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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  February 22, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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charles: i liz: that does it for us, dow notching a record high, 9th straight. "making money" with charles payne is next. charles: i am charles payne secretary of state tillerson arriving in mexico, for a meeting with mexico president and other sto -- top mexican officials, tillerson is joined by homeland security secretary kelly. this visit on heels of mexico foreign minister today saying, that his nation will not comply with president trump's immigration order. the white house today insisting that trump is not sending tillerson to mexico for a clean up job. >> we have a very healthy and robust relationship with mexican government and mexican officials. they would echo that same sentiment.
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i think that relationship with mexico is phenomenal, i think there is an unbelievable and robust dialogue between the two nations. charles: joining me now to discuss, betsy wood roof ford oconnel, and former congressman tom. this is really, highly anticipated meeting. a lot of going back and forth, first on twitter then the canceling of meeting with president of mexico. how do you see this playing out. we do have a lot of commonalities with respect to comer, trade and fighting drug trafficking. >> we do, there is also something i assume that trump administration is aware of. it is in mexico's interest. every country supposedly does, in their best interest. and it is in interest of mexico to keep that border open to keep the flow of
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people in to this country from mexico as robust as it can. it means legal or illegally. for several reasons, just unemployment problem, rate for people in mexico, 18 to 25 is about 40% or it was. and that is a very dangerous situation. ey want to export their unemployment. they recognize that when they export people to the united states, those people send a lot of money back to mexico. at the time i was in congress it was second highest source of income overly to pemex. but, it is in mexico's interest to keep -- that is why it is strange, doesn't anyone else think it weird. have you soon another country so intent on getting rid of their own people, it is amazing and embarrassing. they have to keep that in mind
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as they sep te enter into negotiation with the government there. charles: here, toupee for -- paying for illegal immigrants their legal bills to jam up our court system, and delay effort, made -- legal effort made to deport them. >> it is interesting, given this our immigration courts are already jammed. the question of how funka functional our immigration court system circumstance has been an under radar scandal for years. there is a backlog of almost a half million or more cases in immigration courts. not like mexico would need to do much to make those courts that much more clogged. expanding up grant detention, and deportation proceedings will make that problem worse. first thing that jeff sessions has to deal with, is figuring out, if he will change the way that immigration courts work,
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they are part of the department of justice, it is afternoon important issue that gets little media attention. charles: you know, ford, you ink about i think these have superseded oil. they are protecting something an investment 25 billion dollars a year. but you look. rex tillerson there talking about common sense stuff, saying, hey we have certain issues, we do a lot of trading with each other. the drug trafficking alone has killed thousands of mexicans, idea they would some highwa somehow allow or harbor that to congressman's point to the detriment of their own people is mind boggling. >> the congressman is right, mexico is mooching off of united states, they want to
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protect their $27 billion in remittances, understand why donald trump is right, even though this looks chaotic, he is in position, for first time in 25 years to make mexico stand up and do what is right. problem is that mexico has zero interest to do what is right. now dodg donald trump understands that we import a quarter of the mexican economy. if we can push those two levers right we could have a great relationship, donald trump has to keep pressure on early and often. tillerson on nafta, and kelly on immigration, and making sure that mexico protects its own southern borders, our problems are not coming from mexico it is who mexico is pushing through, they are pushing half of south america through as well.
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>> more recent years we have net ex- flow of mexican, a large aim from south america as well. president trump has not been intimidated. we have seen nieto from mexico, who has low approval ratings going for broke, saying, i have nothing to lose. we have the game of chicken. it is a double edge sword. trade works that way, mexico needs us more than we need them. what is the end game here? >> well, who knows. i can tell you that the president of mexico, this president of mexico, is not unique in his the way he portrays himself to the hurricanmexican people. most leaders in central america do not want to be seen as lackeys of united states, they want to be seen as
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strong, standing up, as i said, bizarre part is that in standing up against america, you are in fact admitting that your own economy. something that i mentioned, to president nieto's predecessor, i said, you know, you are never going to get this solved unless do you something about fact you are still a socialist economy. you know at the time, they still actually owned pemex. they have to solve those problems, inch internally, we can't solve them for them, they have pretend like every other third world country, that their problems are a result of the united states, they are not, they are internal. they have a clear fac path to solve it, but it is not by bucking the united states. charles: but the see, how do -- betsy, how do you think this will turnut.
