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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  December 30, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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we want to reset our relationship so we will do it together. the 1980s are now calling for the foreign-policy back.
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in early september when i saw president putin in china i felt like the most effective way insured that that didn't happen was to talk to him directly and tell him to cut it out. where there would be some serious consequences if he didn't. the tension between the u.s. and russia at a new high following president obama's decision to impose sanctions on the country. welcome to risk and reward. the russian president said he is unphased by the sanctions for its alleged cyber meddling he refuses to stoop to president obama's level. this is as operatives flee to the compounds were closed at president obama's orders. they have until sunday noon to leave the united states. president and trump is urging
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the country to move on to bigger and better things but confirms he will attend an intelligence briefing on the situation next week. joining me now with the latest. have there been any statements yet from president-elect trump within the last hour. didn't come. he have a tweet the president-elect said a little while ago quote great move i always knew he was very smart. that followed the statement from the russian president himself earlier today in which he basically said he was waiting for the new trump trumpet administration to come in to respond. although we have the right to retaliate we know --dash well not resort to irresponsible kitchen diplomacy.
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at the russian consulate consulate in seven cisco earlier today a government official they're saying that they hope that this is a low point between the two countries. listen. >> we hope the new administration would be able to look at our relations because how we see our relations now the situation is not normal. the u.s. sanctions were on full display today for about everyone to see as to russian compounds were closed. take a look at one site in centerville maryland. about 50 miles east of us here. many with their windows tinted left just before the noon hour there. a second site in long island. it was shuttered as well.
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>> blake, thank you very much. i want to bring in fox news strategic analyst ralph peters. what you think up president putin's response of course are not going to kick out the diplomats or will they? >> he managed the response brilliantly. he sent out the form foreign minister to be the bad cop and say that russia must retaliate. he strolls out and makes good cop. when were not going to retaliate. in abominably -- obama stupidly allowed him to do that. they were imposed with a great deal of sound and fury. there was no way they were cannot hurt russia.
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there is no strategic effect. then also it sets up president-elect trump who falls for the bait and immediately praises putin. where the good guys. the russians are the bad guys. adam: he said great move on the delay i always knew he was very smart. do you think he is really waiting for president-elect trump to take office and that maybe the situation will finally be resolved after the 2h of january. >> i think he is salivating at the thought of president-elect trump being inaugurated. he humiliated to u.s. presidents alone and now he feels like he has the perfect past. i'm impressed by what much of
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president-elect trump is gonna do. but his weak spot is clearly vladimir putin. but he is as john mccain said he has invaded his neighbors and crushed russian democracy. we don't do know how many thousands of civilians. certainly ukraine as well. i'm really worried that people have put the wrong ideas and president-elect trump in his mind and we are in danger of getting a worse deal than obama got with iran because you have indicated and if i'm hearing correctly you think president obama's sanctions might not had any teeth to them. or is it what the united states have to do.
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>> the sanctions not only don't have teeth they don't had dumps. this was nothing. the sanctions and other things they're doing may try to box him in. not this one. if he wanted to box trump and he would have had to go after the russian economy. hit him in the one vulnerable area. it have negative gdp growth for two years. the poverty rate is double. the country is a real mess now economically but obama didn't do that. he did the cosmetic gestures. they weren't even a were even a tap on the wrist. thank you. happy and healthy new year to you. god bless america. adam: just three weeks left before president trump takes office.
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listen to president-elect trump campaign manager who was on the hannity program last night. >> we do wonder about the rush to do all of these things in the next couple of weeks by the obama administration and how they may up and long-standing upend long-standing u.s. policy. we hope that's not true. >> joining me now to discuss is my political panel. emily scheier. let me talk to you. was it political or was it the correct correcting for the obama administration to do? >> i do think we want to see tougher sanctions but it was a whole lot of a dog and pony show. the dark windows coming out of maryland.
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it supposed to send a message that president obama is tough but where has a spending this been for the past seven plus years. why now. why not earlier. >> i think it's a very legitimate criticism. they are criticizing this and not going far enough and being too little too late when you had republicans piling on obama and not doing enough. once he takes office. what do you expect donald trump to do. how should he handled the relationship with russia once he is in office. i think we can see from his most recent tweet he's not doing a terribly good job. he seems to be enjoying a cozy friendly relationship and is obably going to get away with it if that's what he wants to do.
