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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  March 14, 2017 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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here's your top stories' exam on the east coast. 50million americans bracing for a blizzard. it has begun in new york. the record record-breaking storms stretching from the midwest now making its way up the nose east. thousands of flights have been canceled already. we had live coverage across the country. the congressional budget office. out with the score. two different reactions from republican leadership. watch. we believe that the plan or put in place will sure more individuals than our insured. we think they simply had it wrong. a closer look at the numbers this morning coming up. and then president president trump giving the cia new powers. the cia will not be able to
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launch drone strikes. bill ackman sold his entire stake for at least a $2.8 million loss. will tell you all about that. filings showed that verizon suggested killing the deal as a result of that breach. bullet -- marissa mayer's the same documents showing that the outgoing ceo will get a $23 million severance payout. markets look like this this morning. they are expected to be done about 20 points us money. they're also negative. we have the ft 100 higher. down a fraction. numbers look like this. the narc -- markets were very close to the flat line.
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nothing that was so stunning except the korea index. a billion-dollar issue a deal that is what lots of ball. join me to talk all about it the global economics editor. in the kings college professor. good to see you. thank you for getting in today. a snowy day. that's good. in your assessment of that report. >> yet to be careful putting too much -- weight on these things they overestimated how may people many people were going to get insurance. the puts him in an uncomfortable position. conservatives are already we now had moderates in the party. saying we can't lose all of
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this insurance. it is the cbo and the snowstorm. it is supposed to get worse this morning but we have the morning storm covered for you. jackie keane is with us. former health and human services secretary under verse. kevin mccarthy is joining us live from washington a lot to cover with him. just stay with us. we kick it off with that storm. cheryl with all of the details it now. now. it is going to be expensive and it could be deadly as well. this is already looking to be a brutal life-threatening storm.
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the connecticut and rhode island. the storm could bring up to 3 feet of snow. along with the new jersey governor chris christie. all drivers there to see off of the road. in addition authorities are wanting millions of residents to prepare for widespread power outages and road closures. airports had now canceled 6,000 flights today. it is can be passing through all day today and then in washington president trump he have to meet with local authorities of the capital yesterday to discuss what they're doing. about incoming winter storm prep. everybody be safe.
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so this is all ahead of what could be the first natural disaster under president trump's administration. the department of homeland security recommending a basic disaster kit. among recommended items. three days of drinking water food and a cell phone charger. and have a kit costing about $130 and were also can look at the markets today as they get a freeze over. it's on track at this point. home depot, lowes and likely to move more today. and then you want to keep an eye out for plow makers as well. lessing here in this area all of the reporters of lowes and home depotleared out those stores. everybody was getting prepared for today. the budget office has released its report on the gop replacement plan for obama
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care. they found that the legislation would increase the number of people without health insurance by a 14 million next year. and then it by the year 202,624,000,000 americans would be uninsured they also found that it would cut the federal deficit by $337 million in the next decade. donald trump helped secretary donald price all waiting on that scoring watch. >> when i can have a one-size-fits-all. instead we are going to be an leasing the power of the marketplace. in competing for your business and you will see rates go down and down. we disagree strenuously with what was put out. we believe that our planet will cover more individuals at a lower cost and give given the choices that they want what they're telling is it's in the lower premium. it stabilizes the market.
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it is a $1.2 trillion spending cut. it is a spending cut. you wonder if it makes it more difficult for them to unite around this plan. i think it does. you arty had conservatives on one side who believes that this plan does not go far enough in undoing obama care and that is when you will have moderates in the senate who are going to be hearing from people in their constituencies insane we don't want to lose all of these coverage for these people. you have a class building between moderates and conservatives in the party. some people lose coverage because they choose to do so. that's not really coming out in much of the reporting. it's about a choice. they are taking away these mandates so they're saying you don't have to buy this government mandated care and people are gonna choose not to buy it. it is good to be mostly young people who are making that choice and you really need young people that seem mandate
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i'm not people -- not making people full-time. this is really a double edge sword when you're thinking about it. you had 14 million people who can make decisions you even if premiums come down for folks. my premiums have gone up a ton. we want that to come down. i believe that we have lost the objective was to drain the swamp. it's a make healthcare affordable to get the economy
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going again. and what they head in front of them right now. is a strong messaging problem. it is estimated at a net deficit reduction of $337 million. that is part of the good news here. you heard a speaker ryan talk about that. it improves the likelihood that they can get something done without democratic votes i it's also important to supply out the cbo cannot model innovation. and doesn't model changes in the marketplace that might lead to more people buying insurance and that's exactly what this plan is meant to do. conservatives say is not going far enough. that doesn't have to meet government requirements. that's why they tend to overstay that.
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what in this plan is really changing people's incentives. you are so gonna go had them getting subsidies. that has been pulled back. they could do administratively. the healthcare accounts not to overspend on the healthcare. >> it does put it back on that person. detaching the tax credits from the mandates from the government to buy certain coverages could open up possibilities because there are gonna say we are offering new coverages here may be not as extensive as the once you
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get under the exchanges but they might fit your life situation better. >> there's also this idea that there would allow insurers to sell coverage across state lines which is not in the house plan. it could change some of the dynamics of the marketplace. maria: that was really important in making sure to be able to sell across state lines. the mac that really changes the whole ballgame. in certain states of today there is one provider. there is not competition in these exchanges. the problem here is they can't escort the phase two and phase three things that they had mentioned. that's part of the number that were seen here. demonstration is promising this is the first of a couple of different phases of healthcare reform. the in ministration can't and that's what we can sell. we do have the majority leader here. maria: calling it quits bill
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ackman sells his stay in valeant. and then more fallout from the scandal. filing show verizon wanted to kill the deal as a result of that. back in a minute.
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maria: welcome back billionaire investor william ackman with the shares and valeant. >> his fund taking a nearly billion-dollar hit. they have lost more than 95 percent of its value in less than two years. he once predicted the company would be the next picture halfway thing they could be there. at $300. almost 13%. a stock to watch it today. also nothing that they are neck not in a stand for reelection. we are now learning that verizon started a billion
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dollar discount for the data breaches. they are written usually thought the 900 million dollar mark down. yahoo disclosing these new details about negotiatns with the verizon in the regulatory filing. it doesn't say why verizon took back its demand. and then guess that's. the filing also revealed that meyer was good to get a 23 million-dollar golden parachute. that's in addition to stock options. meyer is expected to work for verizon. a snowstorm day. but today. but it's also march 14. it's known as pie day. this is what this is. when you buy any large brick
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oven pizza pi day. over at of the book the life of pi 314. we got it that day. they were awesome. we got the pizza. break it out on this friday. what should we order. think about what you want by the end of the show. coming up next investors are looking to the federal reserve today. the meeting is on.
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live-streat the airport.e sport binge dvr'd shows while painting your toes. on demand laughs during long bubble baths. tv everywhere is awesome. the all-new xfinity stream app. xfinity. the future of awesome. welcome back. it is fed meeting today. we are watching to see what comes out of that meeting. it will raise rates by a
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quarter of a point tomorrow. the equity strategist. it's got it's good to see you. thank you so much for joining us. yesterday we have a little bit of snow. a couple of inches. and flurries out there right now. i was really hoping for the end of winter. what he think about that. i are you expected an interest rate increase. and does it change the tenor of this market. i would've told you two months ago that the fed was not going to hike in march. they are gonna raise on wednesday. they will announce tomorrow that the rates aren't hiked. it has been for two hikes this year. now, two and three hikes you see one in march maybe they do september or december.
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i think the market hasn't has fully price. and what's important is that it has certainly price in this hike that they will announce. if you say price and you don't see the market sells off just because they start to go higher. i think it's all about the pace and magnitude i think the problem would be janet yellen is going to give an indication a no indications that they can step up the pace tomorrow. that is not priced in. next year maybe two and half percent. the market is not prepped for any kind of rate hike pace. i think it is. what i'm trying to get my hands around back in 2013 when
6:24 am
it hinted that we are supposed to do the bond buying program. they fell apart. it's going from one rate hike last year to three rate hikes last year. why is the market comfortable. this has been is been a very slow recovery obviously. you're right around 2%. i think the market perceives that is pretty dependable. i think we would argue that if it grows 2% our numbers are a touch higher than that this year. this is the pure normalization move here.
6:25 am
it's just more of a normalization type thing. the lesson they want to try to do is slow the economy down but beyond this in 2018 if we see some wage pressure which i think were going to the market in the second half of this year i think one headwind will be a fit --dash fears that they're going to be behind the curve and had to catch up. >> we just finished talking about the estimates on the healthcare plan. they are just dominated conversation. what does she have to do to navigate that. it seems like that will be the bigger issue here as opposed to the quarter-point rate hike in march. >> for us the healthcare issue is going to play out over a longer time as many of these proposals are going to take longer to implement i think what janet needs to do is recoe that this is good to take some time and talk about that. and make sure that the markets
6:26 am
no that the fed is not going to go to fast here. it is not expecting any kind of a surge in economic activity this year or next and the pace as can be modest as they had been talking about. it's more of massaging the market to let them know they are not going to try to slow the economy down and they will let this play out. they know the proposals will take a while to work out. they had been on fire. what are you doing. we been overweight financials. with industrials and healthcare. the overall human plane the more cyclical side. we felt that the s&p 500 was
6:27 am
get a make it high for the years. the top end of the target range is 2330. we are slightly above it. a couple of months earlier than what we thought. i don't think the cycle is coming to an end but based on our work anyway with the end of this year you will be a little bit lower than where we are now. net net this is can be a stall to slightly positive year for stocks. we want them invested. we don't think the cycle is over. you need to see some of the policy things play out. i think 2018 will be better for the market. we wl be watchg. >> coming up next the cia why the shift in this strategy. and what it means for the war on terror. the new fusion that mixes the
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popular sponge cake with your popular blend.
