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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 18, 2017 10:00am-11:01am EST

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>> lou: the left and establish bement going to war against president trump and his administration. tonight we are devoting a lot of our coverage to the critical issue of national security. the full on assault on the president by establishment and elite and democrats on capitol hill. blocking president trump's policies. this is rising in the intensity and in the minds in the state of sedition. president trump lashed out at them leaking information. >> paper ps are leaked and it is
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a criminal action and act and it is going on a long time before me. but now it's really going on and people are trying to cover up for a terrible loss that the democrats had under hillary clinton. >> lou: so why is it happening? and what reason and who should be in jail? among our guest the dean republican strategist ed rollins. good evening, everybody. we are learning that president trump will offer the job of national secured to vice-president harward. he is former national seal under defense secretary general james mattis. president trump came to the defense of michael flynn and israel prime minister netanyahu.
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>> general flynn is a wonderful man and treated wrong by the media, the fake media and it was a sad thing he was treated so badly and the document and paperses that were illegally, i stress that illegally leaked. >> lou: and now the president needs to find a replacement for another cabinet nominee. andrew pudxer withdraw his nomination. he had a nasty divorce and over claims of hiring an illegal immigrant as a house keep canner. a lot going on in our nation's capitol these days. the freedom caucus taking the lead and backing a obamacare replacement and introduced by
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congressman mark sanford as a counter bill to senator paul rand and it would abolish the fine and allow insurers to sell policys across state law. freedom caucus member jim jordan said it is tomb for the republican party to stop dragging their feet. >> the american people have had it and they are frustrated. they were told keep your doctor and deductibles going down and website is secure and will work. and they have increased fines and said the coopes will be the cats meou. and it turned out to be false. they are looking for a cure and tired of waiting and frankly so
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are we. >> lou: joining me to discuss the left's leaks and outright war on a sitting president. and republican strategist ed rollins. this is the like of what we have never sen before. this is witht question an assault on a presidentith the intent of overturning his government. >> now question about it. only certain people have that intelligence information and it is not a network. it is 5 or 10 individuals who could have leaked the thing and part of the administration or permanent g. but it has to stop and the president now controls the government and will find out who is doing this or he will not get the proper information. >> lou: president trump is on the defensive.
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he clearly is now. he has the entire federal government. but the white house is not acting in a certain way. >> i was on the white house half is to serve the president and no one else. your premise is to give him the council he needs. my sense this is a lot of inexperienced people and rise aren to prominence and they basically need to find out what the president wants to do and go do it. i think they are not fighting with congress. very close nomination races lost. and may lose another one tomorrow and you you have to twist arm and use every resource to get them in line. >> lou: was asking for general
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flynn's resignation a mistake? >> i think he's a great american and served the country well. i heard he resigned and i heard he was fired and he was this and that. the white house is sending out mixed messages. and the president feels like he felt today. he is have said screw you. i need an experienced veteran are. you have a limited group of people who worked in government. and the story is, if the president should have wanted him, he is have kept him. >> and the criminal leaks as the president described him and they are, now comes the word from a number of sources that the nsa may be surveling and recording conversations iminating from the white house.
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william bennings, one of those people. >> there is too much spying going on in our own side. there is cyber terrorism. i have had concerns about privacy and what nsa does and need to be a top to bottom look. we should be looking at our enemy and that's what the president needs to do and i would task that and go find out who is doing the leak and get them out of here. >> lou: where is the fbi? and why isn't the chief of staff and the entire strategist and chief of staff and senior counsellors and advisors, why is there not. >> if i was the chief of staff i could bring in the fbi director along with attorney general sessions and find out where the
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leak is. go find it. it was one of your people? or intelligence people? someone leaked information before it got to the media. >> lou: if the fbi does not know who leaked that information and if the cia doesn't have a role in terms of the discussion of overss foreign leaders and for that matter in mexico as well and has the ability to say this is where that is inmating from, i would be stunned. but the fbi not to be able to produce the names of the people right now is stunning. >> only 5 or 6 people have that access and most are the top level people of the obama p administration. i would demand who has the document of the phone call cans. >> lou: do you think the american people understand the degree of the national crisis.
