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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  March 23, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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get rid of the byrd rule, get rid of the 60 votes required. and let's start this train going. >> the president wants to reform taxes. lou: senator cruz set it's all bunk and can be set aside democratically. >> the senate and set its rules and the house can set its rules. it's want country thinks and that's what we need. i'm from texas. i'm simple sometimes, but not
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when i can figure out. >> it's an important period of time. this whole thing is being driven by the rules of the senate. ryan better get his 218 votes. and not go to the president unless he has the votes put together. lou: i want to bring in one of the best pro dmierts business from washington, d.c. there he is and ed and i are going to grill mercilessly if we may on all the political doings of the day. at this late hour you still look fresh as a rabbit and you are ready to keep rolling. and you are getting tested today. this has been something the likes of which we haven't seen. now the president said to everybody. we want the damn vote tomorrow. what do you make of it?
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>> i just talked to steve bannon, the white house advisor. he was asked what is his message to house republicans web said, let's vote. mike mulvaney, one of the founders of the freedom caucus. he's now the budget director. mark meadows the chair of the freedom caucus says nothing has changed. lou: what does that mean when the chairman of the freedom cow cuts saycow -- the free come cas nothing has changed? >> they don't feel they are ere to vote on thibill. they can't get there just yet. that's always the challengwhen you get to these big votes. it's like goldilocks. not too hot, not too cold, just
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right. they are saying they want the bill this way, and you have the moderates saying they want it another way. you have to hit that sweet spot of 216 votes. kevin mccarthy the majority leader said tomorrow will be a good day and we are going to vote. that will be the test. i have seen messages from senior republican sources putting the onus on mark meadows saying he better be able to deliver the votes. lou: whoa, whoa! mark meadows is the chair of the freedom caucus. he and his caucus -- as far as i understand it, mark said let everybody vote their conscience and their will. and he said all along that the conference doesn't have the votes to if you are ryancare through. wait, wait, wait. just a second.
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i want to get a complete thought so you can take it apart. that is, speaker ryan has been saying for weeks he had the votes. and chairman meadows is the one who has been saying no, you don't along with congressman jim jordan. senator walker, senator rand paul, senator ted cruz. it's ryancare, it's not trumpcare. it's paul ryan the speaker's bill and it's on him to deliver the votes, it's not on mark meadows to deliver the votes. there is a lot of spin going on here. and i want to get to the truth. >> that's what i thought as soon as i saw the mess ands showing them putting meadows in the seat. there was a jovial situation monday or tuesday where
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president trump called out mark meadows and said we were joking there. he said i'm going to come after you if you don't vote. but the republican leadership does not seem to be able to deliver the votes at this point. i want to go back to a very important point. lou: we just put up video of kellyanne conway and steve bannon. >> bannon already left. i chased bannon out of the building a couple minutes ago. what happened in october of 2015. remember it was the freedom caucus that felled former speaker john boehner. lou: mark meadows and the freedom caucus moved boehner out of office. >> absolutely. people said things will be different under house speaker paul ryan. and i kept getting corrected by people saying different speaker, same membership.
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lou: can i interject again. i don't mean to disrupt your thought. i know you will be right back on point. when i hear you say that, when jimmy carter made famous speeches blaming followership tore lack of leadership -- for lack of leadership. that house hasn't had a leader in years. if it doesn't find one, it's going to slow down this administration that's working 24/7 and a house that works one week out of every four or five. if there is not a change in washington that will be a problem for the country. >> you have to remember how they passed those big bills, whether it was the debt ceiling. they did it with democrats. lou: they did the with continuing resolutions whenever
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they wanted to. we have regular order and it is messy, i acknowledge that. it's also so wonderful to see hearings and see the committees meet and go through legislation and open and orderly, but sometimes a little messy process. but this is the way the system is supposed to work. the problem is speaker ryan hasn't had a republican president to work with in his two years as a speaker. >> not quite two. lou: with all that vast experience you would think he would be more humble about how we are going to get from a to z. but apparently humility is being bestowed on hip by circumstances. will we see a vote and what will it look like if we get it tomorrow? >> it's unclear if they foreign ahead without the votes. they have been saying for weeks
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they have the votes. i don't know how they get their mark meadows when he came out of his meeting with the freedom caucus. he thought they were at 30 to 40 nos. i think what might happen, they get to the vote, they hold it open. we had this on a big medicare vote. the longest vote in house history. 2 hours 50 minutes. it started at 3:00 in the morning on a saturday. that was some of the thought why they didn't want to vote tonight. lou: leadership finally had saddamn good thought. >> we don't know if they can be that effective. some of these members are really dug in. you have to remember about the moderate republicans. so-called tuesday group. this bill doesn't align with their districts. 7 minutes after 8:00, no one has
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seen legislative text. nobody knows what a new cbo score of those changes are. nobody has that. that's the score on what they presented monday. lou: on the speaker's amendment bill, it doesn't mean a thing because hopefully more substantive changes are on the way. ed rollins wants to ask you a couple questions. >> i worked in a couple white ttle like this unless you know what your vote count is. my fear for the president is he's done everything he can do. but i don't think the whip organization of the speaker is work. if they are supposed to vote tonight and couldn't. they are not turning those guys around unless they are giving them something. why are we going through the facade. eith don't got it.
