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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 22, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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somalia is a great example, even sudan. we need to look at this strategically and minimize the ability to blend in the urban population centers. charles: colonel west, always appreciate your expertise. >> my pleasure, charles. charles: at home we always appreciate you. now here's lou. lou: in a news day chockful of shocking developments, it appears president trump has been vindicated in his assertion that he was quote, unquote wiretapped. house intelligence committee chairman devin nunes today revealed the obama administration spied on members of the trump transition team after the november election, and possibly spied on president trump himself. >> i have seen intelligence reports that clearly show that the president-elect and his team were, i guess, at least
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monitored and disseminated out among the intelligence. lou: among the many questions, why didn't the heads of the fbi and nsa tell us all about this two days ago when they were testifying before congress? also tonight, conservatives threatening to derail ryancare. more than 25 members of the house freedom caucus reportedly plan to vote no tomorrow, at wod be more than enough to sink the speaker's bill. >> i can tell thought opposition is still strong. they don't have the votes to pass this tomorrow. we believe that they need to start over and do a bill that actually reduces premiums. lou: among our guest, house freedom caucus member congressman dave bratt who said he's a no vote and member of the house rules committee doug collins who's trying to help pass it. and terror strikes london. a driver running down pedestrians in westminster
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bridge, fataling stabbing a police officer before being fatally shot by police. the horrifying incident on the first anniversary of the brussels radical islamist terror bombings. we'll have the very latest for you. good evening, everybody. a bombshell development out of nation's capital today. the house intelligence committee chairman giving the public every reason now to believe that president trump was absolutely correct when he accused president obama of quote, unquote wiretapping him. intel chairman devin nunes revealing that the intelligence community surveilled members of the trump transition team after the election and potentially the president himself. >> today, i briefed the president on the concerns that i have. what i saw has nothing to do
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with russia and nothing to do with the russian investigation. it has everything to do with possible surveillance activities and the president needs to know that these intelligence reports are out there. i have a duty to tell him. what i've read bothers me and i think it should bother the president himself and his team because i think some of it seems to be inappropriate. u: this was the president's response after talking with the committee chairman. >> i somewhat do. i must tell you i somewhat do. i very much appreciated the fact that they found what they found. but i somewhat do. lou: and that is, of course, just one of the major stories we're covering here tonight. terrorism in london, the death toll rising in london where a lone attacker killed five people, injured at least 40 others, plowing his car through
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terrified pedestrians on the westminster bridge before fatally stabbing a police officer. police shot and killed the terrorist. we'll have the full report for you here tonight. also, the lights burning a little bright or capitol hill as republican leadership trying to come to terms with what is an apparent new reality. that is that speaker ryan doesn't have the votes to win repeal and replacement of obamacare. but our top story tonight, that bombshell report from the house intelligence committee chairman saying surveillance was collected about the trump transition team after, after president trump had been elected. my first guest tonight says the intelligence community needs to confess what they're really up to and apparently up to quite a lot. joining me an architect of the nsa surveillance program, former nsa senior intelligence officer, also whistle-blower william benny.
