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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 11, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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beard. he's leaving us for the greenest of pass tiewrs fats freedom-loving "reason" where he will be on camera making video. and your gain is my lo >> lou: good evening, everybody. the nation focused the revolt over the repeal and replace obamacare and trump's justice department in open investigation of wikileaks, the u.s. escalated the war on syria. units have arrived in syria establishing an outpost25 miles north of raqqan as they fight to
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take the city from islamic state. they have a round and gps mounds that have a range to 30 miles. the new marine mission disclosed over the weekend northwest of raqqa. those troops traveling and strikers heavily armed eight wheel armorred vehicles. joining us to talk about national security and trump's response to the provocation of iran and north korea and warnings from russia and china and from the u.s. ambassador to the united nations, john bolton. ambassador, great to have you with us. first, developments out of the
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syria, 11th unit to support the assault on raqqa. >> these are not advisors are trainer ares for syrian opposition or iraqi forces. this is a tangible indication that the trump investigation is taking hold of the strategy. even if it was part of the contingencies that the military put together in the obama administration, given that the president asked for a pept gone review about isis. this is a significant move. >> lou: it is a significant move and i thought the defense department response underway for sometime. but nothing is underway without the approval of the
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administration. there is a gap here right now. there are very difficult communications. i think mistakes taking place in this administration on a number of departments, that is one where it shouldn't have. that is a clear line between the commander in chief and whatever the mission is for combf our forces, do you not agree? >> even if it was in vision before, the fact is, it is the trump's administration policy here and he made clear distinction of what he would do and what obama had done. i know this will shock you that there is a certain amount of hypochrissy when they said we didn't have boots on the ground. this is a sign that the united
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states is very, very serious about eliminate the isis caliphate and not a day too soon. >> lou: absolutely. the islamic state is now in raqqa, the actual capital of the islamic state. they are surrounded now. the kurds are in position and the only way out is to the south. there is significant heavy artillery already there and bring nothing the heavy ones is a big deal in support of the forces that are surrounding the islamic staut surrounding raqqa. >> this was always necessary in my view. it is a myth to try to minimize the american involvement.
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i hope other plans will bring for arab forces in soy we william not benefit iran when isis is destroyed. it is clear the military has in mind after the overthrow of the islamic state. and osama bin laden slipped through and we searched for him. it is important they don't get out and get to libya or whatever they want to go. >> lou: it is important to show it is not a nice tidy. we are talking about sunni insurgent force and kurds, the islamic state. this is and russian forces as well. this is, one general described
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it, these forces are within a grenade's throw of one another. this is also fraught with danger and unintended consequences, is it not? >> that's correct, that's why we have the chairman of the joint chief of staff talking to the counterpart and talk to the end of the islamic caliphate and find us confronting russian and turkish forces. and all of that shows the heightened seriousness for the slow road to the capital city. i hope we are close to the end. >> lou: we had thought we were close to the nebbed mosul and
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that was protracted and this as you caution may be protracted as well. we should point out that raqqan is less than a hundred miles from the border of turkey. and the turks are making their displeasure well known with the aircraft requiral of the more of the u.s. army and marine expeditionary unit, the 11th marine expeditionary force. turkey is a wild card as you say here. >> you have to grit your teeth dealing with the turks here. this is your nato ally coming to help finish off the islamic state and so let's keep your eyes it's prize and do it in a coordinated fashion and
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ultimately will benefit everybody. vladimar putin and the russian forces that have been there sometime, they represent a potential threat to our forces, do they not? >> yeah, it's just very unhappy for the united states and friends in the region that the obama administration allowed such a presence approximatelied p up in syria. it is important to keep in mind that hopefully this coming victory will be done in a way maminimizes the upside for iran and assad regime and hesbollah. when you eliminate one combatant, you will do the opposite. we want to make sure iran gets the minimum up side possible.
