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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 7, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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thanks so much for watching. and remember -- you can't take it with you. flooding over into north korea. but at the same time, they don't want to push it too far. charles: got to leave it there. lou dobbs next. lou: good evening, everybody. a conservative uprising appears to be in the works. lawmakers on capitol hill slamming the plan to repeal and replace obamacare calling it obamacare light or ryan care. the long-awaited plan rolls back obamacare's expansion of medicaid benefits. it slashes the requirement to buy coverage or pay a fine, and offers tax credits for americans to buy coverage on the open market, but many conservatives say those tax credits are essentially a new entitlement that could end up costing nearly as much, if not
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more, than obamacare. president trump is urging support from all sides of the republican party saying it's critical that congress take action now to repeal obamacare. >> obamacare is in very bad shape. i believe that if we wait two years, it will totally implode because it's a disaster. the insurance companies are fleeing, some states are up over 100% in costs. deductibles are through the roof. you don't get on use it. we're going to do something that's great. and proud to support the replacement plan released by the house of representatives and encouraged by members of both parties. i think really that we're going to have something that's going to be much more understood and much more popular than people can even imagine. lou: but there is strong opposition in the house where a leading conservative congressman, jim jordaof ohio, called the legislation
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obamacare by another name. congressman dave bratt called it dead on arrival. the chairman of the house freedom caucus, mark meadows, has serious deep reservations about the bill. >> i can tell you that there is one score that the american people will pay attention, to and that is, does it really lower their health care costs and their premiums. that's the only score that really matters. and if this doesn't do it, then we need to make sure we find something that does do it. lou: chairman meadows will join us tonight and the margin for passage of the leadership's repeal and replace bill is slim. they can lose 21 votes in the house and two republican votes in the senate. the senate judiciary committee today held a confirmation hearing for u.s. attorney rod rosen stein. president trump's nominee for deputy attorney general.
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democrats on the panel almost exclusively grilling him on propaganda be trump's russia ties and whether he would appoint a special prosecutor? >> given all of this and the heightened level of distrust on all sides, do you support the appointment of an independent special counsel to look into the matters? >> my understanding is at least one of your colleagues called for a special counsel for something related to this matter while attorney general lynch was in office in january, and she rejected the request. lou: indeed, throughout eight years rejected by the obama administration. senator sessions, attorney general sessions, i should say, reportedly helping choose rosenstein partly because of his deep ties to the department of justice. he worked there more than a quarter century. house intelligence committee
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chairman devin nunes has yet to see any evidence that shows former president obama authorized a wiretap on president trump's phone but the congressman will still investigate president trump's claims. >> the bigger question that needs to be answered is whether or not mr. trump or any of his associates were, in fact, targeted by any of the intelligence agencies or law enforcement authorities. lou: if president trump's assertions are true, nunes said he should have been briefed as part of the so-called gang of 8, the top ranking elected officials in the house and senate on intelligence. the gang of 8 includes adam schiff, senators richard burr and mark warner, speaker paul ryan, nancy pelosi, senators mitch mcconnell and chuck schumer, and here now to discuss the efforts of the deep state, deep state conspiracy
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and campaign against president trump and his administration as well as the trump-russia conspiracy theorist, peter schweizer president of the government accountability institute, also executive producer of "clinton cash," based on his best-selling book of the same name. great to have you with us, peter. this is a remarkable time. the deep state, the deep state conspiracy of the campaign that's at work. we have never seen in this country anything like what we behold today as it is clear, a highly organized and powerful group of people are trying to subvert the presidency of mr. trump. >> well, let me tell you, i would recommend everybody go out and get an academic book published last year called what washington gets wrong? and it's two scholars from johns hopkins university who do a massive survey of senior
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unelected executives in government, basically the deep state. and asks them a bunch of questions, and as the authors describe the deep state has contemptuous attitudes towards the average american. they think they're far less educated than they actually are. far more dependent than they actually are. they're arrogant, they believe, and say in the surveys if the american people want one thing and they think it's wrong, they're going to push something else. there's a massive disconnect and the deep state is real and it's a threat to our republic form of government. lou: and we're watching it at work, it is the group of people, at least part of the group of people that president trump campaigned against for a year and a half. these are the elitists who hold power, who look down their nose in the most un-american way, at their fellow citizens. and by the way, they continue
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to run a government, an establishment, despite the fact that they have now in the white house, a formidable opponent in president trump. it's staggering, and to see this continue, i mean, for example, today, peter, michael hayden, former head of the cia and nsa, i love these words, is theying that trump's illegitimate world view is a problem, and because it's perpetrated with the left-wing media. here it is, they, the left-wing media and they are playing with it, i think it's an illegitimate world review and a nonfact-based world view. as he says, this you have to just think, my god, did the man miss an entire eight years of american presidential history. a world view that is not supported by reality, the facts?
