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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  March 3, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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you looked at them? >> i'm not telling you nothing. [laughter] >> i love it. >> i think he looked. i think he looked. >> and he's not talking. history remains. >> i love it. that does it for us. have a great weekend. risk and reward starts now. [chanting] trump: we're going to build a wall. liz: monday more than 330 companies now lining up to build president trump's wall and that number has nearly doubled in just one week alone. this after news of more than a dozen illegal immigrant gang
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members of a really violent gang are charged in a cross-country killing spree. two of the alleged ms13 gang members you can see them here, they're pictured waiving at cameras. here what they're charged with. charged of murdering a teenage girl in houston also the gang is responsible or rather being alleged committing more murders on long island. we have all the details in gibbet. welcome to risk and reward. i'm elizabeth macdonald in for deirdre bolton. first up, the bid to built presiden president trump's border wall now pouring in. companies from 41 states, including the district of columbia and puerto rico are signaling. basically to build the border wall to secure the country's safety along the border. hundreds of companies, including 19 owned by women entrepreneurs, 15 by mexican-americans. the white house is expecting
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the bid this coming monday. joining me now political columnt. mark steyn. mark -- he's going to come in in a second. but we do want to bring more for you on the killing spree by that gang in just a moment. we want to stay on this story about the wall. so is mark steyn with us? so essentially what's happening right now is that we have a number of -- 330 companies that are interested in building the wall. now, the president has been basically criticized for wanting to build this border wall but what's at stake is the nation's safety. and what we're talking about here are a criminal spree, a gang spree that's going on involving basically gangs across the country killing teenagers in houston and also long island. do we have mark right now? okay. we're going to bring in the panel. sorry about this, gang. we're having technical difficulties.
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let's bring in eric about this right now. so, eric, on the one hand, we have this talk about, you know, the criticism about the president's border wall and then we have ms13 on this killing spree across the country. eric, what are your thoughts? >> well, i think, you know, it certainly assists his argument that, you know, that certainly more should be done and that it should happen. i don't think -- you know, it's interesting. this is going to continue to be a big debate. liberals and certainly even independents are against it. they -- but i think that this will -- may change it. i think the more fear-like events like this will certainly make a difference for those that are on e margins. but i don't think it's going to mter to him. i think he's going to move forward irrespective. liz: what do you think, cutter? >> well, look, liz you can't have killing sprees in our country without illegal aliens. we need to do something about this problem, and we need to
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do it now. and that's the mandate that donald trump had. solve this problem. the democrats didn't want to solve it. the establishment republicans didn't want to solve it. we didn't listen to the people who are paying the price of immigration. i love immigration. i married an immigrant. but we have to do something to take control of our borders. we can't let this continue. liz: you know, eric, getting back to the team gang and law enforcement has indicated that this gang, eric, is now operating in about 41 states. the majority of the states. and they're coming in from el salvador, honduras. and to be a member of that gang, eric, you have to be initiated, you have to kill somebody in front of a gang member. so are you seeing enough attention paid to this issue of criminal illegals and the crimes that they're committing here? >> i think that the intention is happening. certainly, look, we've heard donald trump talk about it. this was part of his agenda.
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whether there's enough resources that are being deployed, that's another issue, and i'm sure there's beginning to free it up. but, you know, i don't think it goes ignored. this is also a local issue. i mean, in los angeles where we are, there are has been gang problems for years and certainly -- liz: yeah, but these are illegals. these are illegal immigrants. >> i understand.
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>> look, we have a state and a city of los angeles that wants to declare itself a sanctuary. how about a sanctuary for american citizens who are being hurt, killed, and economically harmed by an uncontrolled on rush of other countries' citizens? again, i love immigrants. i married an immigrant. i'm proud of americans by choice. but this is our country. we get a say in who comes in and who stays, and i'm glad we have a president who understands that and puts american citizens first. liz: you know, eric, on long island, at least seven people killed. there's wholesale slaughter going on with this criminal illegal gang. you're looking at two teenagers killed by this
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gang. they're from long island. eric, i mean, we know that immigration advocates are speaking out about the deportation of illegals. we get it. and to kurt's point, this isn't about legal immigrants. it's about illegals. and victims of these crimes feel like have made not being given enough attention. your thoughts. >> i think it's a big problem. there's no question. i'm the first that would say i'm against it. absolutely. but it's not so easy to solve. i mean, you've got to have resources, and you almost need special forces and people that can focus in on these issues. but i also think we have a bigger issue too, which is mexico can open the valve, and we need to be protective against that. to do something. liz: right i hear your point the news that we broke at the top of the hour. 330 companies now are interested in bidding and getting in on the action of building the wall, including companies owned by women and hispanics.