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>> lou: we were also allieses with iran in iraq. that gets complicated. >> that is for sure. >> lou: senator chuck grassly is now investigating allegations that the fbi offered to hire the author of the opposition research doszier that contained false information and effort to disparage the president candidate. in a letter to director comey, senator grassley asked for information. grassly said the accusation raise questions about the use of bum bull administration use of
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agencyness for political purposes. conservatives fighting back over the ryan care or obamacare light and house freedom caucus. and congressman mark meadows joins me next and explosive new documents published about the cia's hacking program and some of its software and how the cia can turn some of our electronics in to listening devices and some cases smart cars into deadly cars. we are coming right back with all of that. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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>> lou: wikileaks today published 9000 documentses of stolen data and revealing the most sophisticated spy wear. cia has developed the ability to make television sets in listening device and even taken control of smart technologieses,
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including automobiles. wikileaks is holding back rest is of what is a treasured trough of archive until the political nature of the cia's program. the source of the file is a thief who is a former government hacker or contractor. not unlike edward snowden who has been be in rush why since 2013 and some are saying that this massive amount of data and software amounts to something far larger than even the refalations of edward snowden's treesure. conservative are lashing out at ryan care or obama lite. they say it is republican welfare and the freedom caucus
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meeting to discussion opposition strategy and procedural move to block the leadership plan. here to talk about that is is congressman mark meadows. congressman, great to have you with us. >> great to be here, lou. >> lou:y we heard dave brat saying it is dead on arrival and jim jordan said it is obamacare by another name and heard from the senate there is considerable resistance. your view on the legislation as it now stands? >> there is a whole lot of the work to be done. i met with the vice-president about negotiating and where we go from here. structural what we have is obamacare by a different name. it doesn't remove the man dates or taxes and really creates
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a new entitlement program that is troubling for the american people. it doesn't matter what i think or what anybody thinks than the american people. that is not what people campaigned on and not what the president campaigned on. we need repeal and replacement. i just took time to join you before we go to the freedom caucus meeting. >> lou: we appreciate that and our audience appreciates you on those important issues. the strong objections that you and the caucus have and many committee members as well is so- called refundable income credits that amount to subsidies, in this case not of individuals but subides that go to insurance
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companys? >> you make a good distinction. it is a check from the american taxpayer that goes to an insurance company, and when you start to do that, it doesn't return it to free markets. any time you add government money to the private sector, the end result is that prices go up 100 percent of the time. you know that. here's what we have tonight, we have a troubling trend where we think we have to replace every component of obamacare. for us, it is about preexisting condition and safety net. but to provide one failed system and repolice it with another potentially failing system is not what the american people want. we are negotiating nothing good
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faith. and we'll have a robust debate in a now minutes. >> lou: the president of the united states wants this done. the leader of the party, how difficult does that make your job? >> the president is not at odds with the freedom caucus. he wants to make sure we repeal it and we drive insurance premiums down. we are with hemlock, stock and barrel on that aspect. what is happening, this will not drive insurance premiums down. if we don't do that we'll be judged by. i know the president doesn't want to be judged on insurance premiums coming down and neither do i. it is tough. you need to make sure you cut through and get the truth. >> lou: we can say without any rez areivation, the process is underway as is the contest.
