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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  December 29, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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president-elect referred to. basically his point was, yes, some of this was in the works with the japanese investor before the conversations pebegan with the president-elect but those conversations added to it and made for more jobs than we originally thought. good news obviously. good news, trish regan here to take you through the next hour. trish: wee like the jobs. president trump and inner circle are sick and tired of president obama slamming trump every chance he can get. watch. >> it is here we remember when even hatred burns hottest, even when the tug of tribalism is at its most primal, we must resist the urge to turn inward. we must resist the urge to demonize those who are different. >> we feel the difference now. see now, we're feeling what not having hope feels like. >> i'm confident that if i, if i
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had run again and articulated it i think i could have mobilize ad majority of the american people to rally behind it. trish: we'll have exclusive reaction from trump's inner circle with trump's soon to be press secretary sean spicer. i'm trish regan with "the intelligence report." trump busies himself with vacation in in palm beach florida, at mara lag go. reporter: hi trish, president-elect meetings are around national security and transition, and that includes his inaugural address. we're told that mr. trump has some time set aside for that very speech and will do so. alongside his top advises which include steven miller, top speechwriter for then candidate trump, steve bannon, reince priebus and kellyanne conway. we're getting a little claty on the potential timeline for when the nomation for the vacant supreme court seat might come.
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incoming white house press secretary sean spicer, telling radio show host hugh hewitt this morning it will probably happen after mr. trump is sworn in as 45th president of the united states. as the transition heads into the holiday weekend, two key cabinet posts still remain unfilled. that meaning heads of department of agriculture and veterans fairs. candidates for the agriculture position continue to be interviewed yesterday, a day which culminated with the announcement that sprint would move 5,000 jobs back into the u.s. while the start-up, oneweb said it would add anotherthousand jobs. they are associated with the softbank ceo, mashio, san, wrapped into his previous pledge of 50,000 jobs. spicer says of the pledge, quoting, i think you will see more and more of this. i think this is just the tip of e iceberg. trish, back to you. trish: we'll ask sean about that.
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president obama seems to try to undermine president-elect trump even before in office. pollster frank luntz summed itp to me this way. >> obama seems to be doing, trying to figure out the right language so i don't get fined by the fcc, a fu tour i guess best way to put it. trish: i guess, that is the choice word for frank anyway. here with me right now, incoming white house press secretary sean spicer. congratulations, first of all. i haven't personally congratulated you since you got the job. that is great. are you happy. >> i'm ecstatic. truly an honor to play this role for this next administration, not just because of the role that it is in america but also because i think so much change is going to be coming it will be really an exciting opportunity to help be the conit of getting out the president's narrative and message and accomplishments. trish: frank, you heard him say,
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effectually that this president obama's f-u tour and trump is on thank you tour. is he crossing the line where he is getting a little bit inappropriate? >> look, we're a country one president at a time. there are 22 days for president obama to continue the term he was duly elected to serve. but i think there is probably a bit of potentially some jealously at amount of accomplishments already occurring in terms of domestic policy, job creation. you saw sprint tweeting 5000 plus jobs they will bring to the united states. softbank you saw, the deal he did with carrier, this is a president who will accomplish more before coming president than some presidents may have accomplished in their first couple months in office. there will be a very exciting time. as i noted, you talked about in that package, we'll see a lot more of this. there is a lot of excitement about a trump administration and change that is coming. trish: you mentioned jealously.
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it has to be a little unnerving for him. here he is still president, and we haven't quite seen a president-elect go to work in the way donald trump has over recent weeks. really, you know, coming out, with information regarding jobs, some plans for the economy. of course he had to put his whole cabinet in place but it has been very much in the public eye, that people have really been watching this very closely and he doesn't seem to have sort of backed off. i have mean even with the victory lap, the tours, et cetera, how different is this in your view than previous president-elects? >> well there i think is three big buckets you could put us in. one is the speed and caliber of his cabinet. look at the number of individuals who have already been named to key positions. probably the quickest in modern history. then you look at the caliber of them, unbelievable. look at gentleman like rex tillerson who is one of the world's leading businessmen and wants to step down and let donald trump move the country forward and serve this nation.