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i belie that is an olive branch on the part of president trump sending tillerson and sessions there. it will come to a conclusion soon? >> president donald trump and homeland security secretary john kelly are bad cop, good compare, within a week of trump and nieto cancel their meeting, kelly had what appeared to be an amicable meeting with mexico's foreign minister. when you take diplomats and leaders who are not elected. you don't have to worry about the political pressure, you tell them to figure things out and hammer out deals, the negotiation can be more effective, and amicable and more diplomatic than with two presidents of country that are seeing their relationships tense. trying to face down, while, the political reality ispresiden mexico are extraordinary.
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i think it will be interesting to see how kelly and tillerson play the good cop to negotiations a deal. >> let me add to, that here is the thing, with kelly, head of he understands what is going on, i think they will value what he has to say, tillerson, a west texas oil man, one thing that mexico should be able to do and rely on united states, is to improve their open oil infrastructure -- own oil infrastructure to stand on their own, i think these two men have best interest not only of u.s. but help mexico. charles: i am very optimistic about this meeting, i love that these are two who were chosen by president trump to go there, fingers crossed, appreciate it. charles: coming up, house speaker paul ryan, heads to the border, this side. we have a shocking report
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about release also of illegal immigrants in arizona. sheriff joe arpaio is not in office any more, we can't wait to show you what has been happening since he has been gone, you don't want to miss it, we'll be right back.
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charles: house speaker paul ryan arriving in texas today, taking his first tour of the border. they are dealing with new
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struggles. new maricopa county sheriff is releasing average of 400 illegal immigrants of 10 days, many of them are violent criminals. joining me now former sheriff paul babeu. and tom, tom, we knew that when sheriff joe arpaio was not going to there be it would change but not sure that anyone believed it would be this dramatic. >> the sheriff did, runs a massive jail in maricopa county, they are releasing 40 illegal immigrants a day, policy earlier was to give i.c.e. a heads up when they had reason to believe that i.c.e. should be looked at, they stopped doing that, they are being released on the street. 400 over 10 days, there is no sign of it slowing down, in
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now that feds are having a real kateing resources to try to go ought and find some of these illegal alien criminals, remember they are folks who were arrested on the likelihood or they had committed state crimes, some are quite serious. so now, i.c.e. is having to go out and find them, i don't understand what the sheriff is thinking here, it shows crazed opposition to the rule of law in immigration. placing politics above public safety. i guarantee, someone is going to be maimed, hurt or kill as a result. charles: sheriff you know that too well, you spent so many years rounding these folks up. almost of day now, soon as i click on social media, someone committed a harmful crime, a felony, that was in our midst,
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an illegal immigrant was allowed to be let go, despite pleas from now victims and federal government. >> yes, and a lot of people mistakenly believe that this is just happening in the 4 southwest border states, it is incorrect, this serve state across america. -- this is in every state across america it has to stop, reasons why this situation has been created is because president obama has released all of these criminals, and allowed this to take place. and 74% of the million criminal illegals out there, are felony convicts, these are dangerous criminals, to tom's point, neighbors county of mine, maricopa county, it seemings surreal we go from sheriff joe arpaio who had most of these courtesy holds of any jurisdiction to now, having this tip over on its
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head and release these criminals, as i.c.e. has called this dangerous. >> tom, paul ryan down also, i reading t. this how affective wilthl e wall be with vis-a-vis crime. how important is it we spend the money get to done. >> the wall is not going to be only solution, it is part of a solution. the idea that aliens can cross border without impediment is absurd, you need a wall, i would deploy the military there give up national security situation, we cannot wait for a while. i can tell you, this is why par of piece, we could have a wall 400 feet high, as
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language along as cities hole hold welcome signs out to illegal aliens, they say, you get here, and we will let you out to the streets as soon z a commit crimes. administration is taking revolution steps for washington in terms of having an enforcement program, no one enforced law before, this is amazing, that enforcing the law is controversial in washington. charles: and as red carpets and welcome signs more than 300 sanctuary cities, thank you very much. >> thank you. charles: devastating california storms now have made matters worse for oroville dam crisis. mayor of that town, she is joining me exclusively next.