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what really could president-elect trump do once he is president. we've heard warnings from colonel peters just a minute ago. he is not to be trusted. >> i think he is going to look at our situation. it's something he campaigned on. and whether he can stand up to dealmaking is going to be interesting. his tweet earlier today says a lot. he said i will be hands off. i'm to show what i'm going to do what he's gonna do i have no clue. >> i was listening to an analyst who said the latest move would stain the legacy. me start with you. is it a stain on the obama legacy. maybe for his supporters. i think he's just trying to show that he's tough that we
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haven't seen this toughness before from him. for those that didn't think he was very strong and in placing the u.s. interests overseas ahead of others this doesn't really say very much. what about you. is it a stain on the obama legacy. it makes it harder for him to make criticisms of donald trump. they are a bigger issue. the whole reaction to russia. adam: there something else that may be going on here. do you think we are heading into a new cold war or not. if only for the fact i think donald trump well at least start off having friendly relationships. thank you for joining us. emily as well. happy new year to both of you. coming up no veteran will die waiting for service.
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is that the answer. but first the obama administration resettling thousands of refugees in the last days before president obama leaves office. can they all be that it in time.
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president obama is rushing to resettle refugees. 25,671 refugees were resettled in the united states and during that same time the number was 13,000791000. they have a resettled 3,556 syrian refugees since
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october 1. joining me now is my panel. my cousins who live in connecticut are part of a group of people who are actually sponsoring a syrian family. and there have been a wonderful experience. when i hear these numbers of people being resettled as americans we should ask the question are these people been vetted or should we be alarmed. as the numbers were just quoted. >> think your family for doing that. we many refugees who need homes and certainly america has not set its arms to those who need to be here but the problem is as we know and we see in europe there are those who seek asylum that should be getting asylum. it shows there is no system or
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betting -- vetted and do they pass basque on -- background checks. they're not filtered against islam in some. we have to posit like mister trump has called for and we have to begin to let americans know we had vetted against those. twenty past some% of those coming into europe had sympathies for asis. americans have a right to be concerned and the president is acting on the whispers of the islamists in his ears. >> should they be alarmed it's almost double what it was in 2015. the number who are being resettled in the united states. is that the kind of thing that should ring alarm bells because as you said 20% of the
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people have sympathies with isis and we know that they have infiltrated the legitimate refugees who do need to create new lives. you would be foolish to assume they are not trained to trying to do that here. >> we should be concerned iwille will get some retro active betting where they will reinstitute the process. anybody that's coming in so that we can track them like our own citizens. right now we can't even once they come in our borders the groups in louisiana disappeared three or four months later. that cannot happen. i hope as of january 20 begins better registration of all of them. and then starts to look through them. we send them back to countries that have ways of life that they would prefer to live.
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there's nothing outrageous about someone coming to the united states to make part of their way of life the values that we cherish. that's why we have a two page declaration. we condemn all islamic states. there are certain things that it would be very difficult for them to my about that they are truly seeking freedom and escaping the tierney andhere are a majority who are doing that. the blessing of the united states is something i alluded to at the top of our destruction. i mean that is something that is unique and a true blessing of the united states of america but let me ask you this question. what are the chances that they have already infiltrated some
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of the refugees who are coming here and getng into our country. the antidotes you get are the strength of how we are going to defeat isis. we to realize that infiltration is happening it didn't happen and now we need to shine a light on it to give it some light. to expose what the threat is. and let them look at the websites they go to. they weren't doing and summary of these cells. we need to do it pre- morton. the one thing i recall when people were falling over backwards earlier when they announced that the immigration would be asking people about their social media it seems
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like a logical question to ask. i would think people here in the united states who want to know that. >> absolutely. that's how you put together what the ideology is. even though they may have been anti- soviet. just because they are anti- ison't wanthem living near me in arizona or anywhere. i hope we start this process right now with who is advising this administration we were not doing anything having to do with muslim brotherhood. once there was members of the islamic state that were welcomed at the white house. they weren't card-carrying members but they were
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sympathizers in defenders of the brotherhood movement. always a pleasure to listen to you. let me be the first to wish you a happy and healthy 2017. president-elect trump said they are not getting the treatment they deserve and is planning big changes for the veterans administration. there is an easy fix no easy fix it there. more than new york city and los angeles combined. we will find out what the trump administration can do about that. i tried hard to quit smoking. but when we brought our daughter home, that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how.