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two is, you look at the accomplishments that he already had already and that's in a couple areas. one, you look at the government wast he took the cost of the f-35 strike fighter, they are pledging to keep that down at least a billion dollars. air force one, tab is well under 4 billion now. then the job creation. so the amount of action and success that he had prior to taking office is pretty astronomical. trish: it also makes people feel like you know, they really have hired a ceo for the job. they're different than a politician. someone who is actually trying to get some stuff down. >> that's right. trish: maybe looking out for them than a little more than they have seen among some other previous politicians. let me ask you a big speech. looks like plans are underway. working on the speech. he has help from his team. can you give us insight into what we can anticipate? >> well, i think, as has been noted, he is sitting down today
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with his team to go over the next draft with stephen miller, steve bannon, reince priebus, kellyanne conway, to talk about the big themes and things he wants to accomplish and historical nature of his presidency. some of the people he is drawing inspiration from and things he wants include. as we move forward over the next few days, we'll see a lot more of the contours of the speech come together. trish: what do you think the first 100 days will look like? a lot of people are hoping for a tax cut, both for individuals d for corporations. is it realistic, sean, for us to think that is going to come through? >> oh, i think it is realistic, absolutely. i'm not sure how long it will take. on day one alone there will be unquestionable demarcation for this administration. change is coming to washington, d.c. i think not just the first 100 days. it will be the first hour, the first day, the first week, the first month, the first 100 days, the first year, the first term. it is not going to stop. i think, when you're around donald trump it is infectious.
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he wants to continue to succeed and make this country better, create jobs, create higher wages for american workers, reform the health care system, give veterans the care he deserves. he has insatiable appetite to make things better consistently. it will never stop for him. i think that is something he charged everyone on his team with, that i want to continue to make this country bert and better, day by day and never stop. trish: quality great leaders have. being a big deal ceo, right? you got to be able to infuse the team, in his case now the country, with this excitement. with a positive attitude, and in many ways, i criticized obama about this throughout, he seemed so pessimistic about our economic future, no matter what was going on, it was hard for people to feel like they could get on board and hard for the business community hard to see
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any future with the friction between the white house and business. how do you think that should change? >> it is about attitude and philosophy and about agenda. you see that with carrier and some other companies we mentioned, sprint, softbank, that just based on his philosophy, his desire, goal to lower taxes, lower regulations. make this country for business-friendly. not because what is for businesses, because it helps the american worker get a job. it helps the american worker increase their wages. he understands that is what is important. for too long the american worker is left behind. under the trump administration they're first and foremost, we build strong families and strong businesses, strong individuals. i think you're seeing more and more companies, rather, want to come back, bring their jobs back to the united states or create more because they understand there will be a friendly business climate that will support their ability to grow their business and grow jobs. trish: good to hear, sean, we'll be watching very carefully. thank you so much. good to see you today. >> thanks, trish.
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trish: meanwhile the white house is connected to announce sanctions over so-called meddling in our elections. some call this a parting shot against vladmir putin just weeks before leaves office. this could complicate things big time for trump. here is what trump said about the hacking allegations. watch. >> i think we should get along with our lives. computers have complicated our lives greatly. the whole age of computer made it not exactly you are sure people what is going on. we have speed, and a lot of other things but not sure we have the security we need. trish: news we're getting, news that the u.s. is kicking out some russian diplomats. joining with more director of the cia james woolsey. good to have you. what is your response that the u.s. is kicking out some russian diplomats. >> well that sort of approach is
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necessary sometimes in diplomacy, if, a country is taking really very bad actions against you and it looks like as we get more and more into the substance of what happened back a month or two ago, the russians look as if in their use of cyber they are doing much the same thing that they have for years, really since the '40s, with what they call the disinformation program. in other words, they're lying program. which is to flood publications throughouthe west and alter book and photoshop photos in order to create false impressions, much of it focused on the catholic church and on jews, but also now recently on democratic political parties in europe. so the russians may not be doing
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much different than they have done for decades but by using cyber to some extent they made it more salient. trish: they reinvented it to a certain extent. that said, ambassador, there is a difference i suppose in modifying some pictures and putting false information out there and actually hacking into voting machines. >> right. trish: and one of the problems here is that, with all this disinformation, fake news, if you would, you got many on the left very nervous and very worried somehow vladmir putin stole this election from clinton via hacking, via cyber war. what can you say to comfort them so that they know that wasn't the case? >> well, i'm not going to be too comforting. first of all i don't know that we have any evidence that any totals got altered or dead people were lined up to vote the way they have been once in a while in chicago over the decades.
