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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 3, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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the last 200 years america has come a long ways from no plans no problem. charles: thank you so much. here is lou. [♪] lou: president trump and his administration have had to it up a lot of left-wing nonsense about russia and confirmation of its novel knees and the brain choirls of come policity on the part of the left-wing media while going about the business of governing this nation. the president mocked the dems and the obstructionism they represent. firing back at democrats indiscriminately peddling
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hogwash d nonsse abo his ties to russia. the president tweeted we should start taken immediate investigation into senator chuck schumer and his ties to russia. a total hypocrite. that features a 2003 photo of senator schumer having a donut and coffee with vladimir putin himself. nancy pelosi tweeted this. i hearby demand a second investigation of pelosi for her close ties to russia and her lying about it. if it included a photo of
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pelosi's 2010 meeting with russian ambassador kislyak. jeff sessions after he nounced he would recuse himself from any investigation into the election process as it per tan is to the trump campaign. joining us to discuss fake news and the lack of evidence that would seem to tie anyone in the trump campaign to russia. the host of "the five." >> that was a fantastic off. lou: thank you very much. this president showing off his sense of humor, mocking he lowsy, schumer and the dehere was dems -- th the delirious de.
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so where is the news here? this is a manufactured story to try to discredit president trump on the heels of an incredible address to the joint session of congress and they want to try and carve him out and alienate him from any of his supporters. now they are going after sessions. and there is much to do about nothing. that guy was running around all the cocktail parties and trying to get as much on the plan get. lou: he was promiscuous in his political dalliances. >> he played both sides. lou: and aggressively. lou: it's interesting the obama administration in july of last year in a first sa court trying to get wiretaps on the trump
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campaign declined. but in october trying to find any connection to russia. no connection found says speaker ryan. there is no evidence of anyone whatsoever in the trump campaign being nnected toussia. >> they are behaving in a more despicable way than the top russian spies and operatives because they are operating their own disinformation campaign trying to create an air of impropriety where there is no substance or facts to back it up. president trump said back at you. let's investigate schumer. lou: i'm not satisfied where we are in the clinton investigations. i think we should see a full investigation of the clinton foundation, their involvement with foreign governments. what happened with uranium one and the russian government and how $145 million moved into the
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coffers of the foundation. >> let's take the can opener to their heads on that one, lou. lou: let's turn to an oregon judge. this gives a new definition to activist judges. monica horan helped an illegal immigrant escape from i.c.e. agents guiding the man through her chambers to a bus stop. the u.s. attorney in oregon is not amused. here he is. >> obviously he was allowed to exit the courtroom and the facility through one of those doors without being detected by the i.c.e. agent. the judicial system whether it's
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federal or state, you have an expectation that people are going to abide by the law and not take steps based on their own motivations, their own politics, whatever the motivation was. lou: a vy understanding u.s. attorney, i think, kimberly. your reaction to that. he's talking about people, he really means a judge. >> this judge should be removed from the bench. not just suspend or kre censure. she could be investigated by the state bar as well. this was not in keeping with the canons of ethics. she is a modern day bonnie and clyde with this guy. i.c.e. should have purchase sued criminal charges against her.
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there is no free pass when it comes to renegade judges who have sworn an oath to uphold the law. i was a pratt cuter. d.u.i., what if he killed someone. she let this guy out and she wasn't supposed to. lou: i think we'll have to give people recourse so they can hold accountable a judge -- >> who refuses to follow the law. lou: would you be surprised if i told you the judge was a member of the hispanic bar association. >> no, i would not be surprised. it unless my research and it's in keeping with the whole picture. lou: it's interesting where we see these coincidences crop up. >> she is doing this as an hispanic woman. she is doing a disservice to the
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hispanic community that favors justice and legal immigration and not people thumbing their those and thuments at this country. this woman is putting us in jeopardy. it many conduct unbecome and she should be stripped of her robe. lou: the next move is o the chief judge and the u.s. attorney. we are coming right back. much more straight ahead. stay with us. president trump today stressing the importance of education in america. >> education is the civil rights issue of our time. and it's why i asked congress to support a school choice bill. howie: the numbers don't lie. a shocking study reveals the left-wing national media's
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lou: president trump blasting the senate democrats for dragging out the confirmation of his nominees. he said on twitter it's pathetic the dems have not approved my full cabinet. agriculture and labor haven't even had their confirmation hearings scheduled. my next guest called this slow walking political harassment. joining us is the executive editor of the weekly standard, fox news contributor, fred barnes. this president is exhibiting patience and a sense of humor when i personally might want to have my hands around the neck of chuck schumer. what he is doing is despicable. he's diminished beyond repair in my opinion. >> you will have to control yourself.