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good to have you with us. first i've got to get your reaction to what is without question a blockbuster development with chairman nunes revealing that he's looked at apparently dozens of reports showing surveillance of the trump transition team after the president had been elected. >> well, it even goes long before the president was elected. this is all part of the upstream collection of nsa that fundamentally is after evything, and under executiv der 12333 sectn 23 c they interpret that with secret interpretation as allowing them to collect everything on the fiber network inside the united states, because surely somewhere in there, there is a terrorist or drug dealer, we're up to that, but we'll collect everything and store it and have the ability under the authorization of the executive order to mine it and manipulate it and do anything we want to. fundamentally it's collecting
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everything on everybody in the country. lou: devin nunes using the expression incidental here. incidental as we know in intelligent terms means either peripheral or secondary but nonetheless every bit as real and every much an affront to the integrity of the privacy of the president-elect himself. it appears as well as a sizable number of his transition team. this is really raw stuff here to be looking at the prospect that the nsa or any other agency would have the temerity to do this. >> well, that's why senator schumer warned the president not to go after the intelligence community because he said they had many ways of getting back at him. this is one of them. it's like they're j. edgar hoover on supersteroids, they have the data on everybody, if
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there is anything in there, they can embarrass them and make them look bad. that's what they call incidental collection, everything they're collecting, accept the truly bad guys. lou: bad guys, talk about bad guys for a moment. i want you as well as our audience to listen as james comey himself denied just three days ago that they had been surveilling the president of the united states and the trump team. >> with respect to the president's tweets about alleged wiretapping directed by the prior administration, i have no information that supports those tweets. same for the department of justice and all components. the department has no information that supports those tweets. lou: and yet here we are less than 72 hours later, and the chairman of the house intelligence committee bringing forth these reports that show that the trump transition team and indeed perhaps but not certainly, the president-elect
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himself at that point being surveilled. >> i would point out both admiral rogers and director comey all knew about this stellar win program, the domestic collection program by the nsa capturing everything. he's known about that since the hospital visit to ashcroft in 2004. this is nothing new to them. they know about this. you should ask them how do you define incidental collection? everything they're collecting except the bad guys. that means they're still collecting everything and the fair view program is the main program they use for that but they have others too. lou: the unmasking of the u.s. citizens in this, the acknowledgment that the confession that, u.s. citizens were unmasked across a broad plane of agencies and intelligence personnel. this is really nasty stuff, isn't it?
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>> yes, it's a direct violation of the third, fourth, fifth amendments of the constitution as well as other laws, electronic privacy, all of those laws are violated. all the regulations governing the fcc and all of that. and by the way, the number they gave about 20 people only able to unmask it. that's false. it's only the people who they authorize to do it. there are probably up to 2,000 people who can access the unmasked data. that includes service -- >> one had the feeling -- >> also computer programmers. lou: one had the feeling that admiral rogers was being within the painted lines on that, but the intelligence community, you're looking at 17 agencies, good lord, we have no idea how many people were doing that, nor do we have even a clear instinct. some at least insight because
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of what was released to the intelligence committee chairman that the president's instincts or information whether or not he and the rest of his team were being surveilled was pretty good. william binney, thanks so much. >> thanks for being with you. good to be with you. lou: you got it. thank you. coming right back, a lot more to cover what has been truly a historic news day. stay with us. we'll be right back.. >> the trump administration says now is the time trepeal and replace obamacare. >> if you want to see obamacare repealed and replaced, this is the vote, this is the time to act. this vote needs to happen. lou: leads republican member of the rules committee congressman doug collins joins us here next. and terror in london. a lone suspect plowed through pedestrian in westminster bridge. we'll have the full report straight ahead. we're coming right back. stay with us.