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charles:evastating flooding
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near northern california, testing the limits of oroville dam. almost 200 thousand people wer forced to eveak evacuate because of spillway damage. joining me is the mayor of oroville, can you share an assessment of what is going on, 200 thousand folks were evacuated, many came back and now they are asked to leave again. >> no, in the city limits, thank you for having me on. city limits of oroville are under an evacuation warning. a lot of residents up and down the state of california that are having issues with high river in their community. charles: when you read the reports, particularly california, and conditions of the dams and other infrastructure there, and you
6:23 pm
think about the richest state in the nation, where they spend billions on high-speed trains that no one wants and $25 billion on illegal immigration, why is it a town like yours, with the dam, has been ignored so much? >> well, we live in 9 northern california, less than 2% of the population live north of sacramento. you can't make people like you, we'll never win by the vote, you have larger cities that take control. we're a small rural community, i look at it, if we were an island in another lifetime, this would be you know water goddess of californi we deserve more attention, because we are the only naturally blue area in the state of california. charles: the world is watching
6:24 pm
now, a lot of people are praying and hoping for the best, it feels like it is a continuous situation, we've veewe've seen videos and frap photographs. what come out of this to make things better, no matter of what part of the state you are, new are given a certain amount of respect and dignity. california is a by fur kateed state -- bifurcated state. >> right, aside from, that i see this is a big wake-up call, no only, mine president trump is correct when he says we have a crumbling infrastructure. this could have been any dam, it could have been any bridge or freeway. you know spending $20 billion on the wall, and they are supposed to spend a billion in
6:25 pm
our backyard the silver lining and we'll have the safest town in u.s., first one that they will look at and see what is wrong with it, they have mandated that independent consultant, forensic analysis, of this dam. which i believe will be the order for all dams. it is time. it is a wake-up call. >> i think u.s. civil engineers have rate our dams overall a d-minus. i de guess there is a silver lining, but bad news that there are so many more dams out there that need emergency help right away. we're all going to pray for you linda and we'll check in on you perhaps tomorrow or next day. >> thank you, charls. >> thank you very much. >> coming up maxine waters, always made waves and had pr
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provocative headlines, wait until you hear about what she said about trump administration last night, it was not the high road.
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. charles: hey, remember this?
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>> how we explain that when someone is cruel or acts like a bully, you don't stoop to their level. no, our motto is, when they go low, we go high. charles: turns out some democrats missed the memo. roll tape. >> this is a bunch of scumbags. that's what they are. >> those are very strong words. >> organized around making money. all of these people who are organized with the oil and gas interests that's in the administration and friends of the president of the united states, this backchanneling that you see, these are a bunch of scumbags. >> secretary of state, you mean -- charles: will the unshakable obstructionism across the aisle thwart president trump's call for unity. here is hadley heath manning, maxine waters, i said on the show last night, she wasn't part of any detente between the democrats and the white house, i think she stooped to a new low last night.
6:31 pm
>> she's a loonie, really, if you want to get back to it. she says nothing of substance, she's throwing stones and getting nothing back for it. if you made her argument and turned it around, it's very similar to how trump said such outrageous things in the past. she'not any better, as you polled the original clip. she has stooped pretty low. nothing of substance to say, she's just being nasty to be nasty. as the party of losing position, it's not helping her any. i don't know if she's appealing to her base, i said something mean, she needs to knock it off and act as the position she's been put in. charles: here's the thing, hadley, i remember nikita khrushchev said communism -- we would rip each other apart as a nation, we're certainly heading in the wrong direction right now. >> well, that's right.
6:32 pm
and unity is a two-way street, right? president trump calls for unity but that's going to take more than his effort to unify the country. what does unity mean, we're a very divided country in terms of the issues, we disagree with each other starkly. and that's good, democracy and constitutional republic requires some debate and dialogue and discussion but we can do it in a respectful way without name calling one another and we're going to be much more effective communicators, much more effective for causes if we can elevate the discussion as michelle obama called for during the campaign season. the country was very divided before president trump took office. going to be continue to be divided. we can share a core set of values without resorting to ugly tactics. charles: erick, you are something of pop culture, you think of the mainstream media criticism of president trump being presidential.
