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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 29, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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ever. file for free with credit karma tax. free to start, free to finish. a big tax company needs that $50 way more than me. >> lou: at the washington establishment and left-wing media elites are in shock. they are simply stunned, stunned that we have a president who keeps his campaign promises. president trump today assigned to coat new executive orders on border security and immigration. two of the president's priorities. >> for too long, your offices and agents haven't been allowed to properly do their jobs, but that's all about to change from here on out. i'm asking all of you to enforce the laws of the united states of america. they will be enforced and enforced, strongly.
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>> lou: white house counselor kellyanne conway is our special guest for tonight. we have a lot to discuss. it president trump bowing action on chicago violence. the president, fulfilling campaign promises at breakneck speed, never before seen in our nation's capital. >> lou: and good evening, everybody. president trump following through today on more of his campaign promises. the president signing two executive orders while visiting the department of homeland security. laser focused on protecting our borders, putting america first. the first executive order directs homeland security to build a wall along the border with mexico, to hire more border patrol agents, to create detention space for illegal immigrants on the border, eliminate the catch and release program and prioritize the prosecution of criminal offenders.
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the second, withhold certain federal funding from sanctuary cities enhances immigration and custom enforcement to arrest, detain, and remove illegal immigrants, giving the state department more tools with which to repatriate criminal illegal immigrants. and it restores the secure communities program, targeting criminal illegal immigrants for deportation and removal. >> for too long, your offices and agents haven't been allowed to properly do their jobs. you know that, right? you know that? absolutely. but that's all about to change. >> lou: all of this comes as top officials of the mexican government, including the foreign minister and economy secretary visited the white house late in the day as part of two days of talks to smooth the relations with the trump administration and to lay the groundwork ahead of president trump's meeting with
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mexican president pena nieto tuesday. joining me now to discuss the president's executive orders on border security, on century city's and much more is kellyanne conway, white house counselor to the president. kellyanne, great to have you with us, and i have to say, your administration, this is a presidency that is moving at breakneck speed, as i said at the outset, i don't think anyone has seen the like of this, certainly in modern history. is this tempo going to continue, first of all? >> kellyanne: yes it is. lou, it is a spectacular day here the white house with president trump making good on his campaign promises, particularly when it comes to immigration, which he very boldly and consistently made a centerpiece of his campaign against a hail of criticism at every corner, including in his own party sometimes. and why did he do it? because he wants to put america first, and when you look at these two executive orders about
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constructing that physical wall on the southern border, allowing forces to be given to our brave men and women in you and uniform and law enforcement. expanding the detention area so that when illegals are caught, we don't have this catch and release program, we have a catch and deal with program. it is such an exciting day here, and the sanctuary cities, people like you and donald trump, thank you for that. people know that no good comes out of hardware and illegals who have been deported time and time again, someone was committed crimes in the sanctuary cities putting others at risk. the pace and the tempo is all donald trump. he did all of that during the campaign and now it's president he's continue doing it. my joke right here is that everything in trump world happens accoring to dog years, you have to multiply it by seven. if there no end in sight to this incredible pace and excitement.
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he's not just changing the tone here in washington, d.c., and the content, he's changing the content in the fluidity. >> lou: the national left-wing, going media in particular is taking a back. watching in the white house briefing room, those are people searching for questions and trying, apparently, not to repeat one another, but are sort of clocking about some of the orders, particularly building the wall. you're going to have mexico pay for that, focused on that part of the question rather than the reality that the president of the united states has signed an order saying move ahead with the wall. it's really something to watch. >> kellyanne: the mainstream media here doesn't get a lot of coverage, number one, even those that have been against the president or giving a great deal of grudging respect for him keeping all of these promises and doing things very quickly as he said he would.