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as well as the appreciation of the fact they must be very close, just over the last few minutes. those sources now telling us that they have a very favorable response as they put it from the house freedom caucus on the idea of changing provisions concerning essential health benefits. this means that as president trump had put it, he's open to change even when speaker ryan was willing to work at the margin that it appeared that the president's view has as is often the case in the government, prevailed and the freedom caucus is optimistically about where they are right now. whether that leads to a deal tonight or not, we don't, of course, know, but it does appear that every indication is pointing in precisely that direction. the white house saying if they could get a deal on these benefits, the extensions
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tonight, they could get to 221 to 223 votes tomorrow, and, of course, that would be more than enough, just more than enough to pass the health care legislation. freedom caucus chair mark meadows just moments ago, who had been very doubtful about the prospect of coming together, said this. >> i can tell you right now that we're working very hard with the administration and trying to figure out how we get on yes, for tomorrow night's vote. i'm encouraged by the engagement that i'm seeing from all aspects of leadership and members on the hill here. lou: some of those members on the rules committee and they're working throughout the evening as long as necessary, to prepare the way, of course, for
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the legislation and the vote. they have some 20 amendments that have been offered to the legislation and joining us now, a key member of the rules committee who said republicans will have the votes to pass the measure, congressman doug collins, he's also vice chair of the house republican conference. congressman, great to have you with us. let me first get your reaction to just here the last few moments, you just heard congressman mark meadows of the freedom caucus and our own reporting from the white house, this looks like you're very close to a deal. congressman collins: i think we are, mark and i came together for the same purpose. one of the purposes was to get rid of obamacare, to put us back into a place where insurance markets are rebuilt. we get rid of the government imprint and begin the process of reforming medicaid, something we've been wanting to do before we got up here. this doesn't surprise me. something we've been working toward. i'm grateful for all
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involvement. we've been listening and working and bring it to fruition tomorrow night. the president has been behind this push, we're proud to have his support. we're looking forward to it tomorrow. lou: as you say support, he spent more than 40 minutes on the hill and put his shoulders right behind that legislation and making it very clear in stark terms what was at risk here, and he invited the change, i think it's much more change, i don't know if you would acknowledge that. more change than speaker ryan envisioned or anticipated but appears to be paying off tonight. >> i think when the president engas d the speaker enga, want to get as much possible change as we possibly could in this. if we insert it in the house or senate, i never want the senate to believe they're never going to have a part of it. it's their turn to use their rules and put in anything else we can get. there's plenty other things we can get and i encourage senator friends to put as much as they possibly can.
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anything they can get in, i know they could, but let's put both houses and the president behind this so we can promise what we promised we'd do. lou: the senators, despite your generous invitation, will be doing precisely what you're suggesting. congressman collins: i hope so, if not, why complain about what we're doing if they're not willing to engage as well. we're hopeful for that as well. lou: i know this has been a tough battle and people had to go -- were pulled in directions they didn't want to go, whether it be leadership, conservatives, whether it be moderates, whether it be the president. i'm sure he's given up something in this deal. the fact of the matter is you're dealing, and that means that the process once again in washington, d.c. for the first time, i can't in how many years, is actually working. amendments, congressman? amendments? regular order? you folks are actually fans of democracy once again? congressman collins: i've never
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been not a fan, lou, this is what we're seeing, for those of us who came with a desire, others say let's make this process work. take in amendments. and the way we did. this i've been sitting in the rules committee today and left just a few minutes ago when democratic leadership was having selective amnesia over the past seven years, they had a wonderful process seven years ago and the collaborative effort. it was a joke. and, you know, so they're only trying to save their legacy and a lot of the democrats now are backing away because they're tired of defending obamacare. they're tired of going to constituents and saying we put this upon you, they're saying we don't want to deal with this anymore and know we got a good plan, we're moving forward. lou: the democrats, imagine what a sour mood they're in. they have to defend obamacare and attack neil gorsuch. that's not a very pleasant workday for them, i'm sure. congressman collins: i'll use an old quote from a president
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we lived by, it's morning in america today. they're having to deal with issues like that. we're moving forward with conservative values. lou: let's hope we're not overstating the moment for optimism. nonetheless, irrespective, thanks for all you do, and all you've tried to get done here and what i hope will be what you actually accomplish, you and all the members of the house, the president and soon to be the senate. congressman collins: thank you, lou. lou: yes, sir. congressman doug collins. be sure to vote in our poll tonight, the question is -- cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs and follow me on twitter, "like" me on facebook, follow me at instagram. on wall street, stocks finishing little changed despite an extraordinary even
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historic news day. the dow down 7 points, the s&p up 4, the nasdaq up 28. volume on the big board slipping back again to about 3 1/2 billion shares. crude oil prices down near $48 a barrel on higher inventories. existing home sales fell in february. that because of rising prices and low inventory. and sears announcing it has financial doubt it will be able to stay in business, citing years of mounting losses slashing $2 billion last year a contributor. a reminder listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. up next -- terrorism in london. >> there was a body next to it on the ground. not moving, a lot of blood on the pavement. and as i kind of got into the square, started to realize there was a lot more people and security and just thinking this
7:23 pm
is more than just a car accident. lou: a full report from london where radical islamist terrorism has struck once again. we'll be right back.