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as far as we know, we don't have any evidence that that happened but the, the russians could take advantage of a very troubling fact which is that after, in 2000 when we had the hanging chads in florida and all that, we ended up in a lot of parts of the country modifying voting machines and people thought they were making improvement but in a lot of cases they just have touch-screens. there is no paper trail. about a quarter of the voting machines in the country there is no paper trail. that is a recipe for disaster if somebody hacks into your voting machines and you can't have a recount. not this time, haven't heard that they have. we have two years until our next election. and counties and states all over this great country need to get themselves together and get rid of systems that don't have any paper backup. it's a disaster waiting to happen. trish: you don't like electronic.
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i hear you. >> you can dot electronics too but you have to be able to back it up with paper. trish: ah-ha. given, given that we're now looking at increasingly a hostile relationship with russia for a variety of reasons, including this concern about hacking and whether or not they influenced the outcome of the election, how difficult of a position does that put donald trump in right now? as he goes into the white house and he is trying to kind of make nice with russia and move on? >> well, one can be cordial with russians and not give in to them. i mean, i think theodore roosevelt had it right, speak softly, carry a big stick. we need to make sure that they know we're going to cause them a good deal of difficulty if they keep doing things like this but we don't have to have, we don't have to announce it first of all. i'm not sure why in the world we're going public with all of this. i think taking action against them secretly, but they'll know
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would be better. even if we have to talk about it for some reason, you can, you can do it other than by blustering and shouting and so forth. trish: okay. well, we're doing a lot of blustering and shouting and so forth i suppose, which you clearly don't condone. but anyway, in a few, in a few weeks potentially going to be very different. so we'll be watching very carefully. ambassador woolsey, good to see you thank you very much. >> good to see you. >> donald trump is making good on problem to bring jobs back to america. what more does he need to do and what is in store for this economy? we're asking his top economic advisor, steve moore. that's next. >> we have a confirmation of sprint for 5,000 jobs and they're from all over the world and coming back into the united states which is a nice change. oneweb, 3,000 jobs.
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it is a great company and it was done through masa and a terrific guy and we appciate it.
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public wifi for your customers. private wifi for your business. strong and secure. good for a door. and a network. comcast business. built for security. built for business. trish: we're getting more news into us right now. we have learned 35 russian diplomats in washington being expelled from the country. there are facilities, compound in new york and maryland being shut down, russian compound being shut down in new york and maryland by the obama administration. we just heard from ambassador woolsey who said, you know, look, sometimes this happen when you are experiencing these difficulties in diplomacy, however he would not advise it would be as public as this has been. certainly these headlines just crossing right now. it is very public with 35 russian diplomats being expelled from the country. i want to go to blake burman in d.c. with more on the developing story. what can you tell us?
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reporter: trish, we're going through what the white house put out. there are two very different stories. first what you mentioned, expulsion of 35 russian government officials deemed persona non grata, russian officials, the facilities you laid out. that is one-half of the equation. according to the they are responding to russian harrassment of u.s. personnel in russia. that is one part of it. the second part is the response from the administration for the cyber harking attacks as it is being described, sanctions for malicious russian cyber activity. the obama administration has laid out individuals, companies, and parts of the russian government which are at the heart of these sanctions. just to go through it real quickly, the sanctions will be levied against the gru which is the main military intelligence agency in russia. they named four exact
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individuals, the administration has, who is the chief of that agency, the deputy chief and go first deputy chiefs as well. basically the top brass of russia's main military intelligence agency. also receiving the sanctions as well, three other entities that all tie back to russia. the main intelligence directorate as well and also two other russian individuals who the obama administration says is tied to this russian hacking. so this is the response, one of the first steps to the cyber attacks, that the 17 intelligence agencies feel was directed at the united states in the run-up to the november election. and then also, as you let in, these other 35, basically russian government officials here in the u.s. who have been told to get out of the country. trish: wow, really amazing development happening moments ago. thank you very much. blake burman. for more i'm joined by fox news analyst, lieutenant colonel ralph peters.
