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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 15, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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thanks so much for watching "strange inheritance." and remember -- you can't take it with you. ♪ you, watch every night 6 prim p.m., now here lou dobbs. >> left and the establishment going to war against president trump and his administration. >> we're devoting a lot of our coverage to a contribute will issue of national security, fall on assault on the president by the establishment, elites, academia and democrats on capitol hill, all of whom are committed to blocking trump's policy, this assault against the president rising, in minds of many nearing a state of settic. president trump today lashes odd at those illegal leaking sensitive information. >> papers are being leaked
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thingse are being leaked this is criminal act, this has been going on foro for a long time before me, and now it really going on. >> why is this happening? who is doing it? who should be in jail? we take it up here. among our guests the dean republican strategist ed rollins. and also, new concerns that former president obama has established a shadow government with an army of agitators numbering more than 30,000 to organize, block and sabotage president trump, that is view of "new york post" columnist paul sparey who joins me here. >> and house freedom caulks is tired of wait for house leadership to repeal obamacare, they have a new
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plan, and they want action now, jim jordan is joining us here tonight. lou: good evening, we're learning that president trump is expected to offer the job of national security adviser to vise admiral robert howard, a 60-year-old former navy seal . president trump today came to the defense of ousted national security adviser michael flynn at a news conference with israeli prime minister netanyahu. >> general flynn is a wonderful man, i think he has been treated very unfairly by the media. as i call it, the feak medi fake media in many cases. i think it is really a sad thing he was tweeted so badly, the way he was tweeted, and -- treated and documents and paper that were ill well,
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threillegally leaked. lou: fast-food chain kree crow andrew pu puzder withdrew his name for consideration for labor secretary today. >> and a vote on prowsm's choice to republic national convention white house -- white house budget office will take place tomorrow. if democrats were to remain unified against mulvaney and two republicans defect, vice president pence would have to cast the tie breaking vote for him to win confirmation, joining me to discuss the illegal leaks and the left's out right war on a sitting president, veteran of 10 presidential campaigns and republican strategist ed rollins. >> thank you. lou: this is the likes of
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which we've seen never before. but this is now without question, an assault on a president with the intent of overturning his governance. >> no question, the leaks, only certain people have that intelligence information, at-this-point at the time this was leaked, it is not a whole network it 5 or 10 individuals. who get the actual thing. and they were in the last administration, they may be part of the permanent government, but it has to stop, these president controls this government. lou: we're unaccustomed to sees president trump on the defensive, he has at his disposal the federal government. but the white house seems unable to act in a direct and focused way, who is responsibility is that.
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>> white house staff, i was on a white house staff, is to serve the president, you don't serve anyone else. to give him council he needs and aggressiveness that he needed, my since, this is a mixed bag, a lot of inexperienced people be they need to find out when this president wants to do and go do it i don't think that shaping, i don't think they are not fighting with congress, the idea you had close congress -- i mean nomination races, lost a nominee today, may lose there are one tomorrow, you have to get up there and twist arms. >> was asking for general flynn's resignation a mistake? >> i think he is a great american, i think he served this country well. i think that critical thing, i heard 4 different stories, i heard he resigned, i heard he
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was fired, i heard he was this and that. if president feels like he felt today, he should have stayesaid, screw you could i'm going to keep this guy, i need too guy. if president really wanted him he should have kept him. lou: with the criminal leaks at president described thole, and they are, in nearly every instance. now comes word from a number of sources that the nsa may be recording conversations with emanates from the -- emanating from the white house, william benny, a former highly placed ncaa whistle-blower. >> there is too much trying going on our own sign. we live in the era of cyber terrorism, i have always had
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concerns about privacy, there should be a top to bottom look at who they are looking at and why they are looking at it. i would task that. lou: where is the fbi? why suspec -- why isn't there more outrage? why is there not an immediate response. >> if i were chief of staff, i would say, i would ask the president if i could bring fbi director in with the attorney general sessions and find out where it leak went from. if you are as good as we think you are go find it -- there are only 5 or 6 people who have it someone leaked this before it got to media. lou: if the fbi does not know
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who leaked it, if the cia does not have some role in terms of these discussions with overseas, foreign leaders, and for that matter in mexico. as well. and has the ability to say, this is where that is emanating from, i would be stunned. but for the fbi to not to be able to produce the names of people with that access right now is stunning. >> really, only 5 or 6 people have that access, most of profeg will from obama administration. and i would demand who has the copy of the documents of the phone calls. lou: do you think that the american people understand the degree to which we're facing a national crisis. >> no. >> when a president cannot govern without interfere an or outprivacy in his -- whether he seeks advisor seeks to deliver orders, or seeks to discussion with foreign leader.