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no. >> lou: when a president cannot govern without privacy and whether he seeks advice or orders or seeks discussions with foreign leaders. >> you could not run a network without having confidence with the president of the united states. if he has to worry about every conversation of his staff and foreign leaders that he talks to. you are never going to have real dialogue and he cannot serve the country are. >> lou: how quickly will he turn it around. i would say listen, i want 48 hours and i want you in here and i want to know who, where, and bring these people in here and you don't need a congressional hearing, make it the white house. >> he has a razor thin majority
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in the senate and the nomination process. and i am not hearing a word from senator mcconnell or speaker ryan as the president is being assailed. >> not only being assailed, they are denying the choices. you have to have choices. you have 3 or 4 members and the senators going south on you. you have to have a heart-to-heart. these are the president's choices. but don't start destroying. with using flynn and the labor secretary is a premise that we can take the guy down. >> lou: we are talking about the president of the united states, ladies and gentlemen. and whatever your politics or ideology, we are talking about the state and nation. >> fourth week in the 200 week
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presidency. >> lou: israeli prime minister netanyahu is ready to it strengthen alliance with american. >> the alliance from israel and america is strong and about to get stronger. >> lou: we preview the important meeting with the president and netanyahu with john bolton next. russian sending a spy ship off russian sending a spy ship off of the coast of delaware and
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>> lou: russian military aircraft buzzed a u.s. destroy nert black sea, a move the naviy command call canned unsafe and unprofessional. i don't know about you. i was hoping that the trump administration would help our military with the passive language they used in such an instance. i was thinking reckless and provocative. the russian jets came within 200
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yards in the international waters 186 miles southwest of russian held crimia and romania. the russian spy trip off of the east coast of the united states. it was 70 miles off of delaware. the ship armed with missile and capable of intercepting information and sonar activity. a u.s. official confirmed to fox news that russia deployed a nuclear tip ground launch missile to inside of the country in a russian launch and de southeast countries. the deployment violates the 1987 nuclear forces treaty. joining me now one of the finest
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minds of foreign policy. former ambassador to the united states and senior fellow john bolton. ambassador, good to have you with us. what is the threat to american power specifically from russia and first, the russian spy chief off of the coast. >> that is clearly a provocation. i am not sure what they will see off of the coast of delaware. they are advertising that russia is back. you combine it, it is reckless and provocative what they did to the ship in the black sea. there is no bromance with vladimar putin. he is testing the administration and i don't think it comes in a time of turmoil in the national security council. putin will see what he can get out of it.
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>> lou: those four russian jets flying over our destroyer in the black sea, prospects not unrelated to the position of the russian ship si multianously off of our coast. what do you make of that and why do we persist in the black sea and why do these incidents continue? >> we are maintaining freedom of navigation rights. the russian wants to sail up and down the east coast, that's fune. but it is a larger picture of the russians trying to throw their weight around in central europe and middle east. they buzzed our ship in the baltic sea. when they engage in that kind of activity protest and make it clear we find it unacceptable.
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it hardly matters if they are in international waters, but the bigger question was the deployment of the cruise mussil which violates the immediate range nuclear range forces treaty. they have violated it for years. but the obama administration would not say they violated. it calls for a reaction from trump. >> lou: what can this government do and what should we do? we heard so long in this country, frankly empty words iminating from the white house that neither the american people or our rival and enemies would pay much heed either? >> it is si is phenomenon. arms people are hating to say the russians are violating and
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our trade negotiators can't stand seaing that china violates the trade. >> lou: we sound like thin milk toast. >> that is a way of putting it. we need to take steps. the violation of the treaty has to be delivered up and show woo are paying attention. i would withdraw from the inf treaty. it was a good idea at the time it was signed but only two country s in the world that are bound not to have intermediate nuclear tipped missile and that's the united states and russia and russia is violating the treaty and that means china and north korea and n bound by it. we are the only country are not bound and that would wake the russians up. >> lou: it is a point you make and put that way, we do look
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like fools. >> another diplomatic way of putting it. >> lou: i lost my edge on diplomacy on that one. thank you ambassador bolton. always diplomatic. breaking news, discipline councillor kelly ann conway said violated protocol on the thank. there is humor to think that the counsellor to the president would be counselled. the oeg went too far and president trump in my opinion, my opinion he shouldn't waste time on the matter. but i think the oge shouldn't waste its time either.