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>> they seem to be going on a promise, this is a one-shot deal. you vote to repeal and replace or stick with what we have got right now. the freshman from minnesota walked out of the meeting and said we get one shot at that. lou: who are telling freshman congressmen they only get one shot? you get 435 congressmen. my god, there is a process it's about a bill, it's about creating public policy. this isn't about just going down a path orchestrated by the speaker it's crazy what we are watching here, chad. >> here is the one shot they should be mindful of. i heard you talking about the budget reconciliation process in the senate.
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the fact in order to avoid a filibuster in the senate they have to use special budget rules which inoculate them from the filibuster. if you have defeated a reconciliation package on the house or senate floors and you can resuscitate that, you only get one budget reconciliation a year. so it really is only one shot. lou: if you are dumb enough not to know what the vote count is and you are going ahead like you are blindfolded through the whole process. this is the time for strategy and straightforward. and it's exactly right it's inexcusable, the whips, the speaker would not know the vote count. it's inexcusable the white house would not have that same vote count before the president it's inexcusable they would try to blame mark meadows who has bent most principled and responsible
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legislator along with the names i already said, the head of the conference, walker -- jim jordan, these folks are telling you what they are doing and they are doing what they told you. this speaker has not done so at all. he has not represented accurately to the president of the united states. he can't rely on the speaker for a vote count. he has basically sold a bill of goods here, and it's not one being bought by the conference. >> you have to remember this was paul ryan's better way agenda. lou: it hurts my ears to even hear you have say better way. >> you talk to the speaker's office and ask what the replacement bill will look like, they say we put the victims in the better way agenda.
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a lot of those standards are in there. and you had members on the republican side say we can't vote for that, that doesn't work in our district. >> 218 members can vote to repeal this thing and see where it goes from here. lou: the vote in 2015, the same damn bill president obama retold, put it in front of us and send it to the senate. it's been fun talking with you. you are the smartest son of a gun. >> and he's young. he can stay there all day. lou: you saying you and i couldn't? >> he's young andandsome. lou: we admire your knowledge and your stamina. ed rollins, thank you, sir. always making it fun.
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between you and chad i noticed the i.q. average goes up remarkably. up next, mouse intelligence committee chair devin nunes explaining why it was important to tell the president about those intelligence agencies that disseminated surveillance on the trump transition team before and after the election. >> i wanted him to was i saw and he has every right to see it. lou: president trump says he has been vindicated. he's been right all along. christopher he wil ferks rrel wn us from judicial watch. stay with us. we are coming right back.
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far and wide. like said before, it appears to might was all legal, the question is is shod it have been done in the first place, did it meet foreign intelligence value and were any other american names unmasked, and i have information that says that there were. lou: joining me to talk about the latest on chairman nunes and the surveillance state, and the deep state involvement in it all. chris farrell from judicial watch which does incredible service to the nation day in and day out, producing public knowledge that would be hidden from us all if it were not for judicial watch. these are blockbuster statements that are being made. he effectively vinld -- vindicad
8:20 pm
president trump with what he revealed to the press. i watched the left in wing media and they don't mention the fact that president is vindicated and he was right. newspaper after news paper, their editorial boards even weighing in on what a foolish thought president had. >> i can tell you when president trump sped obama wiretapped me, that's queen's shorthand. the president is still a guy from queens new york. he said obama wiretapped me. what that means in washington language is administration official out of the obama white house unlawfully obtained intelligence information and unlawfully shared that with their allies in the media. that's the long washingt swer to present trump saying obama wiretapped me. the facts are that.
