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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  March 28, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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trump planning to move forward with the infrastructure and tax cut plan. maybe even repealing obamacare. tomorrow be sure to follow fox business for the latest on the start of britain's exit from the e.u. that does it for us. "making money" with charles payne is next. charles: good evening, i'm charles payne. president trump not alone in wanting to create border walls. border walls across the globe have been surging. significant frontier barriers have been popping up. there is even one in saudi arabia that is mind boggling. that's to defend against isis. here to explain, tammy bruce. the wall is happening. we have the money in the budget for it. around the world there were 15
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different countries and they are saying we want to keep our people safe. tammy: this is from the beginning of man, the standard to do it. and it works. but this tells you this is the basic fight between globalists and nationalists. individual have seen the global agenda -- we are willing to listen to any agenda if it works for humanity. it failed thriving nations and suffering nations. what we do know is that nations that are secure are better for their own people. they are certainly for the united states. stronger america is better for everyone who wants to come here. the on way we can manage it is not just the psychological impact of a wall, but the genuine impact of it when it comes to drugs, immigration and all that. it almost send a message to the rest of the world that we take ourselves seriously. >> some argue it can be
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anti-productive with respect to isolationism. you say the great wall of china was great until the british showed up. so i guess that would be counter argument. but the central theme about keeping your citizens safe, who could argue against that? >> right. no question, charles. this does help keep people safe. it also goes to the economic argument. so many people are losing out. at least there is a perception they are losing out. migrants coming over from mexico. safety without question with drugs. certainly we see this in california and a lot of the border states it's worth a start. this is a movement, nationalism. it will continue. we are in the early innings of it. certainly indications with 70. it's amazing there aren't more with all the countries. you would think there would be a
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lot more progression. >> a lot of these walls popped up as the migrant issue has gotten worse on the european continent. you are in arizona and there is a considerable amount of pushback in arizona even from republicans who say the porous nature of your border is good for the state's economy. >> you won't hear that from me, charles. some countries are putting in walls as we speak with the rampant problems in the e.u. hungary has just done a wall on the serbian bored and they are extending it to the romanian border. walls are going into place around the world as we speak. when you look at the cost. the dollar cost to our tax paishs for illegal immigration is estimated at over $100 billion a year. it sure makes a $13 billion wall to solve that seem like a cheap option.
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charles: i want to bring up this issue with patrick balcazar. he's against the wall, but he does see an economic opportunity so he is planning to put in a bid for the contract to build the wall. patrick, thanks for joining the show. i guess are you grappling here with yourself, you don't like the idea of a wall but you want to make money on it anyway? >> our perspective is different where we are at. where we are located we are going through an economic depression. the construction industry is in the dumps, and we can't be picky and choosey. work is work. and so i see the opportunity to do work it's respectable work, and i may not like it, but if it helps me make my payroll, i pay my people and it's honest work
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that's done through competition, i guess i'm in the pot. charles: i know a lot of people who live in san diego, in and around san diego, and they talk about being able to stroll into your community, get on the beach and walk in at low tide. and there has been a correlation between that and some of the problems with respect to rising crime and uncertainty of its citizens. are you concerned for your friends and neighbors that they need this for their own safety? >> let's get our geography straight. i'm san diego budget management. but i'm located in puerto rico. charles: i knew you were puerto rican. i was wondering why in the hell you said your economy was so bad. i guess in your corner of
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san diego it is. >> my hometown is in the its. -- is in the pits. charles: you ask most puerto ricans and tell you it's because of the porous border. you should be the first one talking about restrictions on immigration. >> i think you will find morer most for the are you -- you will find most puerto ricans recognize this is respectable work. charles: your anxiety about the notion of a country, in your case an island having control over who enters their country. >> i don't think immigration -- well, -- let's be very clear. immigration is free flowing both ways. and the reason for the wall if you do your homework is because
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the custom border patrol need that as a vehicle to stop the bad guys on both sides of the wall. and so -- charles: i'm going to say good luck to you. i may be in puerto rico in a month or so so i'll stop by and say hello. sorry about the confusion there. i think it was ironic. i have a lot of relatives in puerto rico, my wife is puerto rican. and they complain more than anyone else about the porous borders. but it's ironic that someone sees an economic opportunity but would be against it it's hard to argue the safety aspect of this and the common sense aspect of a country controlling its borders. >> that least they are willing to have their companies and employees work on it. but they have got to connect the dots. the issue of safety is part of the problem.