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adam: president-elect trump is vowing to fix of the
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healthcare system. he is considering allowing some veterans to bypass the va system the private sector instead. betsy mccoy joins me now. that's not a new idea. don't some veterans already had that option. >> the way he is approaching it as a new and very smart idea. in 2014 a law was passed by congress to claim to allow veterans to have the choice of seeking their care at the ba going outside if they have waited a long time. but that law requires them to jump through so many hoops to get so many prior approvals that became useless. more of them are on the waitlist now. donald trump has come up with a very smart way of using the medicare system to guarantee that they have a real choice
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of where to go. let's say you are a veteran and are suffering a heart attack or would you have the choice if it becomes the actual rules to go to a dr. of your choosing. >> any dr. who accepts medicare and most do. here is why your sixth session is a good one. 47 percent of them use that are 65 years old or older. they are not using medicare doctors because they find it hard to come up with the cash for the co-pay. taxpayers are getting a great deal. when we need that care they can go that way. it's up to them. they are in the drivers seat.
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when they decide whether to go to the va. it's up to them and medicare will pick up the tab. when i reported on the bernie show that there are veteran groups who are opposed to this kind of think you just heard someone on tv say they got it wrong. the more they hear about it the more they will embrace it. many groups are scared of the idea privatization but this is in it. give everybody a choice. especially for the older vets are going to be seeking very serious situations. they are going to get expert
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care whereas cutting the waiting list in half by allowing them to go to civilian hospitals will mean the younger ones who need battle related care they will move in faster and get served. it really helps the older and younger veterans. we know that they are excellent and had to protect them as well. we will see her -- we will see much more of you in 2017. some say the violence is up because police say they are confused about the losing their jobs. if you haven't been watching eagle cam shows that two eggs
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might be about to hatch. that is eagle. we will be right back.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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>> president-elect donald trump sent out a new tweet in response to coverage.
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funny to watch. there the sister network of the foxbusiness network we hope you will keep it right here. fox news is not such a bad place. they separate us from the other guys. skyrocketing crime in chicago this year. more than 750 murders in chicago alone over the course of 2016. that is more than new york city and los angeles combined. the scary thing however is arrest by chicago police officers are actually down. the worst part about it is that they expected to spike over the weekend.
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is an endless cycle. they are reporting as a thursday. 736 for the year. an increase of 57 percent from this time last year. 3,525 shootings versus 200400 last year. an overwhelming number of the victims are black. most of them are documented gang members. gary mccarthy who lost his job said the reason for the increase in bloodshed is that policing has become politicized. they are ending up killing more black lives. the number of shootings in the city is less than half of 1%.
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what does that mean. 99.6 percent of the shootings are civilian on civilian. generally black on black. as a 90% increase from two years ago. i dozen people were killed in chicago. eleven of those retaliations. people are coming out to demonstrate against gun violence. it is where the trouble exists. it is supposed to not be an anti- cop rally but the organizer acknowledges that there is always the risk when you get people descending on one of these big demonstrations. >> it is just so sad. twenty years ago.
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thank you for joining us. chicago is making national headlines for all of the wrong reasons. the rise in police arrests have arrest have gone down by 80%. burnout donnell shea. i think we need some godly intervention in chicago. the violence in chicago is dramatic. they want something else i don't know what it is that it is to do but the situation it can be tolerated can it quacks. >> all of those areas that are in the violence honestly
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people need jobs and vocational programs. they need something. we know that idle hands are the devil's workshop. what we have to do what they ran on in the campaign we have to put jobs in areas where violence is. it goes down. but this kind of violence has existed for years. even when economic times were good i was at a loss. all of us are outraged. we saw the video of the police officer. the person in the middle of the street. we get outraged about their. we keep saying they were gang members they were also human
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beings and we talk about these people we just killed and where is the outrage. why are people in chicago allowing and tolerating this. they are people also. people are heartbroken in chicago it's to the point where you can even turn can't even turn your television on without hearing something about being shot and killed. there is a lot of hopelessness and most people don't want to be in a gang they don't want to be killing each other. most people want to be at work in the uniform putting on the suit and tie going to school. the as most people. that's over 80 or 90%. what i will say is this. we have got to stop talking and get busy getting jobs and educational programs and opportunities into these neighborhoods.
