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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX Business  February 26, 2017 2:00am-2:31am EST

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as you have seen tonight, thousands of brave men and women risk their lives every day to keep us safe. theirs is a war story that deserves to be told. from the u.s.-mexico border, i'm oliver north. the daytona 500. >> it does not get more american than the daytona 500. see you tomorrow. >> this is bulls and bears. >> that is the welcome you should be hearing this morning. brenda wanted to say again and again she fought to return to us and her show.
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sadly 55 years young, brenda lost that fight to cancer and i don't know how we will ever be the same. she inspired us all and taught us all so much. brenda was the first anchor and host i ever appeared here with at fox news. it was initially in an audition tape in the late 90s and i was absolutely awful on the air but brenda was kind and gracious and supportive and encouraging that day and every day after. she made us all better people in work and in life. brenda brought boundless energy and joy to everything she did. watching this show, her show, every saturday, you know that. she created the personality of bulls and bears with her spirit, humor, love of life, depth and brilliance, so brilliant. you would never hear her bring
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that up, the fact that she graduated from harvard with honors, was an oxford road scholar. instead, in hosting this show and living her life, she pulled them in. and let us be our best selves, her generosity of spirit, how are you, how is your mom, how are your dogs remote and charlie? how is jonas? always asking about you and others even as she was fighting for her life. that is why she built such a true and lasting connection with her audience. she was thinking about you, talking to you. that was brenda on the air and in person. the outpouring of love and memories on social media after her death this week, so powerful, but not surprising. she brought the work here to
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like, but work wasn't her whole life lose her daughters were her world. she loved talking about them, so proud of this and great support for her as she battled cancer. she loves her bulls and bears, and whip them into shape. that made the show number when in its timeslot for 14 years straight. certainly the most fun business program ever. she will never be forgotten. these guys would never allow it. her bulls and bears family. john bradshaw layfield, always called you that and jonas, gary, you were the first rules and bear show in august. look at these memories. it is incredible. >> when i heard the opening to
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the package, welcome to bulls and bears, i nearly started choking up because as you mentioned, brenda and i go back to the late 90s. you also wrote for she had already been on tv. i was in our. she was already an icon and yet she was so opposite of what i had envisioned. she was beautiful, smart, funny, as you point out, she was so kind. i can't tell you how many times over the years whether i was in the studio or at home, she would call me to ask me what i thought of a segment and she would point out it was her show. i always felt when we were doing it she ruled the place but she
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was a benevolent dictator if you will, she was so great about bringing everything together. she was the core. i miss her so much. as i point out it has been tough but i am at the age that unfortunately people close to me have passed away but never more so with brenda do i feel she is looking down upon us and smiling. i felt that all week, i am blessed to have known her, blessed to have worked with her. she was a remarkable truly wonderful human being. arthel: we are all blessed was you were on bulls and bears, you have been on brenda's show for more than a decade. >> it is hard to find the words to describe brenda. she was these wonderful adjectives gary was using and
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also the complete embodiment of a professional. she was the smartest person in the room. you mentioned her orders at harvard and road scholar, she never mentioned that because it is always about the guests. she made her ego in the show, it was never in herself. that is an incredibly unselfish person that she is. my first show was on bulls and bears because of brenda. i met with meredith on fox news, we separated our 11th anniversary. brenda is so much a part of our life. the last year and a half, so many times, just like you say, she never once would tell me how she was. i knew she wasn't fine and i knew her time on earth was coming to a close but she never let that be known. strong-willed not just women but person that brenda was.
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financial news is much better because of her. the world was much better because of her. this will always be her show. godspeed, brenda, we love you. >> brenda called you her smart boy. she would see things we didn't even see in ourselves. >> my family doesn't even call me that. you could talk all day about she was personally off the show, not just people above her but at all levels in the company but the impact -- it wouldn't be far to say it was a golden era in financial tv. i don't remember what financial tv was like going way back but she was at that level she could have spent days interviewing wall street big shots that nobody would have watched and wouldn't have much impact on
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things that have changed, people don't pay as much for services because millions of people now can watch and be entertained by someone talking in smart stuff even though our topics are smart, nobody would watch them who didn't know what was going on, make this entertaining and funny, hard to take it to that level. anybody can be smart with her science friends and that is the impact on the world of financial news and the way people interact with financial companies today. >> before we continue, one last look at our beautiful friends and colleagues who will always be in our hearts. >> this is bulls and bears, let's get right to it. i will take the biggest bulls, the biggest bears. >> i can see the lead of bulls
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and bears. >> you got it. >> get ready, you think you're paying at the pump? not close to it. many of the protests overseas are about food, not democracy. it is hot, it is summertime, it will cool down. >> paying attention to the smartest woman on the show. >> the market goes up. it goes up. >> don't give them more power than they deserve. get out there and help the story. >> in the world i live in,
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everything -- there is no inflation. >> it is goodwill. everybody be quiet please. hold on. don't talk over each other. >> never get a chance. just a minute. you had your time. >> joining us now from fox news, bulls and bears. >> it is not for millennials but i'm telling you my kids come back after college they will get a job and maybe not one worthy of their history degree, they will work at a and b or whatever. >> the greatest prop in the world.
