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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  March 20, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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liz: president trump heading to louisville, kentucky to talk about obamacare replace and repeal. that does it for us. making money with charles payne is next. charles: big day on capitol hill. fireworks as f.b.i. director james comey and nsa director michael rogers testifying under oath about russian interference in the election. the nsa chief telling the committee there is no information to support president trump's claim that president obama wiretapped trump tower. but this may be the top takeaway. >> my question as of today, admiral roarnlings.
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do you have evidence that russian ask actors changed the vote tallies that state of wisconsin, michigan, north carolina, the state of ohio? >> no, sir. >> director comey, do you have any evidence that the votes were chinged in the states i mentioned to admiral rogers? >> no. charles: essentially russia did not determine who the president of the united states was. that's one of the main takeaways of today's hearing. >> it was obvious the russians wanted to destablize the vote totals. there is also no evidence of collusion of trump with russian officials. but they will throw it away
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because they think it will get donald trump impeached or have him resign. charles: the narrative over the weekend. it felt like we were going to get a total exoneration of the russia-donald trump campaign collusion. it sounds like to me comb any is saying we just got started on this thing. it started in july and it could go on for a long time. >> we did not get an exoneration for donald trump's campaign. what we did see is the intelligence community admits they have been investigating this for 9 months. they have some of the most sophisticated technology in the world for doing this. if they have been watching this and not a single thing has been brought forward, they can say that and i would be feeling good if i were a member of the trump campaign. but that's not the news.
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they are saying see, there is proof of investigation. 9 months with nothing to show for it is not very impressive. charles: comey and rogers. i was disappointed when it started. i thought we would get more. there was so much we couldn't see. they kept saying don't jump to conclusions. but you can be only jump to conclusions with the lack of specificity. >> you don't have to take that leap. you can wait until evidence is presented. the f.b.i. director, there are things he can't say. charles: to crisp point, the mainstream media won't wait for a conclusion. they will jump to the head loans and we know what they will say. >> we do. you will have this blaring headline that seems to be full of insinuations and in the "new york times," buried in the
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article, by the way, they haven't found anything. by the way, there is zero evidence of collusion between the campaign and trump officials. james clapper said this. james clapper said. i thought it was telling that the house intelligence committee chairman devin nunes said we haven't found anything, and dragging this out is just dragging the white house through the mud. charles: it feels like it will go on. it has a lot of people wondering why president trump even kept comey on the job. but he is there and he continues to be the center of attention. he has been in the spotlight for a long time and it seems like he likes it. >> i think donald trump is wise to keep james comey on ought job. you have to play this out in public to insure there is no collusion.
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because the mainstream media will run with the russian red scare. what i found most fascinating is the fact that democrats were so caught up in the wiretapping claim, they missed out on a lot of good questions they could have asked. charles: it felt like they were trying to get michael flynn in prison. almost all their questions felt like a circling firing squad trying to set up -- getting back to flynn, more than the topic at hand, i thought that was somewhat intriguing. >> flynn will and tarring get one because he looked like he accepted money from sources connected to the kution government and he's been kicked out. he's been separated from the herd. flynn is nearly one of the closest cases that white house has that some kind of internal intelligence, his phone calls between him and the russian
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ambassadors have been leaked to different outlets hostile to the white house. both sides will want to talk about that. comb any did knock down one democratic talking point. he said this wasn't an operation to support donald trump. vladimir putin would have backed a fence post against hillary clinton. what mattered was he didn't like hillary clinton and he wanted to undermine what he assumed would be her future presidency. >> i would say vladimir putin's goal is to undermine american democracy and throat election into disarray. focusing on mike flynn. that's a big mistake for democrats. a majority of voters we asked think this focus on michael flynn is purely political. there was surveillance of the russian ambassador that scooped
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up the name of michael fine. we got the transcript that was illegally leaked to press sources. charles: the question now because this came up, hillary about to be put back into the hot seat? take a look at this exchange. >> if this committee or anyone else for that matter comes with information to you about the hillary clinton campaign, or their associates, or someone from the clinton foundation, will you add that to your investigation? they have ties to russian intelligence services, russian agents. would that be something of interest to you? >> people bring us information about what they think is improper for unlawful activity of any kind while evaluate it. charles: a little cagey.
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but a lot of information has come up connecting the clinton camp to russia. maybe this is a path the american public likes as well. >> democrats have to watch how far they push this paul man for the. those pesky panama papers. they told you jds *'s firm. r if. >> connecting close associates of hillary's campaign to the russians. and the bottom line they exposed their investigation of former senator sessions. pretty much anybody who has anybody has talked with the russian ambassadors and had meetings with people.