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watch efforts at conquering the biggest ways, the professional surface slipping before taking a front row society. those waves are attracting surfers. up next, the left waging a dangerous war against the president and his administration. we have the evidence and we think you may be surprised by the expense of it all. i will lay it out in my next
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>> lou: a few thought it's left's war on president trump and the left's arguments are nearing sedition.
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president trump slammed leakers regard aring michael flynn. the real scandal here is classified information is illegally given out by intelligence like candy, very unamerican. and the president praised eli lake who said democrat and former obama officials are behind the leaks. >> we never see it. it is not only u.s. citizens but u.s. officials. it is like in the banana republic. they go after a leader they don't like and go after them. we trust the nsa to use these powers to catch terrorist and criminals. >> lou: i believe we are witnessing a full on a slaught. the left media working to bring down the trump administration. the network morning shows
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devoting 18 times the amount of coverage to a so called white house in crisis compared to the illegal leaks and republican leaders failing to speak out against the leak and leakers. but the chairman of the house intelligence committee is calling for the nine unnamed current and former officials cited by the washington issue post to be jailed. president trump in my opinion must purge the state department and bring the state department and intelligence community under the control of this president. to not do so quickly will only create more opportunities for obstructionism and put in jeopary the entire trump agenda if not mr. trump's presidency itself. this is a quotation of the evening. we must have infantastic faith
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in each other. if we have not we must not loc it out that we have not. we will be back with more. president trump vows to stop iran from developing a nuclear weapon. >> i will do more to prevent developing, i mean of a nuclear weapon. we assess
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>> lou: texas is the first state to throw its support behind president trump's order. saying the executive order and necessary. welcome news for a president who faces an all out and it seems an unrelenting assault from the left. joining me now to discuss is liz and byron. and fox news contraibutor. liz, we are nearing a national crisis, the left from all quarters attacking the president and the establishment republicans doing the same through silence and some cases active opposition. >> right. it is disheartening.
10:34 am
you really have. you came in knowing that the media was solidly arrayed against president trump and his every move. democrats fell in line and reare assistant to everything he's done and kind can of emerging remnants of long- time republican divisions. and that is kind of most disheartening right now. a time when mccon and he will ryan would gather the forces. and we need 48 hours iron out your differences. and they are discussing age old issues. >> lou: they are playing the same old game. and nothing happens. byron, how serious do you see this array of assaults against the white house and presidency? >> it is really serious. they smell blood and they think
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they can do more damage to trum than they guessed. and it is a broad and diverse group. i think you can can identify six of them. democrats in congress who have a platform to make speeches and demand things from the administration. you have the issue advocacy, immigration, environment that support all of those democrat and liberal elements in the media, you have covered them. the entertainment industry, saturday night live and late night comedy lord knows what the oscars will be like this year. an anti- trump fest. and academia and code pink and black lives matter takes it to the streets. it is it is a broad group. >> lou: meryl strep will have another platform in which we can
10:36 am
hear her extraordinary rhetoric. this president barak obama president is very patient with all of this. a man who has on the campaign trail was an attack dog. junkyard attack dog and you could not cross him without knowing you are unloaded on and there hasn't been return fire from the white house. i find that stunning. >> i think they are doing too many things at once and not in a terribly organized matter. the white house needs to get its act together. sean spicer is not up to the task of meeting with the press and organizing the message out of the white house. there are too many mixed messages. and we have to give the country a sense who is in charge. who is making the decision on the replacement of michael flynn and priorities are in term was
10:37 am
