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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  March 2, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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moments from now. charles payne, "making money" is next. [♪] less man two hours ago attorney general jeff sessions announced he's recrucial himself from any matters related to the russians and the campaign. reporter: sessions said i did not have communications with the russians during his confirmation hearing.
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but now we know he spoke to the russian ambassador twice. democrats are saying he lied to congress under oath and calling for him to resign. sessions said he will recuse himself from any investigation related to the campaign. he said that when he testified his answer was honest and correct as he understood the question baits related to the trump presidential campaign and not to his role as a senator and senators meet with diplomats all the time. so he said he did not testify falsely. >> let me be clear. i never had meetings with russian opera tifs or intermediaries about the trump campaign. the idea i was part of a quote continuing exchange of information during the campaign
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between trump surrogates and intermediaries for the russian government is totally false. that is the question that senator franken asked me. reporter: earlier today the president said he had total confidence in sessions. he said he did not think sessions should recuse himself. that he was not aware of sessions' meetings with the ambassador and he did testify truthfully. in a tape tonight, charles schumer said a special prosecutor should be appointed. >> reporter: his staff members from any as you said involvement of anything to do with the trump
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campaign. reporter: the justice department and f.b.i. confirmed they are looking into russian hacking but james comey has not confirmed whether there is an investigation into any communications or ties between the trump campaign and the russian government to influence the outcome of the election. but the white house general counsel tuesday did issue an ordinarier to the white house staff to preserve all documents related to any possible investigation. >> we know you will keep an eye on that. republican congressman tom coal says jeff sessions did nothing wrong. and democrats are hyperventilating over the entire situation. the congressman joins us now. as you heard peter say, there are calls from democrats that
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secretary sessions should resign. even nancy pelosi. she said attorney general jeff sessions lies to the committee, he should resign immediately. >> i think my friends on the other side of the aisle are having a hard time figuring out why they lost the elect. they losted the election because they had a flawed candidate and they ran a bad campaign. there is no evidence the trump campaign did anything inappropriate, and no convincing evidence that the russians were successful in tampering with the elect. and there is no evidence jeff segs did anything at all wrong. he might not have communicated as fully as he should have or could have, but he set the record straight and he made sure
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he won't be part of any investigation that might happen now or in the future. adam: we know he met with the russian ambassador kislyak. wouldn't have have preferred the chairman? why would they approach senator sessions? >> 2 or 13 nors have met with the russian ambassador. why senator sessions i don't know. but i don't put anything particularly sinister in that regard. i think there were a couple witnesses there. he met with staff people and people feel like they need to be deposed or make statements.
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i see no convincing evidence that shows what the senator said occurred. >> i guys the next question would be what did you talk about with the russian ambassador. is that something congress should have a hearing to ask that question or as the democrats are calling for. should there be an independent investigate jr. to ask that question? >> i don't think we need an independent investigator when there is no evidence anybody did anything wrong. i think senator sessions recalled as best he could on issues dealing with ukraine. he said i don't recall, but ambassadors are pretty gossipy. and that's true. in the meeting i have had with ambassadors, it's usually a mix of what relates to the relationship between our country and their country, and sometimes a request. and occasionally they will ask about politic.
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that's a long way from colluding with somebody. i just don't see any evidence of that. adam: did the secretary make a mistake recusing himself if there is no there there? >> no, i think you walk the extra mile, and that's what the attorney general did today and was correct in doing so. adam: thank you very m this is a pretty drastic step, isn't? it. >> i think so. and i think he realized anybody intelligent who looks at this
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will draw an inference there is something going on. i think ever since we have sn media reports there are investigations intolings between the russian government and the trump campaign, i have never been concerned about the seriousness. because at its core his investigation is into the russian incursion into the elect outcome. the obama said in december -- president trump obama said in december there is no evidence they did. we don't even know if it's actually open right now. adam: i want to play a sound bite i believe was on neil cavuto's show where senator rand paul addressed the issue and said we need to move to the real issues addressing the country.
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>> we had one senator who said she never met with the russian ambassador until someone looked at her twitter and saw she did meet with the russian ambassador let's move on to the business of government and the country. >> this is today's outrage on the left. people saying he committed perjury or falsely testified in front of congress, thereby committing a crime which is nonsensical. if you look at the entire
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context, he doesn't have to anticipate what question senator franken is asking. in the context of the campaign he didn't talk to any russians. in his official capacity on the armed services committee he had met with the russian ambassador. and it's my understanding after he gave a speech five ambassadors came up tore, obamal
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and replacement? >> it could.
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if anyone knows if you don't apologize it creates a bigger p.r. crisis is donald trump. the white house is basking in the glow of positive coverage. i don't think they wanted to let that go. so they had the attorney general recuse himself. so they thought, let's play ball and keep everybody at bay. eric holder was asked by over 100 congressme bring everybody in, ask questions then get past it? >> i think there is some sort of investigation being conducted by the f.b.i. the scope is unknown.