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if you are in d.c. chances are you bumped into a spy. >> with this russian ambassador, where's waldo. he seems to have been all over washington d.c. >> the wording of the question, anything improper or illegal. >> that is not good news for the clintons. charles: what do you think happens with senate. >> more and more russia talk of course. charles: a lot of the clinton information has been published. there are dots to connect that the f.b.i. should be look at? temperature. there is a lot that can be dug into there. we know about the uranium sale that could be affiliated with clinton associates. charles: there were some good moments there, we saw this in the last 8 years where
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republicans would call on obama officials and there is for the whole process. gowdy asked great questions. he's rapid fire. he puts on his prosecutor's hat. but nothing every comes of it. i think today fell a little flat in expectations for a lot of people. >> i agree everything fell flat today. the democrats are just trying to create more and more innuendo. this will be a nothing-burger. donald trump will make sure he gets tax reform, he overhauls obamacare, and he will be re-elected in 2020. >> likely voters think donald trump is more focused to the future than democrats or the gop. charles: he better, he's the
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president. f.b.i. director james comey fires back at fake news surrounding those f.b.i. leaks. we'll be right back. live-stream your favorite sport
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at the airport. binge dvr'd shows while painting your toes. on demand laughs during long bubble baths. tv everywhere is awesome. the all-new xfinity stream app. xfinity. the future of awesome. >> can you tell us who was in the room for that briefing you gave? >> you are saying what later ended up in the newspaper. >> i'm not going to help people who did something that is unauthorized. >> we know four of you went to trump tower for the briefing. that's not classified, is it?
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>> how do we all know that, though? charles: that was congressman peter king and f.b.i. director james comey. comey suggesting there has been and left to fake news coverage of infamous posing the question how much information can the f.b.i. disclose during an investigation. emily, on one hand it was interesting to see comey hint at wink, wink, there is probably more of these f.b.i. leaks and fake news than real news. but at the same time it's a good way to deflect from his own agency. >> whatever side of this land on, we have to be acknowledging comey is in a tough position. the big takeaway from that is how much the media has run with things that just are questionable. they have taken these couple
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months and disclosed to the public things that we can't confirm. to have the f.b.i. director sitting there, man, this should make the american people question what they are hearing coming out of the main stream media during the trump administration. charles: there was a tweet from the *, the real story she thud be looking into is the leaker of classified information. must find the leaker now. the "new york times" uses the term wiretap over and over again which underscores it did happen. >> they say where is the proof of the wiretaps. they talked about wiretaps upon inauguration day. so it's their word, not ours. we are hearing likes that say one thing, then we hear from james clapper that there is no
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evidence of collusion between the trump people and the russians and senator cotton agreed with that. devin nunes agrees with that. then comey disagrees with that and says i can't tell you what happened. so we are in the dark not know what's up with that. charles: he says most this stuff you are reading is not real it puts us in a bind. we don't trust the "new york times," but some of the information was authentic. particularly that information with michael flynn. >> i think it is, that's why he's gone. some of the stuff is true within some of it is exaggerated. we are not sure if this is truth or that is. as long as you hear there is an investigation, people think somebody is guilty of something. why don't you just raise the allegation now. >> that's true.
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you will you have to do is raise an allegation. you have the mainstream media speculating. they will get a source and publish that information and speculate about it. it's raising these allegations in people's minds. listening to comey's testimony is interesting in what he didn't say and how he prioritized pushing back against reports. you would see him saying it's unfortunate that getting out here it shows behind the sweans they are thinking from their position. charles: it's tough hashing it all out these days. he's saying the f.b.i. can't acknowledge stuff that's fake. our intelligence stop security agency is being reckless. we learned today there is numerous, numerous leaks,
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charles: leaks gone wild. the rampant illegal leaking epidemic dominating much of the intelligence committee's hearing today. if you weren't concerned before, you may be now. >> if there are 100 people who have the ability to unmask and the knowledge of a previously masked name, then that's 100 different potential sources of investigation. the smaller the number, the easier your investigation is. nsa, f.b.i., what other u.s. government agencies have the authority too unmask a u.s.