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>> i could not run a network, without having confidential. let alone the president of united states, if he has too worry about everything single convery seeing he is having being recorded, you are never going to have real doing on. dialogue. lou: how quickly can he turn this. >> i think he has to make it a top priority, i would use this as an example, 48 hours, i want you in here, i want this thing, i want to know who was in there, and you don't have to make it a congressional hearing. lou: and he has a razor thin majority in the senate, and in the confirmation process hanging by a thread with each nominee. that proceeds to a vote, i am not hearing words from mcconnell or -- ryan.
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>> they are denying him size choices, senator mcconnell, if you have 3 or 4 members going south on you, you have to have a heart to hart with them, saying these are the president's choices, ni made them, make your case with me. what is starting to happen now, using flynn and labor secretary is a premise now that we can take him down. lou: take this guy down, we're talking about president of united states. whatever your politics, we're talking about this is the state, this is nation. reporter: fourth week of two 12 week presidency about thank you. lou: coming right back with much more. we're going to cover this issue. stay with us. >> house conservatives said
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they are ready to repeal and replace obamacare. >> aism el plan, lang overdue, we were tired of waiting, we said let's go now. let's put forward this replacement lentation. lou: we take that up with jim jordan. >> and today all three major stock indexes reaching record highs, once again. the trump halle rolled on no signs of slowing, we'll be talking about the president's talking about the president's plan your insurance companyto
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lou: a lot is going on in our nation's capitol these day, freedom caucus taking lead in house, backing a obamacare replacement plan. to be introduced by mark sanford as a com companion bill. allowing insurers to sell policies across state lines,
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freedom caucus member jim jordan said it is time for republican party to stop dragging its feet. >> american people have had it, they are frustrated, because you have to remember the framework they were told 9 different lies when this thing passed. like your plan, weep ou we'll keep your plan. like your doctor, keepur your doctor. everything they were told about this law turned out to be false, it is that context they are looking for a cure, they are tired of waiting and so are we. >> so are they. joining us now, congressman jim jordan. good to see you, you are insisting to leadership leading, it is that correct? >> yeah, because the america people are tired.
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they are sick and tired of this law. and think about it 3 of last your elections it was one of the central issues, let's quit dancing around it all, let's repeal it, a good place to start is the legislation we passed a year and a half ago, 2015 repeal, then replace it with when dr. pauls that introduced on senate side. a patient-centered, market-centered plan. lou: it sounds so straight forward, yet ryan talking about a step by step approach. how long will it take in your judgment, to move to repeal obama be on care and replace it with rand paul plan. >> we're ready tomorrow.
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we took two positions this week, as a group, we said do the repeal bill that everyone as voted on, people are saying well, i want to change, that i am not sure about that. deciding we're going to repair something, which implies that something needs fixing, let's put it on president trump's desk, something as good we had for president obama's desk, people are saying no, we have to go slower. no. here is our companion bill, replacement, senator paul, and congressman stanford introduced that does those things. >> in that case. do you need help from president trump, do you believe the white house is willing partner in this? what is your since. >> we do. remember this is what we
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campaigned on, this is what we told the voters we were doing, we sequenced it to come up first, we even talked initially. lou: in the replacement as it did in obamacare. so that constant is there to be utilized for consumers. >> we're in favor of giving that back to the states, we think on a local level, things get managed better. we're not in favor of the expansion, it justeds to the cost, we want our replacement legislation we believe lowers the cost of insurance, working family, middle class family can better afford the insurance, lower premium,
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better plans, less expensive plans, you will not need this medicaid extension we'll have a real market that is functioning and doing what markets do. lou: quickly, rand paul walked out of the meeting with speaker ryan as you know. are we going to see results soon in your judgment? >> i don't think senator paul was walking out, i think he had something else to get to that is my understanding. i think we get there quickly, we think our plan a plan that makes sense, and first one put to the table. here is how we repeal it, here is how we replace it. our replacement is empowering patients, family. s. we think it brings down costs,
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let's do what the voters elected us to do. lou: jim jordan, congressman from ohio talking about what i have been hoping we would be talking about, getting this thing moving, good luck, i know this a difficult journey. >> thank you, lou. lou: be sure to vote if our poll, which is greater threat on the national security? one? general michael flynn talking to the russian ambassador? two? obama's secret nuclear deal with iran that cost $150 billion, and assures a nuclear weapon for iran? cast your vote at lou dobbs. >> on wall street stocks closing at new all-time highs for a fifth straight session, dow up 107, s&p up 12, nasdaq
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up 37. closing at 17th record high of the year, volume 3.8 billion shares. markets, if you are keeping track of what has been largest presidential election impact in history, market posting a 2.8 trillion dollar gain since the election. and britain's employment rate reaching a record high, but because of a sun surge of employment in foreign workers, number of british foreign worker fell by 120,000 over past year as foreign workers in uk climbed by 233,000. and a reminder to listen to my reports three time a day. >> and roll the video,. concurring mavericks' beach. professional surfer slipping.