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democrats -- this is harassment, it's childish. do they think they will begin anything out of this? it's just to make life as miserable as possible for trump and his nominees. and i think if purdue's paperwork hadn't gotten to the hill, and acosta, the labor guy is new. but the others were slow walked in a way i don't remember. but i have only been covering this stuff for 40 years. lou: the democratic party never sunk to this level before, have they? >> no, not to my knowledge. president trump said let's get together and come up with some ideas on immigration and obamacare. i haven't heard anything from democrats saying okay, we are
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available, let's get together. lou: the clinton campaign against bernie sanders, getting questions from the -- what president obama calls fake news in the debates. in doing so blithely, this is a corrupt and fallen party that can it recover from this? >> republicans can screup and sometimes they do. if they have make big mistakes, they can't recover. but they can't do it on their own. it will depend on problems in the trump administration. if trump gets his obamacare bill passed. by the august recess which i think is quite possible, then he will be in good shape. lou: obamacare or obamacare light, the study committee in
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the house are calling it the freedom caucus, senator rand paul saying straightforward live, this is reminiscent of the democrats in passing obamacare originally. he's right. this does note approximate regular order. this does not provide public hearings in which those legislators are listen to go to the american -- listening to the american people. they were in janesville there with the vice president. with tom price. the hhs secretary. they are selling what is not available to the other legislators on capitol hill right now. >> i think rand paul was wrong about the stuff he said. ryan said he wants to have something like the tom price bill which most republicans agree with, and rand paul said
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it would allow the individual mandate to stay. that's not right. i checked with the ryan people. it's gone. and if it isn't gone, that plan won't pass. lou: indeed the refundable income credits, the difference between that and the subsidy would be? >> i thought were going to tell me. lou: it's a question. what's the difference between them. conservatives are irate at that. >> i know they are. they will come together. i remember tax reform in 1986. there were so many disagreements. there was no chance it was going to pass right you have until the moment it passed. lou: i think passage of this bill, this obamacare light from the house in which it has been
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he questions toward, it's in darkness, could be more harmful to the president and his administration if it does pass in this form. >> it would if it is indeed obamacare light. that's not what paul ryan is going to pass. >> that's exactly what 170 members of the republican conference in the house say. that's what 40-plus members of the freedom of cough kul -- caus say. they have say this can't pass because of what it is. >> that's not the bill that will be voted on. lou: we haven't seen it and neither have the american people and knight vert legislators in either house. >> if this isn't as least half as good as the new bill that was sent to president obama last year and the year before.
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if it's not at least as good as that and that bill was pretty good, then republicans will be in trouble. but i think it will be that good. >> with your optimism and certain sight on the result and outcome, we say thank you. fred barnes. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. the question is, do you trust the house leadership at all? cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. follow me on twitter @loudobbs. and on squall street stocks closed nod thestly higher. the dow up a modest 3 points. the nasdaq you have 10. the dow, s & p and nasdaq posting gains of just under $1%. fed chair janet yellen says the feds are likely to raise interest rates later this month.
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the fed snras raised the rates in december of 2015. listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast from the salem radio network. rand paul slavments the house for hiding their tbawm obamacare -- hiding their obamacare information in a secret location. lou: how many pages? what's behind the delay? that's the subject of my commentary next. fukushima apparently so toxic radiation is killing all of the robots to try to surveil the damage and what may be done to reverse what is now a five-year disaster. a full update on the dire situation that is only worsening here next.