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kurt, but to your point, let's take a listen from the sound byte from an immigration advocate, he's speaking out on the deportation that's going on. let's take a listen. >> i would just ask you to think about these families, think about these immigrants as people just like you. liz: okay. again, he used the word immigrants. kurt, to your point, a trump administration says statements like these are wrong. it's about deporting illegals. go ahead. >> absolutely. that's what it is. look. an illegal alien should not be in our country. they have come here illegally. they should not be here. they should presumptively go home. now, look, i like immigration. i married an immigrant, and i want to keep saying that because the illegal immigration advocates try to conflate legal immigration, which is a great thing that has made our country what it is and illegal immigration that has huge costs not on
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folks like me and eric who live in areas with lots of police but on other areas who harm legal immigrants, lower income americans, americans who maybe don't have the opportunity to live in gated communities like a lot of the people who are out there saying, oh, well, just throw the doors wide open. you know, it's easy to pose and virtue signal when you're not the one and your family's not the one paying the price. it's our police officers are paying the price and like those beautiful young ladies in long island murdered by these scumbags who pay the price. liz: kurt and eric, thanks for your time. now, we've heard of sanctuary cities. now there's sanctuary courtrooms. here's what' a judge in oregon is now being investigated after she's being accused of helping an illegal immigrant escape from ice agents at a courthouse. watch. >> i felt that it was inappropriate and delegitimatizes the work of
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ice agents out there doing their jobs. liz: judge being accused of helping illegal immigrant arrested for drunk driving. investigators accusing the judge of basically helping salazar sneak out of a county courtroom using her private office door to avoid ice agents waiting to detain and deport him outside. joining me now, he's political columnist and author mark steyn. mark, good to see you, sir. we've heard of sanctuary cities. now there's sanctuary courtrooms. what do you think? >> yeah. this is no surprise, liz. i mean, essentially when donald trump ran on the issue of illegal immigration, he was running against one and a half or two of the political parties and the establishment including the bureaucracy and including the law. and it is no surprise to me that judges who generally turn a blind eye to immigration are
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actually prepared to open up their chambers in order to let criminal illegal aliens flee from their courtrooms. at some point the -- everyone assumed trump and his border wall, it was just something he was saying during the campaign, and it actually wasn't going to be a lilt wall. and the idea that 300 companies are now bidding for the right to build the wall, that is actually the biggest signal that people want the government and the courts and the political parties to actually reassert the solventy of the united states. liz: prosecutors are saying that there are ice agents waiting in the hall when a court staff noticed these agents and called them evil. what do you make of that? >> yeah. i think that -- well, let me just say this,
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liz. i'm a legal immigrant. and if you're a legal immigrant, you're terrorized by the bureaucracy. you have to have all of your ducks in a row. i've got to have a green card on me when i go for a walk in the woods behind my house. and immigration agent once discovered i had in my wallet my daughter's green card, and she threatened to send agents to her grade card for not having her green card on her. that's how the united states treats legal immigrants. meanwhile there's this whole world where if you just kind of take a flat bottom schiff across the rio grande and walk into america, the world is your oyster. you can go to emergency rooms, you can go to the schools, and they'll set up english as a second language for you. and if you you get into any trouble with the law, they'll turned a blind eye until eventually you come back, and you kill kate steinle as
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happened in san francisco. there's two sets of rules. liz: yeah, you know, the president -- there were audible groans from the democrats and the president said the other night he wants to have a unit for victims of illegal immigrant crime and now we have the stories breaking about this killing spree by ms13 where teenage girls are being slaughtered, and they're being raped, and they're being murdered. what are your thoughts? >> well, people are stupid and sentimental about immigration. this latest depraved killing took place in houston. only the other day david brooks and the new york times the way uptight republicans were clinging to visions of a dying white america instead of embracing the vibrant diversity of houston. for a lot of people in houston, it's getting a little bit too vibrant when you have crimes like this.