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before taking a front row seat on this massive wave. mavericks attract big-wave surfers from the world, waves yo often top 60 feet, well done. lou: up next, left waging a dangerous war against the president and his administration. we have evidence, and we think you may be surprised by the just the expand of it all, i'll lay is out in my this is the silverado special edition. this is one gorgeous truck. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's 5. aaaahh!! ooohh!! uh! holy mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. which one's your favorite? come home with me! it's truck month! find your tag for an average total value over $11,000 on chevy silverado all star editions when you finance through gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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i calculate how much home i can afford. i get multiple offers to compare side by side. and the best part is... the banks come crawling to me. everything you need to get a better mortgage. clothing optional. lendingtree. when banks compete, you win. okay! ...awkward. lou: a few thoughts on the left's war on president trump, and they are nearing sedition. the president tweeted this. ed the real scandal here is the classified information is illegally given out by intelligence like candy, very
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un-american. the president also praised columnist eli lake who says bureaucrats and former obama officials are possibly behind these leaks. >> as u.s. citizens and u.s. official, this is the type of thing that happens in banana republics where the national police will go after political leaders they don't like, using these extraordinary powers. we trust the f.b.i. and the nsa to use these techniques to catch criminals and terrorists. but not to interfere in our politics. lou: we are witnessing the intelligence agencies and the media working to bring down the president. republican leaders failing to speak up force any against those leaks and the leakers.
10:29 pm
but the chairman of the house intelligence committee is calling for the leakers. the nine unnamed current and form officials cite by the "washington post" to be jailed. president trump in my opinion must end tenure for federal workers. purge the state department and bring the state department and our intelligence community under the control of this president. to not do so will only create more opportunities for obstructionism and put in jeopardy the entire trump agenda. if not in trump's presidency itself. the quotation of the evening. this one from henry david thorough who said we must have infinite faith in each other. if not we must never let it leak out that we have not.
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lou: texas becomes the first state to throw itself behind the
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president with the executive order on refugees. joining me now to discuss, liz peak, columnist and byron york. good to see you both. this is -- we are nearing what it seems to me is a national crisis. the left from all quarters attacking this president, the establishment republicans doing much the same through silence are in some cases opposition. >> it's pretty disheartening. you came in knowing that the media was pretty much solidly araid against donald trump. democrats fell in line. they have been resistant to
10:35 pm
every single thing he has done. now we have remnants of long-time republican divisions. i think that's the most disheartening right now. at a time when you would like to see mcconnell-ryan gathering the forces on the hill saying we need to plan for obamacare. 48 hours, iron out your differences. howie: they are playing the same game they have, which is to say we are going to get it all done. then nothing happens. byron, how serious do you see this array of assault against the white house and this presidency? >> it is really serious. i think they smell blood and they think they can do more damage to trump earlier in his administration than maybe they ever guessed. and it is a broad and diverse group. i think you can identify six of them. there are the democrats in congress who have a platform to
10:36 pm
make speeches and demand things from the administration. you have the issue advocacy groups, immigration, the environment, that support all those democrats. you have the liberal element in the media. entertainment industry, "saturday night live" and late-night comedy and lord knows what the oscars will be like this year. academia and the action groups like code ping and black lives matter taking this to the streets. this is a broad group. lou: you are reminding us meryl streep may have another platform in which we can hear her extraordinary rhetoric. this president, i think, has been very patient with all of this. here is a man who has been on the campaign trail, he was an attack dog, a junkyard attack dog.