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that is a perfect description of the obama administration, is it not? >> yeah, yeah. look. this is a test time for a lot of people in washington, d.c. who say very eloquently and very smartly year after year that they believe in our representative form of government and serving a representative form of government. now somebody that's been elected that is anthetical to the way they think things should be done, and now it's the real test. is there rhetoric actually live up to the reality, and what we are seeing is -- lou: of course it does, the answer we should provide, of course it doesn't. >> yeah, exactly. and that is a huge problem, and i think there needs to be a lot of soul-searching by people in washington, d.c. as to what their precise attitude is. this is how representative government works, and the people spoke and donald trump was elected, you don't have to agree with what his policy prescriptions are but you have
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to recognize he was selected, he is now the constitutional president of the united states. if you are in public service, you are in public service. the public does not work for you. you work for the public and the public made the decision last november. lou: peter, you and i both know and i think most americans know and understand. we can talk about what should be done by the deep state, the permanent government of bureaucracy, the elite who dominate in so many quarters. reality is, we have elected a president who deserves our support to a person, to a citizen, who is actually the greatest, greatest possible response that could be provided in this great constitutional republic to the deep state and its power and abuse of power and its hold on so much of this country. it's political and economic power.
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i mean, we don't have to read an academic books by the way, i support your recommendation, it is a terrific book, but we don't also have to sit here and gaze at our navel very much here. this is a time to support the president of the united states, is it not? >> well, look, i think that people have to support ultimately the constitution, and the president won. in a debate or a conflict between unelected government officials who have a very haughty attitude about the american people and elected president, the decision needs to go with elected president. that's a civics 101 question. lou: the larger consul chain than i normally function at. i usually am somewhat more direct, and that is support president trump because, against all comers, he is the
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guy who deserves our support for the reasons you mentioned and for the simple straightforward matter that he is the president of the united states. peter schweizer, always good to talk with you. come back soon. always educational. >> thanks, lou. lou: up next, conservatives fighting back against, well what they're calling ryan care, obamacare light, with the house freedom caucus leading the way. its chairman, congressman mark meadows, joins me here next. and explosive new documents revealed by wikileaks published about the cia's hacking program, some of its software and how the cia can turn some of our electronics into listening devices and in some cases, smart cars into deadly cars. we're coming right back with all of that. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose.