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citizen's name. charles: just how vulnerable are we? jim hanson is here to discuss. right before the hearing i had a chance to speak with pete hofstra. he described a situation where enough of the people around donald trump could have been the focus of an investigation. and the leaks could be coming from anywhere. >> one of the last things obama did was loosen up the rules for nsa wiretap transcripts and other things. comey said there was no wiretap of trump tower or trump. an stopped there. the bottom line is there is an active attempt to undermine the operations of the government. these people need to be rounded
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up and taken out of government either by losing their jobs or some of them need to go to jail. charles: who are they? >> they are the resistance. they are the deep state democrats. some of them are political operatives. some are long-term government employees who decided their partisan politic and their hatred of donald trump are more important of our country and the oath they took to do their jobs. charles: president trump made it possible for this information to go to so many people it was directly more the nsa. is it ever going to be possible to zero in on the source of these leaks? i think the american public want answers and they want punishment because it gets to the core of what keeps us safe as a nation. >> the french foreign legion has
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a saying, to encourage the others. give a guide tour of leavenworth and much of it will stop. but there is an active evident coordinated by people like ben rhodes who are attacking trump's people. they are attacking the baseless smears against sebastian gorka one of our terrorism leaders. we need to take the people doing this and give them a reason to worry about their jobs and their existence and let the people who are keeping us safe get back to doing just that. charles: is there anything else james comey or anyone in a high leadership position can be doing about this? >> i am not sure james comey is doing what he could be doing anyhow. he has been a liability for a long time.
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i think we need a new f.b.i. director. i think donald trump might appoint a special prosecutor to dig into this and be tied to no one except the truth and root these people out and make them pay for their crimes against the country. charles: judge gorsuch's hearings began today. we'll discuss it right after the brake. brake. after the break. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night. hold on dad... liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely. my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. don't worry - i know what a lug wrench is, dad. is this a lug wrench? maybe?
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charles: >> these days we sometimes hear judges described as politicians and rogues, seeking to imbl imply their own politics, if i thought that were true, i would hang up the robe. charles: supreme court confirmation hearings have gun for judge gorsuch today. democrats revisiting the judge garland snub at the beginning of this. but how much obstruction are they going to be this time? barbara we start with you, justice alito among other
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things to get a glimpse into neil gorsuch, is it important to know who he talked about today some folks he clerked for and people he looked up to. will that give us a hunt in to how he will act in his role of supreme court justice. >> absolutely. he talked about justice scalia, whose seat he would be taking. and it is important to note, in his opening statement he said it is his judge to find consensus wherever he can. and among the cases he decided on the court, 97% of them were unanimous. charles: the idea that less than a decade ago, every democrat possible to vote for him for 10 circuit court, found him to be pretty good for that. you would wonder, really, realistically, what could have changed sense then?
6:32 pm
>> the hash tag resi resistance movement. these hearings are tough for liberals, they are a reminder that donald trump won. and he may have a third supreme court justice to pick. the smart strategy for democrats senators is to hold their fire on this one, because of what your guess just said, he is very mainstream, highly qualified. however they are getting pressure from the liberal groups, they are under a lot of pressure to resist, this a bad strategy, this makes the democrats look like they are the ones out of the mainstream. charles: this all speaks for itself, the democrats have pulled this obstructism in every play, to delegitimize president trump the entire way. for the most part it has backfired, i think. but it feels like they will try it anyway.
6:33 pm
adam? >> i think they are almost out of option, let he talk about judge gorsuch. great evidencgreatest line he had in his opening it is time on lose our oh our egos and open our minds. the things he is getting attacked on are upholding the law of the constitution. i believe his nomination will say a lot not only about trump administration, but what we're expecting in terms of class and character we want to the supreme court. and afternoon a year and a month of waiting to fill this seat, it is time to fill it. charles: rachel, i want to ask you also, there may be some -- we may hear about it. that is issue of pro life.
6:34 pm
you know, roe v. wade, if president trump has a chance to up to three new justices, that tilts the balance of the supreme court. this could be an issue that comes up. >> sure. the country is split on this, it is moving more and more pro life as technology gets better and better, and we're able to see inside of the womb. i don't think he is out of the mainstream on this either. look, one in five voters in the exit poll, said this number one reason they voted for donald trump. this is the most consequence tal shalcons. >> it is a democrats obstruct here, i think that mcconnell
6:35 pm
has no choice but to go nuclear. he is not going to let that senate be run by the minority. charles: quickly, barbara, activist judge, judicial activism is a big subject these days, will he feel some loyalty to the man. >> i take judge gorsuch at his word, he thinks it is amazing honor, he said that repeatedly, the law as it is written. >> i think we're all in agreement, thank you very much. coming up, major markets are stalling a little bit. are traders in a wait-and-see period? what the markets saying about globalisms have trumpism my
6:36 pm
wall street respect next.
