people in there that read me. >> peter, there is optimism we have been talking about it all morning about the president-elect and his policies specifically on the economy, leading to stock market surge we have a pop this morning watching dow -- potentially 20,000 today is
8:36 am
there too much some of them considering he has not even entered the white house yet? >> i think the market is ahead of itself, i am very optimistic if donald trump gets his program passed through congress, or makes necessary executive orders economy will thrive we are optimistic about less writings the question is will he get it implemented, i am fear full that his cabinet secretaries of state for example labor labor secretary knows -- minimum wage not above 9 dollars an hour is if he aware of all the ways the labor department makes guys like me miserable running a small business increases my costs keeps me from hiring people i don't think so, i am quite concerned that the cabinet secretaries absent overarching vision from white house about what needs to be done, you
8:37 am
know energy it will be ethanol labor minimum wage so forth are -- how are we getting all these -- >> when does it trickle down to the middle class at some point i look here and i see that if you own the home that worth over a half million dollars in the u.s. last 15 years probably you probable saw increases upwards of one hundred percent, the same medium household values 100,000 to 150 saw 24% increase, what point how do we get some tax benefits i am a small business owner myself how do we see that into middle class. >> we don't see it until we get economy growing don't get economy growing until a complex of strategies, in trade, taxes, regulation, that work. we've got to get tax cuts this isn't reagan's era, cutting taxes doesn't slice it deregulation is tougher than for reagan because in those
8:38 am
days regulation lad wind to its back people thought a good idea so a today a lot of people are suspicious of it, the tax cuts without deregulation the two without a coherent trade policy towards china don't give growth -- icht my forecast from 2017 if clinton had won i still see 2% growth next year, until we get these policies passed. >> speaking of china many, many national defense arena feel national debt is national security issue to united states a lot of economists think that a deficit is going to continue to grow with trump sported tax cuts infrastructure defense spending what do you make a of this. >> with regard to the china holding our debt i don't see that much of a problem because of the way money works if china dumped our debt bonds would basically -- dollars would go out of circulation so they wouldn't count anymore, at the same time, the federal
8:39 am
reserve could print -- the treasury that it dumped international capital markets would be unchanged, might be initialpanic but after we responded unchanged, with regard to the deficit that is a real problem, my feeling is, we have to pay for the infrastructure spending, that we need. we do that in two ways. cutting elsewhere in the federal budget and he reforming what we do with hi trust fund for example we are spending on a path on i am a cyclist pay for that with a tax on equipment they buy we've got to get rid of davis-bacon increases cost of bigdz roads -- buildings roads. >> we have a national death tax hats not gone up more than 20 years we don't take that to fixing doggone roads. >> we take three quarters of it two-thirds -- we can -- >> people who are not driving
8:40 am
that a much, there money is spent on fixing roads used by others. . >> most all of us drive, but you are right, that we should use tax revenues from gasoline and tires and things like that, because we are going to have electricity cars, to build our roads i agree with you. i also believe that we have to finally get rid of davis-bacon why is it when 7% of the private labor force is unionized we kowtow to unions every turn i don't get. >> it leave viewers with that -- 20,000 day before end of the year? your thoughts. >> oh, i think we are going to hit it soon before end of the year, if i can make calls would you like that i would be in florida retired. >> economics behind the rally, i figure you had an answer for us, peter, thank you. >> thank you. >> happy new year. >> coming up, opec's plan to
8:41 am
cut production fueling higher oil prices oily hit a 2016 high this morning what it means for drivers in the new year, and keep on trucking we look at some of the best vehicles of the year, heading out on the plaza take a look at that what do you call it? >> i can't see you in that truck sandra. legitimate.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
. sandra: opec production cut driving up oil prices, not this morning, at least, but did hit 2016 high -- fraction percent joining us from cme what do you expect in the new year guy knows it all -- analyst so we hit a new high, for oil, just this morning. >> um-hmm we sure did i tell you what doesn't look pretty for gas prices, in the new year.