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. maria: tuesday snowy, we are happy you are with us.
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winter weather slams the east is millions the with a massive storm, thousands of flights canceled, officials across several states issuing dyer warning to residents to stay safe and stay at home blue to >> new yorkers should stay off the roads would it is an important point lodz for your own safety given the frigid temperatures, a huge amount of snow in a short time. significant issues. >> i hope none of this is necessary believed in some way we don't get this snow amount. at 6 inches an hour, the threat to human le is very significant and the threat to our systems of travel very
6:32 am
significant lodz maria: the war on terror taking a new turn. president from giving the cia the power to launch drone strikes, the impact on the world stage coming up, somali pirates hijack an oil tanker, the first hijacking of a commercial vessel in five years, the latest coming up on the crew's condition this morning. volvo moved into the market, a billion-dollar college star wants a package of his kids in a major deal. an expensive one. will his plan be a slamdunk? as we today fed meeting, markets are lower ahead of that was we will see if the fed's rate interest rates, that is likely tomorrow blues the fed meeting ahead, markets pulling back on the stock searching for direction, look at the euro zone blue to the s&p 500 up, the
6:33 am
others are lower, fractional move a quarter% lower blued stocks are mixed, take a look, not far from where they closed the night before. it is a treat with quite the perks, twinkie plans to take over your morning blend blues we haven't for you right here blues first a major shift in strategy for the war on terror which president trump has given the cia power to launch drone strikes the departure from the obama administration policy where it was only allowed, the pentagon pull that trigger which promoted transparency since the military must publicly report airstrikes blues j is military r jack been in general keen, always a pleasure to see you, thanks for joining us. how do you see this, what are the advantages of the cia being able to launch drone strikes and this new authority. >> the cia did a lot of drone strikes during 9/11, they were always expanding which president
6:34 am
obama cut back on drone strikes during his tenure as president blues a little bit in the beginning, a lot towards the end blues what is happening here is the desire to conduct covert secret operations which the cia does exclusively. that is driving this and also i believe it is the location is also part of the reason for this lose there is transparency to the special committees on intelligence, they are our representatives, the american people as representatives, they have full disclosure of all the operations that the cia is doing that is what they don't do is publicly disclose. maria: meanwhile us special forces including seal team 6 which killed usama bin laden will take part in this large wardrobe in south korea as part of a plan to decapitate the leadership in pyongyang blues what do you think of that you the north korea story, when you
6:35 am
look at south korea, is bubbling up pretty significantly recently. is that a fair statement? >> yes blues this is a major exercise conducted on a periodic basis and it is all about change in north korea. it is about the feeding the north korean military and taking down its leadership. army deltas, seal team 6, army rangers are involved, they go after two things, one, leadership and that is obvious, and 2, they go after high-value faciti, in this case nuclear facilities and they are experts dealing with that so they are practicing both, taking down the regime leadership, taking it down and going after their facilities. maria: after north korea fired four ballistic missiles into japanese waters earlier this month blues what should be done
6:36 am
on that front? >> they fired those missiles because of this exercise is the reality is north korea is moving towards weaponization of intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of reach researching military bases and capable of reaching the continental united states, that puts us on collision course with north korea blues we are not going to permit them to launch a missile that would endanger the american people, china has got to be told, i am hoping secretary of state tillerson tell them you're reducing us to only a military option as we need you to start controlling the behavior of north korea or the president of the united states will have no options and the military option to launch an attack against a missile launched facility which we don't want to do but to may have to do bridge maria: the president will be meeting with the leader of china in a short period of time lodz
6:37 am
would you say this is one of the most important conversations to be had between the us and china, north korea? >> absolutely. china has been expanding its interests in the region, talking the pacific and south china sea at the expense of the united states and our allies, that is on the table as well, conducting massive cyberattacks on this country which they have cut back on but yes, this is the most dangerous situation we are dealing with blues this is the one issue when president obama left the president trump asked him what is the thing that worries you the most, north korea was his answer. maria: seems to be the disruption has been ramped up recently, the killing of the stepbrother and now the missiles into japanese waters which interesting on the drone story that the air force now has more jobs for drone pilots than any human flown aircraft according to is this a sign of the times? how do you see the military changing with the emergence of
6:38 am
drones? >> it is a sign of the times but i didn't realize that until i read it but i'm not surprised by it because drone technology is exploding and the reality is here but we have more drone pilots than we have manned pilots was the fact is even generally where we are heading is long strange strike farmers and fighter aircraft will eventually be remotely piloted blued it mes more sense to put three your people in a console and an air base in place in the united dates as a pilot, a weapons person, navigator, any kind of systems operators that you need to totally isolated, not in danger, not involved, taking care of that airplane to deliver its means to the target and bring it home safely as well. that is where we are heading, we can do that for any type of airplane that is flying and that
6:39 am
is just the cultural issue in our services believes they will move in that direction because it is the right thing to do and they will move steadily but deliberately in that direction. maria: tomorrow we will get the budget, the president's budget, the story of healthcare from the cbo yesterday blues what is your take in terms of defense spending was we had this conversation before, $54 billion in defense spending which the president proposed you don't think it's enough. >> it is not enough that we need another 30 or $40 billion is about $100 billion for four years is what they need to really jumpstart the military, get it out of the depletion it is in, the serious readiness problems that it has believes that is what is needed and i think we will get there the omb director mcilvain he has to find where the money is in the government but i also think there's money in the defense department in terms of defense
6:40 am
reforms, the first six months, you can get out in a couple years but if we put our nose to the grind stone we can get this money. maria: we will leave it there but we will be watching, that will dominate the conversation tomorrow is always a pleasure to speak with you blues thanks so much blued still ahead queuing up for prime time and pandora hit play on their new on demand service but are they too late to the game. winter weather gripping the northeast, thousands of flights delayed and others canceled, several states warning to stay off the roads as blizzard bears down, we have the latest, back in a moment lodz .
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maria: welcome back, futures and the cato lower open for the broader averages, market pulling back 20 points, we are beginning of fed meeting, tweeted a meeting kicks off today, we will
6:44 am
find tomorrow the federal reserve raise interest rates, widely expected their political names we are watching, mobilize, stocks surged yesterday on the announcement that intel is acquiring the company, stock was up 30% on the news please take a look at stock down a fraction but watch netflix today, the streaming service is more popular than dvrs, now in 54% of us households blue shares of netflix up 34% year over year, probably see netflix usage fries on days like this where it is snowing outside and people are staying home is a powerful nor'easter slamming the eastern seaboard already canceling thousands of flights good time thing as much is two feet of snow in new york. adam is at the weather center
6:45 am
blues no, he is outside, with the very latest lodz how is everything. >> reporter: the wind is blowing, snow very heavy out here, we have cleanup crews, might be hard to hear me at the moment but you have to stay in top of this at all times because it is coming down so strong, the waves making it feel more intense but did refills within 15 minutes which we currently see an inch on the ground, several inches through morning hours. as of right now what we are seeing is a bit of a freezing rain, very heavy, winds so strong, getting up to 30 mile an hour winds through the area but we are getting 30 mile an hour winds, that combined with the snow is when you talk about blizzard-like conditions, maybe not quite there so far but we are on the edge of that, we are getting close to it and the thing about this is it is only picking up in the next couple hours so we are still early on in this set up. maria: you think it gets worse
6:46 am
farther into the day? >> reporter: we are projecting gusts close to 50 miles an hour. snow coming down consistently but flakes are not real big, that will pick up, we are in the early pages of this and it is going to last all the way into the afternoon. maria: pirates hijacking an oil tanker off the coast of somalia. cheryl: this is the first hijacking of a large commercial vessel off the coast of somalia since 2012, eight sri lankan crew members were reported on board, pirates launching 230 attacks off the coast. in 2011 but attacks have been falling sharply after shipowners tighten security and avoided the somali coast, looks like things are picking up again unfortunately. and other headlines, you have although announcing new details for its first all electric car
6:47 am
at the geneva motor show, the car which will debut in 2019 has a starting price from 35 to $40,000 and range of 250 miles. according to automotive news tesla's upcoming model 3 should have a range of just under 250 when it goes on sale for $25,000 waiter this year. pandora adding a service that lets listeners pick their own songs and albums blued called pandora premium that lets subscribers select any song and create a new playlist with it lodz you can only choose artists or types of music, the cost of premium $999 a month, the same as a the music as well as the service will be available to certain listeners starting tomorrow, there's the stock, pandora shares 30% year over year, stock at 1238 right now it's finally this.
6:48 am
we are all thinking of warm drinks right now which how about a cappuccino? if you like twinkies blues how about for breakfast? i'm seriously ptosis has partnered to bring twinkie cappuccinos to convenience stores around the country and are launching them blues the drinks combine milk, coffee, it is called a sponge cake flavor but it is supposed to taste like us twinkie. i will keep you posted. maria: thank you so much, twinkie cappuccino, thank you. >> i thought twinkies were already part of breakfast, what did i miss? maria: turn your cappuccino into it blued still ahead from tivo, not just a hit with fans anymore blues the at-bat that earned him a standing ovation, we bring it to you next, back in a moment.