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even during the good time there is violence. let me tell you this. there has not been a concentrated effort into these inter- cities to make the real difference. now we have a president-elect who is going into office. i'm going to fix infrastructure. i'm in a go in and make the difference. i suggest that people get behind this president-elect like never before and one of the first places they can do that inner-city people activist. is that migration. i'm praying for the city every night. in our president-elect. i love chicago. it's gotten terrible.
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all the best to you as well. president-elect donald trump just 21 days away from his inauguration how will the market respond and what can we expect for 2017. up next some of the most liked youtube videos of this year.
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youtube gets billion of views every day. join me now is a graduate of saint thomas. i am losing my voice so let me walk you through this. this is the top trending video of the year. it is james korten carpal
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karaoke. -- carpal karaoke. is that your favorite song. are you playing the jump -- drums. the late-night shows are very popular on youtube. let's go on to another one of these. what is inside a rattle steak. this is a father and son that started this team. cutting inside of different things and they have 3 million people that subscribed this year alone. let's watch.
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>> it would be hard for people to cut them in half. there's nothing inside of it. >> the dr. out west that pops people's cyst. >> this one has over 37 million abuse. let's watch.
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in the rattle set that almost 50 million views. this one got 42 million views. it's a popular dude perfect. anybody again. this is a year for challenge videos. the most popular one came from these guys dude perfect. they head over 14 million people that are subscribed to them. i would get into trouble and i would want to do a page.
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what makes a good video. something you can talk about or participate in in some way and usually they are things that come from channels with big followings. how many do you need. anybody can do it. and very quickly what he think 2017 will hold out. where we can see in 2017. you can really never predicted. the one i have always loved is the cat in the shark outfit thank you very much. felice navidad. thousands are watching this eagles nest.
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i would've wanted spinal tap. 2016 was a great year to be in the stock market. the nasdaq sob more than a 7%
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gain. a lot of them took place distance donald trump was elected president. where do you invest in 2017. what do i do with my money next year. adam, i think even before president-elect trump was elected analysts were starting to look into next year. they are in the low double digits. and since they tend to follow earning growth i think we will see another good year overall for stocks next year. they were quoting energy stocks we could see them over 24,000. i paused and then i broke out left mean.
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come on. what are the sectors there. a little bit more of a macro standpoint first. the rates are going to rise. that can help it will help the small cap growth. and then the sectors that i like within that are some of the ones that you mentioned. financials the rates are can arise were probably see that. that's kind of right in the sweet spot. on that also technology. they are showing some visible earning growth next year. i don't like to pick stocks. i would read about microsoft.
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is microsoft still a goodbye to get into at this point or have we seen the run up. >> i do think that some of the bigger companies in fact you have apple on the screen there. i think they are attractively priced. they are kind of the value stocks yes absolutely. i like names like that. they close today below $70 per share. how do you make money on it. and that's when i don't cover specifically but they do seem to be working through some issues and i would not necessarily be putting money in with the twitter there. what should i stay away from
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and 2017. the healthcare sector is one where it doesn't seem attractively priced. it's a carryover from the obama administration. it was a positive for pharmaceuticals and then the consumer's are still going to be sluggish. i would be right on the sectors. do you think that will continue during the first of the year. i think it is a little bit overblown as i said. the stock market is can have a good year next year. i do think the recent rally will be there. we will be right back. totaled new car. value r the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan."
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no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacementâ„¢, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance. >>
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adam: millions of people are watching that bald eagle waiting to hatch its eggs. david: i'm david asman in for charles payne. the kremlin swiftly declaring the write to retaliate against u.s. sanctions. but vladimir putin saying we regard the recent unfriendly steps taken by the outgoing administration as provocative and further weakening the u.s.-russia relationship. although we have the right to retaliate, we'll not resort to irresponsible kitchen diplomacy


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