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your reaction that 35 diplomats escorted out of the country. compounds owned by the russians shut down. many people would say this is somewhat political with president obama d they have concerns of what they did do during this election? >> i'm absolutely convinced that russians interfered in this election. not sure who they were trying to help or anything like that. the russians interfered with our process. they should be punished. we have to hear more details about the sanctions but so far this is largely symbolic. now. >> pelling the diplomats, many of -- now expelling diplomats and named, and that is fine but doesn't get at the strategic problem. of the sanctions are only way to get at strategic problems. sanctioning individuals doesn't do it. you have to go for the jugular,
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the jugular is wealth, money, flow of the economy, transactions in u.s. dollars. if you're not willing to do that -- trish: what would you like to see them do in the way of sanctions, vladmir putin and company? >> tighten the economic screws. russia has now gone through, because of falling oil prices and sanctions, russia had two years of negative growth. 2015 was minus 3.7%. this year russians are cooking the books but they still admit it is negative growth. pensions are losing their buying power. they're not going up. inflation has doubled in russia. it is not going to bring putin down tomorrow but he needs the money, he needs money to pursue his military buildup. he wants a much bigger, stronger russia. syria costs money. all the eastern ukraine costs money. crimea costs money. that is where you shoot him without shooting live bullets. trish: let me bring in more headlines just crossing right now to you and viewers.
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president obama says u.s. diplomats experience ad unacceptable level of harrassment in moscow by russian security services and police over the last year. what would you say, or how would you characterize our relations with russia over the course of the last year? how tense have they really become? >> well, they have become much more tense. we are not on the verge of a nuclear war vladmir putin is a bully. likes to make a lot of noise, shake his fist but knows he can't take on the united states, but the problem we have is timid, cowardly president afraid of his own shadow. i will give obama credit for putting on sanctions but he wasn't willing to stand up to russia in syria or even before they got to syria. as a result we've seen a turkish, iranian condominium in the upper middle east. we've seen our nato allies fearful. and by the way, the president-elect has got to take a strong stand pro-nato. that is important. back to basic issue. russia is poor country.
2:25 pm
there are 11 time zones of tuberculosis, aides, alcoholism is masquerading at superpower. hit them in the wallet. long term we win. trish: colonel peters, thank you so much. more on the developing story, and much more when i see you back here in two. there's a denture adhesive that holds strong until evening. fixodent plus adhesives. just one application gives you superior hold even at the end of the day fixodent. strong more like natural teeth.
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. trish: donald trump says his administration will follow two simple rules, buy american and hire american. so how's he going to do that and what does it mean for the trump family business when many of his ties and shirts are made in china and daughter ivanka's clothe be line is produced overseas. steve moore joins me with that. that's what the left is pointing to, how can he talk about buying american when he makes his ties overseas? but is there a difference, steve, between being a businessman who's out to make as much profit as you potentially can, in an environment that is not conducive to business here in
2:29 pm
the u.s. and being a politician, a leader, who's trying get the most activity in the u.s. economy? >> i think there is a difference. although, trish, i would say in the past, i've been opposed to government americans which are buy american, they oftentimes make our transportation projects, our construction projects and so on more expensive if we have to buy inputs for the projects that are more expensive if they're bought in the united states versus being bought abroad. i think we should look for the best bargain whether it's a private business or a government entity. trish: i'm going to challenge you a little bit on is, all right? >> okay, good. trish: back to when i was a kid, you felt like you had to own an american car. there was pressure, especially if you grew up in a town that had an american car company. >> yes, i know what you are talking about. yep. trish: a culture around. that we've gone increasingly
2:30 pm
away from that, and it's more challenging because foreign car companies are making their cars here in the united states of america or you have many parts coming from many different places, but isn't there something to that where people used to take pride in the whole made in the usa, we've ineasinglyotten away from that, less importa, less relevant, and maybe it needs it be more important. >> trish, i agree 100% with what you just said. i grew up, my parents were world war ii generation, my mom would never buy a japanese car because of what happened in world war ii, felt it was unpatriotic, that was 75 years ago. there was an ethic that you bought american products, and i'd love to see it return to that. i'm making a point and challenge you a little what you said. i think it should be up to the individual to make the decision, not the government. that's why i'm opposed to tariffs, if you and i want to buy american, we should. but if people want to buy a
2:31 pm