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maria: player find $10,000 for making racially insensitive comments blued good morning to you. >> golden state's expand the dollar gave an -- to use the n word several times which when asked if he knew he would sit out the game along with other warrior stars he said no clue would i do it master says. for his racially charged remark he was fined $10,000 with steve kerr who he referred to with the master comments told reporters he knew his player wasn't talking about him blues he said
6:53 am
it was a joke at the media, he plays mind games with the press but steve kerr noted there are certain humorous things you should say in the sanctity of the locker room and might want to keep from the media blues the men's ncaa basketball time it begins a couple games tonight in dayton, the women's tournament had its record revealed last night and the number one seed, connecticut house yukon win32-0 this season writing a 107 game win streak. the nfl at all time leading quarterback won't be tackling quarterbacks anymore, after 12 nfl seasons, 138 sacks to his credit, announced his retirement on twitter, his former boss john elway tweet you did the you are the enemy of what an nfl player shldbe, pay manning called him not only a hall of fame player but a hall of fame k newton. it took 9 at thats get his first
6:54 am
hit lose it happened yesterday. tim tivo making another career in professional baseball, had a single for the mets against the miami marlins yesterday. made it out in his next that that's a stats up for the spring training with a 182 on base percentage blued some applause somewhere to get on base. >> did he make a major-league roster? >> i don't think that which maybe he gets a chance to build something but the story is fantastic and should serve as inspiration to anybody of all ages. maria: can we talk about up romer and his former pro football play with a billion-dollar plan? >> is a star and has two sons in high school who are committed to
6:55 am
go to ucla. and seems like this will be an unbelievable basketball family but the way his father is taking this, he wants a $1 billion contract for alonso for sneaker company, $1 billion and is being referred to as the worst tennis father or hollywood parent blues $1 billion -- maria: a fantastic family. he is making the assumption this is going to a huge basketball family. >> i think it is boost from what we have seen so far. the younger when i recall, 92 points in the game. maria: what tuberous, $1 billion. >> also read the art of the deal where the number one rule is think big, starting big. >> you can't negotiate tough. maybe that is the way to go with the kind of story where you
6:56 am
start to worry about the young man because the pressure is there, inflated expectations, this is a psychological thing, playing at that level. >> at that age. 92 points seems obsessive, basketball. maria: does he get it? >> he is not getting $100 billion. he got a $20 million deal. maria: for the family, this billion-dollar deal. 's >> how far is ucla going in the tournament >> maybe sweet 16. i don't necessarily like ucla. maria: i really know nothing about this. we will be right back.
6:57 am
fox news headlights 24/7 or set them out on serious 7 was when we come back on a salute to our troops that one clothing company with their made in america merchandise onset, back in a minute. "mornings with maria" continues, back in a minute. so what else is new? how's your mother? umm..she's doing good. she needs more care though. she wants to stay in her house. i don't know even where to start with that. first, let's take a look at your financial plan and see what we can do. ok, so we've got... we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird. bp uses flir cameras - a new thermal imagining technology - to inspect difficult-to-reach pipelines, so we can detect leaks before humans can see them. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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maria: thanks for joining me. it is tuesday, march 14th, top story at 7:00 a.m. bracing for blizzard, thousands of flights have been canceled, the northeast tracing record-breaking snow as the midwest digs out. >> i plan to stay in the house. 's >> i did sidewalks and the front, we all work together. >> i would rather be warm again. maria: we have a lot of coverage just had with republican health care plan scores the congressional budget office with its analysis saying 24 million americans will lose coverage blues breaking down the report coming up with snoop dogg going too far? coming under fire for this market assassination of president trump blues the
7:01 am
outrage ahead blues facebook tackles privacy, social media giants is data about its users cannot be used for surveillance, how that will affect the police department coming up. ivanka absolute will be accessible to more americans which futures edging lower expecting a lower open for the re-averas, kickoff the twe day fed market, it is a quiet morning as we anticipate the federal reserve to announce higher interest rates tomorrow at the closure of that we today meeting blues in europe markets look like this, your his own indices mostly lower although things have turned around, dax index in positive territory, s&p 100 app 17 points, and the cac quarante is flat to lower blues very much a mixed story in europe, take a look at asian markets overnight, not much movement, the cosby was the best mover and check out these genes
7:02 am
going viral, the clear patches have the internet divided blues would you wear those? we have the story coming up. lee carter is here, global economic editor john hilsenrath is with us and kings college professor of business and economics brian beenberg is here. >> there are some transplants i don't understand and that is one of them. >> i used a question when people would rip up their genes which is that the point? what is wrong with patching them? >> the snow has been blowing. >> just to keep warm? i don't know. maria: there's a story behind those genes blues we have a lot to talk about today coming up with a former congressman and fox news contributor lieutenant
7:03 am
colonel allen west is with us was former health and human services secretary under president george w. bush along with wisconsin governor tommy thompson is with us and house majority leader kevin mccarthy joins us to go through his timeline in terms of the legislation they are hoping this year which first our top story, 50 million people bracing for the biggest interest on to slam the northeast this year. cheryl: we will need our jeans, sweaters, everything today is i have that story coming up blues from the mid-atlantic to the northeast this is looking to be a pretty brutal storm potentially life-threatening, the national weather service has issued blizzard warnings are pennsylvania, new jersey, new york, connecticut, rhode island, massachusetts, new hampshire, even maine blues we are looking at two feet of snow in new york city, wind gusts as you heard, 55 mph are predicted, governor andrew cuomo declaring a state of emergency along with chris
7:04 am
christie declaring one there blues connecting governor dan malloy telling all drivers stay off the roads. millions of residents prepare for widespread power outages and ro closures as well blues to the nation's guys, airports have canceled 6000 flights today but we are watching flightaware as the nor'easter goes through the region and president trump met with local authorities at the capital to discuss preparations and here is what he said was meeting with washington dc's mayor about winter storm preparations, everyone be safe. all of the skies, the first natural disaster under donald trump's administration and we will see what markets will do blues will they freeze up today? we will watch some key stocks which ahead of the federal reserve meeting which is on track unless the weather changes in dc, storm stocks, these are
7:05 am
the stocks on radar today, home depot, lowes, keep an eye out for snowplowing generatormaker's am of these are companies we are watching as well as these guys outside as the storm looks like it is intensifying during this hour. maria: asking for an extension the justice department asking lawmakers from our time together evidence related to the president's claim that president obama wiretapped trump tower blues the white house doubling down on the allegations which watch this which >> the president was clear in his suite it was wiretapping and a host of surveillance options blues the house and senate, intelligence committees now look into that and provide a report back and there has been numerous reports from a variety of outlets over the last couple months that indicate there has been different types of
7:06 am
surveillance that occurred during the 2016 election. maria: the house intelligence can be will give the doj until march 23rd to come up with that evidence for joining us is lieutenant colonel allen west was good to see you, thanks for joining us which critics of slammed the president for making claims without evidence but could it be that there was an overall investigation going on of certain russian bankers or whoever that had conversations with someone at trump tower and that investigation captured some of the phones at trump tower without necessarily trying to spy on president trump? >> the problem with all this, you guys be safe in new york with the storm happening, the problem with all this is now you have to prove it. think about that saturday this came out with the tweet from presidentrump, following a
7:07 am
very successful address to a joint session of congress was when that was the topic of the news, the narrative you want to lay out, your policy agenda and your vision and now we see the president just being nagged to death because that is what the media will do with are we there yet you are we there yet? the mentality could have on that long road trip and they are going to have to come up with something or it will damage their inability but we are not talking the health care reform, not being asked to talk about tax reform or the economic growth, they are going to be nagged about this but i don't understand why you would purposefully change your own narrative when you had a successful event. maria: one of the things i have been seeing that is fascinating because this did change the narrative from one of the most successful speeches president trump is given to now we are talking about his sweets again but the thing that is
7:08 am
fascinating is underneath this people have all had questions about what is donald trump's relationship with resolution is haunting him in many ways like hillary clinton's emails did that is the question is what is really going on and it seems he is taking this by going head on and saying they were doing stuff that was wrong too, let's try to shift the blame in some ways so we are having a different conversations about russia than they were before blues do you think that is part of his plan? >> i don't know what the intent of the plan is was if i were sitting up there at 1600 pennsylvania i would say simply after that address i just laid out my policy vision, the means by which we are going to turn this economy around, what we will do to get americans back to work and strengthen our national security, that is what i'm focused on which i'm not focused on these specters of specution people are putting outhere so at some point in time you have to put everyone else aside and say this is what my business is
7:09 am
believed it is time to be the grown-up, to be the adult, that is what we need to have in this country. maria: lawmakers suing the federal government the resettlement program but i want to get your take on this because the suit is arguing the government violated the 10th amendment that stated only power given to it by the constitution and all other powers belong to the state which tennessee is asking the government to stop reselling refugees in tennessee until all costs associated are paid with federal money but what do you think of this? >> the thing we have to understand, 49 of 50 states in the united states of america have to balance their budgets but we don't have that for the federal government, they just print money and run deficits and debt so when you continue to have these individuals thrust upon our states, that they have to do things different for their budgets because you have to look at the education impact, the medicaid medicare impacts and all the services the states have
7:10 am
to provide, so what is happening is a big thing, the unfunded liabilities and mandates the federal government continues to push on states and that is a violation of federalism, violation of the 10th amendment and states can't print money like the federal government can. maria: not the only state making noise on this please we want to get your take on this next story because the wrapper snoop dogg is under fire this morning for a mock assassination of president trump in a music video. it is quite disgusting but what is your reaction? >> it is disgusting was when hillary clinton talked about a basket of deplorables, when is this going to end? this reaction, this violence, vitriolic reaction to the election of november 2016, the violence we see on the streets? if this were flipped to eight years ago and this was happening in a different situation and that was a mock up of president
7:11 am
obama the media, everyone would be outraged. mister dog is probably in violation of us statutes and needs to be held accountable for his actions. maria: what should happen here? to do a mock assassination of the president? >> the secret service should investigate this. maria: he has the president dressed as a clown. what do you think? >> this is not -- he is trying to make a point and their are legitimate things we could be talking about from a political perspective. maria: what is the point? >> this is not enlightening, it is not creative, it is not thoughtful, just london's and it is dragging down the convertion in this country was my queion is how do you respond to this productively? it is terrible, it is awful but what can the president do to
7:12 am
change the tone and distance himself from this and set a new tone and attract people to what he is trying to do? >> very simple. the president should step up and say i am going to focus on the fact that% of black children have a mother or father in the home which i will focus on better education opportunities in the inner cities and urban communities with we just saw the president stand up signing and executive order with the historically black colleges and university presidents, that is what he needs to focus on, making sure we have better education opportunities in college and these individuals graduate from college and go out and have successful and productive live so i think that is how he take the center that into a positive bleach maria: that is a good deck and that is what he should be doing which as a rapper, to try to be a model for young people, that is what he should be talking about, education. >> this is snoop dogg, this is outrageous, this is a role model for children, this is -- maria: he says he is.