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lou: few thoughts on house leadership and the deep darkness that zeendsed on obamacare when it comes to its repeal and replacement. the republicans choke out light and truth. speaker ryan and tom price in ryan's hometown of janesville, wisconsin where he vowed pane obamacare replacement is coming soon. he also respond to comments that it's being done behind closed doors. >> what do you say to the critics who say you are just
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doing what democrats used to do, cramming legislation down the throats, in the dark of night not in a trance parent way? >> are you kidding me, bret? seriously? bret: that's what they said. >> let's review what we have been doing. last year in early 2016 we rolled out an obamacare repeal and replace plan. we call it a better way. go on the internet and read it. reran on that plan. that plan resembled tom price legislation that so many people in congress were co-sponsors of. lou: are you kidding me, mr. speaker. one member of the committee who decide to require all members to go to a designated room to see the bill says he would have chosen against the cloak and dagger approach.
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republicans in both house and senate are disgusted with ryan's refusal to follow regular order and hold public hearings that are relevant and timely to provide for debate and amendment in the senate and the house. ryan's conditions are more suitable for growing plus rooms than crafting legislation in the public interest. mark meadows told me earlier this week that americans didn't vote for a partial reveal and congressman jim jordan slamming the gop leadership's proposal. the chairman of the republican study committee also slamming the dark proceedings and ryan-care or obamacare light saying he would vote against the proposal.
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speaker ryan is without questionnaire began thely defying his conference, the senate and the president of the united states. he does represent the president who does the will of the american people. if i may suggest to the speaker. get on with the president's agenda or get out of the way. now the quotation of the evening, this one from a man the speaker couldn't possibly emulate but might actually listen to if compelled. general george s. patton famously said lead me, follow me, or get out of my way. ryan obviously can't lead. he refuses to follow so maybe he will find the decency to get out of the way. attorney general jeff sessions defends his meeting with the russian ambassador. >> i don't think what was bad
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about that meeting i had with the russian ambassador was legitimate. i think it was hyped beyond reason. lou: but the dems still engaged in a political witch hunt. we take that up with randy evans and what the republicans are going to do about it here next. this daring duo drops the in for a sensatiol flight high above beautiful puerto rico. we'll show you their incredible stunt straight ahead in the video. i'm so frustrated. i just want to find a used car without getting ripped off. you could start your search at the all-new that might help. show me the carfax. now the car you want and the history you need are easy to find. show me used trucks with one owner. pretty cool. [laughs] ah... ahem... show me the carfax. start your used car search and get free carfax reports
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lou: the national left-wing media's war against president trump isn't worth debating. 81% was hostile to trump in his first ye of office according tohe media research center. i'm sure most you likely thought it was even worse than that. voters are apparently tiger of protests against president trump. the majority of 53% say it's time to move on.
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joining me now rnc national committeeman and chairman of the republican lawyers association, randy evans. this is an interesting moment in the republican party's dilemma. you have pence, you have tom price, the new secretary of hhs, and paul ryan in paul ryan's home district campaigning for a bill that the house and senate have not seen and which has not had current and timely public hearings, and the president who promised repeal and replacement of obamacare. did they screw it up any more than this, the leadership of the house. they tried to cut a stealthy
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moat through the congress. i was in the speaker's office for two different years for two different republican speakers. in both situation they learned that entrance parent i was our friend. if you are the party of good ideas, if you are the party of bold ideas, then what you want is transparency so the american people can weigh in on those ideas, improve them and make them better. i have no idea what this strategy of hiding a document in a room makes no sense whatsoever. lou: ryan saying to bret baier this isn't happening because there were hearings a year ago and that somehow pertains to current legislation which is not even being shared with the house and with the senate. and it's a travesty. this should be an administration
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bill, i don't know whether tom price think 10 bills makeup a proposal. but it isn't what the president said. it's not his agenda. it looks to me like the speaker is being very cavalier with the credibility and the political capital of this new president. >> there are two answers he could have given. one was the one he gave which is are you have kidding? that's not a serious answer. that's somebody trying to deflect. and the other one is to say let me give the website where you can find the bill. let me give you have the place where you can get a copy so you can weigh in. i will say this. tom price was my congressman. he's a friend of mine, he's somebody tino very well. i believe tom will in the end, secretary price will be forthcoming about what the president is proposing. the difficulty is obviously with
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what the speaker's office is doing, i don't have an explanation for you. we have come to this, we'll tell you have a little bit later the details, but trust us we are work on it. lou: the conditions established by speaker ryan over this legislation would be more productive for raising mushrooms and passing legislation in the public interest. this is truly deeply troubling. and to see the vice president of the united states and the secretary of hhs shoulder to shoulder with the speaker in this issue when he is absolutely straightforwardly -- hiding legislation. >> i'm not sure that's going to stay the same. if you remember on the first day of the congress they wanted to cut back on the ethics panel. and president trump and his tweet putt an end to that.