6:33 pm
what we saw from this seasoned congresswoman last night was ugly stuff, even if it w two people on the sidewalk trying to discuss different issues. >> you're right, and i would note we're dealing with people beyond maxine waters who believe in an arc of history they can control, and to acknowledge they lost the election because they ran a terrible candidate is the arc of history can move away from them, which they can't acknowledge. they've got to come up with conspiracy theories why they lost as opposed to having a terrible candidate run a terrible campaign against donald trump, and at the same time, embroils them in further anger because they believe the rhetoric. they spent eight years telling republicans if you believe barack obama is somehow born in a foreign country, a closet sleeper cell muslim, you're a crazy birther. these people are putinists, putinism is the new birther
6:34 pm
movement. charles: yesterday, president trump talked about the attack on the jewish cemetery in st. louis, and today, vice president pence visited that cemetery. let's take a listen. >> there's no place in america for hatred or acts of prejudice or violence or anti-semitism. the people of missouri are inspiring the nation by your love and care for this place, for the jewish community in missouri, and i want to thank you for that inspiration, for showing the world what america is really all about. charles: let me get a quick reply from all of you guys what you just thought. katie, again, feels like vice president pence has been a superstar and i felt what he said, if you felt the honesty in that. >> let's hope the left can feel the honesty in that. they've wanted trump to be quote, unquote truthful and njetanyahu said it, trump said it, sean spicer said
6:35 pm
it, he is not anti-semitic and does not think this is anywhere near a good thing, of course he doesn't. they need believe to that. set the questions aside, stop bringing up this. my worries they're going to keep beating this over the head and not let it go. charles: they're going to beat themselves into submission. great to see vice president pence today. >> it was. it's nice to see him call upon people to submit to better angels, what we've seen over the past few weeks are people submitting to worst tendencies, that brings out the worst in all of us. the cemetery situation is something we should focus on. something like this happened in the united states, it's good the president of the united states and the vice president drew attention to it. charles: americans of all religions, backgrounds in st. louis pitched in to repair the cemetery hadley. the vice president being there was ultimately a reflection on all of us we should all embrace. >> right, and the event itself is a sad reminder that prejudice can be held by all
6:36 pm
kinds of people against other types of people, and those kind of violent acts need to be condemned on both sides. rhetoric we're talking about from representative waters needs to be condemned on both sides. president trump used rhetoric i wouldn't approve of during the campaign issue, and we need to move beyond this and find common ground. charles: in the meantime, it was a squeaker but the dow hit ninth straight record close. my market commentary and why this is a real rally, version 7,042. well, not that many. next.
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. charles: hundreds of guantanamo bay detainees were released under the obama administration, and many of them fell right back into the arms of isis, even some with a million dollars next.
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. charles: the dow closed higher for the ninth consecutive session while the other indices meanders in otherwise quiet session. after the bell we had earnings from tesla. they missed on the earnings but shares up because the model 3 will start production in july. sea trip blew away consensus on the top and bottom lines, looks like we may be traveling again. lb brands, makers of victoria's secret among other things, guidance was so awful that the stock is punished in the after-market. and jack in the box missing consensus and getting jacked in the after-market. we have been talking about enthusiasm at the polls, what economists call these things are soft data. more and more of the hard data showing a manifestation of that enthusiasm into reality. and the key message from
6:41 pm
today's market came from toll brothers when they reported they talked about the housing market having momentum, an acceleration of contracts from november to december to january, they talked about pent-up demand for seven years starting to be released. more buyers into the market. the leading edge of millennials are beginning to form families and have kids and buy homes and then the virtuous cycle, strengthened by personal balance sheets. the dow surpassing 20,000 for the first time. low unemployment, they mean the housing market for 2017 is going to be huge. that was at the open. later existing home sales for january annualized rate to 5.69 million. that's much better than december revised higher. this is the highest level since february of 2007. largely the trends were upbeat. you know, there's a real wealth effect and fueling itself at this point. the question is for how much longer.