legislation. i think it is a little bit of a mess right now. and donald trump was elected and i was in favor of his election like a lot of people were in part he was a ceo and able to orgnoise and manage the government. it is early. >> lou: when they walk in the desk in the morn in this case of president trump very early in the morning. he knows that everyone there is on board with him and what the company and organization is going to be doing. there are disconnects in the organization in the white house. whose fault and responsibility i know not. i know that as you suggest it has to be changed. byron, we are watching something else here, too. absolutely illegality in terms of the leaks themselves and the leakers whether they be in the near east desk of the state department that is a government unto itself as we all know and
10:38 am
whether it be in the bureaucracy and every federal employee seemingly. we know, they can all but not be fired. to a person. this has to change. this is a government that is out of control and right now far bigger than the man who is elected to run the country. >> i should have added the permanent government bureaucracy. >> lou: i bailed you out again byron. >> that is number seven. we had a lot of leaks in previous administration. mot of them don't come up with a whole lot. trump has to fight back on what is happening and i think he can prevent future leak and he can do something, we heard about the tran crypt of the phone call between the russian ambassador
10:39 am
and michael flynn. it was intercepted communication that was classified. and the president should say you should read it and we will make our judgments about this. the president has options this this. >> lou: is there any one thing that occurs to you that the president must do now to begin first end the bleeding and secondly bring down the hammer on those who would absolutely violate the law and the will of the american people? >> what i would do honestly, bring in the congressional leadership and lay down the law. i need a plan for obamacare and tell the american people when this is happening. they can repeal obamacare at a future date and give themselves 12 months to get it done. >> lou: paul ryan and mitch mcconnell don't deliver tax cuts as campaigned o. and if they
10:40 am
don't repeal obamacare and do so forthwith. they will look like all the greater fools for not being prepared over the course of seven years to do so. byron, your recommendations for the president here? >> as far as the intelligence and michael flynn and russian stuff. the facts of the case will determine what happens there. if there is no collusion in the 2016 campaign there isn't. >> lou: did you read the new york times piece on this. >> i did. >> lou: did you ever see a bigger bunch of bull. there was every weasel word and theory reference without a single concrete fact in it. would you agree? >> there is serious allegations in the first two paragraphs and the third paragraph said there was no evidence of it.
10:41 am
there was that. and the other thing to move o. trump has been in an execution academies phase and he will have to move to a legislative phase of his president see and he's done a lot of stuff. he needs to show that and sell it to the american people. >> we should talk about p netanyahu and not all of the other stuff. >> lou: i don't know what degree we suld be. this is most important story. >> no. >> lou: i have to move on because we are way over time. the fact of the matter, the president has a government to get ahold of and control for the sake of the american people. up next, north korea, an agent suspect issed in the assassination of kim jong-un's estranged half brother. general jack keene will take
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>> lou: kim jong-un's half brother assassinated. wo unidentified women stabbed him with poisoned needles in an
10:46 am
airport in malaysian. this come cans a day after north korea fired a ballistic missile. this particular launch and test, the range was 300 miles in to the sea of japan. the leader of the cal- exist sparking concern about his ties to russia. luis maranella is working to it make the state an independent nation. he currently lives in russia and reportedly received support from a far right nationalist group. he is promoting the cal exit raising questions to whether russia is behind the california susis session campaign. and got knows what else in california. joining me to assess what is
10:47 am
going on, fox news military analyst general jack keene. first starting with kim jong-un and the test of the ballistic missile in the sea of japan and what options the president has and whether he is use any and of them. >> what is happening with iranian and north korea and russian provocation. they are tesing the new president and i think clearly the president will take a different path with all three of these nations than what the predecessors and he will be willing to confront them. doesn't want conflict but willing to confront them. president trump was paralyzed by fear of adverse consequence. this president will step up to it. >> lou: adverse consequence.