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charles: president trump set to take the stage in louisville, texas -- kentucky within the hour.
6:39 pm
charles: so is the market saying that globalism is beating trumpism? they took on a noga globalism is something should be rejected. mr. cook acknowledged that gains are not always evenly distributed within certain nations, but proclaimed that globalism is quote, in general, great for the world. and went on to warn, worst thing to be because it did not always help everyone, to say the whole thing is bad to do less of it. in his mine. reality is that you can see country in world that isolate themselves it has been no good for their people.
6:40 pm
today the world's richest man and globalist met with president trump, details yet to be released, spokesperson said that, initiatives for global healthy, development and domestic education. apple shares hit an all-time high today. and national market signs that maybe globalism is winning. and when is bad news goodnews? caterpillar world wide sales down just 1% in february, that is best performance since 2012. the three consecutive monthly improvements suggesting an inflection point. construct in asia pacific, up twup. we continue to also i do, believe that stock is undervalued. some of you have been frustrated with it. i think this stock is a buy, going north of 100.
6:41 pm
>> by the way, stock market, is also talking about the globalism thing, looking at nasdaq, which is on fire up almost 10% for the year, and russell 2000 is struggling barely up 2%. overall i believe that broad market stalled, right now, what is the message the market. wall street enior video reporter, is joining me now. the market is suggesting investment globalism will win despite the rhetoric, what do you think? >> i, agree with you, if you look at some top companies, their global companies, exxonmobil, and we heard from lark zuckerberg of facebook talking about benefit the of globalism, now tim cook, ceo of apple. they do better who global supply chains, it hard to say that nationalism is better. however it is little bit ebbl politically popular, it looks
6:42 pm
like people want a balance. charles: have economic nationalism, there a way to improve the lives of americans, e. even in china, you saw where tim cook admitted within certain nations, it is been in disproportions. you have a factory worker in iowa who has been out of work, and they are flying out the big wigs in jets. >> this is why you have trade agreements, you try to a-- to play by the same rules. have relatively same tax structures, you are not manipulating currencies or using cheap, unfair labor. trade agreements are important. this weekend it is hard to say globalism is win, steven mnuchin took language from a g-20 communique saying we'll avoid protectionism that was a win for nationalism this
6:43 pm
weekend. it did not move the neidl -- needle yet. charles: i believe that wall street believe its will happen. we have stalled on the big board. >> analyst say we're in a wait-and-see mode, i agree. my dad uses car analogies. so, to usually dad's language, like investors just pedal to the medal after election, 90 on highway, now they see speed bumps or traffic jams or running out of gas, they see that donald trump's policies might be running into trouble, nothing has been rejected, but nothing has been passed, at this time they are crossing their fingers. charles: i suggest they stay on the highway. >> let's hope so. charles: if you want to put it in neutral for a minute, that is on you, but don't get off
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charles: house free freedom caucus members holding a closed-door meeting tonight we're told. lawmakers have been pushing
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for a clean repeal, which faces big hurdles. tom price shooting down a clean repeal of obamacare this week, arguing that doing so would put vulnerable people at risk. earlier i asked representative duffy about some of the hurdles this bill faces. >> looking at healthy perspective. we have republican study committee, a bunch of republicans, that are conservatives, there is another conservative group, the freedom caucus, they have said we're not sure about this reform package on heat health care, this is where donald trump comes in. steps in and using negotiating tactics, there is a great opportunity for us to pass this bill thursday. charles: here too discuss, brian and amy, there are two parts of this. political part and healthcare
6:49 pm
part, and how it impacts the economy and health care. on the economic side, getting rid of almost 900 billion in taxes and lowers debt. >> they are good, we have cbo report last week everyone that was talking about. the truth about that cbo report, it cannot take into ecount the macro economic factors and how innovation may enter the market as a result of consumers having more choice. you look at numbers and concern about how much of dropping off of insurance, the cbo report is not fact, it is an assessment it has constraints. charles: you think you add in mo-premarket since pehls an principles. >> it the assessment is limited they would help, the big pro market reforms are in phase 2 or three that people
6:50 pm
do not believe it going to happen. charles: amy, a week ago, 25 members of freedom caucus were no or leaning no, that would be enough to sink this. >> it would be, so is the opinion of american people. we have polled likely voters how they feel about obamacare repeal, only 25% of likely voters want a total clean repeal. charles: we're not getting a total clean repeal. how about this new bill, this new version, bring down debt remove taxes, and let small businesses grow again, and lube creat -- lubricate the wheels of commerce. >> the public is for some of the reforms, but in a piece by piece way, you cannot separate politics from policy, if this is front loaded with pain, you will never getting that gain, voters will vote them out of office. charles: that is what ted cruz says they will be tarred and