8:45 am
you know, actually since the opec production cuts as you know sandra priefs the gone up 28 of last 30 days price of oil new year expected to go as high as 60, 65 may be even 70 those days of dollar a gallon gasoline are probably behind . watching the markets, today, because oil prices are higher, we seem to pull back a little bit on the report of the japanese earthquake, a lot of times we have an earthquake in japan demanded drops off we see a little bit of a pullback you know we also are seeing dollar rally today so two factors did pull us back, but you you know not hanging far from yearly highs going into end of the year with optimism we're seeing in a lot of markets, i wouldn't be surprised to see it make new highs as we end this year. >> always good to see you. -- hope we see you again i think you called 0 dollar oil in 2017 didn't you -- >> i think we are going to see it. i don't think that is an
8:46 am
average i think will be a spike, but i definitely think abouting an average of 60. >> all right, thank you, i've got to run out with plaza see new trucks so we are going to leave it there thank you, breaking news following the berlin attack cheryl casone has details. >> breaking news in the sandra german prosecutors say they are questioning tunisian man, may have been involved in that attack on a christmas market that happened in berlin last week. officials say the 40-year-old man's name on cell phone of amri, believed to have driven into the market, injuring dozens more, we will post you on that certainly this morning. hollywood, is mourning the death of the incredibly talented actress carrie fisher suffered a cardiac arrest last friday died at los angeles hospital screenwriter dozens of movies including classic
8:47 am
blues brothers when harry met sally, in "star wars" turned her into international celebrity. okay. >> your worship -- >> one thing straight i take orders from just one american, me! is in a somebody get this caulking carpet out of my way. >> princess leia, trail blazing space heroine shot from scar wars episode viii movie. >> at the back backlash after tweeting carrier fish other always have best buns in galaxy with picture one of the company cinnamon rolls, the company apologized for tweet
8:48 am
saying it was meant to be a tribute did no go over well with fans. >> 2016 amazon's best-selling ye-to-date ty are saying but best-selling, the company shipped one billion its this season with amazon prime shipping service faith tons more than last season december 23rd most popular for deliveries promising to get gift in two hours, amazon obviously place to go if you are a procrastinator for gifts. >> take a look at this video from canada ontario, some people there ice skating on the streets after a winter storm dumped freezing rain into area temperature 25 degrees looks like a pretty good time. >> coming up everybody we are going live outside, because we
8:49 am
are cruising towards a closer look at best cars the truck of the year you are watching "mornings with maria". stay with us. we'll be right back. ♪ rodney and his new business. he teaches lessons to stanley... and that's kind of it right now. but rodney knew just what to do...he got quickbooks. it organizes all his accounts, so he knows where he stands in an instant. ahhh...that's a profit. which gave him the idea to spend a little cash on some brilliant marketing! ha, clever. wow, look at all these new students! way to grow, rodney! know where you stand instantly. visit
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. sandra: we are driving into 2017 with look at contenders for best utility vehicle truck and car, of the year, joining us is the board member north american car truck of the year, good to see you. >> good to see you as well. >> on chilly plaza with christmas decorations, a new look for the award is going to be revealed when winners are
8:53 am
announced at detroit auto show in january, we have exclusive first look -- okay. >> with a what should he thinks of this have here weighing here we go. designer is a famous designer ed well burn, chief. and this is if academy awards what would you drive. >> drive this new north american, designed by ed. >> automotive designer, and did this truck win. >> there are three finalists this is xseries, can we talk about it for a second dagen mcdowell, dagen i have confirmed no -- 330.
8:54 am
>> -- 350. >> this looks seriously cool won awards best series, this is f250 loaded -- >> because when you saw a truck is fullyloaded this is loaded this thing has everything you could possibly want very capable truck electric steering i have a ford trucker a finality doesn't mean win there are 0 journalists from north america very well-known journalists, this is we are academy awards when it comes to picking one. >> just prior to this a
8:55 am
setting is diesel what is sports utility vehicle what is in contention for that. >> utility vehicles looking at -- very new suv, minivan, wear looking at jaguar, that is interesting for jag war into the marketplace, the want to see. >> okay -- so that is very nails done a lot of products, 45,000 dollars, go tthe car. >> finality car of the yea >> at the chevy, this is chevrolet's entry vehicle lead -- lead to head with modeled not biggest tesla fan but give a lot of credit getting to market available, about today. you can buy it also in that contention is genesis,
8:56 am
sunday's luxury line, this is brand-new hundredd dhundredday vehicle impressive. >> showing pictures sounds like fans yea -- fancy vehicles. >> the interior one absolute favorite. >> you can put family back there -- whatever you call it is in a come on. >> you can bring -- >> something, okay pb seriously this is a luxury -- pickup truck. and working and you want t use as only vehicle this will allow you to get both the reason i personally like diesel longer distancing better fuel economy. >> can we look at crowd on plaza this morning -- this
8:57 am
morning -- okay dagen do you hear all that? -- the vehicles on the road i can't afford the did he pid he deposit. >> i got to go thank you. thank you. 7:00 a.m. >> weigh will be right back.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> thank you for joining us on fox business this morning. shout out to canada plaza. shout out to people all over the place. that does it for us. varney is next. ashley webster is in. ashley: wherever she goes, that's how popular she is. good morning, i'm ashley webster in for stuart this morning. here are big stories that we are following, of course, dow 20,000, it could finally be here. tired of saying it, us 55 points away. that's why we have 55 in the middle of the screen. consumers are more confident than in 15 years. and donald trump is taking credit for that. secretary of state john kerry


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