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>> for 10 years i built with babies on this show. >> let's get right to it. >> how much sugar have you had today? john, are you a pool or bear? >> i like our coke and pizza in your fridge, my favorite meal. >> you are coming to dinner. >> also wrestled a bear. most people can't do it the way he does it. we have our own pro wrestler here. what do you think? >> i want to see him in tights. people fear me in the ring as much as they do brad. >> i will try to get bread your autograft. >> today in 2015, they will be
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doing that all the time. >> back to the future, what did you look like back then? >> that was my level cut. >> you are cute, take your best shot. >> i had bigger lunches than that no doubt. >> you can save a lot of money. that is great. >> production, prediction. >> looking dogs in the eyes good for humans as well. the largest company in veterinary medicine. >> you are like a treat.
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there are a lot of female viewers. >> krispy kreme up 15%. >> we are up $.23. where is the good stuff. >> you turn me on when you cry. >> this is my so and i can cry. >> in new york, brenda butner, >> in new york, brenda butner, fox news. ♪music ♪you fill up my senses
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to escape the violence. that is look at news, now back
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to bulls and bears. arthel: president trump doubling down on fighting regulation, signing another executive order aimed at scrapping rules he says, we welcome gary to the show. the president got it right. there are millions of words. and not only the small banks but small businesses getting money to them. that hurt the economy over the last eight years. >> gary is right, look at dodd-frank, small banks the didn't have to do derivatives, kept most of the loans on their balance sheets, compliance issues. we have to cut stupid regulations. >> some regulations are not
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great. and the dodd-frank protections make sure the financial advisor not in their interests, that is a pretty good regulation to keep in place. >> 15 departments, 69 agencies, 389 sub agencies, $1.7 trillion in regulations per year. you think these agencies want to get smaller? people would lose their jobs. trump is right to tackle the tentacles that are dragging down the mothership we have here. arthel: >> final word. >> easiest solution is the opposite with these regulations, good intentions but shave 80% of the garbage out of it and right now things like sarbanes-oxley are sending business abroad and that is not the way you want regulation to work. >> thanks, so much for those boycotts, sales of ivanka after a few no top seller on amazon.
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proving there is a huge pro trump market out there. >> neil cavuto is live from dc with every political angle. get a powerful preview on cavuto coast t t t t
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>> retailers dropping ivanka trump's brand listen to this, the first daughter's perfume a bestseller on amazon. gary k says it shows there are a lot of trump supporters out
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there shopping. >> the bastian of tolerance on the left, they probably put her back in the stores, you have this woman who is a great role model, does everything right, leading the white house on women's issues, you should want her in the store. i'm not buying into this that it wasn't selling well, this was pure politics retailers parts. >> different markets have different results. market in amazon, results that are positive for amazon, nordstrom market may be a different market and the shoppers are not buying her products, stocks did go up when they got rid of ivanka's stuff. i am for people buying what they want but stores have to make a decision with the right brand is for their particular store. wait for amazon. arthel: -- >> dagan:what about the free publicity over the last we 4
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years? >> a huge mistake by nordstrom, like dropping michael jordan when he was exiting north carolina just to the chicago bulls. you have this smart beautiful women that at least half the country support and no doubt likes with tons of free publicity, marketing -- let's give it another few months. amazon of the perfumemaker will make a fortune. >> i am a ivanka fan. this brand was going away, let's not pretend it wasn't. the liberal outrage machine generated another star like they did with sarah palin and all these people. being outraged about trump the whole election, he stole ideas from bernie sanders about trade and jobs and won the election. he should learn they need their
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own policies. dagan:what about you? >> they directed seth bowie had of schwartz. the product, half of it, sales back out, that will happen. back out, that will happen. dagan:thanks to julie.
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♪rock guitar ♪yeah ♪(rock music) ♪you can't do this, you can't deny ♪they feed us lines, but i won't act♪ ♪and all good things will come to pass♪ ♪but the truth is all you have to have♪ ♪and would you lie for it? ♪cry for it? ♪die for it?
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♪would you? ♪i believe ♪believe we're still worth the fight♪ ♪you'll see there's hope for this world tonight♪ ♪i believe, i believe dagan:prediction, what will take the market in the records? >> it will be energy if you can believe it. energy is the place to look, energy is going up. dagan:prediction? >> home depot, infrastructure spending am stock is up 20% in a year. dagan:jonas? >> trump is a hybrid president.
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the high bid etf. >> hour embedded in the water, nike is coming strong. and let me say i do not remember brenda, brilliant marvelous woman. dagan:also our friend alan calls. neil is next. >> taxing or waiting? is the timeline for the tax-cut slipping away as the president prepares to turn up the heat on congress? he is getting a healthy hand from a lot of folks in the corner office? >> it has been 30 years, substantial changes to the tax code. this is a unique opportunity to put american competitiveness back on global front. >> we could do more in the downstream if there were corporate tax rates, very keen on seeing corporate tax rate come down from a tights.


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