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number two, they're trying to get really steep and some policies that may be people didn't pay much attention to during the campaign. they figured typical politicians make campaign promises, i don't need to learn the policies. now, everybody has to do their homework and play catch up because these are very specific measures here. a typical make promises during the campaign, businessmen can deliver and are held accountable and produce results. there are natural negotiators and natural communicators like donald trump. they don't make promises. they put forth plans. it's just a matter of executing the plan now. after all the mainstream media calling his inaugural address dark and gloomy and foreboding, it looks to me like 65% of americans say they are like the american first theme, and 61% said that his speech was optimistic. they are giving him a chance. >> lou: and those who find darkness in this explosion of light in washington, d.c., have to be in a far corner of the
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left i think to be making that -- coming to that conclusion. a couple things to take up very quickly if i may. the president will meet with pena nieto next tuesday. the mexican government has says that they will withdraw from nafta if payment is demanded for the wall, which they said they will not pay for. it seems like we are watching a very adolescent response from a government that really doesn't seem to understand that president trump is asking for a mature and responsible relationship between the two governments and shared responsibility for the security of that mutual border. no more than that, really. >> kellyanne: yes, and donald trump, as candidate, as president-elect, i was president of the united states, has never changed his tune on that. he leaves no doubt as to what his position is on behalf of our country. we are very happy that mexican
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officials are coming here. that's productive. it certainly donald trump as a candidate went to mexico. hillary rebuffed the invitation. it was a big moment. went and met with the mexican president. the ten-point immigration plan, much of which he's trying to initiate him. he said in his inaugural address that we have spent billions of dollars in this nation protecting other countries protecting their borders, it's high time we do that for our own people. whether he's delivering it to you and me, the message is the same, or the mexican officials. >> lou: as we wrap up here, kelly are you confident that the president will win all of his nominees their confirmation? >> kellyanne: he should, because they are incredibly qualified men and women were
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willing to serve their nation at the highest level. we don't detect much trouble. at some of have their votes delayed, some of them are being asked for additional paperwork. that's fine, that's the democratic process, but we hope the objections to them are legitimate and substantive and not just some political show designed to humiliate any of them. the cabinet that has been approved so far is really just remarkable. you saw him today, swearingen general kelly as head of our homeland security. i'm giving him everything he wants to tackle. it's really nowhere near what the senate did for president george w. bush, president barack obama. we have great confidence in our nominees and with confidence that the senate will allow this president to have his full cabinet in place very soon. the one end of kellyanne, we should take note also that mayor rahm emanuel of chicago, a mayor that has utterly failed to
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protect his people and come up with a solution to rampant violence and record homicides last year and shootings, and by the way on pace this year to do even worse, has accepted the president's offer of help to eliminate the violence in that great city, and to bring law and order. i think that a lot of people who might be considering those votes right now are watching this president, again, prevail on a very important issue, one that's important to all the people of this country. >> kellyanne: it is. there have been over a thousand shootings in 2016, 760 murders in chicago, and 2017 is already on pace to keep track with our crime rate. this is what donald trump meant in his inaugural address when he said american carnage. the violence in the gangs. no further than chicago. we are glad that the democratic mayor and former chief of staff are here at the white house and
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that president obama and rahm emanuel have accepted his help. what natural leaders do is they don't look at the party relations, the way that the state or the city voted, they give voice and his ability to problems that are wrecking our. i think going and helping chicago is a great place to start. >> lou: and i think most americans would agree with you, absolutely. kellyanne conway, thank you very much. we really appreciate it. >> kellyanne: always a pleasure. thank you. >> lou: we are coming right back, a lot more to cover here tonight. as always, stay with us. >> the schumer clowns and dams are walking nominees, the democrats have delayed by a week the confirmation of attorney general nominee jeff sessions. we will take it up with congressman chris collins, he joins me her this is the silverado special edition. this is one gorgeous truck. oh, did i say there's only one special edition?
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>> lou: congressman tom price facing questions from members of the senate finance committee today, as he looks to be confirmed as the next secretary of health and human services. senator orrin hatch, the man is dealt, the chairman, criticized him of what they call their overly partisan treatment.
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>> i'm serious when i say that i'm worried about what my colleagues on the minority side are doing it to the senate as an institution. the overriding sense of comedy and courtesy has been admittedly decline in recent years, i have never seen this level of partisan raor when it comes to dealing with the presidentm an opposing party. >> lou: senate comedy. joining us now, congressman chris collins. he served as congressional liaison to the donald trump transition team. congressman, great to have you with us. >> good to be with you, always. >> lou: orrin hatch, senator hatch, he doesn't wear people out by talking just for the heck of it. he is complaining about this partisan ardor led by this schumer clown.