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but there seems to be a deliberate lack of willingness to look at the seriousness. when you note some of the complaint well it will help isolate it. this is not the year 1200. this is the lowest level of people access in the country that we have been unable to secure. we can secure air flight and boats and ships coming in. we can secure trades to some degree. but this is a border that's so long. this is the lastrontier able to secure. last thing it will do is isolate us. it will make more comfortable to be more open because we'll know who is coming in. charles: the argument that it's racist, it's going to hurt us, it's xenophobic and it will prevail no matter what. but are you confident this wall is going to be built? >> i'm very confident the wall
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is going to be built it's one of the things president trump campaigned on. it resonates across the country anywhere from the rust belt states where workers lost their jobs to illegals to here in arizona. we see problems with crime and problems with how much it costs. this wall will get built and i'm excited we have a president who will even foarlts laws on the books. all we are doing is enforcing the laws we have on the books. everyone needs to abide by it. unfortunately we have to do a wall to make it happen. let's build a wall. charles: the first month of the trump presidency we saw illegal entries go down 40%. but it does go to show the deterrent is so critically important with respect to security. >> it's like what you are seeing in the stock market, charles.
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talking about it, just the fact of what may come certainly motivates people. i think you are seeing that here. it's interesting on the flip side. what patrick who was on just a short while ago, what they don't realize, in california there is politicians. in berkeley thief have an ordinance where they will go after people like patrick, they will target him so he can't get any public business. there are states -- which is sad. we need more protection. i don't think it stops any kind of international relations with other countries. what i think what tammy says, i think it sets us up to negotiate with strength. >> especially for groups that think they will target businesses that participate with the law, they need to be worried about rico actions. this is not a dynamic where you
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will be punishing and trying to stop business. this is hopefully something jeff sessions looks at and oather states when it comes to that nature. when it comes to the xenophobia, the people hostles lives are made better by the wall, people in the hispanic and muslim communities, those are the community being targeted by those in this country illegally. charles: they got knocked down on the healthcare, but can they get back up? we are talking about the main pillars of the trump agenda. infrastructure and taxes. they do them at the same time. your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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>> we want to keep a lot of options on the table. part of gathering folks together now from capitol hill and industry and from groups is to begin that discussion to talk about what needs to go in, what the way forward is. and then so that conversation has begun and it's continuing. charles: white house press secretary sean expires addressing the trillion dollar question. both of course hall marks of the donald trump ageneral today taft healthcare defeast last week. a white house official tells fox news that both plans are top priorities for the president. but there is no definitive plan on how they will be rolled out. congressman, thanks for joining us. we woke up with one report saying the white house was considering doing them on a
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simultaneous track. yesterday newt gingrich said he thought it would be smart to do infrastructure first. if you were doing it from a political point of view, that's the lowest hanging fruit, infrastructure. >> last week we did suffer a setback. there will be more story left to right. they are look at their agenda. the thing that's so good about this president, he keeps the vision ahead of him. when we look at infrastructure, we begin to look at tax reform. you have infrastructure on how it's going to be used. how we engage the community. but also a tax reform that touches everyone and something not only the president talked about but democrats have talked about the structure of our tax package for a while. charles: infrastructure has a 90% approval rating.