8:21 pm
intelligence information was unlawfully manipulated or used in a way. they may have been legally collecting the intelligence. but theyness hand it and re -- but they mishandle it and revealed the names to embarrass, smear or under mine president trump. and that's what we are seeing right now. lou: this is a war against president trump and his administration, everyone in that administration. and i think it may be they are tomorrow now come together realization that there will be no quarter. there is no depth to which the schumers, the adam schiffs will stoop to attack day in and day out. then the shadow government itself carrying out all sorts of
8:22 pm
strategies against against this president. it is the ugliest thing i have ever seen. your thoughts on the extent of this? chris: about a month ago i put out a couple video. one was entitled "the soft coups" and "the cold civil war." juice. look at sally a yates of there are hundds of sally yates throughout justice. lou: the acting attorney general the president had to fire. chris: she betrayed her oath. instead arguing to the point of decision, what you are supposed to do is resign. you are not supposed to get up and tell the rest of the justice department not to follow the lawful orders of the president.
8:23 pm
lou: what should we expect next in this deep state war with this president. >> it's far and wide. there are former political operatives working against the president. what will come out will make watergate pale in comparison. who authorized this intelligence activity? what agency was doing it? who authorized the unmasking of the names? who difficult accept night it. once you answer that, the game is over. lou: admiral roarnlings and -- s of the nsa and james comey of the f.b.i., now we'll have another opportunity for truth to emerge tomorrow thanks to chairman nunes. chris: chairman nunes says the
8:24 pm
f.b.i. is not cooperating. they have been on notice for threweeks providing information that they haven't. admiral rogers said they were researching how many americans who had been unmasked. that's baloney. that for us available to him in about five seconds with a dozen key strokes. the nsa knows exactly the number. lou: do you think they will have the number tomorrow? chris: they better. that they are researching it is laughable. lou: not much of it is laughable. i will take that in this very serious issue. it's extraordinary. thanks for all you do and thanks for being here tonight. chris farrell. judicial watch. deep state rising.
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lou: we are watching extraordinary events in washington, d.c. and indeed around the world. but in our nation's capital, the deep state so-called is rising, and it is at war with president trump and his entire administration, and indeed perhaps with the american people themselves. senior fellow at the london center for policy research, retired lieutenant colonel tony
8:30 pm
shaver -- tony shaffer. these are leftovers from the obama ministration. leaking, conspire against his administration. trying it seems to me openly to subvert the administration, and with the national left-wing media, they are not even asking the question, who are the leakers, what is going on? i want to get your reaction of what rear watching holistically that the president has to deal with and the american people need to be fully aware of. tony: chris farrell is completely right, his brilliant assessment is completely correct. another example of the deep state is lois lerk lerner.
8:31 pm
this unheard of, it's unacceptable. and we are talking about individuals who violated their oath of office. they now have committed felonies which should land them in jail at a minimum per act of 10 years. they are leaking classified information. what's worse, sources and method. we shouldn't be talking about some of the methodologies here. you and i talked about data mining and technology. what's ironic as much as when we talkedbout the targeting of rrorists and being prevented from look at them because they are u.s. citizens. this is the opposite. anybody who has a web now can do this incidental collection. that's code for accidentally on purpose. that's what we have to understand has to be dealt with severely and immediately.
8:32 pm
lou: what was the language used by chairman nunes, i could -- coincidental. tony: i have got some beach property in canada, tropical beach in canada. this is ridiculous. both side should be calling for a complete investigation and they are not. lou: it seems to me based on what we have learned principally from chairman nunes, his committee. president obama should be investigated. his administration and those in places of high responsibility who have been leaking, this is now extraordinarily dangerous and awfully ugly. tony: i called out john brern and jim clapper.
8:33 pm
who at the "new york times" would take an anonymous source until it' an anonymous source of that stature. you didn't see john brennan and james clapper screaming for an investigation and that's a clue. i have gone to the white house to brief this type of operation before it's inconceivable that the white house was not briefed on everything going on, including this disclosure and the sharing. lou: we are coming right back with much, much more. stay with us. just two times? spring time. badda book. badda boom. or... badda bloom. seriously? book now at this is one gorgeous truck. special edition. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's five. ooohh!! aaaahh!!