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as donald trump referred to them. he has really hit a new low here. that's hard to do, when your predecessor was harry reid. >> chris: understand, new york is new york, and we are not from new york. we are a state unique upon ourselves, but there's no question, they didn't expect to be in the position they are in, the republicans are united in a house the senate and the white house. this is anger, it's frustration, and we are seeing the childish actions that would go along with that, including the partisan -- absolutely terrible partisan -- nature of some of these questions, questions they are stating more as a fact, which is not at all -- i think the nominees are just doing a phenomenal job deflecting this and staying on message, and i was very glad to see today more than ever the republicans starting to come together to
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really defend someone like tom price in particular. really calling out the other side for the partisan nature. i'm glad to see that. >> lou: they've been going on price's finances. he made $300 on stock, and basically accused him of being bernie made madoff. >> chris: i like with "the wall street journal" said in the quasi-editorials they said this is insider trading, and he sure a lousy job. >> lou: that would work as well. the price will be confirmed, all of the nominees at this point. >> chris: we saw marco rubio and lindsay graham and john mccain come to the defense of rex tillerson. if there was any concern, i would say that was the one i had him concern on, and when they
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have now fallen in mind, i'm pumped about all of these cabinet officials, it will go through with the 50, 51 votes they have to have. thanks again, let's remind everyone harry reid, the one who eliminated the filibuster of presidential appointees other than the supreme court, an airplane price now that we will able to be have all of these folks confirmed. they delay it for a week, put a hold on to rex tillerson for a week, we can live without. it shows how petty their being. we're just going to move on, they will all be confirmed pretty much in short order. if >> lou: i notice how much you enjoy reminding everybody who's responsible for the simple majority in the senate. >> chris: can't help myself. >> lou: it let's turn to fbi director james kelly, reports that he's going to be held over. your ideas?
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>> chris: i thought what a great pick he was as fbi director. i will certainly trust, as we've seen the cabinet t president ump has put together, trust that he will be surrounding himself with individuals who he knows will give him good advice, and if donald trump is happy with the advice that he knows he would get from director comey, we will have to keep them on, that certainly has prerogative. i would certainly support that. as we've seen the other magnificent picks president trump has made, so i will leave that in the president's court and support him either way. >> lou: good for you. i think the country is right there with you. if let's turn to paul ryan, who has not always been with -- as recently as a week ago -- with the president, where is paul ryan now? where is he in his partnership with the president of the united states, who is the senior partner by any definition to
7:21 pm
make >> chris: i would put it this way, we know with the head of our is, we know the reason we have unified republican government for the first time in a very long time, and that's donald j. trump, our new president. out of respect for that and the record turnout that mr. trump got, paul ryan and our other leadership are looking to his administration and clearly mike pence, vice president is playing a key role in setting the agenda, the pace of the agenda, setting the priorities, and as paul ryan indicated to us today, they are all on the same page. our 100, 200 day agenda, we will be talking about, the president will be with us in thursday at philadelphia. all the republican senators and members of congress will be there. we are united, and president trump is calling the shots. we are falling in line, we are following nomadic following his priorities. >> lou: that is a delight for
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most americans to hear, i'm sur sure. congressman, always good to talk with you. we always appreciated. have a great meeting. >> chris: we sure will. >> lou: a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day, coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. up next, the trump white house still battling the left-wing national media a its very first days of office. the escalation is the subject of my commentary. stay with us, we are coming right back with that and much why do some cash back cards make earning bonus cash back so complicated? they limit where you can earn bonus cash back to a few places... ...and those places keep changing every few months. the quicksilver card from capital one doesn't do any of that. with quicksilver you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. leave complicated behind.