foreign car or foreign goods, i don't think -- trish: up to them to do it. shouldn't the government be creating an environment that encouraging people to buy the american product. >> yes, yes, yes. trish: how do we do that when there is so much competition all over the world? >> we do it through tax reform, regulatory reform. i'll give you one statistic, trish, we add an estimated 17,000 to $18,000 to the cost of every american manufacture worker just through regulation, that's like a tax we're placing on the american worker who's producing manufacturing goods here, you move the plant somewhere else, you save $10,000, i'm not talking about wages, i'm talking about regulatory costs. trish: i hear you, there's a lot thatan and should be de and hope it all gets de. steve moore -- >> the main point is we have to take competitiveness as a nation seriously and haven't done that for ten years and i think trump will. trish: we hope so, thank you so
2:32 pm
much. steve moore, good to see you. republicans and democrats blasting president obama and secretary of state john kerry for treatment of israel. so why are they picking this fight? why are these guys picking a fight with israel right now? i mean, look, he really hasn't been a friend to israel, but as ambassador john bolton said, now it's come to the point where president obama is effectively stabbing israel in the front. is it deliberate? trying to muck things up for donald trump? we're on it right after this.
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. >> regrettably, some seem believe to that the u.s. friendship means the u.s. must accept any policy, regardless of our own interests, our own positions, our own words, our own principles. even after urging again and again that the policy must change. friends need to tell each other the hard truths, and friendships require mutual respect. trish: secretary of state john kerry taking aim at israel, and describing the obama administration's distorted view of the u.s.-israeli partnership. kerry's harsh words set up a wave from arizona senator john mccain weighing in saying, and i quote -- president-elect donald trump
2:37 pm
telling israel to be patient tweet -- stay strong, israel, january 20th is fast approaching. joining me right now is radio talk show host ethan, brad, good to see both of you, we used to always stand by israel. stand by your friends and now all of a sudden, you got john kerry pointing fingers and saying israel, this is your fault, and if we're going to continue to be your friend, sometimes friends have to tell each other hard things and it's your fault. how -- how significant is this in terms of the change in tone and the fact that the u.n. security council voted the way that it did? >> well, look, friends don't take friends to the united
2:38 pm
nations security council and leave them hanging with an abstaining vote. we should have vetoed it, allowed it to occur in any event, and could be worse than that, right? >> it could be if you listen to the israelis, that we had a role in making sure that it did come to the floor. >> that's right, but the good news for israel is it doesn't matter what john kerry said, what matters is help is on the way with the new president of the united states who's going to understand that we support our friends first and foremost, and israel is an oasis and a desert of terror and despair. help is on the way, israel, let's not let barack obama or john kerry interfere with the relationship further. trish: ethan, what do you think about the timing of all this. we know that president obama and john kerry have taken issue with israel settlements for quite some time, right? but that speech was very different than some of the previous things we've heard out of this administration, and so
2:39 pm
many are scratching their head and saying what about the timing of this? why do they wait until so late, was this the last hurrah and they wanted to get out there? >> he was reaching for the trophy to have the worst foreign policy since jimmy carter. i don't know how else to determine this other than parting shot. doesn't have to raise more money from american jews, doesn't need the vote of american jews anymore, he's going to take advantage of the opportunity to show his true colors. if there's good news out of it, maybe the two state solution, which has never worked is finally dead because of this action and addressing a one-state solution. trish: how difficult a position does this put israel in? how scared are folks in israel right now knowing what just happened? and look, there's a couple weeks left. >> i don't know that they're scared, i think they're strong and strong people that pull together to defend their country against the enemies
2:40 pm
that surround them and want to destroy them and happy to reach out and be friends with those who want to be their friends. trish: including donald trump by the way and ivanka trump. share a tweet that benjamin netanyahu put out to president-elect trump -- and he tweeted this at both ivanka and donald trump. you need friends these days, ad. >> you absolutely do, and america is at its best when we are strong and reliable, we have to be strong and reliable to our friends and put fear into our enemies and adversaries, the only way is with clear policy where you don't apologize for america, you don't appease enemies, you stand up against your enemies and likelyul have a much better result and a peaceful world. israel has to know we'll be there for israel. and under donald trump, i can assure you that deal with iran is going to be looked at again and again and again and policy towards the middle east is going to change because it's
2:41 pm
going to be what's in the interest of not only the united states but our allies as well. trish: ethan, you have not been a big supporter of donald trump's, given what you just saw the president of the united states and secretary john kerry do, are you rethinking any of that? >> well, the proof will be in the putting. i'm suspicious of trump's twitter diplomacy. we'll find out on january 20th if he's going to act the way he's saying in the tweets. that's what it's going to have to take. it's going to be his actions not his tweets. trish: yeah, well, it's going to be an improvement over what we just saw, anyway. thank you so much, brad and ethan. we're going to be right back.