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>> the president knows small businesses are the engine of our economy. and as the president said we are going to restart the engine to create jobs and prosperity. when small business is strong, america is strong. adam: vice president mike pence assuring small business owners president trump is committed to stirring economic growth. the president was in cincinnati. what do you think he was hearing from small business owners what needs to happen now that president has taken steps to released burned they face to get them to the next part which is to grow them?
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>> the key issues for small business owners that we comekd out a -- that we checked out a couple months oh go was the healthcare fix, and number two is the cost of come plying with regulation, red tape and thanks code complexity. the fact that the taxes took away the capital they use to grow their firms. the tax code changes all the time, so it costs them a lot. money just to send money to the government. they probably heard about the changes that are going to be planned for those things. adam: jeff, you are the former ceo for the trump campaign. i can't tell you how many small business owners came up to me talking about how they had to close their birls because they couldn't keep up with the mandates from government whether it was through obamacare other
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regulations to open a hair salon in new york city. the licensing requirements are unbelievable. >> it's change. you have seen the order to get rid of two regulations for every one that's created. that's different from the last administration. obamacare, the healthcare fix, small business which provides over half the jobs in this country -- per require apologize, we have a live shot of rick perry being sworn in as the new secretary of energy. let's take a quick listen to the vice president. >> will you faithfully discharge the doubt christmas point office you are about to enter. >> so help me god. adam: we have the secretary of
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energy, rick perry, the former governor of texas being sworn in. there are small businesses that are also part of the energy picture in the united states. i have to believe the regulations that the president has already pulled back regarding coal or other energy fossil fuel production will help employ people. am i wrong? >> you are right. let me congratulate secretary perry who did a good job in texas creating jobs. he those about keeping taxes low and employment high. with vice president pence still going out and visiting small business is called keeping your eye on the ball. they know the job is the economy and jobs.
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even with large companies if you took a work from 29 to 30 hours you got penalized. adam: you deal with the men and women who put men and women to work. as we shear jeff saying keep your eye on the ball, is the tax cut that will help these smaller businesses employ people, it's taken income tax. many of these people report the business they own as their personal income. don't they need that break to help. >> the personal tax rates are important for them. they employ a lot of people. 90% of the employer firms have fewer than 20 employees. you have got the complications of the tax code. not just the taxes but the time and complexity involved in
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sending money to the government. that needs to be fixed up. of course the regulations we talked about, a lot of the regulations you referred to are state and local regulars a regus as -- regs as well. hopefully we can address those as well. cost benefit is so important. and government regulations and government regulators don't seem to bother to check that out have much. adam: bill and jeff, i apologize. we had to cut that short because of the swearing in. but thank you for joining us. next snowballing opposition to the gop's obamacare replacement strategy. and it's coming from within the gop. that's next. this is the silverado special edition. this is one gorgeous truck.
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>> if you add in things conservatives don't like, you add in a mandate and a cadillac tax which their plan has and you add in a new entitlement program that's not conservative, and it won't get votes. they need to let us see the bill. adam: senator rand paul talking to our tone neil cavuto today talking about transparency and complaining, if the gop wants his vote for the rollback of obamacare he better have a seat at the discussion table. he's an army of republican lawmakers flirting with the possibility of sinking the rollback.
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you saw ted cruz's face in that. the president and republicans have to have as many senators. ted cruz seems to be duplicitous. because he's probably angling for something. we saw how he did at the convention and then he came back. if he going to stick with rand paul? >> senator ted cruz made his name being a noarnt side of republicans and democrats when it came to obamacare. these ideological conservatives are nervous about things they are seeing coming out of the gop plan. they are worried about tax credits given to lower-income families that exceed their income. he is a pure ideological
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conservative, and the objections he raids match what mike lee and rand paul raids. basically the broad strokes of what they are seeing lean too far to the left. adam: we heard from the president, they are going to keep several of the programs that cost money, access for everybody, but especially children of 26 on the plan. no preexisting conditions. republicans were able to vote in the house on repealing this. now they can't seem to do that. i would like to go back to your concerns about ted cruz. he can chart his level of cooperation with the white house. everyone has their eye on 2020, and believe me ted cruz will in the forefront of hoping to replace president trump.