6:51 pm
feathered. the question is, will they give enough, because the scuttlebutt coming in, it sounds like still not enough, what do you think, do you think there is a happy medium? >> there may be a happy medium, i think they might have to try to cram more into this reconciliation, you go to stage 2 and 3 pro market reforms like selling across state line, no one in senate actually believes that will happen, and senator cruz said, let's put that in the bill right now. >> they are looking at politics of it. you have to put spuf i stuff that will benefit voters right now, you cannot have pain of shrinking medicaid expansion, and expect to say in office. charles: they are go -- i am sure. they are going to make sure people work. you know what, you can get up and go to work, they will put some things in there that gnaw
6:52 pm
at average taxpayer who are loathe to think someone is sitting at home, and getting that check while they punch in the clock. >> at the end of the day, job is best predict or of health insurance. charles: let's free small businesses too hire. >> breaking news to share. >> a p reporting that ivanka trump will take an office in white house, and will gain access to classified information. an attorney and ethic adviser said that first daughter will not have an official title but will have a west wing office. and security clearance to access classified information. >> u.s. leaves all options on the table against north korea. so what does kim jeun kim kim jong-un do? he fires back. literally. we'll discuss it next.
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charles: north korea testing a high thrust rockest engine, the latest provocation that brought tension to the region. to really let's face it a boiling point, to discuss it lieutenant colonel ralph peters, secretary tillerson saying that everything is on the table, and kim jong-un response was to test the engine, it was successful, they are getting closer to have this ballistic missile, and put warheads on nuclear warheads on them. >> indeed. we don't know how successful the test was. but we do know that north korea unimpeded is marching toward real nuclear capabilities to make a nuclear warhead to to a long range missile and threaten the united states, which is unacceptable. secretary of tillerson made a
6:57 pm
good start, he said appeasement is over, all options on the table. then he went to beijing and foiledded folded. he fell in trap of thinking that chinese will help us, and they want continued dialogue, every chance for dialogue must be pursued. what everyone in washington miss that china will never fully turn on north korea, even no they are worried, because, china sees north korea as a critical military ally in events of a war with the united states and north korean attack on south korea would tie down a wide range of u.s. tactical operational and strategic military assets giving china greater leverage in south china sea and elsewhere, china is not our friend on this. and oh, by the way, sanctions do work sometimes, they are working against russia, contrary to nonsense you hear, because vladimir putin has to
6:58 pm
answer to his people. north korea sanctions do not work, because kim jong-un does not care how many north koreans starve to death, as long as his military is fed and supporting him. charles: right, and we know that millions have in the past.having said that, does this stop us or propel to us a first strike? i would think we have to neutralize this. knock this program back a decade. >> the trouble is, program is now so developed, we have let this go on so long, it is underground and bunkers, it is not a surge call strike sit -- surgical strike situation, unless we are able to decapitate their leadership, which great, but that is hard too. frankly charles, this means war. there are no good options, i don't want this but neglect
6:59 pm
for decade has put us in this awful position. i hope i am wrong but i fear, we're headed for a very violent confron confrontation. charles: i have to ask you, what was your take away from today's hearing. >> great day for america, celebration -- separation of power and checks and balances work, not so good for trump administration. we heard a lot of thins that contradict the administration, but key point ho how much times both director had to say no comment, they could not answer a question about cayman islands. it told me, that this investigation, is much broader, much deeper and more extendsive than suspected. in the end, i promise it will make more lawyers in new york and dc richer than they are. charles: hopefully, you know,
7:00 pm
they will get something out of this. because, right now, it feels to many that it is politically might -- motivateed and not organized. >> i disagree. charles: we appreciate it thank you. here is lou dobbs, keep it right here on fox business. lou: president trump in louisville, holding a rally, pr promoting health care legislation. we'll have special coverage from louisville of the trump rally. among our guests tonight, newt gingrich, congressman jim jordan. also tonight, fbi director james comey, once again, center stage in a controversial moment of history. comey taking the highly unusual step of confirming an


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