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the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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. lou: wikileaks today published nearly 9,000 documents of stolen data revealing the most sophisticated spying tools of the cia. those cybertools include malware, viruses, trojan horses that suggest the cia has
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developed the capacity to turt smart television sets among other things into listening devices, defeat encryption programs such as signal, whatsapp and take control of smart technologies, including automobiles. wikileaks says it's holding back the rest of what is a oo described as a treasure trove archive until a, quote, consensus emerges on the technical and political nature of the cia's program, end quote. the source of the file is a thief who wikileaks identifies only as a former government hacker or former government contractor. not unlike edward snowden who's been in russia since 2014 and some are saying that this, this massive amount of data and software amounts to something far larger, far more important than even the revelations of
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edward snowden's treason. conservatives are lashing out at the republican health care plan calling it ryancare or obama light. the republican study freedom says it's welfare, and the freedom caucus reviewing potential blocks of the leadership plan. joining me is the chairman of the house freedom caucus, congressman mark meadows. congressman, great to have you with us. >> great to be with you, lou. lou: dave bratt said dead on arrival, jim jordan saying it's obamacare by another name. we have heard from the senate that there's going to be considerable resistance. the position of the freedom caucus right now, your view on the legislation as it now stands? >> there's a whole lot of work to be done. i met with the vice president today, lou, to talk about
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negotiating and where we go from here, but i can tell you that structurally what we have is really obamacare by a different name. it doesn't remove all the mandates. it doesn't remove all the taxes, and really it creates a new entitlement program that is very troubling for the american people, so you know, it doesn't matter what i think or what anybody thinks other than the american people, and i can tell you i'm hearing from them and they say this is not what people campaigned on, this is not what the president campaigned on, we need a real repeal and need a real replacement, so we're committed to do that, obviously, we're meeting tonight, i took time to join you here before we go to d. lou: we appreciate that, our audience appreciates hearing you on this -- on these important, as i understand the strong objections that you and the ucus have and the senate
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committee, many members on the committee as well, that is the so-called refundable income credits that amount to subsidies. in this case, not subsidies of individuals but subsidies that go to insurance companies. >> well, i think you make a good distinction. so it will be a check from the american taxpayer that will go directly to an insurance company, and when you start to do that, you know, it doesn't return it to free markets. everybody keeps talking about free markets. any time that you add government money to the private sector, the end result is that prices go up 100% of the time, lou, you know that. you cover the business aspect. so here's what we have tonight. we have really a very troubling trend where we think that we have to replace every component of obamacare. for us it's all about making sure that you just keep the preexisting conditions, don't let insurance companies cancel people and have a safety net,
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but to provide one failed system and replace it with another potentially failing system is not what the american people want, so we're looking forward to negotiating in good faith, hopefully make it work, we're trying to get the yes. we'll have a robust debate in a few minutes. lou: and i know you've got to go, but the president of the united states says he wants this done, the leader of the party. how much more difficult does that make your job? >> the president is not at odds with the freedom caucus. let me tell you what the president wants, he wants to make sure we repeal it and we drive insurance premiums down. we're with him lock, stock and barrel on that particular aspect. what's happening is this won't drive insurance premiums down. if we don't do that, that's ultimately what we're going to be judged by, and i know the president doesn't want to be judged on insurance premiums not coming down and neither do i, so we're together but it
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does make it tough. any time you have different narratives out, there you need to make sure you cut through and get the truth. lou: i think we can say without any reservation, the process now is definitely under way as it the contest. congressman -- >> indeed. lou: congressman mark meadows of the freedom caucus, thank you, appreciate it. >> thank you, lou. lou: president trump tweeted about opposition to the plan saying -- there is the fact that he is the president. he's a winner. and he has the -- well, i think the benefit of the doubt on the part of many americans, so this is going to be interesting to see how open the leadership is to changes sought by the conservatives, whether it be in