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>> lou: a few thoughts now on the establishment attacks on the trump white house. after he took the left-wing medias to task for their distorted depiction of the inaugural audience globally, the secretary sean spicer proof that he is the right man for the job in his first official weight house briefing. simple deal. spicer declared his boss had the
7:27 pm
biggest inaugural audience ever. trump's inauguration, by the way, seen by 31 million viewers across 12 networks, the second-highest television ratings for inauguration in 36 years, according to nielsen. that doesn't include online viewing, which changes everything, bringing the total to more than 48 million people in the trump audience, and that's just among those who reported their streaming stats. most, you should know, did not. spicer again today took aim at the media are constantly working to undermine president trump. >> when you are constantly getting told that can't be true, we doubt that you can do this, this won't happen, and that's the narrative when you turn on television every single day, it's a little frustrating. we spent out there and defied the odds over and over and over again, and he keeps getting told what he can do by this narrative that's out there, and he exceeds
7:28 pm
it every time. >> lou: and who gave the left-wing media permission to become left-wing activists anyway? could it be their corporate globalist establishment owners? there's no doubt president trump threatened those powerful elites. for example, mcclachy, last year announcing shipping its i.t. jobs overseas. the parent company of "abc news" is also under fire for making fired employees trading their foreign replacements. not exactly a higher america, was it? amazon ceo has previously been a target of mr. trump because of tax issues and antitrust problems. he threatened donald trump, implying the president's adversarial actions could influence global coverage of the new president by cnn's international division. in cnn's parent company time warner trying to win
7:29 pm
approval for a merger with at&t, a deal that the president outright opposes. corporate america appears to have deployed some of its media assets to actually attack the president. the trump white house, now in a battle with the corporate establishment and the left-wing activism of their media assets, the establishment has obviously unleashed it's arrogance, it's abusive media power that they control, and it may lead to highly damaging, unintended consequences. consequences unintended, at least, to those -- those -- globalist or being reckless with the media assets. maybe. my counsel to them would be if that's the case, it would be certainly to constrain such activism and return to perhaps something called journalism. if it's not already too late. now the quotation on winning,
7:30 pm
because that's what sean spicer did today. our quotation appropriately from bear bryant, who said this. show class, have pride, and display character. if you do, winning takes care of itself. sean spicer won today. we are coming right back. >> president trump and his administration calling for a major investigation into voter fraud across the country. >> the president is looking into various options to address voter fraud and to ensure that we know that every person's vote comes equally as the next citizens. it's probably one of the greatest things we can do. >> lou: so why are the dems and left-wing national media protesting and examination of electoral integrity, or perhaps, the lack of it? we take that up with charlie hurt and gail trotter. if they join me here next. and brace ourselves for heart stopping near death experience on the tracks, entirely safe to watch, but nearly fatal for two
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experts under one roof. start where specialists use advanced genomic testing to guide precision cancer treatment... ...that may lead to targeted therapies and more treatment options. start where there's a commitment to analyzing the latest research and conducting clinical trials-to help each patient get the personalized cancer care they deserve. start at one of the cancer treatment centers of america hospitals near you. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now. >> lou: president trump today made a pledge to conduct a major probe into voter fraud. >> so you've launched an investigation? >> we are going to launch an investigation to find out, and then the next time -- i will say this, those votes cast, none of them come to none of them come to me.
7:35 pm
they would all be for the other side. none of them come to me. but when you look at the people who are registered, dead, illegal, into co-states, in some cases maybe three streets, we have a lot to look into. >> lou: a lot to look into and if you're ensued and the national left-wing media. mr. trump is made previous references to a pew research study that found names on voter rolls either inaccurate, are no longer valid, for whatever reason, regardless, the national left-wing media up in arms over an effort to investigate potential voter fraud. >> president trump's unsubstantiated and false claims that millions of people voted illegally. the problem is, they have no proof. >> that is of course because no such tangible and evidence exists. it did not happen. >> baseless and false claims of
7:36 pm
voter fraud. >> a deliberate effort by the united states government to lie and confused. >> why would this -- why would donald trump to this? went [laughs] i particularly like >> lou: i guess to find out if there's voter fraud. joining me now, opinion editor of "the washington times," charlie hurt, attorney and political analyst gayle trotter. great to have you both here. do they protest too much, gayle? this is remarkable. he wants to find out if our electoral system is working properly, whether we being defrauded and whether there is some reeking of the system. >> that's right, why are they so exercised? the truth is this is a very important issue and that's why they care about it so much. they are juggling nomadic doubs information they are trying to put out there. the truth is voter fraud is abundant in this country. the fact that they're going for
7:37 pm
voter ids and saying that somehow that's racist shows are ridiculous their argument is. >> lou: is remarkable. charlie, your reaction to all this? >> charlie: it boggles the mind that all these people would come out and insist that there is nothing to see or nothing wrong, move along. but of course we hear dozens and hundreds of stories every election of individual cases where people do do things that are at the very least, very highly questionable. most recently, in november, we have at audit of the michigan results where it found that the number of ballots that were supposed to be in the secure boxes didn't even amount to the discrepancy between the two ndidates running, so there are real issues he. thers absolutely no doubt about it, and for all the efforts by democrats to refuse to go along with basic election
7:38 pm
security like requiring people to produce identification in order to cast a ballot, because you have to produce identification in order to pay your rent a bowling shoes. >> lou: patronizing, condescending, oh, my gosh, whatever dream i'm describing the democrats here. >> charlie: it [laughs] >> lou: it to minority constituents. if they are at a severe disadvantage to do it every other citizen does. it's palpable ignorance on the part of the left, the left-wing media. to watch those reporters and those anchors -- to get themselves going and the hysteria saying this is false. >> gayle: they had put a repeal to republican politicians too. republicans agree that is not an issue. >> lou: establishment republicans might. charlie, your judgment on how fast this president is moving?