7:13 am
>> they look at this and think this is success, what you are seeing on a television screen. he should be ashamed of himself was if you hate donald trump that is fine but let's have a real debate lodz maria: thank you so much. >> always a pleasure. alan with joining us, is facebook a friend to privacy? the social media giant take steps to protect your personal information from surveillance and then it is a clear fashion statement, the internet goes wild over nordstrom's bizarre new take on mom is that is next lodz liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind
7:14 am
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7:16 am
we cut the price of trades to give investors even more value. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be. maria: facebook take the step to protect users information. cheryl: a hot topic blues facebook wants to keep it users safe from surveillance tool saying data about it users can no longer be used by third parties for tracking purposes business move cutoff law enforcement from information allegedly used to monitor protesters and activists was the new policy after civil rights organizations raise concerns about privacy on facebook would be aclu published documents showing how police department
7:17 am
uses the media to practice protesters in places like ferguson, missouri, and baltimore blues the least brick and mortar chain hurt by internet shopping, gander mountain, file for chapter 11 protection, they will close 32 of their 162 stores, closing 11 states with the shutdown at the minnesota-based company will affect 1200 and part-time workers which finally, would you wear these? nordstrom is selling clearing the mom jeans, describing them as quote excellent classic panels, for futuristic feel and tapered and cropped, high waist jeans blues the retail is $99 blues the internet is weighing in, one twitter user says best part of this, machine washed but if you put it in the dryer your pants would melt blues another guy says good news at nordstrom,
7:18 am
just confirmed in a bad timeline from back to the future ii. one mom said please explain your self, how dare you. maria: why are moms always getting this? are moms supposed to not have style? why not just jeans? >> they put the panels on top of that? 's >> your in deep water on top of that. >> mom these are high waist jeans which remember the snl skit? that is what mom means are known as. maria: they are back in vogue. >> everything from the 80s, i know plenty of hot mamas. mom jeans, so true. >> what is the point?
7:19 am
>> you get it to your knees. >> ripped plastic knees. in and swords. shorts. is edging closer to the grand exit was the country's st step toward leaving the european union and all those other elections going on. on the heels of record sales, ivanka changing her jewelry line blues that is next, back in a moment. ( ♪ ) upstate new york is a good place to pursue your dreams. at vicarious visions, i get to be creative, work with awesome people, and we get to make great games. ( ♪ )
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including depreciation. and if you have more than one liberty mutual policy, you qualify for a multi-policy discount, saving you money on your car and home coverage. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. maria: the united kingdom's exit from the united kingdom taking a
7:23 am
huge that yesterday, british parliament passing a bill which will allow prime minister teresa may to begin the eu exit. queen elizabeth could formally sign the bill as early as today, plus these other elections going on in the eu zon this weekend in coming months. >> a couple important things happening in the euro zone which we have elections in the netherlands tomorrow and reporting today scotland is talking about a second referendum, the common denominator is the national movement we have seen pieces of in the united states, sweeping europe and the questions from the market perspective is is this going to break up the european union and is a going to break up the euro? market that new highs, these are damaging events, i am watching netherlands very cleverly --
7:24 am
carefully. maria: the individual all the way to the right has success. >> we think. maria: if he were to win, what are his chances and what does that mean as far as this way toward the right? >> doesn't look like he is going to win but he is pulling the country to the right and it is important, a signal where the french elections are going down the road. the nationalists front leader, and she is anti-european union, we could see a lot of turmoil in europe. maria: of france goes to the right the euro collapses. >> this shows us which way the winds are blowing. dagen: falling that is the dutch
7:25 am
trump. maria: the polling said no way donaldrump wl be president and here he is. >> he was leading at what point in the polls so that is a good question. 's >> even if these candidates get into power the question is what will they do to fix the economies? that is one of the common denominators the workers can't find jobs which maria: change labor laws. >> they are focused on trade issues would within their country they have so many regulations that hurt entrepreneurs. >> conservative movement all over the world including here they are rewriting their own economic textbooks. you talk about them rewriting labor laws, that is not what they are talking about france, they are talking breaking up the
7:26 am
euro, tightening restrictions on immigration which you might have social problems growing out of that but doesn't help your population growth which you need to get the economies going blues the right is moving in a different direction, rewriting economic textbooks. maria: this could change the balance of what is going on in europe which >> i wonder about markets being complacent with we had a story in the wall street journal about crowded trades, people piled into this idea of optimism about growth but there are still landmines out there that could upset markets. maria: president trump will meet with the leader of china blues this will be an important meeting, what is your taking up on that? >> it should be a 10 day meeting from foreign-policy to economics blues we will see the trade
7:27 am
conversation, north korea is such a big issue and that is appropriate, that is the bigger issue is the less they talk about trade disruption the better it will be for markets was given the turmoil in europe that is a good thing. >> i'm struck by the president has toned down his comments on shine and focus more on mexico but backed off. maria: one china policy. >> he said he would current -- currency manipulator blues they haven't done it yet blues like you say he is worried about north korea and doesn't want to pick a fight with the chinese but looks like he is trying to take a modulated tone on our second-biggest trading partner. china is the source of our trade problems, not mexico. china has displaced more american jobs than mexico which maria: it is also the issues around north korea. the president understands the us
7:28 am
needs china in terms of north korea and what is happening with the disruption blues that is part of the conversation with the leader of china blues when we come back we break down the republican healthcare plan, the but could leave millions of people without health care which have the party's response to that was a major brand getting artificial flavors, when caribou coffee plans to clean up its drink menu, back in a minute or smack
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
maria: welcome back to march 14th, on the east coast winter weather slams the east, millions dealing with a massive form, many flights already canceled blues we bring the details as 50 million americans ride out strong winds and heavy snow but republicans facing a storm in washington was the congressional budget office blowing the healthcare plan meaning 24 million americans will lose coverage in the current state of the plan, president trump addressed the issues with healthcare at the white house. >> things will be bad for the people under obamacare, the republicans are putting themselves in a bad position, by repealing obamacare people are not going to see the truly
7:32 am
devastating effects of obamacare, the devastation in 17, 18, 19, it will be gone by then was whether we do it or not it will be imploded off the map. maria: the gop's fight is on coming up, tragedy for tyler perry after a fire destroyed his father's home blues details coming up. daughter ivanka trump shifting the focus to less expensive options and markets are mixed, futures indicate a lower open, down industrial down 30 points, a fractional move but all the major averages ahead of the fed meeting stocks searching direction blues the s&p is up, the cac quarante and dax index lower, federal reserve begins a two day meeting and they will raise interest rates tomorrow
7:33 am
blues brothers in arms and in his this blues the vets that are using their company to hire fellow heroes, weight until you see this story coming up this morning, congressional budget office releasing a report on the gop replacement plan for obamacare, the republican plan would increase the number of people without health insurance by 14 million by next year and by 2026, 24 million americans would be uninsured but it would cut the federal deficit by $337 billion blues donald trump held tom price and house speaker paul ryan, weighed in on the report. >> we are not going to have 1-size-fits-all blues we will work to unleash the power of the private marketplace to the insurers compete for business and you will the rates go down and plans go up. >> we disagree strenuously with the report that was put out but we believe our plan will cover more individuals and given
7:34 am
choices they want, not a livable is what we would suggest. >> it is a lower premium, 10%, stabilizes the market, it is $1.2 trillion spending cut. maria: health and human service secretary under george w. bush and tommy thompson, thanks for joining us. >> always a pleasure to be on your program, thanks for having me ends good luck. maria: we need good luck in this snowstorm. maria: the cbo's report where they talk about 24 million people being without insurance, what is your take on this? >> look at the overall direction paul ryan and the republicans are going blues obamacare took one year to get past, went
7:35 am
through several iterations, several deals had to be made to get the necessary votes. in new york, if you like good sausage, good laws, best not to be a manufacturer, this will go through a lot of things, the cbo score, they were completely off you won't change your plan, just the opposite took place, so many areas in this country don't have any competition whatsoever. in some areas no plans at all blues what republicans are trying to do is set up competition as president trump just said, as everybody knows, it is going to be an area where consumers have a lot voice, a lot more decision and i would say don't at it now, look at it
7:36 am