10:48 am
your thoughts about mike finely resigning. >> mike finely made a mistake and is a great american patriot. and provided inaccurate information to the vice-president and president trump chose not to overlook at. general flynn put a team of his associates in place in the national security council which is the body that provides advice to the president and coordinates all national security. a new head would likely make changes. so yes tis disruptive what took place. but i think the president will move quickly to find a replacement. >> lou: general flynn, for better or worse is a victim of leakers and his own mistake as you point out. but those leaks are constant and
10:49 am
rising and they are getting increasingly more important within the administration. >> all administrations have leak but the leak with general flynn is disturbing. this is a transcript of a foreign national. most people in intelligence circles are not privy to that information. it is high up and susan rice, that former national security advisor and director clapper ahead of defense national intelligence and head of the cia, the defense chief in the department of defense. just a handful of people would be privy to that. >> the fib be -- as well. >>s yes, there has to be an investigation and see if we can determine who is the head of the
10:50 am
conspiracy. >> lou: the politics and white house and senior staff would have they have the ability to focus or to carry out. >> they should not have had that kind of access, but i don't know how the obama white house worked with that staff. he made a lot of national security decisions with people around him that were not national security experts and close advisors and he was comfortable with them. >> lou: it is urgent that president trump get this fixed and get staffed out in all departments. >> we need the culture in and people in. this is a serious administration that wants to get result and they are going to have to control things inside of the department in terms of information flow and protect the
10:51 am
secrets that the nation has in those departments. and go after those not protecting with everything we have got. >> lou: thank you for being here. up next, a deep game played in washington and it is played against the trump administration. the left in all of its form ps engaging in the extraordinary unprecedented assault that is nearing a state of sedition. we take it with
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>> lou: the president's extreme vetting, despite the americans thinking. 56 percent of the order describe it as a restriction of people entering the united states from known terrorist hot spots. only 37 percent can can support a muslim ban as a more accurate label. in our on line poll. should the fbi and cia prosecute all leaks from the trump administration and bureaucracy. 91 percent of you, excuse me, say yes. i am choking up at the view there. and joining me washington times opinion editor charlie hurred. good to have you here.
10:56 am
and fox news contributor rachel compo duffy. this is a critical. this is a present danger to the republic and certainly to the administration without any question, do you not agree? >> i agree. his article is interesting. he puts obama behind the curtain and organizing everything. he was our first excommunity organizer. >> lou: aren't we proud. >> i think it is time for the bush family. they talk about not normalizing trump and the press and left. we should not normalize this type of action from an expresident. and the bush and others need to exposed it is what it is. the new guy deserves a chance to get a start.
10:57 am
>> lou: i don't see it unamerican i see it anti- american. >> it is antiand unamerican all of it. it really is astonishing the degree to which the left abandoned concerns of this stuff. they were screaming their heads off about the leaks o ut of the dnc and the hacked e-mails and insist issing we were not allowed to talk and suddenly people making for political reasons at the highest levels of our intelligence service and there was a time in america, when particularly liberals in america would have been so outraged and the chilling affect that has on freedom .... has on freedom >>. >>......
10:58 am
and make an example of these people and fire them. can you fire them? >> you can't fehe lowliest in position. and it is extraordinary to think that the position that we have ourselves in to with the federal government, charlie, we are talking about the permanent government. it is permanent and beyond control of the even the president of the united states? >> and another reason why it is very difficult to plug the leak
10:59 am
and find them. not only do you have politically motivated intelligence officials doing this, but the bureaucratic apparatus and they will do going to protect their jobs and there are spies upon spies upon spies, working with of course, a willing press. >> lou: eager. >> eager to get the stuff out. >> lou: in corporate america we talked about aligning employees and organizational principles are the same for the massive government in all of the world. this government is misaligned and it has been poorly led and now a frightening, frightening structure that is got to be brought urched control. good to have is you with us and i appreciate it. we are out of time and not
11:00 am
entirely because i went on there. thank you for not contradicting and thanks for being with us. see you tomorrow, good night from new york. >> announcer: the following is a paid presentation for the nutribullet, brought to you by nutribullet llc. ♪ >> hi. i'm david wolfe. and for 25 years, i've been teaching people, to get the most out of your life, you need to get the most out of your food. all this food is loaded with nutrition, and you don't just need some of it. you need all of it. and the nutribullet is the machine that can get all of it. for a limited time, nutribullet has an incredible offer. when you order today, we will upgrade you to the 900-watt nutribullet pro at no extra charge. here's what makes the nutr


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