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it's much easier to wreck a commity, to wreck a state, to wreck a country than it is to figure out how to put it back togher again. as you said a couple of minutes ago. ms13 is in 41 states. it's actually a bigger threat to the average american citizen than isis is. but one and a half political parties say, well, we should just put up with it. what's the big deal about ms13? liz: you know, mark, the attack and we have to go. the final question to you is the attack against the president and republicans is this: that you were using the crimes that illegals commit to paint all immigrants as bad. do you see that happening? >> no. and it's not bad at all. as i said, we mentallize it. we say we need immigrants to come and do the jobs americans won't do. well, americans do do the job of killing each other. they're very good at that. and if you're born in america, and you happen to be a
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murderer. well, you're a citizen, you're entitled to be in this country. murderers is the one thing and criminals is the one thing we don't need to import. there's plenty around as it is. we don't need any more of those. liz: mark steyn, you're always terrific. please come back on the show. >> always enjoy it, liz. liz: same here. coming up we now have a video that's going viral. a navy pilot. look what he did. he made this backyard roller coaster for his 3-year-old son. we thought you would like to have that nice subject after what we just talked about. we're going to make a segue switch here. they're still criticizing the president to fallen navy seal ryan owens. the wife of american sniper chris kyle is here to respond. she's pretty angry about this. and also coming up we have loud accusations of the democrats at the white house has connections to talk to russia that somehow the trump administration was involved with russia in the hacking of the dnc.
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a lot of connections russia and the white house, which we fact checked. it turns out the democrats have a lot oconnections too. we've got that evidence coming up. we have george w. bush senior adviser carl going to weigh in next. don't go away look closely.
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>> i've been on the armed service committee for ten years. the russian ambassador has never called me. the russian ambassador has never asked for a meeting with me. and the russian ambassador has never had a one-on-one meeting with me. liz: turns out missouri senator claims she never met or had a call with the russian ambassador. the senator did. here's this tweet from january 30th, 2013. quote off to meeting with russian ambassador. upset about the arbitrary
5:21 pm
cruel decision to end u.s. adoptions, even though it's in process. so that's what the subject was going to be. but there's this one from august 6th, 2015. quote today calls with british, russian, and german ambassadors about the iran deal. with me now former george w. bush senior adviser karl rove. carl, senator has been saying that jeff sessions should resign because he misled the senate. what are your thoughts about what these tweets are about? >> well, you actually put her in better light than what she deserves to be. what you showed was the footage of her with her second explanation. she first said she had never had a meeting. never had a call with russian ambassador. she then got caught in the lie that you pointed out, and she went back in front of the cameras to say i never called him, and i, you know, never had a one-on-one meeting with him. but as you say in her tweets, she clearly had a meeting with
5:22 pm
him to discuss adoption policies and then called him interestingly enough about the iranian nuclear deal a couple of days before she voted to support the iranian nuclear deal. look, she has to have about beinthe startisan person in the united states senate on the democratic side looking for every little advantage that she can get. she thought she had sessions in her crosshairs, but it turns out she couldn't shoot straight and instead shot her own foot. liz: democrats have been attacking the trump administration for having contacts with the russian ambassador. but here's a photo from presiden president trump's joint session speech. the ambassador from russia sitting with democrats, carl, what's going on here? >> well, that's traditionally where the ambassador's sit near the front of the audience. so some of them end up in the republican side. some end up on the democratic side. i can remember being close to a couple of ambassadors from countries that weren't exactly friends of the united states when i attended the state of the union. liz: yeah, but the point is this ambassador gets around.
5:23 pm
i mean -- >> oh, he gets around. look, he's one of the most political people in washington. you may have read the report of the newspaper today before president obama's ambassador went to russia, a very capable guy. what happened? the russian ambassador hosted a dinner party an extravagant dinner party for the soon to be american ambassador with russia with the hierarchy of president obama's foreign policy team. so, look, that's the job of an ambassador to try to get as much intelligence as you can by developing these relationships. and the idea that other democrats haven't met with him is just ridiculous. of course they have. liz: it's unclear why jeff sessions didn't admit in testimony that, yeah, he did, in fact, speak with russian officials in july and september but missing here in this democrat accusation, carl, is that that july event was a national security luncheon at the gop convention in cleveland. this july event where sessions -- the attorney general talked to the ambassador.
5:24 pm
100 people were there, including congressman and 80 ambassadors, carl. >> right. well, look, i'm sure having been in a number of republican national conventions and been to simir lunches, i bet the ambassador from russia had just a few seconds to make an impression on jeff sessions. the more problematic visit is that when he goes to see sessions in a senate office later on. but, look, i went back and read the question. sort of a confusing question in which he says if you have knowledge that the people in the trump campaign surrogates from trump met with russia during the campaign, you know, what would you do? and, look, at worst, it is an artful answer. it is clear that the context is campaign, discussing the campaign with the russians. and the other question, the one that was written to him by senator is explicit. it says, you know, did you have any meetings with russian officials about the campaign? so sessions did the right thing by reaccusing himself.