6:42 pm
here to discuss is shah gilani. shah. the fed tries to manipulate things and get the virtuous cycle but we're getting it. one of the question marks is housing, two major indicators from a big player on the building side and existing home sales. >> market is generally speaking positive in every direction you look. in terms of optimism there is plenty of it. you see that in the housing numbs, the national association of realtors 3.3% increase in housing sales in january which is a terrific number. the numbers are great and in terms of slowdown, unlikely, interest rates are relatively and historically low. there is nothing impeding the market from growing, not enough construction workers out there. i think wages will rise and they'll do in due course, workers will switch jobs and construction will continue. charles: president trump talked about obamacare will come before tax cuts. there was a lot of hand wringing over this on wall
6:43 pm
street after the inauguration, they wanted the tax cuts first. does it matter if there's an overall feeling that it's all going to happen and does the order of things really matter anymore? >> the order absolutely matters and we saw that in the obama administration when president obama put obamacare as the first order of business, that sunk his administration for eight years. charles: you think it's a mistake for them to do obamacare. >> absolutely. i think budget cuts -- excuse me, the tax cuts should be the first and foremost on the agenda of this administration. there's plenty of time to fix what's wrong with obamacare. that's going to take time anyway. when you put tax cuts on the table, those are -- that increases economic growth, that's the saw that the economy needs. charles: federal reserve released minutes today. i don't know, i don't think they'll hike rates next month, but they will at some point. they talked about government policies but i think they meant
6:44 pm
on trade more than anything else. and the strong dollar ironically, steve mnuchin late in the day said we need a strong dollar, represents a strong nation. are you concerned that the dollar may be too strong and also will the fed derail the rally? >> i'm a strong dollar kind of guy, i think it makes a lot of sense. doesn't matter the dollar is going to appreciate, just as long as it doesn't explode a lot higher. i think myself and folks worried about tariff wars and trade wars, that's the only problem. if this administration wants to move from multilateral negotiations to bilateral negotiation, that's a smart thing to do. >> you are okay with two or three rate hikes or inconsequential? >> two, three, four, 3% is a standard rate. we air long way away from 3% on a fed funds rate. we are .5.
6:45 pm
charles: we're going to continue in accommodative land? >> we are going to continue in accommodative land. charles: nice tie. i like it. high five fridays. a massachusetts elementary school, wow. i'll tell you about it right after this. this is the silverado special edition. this is one gorgeous truck. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's 5. aaaahh!! ooohh!! uh!
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. charles: talk about political correctness run amok, a massachusetts elementary school are putting a stop to high five fridays, they were designated to serve as a trust building exercise between police officers and students. it was once a month, parents at least they say some parents are worried it might scare children that have had negative experiences with cops. and then this. american grammar is racist,
6:49 pm
that's according to a staffer at the university of washington. the school's writing center director argues that conventional rules on structuring sentences are perpetuating inequality in white supremacy. to my panel, ford o'connell and katie frattes. ford is sending me e-mail telling me my grammar is wrong, now i know why. [laughter] >> well, you know, so i'm from washington state and i love udub, go huskies. this makes me embarrassed to say they come from that state. how ridiculous is it that grammar is racist? what is next? breathing is racist? not to mention your fostering with the high fives, they say that some of these kids may have had negative experiences with cops? is that not the perfect way to teach them cops are your friends, to trust them? to create the happy rapport it. all had me wanting to bang my
6:50 pm
head against the desk when i read it. charles: ford, it makes me want to cry, particularly when it comes to cops. i am a fan of community policing, interacts in the communities that they serve, it an affront, a shame that anyone would push to have the program nullified. >> absolutely. i agree with you, and hats off to north hampton police department, someone who worked in the massachusetts state senate, let me say this, 88% of that town is white, okay? and therefore, if this is a problem there, how are police relations ever going to improve in minority communities? they're not. if this is what we're fighting in western massachusetts. absolutely ridiculous. this is a society that perpetually offended striking again, with respect to the situation at udub, let me say, this as a professor, the most valuable commodity a student can learn is how to communicate effectively. when you legitimize incorrect language, you are damaging a
6:51 pm
student's career prospects. do you realize how dangerous this is? charles: we graduate kids that aren't ready for the real world. we're not doing anyone a favor with this stuff. katie, is there any way to fight back. somehow in the liberal state like massachusetts that we can fight back. >> we agree, the moment you say being literate, being able to articulate yourself is good. people say you're racist. the way to combat that is create a school system to create an environment where learning is encouraged. achieving, we're doing well. we're striving for things you didn't think you could have is encouragement. something you want to do. teaching people they can be better than they are, if you can foster that, i believe it goes with the mind-set that people will want to learn how to speak properly. will want to be able to read better, write better. instead of saying no, this is the situation you came into and stuck in. charles: we got to go. it is certainly a ticket.