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i'm suspicious of ted cruz's thoughts here. on rand paul. rand paul has a bill. he has an approach to replacing obamacare. i think he sounds whiney that people aren't paying enough attention to his bill. there is a schism between the house under paul ryan who is the ultimate pragmatist, everybody knows it will be done through budget reconciliation. but the truth is, what they have to do is decide whose bill they have to go with. or the "c" word, they have to compromise. americans aren't going to stand for having everybody covered. by the way, it has to happen before tax reform. that puts a lot of pressure on these guys to get this done. >> thank you for joining us, we have breaking news throughout the evening. president trump tells sailors
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>> our military requires sustained stable funding. right now our aging front-line trike and strike fighters, the whole aircraft, many, many aircraft, are likely more often
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done down for maintenance than they are up in the sky. our navy is the smallest it's been since world war i. don't worry, it will soon be the largest. adam: just a few hours ago president trump addressed sailors on board the u.s.s. gerald ford which is at newport news shipbuilding, soon to be launched. he promised america will soon have the finest equipment in the world and that taxpayers must get a good deal. he's boosting military spending while cutting every other single agency. $54 billion in a country whose government has an almost $4 trillion budget. but people are screaming and yelling, we can't afford it.
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>> yes we can afford it. it's great to see president trump in norfolk. i was stationed in virginia beach myself earlier in my career. it's a step in the right direction and a step to make sure america is great again. adam: how are we going to pay for it? >> it will be difficult to pay for it. he proposed major cuts to the state department and epa. but when you look at the budget from the big macro sense, medicare and social security are on track to going bankrupt, and trump said i don't want to touch those entitlement program. trump said we'll find a lot of waste, fraud and abuse in other agencies, then you can find a lot. but it won't add up to attack
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the debt and growth military. i think you can make a good case to grow the navy especially with the tensions in the south china sea. adam: not having the right replacement parts and going out to the desert to cannibalize old planes for parts. it won't be a tax hike to pay for this. republicans who are fiscally conservative will say we have to pay for this somehow. will the president have trouble with his own party when he does it? >> people have to remember congress aprofits budget. the president can propose anything he wa invest more in defense.
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so without a doubt this will be a big fight on capitol hill. adam: i heard democrats saying on fox news channel, yes, when need to do this. other studies said we need to spend close to $100 millio -- b. >> i think we are seeing the pendulum swing. what you saw during the obama administration was a cut into defense and a shifting to domestic programs. this is a pendulum swing with the money coming back to defense. i think the navy is the smallest since world war i. that's something that the president mentions that's very true. we need to have a stronger naive which, build up the air force and keep flying. >> it's always about the money and we'll be following the money
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as we talk about the military buildup. snap, a great start in its first day of trading. but will it keep up the momentum? our panel of experts break it down for you next.
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adam: shares of caterpillar tumbling today after the f.b.i. searched three facilities.
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adam: snapchat's parent company snap soared on its first day of trading. but can it keep up that momentum? franky, you are a tech expert. these are the snap spec kals. some might refer to them as the new coke or pet rock of our age. i had people in times a square respond to what they thought of
6:42 pm
this for $120. though they said it was cool, none of them bough >> it will have more of a life than google glass. but then they will forget by the. adam: it closed at $24 and change. is it going to fall or will it go higher? >> i think the under writers did a great job gauging the market. it jumped 50% from its range at $17. they beat on the range which the investors like. you saw a lot of investors scoop up more and there is more demands to round off allocations. and it held on the $24 place. adam: people watching thinking they might want to buy this stock. how are they going to make money? >> they are a technology company.
6:43 pm
>> no, they are a camera company. >> their whole value process proposition is the ip they are developing and the technology they are employing is going to allow them to address a market that's previously untapped. they own this demographic of millennials and submillennials, the 12-24 market. adam: the 12-24 market is very fickle. what technology could necessity come up that google or facebook or apple doesn't already have? >> i think they will move more into the contents producing. that's where the see cite sauce is for them in if the future. >> if they could develop something small that was constant that shows my friends. this is incredibly narcissistic.
6:44 pm
would they then be on to something? are they working on that. >> he's 26 years old, he has his whole life ahead of him. adam: mr. seeingle who is worth -- mr. seeingl spiegel is, $64 billion. >> if you look historically at these technology companies they settle down and trade below offering price. there will and lot of volatility, then that might be an entry point. they jumped a little bit at the initial pricing. that was a great time for people to get in. so i think there is opportunity. there will be more opportunity to buy, and be patient. and obviously it's an own
6:45 pm
earnings dividend play, sow i wouldn't put every penny you have into it. >> they will be collectors items along with pet rock and new coke. coming up, president trump says he will make a deal with democrats on immigration. but will they come to the table? wants to put money on it? lower than td ameritrade, schwab, and e-trade... you realize the smartest investing idea, isn't just what you invest in, but who you invest with. ♪ but who you invest with. put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. juswho own them,ople every business is different.