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the republican study committee or whether it be in the freedom caucus or across the way on capitol hill and the u.s. senate. it's going to be something to watch. be sure to vote in our poll tonight -- cast your vote on twitter. that's right, the debt ceiling vote is approaching. and follow me on twitter. "like" me on facebook, follow me on instagram at "lou dobbs tonight." stocks closing lower for a second straight day. dow down 30 points, the s&p lost 7. the nasdaq lost 15. volume 3.5 billion shares as trading picked up a bit and the averages didn't move much at all. since the election, the stock market posted $2.8 trillion in paper gains. the trade deficit widening in january to the highest level
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in nearly five years, and a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. up next, president trump fighting a daily battle against the left-wing national media as well as the deep state. >> they're very dishonest people. >> i'm not against the media. i'm not against the press. i don't mind bad stories if i deserve them. i am only against the fake news media or press. lou: so what's the fake news media been up to? that's the subject of my commentary here next. and china is furious that the united states has begun deployment of the thad missile shield. what is it? and why are the chinese making such threats? we'll tell you and we'll suggest to you what might be the likely path of events. that's here next. stay with us. we're coming right back. liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the
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lou: a few thoghts on the news organizations president trump dubbed as fake news and enemy of the people. he's referring five members of the media, as he puts it failing n times, cbs, abc, nbc and cnn. can president trump outlast the white house press corps? do you have any doubt about that. talk about the left-wing bias and fake news. that is the wrong headline, it's the wrong question all together it should have been, quote, can the white house press corps even
10:29 pm
remotely keep up with president trump. reporters are already grumbling about president obama's work ethic. it's too strong and too demand ifing, and they are furious about the fact that he keeps a furious pace every singingle day. -- every single day. after 47 days in office the press corps is complaining about ruined weekend and unsustainable pace. if the "new york times" describes president trump's pace as relentless. our high-energy president has signed 28 executive actions. delivered on campaign promises, opening up the bidding process to build the border wall and
10:30 pm
boost national security. he has written 250 tweets since he was sworn in. he met with world leaders countsless business executives and union leaders. and the president doing this with only 18 key administration positions confirmed by the senate, compared to 30 with president obama. and despite the media's all-out war against him and his administration. the left-wing media is so frustrated they are ignoring a trail of their own reporting in an attempt to cast doubt on president trump's claim that the obama administration tapped his phones. they are targeting mr. trump, they are targeting his administration, and they are doing so in full view.
10:31 pm
i believe despite all the obstacles, president trump will not only out last them, but he will be one of the most successful presidents in history. as for obamacare's repeal and replacement, he will be in the position where for which he should have longed. he will be able to negotiate a deal between all the parties on capitol hill and of course his own white house. not you quotation of the evening. this one on the importance of stamina and more from president jopresident -- donald j. trump. we need a president with cunning strength, smarts, and stamina. the two countries stepping up their threats to if the united states over the deploivment our
10:32 pm
missile defense system to south korea. >> this is not meant to be a threat to them or any other power in the region it's a defensive system. lou: and this dirt bike daredevil finding a new way to by pass traffic and catch the attention of a lot of law enforcement officers. and the wolf huffed and puffed... like you do sometimes, grandpa?
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lou: beijing and moscow are threatening consequences for the united states and south korea over the deployment of a u.s. missile defense system. the fad system that has a 100% success rate in the destruction of incoming ballistic missiles arrived in south korea yesterday. the deployment comes one day after north korea fired three ballistic missiles traveling 600 miles into the sea of japan. here to discuss the latest provocations from russia and china and north korea, general jack defense system haa remarkable record not in combat
10:37 pm
but in trials and tests. is it purely defensive? >> absolutely. it's our best land based system. our viewers are familiar with the patriot system we have had for years going all the way back to desert storm. but this has a greater range and accuracy. it's almost been 100% foolproof in interception quality. and it can handle number of missiles at the same time to intercept. it's a defensive system. the north koreans are building an offensive capability and this is a defensive system to help defend against that. we have 28,000 troops in south korea. this is protection for them. lou: it's protection for our troops and the south koreans.
10:38 pm
we are head somewhere extraordinary here. we have the chinese who were supposed to be rational partners trying to manage north korea and it i ar irrationality and they e making threat to us? what should be the response of this president? >> i think secretary of state tillerson is heading out in that direction. i hope he's going to meet with the chinese as well as our allies. for almost 20 years we tried to use the chinese as leverage. absolute failure. we made no progress. but we are on a collision course with the north koreans. we cannot tolerate north korea to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile to deliver a weapon to the united states. that's not possible.