when the bill is passed. maria: a lot of different iterations before the plan budget will be marked up quite a bit. >> there will be a lot of changes was when it gets passed through the house, there will be a lot of changes, the $14 million figure, people won't have a choice, be completely less and probably an area that will be more people covered in the long run. maria: people might not be covered because they chose not to be covered. >> choice is one of the most important things people will get out of this plan. talking about who is not covered or what we are losing, i want to know what do you think the most important component of this proposal are, that we are going
7:37 am
to get? >> the fact that you will have individual choice, pick the plan you want and open up the insurance market with the insurance company will come in nationally and offer a cheaper plan, more plans and you will decide as a consumer what is the best plan for me? do i need this coverage obamacare says i have to have, maybe i don't and i can have a slimmed down pack the take care of me and my family and it will be less costly and more competition which will help consumer. speech e.g. when the president talked about a more competitive market and more choice but you be specific in explaining to our viewers what is it in the paul ryan plan that makes the market more competitive? what are the details that will bring more choice and more competition to the insurance
7:38 am
market? >> it will allow individuals to have more choice in the long run but also you got to wait for the total package this is one of three areas i looked at blues first one, this one has to be in the reconciliation so there is a limitation as to what paul ryan and the republicans read this first bill, second what is tom price's secretary has awesome powers, it will change a lot of this and make the laws and make the more competitive blues the third one is the house and senate past the third bill which does not have to be restricted by reconciliation, the bird rule you have more competition put in, be able to buy insurance across state lines, have a different package, have you able to decide what is the best
7:39 am
package for you. that is where paul ryan and the republicans want to get to. >> a lot is made of how people will fall off of medicaid as a result of these cuts but the point you want to create a healthcare system where you have fewer people depending on government run health insurance? isn't that one of the features of this program? >> absolutely but everybody also want a safety net which i spoke to speaker ryan and president trump and everybody wants to have a very secure safety net so do have access and the opportunity to have health insurance and this is going to take place, it will not all be taken care of with the first bill. it will be the and the second bill but a 3-legged stool will take place and you will find that the end of the day more competition, more insurance companies in the market, less
7:40 am
premiums and more opportunities to buy insurance and in those areas where you have to have the government medicaid will play a vital role but the states will set it up, not the federal government and that is the thing. maria: some people argue given it allows more people into the medicaid program it is more of a government giveaway. >> no question you can make that argument but it also has a on it and there has never been a cap on medicaid before blues all of this goes into play, back to what the surrogate court said, you have good laws, best not to make an early watch project an end when all is said and done, a lot of iteration just like the obamacare took over a year before that was finally passed but if you remember, when it was finally passed they had to come back with a cleanup bill in
7:41 am
order to make it operational. a lot of changes take place please maria: thanks for weighing in as we appreciate your time today, see you soonlues coming up, winter strikes back, massive blizzard freezing travel, forcing schools across the region to castle class -- cancel class. ivanka refining her line of fine jewelry, changes coming up. at legalzoom, our network of attorneys can help you every step of the way. with an estate plan including wills or a living trust that grows along with you and your family. legalzoom. legal help is here. at angie's list, we believe there are certain things you can count on, like what goes down doesn't always come back up. [ toilet flushes ] so when you need a plumber, you can count on us to help you find the right person for the job.
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maria: it is not snowing in florida but bad weather affecting a space lunch. >> reporter: high winds forced space x describe their falcon 9 rocket launch, it is rescheduled for thursday morning at 1:30 delivering a communication
7:45 am
satellite for echo times, this will be space x's third launch since an explosion last september at cape canaveral air force station. the father of comedian tyler perry losing his louisiana home in a massive fire 155 fighters on site which he was at home when he heard popping and cracking sounds from the attic which he was able to get out safely but the house was a total loss was fire officials believe electrical issues may be to blame blues after years of prep work, free of artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners at all us locations was for the past three is caribou has been reforming and testing their products which think of it is no msg, in anything you buy blues the process not without risk of
7:46 am
losing recent survey found 70% of consumers relabel so they are looking for something different. ivanka trump's jewelry company going more downscale, it will continue the ivanka fine jewelry collection and focus on stylish but cheaper products. the brand was -- the decision was made as, quote, part of our company and commitment to offering solution oriented products at accessible price points. it is price-sensitive. those are your headlines. maria: it is lower scale on the jewelry line which >> it is part of what the ivanka trump line is, it is accessible, that is what she is doing with our shoes and handbag but it is
7:47 am
high end and seem congress and the rest of the brand, doesn't make sense. >> if that is the case. should she be profiting off of the political stance. maria: probably wants to make it accessible for as many people as possible and doesn't make it more high end. >> at this time it doesn't make sense. she understands to the demographic is. maria: that is marketing 101. even the jewelries -- maria: check out the next business, and brent il. the military theme, giving back to fellow veterans. e, actually .
7:48 am
ooohh!! aaaahh!! uh! hooooly mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. it's truck month. get 0% financing for 60 months plus find your tag and get $5500 on select chevy silverado pick-ups when you finance with gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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maria: a powerful nor'easter slams the easter seaboard, dumping two feet of snow in new york which adam fox is looking at current conditions. >> reporter: for the last several hours we see heavy snow but we have seen a transition as a mix between i have been catching it, ice colored mixed with snowfall out there. and switched over the ice because temperatures are changing, look at the weather maps, and settled on the rain and snow line which means we are starting to see ic conditions,
7:52 am
farther south in washington dc, rain throughout the day, and if you go farther in land, really heavy snow at this point, we are sitting on that boundary, bouncing back and forth between i send snow and we have seen it gust at 30 or 40 mph, that will keep going through the afternoon. maria: we will cheap checking back. thank you so much checking out the weather blues leading by example that is how to help veterans, the athletic gear manufacturer sells military merchandise, made in america, 200 employees are veterans and patriots blues here to talk about how they are giving back helping veterans succeed, and team leader -- thank you for
7:53 am
joining us which i love the story behind re-bleach tell us about the company. >> i was a drill sergeant at fort benning with a new wife and baby. haven't been home in a while. i got home and didn't know what to do but i wanted to keep connected to pride and patriotism and sold t-shirts out of the back of my card blues 200 employees later here i am please maria: how hard was that to get started from nothing? >> literally googled what his business and now we are surrounded by a great team. maria: what about your side of things? 's >> daniel created a good
7:54 am
environment blues the culture normally going into new jobs, got to get to know everybody but being in a veteran community, it is an instant connection. a lot of veterans missed that coming out please maria: that camaraderie, you have to believe when you are selling clothing made by veterans, honoring veterans that people want to be involved. >> that is what a lot of terans missed blues that is what i missed. it helped out a lot big-time. maria: what reception do you get from veterans when they work with you? >> it is like seeing family, you guys meet each other, a community that has as been there. we don even have our own decorator.
7:55 am
maria: make decisions, you decided to manufacture in the united states, cheaper elsewhere but made that decision. 's >> instead of throwing money or lining our pockets, our best way is to hire the most veterans and patriots as possible. maria: things on the clothing. >> i don't come up with designs on -- i have more smarter people. maria: this is the american flag. >> this says made in the usa. and came up with great stuff. maria: what a change from what you have seen. you are in iraq and afghanistan, a veteran of iraq and afghanistan, tell us about the
7:56 am
experiences you have had. >> the camaraderie, and a strong bond. i was missing that. it felt like home lose i was back with my brothers and sisters and fellow patriots as well. maria: the dallas police department, in the wake of the attack left five police officers that your company sold 25,000 t-shirts, and for the dallas police family, that was a big decision. >> inspire by connection between our fans, handing out a couple hundred thousand dollars something we couldn't do blues
7:57 am
the whole community everywhere, the company rallied together, vendors and suppliers, we need to do this on the cheap and everyone to gather. maria: what do you do to get the business to the next level? do you need to get bigger? >> one of the numbers on screen, it was actually 150,000 units a month blues that is what we do now. we are always -- maria: you were -- >> asked what is the next level, always pushing through. maria: thank you so much for joining us, we will be right back. ( ♪ ) i moved upstate because i was interested in building a career. i came to ibm to manage global clients and big data. but i found so much more. ( ♪ ) it's really a melting pot of activities and people. (applause, cheering)
7:58 am
new york state is filled with bright minds like victoria's. to find the companies and talent of tomorrow, search for our page, jobsinnewyorkstate on linkedin.