11:38 pm
he said enough of this back room stuff we want to move things forward. my greater worry is the moment you start hiding your good ideas, all the focus turns to this made up story about attorney general jeff sessions. all the focus is there because you are not putting out the good ideas. lou: that's a terrific point. i might equitable with the idea that it's a good idea lying there in the darkness hidden by the speaker. randy as always, great to have you with us. the speak tore whom he referred is one of the finest speakers ever in the house and that is of course newt gingrich. please roll the video. two daredevils taking the rodeo to new heights. skydiver robin young riding on the back of a wing south pilot. taking a successful ride before dismounting.
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the pair parachuting safely to the ground. it's just an awesome way to travel over puerto rico. president trump calling for claims into allegations of voter fraud in our election. >> you have illegals and dead people. it's a bad situation. it's really bad. lou: one state already discovering evidence of voter fraud and what to do about it. ohio's secretary of state joins us next as we take you have this important issue and the investigation that is already under way in some states.
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lou: more evidence of voter fraud just weeks after president trump called for an vest giengts concern. the secretary of state identified 385 non-citizens on voter roles. 82 of those alleged to have voted illegally in at least one election. joining us is the secretary of state for the state of ohio,
11:44 pm
john hurks stead. great work in investigating this and opening it up. this is a remarkable issue. everyone wants to be assured the electoral integrity in this country, the do not want voter fraud or registration fraud, yet when the president raids this very issue, he was shouted down by the left wing media saying false. all he said was he thinks there was substantial voter fraud in 2016. why not investigate and see what the answers are. you started in ohio. what do you make of it? >> that's exactly right. we should all want the facts. and we do this after every general election. we do an assessment of all case of voter fraud. our most recent report was on non-citizen voting and we found there were 385 non-citizens on
11:45 pm
the roles, 82 of them voted. vote per fraud, non-citizens voting exists. it's rare and we hold people accountable but we can do better. we can build a better system so it doesn't happen. the reason why this is important. in the last four years we had 112 elections that have been decided by a one-voter tie. 112. so we have elections dpeef decide by one vote. so that's why you have to make sure your vote were role -- voter rolls are maintained. lou: put up the graphic showing how this is laid up. seven states with strict photo i.d. laws. 17 states have no photo required
11:46 pm
in their i.d. laws. but 18 states don't require i.d., and i would like to you take a look at this. this is how many electoral votes are involved in those 18 states. 228 of them needing only 270 to be elected president. that's how vulnerable our electoral system is now. >> every state does it by their own set of rules. we don't want a federal standard. but every state sets these rules. in ohio we make it easy to vote and hard to eat. we are an i.d. state. we make sure we have a way of checking to know who is coming in and casting a ballot. but i want to emphasize, the best way to make sure somebody doesn't vote illegally its to make sure you clean up your voter rolls in advance. since i have become secretary of state we removed 400 deceased
11:47 pm
voters. you have people on there who shouldn't be on the voter roll hospital could potentially vote. so you have got to get out in front of this and be aggressive about this. lou: there is another implication. as we have a country in which an increasing numbers of illegal aliens have entered this country, look to the state of california where many live, to new york, to florida. we start to see a disproportionate bulging of proportional representation based on the census as a result of the population of those here illegally. that's a diseven france franchisement of lawful citizen voters. >> i think a lot of people don't
11:48 pm
know that we count persons and not citizens so that can't have a disproportionate effect. lou: you are counting persons, not citizens. >> there is no doubt that has a disproportionate effect on thal gaition case of electoral votes. lou: the disenfranchisement of millions of citizens losing representation in our country as a result. >> when i was in the house of representatives in ohio we proposed a constitutional amendment to address that, but obviously it didn't go anywhere. lou: as so many don't. i propose we all support president trump and even 40s laws and sciewsh the border. that -- and secure the border. >> i can't understand why anybody would be against enforcing the laws. when you enforce the laws, and
11:49 pm
people don't like them, that's becomes the impetus to change. but if you never even 40s law, you don't get to have the debate. as secretary of state do you want me to enforce some election laws and not other election laws? no. you want to make sure of the accountability of the rule of law. we are a nation of laws and we have to follow the laws. lou: i salute you for taking business in the great state of ohio. secretary of state john hustead, thank you. officials in japan calling for smarter robots because they are trying desperately to clean up the radioactive waste where reactors have melted down at the fukushima site. radiation levels are so high
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they are losing robots with even entry. robots are being destroyed by the radiation. last month radiation at fukushima's number two reactor. a single dose is enough to kill a person within a matter of weeks. up next the obama shadow government. it's here, it's expanding because attorneys connected to billionaire george soros are helping out. we talked with david horowitz and tammy brbrbrbrbr this is the silverado special edition. this is one gorgeous truck. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's five. ooohh!! aaaahh!! uh!