10:39 pm
we would have to take action against that. tillerson needs to sit down with the chinese and explain to them, this is the course we are on. we'll either have to commit a cyber attack or a kinetic attack against that. but we cannot permit that country to develop that capability and get it close to launching that capability. we have to have that conversation with the chinese. lou: we have had all sort of conflicts over the course of the past 30 years, taking the window you are talking about in that 20-year period that you mentioned. we have to have the ability, it seems to me, if we are going to do this, to utterly destroy the government and the military of north korea.
10:40 pm
i understand we don't have the resources in the region right now. is that the correct response? is it possibly what the chinese are trying to draw us into? a preemptive strike against north korea? >> the chinese do not want instability on the peninsula. they know they will get millions of refugees as a result of it. economic instability would be significant. but the reality is the chinese have been playing a dangerous game for a very long time and it's getting toward the crisis stage now. and yes you are right. if there was conventional war on the peninsula, we don't have all the resources there that we used to have. we would have to bring them into the country. but there is no doubt we would be able to defeat the north korean conventional military
10:41 pm
with the air power capability the united states and our allies would bring to that situation. always in the background is the threshold of nuclear war and that's something we all desperately want to avoid. >> but given the dimensions of the chinese military, the threat of the north koreans, one has to assume the our military leaders are -- have contingency plants at would involve tactical nuclear weapons and bombs. is that correct? >> absolutely. not only do we have them. but we practice the use of them in our war gaming exercises, and you would expect us to do that so we know exactly what we are going to do and how we are going to do it certainly, yes. lou: please roll this video as we lighten the mood. this dirt bike rider capturing
10:42 pm
the attention of law enforcement authorities. you will see why. he's flying over the freeway one hill to the other. his traffic topping stunt, launching his bike high into the air in riverside county. investigators say it's unlikely he will face charges because of the helmet that obscured his face. he's probably hoping strongly that is the case. apparently james comey has just awakened to the threat posed by mexican drug cartels. mexican drug cartels. sheriff david clarke joins us
10:43 pm
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liberty mutual insurance. lou report mexican cartel fueled opiate crisis. the milwaukee sheriff david
10:47 pm
clarke. sheriff it's always great to see you and congratulations on the new book. let me turn to the issue of the drug traffic in this country. meth am get means, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, have been coming across the bored for decade, e sour of the majority of the drugs coming into this country. i would like you to listen to f.b.i. director james comey on that subject. >> truck traffickers have gotten into the heroin business. have shortened the transportation lines by bringing heroin from south america and central america and mexico and bringing it into the united states. lou: it sound as if the f.b.i. has just figured that out. your reaction to the f.b.i.
10:48 pm
director's statement. >> it sounds like a little late to the party. president trump understands the seriousness of it. dhs secretary john kelly understands the seriousness of it. congress seems to be dragging their feet. the southern border is a is isa sieve. it's a domestic security issue. if you don't seal the border, president trump understands it doesn't matter how many people you deport, they will find their way back in. one of the sources of this stuff coming into the country. oipoid epidemic is at crisis level and people are dying every day.
10:49 pm
there needs to be a sense of urgency about stemming the tide. we'll have to look at the way some of these pain killers are dispensed by american doctors. how freely this stuff is given out. there are a number of things that have to be done. by the has to start with sealing the border. short of doing that, you are spitting into the wind. lou: we have been spitting into the wind, as you say, for some time, refusion to have border security. it's rancid with corruption on both sides of the border and no one wants to talk about it, but that's the reality. president trump is the on leader who has vowed to fight those cartels in the north america, period. he's not only the first american president to take them on. he's the first to do so in this hemisphere. it's astounding.