5:25 pm
i'm not surprised he did. i expected him to do it all along. liz: david said something like 30 democrats have met with russia over the years. >> well, look, this is just politics. they're smearing a good man in an attempt to ruin his reputation and to throw some mud on the president. but it's a sad day when we have claire. liz: carl, we love having you go on. >> you bet. liz: more pundits criticizing the president exploiting the wife of fallen navy seal ryan owens. we've got the wife of american sniper chris kyle here to respond. taya kyle joins us with her reaction to the response of these latest liberal insults. next at baird, we approach your wealth management strategy the same way to create a financial plan built to last from generation to generation. we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan.
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summary of my family members are in the military. i don't see any great courage here. who wouldn't stand in a plot for a war widow. record applause. most applause for dead soldier on my watch. the sickness of this man. they criticize the present jump for honoring the widow of a slain navy seal he was paying tribute to ryan owens. they accused present trouble of using him as a political prop another quote they were
5:30 pm
put under a spotlight. she is an author. the widow of that navy seal. your husband he was a seal like karen owens. what do you think of these commentators making these statements about like they head about karen owens. it's really hard to listen to. they think they wouldn't do it it didn't have the chance to talk on fox news network. i think their assumption is unfortunately very manipulative people and this by saying's they have the right to say that she was being exploited again nobody
5:31 pm
knows everything that happens. and they shouldn't know. they put our guys on the ground in danger. the truth of the matter is he is a commander-in-chief did take great courage she is incredibly strong intelligent and what she is doing is standing up and accepting something on her husband's behalf. she's telling the world my husband loved what he did. he gave his life because that is what lawyers do. this rhetoric about giving a life means something was a successor assailant -- failure is something not true. the cost of the war the
5:32 pm
casualties are the cost my biggest point is to just let them know. that day in years prior the very least. if you want to criticize the president go for it. but leave this part of it. liz: you're coming back after the break. the call of the media for luring a joke about her by democratic congressman. things would be different if
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liz: welcome back. a democratic congressman now been called out for making a sexist joke. she is kneeling on the couch in the oval office it was taken earlier this week. take a listen to the joke. you even mention in the picture on the sofa but i
5:37 pm
really just want to know if you can just explain to me the circumstance in that position there. making a joke like she was in a familiar position. she now fires back. for joking about it. and that the media would be more outraged if she helped liberal views is kelly and right. enright. what if they made a crack like that. crack like that. i think the problem we are seeing in society right now is that we all want to pretend like were living in glass houses. i certainly don't.
5:38 pm
i think a lot of times in society what were seen as people want to live in that glass house. what they have to realize is the reason they're not supposed to do that we all make mistakes. eventually it will come back on you. i don't want to pretend that i can get into someone else's head and accuse them of doing things that he did not intend but when you look at it in context it references the 1990s. it does sound like he stayed there is something not good going on. i feel like you'd be much better served if you would just say i made a drug -- i made a joke in in retrospect it wasn't right. we would all be in a better place. right now were just ready to pounce on each other.
5:39 pm
the chairman slamming the congressman. a snarky joke for you is just a reminder of the demeaning comments that they hear every single day. i suggest using the history month to lift it up instead of knocking it down. what if a man was sitting like that. >> i don'tnow what would happen then. i just know that i feel like were getting further and further away from just being humans. you're welcome to your opinion. we would've preferred that she would have sat or looked differently. to come forward and just be hateful and insinuate that she's doing something that she was familiar in that position does not rate. she is a professional woman she's a mother. she's working hard. i understand that people are
5:40 pm
upset with her beliefs or the way that she says things in the best reason to attack on that. >> we have the congressman responding saying since some people have interpreted my joke to mean something that he did not tithing i think it's important to clarify what i meant. where i grew up saying that someone is looking or acting familiar sibley means that they are behaving too comfortably. what do you make of that? >> we are at a place right now if you say what they want to hear. and then you will feel like you defended yourself. and other outlets won't pick it up. i think people are getting in the habit of doing something wrong and then giving giving the words that someone else can quote if we the citizens aren't looking at all of those we might not get such a balance approach. unfortunately is not giving
5:41 pm
the american public enough a credit. credit. we are smarter than that. when you look in context there was more than just the word familiar. we know what you meant. it would behoove him to just say i thought it was funny, i it's not i can do better than that. liz: think you so much for your time. we have a video now going viral we have the navy pilot -- pilot dad. and then we have this story. the trump effect. more and more towns taking a stand against becoming a century city with a councilman from phoenix he voted down the position for this. it's coming up after this. don't go away. you may think you can put off checking out your
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liz: welcome back.