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there is no one watching this show hat hasn't hit a pothole or heard a horror story. so again it's also probably the easiest place to get the bipartisan sort of getting a bipartisan agreement going. we note business is there, that's why president trump is in the white house. now it's about execution. >> vision is out there, now, you put the fundamentals under that vision. it's using and spending money we don't have. we cannot lose sight that we still have a debt that's growing. we have to make sure what we are spend our infrastructure dollars on have the priority spending we need to do it on. charles: how do you quantify that? eisenhower's massive highway
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bill was under the -- under the guise of military spending. better roads and getting products and services to people quicker, and shouldn't be held hostage by a cbo score. >> you are talking about what many republicans and democrats talked about. comparing the eisenhower interstate s comparison to say where we were financially and fist cooly in the 1950s compared to where we are today it's an interesting analogy more on how you put a bill together. we can make an argument for a good road. there is many infrastructure projects, not just the regular bridge and road, but also the rural community, the broadband, communication infrastructure. but also it has to be done in a
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way in which you can't just give people and say it's all ice cream and there was spanish down there you had to eat that you didn't realize. charles: mark meadows saying not having to be deficit neutral. it sounds like you are saying you would be against any plan that could not be paid for on paper with some static scoring which means you put yourself in a difficult position to support this. >> what i'm saying is we have to look at how you do it. there are many ways you can go and not just going to the treasury and writing a check. there are ways to partner with treasury and other states to maximize the leverage of the federal dollar. i'm not sure you have to pay for every doll after it in a deficit-neutral setting. but before we go out and say the president has done a great job,
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and working on these projects, we have to remember the debacles that come in the past. and it got us in a position where we are having to fight a debt and deficit problem which we all agree is a big problem. >> so what's next for president trump's agenda? we'll discuss what the president should tackle when we return.
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charles: after a stunning defeat on healthcare, more than a few folks are wondering ways next for the president obama agenda. tax reform is at the top of the list. maybe tax cuts. what about infrastructure, and the border wall. house speaker paul ryan even suggesting today he's actually open to revisiting the fix on obamacare. but he offered no timetable. watch this.
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>> we are going to work together and listen together until we get this right. it's too important. obamacare is a collapsing law. obamacare is doing too much damage to families. charles: everyone is on pins and needles. forget about the mainstream media. it was clear way the healthcare bill was rolled out, not enough people were on the same page. so he go for low-hanging fruit and a quick "w" on the board? >> paul ryan forgot to measure twice. donald trump -- president trump is reassessing all of his learn and all his assets. i believe president trump will focus on tax cuts. i think we'll see the outline of a package introduced as early as next week. here is why.
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the vast majority of trump agenda relies on economic growth. how do we get there? we cut taxes. he's going to negotiate that deal before a package its fully introduced. he learned his lesson and he will rely less on the gop leadership on the hill and cut those deals himself in advance. charles: i felt when he talked about no specific timetable, it's when the market had a sigh of relief. they won't fiddle with this in public. to mark's point on the most prescient issues on tax cuts. >> he said donald trump learned his lesson. that is one of the things that was underreported. he said we learned a lot through this process. but there is a trump coalition that talked about building a wall and securing our country.
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right now it's structure and tax cuts. that's not something to replace the embarrassment that happened last week. it was part of the agenda and platform. he's in a position where the leadership and republicans and democrats need to bring a bill to him they know will get passed. there is nobody in this country right or left who thinks obamacare is working. they will bring a plan together to replace and repair it. but they will have to take that deal to him and he needs to lead on his agenda items. charles: the representative from georgia sounded pretty frozen. there is no pleasing them. how do you please these folks? >> tax cuts. we'll please the freedom caucus with tax cuts.