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. . >> good tuesday morning thanks so much joining us i am maria bartiromo it is snowy tuesday, march 14 this morning, top stories 8:00 a.m. on the east coast, 50 million americans bracing for major blizzard the record-breaking storm, stretching from midwest now making its way up the northeast travel has been crippled massive pileups on roads thousands of flights already canceled. >> going to be great, we are going to -- snow we haven't a lot of snow, but i am looking if ard to it. >> in tomorrow, closed, home during day a anyway, so we're luck. >> live coverage ahead covered on all details you need for this major storm, plus health
8:01 am
care by the numbers the congressional budget office about scoring 24 million will lose coverage under this bill the president reportedly getting cia new powers, the "the wall street journal" this morning, reporting the trump administration, is taking a different stance than obama white house, on drone strikes, the details coming up. nintendo switch hit by hackers what you need to know if you just bought one of the particular gage consuls hackers on it futures this morning indicating the markets will be lower take a look at major averages pulling back down 30 appoints dow industrials nasdaq s&p 500 negative, we are waiting on federal reserve, of course, the fed kicks off two day meeting, this morning, and we are wild expecting fed will announce interest rates will be moving up tomorrow on that meeting, closes, in europe stocks are searching for direction take a look at european averages ft 100 higher the other majors lower by a fraction, in asia overnight, stocks mixed as you will see here not far from
8:02 am
where they opened the session. looking for love, some can i beeder users running into trouble trying to make a match latest on outage coming up all those this morning joining me pollster lee carter "the wall street journal" global economics editor johnson johnson kings climbing professor of business and economics brian brebd berg greet. >> good to be here. >> lots to talk about. >> i agree with that kid at opening of your -- of your he all this snow good thing everyone complains. >> who doesn't like a snow day right? so a. >> makes us slow down there is one you know wore one day we can all just -- yeah. >> hunker down. >> catch our breath. >> a break ken mccarthy with us coming up momentarily the host of varney varn stuart varney as well don't miss a moment we've got a big hour coming up we kick off right here with 50 million people northeast bracing for massive
8:03 am
winter storm adam sharp iro live in new york city bracing the weather. reporter: 27 degrees snow accumulating wind blowing an icy pellety snow hitting your faithful kind of hurts the proliferated for people in cleveland ohio a typical summer day the serious nature of all this there are 5900 flights have been canceled because of this storm when you look at how it is paralyzing tax reform from new york to boston, amtrak usually can take the train, they have canceled a service to boston delayed service on regional train station and that includes south to washington delayed service, in new york city, the subways are only running underground, all above ground trains they are not running, schools obviously closed, and this is the part of the story where live reporter outside tells everyone stay inside and asking people to stay off the streets, because they are trying to plow streets as snow
8:04 am
continues to fall so that it doesn't accumulate some stocks to watch today that might get a benefit out of all this obviously, home depot, lowe's, people go to get -- shovels and salt, the company that one of the companies that mines that salt they are putting down on roads, come apples minerals you can see premarket, briggs & stratton some machines going by me, that have those gasoline powered engines smaller engines motors, some stocks to keep eye on today, again, the big headlined from all of this is roughly 5900 flights canseled new york city not paralyzed 6th eave pretty much would be gridlock this hour right now you can see there ew,y i am going to rap up throw it back to you i want to i give everyone idea where we are you are in that studio warm, and dry. and has hot coffee and doughnuts we're outside reporting back to you. >> we keep coming back to you
8:05 am
we need to know what you know you are telling us firsthand thank you. . reporter: you are welcome. >> adam shapiro new york city in trump administration slammings o cbo report on health law that claims 24 million americans will be uninsured blake burman at white house with that latest angle blake over to you. reporter: maria, good morning to you keep on weather theme for a second omb director mulvan oox &riends" moments ago joking congressional budget office thinks it is 75 degrees sunny in washington today, they are pushing back on many of the he projections in cbo report touting some numbers as well for example that premiums would bip 10% in the long term, and that federal deficit cut 340 billion dollars over the next decade. here was mulvaney yesterday as those numbers came out. >> we believe for reasons that have been basic tenets of republican conservative thought for a long time competition loerz cost cbo
8:06 am
told us that is competently right. >> a democrats say the plan would drastically reduce you number of s ensured 14 million 201824 million next decade as government spending declines, for medicaid. >> -- the republicans right now some of them are saying discredititing cbo others are glorifying pushing 4 million people off -- 24 mill off coverage. >> at white house bowling night for freedom caucus those folks republicans neitheron need onboard postponed because of weather turns out that this ahca plan might be in first shape because president said yesterday i am quoting here that it will still be a big fat beautiful negotiations. from president trump yesterday. >> thank you so much, blake
8:07 am
burman, there. acute a assessment from president. >> no longer my big fat greek wedding my big fat beautiful -- >> doesn't have a reason to disagree with the cbo report. >> well yeah i think, i mean if we look back, what did -- estimate say about obamacare in the beginning wild off, so i think part case needs to be made what is missing, i think we have been talking about this a lot what is missing from these estimates that people are going to get, what is going to happen, that we know right now it is a lot of. >> they -- >> less expensive, that first of all. >> administration can't have it both ways because on one hand saying that they are disputing cbo projection that 24 million fury people will have coverage, on the other hand saying, look the deficit goes down in premiums go down in prolong run that is a good thing, so you can't attack the part of the plan that you don't like, without discrediting the part that you do like also. >> the important point is the
8:08 am
cbo estimates are not fact. they are projections of incredibly complex model for health care -- >> they have been wrong, but a what we should be saying thank you for input this is a data point in the conversation, it is not fact and we need to look at assumptions in these o he projections and determine if accurated or not that is what i think administration should be going with. >> -- the hire you -- >> definitely. >> this plab is going to change when it pops to the senate so estimates might be meanwhile,less once senate adds facets selling insurance -- across state lines, we could see everything change. >> i wondered how that changes the cost. because that is one of the things going for it the cost. >> the cost reductions are driven by the fact that people are going to leave medicaid overtime at a is the big costs savings in this thing if more stay on medicaid cost savings go away republicans touting cost savings there, but they
8:09 am
really should be careful about completing undermining cbo as institution they are going to need cbo on other issues down the road can'ted be flip-flopping back-and-forth on this. >> asked law enforcement for extension to gate evidence related to the president's wiretapping claims, what do you think the reason is for this extension and -- is this taking away time and energy that should be on the agenda? that should be on obamacare as well as tax reform. >> yes, the bovm donald trump has been he amazing at shifting the conversation, when he needs to. this is a moment he did not need to shift the conversation to where we are right now. he could deliver a magnificent speech to the joint session, we are having conversation about all right things people are feeling optimistic about taxes about optimistic about health care, and now we are talking about wiretapping and -- it was -- you know i wondered if that that whole wiretapping thing is just going to fade away i
8:10 am
mean the white house is already kind of backing away from those claims, you have a congressional hearing a couple congressional hearings, and everybody forgets that the president tweeted it within -- within a month or so. >> the problem is right now, as we are in the midst this have health care bill as talking about tax reform people like paul ryan are having to make statements on these issues, and that is time away from trying to solve the real issues that people want them to solve that is the real problem. >> that is right. >> kevin mccarthy soon in the program said this is not impacted their focus, and time, on the agenda. but we will see you have to believe it does take -- >> what they are going to say they have to say that these are conversations we're having we should be focused on the real issues that matter to the american people. >> we will take a short break when we come back hackers playing games with anyone tendso now how they have exploited the new counsel two weeks after its release plus kindser flkrs out the
8:11 am
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8:14 am
with details. cheryl: yes, maria. 26-year-old jonathan tran in court on monday for a bond hearing was back in court until this ordered to stay within 100s up to us of hometown in california must wear gps monitor stay away from white house under about to o a mental health evaluation charging with entering restricted grounds carrying a o dangerous weapon faces up to 10 years in prison. we will out of headlines this morning nintendo -- only the out for a few weeks looks like counsel has been hacked, hacker posting image on twitter of a switch device with screen showing his name the word done. hack may have been carried out by exploiting weakness in hidden switch browseers one expert says does not pose major risk nintendo likely to release a update next few days. >> a complaining about it can issues if you are playing a game on tv mode someone passes
8:15 am
by connection between the swift would be interrupted temporarily gamerers probably not looking for those issues -- finally this for people look looking for love on tinder look elsewhere last night web site outage monitor says thousands affected mainly in europe one frustrated user tweeted tinder down how am i supposed to use it have no one swipe me back -- you think you weren't getting love on tinder, anyway back to inordinately this morning, didn't say on twitter account what caused the problem looks like everyone can get back and sweeop away this morning. maria: all right, interesting, because that it has become so popular a big deal if an outage. >> biggest dating app in the world. >> activity today at home. >> all right, can we show the screen behind is guys the
8:16 am
window, it is really coming down right nowtake aooat snow things have picked upin a big way. thicker coming down seems sticking. >> we need another shot from our reporter outside. >> [laughter] >> adam -- >> -- a hard time. >> he is right in the mil of that mess out there. >> someone needs to bring him hot chocolate. >> or twiefrpnky cappuccino. >> kevin mccarthy was he in on congressional budget office report republicans obamacare replacement we will get his timeline for all of the items on his agenda then soaring demand for drone pilots stung new state highlighting the change in technology, right back "mornings with maria".