10:37 pm
you could not cross him without knowing you are going to be unloaded on. there hasn't been return fire from this white house, and i find that stunning. >> i think they are doing too many things at once and they are not doing anything in a terribly organized manner. we need the white house to get its act together. communications. sean spicer is clearly not up to the task meeting daily with the press and organizing the mess and coming out of the white house. it's chaotic and there are too' mixed messages coming out. we need to give the country a better sense of who's in charge. who is making the decisions for the replacement of michael flynn. who is making the decision on priorities in terms of legislation. donald trump was elected. i was have much in favor of his election like a lot of people were, in part because he was a ceo, he was going to be able to
10:38 pm
organize and efficiently manage this government. lou: when a ceo walks into his december next morning, in the case of president trump he knows everyone there is on board with what the company, the organization is going to be doing. there are disconnects throughout the organization in the white house. whose fault it is, who's responsible, i know not. but as you suggest, it's got to be changed. we are watching something else here, too. that is absolute illegality in terms of the leaks and the leakers whether they in the near east desk of the state department which is a government unto itself, whether it be in the bureaucracy where he federal employee seemingly -- not seemingly, we know, they can all but not be fired. to a person. this has got to change. because this is the government that is out of control and right
10:39 pm
now is far bigger than the man elected to run this country. >> i should have added the permanent government bureaucracy to the groups arrayed. that's number seven. we have had a lot of leak investigation in a lot of previous administrations, republican and democrat. most of them do not couple with a whole lot. trump certainly has to fight back against ways happening, and i think he can perhaps prevent future leak. he can also do something -- we have all been hearing about this transcript of the phone call between the russian ambassador and michael flynn, heavily classified. this is intercepted communications are a classified thing. the president could declass fight if he want to and say look you should read this and we can all make our judgments about it. the president does have some options in all this.
10:40 pm
lou: options to move through this crisis. is there any one thing that occurs to you that this president must do to begin first end the bleeding, and secondly bring count hammer on those who would absolutely violate the law and the will of the american people? >> what i would do is bring in the congressional leadership and lay down the law. say i need a plan for obamacare and we need to tell the american people when this is going to happen. they can repeal obamacare at a future date and give themselves 12 months to get it done. lou: if paul ryan and mitch mcconnell do not deliver tax cuts as the president campaigned on. if they do not repeal obamacare and do so forthwith, they will look all the greater fools for not having been prepared over the course of the past 7 years.
10:41 pm
byron, your recommendations? >> a couple of things. as far as the intelligence sufficient and the michael flynn stuff and the russian stuff. if there is no collusion between any trump people and the russians in the 2016 campaign -- lou: did you read the "new york times" piece on this? >> i did. lou: did you ever see a bigger bunch of bull? there was every weasle word and vague reference without a single concrete fact in it. >> were some serious allegations in the first two paragraphs. and the third paragraph says by the way they haven't found any evidence of it. so that was there. the other thing, trump has been in an executive action phase of his presidency and as liz says he's going to have to move to the legislative phase of his presidency. but he's already done a lot of stuff.
10:42 pm
he needs to show that and sell it to the american people. >> we should be talking about netanyahu tonight and not all this other stuff. lou: i think this is the most important. and i have got to move on because we are way over time. but the fact of the matter is this president has a government to get ahold of and control for the sake of the american people. byron, thanks for being with us. we appreciate it as always. up next, president obama out of office but is he leading a shadow government to destroy trump's presidency? my next guest says he's just blocks from the white house and i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms.
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lou: paul sperry, new york post columnist, author of "the great american bank robbery," he's writing on the resistance, shadow government being formed by barack obama. thank you very much. my congratulations on outstanding reporting. i wonder to what degree national liberal media will even pay an ounce of attention.
10:47 pm
will they have the courage, the principle to report on the things you and i are talking about tonight? >> of course not. you have got an obama-friendly media. they will try to cover this you have and keep it on the q.t. so obama can get this as i was calling it in the couple, a shadow government. i don't think republicans know what they are up against. he's quietly building the shadow opposition government to sabotage trump and republicans and their policies while at the same time saving his own legacy. and he's doing this through a radical what yorad radical aelie founded. they have organizers that are fanning out and they will hit republicans heard when they go home for recess in their home districts.