5:45 pm
illegal border crosses carnegie to find a sanctuary. after very long and heated debate. the buddha this week against a petition to adopt sinks race status for illegal immigrants. joining other cities like miami. it says no to sinks ray status. good to have you sir. why did you vote against it. here is why. we were right on the right track. and then the mayor and others bowing to the pressure those wanting to have that decided to take the issue behind closed doors. that's what and myself and another individual voted against. i think it's important to identify what a century city is. they're really not that good. all it means is that this -- these individuals have committed a crime they had
5:46 pm
been arrested for crime and they don't get turned over to immigration. when i talk to took to everybody in the city. we're talking about the individuals that have create -- committed a crime and then they don't get reported. it's interesting we'd love to talk to people who are dealing with is on the frontline and you are one of those and we have this recent report the phoenix metro area. at a quarter million illegal immigrants how they deal with this. these individuals get arrested they immediately get turned over to the immigration service. you want these people in our city. and imagine this. somebody aghast in your home
5:47 pm
aghast in your home your television set these individuals have committed a crime they had been arrested that is crazy is crazy logic to keep them here. one of the biggest arguments i have heard and i've heard this repeatedly they said if you deport those individuals you are breaking up families. whe anytime i rest anybody for any recent whether its citizens or not you're already breaking up a family. the individual gets sent to jail. it's a logical argument. it's crazy logic that were starting here. switching gears there is a judge in oregon been accused of helping an illegal immigrant he could've killed someone she is accused of
5:48 pm
letting him sneak out a back door. now there's talk that well have sanctuary courtrooms out there. >> is insanity. what were seen across the country right now is the level of insanity from the far left their radicals and what they're doing is they are promoting a policy that is going to be humble -- harmful to all the city. what the president is doing it's on the exact right track of where we need to be with us. he knows what we are dealing with. it's part of the ms 13. if you take them out of the country. they are not our responsibility. in the state and in the
5:49 pm
country. we love having you on the show. look what he did for his son. he will tell us how he did it and what kind of reaction he is getting. what a cool story. coming up. ♪
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endorsed by aarp, an organization serving the needs of people 50 and over for generations. plus, nine out of ten plan members surveyed say they would recommend their plan to a friend. remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ this data may be winner of the data of the year. look at what he did for his 3-year-old son wyatt. basically found out that his son loves roller coasters. he decided to build this roller coaster right in the family backyard.
5:53 pm
the rock star dad joins us now. >> and thank you for having a son. took about three months. i just built on the weekends. and during the time i have off. about three months total. can you build things like this. i wish there was. there are probably not for liability reasons. and basically i found somebody by the name of paul who is a retired space engineer built a couple first ones. i just followed in his footsteps and learned a lot for him. is it hard to get your son out of the roller coaster. >> is very hard.
5:54 pm
they're pretty headstrong. it's very easy to get them in a very challenging to get them out. we are all saying we want one of these. did you expect the video to go as viral as it did. with his distant the day we shot that video. the next morning we woke up and have over a dozen offers in all of these hits. we are having fun with it. did you test it for safety and how to your neighbors your neighbors feel about it. >> it's one of the first things we thought. we really took the time to study all of the other backyard roller coasters out there.
5:55 pm
that gentleman really helped us out to design it safely. we use a lot of different safety precautions to keep it safe. were lucky enough to live on some land and they can't see us. you are a navy fighter pilot. very gracious for that. a lot of time away from home and some sacrifice and the most of the time that we do have from home. it's one of the reasons we ended up building the coaster.
5:56 pm
is this your first and only ride creation what are you going to do next? we will probably stop now and call it good. everyone already thinks i'm crazy enough. who knows in the future. what a great story. thanks foroming on the show. really appreciate it. his day to of the trading for the tech company snap. find out how much they are worth after this. why pause a spontaneous moment?
5:57 pm
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it's day two of the biggest tech ipo since facebook. the biggest one since ali baba. it searched another 10%. 44 percent on its first day of training. the two cofounders of the company now worth nearly $6 billion each that's about
6:00 pm
double what facebook was gonna pay for the entire company a few years ago. thank you for having us in your homes. making money with charles payne is next. charles: good evening. the fallout from attorney general jeff sessions announcement that he will recuse himself from any investigation having to do with the russian involvement in the election continues to send shock waves through the power corridors of washington. some continue the question whether he was honest. they include the exchange. cnn has just published a story and i'm telling you this i'm not expecting u


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