7:39 pm
be to it's pretty incredible. >> charlie: i had no doubt that he would come out of the gate at quite a clip, but what he did today, just on immigration, he has done more to enforce immigration laws in this country than any president in the past 16 years. he did it in one day, and it is absolutely amazing, and the big neon welcome sign that president obama has put up over the past eight years that has led to untold misery, all of these illegals streaming across the border, the rapes and murders and drug smuggling that has occurred up because of neon sign that he's put up, donald trump turned that neon sign off and put up a different sign and said don't come. that by itself is more than any president has done in 16 years. >> lou: that is a big sign that slashing a lot of quarters now not just of the border. respect for this country and for these american people.
7:40 pm
very quickly, without 15 seconds. the president is making his choice on the supreme court justice nominee who will hopefully go to fill justice scalia's seat. your thoughts? >> gayle: he had a list that was vetted by two very trustworthy and reputable organizations, and i think is going to pick probably just prior from alabama. we value on the record. >> lou: we will remember every word she utters. >> charlie: and you don't have me on the record. i would never make a prediction, but it's going to be a great fight. he is going to teach these republicans how to fight over judicial nominations, and he's going to win, and it will be a very good for america. >> lou: amen. charlie, gayle, thank you for being with us. appreciate it. please roll the video. shocking video out of utah. a passenger train bulldozing --
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i mean, that's incredible. through a semi trailer, a fedex semi tractor. during the snowstorm, the trailer torn as you seen to smithereens on impact. we do not know the fate of those packages, but we do know the fate of the truck driver and train passengers. no injuries reported whatsoever. the transit authority says the crossing gate arms malfunctioned, the cause of the severe ice and that blizzard conditions. please roll the video now. a group of adventures adventure texas landscape. or they are. that texas guy even looks bigger, doesn't it? skydiving enthusiasts tumbling out of their aircraft to compete for most creative skydive. i think they're doing pretty well here. as they drift through the air, upside down, some with colored gas gushing from their feet.
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they locked hands and various formations adorned by streamers, adorned, adorned -- excellent streaming. the contest was opened with the parachute and a little courage. up next, the british elites efforts to block breaks brexitd have dangerous repercussions. >> if they intend to stop it, there will be the very gentle english will revolt in the most extraordinary way. >> lou: the man behind brexit, nigel, joins us here next. we will be right
7:43 pm
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>> lou: the british government will be introducing legislation tomorrow seeking parliaments approval to begin the formal process to exit the european union. prim interactn -- prime minister announced she will publish the strategy for brexit. the supreme court yesterday ruled that parliament will decide can invoke what will
7:47 pm
trigger the two-year process of exiting the eu. our next guest is the man who led the independence movement of the brexit. he says that the uk parliament were to reverse last year's brexit boat, it would trigger a revolt by the uk people. joining me now, former leader of the uk independence party, nigel farage, now a fox news contributor, and we are delighted that you are, nigel. thanks for being with us. is it possible that parliament would be so rash is to tell the british people the hell with your referendum, and we know what's best? >> i'm very angry by the whole thing, because the government sent a leaflet to every house in the united kingdom saying this is your referendum, you make a decision, we will implemented, and now, through legal means and trickery, the decision goes back
7:48 pm
to parliament. i have to say that those that voted to leave now believe it more strongly than even they did back on june 23rd last year. and if -- if this parliament was stupid enough to try and dilute or delay brexit, they would pay a very heavy price. to be honest, i'm optimistic that the legislation will get through, but it's got more delay, yet more cost, and i'm not happy about it. >> lou: you can't be happy either with a group of elites that you all style as your supreme court. it flies in the face of reason as well as law. first of all, to have a situation in which a court of the judicial cannot decide that the vote -- of the referendum of the people, of the voters is
7:49 pm
actually nullified. you talk about arrogant elite. that group is the definition of. >> nigel: i'm afraid that's right, and the only small comfort is that it was a split decision. there were judges at the supreme court was that this is outrageous. the people have spoken. we must go with them. but i'm afraid that our judiciary is not perhaps quite as independent as it used to be. we fed judges involved with these cases both in the lower court and the supreme court, who have been outright in their protagonists for european legal integration. it kind of feels that the little people took on the entire establishment in that referendum, they won, and the establishment not taken the loss very well they can to stop as well. they can try. but let me promise you this: if
7:50 pm
parliament is stupid enough to defy our will, they will effectively in the medium to long term, be cutting their own political throats. i promise you, the british people, we may seem laid-back, gentle, very easy, slow to anger, but this would be a step too far. >> lou: i think most americans, when the vote -- the surprise outcome of your brexit boat was to leave the european union, most americans assumed who will say good-bye to the european union in a few months, be moving on to our independent state as a great nation, and were stunned to find out all of the procedural hangups that awaited the british people and all of the delay -- two years delay to be implemented. what did you people sign up for? that's not a union.