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lou: some extraordinary statement out of the white house. the white house says they are through negotiating the healthcare bill. if it fails tomorrow in the house of representatives, the president is moving on to tax reform. to me this suggests that president trump decided to take over leadership of the legislative agenda. and in my further opinion, that's an awful good thing. joining me now, rnc national committeeman, former chairman of the republican lawyers association. randy evans, a distinguished republican. great to have you here. my guess is as smart as you are,
8:38 pm
and that's smart as a whip. even you have to be trying to figure out what in the world was paul ryan thinking to get to this point. >> i know exactly what he was thinking he thought he could use the healthcare bill to crush whatever resistance there was in his own caucus. but he discovered the freedom caucus and others who won't be bullied or run over. he brought in the president, i think gave the president some horrible advice about singling out congressman meadows from north carolina to say you are in trouble, and all it did was embolden them. i have sat through 16 years of those conferences. it never works that way. you actually have to listen. the president gave it freedom caucus a seat at the table. they love him.
8:39 pm
he's among their most loyal supports and he conclude, why am i going to the speakers office, i can do that directly, and that's what you have seen happen. lou: i should have known better, you are smarter than a whip. i didn't mean to suggest you were a lesser light. you are here because you are one of the brightest lights. i don't know why speaker ryan and others aren't calling you and asking for your counsel. but this speaker, we are talking about a man as our producer on capitol hill pointed out, he hasn't even been speaker for two years. when you have a president who has done all president trump has accomplished in two months and a speaker who hasn't done a thing.
8:40 pm
>> i thought when you referred to me as smart as a whipou were referringo a whip operation when you count votes. it's not hard to count votes. they have 27. if you lose all 27, that's more than 21. you will lose the vote and that's why they pulled it off. in fairness to the president. he got them within a handful. his pitches, his personal appeal, his ability to persuade got them ever so close. lou: let me go one further. somehow speaker ryan fooled the president into thinking that he was something more than he is. and that's a shame. and that may be on reinc reince priebus. i don't know who it's on. but the president right now it looks to me like he was given bad counsel, bad advice and some
8:41 pm
awful bad strategizing on this legislation. what do you think? >> i think that's right. i think he immediately realized that the speaker doesn't have complete control of this caucus and does not have 216 votes to pass healthcare, repeal and replace with obamacare or other measures. notice the schedule after that. he then meets with the freedom caucus. he meets with the congressional black caucus and other individual members realizing that his ability to persuade and convince is far great than whatever whip you might have in the house. lou: i are can't quite figure out the roadmap. i don't know if it's reince priebus. but this is a president who could have, would have turned
8:42 pm
this in the correct direction. but for whatever reason he chose to defer to a speaker who frankly has extraordinarily limited prospects in my judgment. let's turn to where we go from here. the president says he wants to go to tax reform. we have been rinse together speaker's office tell us about parliamentarians. the limitations of reconciliation. give me a break. >> you know, lou, fundamental procedure, i remember with speaker gingrich. we dealt with the senate parliamentarian. my pet sitting in the chair. if he rukes on reconciliation that's the end of it because they won't get 8 republicans to move over. it's not going to happen that way. lou: it's good to see the
8:43 pm
president taking charge, even after trying to defer ever so gentlemanly, if you will, to the speaker. here is paul ryan. he's acknowledging that they will be proceeding. that fellow has quite an entourage. he must be one important fella. >> the speaker's office carries with it a big entourage. the way you now it's a charade is you mow and i know the bill passed in the house will bear no resemblance to the bill that comes out of the senate. the real knee breaking goes west goes to the senate chamber. and that's where the tough part will be. lou: hopefully a great, great
8:44 pm
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lou: joining me now fox news military analyst form vials chief of the army general jack keane. let me start with north korea. i talked earlier in the broadcast with k.t. mcfarland and john bolton and others about what is in prospect with north korea. it seems to me, general, that frankly president trump is the first president in ages to take the north koreans seriously and the safety and security of the region seriously. general keane: president obama on his way out told president-elect trump that north korea was the thing that troubled him the most. his policy of strategic
8:49 pm
patience, and secretary tiller southern has discard it, because it was an abysmal failure, what president obama has done that's totally different than miss immediate presence saysor, he put -- immediate immediat prede. he said we won't let you have a launch capability to deliver a nuclear weapons to our allies, military bases or the united states. thenese, the north koreans, and the south koreans, and the japanese. they know it's on the table. lou: senator mccain says china is the one that could stop north korea's economy in a week. is that way to manage kim
8:50 pm
jong-un's threats through china? it seems no american president has succeed in working with china to control or constrain kim jong-un or north korea itself. >> we had three presidents trying to leverage and control north korean behavior, total failure. the chinese say we don't have the influence you think we have. that is rubbish. the reality is this. tiller southern told the chinese. clearly, unequivocally, we are coming down to the military option only. we exhausted political, dip make it, economic toppings, and you have not been able to influence north koreans, likely because you are unwilling to do so. if you want that limit option, you are going encourage that
8:51 pm
taking place by not take care of the north koreans. lou: you have next, speaker ryan saying the house will vote as requested by the president of the united states on healthcare tomorrow. >> for 7 1/2 years we have been promising the american people that we'll repeal and replace this broken law that is collapsing and failing families, and tomorrow we are proceedings. reporter: do you have the votes? lou: we'll find out tomorrow. tammy bruce and mollie hemingway on what is thought to be a failed process by speaker ryan.