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lou: in an online poll last night we asked do you think shah get and others should apologize to jeff sessions. 94% said yes they should. the deep state is getting bigger. the group, the shadow government. this one is called united to protect democracy. it's head by an attorney who previously worked at a global across i strift outfit financed by our old friend george soros.
11:55 pm
they already raised 1.5 million as an operating budget. david horowitz, the founder of david horowitz freedom center in thanks, author of "big agenda, president trump's plan to save america." and tammy bruce. this shadow government is taking more than a silhouette form it's starting to flesh out. >> governments are suppose to help the nation. i think this is less a shadow government than it is an evident to disrupt the government and destroy it administration. it's not only in this one new organization which would be like a pac. but back in february we learned that organizing for action, barack obama's organizing group is working with indivisible, the group work and other kinds of
11:56 pm
activities and and takes. lou: they pay folks working to actually sabotage, subvert the lawful president. david, your thoughts? >> i think we shouldn't be distracted by all of the alphabet soup of names. the shadow party -- i wrote a book called "the shadow party." what george soros did because he created a coalition of billionaires, street thugs and government unions, in particular leftists with the agenda of overthrowing the american system. this is what's happening. you don't have confirmation hearings, you have a witch hunt. the democratic party is in full
11:57 pm
obstruction mode. resist tan is what they call it. of course, that makes trump a nazi. lou: even that kind of defense and explanation and rationale becomes carrying the water of the obscene left. which i don't indulge in here. the fact of the matter is the shadow government exists whether it is about opposition. we know it's much more than that. we have seen what they are doing in the confirmation hearings. this is about subject version of the president. >> that's exactly right. obama is died in the wool radical. he comes from the same background i did. he was raised by communists. just because they know how to talk a good game and pretend they are part of the system, their agenda is overthrow the system. >> there are certain things that are happening that are not
11:58 pm
getting a lot of coverage. valley jared moving into the obama's home. barack obama's office web can't do any politics in the office that the tax prayers paying for. so he can only do the politics in his home. this is a dynamic where we have an easier framework. this is what he intends to be doing for the next several years. lou: is there any response on the part of the trump administration, the trump presidency? is there a response it can take to neutralize the subject version or eliminate what appes to bnearing closely sedition? >> it's very effective. investigate pelosi and schumer. it's a complete trumped up baloney about jeff sessions. this is the most transparent
11:59 pm
least credible witch hunt in american history. lou: what is the appropriate response on the part of the administration to that witch hunt? >> it's got to be to mock it and don't back down and prosecute the leakers. >> there is one thing he can do right away. get rid of every obama appointee in this government and every obama hire in this government. he has to completely clean the slate. 367. lou: chuck schumer is in charge of the confirmation process it's not as easily done as it would seem given their activism in off significance. i'm sorry we are out of time. we'll take this up much more over the next week. we want to recommend a book to you. "game of thorns" about hillary clinton's candidacy. it's available everywhere.
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thank you for being with us. 367. thank you for being with us. you have a magnificent weekend. good night from new york. >> announcer: from fox business headquarters in new york city, "wall street week." gary: welcome to "wall street week," i'm gary kaminsky. trish rsh -- trish: i'm trish regan. >> to accomplish our goaments ao accomplish our goals we have to make it easier for businesses to do business in the united states. i'm asking all members of congress to join me


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