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lou: the death toll in the london attack has risen to five. benjamin hall in london has this report. reporter: the attacker struck where tourists from around the world gather. the sheer exposure. >> the terrorist chose to strike at the heart of our capital city where people of tall natialits, religions and culture come to celebrate liberty, democracy, fan freedom of speech.
7:28 pm
reporter: a car began mowing people down just yards from big ben. at first some eyewitnesses thought it was just an accident. >> the car speeded up and passed it. reporter: the car continued to the gates of the house of parliament. the driver got out and ran into the courtyard driveway where he attacked a policeman with a long knife before charging others. they called on him to stop then opened fire. the policeman and the terrorist are among those dead including a 30-year-old lady. the river itself was closed and people inside parliament locked down for many hours.
7:29 pm
even tourists on board the famous london eye were stranded. as the terror groups find themselves on. 56 foreign officers met in d.c. to discuss the battle. scotland yard is trying to find out if today's attack was as well. lou: today also the day in which the ministers, the foreign ministers of 8 nations of the co-there is fighting isis are neating in washington, d.c. we are coming right back with much, much more. stay with us.
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lou: for more now on the london terrorist attack, i'm joined by steve hilton. steve, great to have you with us. on this dark day in london certainly, right now the death toll is five, the number of people wound in this attack, 40. and we don't know yet much about the attacker yet. the terrorist is described as being a middle eastern or asian in the minds of eyewitnesses at least. and the authorities say they know who he is. they have identified him but are not releasing his identity. your thoughts? >> the first thing i would say, lou, even though as you say, this is horrific and shocking, in a way, the thing i'm surprised about is that it hasn't happened up until now, that it's taken so long.
7:35 pm
when you have seen attacked like this. it's pretty safe to decide what lies behind this attack. in other cities in europe with the same sorts of problems with people finding materials on line that lead them to self-radicalize and pursue this sick ideology of islamic terrorism. it's just surprising it has taken so long for an attack like this to happen in london. lou: london has the most amazing cctv systems. it has remarkable security in nearly every corner of the city. so that has been helpful. but in this instance there was apparently one area on westminster bridge, some 20 feet in which he chose, he found and chose to drive his vicle int
7:36 pm
a crowd, a remarkable gap that existed. >> interesting. i know that area very well. i used to work right there on 10 downing street and was frequently in and out of parliament. the area you described, there is a glaring weakness you could say, which many of us commented on at the time. those who are still there today do, which is the entrance and exit from the parliamentary estate, if you like it's and i polled fashioned system of opening a gate to allow a car to go in and out which is where this attacker snuck in. generally speaking the security around this area is very, very good. that seems to have been a weak spot. lou: it's one of the most amazing places in london.
7:37 pm
there are so many people working there, governments and businesses, it's quite astounding the wounded number isn't much, much higher. but thankfully it is not. let me turn to the prospect of changes in the way london governs itself and the way london thinks about itself. these changes seem to usually at least follow attacks like these. they go straight to the heart of a country. certainly a city as proud as london. >> i think one thing to bear in minds is actually going back a number of years now there were horrific attacks on the london under grounds and the buses that shocked the world. ever since then the authorities have taken this seriously. i would say the u.k. takes this issue of radical islamic terror much more seriously than other countries.