10:50 pm
>> it is. but he's going to get this done. i'm glad to see that he did put john kelly, former -- not form, retired marine general in charge of the department of homeland security who has experience with the southern command, southern border, some of the border nations to the south there. it will take some time and take some planning. but they do understand the nature of it. the big problem isn't the president, not the white house, not dhs. it's the congress. they have been fooling around with this the last 30 years, tiptoeing around the issue, making believe they are doing something. the former president of the united states barack obama kept telling us the southern border is secure. it is not secure. the sooner we get down to business here, the better off his country is going to be. lou: we knew president trump
10:51 pm
wasn't the problem, he's the solution, as are you. the sheriff's new book is "cop under fire." we recommend it to you highly. >> obamacare is collapsing. and it's in d shape. we'll take action. there will be no slowing down. there will be no waiting, and no more excuses by anybody. lou: no more ex kiewtss in washington, d.c. that's got to be something to see. we take that up next with matt schlapp and nick adams. this is the silverado special edition. this is one gorgeous truck. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's five. ooohh!! aaaahh!! uh! hooooly mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. it's truck month.
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lou: in our online poll we asked you given the efforts to subvert president trump, would you be surprised that obama would condone spying on mr. trump? 84% said no you would not surprised. president trump surprised a group of tourists of the white house. in trump greeting boyser to us cheers and applause as a portrait of hillary clinton loomed behind him.
10:56 pm
the tours were on a 7-week hiatus, and the people's house is open to the people once again. joining me, the chairman of the american conservative union. green card warrior my quest for legal immigration in an illegals' system. the great negotiator as well as communicator will have an opportunity with the republicans in the house and senate to bring them together to support repeal and replace negotiation. >> it all got started and it's about time the legislative process started to work. let's see what happens.
10:57 pm
it will change and let's see what the end product is. but i'm glad we are going have a replacement. lou: do you have think he will be able to successfully manage that negotiation between the house, the senate, conservative republicans and some democrats? >> i think he's got it in him. lou: we are going to find out. this will be a real test for the president as well as for the congress. let me turn to you -- by the way, it's good to see you again. as we are wang this bids go out to build this 30-foot high wall, as we are talking about all of these drugs crossing that border, are you confident that we are going to see the priority remain, the border security control of our borders so we can actually have the opportunity to we form immigration law and policies in this country?
10:58 pm
>> lou, i'm convinced that president trump is going to make america safe again. he's going to make sure we have a wall and not a walkway. pell make sure americans can feel comfortable once more. that the country is secure. without borders we simply don't have a country. we have got to make sure everyone feels comfortable and secure in the knowledge that bad people are not come together united states of america. and that's why while thrilled president trump is reversing years of inefficiency and really when it comes to immigration. lou: he's doing all of that and certainly more. he's convincing the american people he means what he says, he says what he means and he's delivering on his promises. we haven't seen that in our lifetime from the oval office.
10:59 pm
matt, let me ask you this. the wiretap story, it looks to be a campaign by the of course the left wing national media, the left wing in this country. president trump and his deep state activists. your thoughts. >> i'm disgusted by the. there is so much dishonesty and duplicity from soment in media and the left. they are doing everything they to be hogtie the president of the united states. i think the president was in the right about what happened. the people i talk to who know this world well tell me his president and his people were surveilled and it's gross, and we haven't seen anything like this in our politics and it should not stand. lou: i apologize for running out of time. we'll continue the conversation. thanks. good to see you. nick adams. matt schlapp as always.
11:00 pm
joining us tomorrow, am balances doer john bolton, former governor mike huckabee among our guests tomorrow as we continue to explore the deep state, the flooding over into north korea. but at the same time, they don't want to push it too far. charles: got to leave it there. lou dobbs next. lou: good evening, everybody. a conservative uprising appears to be in the works. lawmakers on capitol hill slamming the new republican plan to repeal and replace obamacare calling it obamacare light or ryan care. the long-awaited plan rolls back obamacare's expansion of medicaid benefits. it slashes the requirement to buy coverage or pay a fine, and offers tax credits for americans to buy coverage on the open market, but many conservatives say those tax credits are essentially a new entitlement that could end up


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