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. trish: let's check on these markets, we are on 20k watch, kind of elusive. down 18 points on the dow. financials are weighing on the markets today, bank stocks, they have just soared. they have really benefitted from the so-called trump rally. they're pearing back on the gains right now. gold prices hitting highest levels in two weeks amid a decline in the dollar and u.s. bond yields, and fierce are up after a $200 million line of credit to help it stay afloat with help from ceo eddie lampert. the "the intelligence report" will be right back and looking at whether or not malls should
2:44 pm
start banning unsupervised teens after the recent string of violence. see you back here in two. don't go anywhere.
2:45 pm
. trish: shopping malls are considering banning unsupervised teenagers after massive brawls broke out in malls over the holiday weekend. you have the philadelphia mall have hundreds of teens rioted.
2:46 pm
fought with police officers, in a flash mob organized on social media. joining me former nypd commissioner frank harris. what do you think of this? i'm looking at the world saying my goodness, and my kids are little. can't imagine ten years or so, but this is the way teenagers are acting? . >> the scary think about this is i have a 14-year-old and 16-year-old daughter that want to go shopping, walk on their own, they want freedom. for a parent, this scares you to death. you would think other parents have the same concerns. you think other parents are keeping an eye on their kids, where are they? what are they doing? a lot of the kids are acting like animals, the uncivility is insane and a lot of it is driven by social media. communicating with others, telling kids where to meet, telling kids what they're going to be doing. this is crazy, and the combating of cops on top of it
2:47 pm
is even worse. trish: so one of the solutions some malls have proposed and some malls do, this they're saying, look, you can't come to the mall if you're a teenager, you got to be over the age of 18 if you're alone, otherwise you have to be escorted by an adult. is that what it's come to, if you're 17, 17 1/2 years old, you can't go christmas shopping by yourself? >> you have circumstances where they're endangering the public, the malls have to take action, and there are malls right now around the country, you have to be a certain age to walk around on your own, and you can't be in groups of more than a number, you know, maybe it's 4, maybe 6, i don't know what the number is. there are malls around the country that have these types of concerns. trish: you say this is what they're going to do, the reality of the situation is. >> there has to be severe punishment for this stuff. these are violent assaults.
2:48 pm
if you watch this footage and seeing some of the stuff that's happened, there has to be consequences for the actions of the kids that do this stuff. trish: what has happened to them? hundreds of kids are involved in this, do they all get arrested and thrown behind bars? >> the ones that are caught are the ones that do the most damage or violent damage, you know. people have sustained injuries, they destroy property. you know, this is violent behavior, they have to be held accountable. trish: i tell you one thing, i don't like going shopping day after christmas or right after holidays anyway. now all of a sudden you add this into the equation, it takes it to a whole other level. bernard kerik, appreciate it. following the death of debbie reynolds, actor charlie shn sending a eet which he asked god to please take donald trump next, that he should be the next celebrity to die. so where's the outrage? can you imagine if this were
2:49 pm
sent about president obama? hollywood would go absolutely nuts. we're on it next. plus the nation today remembering film legend debbie reynolds who died one day after her daughter carrie fisher. we have the details on her life. that's next.