7:38 pm
prime minister cameron who i worked closely with. we had our disagreements. but on this issue he was really strong. as was theresa may. she was the home secretary responsible for fighting terrorism and immigration. and she took a very tough line. i think you will see a continuation of that with perhaps more emphasis placed on the tough battle which is fighting this ideology at its core. prime minister cam ran wanted to take -- prime minister cameron wanted to do that, he wanted to take the fight to the places where it was originating but he found president obama's will looking. now with president trump we have someone who wants to confront this evil. and i think theresa may will be a strong northern that quest. lou: she sounded in her talk to the nation, she sounded strong,
7:39 pm
she was i thought eloquent in her speech to the nation and reassuring simultaneously and the fight does go on as you say. steve hilton, always great to have you with us. up next, explosive details about the surveillance of the trump transition team post election. >> what i read bothers me, and i think it should bother the president himself and his team. lou: ed rollins joins us next. stay with us.
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7:44 pm
russia's largest bank. and john podesta sat on the board of a russian company. as secretary of state hillary clinton along with the obama administration approved a deal that gave russia 1/5 of america's uranium reserve. bill clinton received half a million dollars by a paid beach by a bank connected to the our iranian deal. lou: do you hear the stampede? that's the national left-wing media rushing to investigate those stories. president trump says he feels somewhat vindicated by devin nunes over the surveillance of mr. trump. but he also offered this promise on the campaign trail.
7:45 pm
>> we are going to start winning again. our country doesn't win anymore. we are going to win so much you may even get tired of winning and you will say please, please, it's too much winning. we can't take it anymore. lou: it's early, still, but it looks like there has been another win posted for the president as the conservatives, the moderate, the leadership in the house and the white house have come together on the healthcare legislation. we'll see, but we are told it's very close. we may see another win. it's one of the few things that i think president trump may be wrong about. i don't think we'll get tired of winning trump style. joining me now, republican strategist, veteran of 10 presidential campaigns, ed rollins. you are not thinking we'll get tired of winning, would you. >> he can send woody johnson
7:46 pm
over to england. lou: take an afternoon off and fix that, too. >> this is a must-win for the president. he has done everything he needs to do. i worked in couple white house. you could not ask for a more superb effort from him and his team listening to people and twisting arms. whatever it took. he has to win this thing. i think right up to this point in spite of what ryan wanted to down isly, they are on the verge of a big win. lou: we are seeing amendments and public hearings and we are back to the way things are supposed nobody this great constitutional republic. and devin nunes, the head of the house intelligence committee with what appears to be another win for the president seeing
7:47 pm
evidence of surveillance of the trump transition team. are you kidding? this is outrageous. >> this is an act of courage on his part as the chairman of the committee. and basically to go to the white house and say this is what i know, and i think to a certain extent there will and lot of controversy on it. but at the end of the day it was an act of courage on his part and hopefully it puts this issue to bed. lou: i don't think it's going to do that it's certainly a vindication for president trump. but it is -- it opens up many, many issues for our intelligence agencies and the leaders of those agencies and the way in which we are doing business in this country. a fellow by the name obama has a lot of explaining to do in this context.
7:48 pm
>> i think your earlier guest from the nsa, i think a lot of people don't realize it's like an open phone line and everybody in america gets record and they can pick and choose. i dot thinanybody intended for that to happen. we have to look back on the security systems we have and maybe we need t to restrict some of them. lou: we need the find out first exactly what mr. obama was doing. i'm tired of ignoring his responsibilities. i think he should be held accountable for what's transpired. i believe the clintons need to be held responsible for whatever the relationship was that they were shall we say cultivating with the russians. >> we'll find out very quickly. no offense to the jets. i'm a jets fan. we need a quarterback still.
7:49 pm
lou: president trump says his administration is cracking down on illegal immigration. >> since the day of my election, we have already cut illegal immigration at the southern border by 61%. lou: but the danger of sanctuary cities and states have much alive, and by the way, worsening. this is the silverado special edition. this is one gorgeous truck. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's five. ooohh!! aaaahh!! uh! hooooly mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style.
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lou: we asked you do you feel the dems will pay a huge political price if they with hold their votes for neil gorsuch. 84% said yes. people outraged that ryan care would allow illegals to collect tax credits for healthcare. the average immigrant household consuming 33% more cash welfare. 57% more food assistance. 44% more medicaid dollars than the average immigrant high school.