6:52 pm
the best ticket out of poverty into a great life for families. thank you very much. appreciate it. >> thank you, charles. >> beam me up, guys. might be true, a galaxy far, far away might not be so far. nasa announced it discovered not one, not two, how about seven new earth sized planets orbiting a dwarf star. three of the seven planets are -- well they're inhabitable zone, they could host water and life. dwarf star is roughly 40 light-years away, it would only take 700,000 years tget to the new planets but hope spring's eternal. former gitmo detainee turned millionaire turns into isis suicide bomber which makes the case for keeping that detention center open and filling it up. we'll discuss it next.
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
. charles: a former guantanamo bay detainee reportedly turned
6:56 pm
millionaire for the suffering he endured there, well, he died conducting a suicide bombing attack on behalf of isis in mosul, iraq. detainee had links to al qaeda and the taliban but released from gitmo in 2004 where he fledo syria in 2014 to join isis, leading to the question, should we reconsider releasing the guantanamo prisoners. joining me is captain chuck nash and christopher. you had firsthand experience dealing with these guys, we know president trump is not going to release these prisoners. i think people are itching to repopulate gitmo. >> actually charles, bad dudes do bad things, that's not surprising, what's surprising is when you find out these people were paid. we paid these people and released them. extremely troubling. american policymakers, european policymakers need to take a hard look who these people are and reconsider releasing them. president trump is right.
6:57 pm
he gets criticized for the way he uses words and things he said. when you load up guantanamo bay with bad dudes, need to be sustaining it, if not keeping these people. there it's unbelievable to think we paid these people before releasing them. charles: yeah, captain nash, it is unbelievable, and a lot of people, the british government actually -- he was a british citizen, they appealed to us to let him go, we were treating him inhumanely, and gave him a million pounds, he lived in a quarter of a million-dollar house. took a picture of himself in this truck before he blew himself up. a million pounds and a new lease on life isn't enough to deter these guys. nothing can, we should keep them locked up if we know they're a danger to society. >> a snake is a snake. you can pretend all you want that you've tamed the snake or tamed the lion, but sooner or
6:58 pm
later the thing's going to turn you on. why? 's in its nature. this thing about spending money, there are a lot of european countries, charles that are so far down the rabbit hole with all of this, and you know, were it not for the recent things that came out of president trump, we were headed in the same path. we were following them. charles: by the way, when you were talking, we had a photo of the bomber right before detonating himself. captain nash, i want to talk about u.s. troops, a couple attacked in mosul as the fight shifts to the more dangerous part of that town. give us an assessment how this is going? >> i think it's going actually very well. it's not just my assessment, charles. but listening to the briefings from our senior leadership over there and just looking at the strides that they've made. they've taken over the eastern part of the town, working on the southern part of the town.
6:59 pm
this isn't an iraqi operation, by the way. we're supplying intelligence surveillance, reconnaissance, close air support and doing artillery work for them. this is an iraqi-led and iraqi-fought operation which is something they think is really good because for a long time, we were having a hard time seeing the results of all the training and the money and the material that we put into the forces. now we're seeing it, and it's working. charles: it is working, christopher, the last word on this. to captain nash's point. we know initially the iraqi forces were taking off uniforms and fleeing every time they saw the black flag of isis. hopefully that never happens again. >> they're doing a good job now, that's a good thing to hear. american men and women do hard work to great costs and those that we injured and those that we lost. and i can just say we need to make sure we ged that right. fighting with the media that all americans can realize, men and women are fight father
7:00 pm
country, we need to make sure we put politics aside and do what's right fighting for the job. charles: freedomant free. thank you for being on the show and joining us tonight. we're doing very well, and it's all because of you. now lou dobbs is next. keep it here on fox business. lou: republican house and senate leadership slow walking the trump agenda on taxes and obamacare. patience wearing thin on the house. congress and senate went on recess while president trump and the white house were hard at work preparing a budget, tax cuts and a new health plan, the president says could be ready by the middle of next month. >> so we're doing the health care, moving along very well, sometime during the month of march, mid to early march, we'll be submitting something they think people will be impressed by. lou: congressman mark meadows says voters may send


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