8:17 am
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maria: welcome back, a new turn in war on terror this morning "the wall street journal" is reporting that president trump, has given the cia now, ly new authority to conduct drone strikes on suspected militants the move for counterterrorism operations news correspondent lea gabrielle good to see you thanks so much for joining is. >> first of all, there has been a lot of questions about prent trump intelligence community the first thing signals is that he has trust in thentelligence community a if study is true, officials told "the wall street journal" in this case he is expanding
8:21 am
authorities to the intelligent sxhunt you allow an organization to do a strike mission, to take lives, you are giving them that authority definitely says you have confidence in the organization i think also that he wants to go against some targets, president trump has said throughout his campaign, that he wants to take hard stance towards isis and i think it basically sends a message, that he is wanting everyone who is in that space fighting against who has the ability to fight against isis in targets, has the ability when they he saw the rules of engagement figure out they have a viable target to allow them to go after them. >> do you think that is big break from the obama administration policy? >> well the obama administration policy really changed as a result of pressure from human rights groups groups like aclu, so in 2013, president obama really starting moving authorities over to pentagon the reason is because of transparency that pentagon requires in terms of what happens after strike about where civilian casualties, et cetera, the policies, this is a change in policy, it is a more
8:22 am
aggressive stance, by president trump, and you know it is basically a risk worse game decision that he has made because when you -- when you are giving authorities expanding them you are taking more risks and you are hoping that the game will be worth thoses risks. >> two questions. one is the pentagon had to disclose when it did strikes like this about the cia doesn't is this towards more covert operation by trump administration that is one the other is, is he taking power away from pentagon by allowing the cia, to do these drone operations? instead of the pentagon doing them? >> i want to answer second one first that is it is really that -- you know is he taking power from pentagon i do not view that it way i will tell you, why while first of all, there are a lot of joint programs within the cia military. i have been involved in programs where they worked together, i have seen how they can work together when they ry good environment to operate
8:23 am
withinon times cia works with special mission units, talking about things like delta, there are ways they can collaborate work together to be more effective, and what was your second question. >> is this a move towards more covert operations. >> yoo. >> does pentagon have to disclose when it does these things are there strikes we don't know about. >> cia doesn't have -- that is absolutely true i would say answer probable yes, i think that when you are war fighting you sometimes have to make those decisions are we more transparent are we going to do most effective, the element of surprise one of the basic concepts, in taking military action, in trying to fight wars so e element of surprise abity to nduct covert can did he say tiny operations i think very important i think what president trump is looking to do more of. maria: president said many times why tell the enemy what we're doing, very you know vocal on that, speaking of the drone operations the air force
8:24 am
more jobs available for drone pilots than any other human flown aircraft you were a pilot what do you think. >> two things as a joke, that well they have more jobs for drone pilots well if you are starting up to go fly for air force i guess you are probably going to want to fly a fighter jet like i did what i wanted to do that being said, now to more serious side, drones can do different things than jets, first of all, you can go into areas, and take higher risk because you don't have risk to human life you can put drones in places that you wouldn't necessarily want to put a jet with two people or one person or american life in it, so the other capabilities that drones have, is being able to stay aish born longer being able to carry payloads not carrying human beings a lot of reasons that we're going to use more and more drones in the future. but, again, i think to key point is, that the air force has all jobs available. >> does this change the profile of of who air fors is
8:25 am
looking for in these roles? you know does it shift you have got "top gun" sort of mentality in head now you want gameers -- >> almost is true profile of. >> i can't wait to see "top gun" for drone pilots movie. so those a volleyball team. >> it would be a game -- >> doing -- >> overcrowd by -- all night. >> to your point, i think the -- the things that make somebody good pilot still sort of apply across the board, having good hand eye coordination, ability to handle a lot of things at you at once so i think that still looking for similar people to be pilots, again, the difference is if you are sitting thousands of miles away, you know, essentially cubicle feels like simulator it is different than the person who actually has to operate in combat when you are actually there doing it and
8:26 am
rife at risk. >> seal team 6 joining south korea how does north korea respond. >> north korea likes to saker rattle at an beyond saber-rattling whenever we do joint exercises leadership in north korea gets upset we saw ballistic missile launches from north korea last week. i think that this will send a message if it is true, i am just going to add if it is true, because sometimes these stories come out i know whenever there is something that -- that people can say about seal team 6 want to say it whether seals involved or he will see team e6 seals involved bottom line if true will send a a message to north korea and south korea south korea we are here for you we have confidence but also we do have to prepare for the worse in that region. maria: for sure, he is not showing -- sane signs the
8:27 am
north is not thanks so much, request we come back timeline for tax reform i talk with k house majority leader caffeine mccarthy what we can expect congress to tackle one of president trump's key pain promising a different tune pandora's plan to take on spotify and apple play, back in a minute. ♪, i got to -- uh-huh. >> -- ♪, , ♪. >> to
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. maria: good tuesday morning. i'm maria bartiromo thanks so much joining me it is tuesday, march 14 top stories right now 8:30 a.m. on the east coast, winter weather slams the east, millions are dealing with massive storm today, nearly 6,000 flights have already been canceled, residents across several states are doing what they can, to stay safe. >> i have been all my life i have known this kind of thing. >> plan on staying inside, and doing a little shoveling about it. >> going to leave evening after work -- i thought cutting it close. maria: we've got you covered on storm following the very latest of this dangerous storm we will bring it to you coming up, republicans are facing a storm of their own in washington, the congressional budget office delivering a blow to gop health care plan saying 4 million americans will lose coverage, under this
8:31 am
current bill, top republicans lashed out against that report pop. >> but i am encouraged is, once the reforms kick in the cbo is telling us it is goings to lower premiums will lower premiums 10%, the fact of the matter going to be able to buy koifrj policies they want for themselves to and families have kind of choices that they want. >> the very latest on health care battle coming up new details meanwhile, in fallout over yahoo! hacking scandal massive chaensdz verizon tried to make to the deal for the company, after that breach, futures indicating market is mixed right now, in the u.s. we are expecting a lower opening for the broader averages take a look, with lows of the morning right now dow jones industrial average expects down 55 points, nasdaq s&p 500 also in negative territory. we are waiting on federal reserve, the fed kicked two of-day meeting today as planned. despite snow. and we are expecting that fed will announce tomorrow, that they are hiking interest rates by a quarter of a point, in europe, there are numbers
8:32 am
stocks lower across the board, as you can see there worst performer in paris cac quarante down two-thirds of 1% in asia overnight stocks are mixed but really not far from where they began the session, as you can see, fractal moves we are watching oil prices this morning a new 3 1/2-month low, opec said inventories continue to rise despite efforts to cut production with more oil, prices are pressure. >> have congressional budget office releasing report on gop replacement plan for obamacare cbo found republican plan would increase number of people without health insurance by 14 million next year by year 2026, a full 24 million amerans uninsured however, the report found it would cut federal deficit by 337 billion dollars next decade the president spoke about the health care bill yesterday. watch. >> secretary price and i along with my entire administration and a lot of people in the senate and a lot of people in the house are committed to
8:33 am
repealing and replacing this disastrous law with health care plan that lowers costs, expands choice and ensures access for everyone. >> want to bring in house generator leader creamy kevin mccarthy good to see you congressman thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks for having me i hope you are staying warm. maria: we are staying warm but it is snowing pretty aggressively here in new york, let me get your take on this idea that 4 million americans lose coverage, recognizing, of course, that that is also by choice. because as part of the plan, your doing away withes no mandates that forced people to take on health insurance or pay a fee. so part of it is by choice nonetheless 4 million americans not s insured by 2026. >> is to remember too this is o cbo scoring phase one of three phases, for the overall replacement remember we don't get to replace exactly as we want to in this first phase because one, you have to go
8:34 am
through reconciliation you have the bird rule senate doesn't ameticulous put all mechanism in they take care of some uninsured. >> secondly no process of what secretary price the powers that he has, more than 1400, in the aca, to improve and stabilize the market, but you are correct. we are repealing the individual mandate so there are people who do not want insurance that are forced to have insurance. that will will -- choose not to have it, but think of this i am actually very encouraged by cbo report one lowers premiums, the biggest concern people have out there, secondly it lowers the deficit, and when you look at small business confidence just booming, that is because it takes away more than 800 billion dollars of tax burden on them, so i am encouraged by this because this is only phase one of our three phases, people are going to have more choice, prices going to be lower at the end of the day, more people are going to be
8:35 am
encouraged to be able to have health care and health care that they choose to have. maria: rand paul obviously with his own plan, has said over the last week or so that it is an expansion of medicaid is it more important congressman to look at fact that over the near-term your plan allows more people to join medicaid or is it more important to take a look at the fact that there's ultimately going to be a cap on medicaid which actually contains it? >> well, medicaid cannot sustain itself the expansion of medicaid right now if you look in just 10-year window will cost us one trillion dollars in tenth year that is how much we spend on the entire discretionary budget from military cia to department of agriculture, so it can't sustain itself so if you don't the do something about it, and this is what we do in our plan, we actually give states about flexibility. i have 18 governors in you you bipartisan republican and democrats the number one thing they requested, give me flexibility, in any state and
8:36 am
i can manage the medicaid, it doesn't have to be able for federalizing to pay 90% of it that is exactly what we are doing we are finding a better way to give health care people have more choice going to lower the premiums. maria: what do you think the cbo report misses in terms of its assessment of this plan? >> well, it is not the cbo's fault of what they are missing because they can only score what is in front of them they don't get a score phase two all 1400 different points that dr. price has power to do, they can't score phase three, those bills that will be moving through the house right afr we vote on this bill will go to senate takes 60 votes, those type of elements combined together i think the american people are going to be able to see, a much better bill that puts them in power at the same time lowers the proo is. >> a lot of people are saying this morning, that this is like a sausage making process going to get marked up going to be a different bill before
8:37 am
it does become law, where is the give here congressman? how do you think this looks different in the next couple weeks? i know you have you want to get something out by easters. correct. >> yes, we would would you like to, remember we have gone through two committees already, every republican has voted for it we have taken every amendment that a democrats wanting to offer unfortunately, the democrats offered he amendments about changing hashtag the name of the bill spent hours on that. we will now go through the budget, and then we will go to rules committee, but i think this is the framework of where it is when you look at the core of what cbo says does it lower premiums lower deficit does it remove taxes from small business those are all yeses, yes, we remove individual mandate talked about that from the very beginning what we're going to see too, in phase two and three to be able to make those improvements of what we are looking for. we have never hidden from that fact. it is the rules of the senate, that forces us to do in three phases that is exactly what