10:48 pm
lou: we are watching a lot of this unfold. conservatives rising up against the republican or conservative representists. how serious do you believe this is? we are talking about as you suggest in the cot up something north of 30,000 people in ofa, and they didn't even tip their hat. it could have been organizations organizing for america before it had to be for action. where is this headed? >> they took it out of the obama campaign in 2012. it was part of that campaign and they turned it into a 501c4 so they don't have to show their donors. it starts at a training center. these aren't like the rabble from occupy wall street or even black lives matter. these are professionally trained agitators. they are schools in alinsky's
10:49 pm
triewls for radicals tactics in a program that lasts six weeks. 32,000 have gone through that. they have another 25,000 under training now and another training center coming up in march. and we haven't seen the worst of these protests. these are going to hit hard. but obama is the guy behind all this. he's the master minds. if you look at his website. down in the little print, his new website. two organizations listed. one is ofa, organizing for action, the other is the obama foundation. and eventually he wants to merge them. and if they can get the dnc which obama wants to get his guy tom perez, this radical civil rights chief he had at the helm
10:50 pm
at the dnc, then they get proprietary data base of the voters from ofa. you get email lists, millions of obama supporters for the ofa and the donor list. once the dnc gets that, you have a super structure. that will be a formidable organizing infrastructure. lou: around that organizing super structure you already have many if not most of the technology, the large technology firmts are already in alliance with him as is the national left-wing media and the national left-wing academia, our colleges and universities. so it is an extraordinary development, and they mean business when it comes to obstructing and bringing down this administration. paul, we would like you to come
10:51 pm
back as soon as you can and continue the discussion on this. this is the critical issue right now facing the country. thanks so much for being with us. you have next, a deep game being played in washington against the trump administration. the left in all its forms engage in the extraordinary unprecedented assault that is nearing a state of sedition. wee take it up with charlie hurt and rachael campos duffy. i'll be joining bill o'reilly on "the o'reilly factor" telling bill what to do with his money
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lou: in our online poll we ask you, should f.b.i. and cia immediately and urgently investigate and prosecute all leaks from the trump administration and bureaucracy? 91% of you say yes. expwhrieng now, washington times opinion editor, charlie hurt. fox news contributor, rachael compose duffy. -- campos duffy. this is a critical -- this is a present danger to the republic
10:56 pm
and certainly to this administration without any question whatsoever. do you have not agree? >> i agree. his article is interesting. he put obama at center organizing everything. he's our first ex-community organizer president. but we have never seen anything like this. i think it's time for people like the bush family. they talk about not normalizing trump, the press and the left. we need to not normalize this type of action of own ex--president. the bushes and others need to expose this for what it is. the new guy deserves a chance to get a start. lou: i don't site of as un-american, i sight of as anti-american. >> all of it it's astonishing the degree to which the left has abandoned all concerns about
10:57 pm
this stuff thrust the entire campaign, they were screaming their heads off about the leaks out of the dnc and the hacked emails and insisting we weren't allowed to talk about any of them. then we have people leaking for political reasons at the highest levels much our intelligence service. there was a time in america where particularly liberals in the america would have been so outraged. the chilling effect that has on freedom and democracy. you can't overstate it. lou: and the truth is, as the president said, it's criminal. i can't imagine the fine, the cia, any number of intelligence agencies don't have these records, know who are the leakers and why those names aren't put forward to the president of the united states. and why in the world we are hearing allegations including
10:58 pm
from respected in particular whistlele blowers that the nsa is surveilling the white house. >> if the president wants to get a handle on this government and bring control, he's got to get those names right away. he needs to make an example of these people and fire them. maybe they are testified rall union people. can you fire them? lou: you can't fighter lowliest of them. it's extraordinary to think the position we have gotten ourselves into with this federal government. we are talking about the permanent government. it's permanent beyond belief. it's out of control even the president of the united states. >> another reason why it's difficult to plug these leaks is not only do you have politically motivated intelligence officials doing this. but you have an even fire bureaucrat i can apparatus held over from the obama years, and them do anything to protect their jobs.
10:59 pm
and so there are spies upon spies upon spies working with of course a willing press. and eager to get all this stuff out. >> in corporate america we used to talk about after he lining management. shareholders and employ yeefs in the shared interest of the company. organizational principles are the same for even the most massive government in all the world. this government is misaligned, it has been poorly led, and it's a frightening structure that has got to be brought under control. good to have you with us. appreciate. we are out of time. that's it for us tonight. william denny will be among our guests tomorrow as we continue
11:00 pm
to take up this critical issue of. the outright war on the part of the left against the president of the united states. thanks for being with us. see you tomorrow. good night from new york. you, watch every night 6 prim p.m., now here lou dobbs. >> left and the establishment going to war against president trump and his administration. >> we're devoting a lot of our coverage to a contribute will issue of national security, fall on assault on the president by the establishment, elites, academia and democrats on capitol hill, all of whom are committed to blocking trump's policy, this assault against the president rising, in minds of many nearing a state of settic. president trump today lashes odd at those illegal leaking sensitive information. >> papers are being leaked


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