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congressman mark meadows, of the freedom caucus. thank you for being with us. up next, james comey not worried about his job security. should he be? that is the subject next and retailers who are boy cotting ivanka trumpy's clothing line. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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it's truck month. get 0% financing for 60 months plus find your tag and get $5500 on select chevy silverado pick-ups when you finance with gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. >> lou: a few thoughts on the fbi director james comey, his record and tenure. here is the director speak nothing a cyber security conference. >> you are stuck with me six and half year and i would love to be invited back again. i will avoid talking about things i don't want to talk about. >> lou: that was not a erousing
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round of applause when he let them know they are stuck with him six and half years. the comments are subject to immediate expiration. he told reince priebus that there was nothing to do to correct the record on context that allegedly trump campaign officials had with russian intelligence. he would not knock it down and comey demands that the department of justice publicly refute president trump's claims of wiretapping. never mind that the senate judiciary chair is investigating that the fbi offered to pay for a failed and damaging doszier on president trump. and don't forget comey's failed
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investigation of hillary clinton and the server. and so for comey's claim that americans are stuck with him. my goodness. what a statement and humorous written large and he's been in washington long enough to know better. michael goodwin compared comey's par to j. edgar hoover. the self righteousness makes him bigger than the institution he leads. he's right. comey dolles out information in the changinging assessment of same. his credibility is barely existent and not the stuff of long tenure no matter what he says. our quotation of the evening. before a man speaks, it's always
6:27 am
safe to assume that he is a fool and after he speaks tis soldem necessary to assume it. up next, former attorney general michael mukasy said president trump is likely right about a wiretap in trump tower. >> i think the president was correct in saying that president obama ordered a tap on a server in trump tower however he's rit in that he it was surveillance and done at the bequest of the justice department. >> lou: we'll be right back. don't muss a minute of it. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced.
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>> lou: the national left wing media today ignoring a lengthy trail of previous reporting on the obama administration's efforts to target now president trump. heat street first reported that the fbi was granted a warrant covering the trump's campaign ties to russia. pretty strong evidence would you say? the guard yan reported that the fbi reported that to monitor members of the trump campaign.
6:32 am
fairly straightforward and open source available to all. and in january, the fbi and five other agencies probe possible covert kremlin aid to trump. and reporting that one of the sources that a warrant was granted last year on october 15th. the new york times campaign read ares quote: wiretap data used into on trump aides. and new york times, this month after reporting that the obama white house quote rushed to preserve links to the trump campaign. our next guest said president trump is likely right that there was intelligence on trump tower for intelligence purposes. whose we don't know.
6:33 am
we have michael mu casy. great to have you with us. this is in the clear. these are statement and report and also by the new york times which was basically trying to knock down president trumpa claims that he was being wiretapped and yet their own reporting declaring just that? >> their own reporting speaks about broadly about electronic surveillance. i don't know that it is wiretapping in the conventional sense or e-mail or phones or documents. the report clearly said they applied from the foreign intelligence report and didn't get it. and october applied again and that was the campaign. >> lou: the court in all of this
6:34 am
denying a warrant in june, to apparently surveillance of donald trump with nonsense of russia. it is ten months and the fbi has declared that there is nothing to this. various agencies say there is nothing to this. nothing with colougz with trump and russians. >> lou: thank you for clarifying that? it is preposterous that the left wing media pursues that. and i am most upset with the republican party and leaders whether on capitol hill or in the party. this is the time a president is being attacked and it was a naked and brutal attack from
6:35 am
all quarters against the president by the left wing media the deepitate that many represent in their attack. >> i think the intelligence committees of both houses really have is jurisdiction over the cia, fbi and its intelligence gather aring function. and the nsa. they should take a deep look. you don't necessarily mean a public look. but a good deep look with what is going on with regard to their activities investigating and the regard of leaking of information which is persistent. >> lou: president trump is the victim of all of that? >> so it would seem. i would like to know what it is and who did what actually. >> lou: couple of thingses, can president trump access the
6:36 am
warrants and learn the reason those who requested them? does he have that authority and ability? >> i think he does. as president, he's referred to by the folks who do this ultimate consumer. he's the guy for whom all of this is intended and he could take a look. perhaps should take a look. >> lou: what is the reasoning if you speculate on james comey, the director of the fbi asking somebody be to knock down the president's complaints, what is to me, it looks as if james comey is emotional unstable person in government. >> i am not clinically trained and i can't speak to that. but it is questionable with what he is looking to knock down.
6:37 am
claims that the president directed wiretapping of telephones. that president obama directed tapping of telephones, he's knocking down a straw man. the question is, what is it that he wanted knocked down. and jaming clapper who famously lied when asked questions about spying in particular the instance of method data, john brennan. the head of the cia spies on the senate intelligence committee and take a look at some of the instances if i may. do we have these. could we show everybody a few of the instances. our james rosen, his computer and e-mail and associated press, their journalist, spied upon.