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for a store near you. won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. and if you have more than one liberty mutual policy, you qualify for a multi-policy discount, saving you money on your car and home coverage. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> real and positive immigration reform is possible as long as we focus on the following goals, to i am sphrof jobs and wages for comairns, to strengthen our nation's security and to restore respect for our laws. i believe republicans and
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democrats can work together to achieve an outcome that has eluded our country for decades. >> president trump in his address to congress. will the democrats negotiate? yesterday senate minority leader chuck human were called that speech one of the most anti-immigrant speeches we heard any president ever give. here to discuss this. steven, you are with the center for immigration studies and director research. was the president on the verge of going back to plans we saw in the past of giving people not a path to citizenship but legal status in the united states? >> i think he's willing to look at a lot of things and put everything on the table. what i hear is there might be a
6:50 pm
possibility of giving eventual citizenship legal stat to us those who came at young ages, the so-called dreamers, in return for ending sophomore extraneous immigration categories that tend to flood the immigration market, like chain migration where we hand out visas through the lottery. legalizing the dreamers to get rid of chain migration and the lottery. adam: mario lopez, you were quoted in an article published on "the hill." it would be counterproductive from excluding a whole group of people from ever having a path to citizenship. do you think the president will follow through and do that or do you think he will find a way to allow illegals or people who are undocumented to become citizens? >> i think he's running into the
6:51 pm
political reality of 60 votes in the senate and might lose a number of republicans in the house. so i think there will have to be some compromise. what i was referring to as i think while we wouldn't necessarily be in favor of a special path to citizen thip for anyone, we think it is counter productive to say there are some folks who can never ever qualify for citizenship. there should be a way for folks to get right with the law the way there is on any number of issues. adam: when you have people like senator schumer, and i read the quote, does he ever sit down with the president? >> he's throwing out political grenades to satisfy his left-wing base. but democrats from states where trump won, they will have to face their own political futures and say, we can get some things,
6:52 pm
we can negotiate. president trump staked his ole reputation on being a negotiator. i think they would be wise to take advantage of that, especially if it's something the way he described in the beginning. per report u.s. launched a massive airstrike on al qaeda in yemen. we'll update you on that.
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. adam: american forces again targeting al qaeda fighters in yemen. launching more than 20 airstrikes. the first military action there since the january raid that claimed the life of navy s.e.a.l. ryan owens. the u.s. official tells fox news that the intelligence gathered in that january raid and this is a quote likely provided information for these new airstrikes. joining me chris harmer and
6:56 pm
janie gorman. chris harmer is retired navy commander, let me get right to the issue. the information we got in the january raid, if it is leading to these kinds of attacks will it lead to the elimination not . given the fact there is no functional, coherent government, i don't see the possibility we're going to destroy al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, there is a decent
6:57 pm
in the arabian peninsula and defeat the growth of isis in yemen. that's not going to happen any time soon.. adam: let me switch gears to north korea. the kim jong-un, the glorious leader as they unfortunately have to call him, is purging, people within his own dictatorship and his own circle. he's killing perhaps his stepbrother and people close to him. seems like incredibly unstable situation and we saw the report in the "wall street journal" that the white house contemplated perhaps preemptive military strikes before north korea can test an intercontinental ballistic. should we be nervous that will be the flare in the next few months that could lead to a really disastrous confrontation militarily? >> well, i think north korea, after iran, is the world's most destabilizing regime, and we have to keep a more clear eye what they're doing. i had a column last week entitled can north korea launch
6:58 pm
pearl harbor 2? the answer is yes. i was explaining the long range interceptors in hawaii, i was based on 9/11, in pearl harbor, they are in alaska and california. we need to protect hawaii with missiles there. we have a range, the pacific missile range facility on kauai island in hawaii that has the test facility. we have to make that operational like romania and new facility in finland. adam: chris, we have an obligation to protect the united states and south korea, but how do you protect our country as well as the south koreans from a madman with nuclear weapons? massive, massive military, not really susceptible to a first
6:59 pm
strike. they have nuclear response capability which is something you don't want to inadvertently stumble into. there is a lot of dissent within the north korean ranks, people of the republic of korea. we need to stand off and see if that can work off as a better solution to us rather than a preemptive strike. lou: the people are starving in north korea, looks as if he's losing control of the situation. might this be the opportunity for the united states and the free world to liberate korea without a strike. >> there could be millions of people that die in the peninsula. seoul is in range of the north korean artillery. we have to pressure china. if you pressure china enough, china can pressure north korea so they can be brought back
7:00 pm
into the fold in some way. adam: j.d. and chris harmer, thank you for joining us. i believe the chinese are meeting with the north koreans as we are talking right now. that's all our time for this evening. thank you for joining us. charles payne will be back in this chair tomorrow. lou dobbs is next on fox business. lou: good evening, everybody. attorney general jeff sessions today recused himself from the investigation of russian interference in the election. that after growing calls for him to step aside. the national left-wing media, despicable democrats and some members of the gop in fact, engaged in what is clearly a political witch-hunt over revelations sessions had a meeting with russia's ambassador last year. two of them, in fact, the meetings contradicting sessions' testimony before congress in january, but listen


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