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lou: in our online poll last night we asked do you find amusing the dems and the trumpers are twisting themselves into knots that the trump cam was surveilled. 96% said you are amused. joining us now, mollie hemingway, and tammy bruce. great to have you here. let's start with you, mollie. the speaker has just been told
8:56 pm
by the president, no more negotiating, take the damn vote an has had a belly full. your thoughts. i added the belly full. molly: there is something to be said for just having a vote on this. they learned they could repeal more than they thought through the senate reconciliation process. you can get some moderate on board as well. it might be time to just start over from the beginning and do a much better job with this whole process. lou: tammy, do you think it president is right, if this fails we'll move on to tax reform. tammy: i think that's his art of the deal. he needs to convey to these children he's not going to baby them anymore. they are not going to have the vote in the dead of night. they are going to do it in the daytime so every american can see the debate and every one of those people votes and how they behave. that's one way for daddy to get
8:57 pm
those children in line and it's appropriate. paul ryan says they have been promising this for 7 1/2 years. that's his problem. they need to act and they need to do it. lou: instead of 7 1/2 years the proper time frame is a little under two years paul ryan has been speaker and he has done nothing. he seems to have had a much better relationship with barack obama than he has with donald trump. is that just optics? is that a misconception on my part? >> i think it' a battle between the freedom caucus and the leadership that didn't do a very good job deciding what to do with this bill. he just wants a good bill passed through it's the job of the speaker to do that. lou: he wants lower costs and better care with more people covered.
8:58 pm
>> they can pass the repeal bill and pass it over to the senate and let them work on the particulars and you made your first success. lou: i think it's interesting seeing this president vindicated somewhat by what devin nunes, the chair of the house intelligence committee revealed this week. the president should. to know that american citizens were unmasked by one of the two agencies that were before the committee just monday, and the president of the united states was surveilled co-incidentally as the chairman put it, it's nonsense. tammy: we are supposed to believe the obama administration spied on every single american through the nsa september for donald trump and the transition team. tomorrow there will be some other new revelation of
8:59 pm
specifics that he says make it clear what's occurred. we know winning has beenkind kind of a slogan and motto. this is the president making clear he's in charge and he knows exactly what's going on and everyone is going to have to deal with it. lou: it looks to me, based on if this is carried on, it looks like the obama administration will be the subject of a massive investigation and frankly should be. >> it has the makings of a huge scandal and not streeted as big as it is by people in the media. it was unmasked and it has nothing to do with russia. we need to know who was involved with this and how deep it goes. we need to know who knew what and when and who all is involved. tammy: we may need a new speaker of the house to do it. lou: if we need it, i'm sure we can get it.
9:00 pm
mollie hemingway, tammy bruce. thank you for being with us. tomorrow byron york, gayle trotter among our guests tomorrow. good night from new york. buried. >> i needed to know who i was, where our family came from. >> a fortune in precious art looted by the nazis. >> renoir, degas, botticelli... >> i'm sorry, the degas, the renoir? >> oh, yeah. we didn't know until we started to read through these documents and discover what he'd been looking for all his life. >> two sons vow to keep their father's search alive. >> it's about vindicating my father and my grandfather. >> we said, "you can't sell this painting. it's ours. it's stolen." [ door creaks [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] bi


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