6:38 am
the senate intel committee spied on by and irs conservative wiretapping. nsa wiretapping. it goes o. it is not a reach to think that president trump is not right in his charge. >> i think somebody ought to take a good long look. >> lou: that is precisely what is happening from one committee. david arinous. >> i am not talking about special counsel, i am talking about p political responsible committees. >> michael mukasy always great to have you here. the university of berkely and the propensity of violence. mass counter protestors attack trump supporters as they peacefully rallied in favor of
6:39 am
the president's policy. a total of ten people were arrested and as you watch the video. you can see a number of people would have been subject attacking older american and young sugs and punks absolutely without restrant and it is appalling about to late and one of the arrest was for a possession of a deadly weapon and another fighting arrest. none hospitalized and the fights broke out at martin luther king civic center park. top democrats gave march ping orders. and this is former attorney general loretta lynch calling for people to take to the
6:40 am
streets. >> individuals and ordinary people who simply saw what needs to be done and came together and supported ideals who have made the difference. they have marched and bleed and yes, some have died. this is hard. every good thing is. >> lou: ignorance in the leadership of the leftest activist. and what purpose? interesting that the former attorney general doesn't mention the purpose or the goal. russia and china stepping up threats to the united states over the missile defense system to south korea. >> it is not a threat to them or any other pour in the region. it is a defensive system. and this dare devil finding
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>> lou:/beijing and moscow are
6:45 am
threatening consequences of the united states and south korea over the deployment of a missile defense system. it has a success rate of interception and destruction of missiles arrived in south korea yesterday. both china and russia claim it is a threat to their national security. the deployment comes one day after north korea fired four ballistic missile and traveling 600 miles in the sea of japan. here to discuss the threats from chuna and russia and north korea, fox news military analyst general jake keane. the air defense system has a remarkable record in trial and tests, is it purely defensive? >> yes tis it our best land
6:46 am
baseded system. our viewers are familiar with the patriot system going all the way back to the desert storm. this has a greater range and accuracy and 100 percent foolproof in interexception quality and handle a number of missiles to intercept. and it is a defensive system. listen, the north koreas are building an offensive capability and this will help defend against that. we have 28000 troops in south korea and hundreds of thousands of south korean military there as well. this is protection for them. >> lou: protection for our troops and south koreans and we are headed somewhere that the chinese who were supposed to be rational partners trying if you will manage north korea and his
6:47 am
irerational aggressiveness and now they are making threats to us? what is the response of the president? >> first of all, i think secretary of state tillerson is heading out in that direction and will meet with the chinese and allies. we need a serious conversation finally with the chinese. for 20 years, we used the chinese leverage to stop the growing north korean nuclear arsenal. we are on a collision course with the north koreans. we can't tolerate north korean to deliver nuclear weaponse uni that is not possible. we would have to take action against that and tillerson needs to sit down with the chinese and sit down and explain to them. we are going to conduct a cyber
6:48 am
attack against that capability or preemptive kinetic attack against that ability that will escalate the situation and gives north koreans an option to conduct an invasion of south korea. we cannot permit that country to get it close to launching that capability. we have to have that conversation with the chinese. >> lou: we have all sorts of conflicts taking the window in the 20 year period that you mentioned. we have to have the ability it seems to me if we are going to do this to utterly destroy the government and the military of north korea. as i understand it, we don't have the resources in the region right now, is that the correct response? is it possibly what the chinese
6:49 am
are trying to draw us into a preemptive strike against north korea, what is your thinking? >> the chinese don't want instability on the peninsula. that's one thing they do not welcome. they will get million of refugee and economic instability would be significant. but the chinese have played a dangerous game for a long time and it is getting to the crisis stage now and yes, you are right, if there was a conventional war on the peninsula. we don't have the resources that we used to have. we would have to bring them into the country and no doubt that we would defeat the north korean conventional military particularly with the air power. always in the background is the threshold of nuclear war and
6:50 am
that is something that we are all trying to avoid here. >> lou: but given the dimension of the chinese military and threat of the north koreans, one assumeses that our on military leaders have contingency plans to involve tactical nuclear weapon and bombs; is that correct? >> absolutely. not only do we have them, but we practice the use of them in our car game exercise and you would expect us to do that and we know how we will do it and how, yes. >> lou: general jack keen cone thank you. >> thank you. >> lou: please roll the video. as we lighten the mood. the dirt biker catching the look of the authorities.