7:54 pm
the immigrants coming into this country, particularly illegal immigrants largely uneducated and unskilled. and very, very significant issue. the rape of a 14-year-old girl last week at a maryland high school renewing attention on spank wary states. 17 and 18-year-old illegal immigrants from central america face rape charges. yesterday the school superintendent actually criticized parents who were concerned about adult illegal immigrants being in their schools, being aloud to enroll with children in only in the gop are you public schools. >> we are a public school system and we serve all of our students when they come to us. when we look at that, it's not only the right thing and the
7:55 pm
good thing to do that benefits the students and our community, and our state, it's also the law of the land. lou: well, well, well. joining me to talk about the dangers of defying federal law. perhaps he should take note that sanctuary cities defy the law of the land. and we are going to examine the dire cost. nick, great to have you here. let's deal with this issue. ed the idea that illegal immigrants would can drawing on ryancare, healthcare. it's a reversal of american history in which you had to have a sponsor and you had to show
7:56 pm
you could be independent and not be a burden on society. >> obamacare provided millions, hundreds of millions of doll parse for illegal immigrants it's an outrage that speaker paul ryan is reluctant to support an amendment to insure that illegal immigrants don't get these tax credits and other benefits because he says the senate parliamentarian might not agree. lou: the defender of the senate parliamentarian. he's never been elected by anybody. this is the typical get along to go along. standing up for the system instead of the people. lou: it looks like we'll have a deal late in the process. and apparently it's a positive deal. the president has been very clear.
7:57 pm
he's not going to sign anything that he doesn't agree with and doesn't meet his campaign promises. >> but blame ryan again for the last-minute chaos and suspense. this could have been done much sooner. it was speaker paul ryan because of his prized authorship and he wanted to run the show. he wouldn't bring in the amendments that would garner the support of the rest of the party. the president has been willing all along long to do this. ted cruz has been major. lou: congrsman mark meadows and jim jordan, we have a lot of people to credit. nick, let me turn to you. what are we going to do to make sense out of this immigration system that's so tortured and paul ryan, if he has his way it
7:58 pm
will be further distorted and burden some. nick: there are a lot of things we have to do and we have to do them quickly. this is a major problem we have near the united states of america. we can't have the greatest country in the history of the world be saddled with these kind of problems. we need to make it easy for good people 20 to come to the united states and impossible for bad people to come to the united states. and i cannot possibly convey in words my disappointment at the deliberate leaving out of that clause that would allow illegal immigrants to collect taxpayer money for medical costs. that's outrageous, it's disgraceful and i ammatic of what we have come to see and flernt last few years. lou: in that refusal on the part of ryan to use judgment and top leave it open to the process of the full representation of the
7:59 pm
house and hearings, and amendments. it's going to be interesting to see if that survivors this process that obviously the president has insisted upon being opened up as has mark meadows, the freedom caucus and others. >> it will be a much better bill because of these last-minute amendments. they will substantially lower premiums and that's what americans want most. lower premiums. lou: and a big wall. we have 30 seconds. what do you expect to happen? nick: we need to build the wall as big as possible. we need to make sure as many people are bidng to work on the wall as possible. i know california is doing its usual tricks about trying to intimidate those and silence those -- lou: only three democratic state legislation towards that may
8:00 pm
turn into a tsunami in the great state of california. nick: it's what we are usually accustomed to. lou: we have to break, i'm sorry. thank you both. good night from new york. kennedy: breaking news. death and bloodshed in the shadow of on does parliament as innocent people in a major city are once again the victims of a terror attack. we are told a suspect ran over multiple people on westminster bridge and drove into parliament square. crashed into a barrier, got out and attacked a police officer with taken 8-inch knife and another officer shot the suspect. how will the intelligence community react? we have various security measures here at


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