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. >> it's morning! >> yes, and what a lovely morning! good morning, good morning. >> we've talked the whole night through. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> to you. ♪ good morning, good morning, it's great to stay up late ♪ ♪ good morning, good morning, to you ♪. trish: i just love that song! you know, that was hollywood screen legend debbie reynolds
2:53 pm
who died at the age of 84. the actress best known for her role in the musical "singin' in the rain" died one day after her daughter carrie fisher's death and her son todd reynolds says the shock was too much f his mother, there are reports they may be planning a dual funeral. joining me mel flynn with her thoughts on debbie reynolds. mel, how close was debbie to her daughter? >> from what i understand, very close. i didn't know them personally, people knew them, i believe they lived next door to each other, and you know it's difficult in hollywood, the nature of the business to remain close to family members and loved ones, you travel here and there and spend a lot of time apart. they come together and close. trish: debbie reynolds such an icon, you think about her there in that film, we were watching
2:54 pm
her sing good morning. she was only 19 years old. >> i know, i know. beautiful, talent, great actress, singer, it was amazing, so was her daughter. trish: yes, they shared that in common. we have a picture, we have a picture of debbie reynolds at a rick perry fund-raiser, was she a conservative? that's not the picture, we have the picture in there somewhere. this is her at a rick perry fund-raiser i'm being told. >> from what i understand, she was conservative, like i said, i didn't know her personally, i read things that said she was conservative, and like you said, you're showing the rick perry photo, perhaps, she helped him out. i believe she was. trish: not an easy thing to be in hollywood i imagine, you probably found that. let me switch gears and another sty that concerns hollywood today, actor crlie sen, we all know is crazy, calling on
2:55 pm
god now to take president-elect trump. this is on the heels of debbie reynolds. haven't seen a ton of outrage, where is it? what if someone said that about president obama or hillary clinton? why is it okay for hollywood to bash trump but it doesn't work the other way around? >> that's exactly right, and you said it perfectly. you hear no outrage about this. if someone said that about obama, can you imagine the backlash that people would get from that? there would be so much outrage, they would be thrown out of hollywood for the most part, but no, you don't hear anything on the left. it's like business as usual, it seems fine. trish: some ways i expect it's expected and suspected, if you're at a dinner party and politics comes up at the table, if you're there defending trump or any of his policies, what's the reaction you get? >> i know from being on sets
2:56 pm
that most conservatives don't even talk politics at all. i will talk issues. i try to not talk about it and talk about things as far as politics goes, but if it comes up, i will address it, i'm not going to hide in the closet like conservatives in hollywood do. i don't think that's right, i don't think we should have to, there is certainly repercussions if you are a conservative in hollywood. trish: talking about peer pressure, do you think it's worse now after that know before in your career, feels like pc correctness has gone off the charts? >> yeah, and with donald trump getting -- there's controversy with him, they feel it's open season to attack him and attack all conservatives, so yeah, it's going to get worse now that he's in office, like when george w. was, in it was bad being on sets and working in hollywood. when obama was in, it settled down, if he messed up, they weren't going to say anything. now that trump is in there, it's open game.
2:57 pm
trish: good luck to you. great to have you here. we're going to be right back.
2:58 pm
2:59 pm
3:00 pm
. >> don't forget, everyone, i'm in for neil cavuto today on fox news, your world, 4:00 p.m. eastern, i hope to see you there. fox news channel. 4:00 p.m. i'm going to be interviewing the ceo of one web, greg weiler who along with sprint is bringing 8,000 jobs back to the united states. exciting stuff! liz claman down at the nyse where we're still waiting on 20k. liz: trish, you just broke this newsbout rsian diplomats being expelled. it is the talk of this floor right now here at the new york stock exchange. breaking news, president obama has punished vladimir putin as a jittery world watches and waits for more breaking developments. 35 russian diplomats expelled in washington, d.c., and san francisco. retaliation for interfering, the obama administration says,


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