6:51 am
he's flying over the freeway. the launching his bike high in the air. it is unlikely he will face charges because of the helmet that obscures his face. he's probably hoping strongly that that is the case. we are going to show you. my gosh. a fisherman. he has the fish by the tail. to make a daring rescue to save a shark. they are race aring to untable the line. and the i have mixed emotions about p that story to be candit. ivanka trump's fashion line up.
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the surge comes after nord strom announced that it would cancel clothing and accessory soiting poor product sales. some think it was all about poll tucks. bank rolling the day without women's strike and demonstrations and turned out to be a day without those woman. governor mike huckabee discusses that and more. stay with us. we'll be right back. special edition. this is one gorgeous truck. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's five. ooohh!! aaaahh!! uh! hooooly mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. it's truck month. get 0% financing for 60 months plus find your tag and get $5500 on select chevy silverado pick-ups when you finance with gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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>> lou: in our on on line poll, we asked you, given obama's spying on journalist and trump, would you be surprised that he condoned spying on mr. trump. 84 percent say no, you would not be surprised. president trump surprised a group of visitorses in the first tour of the white house, mr. trump greeting with applause and cheers from 50 tourist as a portrait of hillary clinton loomed behind him. the people's house is now open to the people once again. >> joining me once again is governor mike huckabee. the's start with first, where we are with this investigation and
6:57 am
the fbi be and cian and trump investigation opening. you think it will lead to the conclusion that the president wants? >> i hope it leads to the truth and that's what the president wants. you know there are denials from people like james clapper who said nothing happened like that. he lied to congress under oath and said we were not keeping records on people and it turned out we were. peopleshing denials is not good. >> john brenon head of the cia, his cia was surveying the senate intelligence committee and he lied about it on top of it. you are right. these folks are hard to take on credibility. turning to the gop conservative and rebellion against the
6:58 am
leadership on the repeal and replacement of obamacare. your thoughts on how that unfolds? >> it is not repeal and replace. what they put out is revise and reword. i think they are in trouble with this. it is a good start. i get it. it is hard. they have had several years to prepare for it. and i thought they would come out with a better plan. they don't push the power back to the state and block grant medicaid and let the governors do it with less money and better. and until you change the per perra kiem from intervention to it is unsustainable. there are fundmental things not in the plan and tax deductions and tax credits instead of
6:59 am
giving subsidies is the same thing just worded differently and going to be government costs and they are avoiding the mention of that. >> lou: it is odd that ryan and others would welcome the public hearings and take longer no question about it but to restore the public's faith in government. congress is at its nader in terms of public approval. this is an opportunity and they are treating it as if they should be in a bunker mode? >> they can't do that. that's what democrats did to pass it. remember nancy pelosi's famous line. know what is is in the bill after we pass it. how ridiculous is that?
7:00 am
explain how we are a chiefing and no reason to put it under ground. put it out in the sunshine where everyone can see it. >> lou: governor mike huckabee, good to have you with us. good night from new york. ed . john: a mob can be an ugly thing. in the past, mobs kill people they said were witches. today they still kill people with whom they disagree. >> mobs are always is dangerous, destructive things. >> reporter: we focus on american mobs. >> liberals crawl on the mobs. >> get off the campus. >> the koch brothers and their cronies. >> i think they should be in jail. >> private property. john: mob rules, that's our show tonight.


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