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they are impervious to political pressure because they were re-elected by wide moore gins in their own consciencal district. but they will be willing to cut deals, especially on tax cuts. the historic tax cuts for president reagan in '81 and '86 were done with large margins of democrats. clinton was able to cut taxes with the republican majority in congress against him. the president will form a good coalition. the freedom caucus will have to be at the table early and often because they want to work with this president. charles: i interviewed candidate trump and suggested they get rid of repatriation. cut a deal, bring back the cash and we'll put 10% to 15% to infrastructure and they can avoid disastrous stuff in my
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>> my highest duty as
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president is security of our people, security of our nation, that is why i have take numerous actions to enhance domestic security, including creation of task force in reducing violent crime, and interagency task force to dismantle criminal cartels. secure our borders and remove criminals from our country. charles: president trump meeting with a group of law enforcement officials today. this on heels of attorney general jeff sessions cranking up the crackdown on sanctuary cities. >> a big day you had yesterday, in sanctuary cities, that was a very purpose thing you did. frankly a very popular thing, so congratulatns. charles: liberal mayors,
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already gearing up for a fight, here to discuss, tammy bruce, and thomas hodgkin's and rod wheeler, i saw your testimony on capitol hill. thomas, you are a no nonsense guy, you are talking about arresting city officials who go against federal government. >> i don't think that elected officials should be held to any different standard than people who elected them. if you tell people, you are openly violating federal law, then you need to be held accountable, like you would. charles: talking mayor de blasio, mayor rahm emanuel would you give them a warning first or, you know, they know, they have already been warned. >> the attorney general is correct, they know what the
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law is, they openly defied law, they need to be held accountable there is need for warning, they understand it, just like we do. charles: from a law enforcement perspective, i thought it was fantastic president trump met with fraternal order of the police. now we're asking them to particularly on a local level, maybe do things a lot of them, not necessarily loathe to do but feel they should not have to do. >> but charles, this is the law. whether or not they feel like they agree with the law or not is irrelevant. the federal law is the law, the local politicians, including rahm emanuel who has a lot of room to talk, look at his crime rates, then bill de blasio, who also has a lot of room to talk. these individuals must be held accountable. look, all the president is saying with this immigration, and sanctuary cities is we need to reduce crime. and we can reduce crime, we
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have to do it in the proper way. you have to get the local officials to buy in. if they don't buy in then either get out of the job and let someone else get the job done. charles: tammy, how do you see it playing out from here. >> this is serious, we know mcircumstancms13 is in the country, in these sudde sanctuary cities, and operating with in many ways, mayor de blasio telling nypd to not cooperate with i.c.e. and federal authorities, this is why you have scores of girls just in the dc area alone, missing, they are missing, we cannot find these girls, it shar harder to find them because of these limitations. this is extending danger that girls in this case, find themselves in with sex trafficking network that our own state department admits exists in the country because
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of the criminal gangs, i love from president trump said, this dealing with criminal enterprises that is ms13 but you have to be ale t able to cooperate with the local authorities who know who is there and federal authority. charles: how do you see this playing out, you understand both sides, you come from a liberal state, you understand that mind set. it feels that we're heading to something ugly, i don't see the big tea may -- big city mayors backing off. >> once a few arrest warranters are issued, you see home back off. i was on the phone with an i.c.e. officer who said, it is at a point now we feel that the laws don't matter, they don't support law enforcement. they base ebbly -- basically the elected official are working against us and create a divisiveness, they are looking out for the criminals
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morehalooking out fous and keeping us safe. >> can i add, local citizenry do not agree with this. if you go to average person, they don't want their city to be a haven for criminals, even austin, they lost through texas, because they are a sanctuary city, they put up a gofundme page that got maybe $100 thousand, when you go directly to the people that live in the cities, they dea don't like what is happening. charles: rod, the idea of withholding that money from the cities, a lot of people say that rich folks in the towns in particular those in penthouses down the street from here, they are never going to notice the difference, it will hurt the other people who are the citizens who are already being victimized? >> i think that everyone will feel the impact. you know holding back on some funding for the cities, if you look at crime rate then look
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at the elected officials who are all democratic officials, you can see a correlation between what going on. once like i said, we get rid of these individuals on the local level, and start enforcing from immigration policies, we will see a difference for all americans, in terms of reducing the crime in the cities. charles: ironically, we had up as rod was talking a map of cities that are going to lose money, many this county that lost a lot of population, people who can afford to leave are leaving, those who can't are being victimized, a great panel, thank you. all right market, the rally, a big time come back, consumer confidence and other factors, i go beneath the surface to show you the proof that this market should go a well the higher, next -- a lot higher next.
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