7:51 pm
you're a hostage! >> nigel: absolutely! and i think most of our politicians are suffering from stockholm syndrome or in the end you fall in love with her captor. isn't it wonderful that they have promised us even better food tomorrow? and what i've been fighting for 20 years is to get out of that and to get back our democracy, our liberty, and it's now over seven months since we voted to take back our lives, viuay nothing has happed, and i'm frustrated. i'm also frustrated because on friday of this week, teresa may goes into the oval office to meet president trump, but i'm pleased that happening. never before in history as a british prime minister been to meet you u.s. president in such a short space of time. >> lou: i think donald trump will say to the prime minister good to see you've turned around on independence for urination
7:52 pm
and want maximum freedom for your people. we are delighted you're making a quick exit from the eu. show us what you've got. you've seen what i'm doing here, this new up-tempo president, let's see what your top speed is, prime minister, and await the outcome. nigel, great to have you with us. up next, pope francis warning the populace in united states and europe could lead to the election of leaders in his words "akin to adolf hitler." that's right, the thought of connecting populism to hitler. pastor robert jeffress take setup and much more when he joins us next. stay with us,
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7:57 pm
he's not infallible when it comes to his criticisms to president trump. it seems disingenuous to me for the pulpit to condemn president trump for building a wall when the pope himself lives in the ultimate gated community. this idea of nationalism and putting america first, that is not against god's will. the bible says god is the one who established nations and the borders in which we should live. i think is really off-base on this. >> lou: and those pearly gates imply a wall, right? that's pretty effective promotion of a wall idea. >> robert: it's interesting. when i preached the sermon at st. john for president trump and vice president pence and their family, i compared trumped -- he said build a wall around.
7:58 pm
walls are are part of his plan to protect citizens. >> lou: you said to president trump a giant wall. that thing went up another 30 or 40 feet. >> robert: that's right. >> lou: i want to turn to the prayer service if i may. first, the inauguration speech itself. six religions represented. the president himself saying the bible tells us how good and pleasant it is when god's people live in unity. we will be protected, he said, by god. we are all infused with the breath of life by the same almighty creator. i can't remember the time we heard references to god so many times. >> robert: there were more prayers offered at this inauguration than any in history. and i think president trump's mention of god, it's sincere, but it's also symbolic by the president that the days of the marginalization and demonization of people of faith, especially conservative christians, ended last friday with the inauguration of donald trump.
7:59 pm
i think he sent a powerful message to people of all faiths, but especially conservative christians. >> lou: perhaps this drift toward secularism has just met his match. it will be interesting to see the influence on our society, and we hope only for the best. pastor, thanks so much for being with us. pastor robert jeffress. thanks so much. >> robert: thank you. >> lou: in our online poll we asked you less than four days into drum's presidency, do you have greater confidence that president donald trump will succeed in making america great again? 89% toe sa that you do. yes. time for a few of your comments. renee tweeted us we finally have a pro life process again, we are loving it. we love hearing from you. email me, follow me on twitter, or go to our facebook page,
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links to everything found at we thank you for being with us tonight. good night from new york. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." journalists weren't able to keep donald trump out of the white house, but they would like to keep some of his representatives out of the pre press. nyu journalism professor said they ought to stop interviewing kellyanne conway on the grounds that she lies too much. elite daily defended the idea of banning conway, writing this on twitter... he joins us now. thanks for coming on. >> good to be here, tucker. >> tucker: there are people i


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