8:38 am
we're doing, i am actually encouraged by what the cbo says, because it proves that yes, we are lower premiums. >> do you need that cadillac tax in there? i mean, do you need to have some mechanism to raise revenue while you are also cutting out so many other taxes, of course, that we know hurt business? >> no, we do not what we need is greater choice greater tint, because remember why we are here today maria. because one-third of every county in america only has one choice, government took it over says one-size-fits-all we know does not work for america. then forced people whether theyikt our not would punish them if they i had did not apply health care you look at cbo numbers should be encouraged that yes, we are going to lower premiums bring health care with more choice, more opportunity and empower the individual to make that decision. >> congressman i know you are going to speak with the president today about health care bill. what will be the focus of your conversation where are priorities when you are in front of the president about this. >> we continue to look at -- those members we need to
8:39 am
continue to talk to explain this bill to. as we walk through the process. we are going to be going through the budget process committee, this week. unfortunately congress because of the snowstorm is not in today will come in tomorrow, we just want to make sure everybody has all the information, touch base one more time continue to move forward. maria: you know the stakes are so high at this point why everyone is focusing on your timeline because if you don't get this done in time frame that you would like, then taxes become you know, delayed, so -- how do you see your timeline taking place in 2017 in terms of of the real priorities on agenda? >> we are going exactly to the timeline that we laid out our first process was regulation reform look how successful we've been at that, you know, never before had a congressional review only one signed into law we have already put three into law 14, in house we have moved to health care, we produced the bill two committees on track
8:40 am
exactly where we thought we would be once done with health care this is what cbo stresses as well repealing more than 800 billion worth of taxes that is loerz the baseline allows us to do and broaden tax reform next once health care is done, you are correct that is why it is so critical, to get health care done now, so we can move to tax reform growth in america that is number one thing we need growth in erica will solve many problems th idea america sets for mediocrity 2% or less new norm that is not where america is we should be , 4% of growth that would be a fundamental difference a change. >> what is a realistic corporate tax the rate? is it 20% congressman what is realistic tax cut for animaling american out there today what are people who are watching really going to see when your tax, he reform plan gets signed into law. >> well i think it should be 20% or lower corporate rate we know if we want to compete we
8:41 am
are in a competitive world, america needs to at least start on same starting line as other countries. so the other part tax respectfully should be especially for every american, it had should be able to fill out on a postcard you don't need seven different brackets of rates that should be three. and people should be able to understand whether having with money that is fair that somebody across the aisle not paying different making same amount i think you will find will bring growth back to america per proportionally jobs back to america you have watch what this president has done look at latest report for small business confidence they have seen a change in the white house now they are seeing policy changes here in congress, the senate we just need to carry through to make sure, we finish the job. >> so in terms of the bigger impact to economy you talked about 4% economic growth, does that come as a result of the business tax at 20% or do you think that comes as a result of people spending more because getting to keep more of their own money sniefrng it
8:42 am
is a combination of both, it is also a combination of creating jobs back in america. and that is the new structure within the tax reform focuses on building jobs in america at the same time that is what you will find why growth continues to go forward. maria: what is as important as obamacare in tax reform after that infrastructure plan? >> yee i think infrastructure you need to plan to be not what america looks like next month but what should america look like in the next 100 years we building a foundation for ithat goes beyond roads and bridges, do we have the most current faa process of how to fly planes around security goals are we making sure america is us actually wired, that we have the internet everywhere there are a lot of things we should be looking at to building on what the greatness of the last generations have been and setting up america's leading the world for the next century as well. maria: you make a lot of good points in terms of innovation while on the subject we have been talking about drones all morning, should drones be regulated?
8:43 am
>> well, you have to set a framework for them right now faa went through and they have five different locations they picked actually to start using drones, along with same time we need to make sure they are secure, because as the world continues to change, and especially from the health perspective i have an area that is rural, a big part of it, out in the desert, a drone can deliver medical products in much saver mode than somebody in driving and in more timely basis so there are ways that it can make america safer, we just want to make sure we are protected at the same time should not be afraid of it we should make sure we have the requirements in, that we are safe. maria: s especially since seem are also talking about their privacy issues around drones, so it comes up. >> that is very important, what people do we want to make sure we protect privacy want to take the traditions of the past that apply to a changing future that is exactly what you need to do you we should not ignore we should brace the future make sure we protect the privacy as we go forward. maria: congressman great to have you on the program this
8:44 am
morning thanks so much. >> thank you i always enjoy being on your show. >> see you soon kevin mccarthy joining us there in washington, we'll be right back. think of all you'll share... like snoring. does your bed do that? the dual adjustability of a sleep number bed allows you each to choose the firmness and comfort you want. so every couple can get the best sleep ever. does your bed do that? right now, find queen mattresses starting at just $899. plus, free home delivery on select mattresses. ends sunday! only at a sleep numb ste or
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maria: welcome back, thanks so much for joining us about 45 minutes away from the opening bell markets looking lower this morning at lows of the morning, by the way, right now down 50 points on dow jones industrial average, couple names we are with a watching yahoo! this morning, new details merging over discounts verizon was seeking, in its deal to acquire yahoo! following data breaches, verizon thought the breaches merited 925-million-dollar markdown ultimately accepted yahoo! officer to trim price by 350 million dollars, yahoo! shares off nearly 20% in 2017. pandora adding a service that lets lingers pick songs and albums, called pandora premium subscribers select any song create a play list 9.99 a month available to certain
8:48 am
listeners starting tomorrow pandora stock up almost 22% year over year, cold blustery weather in northeast might be canceling travel plans ruining your commute not everybody is complaining want to bring in host of "varney & company" always sunshine, stuart varney. [laughter] >> you are sunshine. >> that my new nickname sunshine. maria: yeah. >> okay. i will take it. maria: you are sunshine. >> look, i just want to pay tribute to you know cities are who work on "varney & mpany" and on your show the studio crew, they are all young cities are most millennials, i walk in this morning to show meeting we have every morning 6:15 eastern time early early early i walk in, and everybody is there. it is the middle of a blizzard i have go to 10 smiling faces all 20 or 30 some things they made it every single one of them made it in. same with studio crew, same with your people i'm sorry. maria: yes. >> i never want to hear bad word about millennials gave in.
8:49 am
maria: true same on our team all millennials are here raising the roof for all the -- at fox business they couldn't wait to get in they wanted to battle the snow it was fun! >> let's not get carried away maria. maria: it was fun. >> it was, it was. you know the same thing about there is a snowstorm coming, the blizzard is here, but i am gonna make it anyway. maria: exactly. >> that is american spirit i like it. maria: sure is lee actually, lee carter tweeted out this morning, snow can't stop us join us on "mornings with maria." >> that is right couldn't wait to be here, nothing is going to stop us. >> exactly some millennials out partying all night. [laughter] is that why everybody is laughing so much today. >> i don't know about that, stuart you are going to have a lot on the show we got a market seems billing back from all the records, but you have to expect it. >> only a little bit, only a little bit. i am thinking that maybe this latest pullback just in last 15, 20 minutes maybe something
8:50 am
do with price of oil down to 47 dollars a warl may be that is it. maria: yep. >> may be will say the fed, i don't know about that you know how i am with the fed but there you go. maria: john said everything is planned and run according to plan with fed meeting today, so they are there, and they are in meeting right now, we are expecting a hike tomorrow. >> and fed watchers made it in despite -- processed propertyy good. >> see you thank you top of the hour 9:00 a.m. after "mornings with maria" when we come back cybersecurity central stage south i by southwest live to austin next. ♪
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8:54 am
for fox business i am jessica. >> venus williams got first win at indian wells 16 ulteriors this weekend monday faced lucy, for place in the round of 16. >> the 36-year-old took care of business, after taking the opening set 6-4 -- to floor the second, taking advantage of a poor performance venus closing out comfortable win 6-2, second set earlier another american lauren daves, moved on had too much. a place in the quarterfinals. don't forget tennis channel coverage 2017 bnp paribas continues tuesday 1:00 pm eastern. . >> welcome back o movers
8:55 am
shakers from music and technology in austin for south by southwest festival, hillary on scene thanks for joining us cybersecurity top of the agenda? >> hey. good morning maria that is right been one week since wikileaks dump cia files world has seen yesterday the top lawyer baker was hear in austin talking cybersecurity filling in for his boss fbi director james comey i was at event that he was at where interviewed i brought a question to baker i wanted to know if he had been in touch with any companies affected by the leaks he didn't want to talk about it. >> i won't comment about wikileaks itself. we have to have ways available to the government to be able to get onto i devices especially think about terrorists, right we need to be able to get into devices and see what they are doing. >> in fact baker says that its
8:56 am
tech companies actually need to be held accountable for making products that are not secure enough vulnerabilities devices pose a articulate to cybersecurity as a wholly half hour discussion centered are on privacy comey's lawyer doesn't think it is the responsibility to did i how much they are entitled to not bureau's job to protect it. >> the average citizen has a responsibility to figure out what is going on with respect to what their data what is going on with their rights. and we have to protect our rights we have to be cognizant of it, and we have to invest time and energy to figure it out. >> the baker says that he likes his privacy just as much as the rest of us but still defends fbi right to hack into phones as part of their counterterrorism surveillance
8:57 am
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>> welcome back. final thoughts. >> please do not invest them with that authority. maria: jon. >> watch netherlands, want to leave the united kingdom and we're testing brexit in europe. maria: is it going to happen?
9:00 am
>> some are going to happen. maria: it seems that way from brexit for sure. lee carter. >> nonessential employees. that's a term, do we need them? i know. >> lee, jon, thank you, stuart, over to you. stuart: thanks, maria. good morning, everyone, at 6:15 eastern, we hold our production meeting and we map out the show very early. this morning, everyone had made it in. now, they're millennials, you know, 20 or 30-somethings, and they had braved the blizzard to make it to work on time. same with the studio crew. they're all here and i will not hear a bad word about these youngsters. look at them. that was early this morning and they all made it in. i'm impressed. i never want to hear a bad word about millennials again. let's hear that applause, yeah,


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